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Welcome To Mooseport

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So, how do you like this rain, Danny|I am sick of it, Jim
well,it seems Mr. sunshine should be|peaking through those early morning clubs
Yeah, promise is promis.|Boke,I'll tell you what.
We have a question for you the|first caller with the right answer. When?
At all the peter'stucture seat cusion£¬her seat handy outwear.
OK,He was a recent two-term president.|His¡¡moo is large.
No,no little body,|the ex-president of United States
Many say them most: Fabulous history.
The first president to be divorced in office.|And he is moving right here to¡¡Mooseport!
OK£¬we got a caller here.Give your name|Will that be Eagle.Cole
Welcome to Mooseport|Monroe Eagle Cole
Congratulations! You are the winner!
Hey,that's good|Yeah,yeah.
Morning, Harve|Morning£¬Handy
Morning, Harve|Morning£¬Handy
yeah, I like him.They go well|with ...each other. -Thanks
Morning,Handy|Oh,hi,Mandy. Nice to see you there.
Nice,good job!
Come on, Point
Hey,baby¡£Good morning!|6£º30 is too damn early
Too early for Bruce,right?
Bruce doesn't care what time it is.
Bruce got little morning breath|where it is going.
Do you believe this?
He decides to come a week early|and they expect us to get|all that work done!
Well, he is a president and|he can get what he wants.
We'll get it done.
Do you know what about Bruce|when he's here,my nose looks...
... normal.
Yeah,but,his nose fits|his face£¬boss.
You are not funny, Bob.|Let's go.
Hold on one second,|hold on one second
You lucky bargee, Mr president.|You know the say, I'd rather|be lucky than good
Mr President,what are you|going to do next?
Oh, so many offers.|There is farewell world two.
Chance to me,say "goodbye",|Thank you to all my|wonderful friends
Writting my memoirist
Then I'll do something I|haven't done 26 years.
Putting my feet up£¬reading|a newspaper without any interruption
Sounds good! So back in the beautiful|porsche. Have you bought them all.
ah,previous First Lady got that one
In the divorce.|-Oh,right.
She got the best years in my life.|But one thing she won't get my title
the house?|No£¬the title.Mr President
Maybe call me "Mr President" for|rest of my life
she can have the house in Baltimore.I'm fine|with my lovely little summer place.
Sorry, Sally. We are the former|President of United States on final.
We got the order to let|his plane first
Damn it!
Welcome to Mooseport White house,|Mr President. -Thank you
All secure.
All sweet home. Oh,good small|magnificence every year.
Take the dog for a peace, Grace.
Oh,Jesus.It looks like|Tiger Woods' funeral
Mr President, I'd like to ...|Oh, hold on, hold on.
I have to take quick Crapper
Get in there!|Oh,hey!
Oh, ah!
Sir,sorry,sorry.|Handy Harrison.ah..
Get the weapons! Back off!|We got it.
You all right, Sir?|I'm fine. I realize one of the|workers he is .
I'm a worker. I'm just one|of the workers.
I'm sure he has been checked out.|I .. been checked out.
I want here totaly clear.|Ok
I'll get out of hrere.|I'll...
I just want to say...|It's an honour to work for you. Really
Thank you.Thank you very much|All right.
Well... I do come in for a reason.
Oh, right, sure. Go right in.|Sorry.
I'll get it. I'll fix it.
Ho, President
Ah, relax.
Everyone, Let's give the president|a little privacy, shall we?
Absolutely.We can go over this|offic anytime, Mr President.
Hold on, hold on!|How's it come?
We finalize the dates this week, Sir.
26 beginning engagement,|14 days...120 thou-per
Could get 100 thusand,Sir
And my biography
One of them offers you 14 mill,|Harbor Concern is 13, but it offers|you a better writer
Excellent,Keep working it
Work to 147 enterprises,|93 offers to be on the Board,|the Fortune 500 Companies.
Suva Mortors offer you 5 million|dollars to do a car commercial,|take you only Norway
In a course,the bigest in Zhulata
Monroe Eagle. Cole,Presidential Library. Ho,ho
European Russianism and American modernism
A metal form of organic growth
A man-made mountain over which|is the eagle
Is it big enough?
It's 40,000 square feet, Sir
Mr President,It's the former|first lady,Sir
Shall I tell her you are out?
No,no, no, you excuse me.
Here he is, Mrs Cole.
The problem is...
As the menu just gone,the most|ludicrous speaking fees,|the bigest book deal,
the most bored offers in history|I'll think you know
Come on, honey,you don't believe|that nonsense, do you ?
No, Eagle,I believe it's just the|tip of the iceberg
Charly, we settled
haw-haw£¬pinoneer settle.|We rested.
7 million, and don't forget|you are selling in Mooseport.
It's a vacation home
You ...
It's a pleasure to speak with you,|Mrs Cole.I'll call you back
You too. Try to talk|some sense to him
7 million
It's a negotiation.You'v handled|dictators,you'v handled terrorists
Terrorist is easier. I swear to God
Breathe. Let lawyers handle it.|Breathe.
oh, G??, you're miracle
oh, sorry
No,no, no, come in
Can I help you?
well,I don't mean to disturb you.|I have all done here.
I mean I've done fixing here.|That's work related, not personal.
Hey, we've done.
What? Plunger,Plunger,stop it.
come here.
What are you doing, ah?
Time for me got to tell you.|Keep that thing in you body.Bad dog.
Did you sit here let them do that funny?
I'm not capable,man.
Come on, boy,come on
Spit it out, frog.|Thank you.
You stay out, plunger
Sally, hey, you are here?|Guess what?
Hey,hey,guess what I care.
Sh£¬Joanna is devering it¡£|Oh,really,wow,how is she doing?
Here's coming another one.|She already has 6 pups
6 pups? 7? 6? 7!
Chester, you did it,boy
oh, what a little pup!
Hey,guess what I saw today?
Can't you guess?
Come on, take one guess
The president
Oh,that's rihgt because everybody|knows he is here.
But not everybody gets a cheque|for 17 thousand bigwords
17 thousand
I think I am finally ready
Where are those purps?
You are ready?
Ready to ... get a new truck, a big one,|a big one, you know,normal three|trips not beyond to me¡£That'll be great.
Dina,fals alarm
I¡¯ll take him
I'm not receiving any enthusiasm
I¡¯m glad for your new truck.Really.
Look, tonight the party thing,Let's|do some celebrating.Let's go out|to have a romantic dinner.
Sure|You have been great.
Ok,Dina,say hello to Fred and kids|All right,see you later.
Pluger, Let's go
Well, he needs a new truck.|So he can load all that crap
What?|He's here.
15 minutes
An hour
30 -45,it's deal|OK
Good evening, Let's thank|everybodyfor coming
Tonight is a very speical night|for Moorseport
In the words of headline, it put so elegantly|in the Moorsker: The Eagle Has landed.
A regional
Let's give our big Mooseport welcome|to our new citizen: Monroe Eagle Cole
Thank you, thank you very much
As you all know,it's been over a|year since I had vacation here
So first of all,to the rumour that I'm|only here because I lost my Baltimore|house in my divorce...
Absolutely true.
I'm a Mooseport resident
and even though I didn't get the chance|to meet many of you when I resorb here,|as a president...
...I certainly hope to...
I certainly would ...|-(sorry)
...hope to get to know you|all a lot better
May we could hit a few birdys or eagles.
Anyway, since I'am not here to ask for money|ah, I don't know whatelse to say,
...except to thank you so much for your|hospitality, and see you around the bird
Let's go
Thank you for your participation.|Mr president, that's great.
Would you have a few minutes for private?
The president has arranged all|the time. Sorry
This just takes a second, Sir|A kind of urgence
Certainly|-Thanks, this way
Excuse me
Mr president,I'm sure the time isn't|better. But it seems you arrival has|coalesced something of crisis
Bok sends the crisis of moisture|Shall I call the Marines
Please sit down.
Thank you
Mr president, Ameer Haman,our beloved|Mayor 24 years,just past away
Oh,I'm sorry to hear that.
Anyway, sir, the town council met an|hour ago in an emergency session,
and voted you anonymously,|you sir,to be our Mayor.
Your Mayor?
ho|Souns good.
yeah, sir, before he died, Mayor Haman|was running as always and opposed with|a final deadline tomorrow
We'll have an idely time|trying to find a replacement
And,Robin here, said why we not|get the president.
I said "get the president"
Our 240 years history will now be great|honur to persuade you on our town.
The head of our town is the most|popular president in history
With the approve of ...70%|-80%
ah, 85%. -85%|85%? unbelievable
Mr president, you simpy must say "yes"
ah, even I'm not in the office|any longer, I do have plans.
Sally, please, we are in the meeting of|something here.|-Sorry, I just get my coat,I'll come back
ah,hold on a second.Sally, is it?|Yes
Sally, you seem like engaged citizen?|What do you think if I'll be a Mayor?
Mayor? really|And it's my idea!
ah, I think you should do it.
And maybe you could do something|about landing situation.
Landing situation?
Yeah, I'm a veterinarian.
I had a critically ill donkey in my|helicopter this morning.And I almost lost|her because the president has to land first.
Oh,I'm terribly sorry. I didn't realize|that.It must be a procedural thing.
Standard security probably caused
Standard security
Maybe if you are a Mayor, you could|do something about that.
Absolutely,things like that shouldn't happen.|I appreciate your opinion
It's really,really nice to|meet you. Mr president.
Nice to meet you too, Sally
Thank you|Thank you
Well, Mr president...|I'm sorry, gentleman, this's just
Don't... Hold on a second,maybe..|-Excuse me, Mr president,I suggest we|give them the answer tomorrow.
Gentleman, he'll think of it.|Yes, I'll sleep on it
So, will we hear from you morning, sir?|You have my word. You have the eagle's word
Thank you, Mr president
That's the way he is on TV
Hey, sorry, water tank broke again
Oh, still a water tank?|No,no, you look good.
Wow! -What|You stink!
Too much clung|No,not enough.Did you think about shower?
Yeah, I did,but it would be more late
I didn't think it was bad
You can't smell you own smell that is|what it is going on here.
so, is thing over?
over for me
Hey,what you want to do?
Do you want something to eat?|No, I'm not hugry. It's time to go home.
wait, Come on, is it that bad?|I'll take a shower.We can take a shower.
You own take a shower|Come on, Sally, what's the problem
Ah,I don't know, I'm just...|you know for the past 6 years
Today,when you said you were ...
I don't know, Handy.Why don't you|tell me what the problem is?
I haven't a problem
Well,that is the problem
What do you...|I'll see you tomorrow.
Should have showed
Newspapers. -Good moring,Handy|Beautiful woman,Beautiful woman
Ladies and Gentlemen
Thank you, Charn
For God's sake,save me from Mooseport.|How about the job in Pentagon
I get to go
Morning. Mr President
Good morning, good morning
Oh,Smitty,thank you so much
What's on tap today?
Read the paper.|Finally, wonderful
And you can take that job,if you|wanna take. -fabulous
Oh, ah, about the Mayor thing|Don't worry,Mr president. we'll|take care it.
Wow, the president is a slider ,|respetc the crowd..,
Actually, I'm considering it.
Oh, why not? Market serves value.|the work involved you|can do.
I mean we run everything out we|involved them. Why not Mooseport?
Well, Sir... -Firs involved in|office, you become a mayor?
It's beneath you. And from your peer's|point of view,it's.. -Fantastic
A lot of public service, Eagle Cole,|most beloved president since Kennedy.|agreed to help,perfect.
And don't forget the weak with the|west wing,he can't claim a vacation|as I'm a mayor, can he?
-True. -Won't you find the deadline|and tell them the good news.
Thank you,thank you very much.|Gentleman, I won't let Mooseport down.
You have the eagle's word,OK?
Thank you Mr President.Goodbye now.|Bye
It's my idea!
Do you want to read this?
Handy,the rap
Thank you so much for meeting|with us again,Sir
When we talked last night,|nobody else put in for Mayor.
But Hondinen Schweiz, who can't register,|took apart herself to persuade Handy Harrison
Are you nominating Handy Harrison,|who owns a hardware store,doing something|with construction with my home,I believe.
Can run for Mayor as well
well,OK then,you got your Mayor,|You want it happened.
Oh, Mr president,things are more complicated|than that. -What is comlicated?
ah,it's just... you see sir, we can't|get rid of the press.
What press?
well..., when the deadline past,|we called the hotline in the Moose Call.
She should want this got this all|around,it'll be national news,
of course it'll be a national news,|first say, I'm trying to squash a bug
You can rest assured that not one of|them said anything like that, did they?
No, sir,none of them said that.|A couple of them call that "beat them glair",but none of them saild that!
What do you mean"them"?|Who is "them"?
MBC, CBS|Fox,it's really exciting
What about you telling me the entire|country thinks about me for a mayor|with the man installing my toilet!
Sure,you said it's eagle's word.|Hell!
Stop eating the food,|go over there!
Somebody is coming and Bruce|is out again
Who is this?
It's Bruce,Sir,Handy's pet
Should it be in a zoo?
Good afternoon,Mr president
Hello, Handy
Can we help you with anything?|Is there everything OK with water heater?
Everything is fine,I'm just wondering|if you have a maid.
Hi, I'm Bob,I'm working for you too.|Bob,nice to see you.
I'm sorry, Mr president,|Bob,Morris and Irma
Morris,Irma, -Paint!
Paves, -What products like you|last two cabinets appointment?
Handy,ain't you going to introduce me?
Ur,sorry, this is Mandy|How are you?
Mandy and Handy,are a queue
Could we speak privately for a moment?
Yeah, sure.That's my office over there
Excuse me,I have a private meeting|with the president.
A goo on your left.Sir|Goo,what a dump
Sir, this is it
It's cosy, nice office,yeah?
Thank you.
How can I help you, Mr president?
well,Handy, as I'm sure you know,|we both put on mayor
No, I didn't know that, Sir.|You didn't know that?
I mean I did put eye... I thought|I was just doing the town a favour,
thatis all,you know,it's all|running by myself.
Well, as you can see, we have|a bit of situation.
Yeah,It's...we got a bit of pickle|a bit of peacle,exactly
So,I was thinking one of us should|withdraw now,I would be happy it were me.
Nothing left to prove much less than a Mayor or anything.
But I have a P.R proplem|Oh,P.R problem?Is it serious?
It got out to the press that I've|given my word. -Ah, right.
You know,"you have the Eagle's word"|Right, like on TV.
So, oh, look, you're gulfer,right?
Are you andy good?|I get around,I get around. 10 hits in a cave maybe in a good day.
10? me too. We shoud knock aroud sometime.
Yeah,that'll be my honour.Mr president.
Well, if you tried to make a name for|yourself in gulf,
you wouldn't start off by...|Wow,nice shot.
...challenging Tiger Woods. You start|small,local terms. Same as politics.
You don't start political career by|running against former president of united states.
It's a privilege to run,|it's a privliege to withdraw.
All settled.|What's settled?
We both put in Mayor,|so I just withdraw.
I'm glad I could help that P.R|problem, Sir.
Bruce is out of his pen again.|Did anybody put him there?
No, he ran through the rope.|Bob,won't you put him back.
I already did it.
Oh,excuse me, sorry.
Sally.|The president. We just had a meeting.
We met last night when I have been there.
Ah,look. I'm sorry for my rude to|you. I'm really embarrassed.
Rude? don't be silly.No, in fact,|what you said have convinced me to be a mayor.
Do you going to do it?|You will be our Mayor? Great!
Yes,it is, isn't it?|I'm so glad too.
You know, I've thought to get a dog.
I thought you've already had a dog.
Yes,I do. A great animal.|She need a friend.
I can not find a few available|Let's say...
Tomorrow night,perhaps,we can|discuss it over a dinner.
I can really use your professional|advise
Really? My advise?|hum.
Ok,well,dinner will be fine.
Great, looking forward to it.
My people will get in touch|with your people
I...dont' have people.|But I can give you my number.
well,my people will get your number,|and we set up time.
I'm sure whatever time we do that,|You'll be... on time.
Oh..|Absolutely!Looking forward to it
See you then ,sir,and thank you|again for being so helpful.
Your meaning role is over.
sally.|You know,Bruce is a baby.|baby likes to choose things,like rope
Sally.Is it me or did you just|get it by the president guy.
Yes, I think I did.|How could he choose from us
And,is it me or did you just say|"yes"to the president guy?
Yes, I think I did
Look, Sally, I'm sorry that I was|late. OK,But you can't take the|president because of that.
Did you really think that is the reason?
Why? then.
My heart
Use this
Shut up!
Sally, I want to talk to you.|Sally.I want to talk!
Mr president
Yes,Handy,what it is?
Mr president
Thank you very much
I can't do it.I can't draw back|from the Mayor race
Excuse me?
I ...don't have the eagle things like|you, but I'm a man of my word too.
And every man's word is important|Is it natural?
Does he want money? Otherwise|what is it
If you stay in the race,I'm sure|you're going to score off me.But...
I'm running for the Mayor|of Mooseport
He's loosing his money?
What's just happened?
You are running against|the president
And your girl friend ditchs you.|Ur hum.
I repeat.Ur hum!
No, the president has no comment.|No,no comment.Thank you.
That's all network's
The handyman's girl friend?|His girl friend?Why didn't you tell me
I won't look like a idot
I tried to tell you Mr president.|Remember?
Why didn't you try harder?
What must I to do now?|Appologize?backdown?
You want to call Bert Langdon?|For what?I don't need a campaign|manger for this.
Hello, one second.
Mr president.Bert Langdon on line 1
Bert,what a coincident.
Oh,well,that's what I gonna ask you.|Eagle
It's dead mission I'm here.I'll be|happy to roll up my sleeves|and come up there if you want.
Bert, I'm running against my plumber.|Is there something I don't know?
You watching Fox News?
The results are quite interesting.|The poll of course is preliminary,but it|does Harrison was surprising strong.
There are 8% margin error and it's still|early. But it looks to be very close.
Seems to me that president has got|himself a good horse race.
Eagle,you with me?
Don't you mean "lose race"?
Oh hu oh!
Are you Sally Mannis. -Yeah|Could I ask a question about Handy Harrison.
Are you now dating the president?|No,I'm dating the president.
It's one date. And I'm even not|sure you should call it a "date"
You don't call it a "date"?|What would you call it exactly?
Can you answer us a couple of|questions? We won't ask you hours
Have you and the president had|sex yet?
Who got sex!
Think about it Handy. Our Mayor, we|could have the president of the united|states!
What are you trying to tell us?
Come on,guys. You know he's|going to win
You're bad.You bastard!|Come on. -Thank you Reuben
And you'd better keep an eye.|You're bananas, Harrison
What's this,come on!|What's going on?
What's it look like?|Your campaigner!
Handy,Handy|Guys,come on.
Hey,Handy.Do you like it there?
Oh,That's... yeah. Guys, Thank you very|much in the moo's head and everything.
But Irma.We disgust this.
I'm not compaigning.I'm not.
Do you care about Sally or not
Look,her going out with him,|it's... just a kind of...
Call a postman a parcle in two|vasion.It's just my opinion. Lose|the election,lose Sally.
Is that going to go anywhere,Ok?|He's like 20 years older than me.
He is a president
Power takes 10 years off a man|Handy.
Rich, another 10.
By timing you figure he's in|great shape,you are not. He is|younger than you are.
So,you want a campaign or not?
Better shape
I know I can kick your ass.
How do we keep this thing offerd?|obviously it's to keep him presidential
Just pound these mooseporters,what his|unbelievable experience can bring to them.
Look at it,think about for|half an second.
Harrison can't bring even a|function what he brings.
What ever he is.
And what excatly is he
preliminary research said he is|something that actually we have|never faced before, Mr president?
And that is?
He is generally honest man,Sir
Come on, Grace.All that means he|has never run for public office
What you got? Bert
And this turned up in a local paper|-And... -That's it.
That's it? We're running against|a pie-eating champinon?
But think about this
He runs for Mayor,but only when he|think he is on the post.
He dates the same woman for 6 years,|but he never pops the question.
What's wrong with the picture?
He won't take risks
He won't make commandment
And any man who won't make a commandment|shouldn't be a mayor or anything.
That's good, how could we get it out?
whisper campaign first, then radio,and|eventually,we'll have to have some TV surport.
Shouldn't get too expensive,but..
Mr president,I'm sure you don't|want to hear this.
But would the easiest thing be...|Should we discuss our withdraw?
Grace.He is the eagle
Eagle Cole has never run away|from anything in his life.
Now imagine what we'll do|with finances
Book deals,quarter board,library|fund raising, you quit,
you quit,got help us lose to promote|we can't keep so still and say goodbye|fast you can see a road-roller.
Mr President,this is not about|Mooseport, it is about winning!
It's about spending 3 million|dollars to protect 20.
Maybe I should come and speak to her.
I...I canceled that Sir.
You.. what?
It...seems obvious we are right in|the middle of campagin.|-It was millions of dollars.
Well, sir,there is still that offer|from the Super Motor's people
Bullard,the ex-president of United|States can not do car commercial.
Oh,have you seen the car, Mr president
Look at this,it's steepy-style.|and snappy president.And...|--Bullard
smooth head line,leathering steering..|Bullard!
Get out!Get out!|I'll handle the money,Eagle.
I'm sure there will be library pledgers|something will turn up.
May I sit down, Sir?
Go in the corner,out of my eyeline
Thank you sir
I can still see you.|Yes, sir.
What about the girl? What about|Sally Handy,Sally Eagle.
He'll have to cancel the date.
Wow,no,he can't cancel the date.
You said that,Bert.The Eagle|doesn't back down.
You clear up what I didn't know,when|I didn't know it.I will be fine.
Shall I tell the press list,|Mr president. -Yeah, oh, no,no.
Call the press,have more over here in|the morning,and get Handy Harrison|here to fix the toilet.
You see what I'm going with this,|Do I have to draw you a picture.
I see, Mr president,am I?
Let's get to work
come in
Let's go,let's go. move on|through. Move on home.
Looks like at airport.
Handy,what are you going to do?
Good morning, Handy|Good morning,Mr president,you|got toilet trouble,right?
Handy,ah.I want to make it clear|that when I asked miss Mannis out,I have|no idea that you two have relationship
And even though I found it reprehensible|for any man in the experience I'm going|romance -me too
I also believe that woman's heart|is hers and hers alone to give.
Ah,it's a good point
So,I asked Sally out in ignorance|and she agreed to go
Until she tells me she stands down,|I intend to see her,there.
Call him howling dog!|What did she say? Howling dog?
Well...if it's OK with you,sir,|let's chew on that I bet -OK
OK, you chew on that, and ...
if you find that you can't swallow it,you let me|know and I'll give you the hand lock,and over, OK?
Go on in there and fix the toilet.
So, we're going to see your date, Mr president.|I don't know what you'll see.
Thank you so much, thank you
Oh, It's great mood,do we have|any ice-cream?
Absolutely,Sir. And I think we find|the way to solve the money problems.
Product!|That's it?
Nothing to it,you save 3 million dollars|and look, still beautiful.
Excellent!Excellent! Don't even miss it
OK,everybody, go back to work
Son of bitch.
Plenger, you stay on couch|Hellow!
Hey,it's me,what's up?
Ah, what're you doing? Are you going|to do something? you see a movie,something?
You know my plan tonight.
Oh,that's right,that's right. I forget tonight|you got a date with the president of the United States.
Ur hum
You see this?
Local vet finds romance with past President.
Wow, where did they get that picture
Yeah, now there is next to the|president in the front page.
So, what about later.I mean,you must|go back later,like 8:30.
So,it's possible a mini shower|at 11,that could be cold
I don't have enough time.
All right. I'll cancel that£¬|my... you know
You got to tight it.
OK,look,if you doing all these to|give me jealous,it works,OK.
So, could you stop it, please could|you just cancel the date With the Pesident.
So, that is Wednesday,then Thursday|Come in. come in,come in
Thank you sir
Ah£¬Thursday I thought you could|interview some of the authors.
Where are you taking her?
The Pig and Whistle.The only|steakhouse in town.
Also be quiet£¬interment¡£You know it?
Pig and Whistle? no.
What'll we eat? What I talk about?
She is a veterinarian, and she|talks about mad cow disease.
Don't, by the way,order meat.|Why not?
Just a guess.But she may not appreciate your|wolfing down the animal she spent all day tring to save.
Good point.
Come on£¬do you actually like this guy?
He wants to talk to me about dogs
So why do you dress up then?
Because he is the President
Why are you underwear.
Were you looking at my dress.
Yeah,I was.
Oh|Get rid of it.I only touch you.
How many time I've got to tell you how|strong you are. You knock my bone.
Listen£¬explain to me the underwear chioce,right?
I can't believe this. What difference|does it make what colour made underwear is ?
It's an unconscious indicator of your|sub-consious tensions.
How do you feel abou pink£¿
Hum£¬what about this?|NO£¡
Would you like any of these?|I don't.
I don't see you tomorrow.|I'm talking you right now.
Oh,remember this?|Yes,that'll lock up. OK
Are you knowing what£¿I'll go with none|at all.I wonder that will indicate.
Sally,put some pairs on
Hollo|Hany's hardware.
Hollo, Pig and Whistle?|No, this is Handy's hardware
Good,I'd like to confirm reservation,please.
Are you having the wrong number?
Yes,I know. for President Monroe Cole|Strictly confidential,of course.
8 O'clock, for two, yes?
What I'll be bugger buyer bare.|Yes, you will. Look forward to see you there.
I feel it's wrong£¬bullshit.
And he's making her his buddy friend?
You have to stop saying that.Please£¡
Thank you.
To new friends
Sorry about the gaggle|I just can't believe how would you like this
Ah,you got used to it.
Can like pigens,you know,throwing a while|hello
Hi,mum. I with President.|Haw-haw...
Oh,that's great.
Are we ready yet?
Ah, I hope you're hungry like eating horse
radish£¬where's the veg
Sally£¿ -Ah,ah, I'm not sure yet,|you go first£¬Mr President
You see£¬so much juice from here.
I'll have the baked-potato£¬salad cream|butter,pickle peas,vegetarian, pickle peas.
I'll have the endive salad,|and a T-bone.
Sometimes I just want to stay great¡£
No turning backs£¡Yes,isn't it?
Harrison£¬hold on a minute£¡|What's wrong£¿Why can't we go in?
All right,OK£¬all right.
Hi,sorry everybody,sorry for the disruption.
I want everybody know that I'm going to|be runing for Mayor.
And,I'd appreciate your votes
So£¬I just hand in this and get out|of your way.
Hi, Fox is nice night, isn't it?|Handy, for Mayor
Hey£¬how are you doing? Rose?|Hi, Shiely.Hi..
Just want you to remind people I'm|running for Mayor.
Yeah, we heard you before.
You know,instead of interupting everybody's|dinner, why you two have a debate?
Yeah,have a debate.
No£¬I won't have a debate.I would|bother the President with that.
No£¬no, debate is fine by me.
Well, now it's not the time and place,|Handy.But let's say the town hall,Tuesday night?
That's a great idea.
All right,I'll think about it.|Of course,he will
Tuesday,town hall|OK£¬all right.
OK,why not we let everybody get|back to the dinner?
All right
I'm going to the bar,you know.Maybe these|people there are drunk enough to vote for me in there.
Good idea
What did you mention? I can't talk to him|there -come on,you will be fine
I'm going to stay,you got go.|Take the truck,right
Put some gas in it.
Hey,everybody,sorry to interupt
Everything is all right?
Whould you excuse me for just one minute|Yes, sure.
Don't get up.
Handy£¬get the hell out of here
Sally,I have to run a campagin|Campagin£¿You make a fool yourself.
Wow,welcome to politics
What's in it?
There...ah,it's beyond me.Sir.
What?|Should I get it to the FBI? -Yes
0h, she's coming.
It's going well|Mr President£¬Sir£¬I have been thinking..
I suggest hand-shake£¬ Sir.
What?|Yes,sir. It's your first day.I think the hand shake...
Grace,Grace,I'm doing great here.|I think you underrate me.
Thank you.|Sally£¬over here.
Oh£¬star-spangled|It's supposed to be a shower tonight
Maybe it's good also
I just wanna appologize again, for Handy|I certainly did not tell him where we|were going tonight.
I understand totally
Well, good night.
I... -Oh...|Yes! -Use her hand instead!
You are rusty there,Mr President
OK,here it is again
The President goes in for the kiss,here comes|a hand,hey,"no, thank you,Mr President"
He was pushed£¬He missed out.
What do you think£¬Sir£¿|Mr President£¬loser!
President got vital|Can you believe it?
Definitely be hole shooter£¡
Hole shooter?
The President lost that one.|Haw-haw...
Turn it off,all right.Just turn|it off£¡Come on ,turn it off£¡
Mr president...there.|It's off
How do we fix this?
We don't. We concentrate on substance.|We get rid of those with debate.
What's wrong with the debate?
We put it more stage with you, give you some|credibility,Eagle. -And it can be funny Sir.
Funny is your weakness.
Ah£¬less strength.
Not...not weakness
Oh,get out!
Out of your eyeline, or...|Yes,get out! out!
Dyer£¬Cloud£¬Break his leg!|Sir£¿ --Yes, Sir
They know I'm kidding,don't they?
I'm kidding,I'm just kidding!
...President of United States|Sally£¬Sally
I'm coming,stay there.
Froggy£¬green boy.
Sally£¬Sally£¬come on!|The froggy is empty!
There's nothing in it.
Except frog.
Oh... I got rock parts in my eyes now.
My eyes hurt£¬I need your hug.
Sally, just ...for a little bit we'er|going to talk. Oh...
This was a joke!
A bad joke!
It's a little bit funny
Go to sleep£¬maybe we'll meet in our dreams.
Like you can connect in tendo from|one player to next player.
I'm blowing you a kiss,it's by the|window, and you tomorrow get it
when you wake up and brush your teeth£¬|and you'll get it.
All right,I'm going home.|I hurt my eye. Home, see my doggy.
Won't you stop sweating|It goes with hyper ventilating
We all set, Eagle.You'll be stage|right.It's your best side
Talking points£¬Tell them about you|experience,demonstrate the way all|the souce you'll bring to Mooseport.
I'm not afraid of you
I can't feel my feet|Your feet are fine
I can't feel them|Don't you want winning? shake-up
I look my hair lifting|Turn around, -Push it down
Shut your eye£¬shut your eye.
Stop it,stop it
Look at it,Handy£¬the town is full all part.
You will like it¡£It's the Mooseport|first traffic jam,ever.
We got to have a second debate£¬|how about it?
No|Mr President£¬
My nose is making whisking noise.
Nice fellow of Americans
Welcome to the first of two televised|Mayor debate
In the ground of Mooseport tradition
a game of rock,paper,scissors,will determin|who answer question first.Gentleman,
Handy£¬Mr President
You know the rules?
I'll count to 3|Don't give it,Eagle
Rock to rock£¬Tie
You luck£¬Mr president
Paper,paper,Tie again
Oh£¬come on
Rock to scissors,the president won!
I'm now to prepare to entertain question|from the floor.
I got one.|Clay!
Some of the environment people have|taken the column near Barker's pond the wet land
I have been fishing there for 30 years|what's going to happen?
Clay£¬I was the most environmentally|President since FD Roosevelt
Human population will not threaten|wild life...
In this area for 200 years,if ever
So you go right on fishing in that pond,|if there's anybody trying to stop you,you|send them to me,all right?
Come on,Handy,come on
That's well point,Mr President.|It sounds good to me
Hey£¬Handy,come on,
For 10 years now, we have needed a stop|sign for the Lucy Decker'house
And she has done everything except|burn down city hall to stop it.
If that's it£¬what we'll do about it?
First of all£¬I'll convey a commision|to study the problem
I would apoint a buller and pound of|traffic specialist,right way
and I'll call a engineer to assess the|situation and make recommendations
I'll spare no effort to make our street|the safest in the world!
Handy£¬you turn.
That's well point ,Mr President
Lucy£¬let me ask you,|what's the problem.
Car head lights.
10 years ago, they tried stop sign
when cars on Bit Street stoped ,their head|lights right stop right on my headboard.
Have you tried curtains?
Excuse me?
You know£¬blackout curtains for your windows,|you probably sleep better any way.
Well,I'll try that,nobody else suggests that.
Well,you come by the store,and|we'll help you out.
I'll do that
Mandy,you got one?
It's just a question for Handy£¬is that OK?
Well£¬if the president has no objection
I reserve the right to repond,but no objection.
Handy£¬I was just wondering£¬now that|Sally is dating the president,
Does that mean you are available?
OK£¬people,can you keep the question|into the subject of election.
Now, I think Goe has a question somehow..|Actually£¬I'm more like to address the issue,if am I£¿
Thank you,thanks Mandy,for|that question.
Sally,I know I may not be the best|boy friend,but...
But I thought we have good things|on going here.
You got to know how much I care|about you£¬right?
The only thing I got so mad is about your|underwear with the president
Underwear?|What's the problem?
No,no,no, it's the colour,|it's the colour.
Sally,what's the deal? Are you|going with him or me?
Go for the Eagle!
Sally£¬with the president!
Stop it!Stop it!
Excuse me,excuse me
TBS£¬can I ask a question|about the underwear?
Sally£¬Sally|Are you crazy?
You didn't answer phone .|You took the key from the frog.
I can't believe you just did that
I can't believe it! -How about what I|said? Does it mean anything?
I heard you talking about my underwear|in front of the whole town.
The whole country£¡that's how much I care
Wait a minute! You didn't answer|the question£¡
What question£¿|Is it me or him?
Is it me or your new truck?
Don't try make this all about me!|Handy,it's about you!
How£¿How is that about me?
Hey,she pushed you right down
Yes£¬she is stronger than me.
not about me!it's about you!
How£¿How is that about me?
Well you heard here first.
It looks like Sally is going to catch her|bell in favour of the president.|I'm Christi£¬TBNN News
Haw baby, you going down!
So£¬what do you think?|Should I set up another date or what?
Why not ?|Execuse me
Well,what's her problem?|Maybe she saw the numbers.
You may have done all right with the girl,|but the debate is a disaster
What are you talking about?|It's impossible.
It's a small tow,Eagle.|The rule is different here.
Ah£¬will you guys give some brain storm.
Excuse me,Mr President|Yes
We could lay down him|What £¿
You want to make it look like an accident|at course, but...maybe his brake goes out
Oh,my god.
Or we can slick on it,oil slick
What are you? insane?
No£¬Sir£¬We're just brain storming
Do I misunderstand the question?
Thank god£¬you guys are in our side.
Thank you Sir
Hello?|Small town's politics
I'd like 3 sugars|You only need one.
I like 3£¡|3 isn't healthy
What's yielding you£¿|Yielding me ?
Yes,somehow you seem Urt|Urt£¬Really? -Really
Let's say I'm a little bit Urt|as you mention it.
Would you like to know why?
Absolutely.Sit down there,Grace.|Just tell me all about it.
Well£¬when you...when we first came to|live here, -Yes..
Excuse me,Could we have a minute here,please?
I...|-Excuse me£¬Mr President
Sorry,Eagle.We have an emergency
Unless somebody is dying,Bert,|I don't want to hear about it.
It's Charlotte£¬she is coming here.
Hurry,Handy for Mayor
come on, we got to do something|about this
I'm sure we'll,sir|Dyer,this is too smart for her.Who thought of this? Who is him?
Grace£¬I'll handle this
I have dignity she wants
Did anybody remember that?
Hello£¬Monroe.What brought you here?
Charlotte,could we talk privately,please?
It's the privac I've got for 20 years|but on your mind.
Hi,sweety, we can just talk alone.
Honey£¬Handy for Mayor|I'm sure we can work everthing out
Honey,could we go inside please?
President's coming,better hide the|payroll benefit
Charlotte£¬would you step in the office?|Yes,dear
Charlotte -Married couple have short hands,|Monroe. ours is 9 million dollars.
9£¿I don't have it!
25 years,a quarter of century,I endured|and now you're pleading poverty£¿
You took the house£¬you took the boat|you take everything apart of my title!
Hello,this is from the first lady,Charlotte Cole
I spent 25 years with Monroe Cole,|which is why I support Handy Harrison.
Yes,you heard me.I'm supporting Handy Harrison.
How about I get through,you lambkins
I never find you're dishonourable,Harrison
I thought it's going to be a fair|fight between two honourable men,
but I can see now... I got to up against|somebody who doesn't play by the rules.
I don't know, Sir|I'm sorry
Bring a man't ex-wife into it!|You show you true colours£¬ain't you?
Hey,I have nothing to do with this
Go ahead£¬I want them both!
I want they to be thinking about the way|they do
Sir,he is serious?|No,no,no.
President,you want a fair fight?
You just called me dishonourable,Sir|and I'm not
So£¬if it's a fair fight you want
Just you and me
I think I know the place
You are on
What are we doing here,Harrison£¿
What's the stakes£¿
Loser backs off Sally
We both 10 handy club|Sir...
Fair fight|You are on
Sir£¬may I just talk to you for a fews second?
Show me the way
Sir,I want to discuss about...
Nice shot|Thank you
Am I driving the green?
Hello£¬wait for me
What are you doing here?
Just making sure a fair fight is fair.
Call them out£¬Mr Dyer
I'm sorry£¬madam
You and you men come out
Come ou....t
All right,come out.
Everyone on the fairway
We're securing the square,Mr Cole|Securing from there,OK
Stand position
Get wind£¬lambkins
Wait,wait for the bounce
Damn,take a mulligan
We..we play for a woman,Sir.|There's no mulligans
What? What will I do?
You have never had a ball unbounce before?
None since I was a governor
You have another one from here£¬shooting 3
1£¬2£¬shooting 3
Excuse me,Mr president
You can't beat him,Sir|What are you talking about?
With the same handy club.|You handy club is abnormity
What are you trying to say?
You were really missed Sutherland's idea,|She had Dyer and Cloud,and occasionally me.
We helped you...
with lucky bouncies and score card|and it can't be the same.
Is there a problem?
No problem
Ah,that was in|been quite on the green
I'll ...take it
You two have helped enough
Hi,Paggi,can I get a cup of coffee
So I hear there is gulfing for Mayor
Actually,the gulfing,for you
Can I make a Irish coffee?
This ok?
That's was gimme|No,no,no£¬there are no gimmes
It was inside the leather|Yeah,but you got to get it in the hole
I'll take it 7
Actually,it's 15
15£¿No way!
Ah£¬the president is right.It's 7.|Yeah,it was 7
Let's count them.
Let's count them. One out of bounce,|two back on the tee,three in the rough
Four in the sand
Five,you missed it completely
Six,almost out of sand,but still in it.
Seven£¬finally out of the sand|into that sand
Eight,out of the sand into the rough.|That's why you trew you club to the tree.
Nine,you almost hit me
Ten£¬you did hit me.
Eleven,on the green,ah,twelve,|you past the hole.
That is when you said the curse I have|never heard before
Thirteen£¬you past one foot from the hole
Fourteen£¬you missed the pie,you said|that's a gimme,I saild"no,there are no gimmes¡±
Fifteen,in the hole.
Oh£¬it's so close
All right,now,through the sugers,|and then around the saucer
...and through the catch of tower
and the winner gets more his gapen
How can you get married through a match?
Who£¿Who is Reube?
I said "get the president"!
That's a great idea
The winner gets Reuben.
How it disappeared too?|God!
OK£¬Handy£¬you are famillar with the strokes.
It's the last hole£¬how about double or nothing?
What's double? What's nothing?
Nothing is we are even,tie.|Stead of cour
Double will be I back off Sally|drop off the Mayor race
You got it. OK.|Go ahead,you hit
If I got a risk
You got to give me something
You got...I don't know|What?
One throw
Yeah,I get one throw becuause I can't play you even
You got local knowledge
He can't throw either,bury him
OK£¬you got one throw.But, if|we tie, I win.
Are a hard bargain|OK
There is an old form back
Hey£¬what are you doing?
Hey,what's that?
I said one throw,but I didn't say whose ball.
You are out of bounce
Morning Sir,have you been all right?
Yes£¬just dandy. How about 10 Handy club my shot 142
You now have a serious talk about my Handy club£¬Sutherland
Now£¿Mr President£¿|Later
Eligible even? History loose
The most humiliating round in my life
Time to take the curse off,Bert.|Let's bury this guy
Well, Sir,it's clean as a whistle
Oh, come on.Surely did something.|Not double local,groumn one
We'll find dirty,Eagle|Even we may have to make it up.
I don't believe this
Mr President
I'm giving my notice
Your notice?
Yes,I can't work here any longer
Are you drunk? For god's sake,we|have been together for 15 years.
And all that time,you have never once gone|negtive, at least, not first.
And you have never ever stood to|threat or harassment
Grace,he brought in Charlotte,Charlotte
that's not his harassment,|what it is?
Mr President£¬you have 2 days,2 hours and 21 minutes,|until this election is over.
and then ,I'll go home.
What's happened
I think she quits,sir
not that,that!
Oh,this£¬is new poll
5 points
5 points£¿|down
What's sample size£¿
Come on£¬Bert.What's the sample size?
Every body
This is a disaster
As a parallel,sir,I'm worried|about the book deal too.
Ah£¬crap! Likes some mythic Greek puzzle.|the riddle of the handyman,somewhere the answer.
Sir£¬Let's not panic,this isn't over|Wait a minute,wait minute.
What's wrong with us?
I'll give it to him|It's that simple
Wait£¬You don't mean quit?|You can't quit.Egale
No,I won't be quit£¬that's|buildi evident
I'll say how qualified he is,|how he is the best man for the job
and tonight,at the debate I will my support
If I win, I win,but if I lose,it's because|I made a most magnanimous gesture in political history.
and people took my advice
It's brilliant,sir
Thank you
and I get the girl.
Sally£¬hey,hi,I'm here
I get ready for the debate
Want to come in?|No,I'm not to get in
Say you
Hold it,what's going on?
Those stuff?
Oh, I...
I won Reuben in a padding contest,so I have|to make room for some his stuff.
I know.
Can you imagine someone actually play gulf to win a person?
No£¬look...|No,don't insult me by trying to defend this.
Because let me self dwell on it,|I'm really got just to lose it
Stand off|Ease it
I just want settle this a coulp of ,ok?|there is your stuff.
What you said £¿my stuff?
Hold on,hold on,this is yours
Remember?From me
Don't you remember there was a power|went out,you had big snow storm.
and we were so frustrated.|You couldn't turn this on and watch it
and the power came back,we turned it on,and...
You looked so beautiful|by the light of it
And then we ...|You know, by the light of it
I remember
and we stayed up all night and talked
Yeah..|You remember what we talked about?
Yeah... No...
The future
We talked about the future,Handy
I don't want to wait any more
Good luck to debate
Are you coming£¿
You got coming
2 minutes,we are going,2 minutes
2 minutes, Mr President
Excuse me£¬Sir
Hand shake
I'll briefly finish
2 minutes, Handy|Yeah
Be on your toast,be sharp.You may|have won your first debate,but it's a pay down.
Gentlemen, I believe we are ready
It's starting|Live from the seaport town,the Mooseport,the Mayoral dabate!
With the candidates,Monroe Eagle Cole and Harold Handy Harrison
We take your now moderater,|Henry Hitower
Good evening,I'm Hitower
I'me honoured to moderate the second|and final Mooseport mayoral debate.
As a tradition£¬we'll start with the|game of rock,paper,scissors.
Handy,not scissors|Gentlemen...
Mr Hitower,could I...£¬I'd like to make|a statement first.Is that ok?
Mr President£¿
Oh£¬that's fine,I...I have a statement also.
Just...,Ok? thank you.|Yes,getleman
I just want to say one thing
I'm a little embarrassed about the way|I have been running my campagin.
An election,it shouldn't be about personalities,|you know,or gulf
or who was dating,
Sally£¬if you watching this,
I was wrong to bring our relationship been to this.
I'm sorry
Oh... -I guess I did it again,|I just brought our relationship been to it again.
So,I'm sorry for that£¬too
I guess,what I want to say,folks,I thik|an election should be about the town.
It should be about what we need and how we can|work together to get things done.
The president can do great things for us
Son of bitch£¡
Having him as a Mayor£¬that's an oppounity we can't pass off.
Tomorrow morning,I'm going to the polls,|I'll cast my vote for the president.
Monroe Cole£¬for the Mayor of Mooseport
Son of bithch
Ladies and gentlemen
What you've just seen is a selfless act.
Handy Harrison£¬is Mooseport
He thinks He is Mooseport
He knows its problems
He knows his ports
He knows his plumbing
As only a person who lives here can
So tomorrow morning£¬I'm going to the polls
and I'm walking into that booth,that simple piece of paper
that our forefathers gave their lives to secure|Ah....
and I'm casting my vote for Harrison,|Harold Handy Harrison,over there.
Man£¬he is great.
What you've just seen,ladies and gentlemen,|this politics is finest,politics should be.
very good
We did same thing,Mr President
You son of bitch,you knew I got to do that,so you did it first.|I didn't know that,how can I know that?
You bug me
What we have just witnessed here on this rare night
You bug me|I didn't do anything.
It just showed us dencey|Let me go
It showed inclusiveness
It showed a neutral respect
Get off me
It's time to follow their example£¬it's time...
Mr President, are you OK?|Get off of Mr President
Get off me
So,Danny,see that debate last night?|Did I,was anybody hurt?
What?|When the screen split up,apparently an minor bruise
Any idea what had happended back there?|They are saying there was a freak accident
It's very freak
Apparently stage region just snaped and|fell the candiates where they were shaking hands.
Wow£¬well, you know we say|It's Mooseport
20 minutes, Mr President
How about the little music|Good idea
Morning president
Cloud£¬pull it away
How is your nose£¿
It's OK
How is your lip£¿and back?
It's just the lip and it's fine.
I just assumed you back hurt,|you know, I jumped on it.
well, say you the poll.
Whould ahead of you
But£¬discard them in the water?
Yeah£¬Martha is into scoop bin,as soon as|she brings her wet suit,she'll get them
Somehow,I can picture Martha in the wet suit.
Yeah£¬you are lucky,I can not picture
All right
Oh£¬You tightly hold it
Here£¬let me show you,Mr President|You have shaken a lot hands.
You£¬shake hands with the club
Like this?|yes
I just put the ball,and picture like|it's a former first-lady.
Just wipe it
Blood sucking vampire
Wow, you two had issues
So,how can you not ask her?
Ask what ?
Oh,I don't know,I probably should have..
scared, I guess.
well,marriage is a sacry thing
I'll be the first one to tell you that
But once a while£¬ there comes along that special girl
I know what you mean,that she did.|She is special
I just think£¬eventually£¬she will find somebody else.
You know£¬you always hope that next guy will be some loser.
not the president
Handy£¬the 16 toll of our match,you laid up.|yeah,I remember it.
You played the safe|So you won
I never would be a president of United States,if I laid up
Sometimes, you just got a goal for the green.
For sake of all
Out the way£¬out the way
No comment,No question
Over there
Once a politician
£¨tick himself)
Always a politician
It's 10 minutes pass the hour,and there are|20 minutes left before the polls closes in Mooseport Min.
With the former president campagin spending millions on TV,|radio and other advertising,it's amazing that Handy harrison...
It was so beautiful
Oh...I was thinking about...|For once,don't talk please,
What £¿|Just listen,OK,can you do that?
A long while back
My mum asked me what I thought on you?
You probably find it's hard to believe this.|Any way,could ask such thing,but she did.
I seen a man as admirer£¬I told her
A fraud man,certainly,but a man with principles
Since the Handy thing
I have seen a man who only cares about Eagle and power
A man who was stood to anything to|win a position he doesn't even want.
Who someone he probably shouldn't even beat.
and it angries me,and it upsets me.
Mostly,it just made me sad
Grace...|Because you used to be better than that Monroe.
You really were
and that is no hand-shake,you son of bitch
Sugar,Mr President
Oh£¬3 please
No£¬no, no, 1
Good morning Mr President|Good morning
Where is Grace£¿
I don't know,Sir
Could you find her£¬please?
Let's go
Eagle, we've got moving. They want us|down to the town for the announcemant.
I get expose myself to announcement|without knowing who won?
They won't tell me,Eagle
I have done everything,shout and|bribing,the union supplier,beer.
Get on that token,Eagle£¬please sir
Handy£¬you back here
Ah, hey. -Stun,man.|Yeah,I know
Come on£¬don't you want to find out you won or lost£¬badly?
I'm going to ... go ahead,|No,we wait for you.
I'm going to meet you there
I want you|No,go
You are my ride, man
Come on|OK£¬all right,let's go
In a few monments,former President Cole|and Harold Handy Harrison will all arrive.
will big power take some big money,carry all the day,|there is a little while to veil,we shall soon see.
Ah,I have seen the president coming now.
Here comes Handy
Hey£¬did you see Sally|No
If you see, let me know,OK?|OK£¬OK
President,Handy£¬come here,OK£¿
Sir,yellow speech if you won,|OK
blue one,if you...
Should I out of you eyeline,Sir£¿
Ah£¬come on
Hey,how are you doing?|How are you doing?
In the 240 years history of our favourable Mooseport,
There has never been a more exciting Mayoral race.
I tell you citizens£¬the new Mayor|of Mooseport is... Monrol Cole
Oh£¬thank you
As I'm sure you won't know£¬This|was Mooseport largest election turn-out.
How big is the margin?
Tight,real tight.but win is the thing
It was so close
It's something,right|Yeah
The president won by one vote.
Won by one vote
One vote?
Oh,my God
My vote
The 23rd Mayor of Mooseport...|Monrol Eagle Cole
Thank you very much£¬Morris
Thank you everybody
Ladies and gentlemen
Once again, a great American electoral process as...
You know,little while ago
A person who has been with me for years,|a person I trust like no one else
Remind me of my principles
Shoot some sense to me£¬so I have a confession to make
I said that I would vote for Handy,|I...I didn't.
I vote for myself
So£¬my first act as Mayor is to turn the job over|to the right winner...Handy Harrison
Handy,Come on with me,applause for Handy
Mr President£¬I...
I have a confession to make also...
I vote for myself too
I want you a fair vote£¬Mr President
So my first act as a Mayor is to turn|the job back to the right winner...Mr Monrol Cole
Cloud isn't bidding you, is he?|No,not this one,Sir
All right, I accept
Tell her we call Jame House for 20 Mills.
Yes£¬please do,and tell them to send me half.
Say you in DC
Any sign of her?|Yes, Sir,agent Cloud found her. she is in airport
Airport? come on ,let's move.
Sally,ah...I don't know
Hey,Handy,nice try|Thanks,thank you
Look£¬Sally£¬how are doing?|Hum£¬gorgeous
Hey£¬Handy£¬how well you did.I can't believe it.|Thank you.Thank you Reuben
I vote for you
How? You even don't like me.Sorry
Ladies and gentlemen£¬27 to Dalars delayed.
Please bear with us as we will let|you know as soon as we know.
Here,Mr President
What are you doing here?
I gave you my notice ,remember?
Grace,come back
Grace,look at me
Swear to God,I will never have more than one sugar|in my coffee for the rest of my life if you sitll have me
And no salt
A former president of the United States is down on his knees
That's no hand-shake,either
I'll go down my knees again|No,no
You certainly take the time.What if my plane left£¿
Oh,you haven't heard£¬I'm a Mayor now
This is Cloud,clear the plane.|Turnout today I have a litte bit poll here this airport
27 passangers,we now have been cleard for take off.
Congratulations£¬Mr President
That would be,congratulations,Mr Mayor
Congratulations,Mr Mayor
come on
You doing the plumbing for the whole town now?
No£¬I came to see you
Do the drain£¿
Just one second
Look,Sally,I was preparing for the whole speach.
I was going to prepare the whole speech,OK,but,|I think,you know,despite it,if Ijust say this at the monment
All right£¬the truth is you are beautiful.
And you're smart and wonderful
And I'm not£¬I'm not
Handy|Hang on,'cos I'm in the monment now
This whole thing,it makes me take a|prety hard look at myself
And I'm not smart and I'm not beautiful,but...
But help,I just beat the most popular president in history
So maybe I'm OK
Almost£¬you almost beat him
Sally£¬between me and you,just,all the secret,
I beat him.Did you think I swallow the word for|myself after I told the whole town,I wouldn't
You give it away?
Because,because he needs it,I don't
I only need you.
That's..that's my speech
Hold on£¬I got,I got something
That's dirty.
I got to know how you feel.
Is that£¬I ask yours£¿|Yes
It's dirty,but it's beautiful|It's beautiful
It's big and it's not just one diamond,|diamonds aroud the side.It's diamond and mud
Oh£¬did I say, in the speech,I forgot the|whole part about how much I love you
I didn't say,but,yes, There's no...I make|a word thing,but you can't measure.
It's like£¬like you take the sun,you can take the heat from that sun and you put all of that in a love container
Got it|You got it£¿ -Yes
But you said yes£¬anyway, so this is|all extral,like bonus
My heart beating fast.|Let's go
Plunger£¬come on£¬come on
How can you be a sewer?|that's,you kown, things happen to me
Did I have a word you're wearing a false?
Oh£¬my God,are you ok?
You did it again|I barely touch you
Ok£¬look,you know,if this marriage's going to work,|you're going to belike how strong you are.OK
You are stronger than me,accept it.
I'm not stronger than you|Yes£¬ you are.
I'm a girl. -That right,so we heard|physically animal.Come on£¬boys
Wow£¬what about this?|Bowl on my head.
A bowl on you£¬it's wider,but it's nice
Excuse me£¬ladies
Is Handy here?
Handy,you got company
Hey£¬how are you doing?
Congratulations£¬Handy.You almost beat|the most popular president in history
Oh£¬you know how failings,right?
Are you kidding?
Let me cut the trees.What are you doing|in about 2 years?
Wait a minute|How about governor Harrison sounds to you£¿
Governor? what? Yeah, no£¬thank you
We have got a real possibility here
I...listen,thank you very much,I|appreciate that you thinked about me,but
I...I can't happier who I am
well,I respect that
OK£¬Have a good day
Hey£¬hold on one second.Let me just ask
Cam a governor kind tell a Mayor what to do?
Oh,It's hurt,I told you.
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