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Whasango CD1

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I told you no sleeping in class !
SHIN Minah
HUH Jun-ho
KIM Soo-roh|BYUN Hee-bong
Producer|TCHA Seung-jai
Producer|KIM Jae-Won
Subtitles sync & checked|By Jah Dee-boo ;-)
Director|KIM Tae-gyun
Volcano High School
17 years of feuding, sparked|by the Great Teacher's Battle,
have stripped the school authorities of their power,
as self-indulgence, disguised as self-control,|grips the student body.
The schools have fallen into disarray.
However, there is a legend :
The one who acquires the Secret Manuscript|will end the chaos.
It is a legend which disrupts the Martial Court|of Volcano High...
In the 108th year of Volcano...
Volcano High School
KIM Kyung-soo... This is your last chance.
Today is a great day in the 5000 year history|of the Martial Court.
I, Ryang, Dark Ox anoint
this loyal fellow
as 2nd Ox of the Dark Oxen,
Concho, the future of the Dark Oxen|rests on your shoulders.
Sacrifice and broken bones will lead you|to great achievement.
Dark Ox, Jang Ryang|Captain of the Weightlifting Team.
You see that ?
I'm sure you did, but I didn't jump|cause someone told me to.
I fell.
Hey !
Doesn't it hurt ?
Yeah, it does.
I have to go to the nurse's office fast.
Did I do that ?
Who else is there ?
Uh, handkerchief...
Volcano High's greatest beauty|Icy Jade, YOO Chae-yi
Captain of the Kendo Team
Ryang, a loser like you can't have it|just because you want it.
Elegant Crane in a Pine Forest|SONG Hak-rim
Top fighter at Volcano High|Possessor of great supernatural power.
Who the hell are you ?
Nice to meet you.|Kyung-soo, just transferred.
Where's the teacher's office ?
Over there ?
- What's your problem ?|- Where'd you learn that technique ?
Identify yourself !
The great SONG Hak-rim|hurt by a gust of wind ?
Must've been strong to knock down
Concho cleaning the windows
Are you badly hurt ?
Well, I'm grateful. It's been years
since I've used mercurochrome.
That was a fearsome power.
What ?
Newly roasted tea leaves.
Please share them with the principal.
Oh, yeah ?
You know, that principal
should be a fortune teller.
Excuse me ?|Yesterday, while playing paduk,
he said a storm was coming.
And that his shoulder ached.
- And ?|- And what ?|I massaged his shoulder.
Two hours because of that excuse.
Is this good tea ?
Vandalism, assault of a principal,
harassing a female teacher ?
So this school is already your ninth ?
Do you know my nickname ?
A deadly snake, once it bites, never let go.
"Cold-blooded Venom"
If you have the resolve
to keep out of trouble, then stay.
If not, you'd better start looking|for your tenth school.
Why ?|Because I don't forgive even a single mistake.
Do you understand me, KIM Kyung-soo ?
I will do my best.
That's what everyone says.
Well, we'll have to put you
in a class which home room...?
Oh, hot !
Don't sleep in front of the students.
Right !
Put your jacket on my desk,
I'll have it cleaned.
No, thank you.
That's alright, never mind then.
Looks normal enough
Introduce yourself !
KIM ! Kyung ! Soo !
Kyung-soo's shy, so he's not good at greetings.
By the way, is that brat|Concho playing hooky again ?
The world's a better place now.
When I was young,
we didn't even dream of playing hooky.
Oh, but look at the time...
It's too bad but I'll have to tell you|that another time.
Kyung-soo, take the empty seat next to Concho's.
A little much for your first day.
Yo, transfer !
You sure took it well
They were just joking so I couldn't get angry.
Just joking, you say ?
Fine Shall I, Dark Ox, JANG Ryang
test your endurance ?
JANG Ryang, right ? You're okay, man !
What does Dark Ox mean, anyway ?
Exercise restraint three times to avoid even murder.
Self-restraint !
You've got some strength there, transfer.
But no one yet has survived a contest with Ryang.
Get up.
I 'm not finished joking.
Hey, transfer, you're lucky
It's too sacred a day to spill more blood.
I don't know where you crawled in from,
you'll be in hot water,|if you look down on Volcano High.
A brilliant scout
Shimma|Rugby team captain
My grandma brought it from|the country yesterday.
Fermented bean paste soup !
Dal-chun, I'm sorry...
Ryang's real name JANG Dal-chun.
This cafeteria is not for fighting, Ryang
When you have no appetite,|bean paste soup is the best.
Writing 100 letters she'll never send.
Single-hearted SOH Yo-sun|Kendo team asst captain
SONG Hak-rim|Today was the last time
You did the right thing, transfer
Restraining yourself in front of such trash...
I was very impressed
You'll find out soon enough,
but Ryang, no, Dal-chun is a dumb ass.
You don't get it yet.
Join our rugby team,
or we'll crush your bones
so you can't join any other team.
You don't cage a bird if it doesn't fly.
I'm just doing what you told me.
So you do whatever people say ?
I helped you because you're blind,
but I'm going now.
Sit down here.
See, you do whatever you're told.
Mr Principal,
I brought the paduk book you asked for.
Oh, I'm practicing a new technique
Cross-eyed technique.
Strategy most widely used by teachers
to avoid hard questions from students
One who can beat deadly heat|and lightening bolts...
I can't lose the Secret Manuscript,|not when it's almost in my hands.
SONG Hak-rim is a panting puppy
in front of the Secret Manuscript.
The principal is a blind Buddha without it.
SONG Hak-rim !
Your joking days at the top are over now.
That's an excellent move
It's almost as if you read my mind.
Is that so ?
You seem to know my mind better.
Mr Principal, as soon as you|master the Secret Manuscript,
you'll be able to see through|all the things in this world.
You're a step away from mastering the truth.
Oh, the Manuscript again ?
Who's been spreading such rumors ?
I'll show you an incredible|technique I've been practicing.
The Cross-eyed Technique.|Quite difficult !
You are more difficult, sir.|Open a window.
Open the "left" one, right ?
I almost lost the King Horse
My head automatically bows down to you,|nurse, in respect.
Principal JANG Oh-ja
Avoided the Great Teachers'
Battle Lived in seclusion
Spiritually awakened
by crowing rooster
Returned as a member of|the Non-intervention Group.
Vice Principal JANG Hak-sa
Struggled in the Great Teachers' Battle.
Bitterly regretted being
slapped by a minor.
A member of the Cram and Rote Group.
What are you doing ?|All your horses are dying
Oh. Learn something new every day.
Be content with any place|you can avoid wind and rain.
So what if it's a dog house ?
Still, I know it's not easy
to find a home to your liking
Looks as if you like your cage, too.
Whew, it's not easy.
The bell has rung.
At 7am,
the nurse came to the Training Hall|after the forest spells dispersed.
He found deadly pus-fermented grass|and the principal in
a Debacle Trance Grass soaked|in pus from nose disease
due to solving 10,000 math problems.
When exposed, a red spot forms|Use your powers, and you fall into
the Debacle Trance, very dangerous...
Be brief.
Yes, The nurse deduced the culprit
was very interested in the Manuscript.
So the 1st suspect is SONG Hak-rim|The 2nd suspect, the Vice Principal.
Who wrote this ?
- The nurse did.|- Homicide !
- Louder !|- Yes !
He's saying "homicide" right now.
He' s trying to indicate the criminal.
- h, h, h...|- See,
he's saying "h" for homicide.
You sure it's not "h" for help ?
You're also in the first stage of exposure.
You must not expend your energy.
Hurry and bring out the Secret Manuscript !
From today, the Training Hall is closed.
While the principal is indisposed,
I'll cast five spells to protect
the Manuscript around the clock.
Let everyone know.
What are you doing ?
Hurry up and bring me Hak-rim !
That's right "H" for Hak-rim
Conspiracy to harm a teacher,
attempted murder.
Come on in.
Sir ?
I gave it wings but it only flies|into the chicken coop.
Where did you hide it ? Where ?
You tiresome old fart ! Where is it ?
This is a conspiracy.|Somebody's conspiracy.
It's no use.
This is a conspiracy.
Stop it.
We all know it's a conspiracy|without you saying it.
JANG Dal-chun
JANG Ryang !
Strength in numbers is not|always enough, Shimma
War Breaks Out !
Come here !
You come here.|Sure, I'll take on any munch kin.
I, Ryang,
give you two days.
If anybody else wants to take me on,
come find me.
It's been a while, Chae-yi
Wait just two days
Why ?
You scared to fight now ?
That's right ! Now is not the time.
I've waited this long.|I can wait two more days.
Our only chance is to form
an alliance led by the rugby team.
Why the rugby team ?
You were beaten just like us.
So what ?|Are you challenging me ?
Stop it !
Both of you I didn't call you here for a fight
I was caught off guard so Ryang might've won.
But next time, he has no chance.
So all of you follow my orders.
No one here can beat Ryang.
We have to combine our strength.
Right. First, we beat Ryang.|And then we save Hak-rim.
Ha, Ryang's easier than Hak-rim !
What are you saying ?
Hak-rim was always the one to beat.
Now, it's just a bit easier, that's all.
That's right ! The Manuscript is|passed down to the best anyway.
With Hak-rim gone,
we can't let the likes of Ryang get it.
Now it's mine.
Crazy asshole, I'll beat Ryang.
You arrogant pig.
Are you looking down on the judo team ?
Fine ! You want a piece of me ?
All of you, come on !
Meeting Adjourned.
What the hell is going on ?
With Hak-rim gone, the students are more rowdy.
Why do you worry so much ?
Let the kids try to line up.
They didn't dare a peep when Hak-rim was
around. It's odd.
Don't worry about getting them under control.
It'll all end once I get the Secret Manuscript.
Right ?
Just be patient.
We have to keep up appearances.
I'll expect the good news soon.
Arrogant brat.
Soon that jerk will be after the principal's seat !
What are you looking at ?
Cunning old man...
Brain-wave lightening ?
That's just a myth.
It's not humanly possible.
If a person is born with natural power,
it's possible.
At any rate, a guy like Ryang|will never get the Manuscript.
The problem is KIM Kyung-soo
If he decides to step up,
it becomes more serious.
What are you talking about ?
I'm not here about the Manuscript.
In the end, he'll want it too.
We have to stop him before them.
What a stone head.
I'm talking about the school.
- What's the matter with you ?
- YOO Chae-yi
No one can take the Secret Manuscript from me.
You never ended the chaos.
You just weakened it a bit.
Hurry back !
The school is full of guys
dying to fight you.
Wow, did you really drench Chae-yi with water ?
That's not it. It was a mistake.
Lancelot merely protected a lake
before meeting King Arthur.
- Judo ?|Wake up !
Since you're my seatmate,|I'll give you some advice.
Approach her the wrong way and you're doomed.
You know what happened
to Shimma last Valentine's ?
He hit on her and ended up|with a chocolate wedgie,
so bad he couldn't come to school for a week.
She's not Icy Jade for nothing.
She can be cold as ice Chilly.
So cold !
Look here !
My friend, Kyung-soo !
It's Orange Head Speak of the Devil.
We still have a problem to solve, don't we ?
- Nope|- Not so
If you and I combined forces, our rugby team...
I wasn't ready Again !
That was so cool
Really something
Assaulting a fellow student...
You know there's no more space|on your school records.
Here ! A Kendo team application.
In these desperate times, let's help each other.
I don't usually join delinquent clubs.
We' re a little rough
but we're not delinquent.
Wait ! Hold on !
Stop it
First, I apologize.
The joke's gone too far.
You know that saying ?|Frogs die because of child's play.
- The joke's gone too far|- Hey !
Is rescuing Hak-rim a joke ?
- Is it a joke that
he's in jail ?
- I don't think Hak-rim is righteous|- Hey !
You think Ryang is ?
It's okay for him to parade around like that ?
Wherever you go, there' s always a guy like that.
Just ignore him and let him be.
Do what ?|Not even fight back ?
Just ignore him ?
That's right.
I'm a coward.
Let him go.
We were wrong about him.
It's been two days, Chae-yi.
I, Ryang,
have never kneeled before anyone.
But Chae-yi,
I kneel before you,
to confess my heart to you.
From the first moment I saw you,
my feelings have remained constant. But
the best.
I waited until I became master.|The top man at Volcano High
Icy Jade, Chae-yi,
please accept my heart.
This is a sign of our love.
Your hand ?
Ryang, are you ill ?
No one can stop|my love
I'll put the ring on.
This is my business.
Stand back.
Only the master of the court,
Volcano's best is worthy of you.
That is me.
Wait !
What is it ?
I'm really curious about something.
Does the top guy at Volcano High
get any girl he wants ?
A man's got to know when to give up|on a hopeless love.
Begging and pestering
a girl is not manly.
You know what kind of day it is ?
Do you think a pipsqueak like you can stop me ?
You need some serious advice, man.
You've got a long way to go.
You !
Die in my hands today !
- Son !|- Brother !|- No !
You brought this on yourself.
Stop it.
I accept it now.
You're the best.
Hey !|What are you doing ?
No one will doubt you anymore.
We've seen enough of your power
So let him go
Now it's time to show|some generosity as the best.
Thanks, Chae-yi
Your approval means the most to me.
Right !
When I get the Manuscript,
I'll return to you as the true master of Volcano High.
Till then...
Don't be a baby.
That's my medicine for athlete's foot.
Let's get wasted !
Dark !
Oxen !
What is this ?
The people over there want to buy you a drink.
You think I can't
succeed without it ?
Now I'm going to sweep them all away.
Wait and see, you old bastard.
great cleaners !
Volcano High School
The School Five : Masters at|suppressing schools and wrongdoing
MA Bang-jin means the secret,
logical order and combination of numbers.
We look at our books only in this class.
Are you okay ?
Everyone who coughed, step up.
Can't even do 2 octaves.
You must smoke 3 packs a day.
He's a mind-reader.
Smoker's Wind-cut Technique.
Terrifying technique that
blocks the windpipes
of heavy smokers.
I just puff.
It's strange
I can't feel any vibes.
He must've hidden it long ago.
He's a real pain in the ass.
He must've buried it somewhere.
It's exactly like I thought.
What do you mean ?
If you tell a tiger who's never seen
a mouse before that it's very scary.
Then the tiger may not be able
to sleep because of fear.
Of course, it's...
a weak mouse that spread the rumor.
Then it was always empty ?
What the hell's going on ?
Don't get so excited.
The Manuscript does exist.
Now what are you saying ?
Mr. Ma, are you making fun of me ?
That's strange.
Isn't the Vice Principal the only one|allowed in the Training Hall ?
Could it be the new teachers
are after the Secret Manuscript too ?
Don't be rash.
In any case, the Vice Principal|and I are in the same boat.
You're still writing letters ?
Arrogant brats. Give my regards to Hak-rim.
- Get all The members together|- What ?
Are you done ?
- What ?|- If the noodles get soggy they' re no good.
You eat it.
I've gone to a lot of schools but
the noodles here are the best.
I can't stand by any longer.
Will you help me ?
Here's my share.
I don't have the strength to help anyone.
My help to you would be
talking you out of this.
don't do this
If you got a question, ask it in school.
What's the meaning of this ?
Would you answer me if I asked in school ?
Just look at your hair.
- Don't go out there !|- Let me go !
This is my business. Stay out of it !
Aw, you bring tears to my eyes.
It's been a long time, KIM Kyung-soo
Should I be thanking you ?
Sure, you saved me from being expelled.
Happy ?
I'm sorry about... Yo-sun.
I'm sorry about us.
We were the cowards.
I was scared.
So scared I couldn't move
If I had power like yours,
I wouldn't let a friend go like that.
A guy, power makes him sad.|The cruel days of youth,
I didn't want to fight,
but guys always tried to beat me.
I beg you, please transfer schools.
If it weren't for that accident,
that accident...
- Again ?|- Mom, do we have to transfer Again ?
It's alright. Let's pack.
I have to go now.
Just tell them you were with me.
I said that last time and I thought|the Math teacher was gonna kill me.
You !
So you want me to kill you|or the Math teacher too ?
This is the spot, right ? It's very tense.
the Phys Ed teacher says|miss another class and we're dead.
Who's gonna kill whom ?
I'm Ryang JANG
Ryang Volcano's best.
Enticement Perfume : perfume from|the pheromone of a queen bee.
I know, I wrote a lot today but...
- Still, don't kill yourself.|- Kyung-soo !
Hey, move, move ! What is this ?|Get out of the way !
If you're okay, hurry back up.
Here's the Student Dean !
Hi, I'm Yoma
Yoma: Shimma's fraternal twin.|Attends Mystic Girls High School.
I like guys and rugby.
If a cool guy like you played rugby too,
It'd be so heavenly.
Will you play rugby for me ?
Hmm, this feels so good.
Have you kissed before ?
Enough !
So this is how we meet, Kyung-soo.
They say she's a nine tailed fox|who eats the liver of boys.
But she's just a cat in heat.
I transfer you and all you do
is make out with girls ?
Is this the way to welcome an old teacher ?
Do my words sound like nonsense to you ?
Go, Kyung-soo !
She's a funny one.
You' re stronger, today !
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