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Subtitles for Whasango CD2.

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Whasango CD2

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You' re stronger, today !
Your father must be teaching you|more than just sashimi.
This kind of energy|doesnít suit you anyway.
Luckily, your teacher likes sushi.
Tell your father,
he doesnít have to come|to school anymore.
This teacher will share|your pain to the end.
So this is what they mean by|tattered vital links.
Whoever did this had amazing technique.
Hereís no way I can treat this.
It was better when there was|no one to treat.
Hey you !
Youíre just muddying the lake,|catching no fish.
The fish has transformed into a dragon,|ascended to the heavens.
Expulsion is no fun.
If you trash them because theyíre garbage,|what will the world be like ?
Expulsionís no fun ?
Thatís what incompetent teachers with
nothing to teach like to do.
An "End-of-life" certificate ?
Isnít it hot ?
Do you think theyíre okay ?
Donít worry,|surely they wonít kill each other.
Letís get down to it
If I were at school,
Iíd have blocked your vital links|before anyone else.
Donít worry !|Itís not your concern anymore.
If you finish, I just go.
Kyung-soo !
Your tattered links become|more and more painful.
If thatís my destiny,|Iíll deal with it.
Then letís see how well|you deal with it.
Leave me alone.
If you donít like it, defeat me.
Itís knowing how to gather|the energy around you, make it yours.
Awakening, it is the wisdom|to merge you and your opponent.
Get out of me !
Honor is... giving yourself up
No opponent, no self.
Your vital links doesnít mean|strengthened spiritual energy.
From now on, itís up to you.
Donít drag me into your fight.
Stop running away.
Just you defy your destiny|doesnít mean itíll pass you by.
From now on, youíre the best.
Man !
Are we maids or students ?
Why do they make us clean all the time ?
Hey !
Iím sorry.
I donít want to get involved in your fight.
Itís five now,|but later itíll be ten.
This fight is meaningless.
You have nothing to worry about.
You can run away again "Boysí Girls".
Chae-yi !|What are you doing ?
Set your heart free,|like the flowing water.
Kim Kyung-soo,|you got a damn good friend.
Yin-Yang Conflux|become water and flow.
Yin-Yang Repel|thunder and lightning strike.
Water and lightening are one in nature.
Oh, Iím thirsty.
Tell me again. Did you see them ?
Someone locked.
Kyung-soo and Chae-yi in the shower.
If itís a lie,
Iíll kill you myself.
This would make a good|training hall for the teachers.
I donít like it.
I guess these boys are men too.|Their male stench is everywhere.
Get up.
Itís a complete pig sty.
Whatís this smell ?
- Did someone pee in here ?|- Enough !
This is not a place for teachers.
The Vice Principal has banned|all extra-curricular activities.
Vice Principal ?
Then there must be a mistake.
He canít do this to me.|Iím Jang Ryang.
Ryang or Jang, I donít care.
Schoolís no place for this nonsense.
It seems
excessive to ban their club activities.
Is it true youíre getting rid of|the weightlifting team ?
What is this ?
Iím sorry.
Of course, I knew it.
The new teachers are going overboard.
I thought they were under you|so I stayed back.
But no more.
How the hell do you manage things
that you let a student come in here ?
See ?
This is all because of|incompetent teachers like you.
Do you understand ?
Vice Principal.
Itís me, Jang Ryang.|Jang Ryang.
Right I know your name.
If you have difficulties at school,
you should see the Dean.|Why are you coming to me ?
From now on, youíre Student Dean,
Mr. Ma, reason with this student
Dal-chun may be dumb but heís strong.
Get out.
Silence !
You have all suffered.
I, Jang Ryang,
with generosity as wide as a lake,|have tolerated it till now.
Iím pushing morals aside|and flexing my muscles.
Today, Iíll lift 10,000 pounds
of iron as Iíve practiced.
Ryang, I have to go home soon.
That was cool, huh ?
I was gonna let it go this once,
but no way.
This is far enough.
Iím Ryang,
Jang Ryang !
Ah, that felt really good.
So you can completely empty|someoneís head in a flash ?
Is it really possible ?
Thatís the frightening power of wave energy.
Go crazy in an instant,|then blank like a piece of paper.
In an instant, clean...
Nice ! Nice !|I want to test it at once.
How timely, an animal|is caught in our trap.
Do you recognize me, sir ?
Itís Ryang, Jang Ryang.
This is all Hak-rimís fault.
If he wasnít such a show-off...
Iím sorry, Iím really sorry, sir.
To strengthen your character,
weíve prepared a fun class today.
If your name's on the bulletin board,
report to the auditorium.
Kyung-soo !
Donít be late.
do you hear the sound|of Volcano High being reborn ?
Jang Oh-ja,
I bet you donít know why your master|left you an empty box
Right !
A big talker like you wouldnít know
what is education anyway ?
Youíre still as tacky as ever
Iíll slowly empty your belly too.
Last night, someone tried
to steal the Secret Manuscript.
He conspired with Hak-rim
against the Principal.
Luckily, he was caught at the scene.
The Manuscript shouldnít be hidden anymore.
So I made a big decision today.
My dear...
Volcano students,
you will see the Manuscript.
Now watch carefully.
See what happens to the student|who lusts after it.
Thatís right, empty your mind !|All of it !
Empty your head and get ready|to receive new education !
Empty the idle thoughts,|rebellion, and silly desires !
Empty, empty, your mind !
This is the great teaching|of the Secret Manuscript !
Now the new history of education
begins under the name of Volcano High !
New, new, new...
The unprecedented technique
of the Secret Manuscript|will clear people's heads of
worthless thoughts and garbage.
Now you will begin again.
Be reborn.
Please stop now.
I canít hold back any longer.
Impatient.|Still, itís not your turn yet.
Now you know your turn|without being called. {42599}{}- Is this strengthening our character ?
- Sure !
Itís the class you need most.
Stop right there.
Ryang needs to go to the nurse.
Someone fixed you up,|what a worthless thing to do.
Ryang needs to go to the nurse.
Come and get permission first.
Itís because of brats like you|that there is chaos.
Idiot, wake up.
Stop it.|This is my problem.
Donít act like a big shot.|Iím Ryang, Jang Ryang !
I repay my own debts.
Itís most rewarding|teaching someone like you.
Your arrogant attitudes are all same.
Letís end it here.|Better than to live like trash.
I wonít run away any more.
Your life is over now.
Mr. Ma ! Mr. Ma !
You shouldnít toy with words like death.
Stay away ! Mr. Ma !|Stay away ! Stay away !
Stay away ! Stay away...
Like one sun in the sky,
two cannot be most revered at Volcano High.
Letís have a true fight today.
I thought we ended that discussion.
Endurance. Determination.
I, Jang Ryang, am not dead yet.
Iím busy. Letís get to the point.
Mr. Vice Principal...
As time passed, I couldnít help|my curiosity about the box.
Then one day...
Hey ! Listen ! Iím not done yet.
Everyone knows it was empty|from the beginning.
Oh... Itís a fake.
You brats. This is the real thing.|The Secret Manuscript II.
Vandalism Assault of male students.|Assault of the Student Dean...
What classroom is Kim Kyung-soo in ?
Why write letters youíll never send ?
Love is not about showing.
Itís about feeling.
Just 200 more to get to a thousand letters.
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