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Subtitles for Welcome to Sarajevo.

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Welcome to Sarajevo

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Today, the city of Vukovar has fallen.
lt is now no more than rubble.
ln the past two months, the Serbs have pounded it
with more than two million shells.
These survivors are heading for Bosnia,
hoping to escape the war.
But tonight we must face the possibility
that this... is only the beginning.
# We strolled through the hills
# All wet with rain
# And back along the lane again
# There with the sun shining
# ln the sweet summertime
# The way that young lovers do
# l kissed you on the lips once more
# And we said goodbye
# At your front door in the night time
# Yeah, that's the right time
# To feel the way
# That young lovers do
# Then we sat on our own star
# And dreamed of the way that we were... #
# Then we sat on... #
# Then we sat on our own star
# And dreamed of the way that we were
# And the way that we wanted to be
# Then we sat on our own star
# And dreamed of the way that l was for you
# And you were for me
# l would like to dance the night away... #
- Get the cross. - l've got it.
Oh, Christ! Go back. Go back.
Go back.
Get the sniper!
Yeah, yeah, l got him.
Get the priest.
ls he mad?
ls he mad?
Come on.
- You don't want this? - Come on!
This is the wrong street.
Let's go back.
- Michael, let's go back. - lt's here.
They put roadblocks. l turned the van round.
Others are going to be stuck here for hours.
- What did you get? - We need a new driver.
lt was hard to get Joey. He was a cabbie. He knows the city.
He's an idiot.
He's been selling our petrol. AND he's an idiot.
We've been running round the streets trying to find him.
ls that true about the petrol?
lt was full this morning and it's empty now.
That's it. From there.
Now, another three.
No one dares move the body.
Then the boy.
- This now. - No, the boy.
l just saw this footage of Flynn being shot at.
- Got that? - No.
- Why not? - Why not what?
Why haven't we got it?
General decline in journalistic standards.
lt's this news as entertainment bollocks. So patronising.
- l hate that. - l hate that, too.
l actually think it was very brave,
and most people respond to bravery.
'They were yards from the church
'when the sniper opened fire, and now the mother is dead.
'Another innocent victim killed in cold blood.
'This is Jordan Flynn in Sarajevo.'
l'm not worthy of applause, but l'll take money.
Oh, thank you. You'll be remembered.
Thank you so much.
Oh-ho! Well, look who's here - Henderson.
And Gregg. Care to make a contribution?
l don't have anything small enough.
Sure you do, but l was thinking about money.
What d'you think? Syndicated worldwide.
Your producers must be delighted
- Exactly. - They sent you to get killed.
Now it looks like you will.
- Good one! - Good night.
Henderson, how about a little Bushmills?
Hey, Gregg - Bushmills.
See ya.
l can't believe you're turning down Bushmills.
There's a first.
He was only trying to help.
We're here to report.
Haven't seen Bushmills in a long time.
Michael, are you all right?
- Michael, are you all right? - Yeah.
- We're gonna drink to the line. - Lower...please. Better.
l make my important decisions after reaching that line.
l liked what you did. lt was really brave.
- lt stank. - Ooh, God!
You thought it stank?
lt wasn't about Sarajevo, it was about YOU.
Back home no one's heard of Sarajevo but they all know me.
- She with you? - Freelance.
Figures. Who would hire her?
You should never drink serious whisky without water
because the strength of the alcohol
smothers the complex flavour.
ls that right?
- Chiverly! - Chiverly!
l am in love with you. ln spite of the company you keep.
Thank you.
l'd like to save you from this.
Leaving so soon, Mr Flynn? The war is young.
- Hi. - Zeljko.
l got your phone-call, sir.
Try - you might be lucky.
Very good. Here.
Oh. Thanks.
- Here. - Thanks.
Thank you.
- Bye. - Bye.
- 'Hello?' - Helen, hi, it's me.
- 'Shit, sorry.' - Helen?
'Yeah, hang on.
'Sorry. l was putting the kids to bed.'
lt's OK.
'l must've fallen asleep.
- 'Hello?' - You OK?
'Yeah, l'm...l'm fine. Fine.
'What time is it?'
Er, it's...well, you're an hour behind - it's twenty past ten.
- 'She's awake again.' - 'Mummy!'
'Can you hear that?'
Yeah. All right. You'd better go.
Um, l just...
l'm all right.
'l'm coming!'
(# Stone Roses: ''l Wanna Be Adored'')
ln English.
Everything in English this morning. Gotta practise.
This is my last clean one.
lt's from Marks & Spencer in Paris.
You don't believe it?
- No. - What's this?
Certainly is a woman of experience.
- Uh, Jane Carson? - Risto Bavic?
- Yes. - Come and join us.
Um, Michael Henderson'll be along shortly.
This is our new driver. This is Flynn.
- Hi. Nice to meet you. - Hey! Dig those threads.
Yeah. lt's a great colour. Sort of unusual.
My man, Zeljko! Thank you. Do you have it?
- Oh, brother! - Four.
- l'll find Michael. - Take 'em.
- This is fine. - Suit yourself.
For the head. You need a hangover cure?
Would you mind if l save it till later?
l haven't started my hangover yet.
Go ahead. Here, take...
All l need's one. Take 'em.
He's here now. His English is pretty good.
He studied in Birmingham or Bristol.
- Hi, Mr Henderson. - Man at C&A.
- Marks & Spencer. - What?
C&A do a similar colour -
only Marks & Spencer do THlS colour.
Michael, mortar attack. Come on.
That's four days in a row l haven't had breakfast.
Hail the conquering hero!
- Egg! - Thank you.
- Two. - Two eggs!
- Two eggs is a miracle! - Three eggs!
ls there a word for three eggs?
- Omelette. - Very good.
- Omelette! - That's right. Omelette.
lt's in Facie Miska.
- Know it? - Yeah, of course.
OK. You drive. Who's got the keys?
Can l bum a lift?
Hi. Annie McGee.
Shall we make a move?
l know this probably isn't the best time,
but l'm working on a story.
l need papers, transport...
Talk to Jane Carson. She's the producer.
l'm just the journalist.
- Smoke? - No.
This could be a very important story.
More important than bombing people in the street?
Compared to that, it seems like fucking Jane Austen.
Really? l never fucked Jane Austen.
Get the vegetables, Gregg.
Gregg, get the vegetables, can you? And the bags.
This guy with the eye, Gregg...
What's the guy's name? What's the...driver's name?
- Risto. - Risto!
What's she saying?
What's she saying?
She doesn't know what she's saying.
She's lost control.
- You shouldn't film her. - Get the bread.
Don't understand. Risto!
Can you ask this girl what she wants? Ask what she wants.
Both the parents are dead.
We'll have to tell her.
Does she have any brothers or sisters who could take her?
Any relatives we can give her a lift to?
Spooling back.
Roll tape.
We're rolling.
This isn't the lead story.
No, this is not the lead story.
What lS the lead story?
The Second Coming?
The Duke and Duchess of York are getting divorced.
Or separated. l can't remember which.
Michael! Hear your network had a big scoop today.
Duke and Duchess of Pork, or something?
By the way, your Queen...
She's the richest woman in the world, but what does she do?
- l'll drive. - OK.
(# The House of Love: ''Shine On'')
- Hi. - Hi.
Risto, have you got the key?
The little one, here.
Come through here.
That's good!
There's a little one. Move him to the front.
'For these children, home is the Ljubica lvezic Orphanage
'on one of Sarajevo's many front lines.'
- You should wear them. - l quite like them.
Everyone else is wearing them.
That RTL driver was saved by his.
- Wear them on petrol runs. - Mm, all right.
l don't know if we can get insured without them.
- l know you don't like them... - Shh! Listen.
'l buried these children in the garden...'
Wonder if she's insured (!)
'..everyone can see we are dying.
'So l will not put them away, out of sight.
'Everyone must know we are dying.
'So...tell them.
'Keep on telling them until they will move us.'
'lf it is possible to treat children there,
'near to their families, with people who speak their language
'and in relatively familiar surroundings,
'then that is the best way.'
(# Bobby McFerrin: ''Don't Worry, Be Happy'')
# Here's a little song l wrote
# You might want to sing it note for note
# Don't worry
# Be happy... #
God, l've never seen such clean-looking people.
# ln every life we have some trouble
# But when you worry, you make it double
# Don't worry
# Be happy #
Orphanages and hospitals are being shelled daily.
Will you evacuate the children and the sick?
We are here to consider a range of options.
l know it's difficult but we have to keep our perspective.
We deal with 13 countries in the world
which are WORSE than Sarajevo.
Sir, just out of curiosity,
what are those other 13 places?
Are we slidin' up or down that scale?
'Emira has been here since she was a baby.
'Now she's so frightened, she can't sleep at night.'
'Sead's mother was killed in a mortar attack.
'Zaned is from a village near Sarajevo.
'His father and two older brothers
'were taken prisoner by Serb irregulars,
'the feared Chetniks.
'His mother was shot by a sniper whilst queuing for water.'
Got a permission letter from Radovan Karadjic
so we can get behind Serb lines.
lt can't be much of a story, then.
Anyway, we've got a story. 50 kids who could be blown up
and nobody's paying any attention.
We've done that story.
We've STARTED that story. They're still there.
As long as the UN's here l'll keep those kids on screen.
Same message - ''Get me out.''
That's not news. That's a campaign.
l don't care. l'm gonna get those kids out.
What's the problem?
Big guns, little children, evil men - great television.
- lf it works. - Good night.
- Won't listen, will he? - Oh, dear!
Since the war,
the orphanage has taken in not only babies
but also older children,
many of whom have witnessed terrible events
as well as being separated from their families.
'One day my mum went to work
'and was told she couldn't work there any more
'because she was a Muslim.
'Then it was announced that all Muslims had to leave.
'There was shelling, all sorts of things.
'There were dead people around.
'l've got nothing to say about it.
'lt was terrible.'
'Where my house is. l'd like to go back there.'
Yours, yeah?
Hello. Yours, yeah?
She ask if this is where you come from.
Ah! Yes. Yes.
lt's changed a bit since then.
She want to get out of Sarajevo.
Your film would help to get us out of here?
Yes. l hope so.
She wants a promise.
lt's a promise.
lt's a Haggadah. lt's the story of the Exodus.
lt was in the museum. When the Nazis came, it disappeared.
When the war was over, it was back.
And now it's disappeared again.
- lt's lovely. - Yeah, it's nice.
On the real one you can see fingerprints and wine stains
where it's been used.
People say that after this war, it will return.
But it's been sold to buy weapons.
No, that's not true.
When the museum was bombed, the old guy, Professor lmamovich,
he found the book in the rubble. Now it's somewhere safe.
lt'll be back.
- What are you doing? - l use books to cook with.
lt's all there is.
lf you have to burn books, you should at least enjoy it.
You know - special occasion, special book.
Besides, l could never relate to the Exodus.
(# The Happy Mondays: ''Donovan'')
You know what l'm going to do?
l'm going to make a concert here in Sarajevo.
ls that such a good idea?
l will defy death in the name of Art.
What about the audience?
The audience will die happy listening to me.
But l'm not going to do it yet,
because Sarajevo is only the 14th worst place on Earth.
l'm waiting until we're number one.
- What is number one? - LA, of course.
Help with the babies.
You want the children upstairs?
- Yes. - OK.
'We came here this evening
'to make another report on the Ljubica lvezic Orphanage.
'When we arrived, the building next door was on fire
'and one room of the orphanage had been destroyed.'
Roadrunner's coming.
Roadrunner's coming. Come on. Let's go.
The Bosnian government
is against any kind of evacuation.
From their point of view, the Serbs want the city empty.
lf they evacuate, we're helping the Serbs.
Evacuation is actually collaboration,
and that's a quote.
lt will take time to find a solution to the problem.
Thus we must have patience.
This is cold.
Here, have mine.
- Zeljko! - No, l want a fresh cup.
- ls that hot? - l want a fresh cup.
- Got a pen? - Give me your book.
Look at 'em. They're like vultures.
Look at US. We're like vultures.
Working vultures. lt's grand.
That's mine and Mr Henderson is inside.
- Happy? - Thanks.
- Thank you. - OK. Bye.
Just a sec. Thanks.
lt's extraordinary, is it not,
that with children trapped in the most dangerous corner
of the most dangerous city on Earth
that this plane will fly out of here completely empty.
'lt would be a simple matter to move the children
'but someone somewhere along the bureaucratic line is saying no.'
Cheer up, Michael.
You'll be back in London by Tuesday.
Put that back. That's my lucky hat.
Working wonders for us.
Six years in that - l've never been shot.
Swap it for my lucky knickers?
- No. - Charming.
l'm not gonna film a war wearing your knickers.
On your head!
Do they stop you getting shot?
No. l just get lucky wearing them.
Where've you been? Thought you'd gone to the seaside.
Met a lady who needed a lift.
- Hi, Henderson. - Hi.
- Annie. - Get it?
- Yeah. - Got what?
- Was it terrible? - Yeah. lt WAS terrible.
- Where've you been? - Uh, Omarska and Trnopolie.
lt was...a real party.
'lTN was given permission to visit these camps
'by Radovan Karadjic, the Bosnian Serb leader.
'There are 4,500 prisoners held here.
'These are the ones we were allowed to talk to.'
Can you just hold on? Hold on. Michael...
l...didn't wanna let it go and, um...
No, no, no. You did the right thing. Absolutely.
- Well done. - Thanks.
Annie, it's a great story. Congratulations.
Thank you.
- You, got any petrol? - Yeah.
You think l might be able to get a lift across town?
- Now? - Yeah.
Yeah. All right.
Top man!
Yeah. Uh...
Uh...l got... l was with...
You speak Bosnian, eh?
Describing it in English, it doesn't sound real.
lf any language could do it justice, it's Bosnian.
And does it?
l'm still learning. Little, simple things.
Um, ''do you have an avocado?''
''l'm desperate for a toilet.''
- Ah! - Ah.
(Flynn) Little things, you know, like that. Thank you.
Here's the cake.
- Take the small piece. - Toast.
- What's that? - To their son.
Yeah. To your son.
'History has shown us that you can't allow
'the mass extermination of people and just let it happen.'
'We do not see any evidence of a programme
'of systematic or massive killing of innocent people...'
'50 years ago, world leaders said,
'''We didn't know what was happening.''
'We know what's happening, now.'
'Don't... Don't live under this dream
'that the West will come and sort this problem out.'
D'you want these?
What d'you say we smoke one?
Don't start. Once you start, you never stop.
You're not smoking or drinking. What ARE you doing?
Staying alive.
Here. Have this as well.
l think l might...l might... get the hell out and go home.
What d'you think?
l could...cover the Republican Convention.
Maybe, uh...
How about, uh, the Superbowl?
Super bollocks!
Super bollocks?
- Why is it when Americans...? - Why?
Why is it that Americans,
when they're playing sport, wear so much padding?
You spend more time dressing up than playing.
Sure, we don't dress to the nines like cricket.
But...what about basketball? Just a vest.
Basketball isn't a sport. Basketball's a freak show.
Easy. You're on sacred territory.
The side with the tallest player wins.
Also, it's a girls' game.
You know, only two good things ever came from England.
One - America, two - the Beatles.
Beatles aren't English.
They're from Liverpool.
You even pad up to play girls' games.
You know...
Those orphans are not your responsibility.
You're here, you're a reporter.
You're here to report.
Zeljko. Would you take care of these?
Mr Henderson, you leaving?
Have some of those. l don't smoke.
- Thank you very much. - OK.
- Oh, hi there. - Hi.
- Good night? - Yeah. Very good.
- Hi. - This is Nina.
Hello. Welcome to the 14th worst place on Earth.
- Nina's an aid worker. - ls this water?
- Yeah. - Can l...?
A children's charity. The Children's Lifeline.
We've got a bus. Bring in food and take out kids.
l'm pitching our story to your network.
- What sort of children? - Boys and girls.
Children who are sponsored abroad or have relatives abroad.
And babies. They're easy to find homes for.
l can get babies. There's an orphanage on the front line.
- D'you need babies? - Aren't you leaving?
You COULD leave - with us. An epic story for you.
The Exodus!
Can you help any of them?
Well...we'll try. We'll try.
lt's for the baby.
What's their name?
She thinks that she's going.
She says, ''You promised me.''
lt's OK if we don't have birth certificates.
Here they are.
lf she had somewhere to go, could you take her?
- Nina? - What?
Emira. She wants to leave.
Does she have somewhere to go?
- No. - No, l can't take her.
We have to prove the older kids are visiting relatives.
No evacuation - that was the deal.
- What if she was visiting me? - What d'you mean?
lf she was coming to London to visit me...?
lt's not that simple.
Mrs Savic?
l can't speak for her. You have to ask her yourself.
What's that? ls that a yes?
Yes. That's yes.
l thought she might want to stay.
She's been with me always.
But it's OK. l'm glad she doesn't.
lt's just for a short time. Until the war's over.
For a short time. l hope so.
Hello, TV man.
You got any cigarettes?
You know this is completely illegal, don't you?
Why are you doing this?
l don't know.
- Married? - Yes.
- Kids? - Yes.
OK. l don't want anyone to know what you're doing.
Not your news crew, your producer, no one.
Don't sit near her on the bus.
l want you to treat Emira like all the other kids.
l'm very grateful.
'At last there is good news
'for the children of Ljubica lvezic Orphanage.
'Five babies have got places on a convoy
'taking children to ltaly,
'where they can stay till the fighting is over.
'They'll have to leave behind more than 100 older children
'who aren't so lucky.
'Their daily struggle to survive seems without end.'
'The babies are not out of danger yet.
'Landmines and mortars are some of the hazards
'that lie between them and the safety of ltaly.
'Last week, snipers fired on a bus trying to leave Sarajevo.
'Two babies were killed.'
Are you worried about the children?
Yes, l am.
But we have a one-hour ceasefire throughout Sarajevo
and permission from authorities on both sides to bring them.
What's the alternative? To leave them here?
'The mothers of the children leaving today
'clearly feel it is more dangerous to stay than to go.'
l'd like to apologise on behalf of the American people
for not delivering on those air strikes.
lf things were reversed - Muslims slaughtering Christians,
we'd have done something by now.
We have safe passage through this street.
This is the street, right?
Door, please.
- Back! - What's happening?
They won't let us through.
They're sending us the long way round.
Everybody back! Back on the bus, please.
Sorry about this. They insist on searching the bus.
You'll have to get everybody off.
OK, they wanna search the bus.
We have to get off. lt'll be OK.
Back on. We're all right. We're OK. We're going.
lt's... lt's really like where l come from.
Apart from the mountains and the water and the sun.
Very, very similar.
Elton John.
lt's so quiet.
- Treetop. - Treetop.
Tree top.
You'd be better off teaching her ltalian.
- That's where she's going. - You know ltalian?
- Look...tree... - Tree.
- Top. - Top.
- Helen. - Helen.
- Christopher. - Christopher.
- Jane. - Jane.
- Garden... - Garden...
- ln... - ln...
- London. - London.
- London in... - London in...
- England. - England.
- England in... - London.
Good night.
We...give full guarantees
according to Geneva Convention for civilians.
You can't negotiate with a terrorist.
- Quickly, quickly. - Onto the bus.
That's it, that's it.
Get 'em on the back door. Come on!
Let's go! Quickly! Come on!
We've got documentation here
from your people in Pale.
- Pale, eh? - That's right.
There's, uh, the official seal.
l have the rest of the documents.
That's permission to go through all the different territories.
Be cool, it'll be fine.
Oh, oh, oh. We have no Muslims.
No Muslim children on this bus. No Muslims.
We have no Muslim children...
Why is he taking these kids?
We have documents for these children. They are not Muslim!
What's he saying?
What does he want? l'll give it to him!
Munira, tell him now,
we have papers to get us through this territory.
We have documents for each and every child on this bus.
No, no. She's English. She's with me.
She's English!
Emira! Stop!
Stay here.
Where are they taking them?!
Stay. Stay.
There wasn't anything you could do.
Can you swim?
Looks like you missed the boat, kid.
- The boat? - Mmm. You should be on it.
- 'Hello?' - Hello. lt's me.
'Michael! Hi! Where are you?'
ln Split. l'll be home tomorrow.
'Oh, brilliant! ls everything all right?'
Yeah. l'm talking quietly 'cause, uh...
l'm bringing someone home with me.
'lt's not Gregg, is it?', not Gregg.
She's a girl from Sarajevo. She's from the orphanage.
l wanted to call earlier but l didn't know what to say.
- 'How old is she?' - She's nine.
l don't really know why l've done this.
She'd somehow thought that l could help her get out.
And l realised that l could and there wasn't any reason not to.
'Well, it's, uh...
'lt's good, l guess. lt''s good.'
'Mmm... Hmm.'
- You OK? - 'Yeah. Yeah. l'm fine.
- 'Just come home, OK?' - OK.
'OK. Can't wait to see you.'
Well, we'll see you tomorrow.
'See you tomorrow.'
# l've...l've got a reason
# To know your name
# l've...l've got a reason
# To stay the same
# l've made up my mind
# Life's not unkind... #
- January. - January.
- February. - February.
- March. - March.
- April. - April.
- May. - May.
# Happy birthday to you!
# Happy birthday to you!
# Happy birthday, dear Emira
# Happy birthday to you! #
# l've...l've got a reason
# That keeps me singing... #
Quick, quick! Go on, Chris. Your go.
Out! Howzat?
lt's for you.
- Coffee? - No, thanks.
- 'Henderson.' - Flynn!
How did you get a call out?
The network got me one of these satellite phones.
l'm selling calls on the side, making a fortune.
l hope the war keeps up.
Listen, the woman l love - you know, one way -
wants to talk to you... brace yourself.
- 'Hi, Michael.' - Hi, Jane.
'How's the kid?'
Oh... Yeah. Good, you know?
Complicated but good.
- Does she wanna come back? - No.
The thing is...that, um...
someone here wants her to come back.
Someone like who?
The uncle contacted us here.
She has a mother, Michael, and she wants her back.
'Sorry, Michael.'
l shouldn't have brought her out.
Of course you should.
What's it gonna be like for her now, going back?
- lt's just... - Maybe she won't have to go.
Maybe she won't have to go back.
l didn't know she had a mother.
l know, l know.
- When are you going? - Tomorrow.
How long will you be?
l don't know. l have to find your mother.
Depends where she is.
l have to get her to sign some papers. Then we can adopt you.
What if she says no?
She won't.
Don't worry.
- Michael...? - Sorry.
- You OK? - Yeah.
Yeah. What's the time?
Half past six.
Gotta go.
Welcome to Miss Beseiged Sarajevo.
# And you...tell me
# Over and over and over again, my friend
# Ah, you don't believe
# We're on the eve of destruction... #
- Hey! Henderson, hey! - Flynn!
# And you tell me
# Over and over and over again... #
- You never got another job? - No, l am,
l'm covering the Miss World contest. Starting with Sarajevo.
You're serious about this place, Flynn, admit it.
Look who's here.
Jane, what's happened to you?
# And you tell me... #
- Welcome back. - Hi.
# ..and over again, my friend
lf we ever get out of here,
we're ALL gonna take the kids back!
Good idea! You'll make a great mother.
l'm looking for Risto Bavic.
Michael. Welcome to hell.
Brought you some Mars Bars in the hotel.
Fantastic. l started to get cravings.
lt's like being pregnant, you know?
This week, it's dental floss.
l never flossed my teeth in my life,
but...l want some floss now.
And before that, warmth. Oh...
- You haven't changed. - l have.
l have lost my innocence.
l don't remember you having innocence.
l thought my life and the siege were different things.
Now l realise there is no life in Sarajevo except the siege.
The siege lS Sarajevo.
lf you're not part of it, you're dreaming, asleep.
You've killed someone.
Yes. lt was not so bad.
l don't know...therapeutic.
These are of Emira's mother.
She looks, uh, like Emira here.
No. No Emira, Munira.
l'm just saying she looks like Emira.
He says, uh, her family made her give the baby up.
And now he wants to help.
ls this her address?
This is where they want her to live?
Ready to play Sarajevo's favourite game?
What's that?
lt's called, ''ls there a God?''
- Does he know? - l don't know.
We shouldn't go with him.
- Why? - l don't know him.
- lt's OK. - Hey, Michael...
Michael, don't!
lt's all right.
Come on, come on.
No, no, no.
We're just looking for someone.
No, no, no. We're just looking for...
- Could you tell them? - l know.
lt's OK.
lt's OK. lt's all right. lt's all right.
We're looking for someone. We're not police.
Deutschmarks. Deutschmarks, here.
English! Thank you very much!
Now what?
- Don't bring her back here. - l'm TRYlNG not to.
- Promise me. - What?
- Promise me. - All right.
All right, l promise.
No one should have to come back to this.
There are compensations to being in a siege.
Oh, yeah?
There's this girl called lnela. l went to school with her.
She's the most beautiful girl in the world, no question.
But she doesn't look at me.
l don't know why. What's wrong with me?
Now in Sarajevo, everything is for sale.
l figure one day soon, even lnela herself will be for sale.
l got a packet of Marlboro
and cake of soap hidden away for then.
Listen, l'm going to find her and she will be for sale.
l will buy her, dang, dang, dang,
and die really, really happy. lnela!
See, every cloud has a silver lining.
Have you seen her, this lnela?
Yeah, but l think she's past her best.
So is he.
Aren't we all?
Look at me - a little grey but still...
Still hot?
Still hot, baby, yeah.
(# The Rolling Stones: ''Waiting On A Friend'')
You're maybe further past than most, Risto.
Not looking good so far, is it?
- Mr Henderson. - Hello.
Don't you remember me? l remember YOU.
- l worked in the Holiday lnn. - Yes, l do.
- Zeljko. - Zeljko.
- You gave me cigarettes. - Yeah.
They were...very useful. Now l'd like to return the favour.
l'm told you need help. l can help you.
- You're getting soft! - God!
l peaked on the sixth.
Oh, God!
Come on, you slack arse! Get up!
Very funny.
Oh, my God! OH, GOD!
Oh, fuck!
# Don't need a whore
# Don't need no fools
# Don't need a virgin priest
# But l need someone l can cry to
# l need someone to protect
# Ooh, making love and breaking hearts
# lt is a game for you
# But l'm not waiting on a lady
# l'm just waiting on a friend #
This place is a virus you can't shake.
Sometimes l feel like l'll never make it home.
Sometimes l feel as if you'll never make it home.
- Goodbye, Jane. - Bye.
Please, Jane... He was a good man.
lt may be inappropriate but now that he's gone,
- maybe you and l could... - Please!
- Not funny. - Ohh!
Sorry. l'm only joking.
Will you find the mother?
- Zeljko thinks he's found her. - Zeljko's a gangster.
l know. Less trouble at the checkpoints.
- Why not let me drive, Jane? - No.
ln the back, Flynn.
Fucking, fucking door!
This is it.
- This is Emira's mother. - Right.
She wants you to sit down.
She knew you were coming. lt was in the beans.
She knows what l've come for, then.
To talk about Emira.
You have said that you will bring her back after the war.
Yes, l said that, but... things have changed since then.
The orphanage no longer exists.
Mrs Savic is in hiding. And Emira is happy where she is.
She wants to thank you for helping Emira.
Mr Henderson...
l'm her mother. And l'm alone.
l know l was a bad mother.
That l gave her up, but l love her.
Do you understand why l want her back?
- Understand? - Yes.
Yes, l understand.
But, um...
Emira...hardly knows you.
You've seen her twice in eight years.
- And to be honest... - l don't translate this.
l don't translate. You listen.
l have been listening and l have things to say.
- Zeljko, will you translate? - Wait.
l am giving you Emira to be your daughter.
But because l was a bad mother, l have no memories of her.
l want to see her...
To hear her voice.
Good car, huh?
How you get money for this car? Mmm?
lt's through here.
l have a tape of Emira if Mrs Hodzic wants to see it.
Would you ask her that? Ask if she wants to see this?
- Can l have these? - Yes.
She looks happy there.
'Right, in there.'
Hi. lt's me. Could you put Emira on?
Hold on.
- Emira? - Yes?
- Telephone. - OK.
- You OK? - Yes?
- lt's Michael. - OK. Yes? Hi.
Emira? l've got your mother here. She wants to talk to you.
- 'Hello.' - Emira?
'Hello? Yes?'
'What do you want?
'Let me speak to Michael.'
She cannot understand what she's talking about.
Can she speak Bosnian?
Emira, you have to talk in Bosnian.
She will sign.
Stop here, please.
Henderson - good luck.
Thank you.
Don't, don't live under this dream
that the West will come and sort this problem out.
Don't dream dreams.
# ls it close?
# Maybe close enough to touch
# lt's what you wanted for so long
# And soon we'll all be here
# lt is still
# lt's enough that you don't know
# When all you needed was to care
# Ladies, never again
# Are you thoughtful?
# And are you simple?
# And are you beautiful?
# What will you do
# When it all falls down?
# What will you do
# When it all falls down?
# Let it all fall down
# Let it all fall down
# So long ago
# ls all that you believe
# lt's all about... #
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