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Subtitles for What Dreams May Come CD1 1998.

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What Dreams May Come CD1 1998

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When I was young
I met this beautiful girl by a lake.
Scusi! Scusi! Scusi!
Dov'è la Svizzera? Ah,
No capice.
No Capice?
Uhm, où est la Suisse?
Oh, Suisse, yeah. Yeah. You got it. Switzerland. La-bas.
Hi. Oh, you're American?
So are you! Yeah.
Keep going that way till you smell money or till you step in chocolate.
Okay. Thank you.
Ho, watch your head.
You okay? I'm fine.
Can I sit here?
Actually, no.
Two years ago, I reserved this specific area.
What if I say please? That's the one exception.
Oh…Careful there.
You find Switzerland?
Ahm…I did.
And claimed it for Missouri. Planted my little flag…
and sold beads to the natives.
They had sandwiches there.
I brought you some.
I'm Ann.
Collins. |Oh, sure, the lady who discovered Switzerland.
In all the papers.
I'm Chris Nielsen.
How did you know I'd be here?
Ahm…I didn't.
Come here, trader.
Oh no, not in the back!!
Aah! Let's make it. Oh.
I tell you, mom.
You've gotta eat something. |No, I don't. I can get something at school.
Yeah, and I know what you'll get! |Oh, Mom, I got a carb up,
I got a game. And a math test.
Yeah, yeah, I'm ready. I'm cool.
Mom, if you pick me up, I won't have to wait|a million hours at his incredibly boring game.
I'm sorry, Mary, I have a meeting.
And Angie's get us by and is gonna pick you up…|before she gets your brother.
I'll let her take the van.
And I'll see your chorus thing tomorrow. |I thought you couldn't.
Don't worry, I'll get out, I don't wanna miss it.
We're late guys. I'll put out the van.
Hey, ace it, okay? Yeah.
I love you.
Do you…you want his breakfast? Mmh.
Your mother puts healthy stuff in there. So don't trade-|-trade it for chips and cookies, I know.
It was the last time Annie and I saw them alive.
When death claims the life of our children
we are left with
too many questions.
How do we make sense of the feelings we're left with?
The Gospel according to Luke, even the First Corinthians,
tell us of the extraordinary paradise that awaits us.
Okay. The lucky winner is
Jacobs! Stacy Jacobs.
Hello, Stacy, I'm doctor Nielsen.
Ah, too late.
Oh, nice stream. I bet he's feeling better. |He's been waited to do that for ten years.
Stacy Jacobs!
What in the world were you thinking?|It's all right.
My kid used to say,|What's the difference, you weren't looking anyway?
Do you like rabbits?
Yes? Then go like this.
Good. Ready.
We've given her MRIs and…Whoa!
Wild rabbit. Watch out. Oh, oh.
And also a CAT scan, I believe.
Look at that. |Stacy, you have more pictures than a supermodel.
Do you ever wear glasses? |No, she doesn't need glasses.
Does your head hurt a lot? |All the time.
Will you do something for me?
I want you to cup your hand, and cover your nose |and mouth like this and just breathe in and out.
Mrs. Nielsen on four. Oh, that's my wife.
Let's see, if you can do it longer than she can talk,
that would be a real achievement.
Christy, I've got a meltdown. Okay, take a breath.
The eight pieces from Germany never arrived.
I've gotta choose replacements the night before the opening.
And get them down here, re-hang them and re-light them and I
Okay, focus, okay.
Focus. It's out double D-anniversary and I'm ruining it.
Double D, yeah. I'm sorry, Christy, I can't leave here.
I'm sorry.
Okay, uhm, I'll tell you what, how about this
uh. How about the Hudson Rivers?
Okay? That gives us three.
And the, uh, Hollenbeck…
nd the, uh, Hennik 16, 19 and, uh, 23…
and the bridge. |But they're all in Fairfield and I don't have anybody to send.
Well, I'll drop by after work and |take 'em up and take 'em over to the gallery, huh.
You'd do that for me? Only if you're incredibly grateful. Hey,
that gives us a chance to show yours. |You've gotta hang it, it's very sexy.
Okay, weirdo…
I'll be home late, but I'll be home.
I love you, Bella. I love you too.
Bye. Yeah.
Stacy, do you like art?
My wife fixes paintings and she also makes some of her owns.
Now, to me, paintings are the most |important interesting things in the world
next to your brain.
You feel better, don't you?
Mmh, migraines…he.
I said, I love you, Bella.”
I'll always remember that.
At least I got to say it.
Huh. Huh. Are you all right?! |Yeah, I think so.
I'm a doctor. Get me out of here!
Don't move.
Hmm? Do you know what's happened?
Yeah, I had a bad piece of fish before bed, Ha.
Who are you?
A doc? Are you operating on me?
Who are you? Why can't I see you?
Ginger. Ginger, you see me?
She does. Dogs are different.
Can you see me now? Is that you, doc?
Why are you so blurred? |I'll get clearer when you want me to, Chris.
Are you confused about |how you got home so fast?
Dreams don't deal in time, doc. |Time doesn't count.
You've died, Chris.
You have to be a dream, doc, |if I were dead, would I need you to tell me?
I guess you do. Everyone is different.
I wish everybody would go home. I know.
How can I see everyone, doc? Everybody
but…I know you don't wanna see me.
You don't wanna be dead.
The kids were so young when they died.
I want you to remember is your kids.
When they were still alive.
When she goes to the hospital, I'm going too.
Marie, Katie's not
Katie's not going there to get better.
They're gonna give her a shot.| And it's not gonna hurt
and she's gonna fall asleep.| You're going to kill my dog?
I'm going to help her die, yes.
Honey, she hurts very…very
badly and nothing can help her.
So, I'm gonna stop that, because I love her.| You're going to kill my dog.
You get angry. Death does that.
What'll happen to her?
Uhm…she'll go where we all go.
And how can that be bad?
Come on, dad.
Oh, my leg!
Oh, oh, aah, stucker! Aah. Oh.
Thanks for not listening to Mom.
About what? Well, I don't know, just coming out here.
And this whole day. |You know, she didn't want us doing this, because of,
because of, I don't know, grades and stuff.
Your mother and I did talk.
And, uh, you know, we always listen to each other.
So, I mean, what'd you talk about?
About taking you out of Head-Royce.
The school is wrong for you.
While this is a time and
Where are we now?
Maybe you don't want to stay, Chris. This is your funeral.
What am I on? You're real, real fuzzy?
At least you're willing to see yourself.| You're losing your fear.
Fear? That you disappeared.
You didn't. You only died.
A woman...who lost her only children just four short years ago.
Every day in the Lord's Prayer. Celia, oh,
oh…come on.
This one is a present…for me.
It's our double D-anniversary. |It's kind of a special day.
It's her version of our place.
Your place? Where we first met.
Where we're going to retire, I guess.
Live out our lives. Be old farts together.
Right there. That's our dream house.
That one is me, I guess.
The blurry one is Annie.
Looks a little familiar, doc.
The funeral is over, doc. Why is this going on past the funeral?
Dear Diary,
I'm writing in your bullshit pages because my shrink is crazier than I am.
He thinks you're therapy.
He figures if two babies can hammer me| into a psycho ward, what'll I do with this?
He's so stupid.
He's so stupid he thinks he pulled me through the breakdown
when it was only Christy. Always. Only Chris.
Oh, Jesus…I was looking through his postcards.
Paintings were his obsession.
He used arts to love me, to help me.
To keep us always together.
Annie? I'm here, babe.
I still exist.
You're thinking of me. Keep thinking of me.
Come on, with me.
You were always with me.
You know, the people who finished each other's sentences. Remember us?
I still exist.
I still exist!
I still exist.
Just write it down.
Write it down.
This is Chris.
exist. Oh, yeah.
Read it.
Read it!
Christ, when does it end?
There's no rules, Chris.| It ends when you want to.
Where were you? Someplace else.
Mmh. What, you think I'm a figment of your imagination?
It's real. She's real. You're real. It's all real.
That's the point if there's a point.
Reality, it's over when you stop wanting to hurt her.
Don't worry, baby…
I'm not leaving you alone. I'm not going anywhere. Aaah! Aaaah!
Goodbye, babe.
Mh, mh. Oh, Katie, it's you! Ha-ha.
You're young again. Oh.
Come here, Katie!
Katie! Katie!
Hey, come on, hey!
Boy, I screwed up. I'm in dog heaven.
A place where we all go can't be bad, can it, girl?
Maybe I'm not in your heaven after all girl! Maybe you're in mine!
Chris? What the hell you're doing? That's not how you use a stethoscope!
Albert Lewis? Last time you saw me
I was 63, stretched out on a cardiac ward!
I bet you thought I was old and decrepit, huh? |Talking about “Ah, can't go on,
can't go on!”
Who wants to be 63 throughout eternity?
Look at you on the water there! Well hello, somebody!
Come on…walk along, feel the beat!
Dancing on water! He. Smooth as ever.
And that was you…
just now, when I,
when I died.
I thought you recognized me, because you kept calling me, “Doc”.
Me being your favorite doc of all time. Could you lend me hand?
I'm kind of up to my ass in problems again, chief.
Oh, Chris…Ah, ah.
Come here.
You are still kinda ugly.
You taught me a lot, chief. Nice place you got here.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, nice place you got here.
Me? Sure, you're making all of this.
See, we're all pretty insecure at first,
so we se ourselves somewhere safe and comforting.
We all paint our surroundings, Chris, but you're the first guy
who knows to use real paint! There's so much here she didn't paint.
Like that bird.
Annie gave you a start, sort of like holding onto handrails.
Now you're creating an entire world here.
From your imagination, from paintings you love, anything you want.
Why doesn't it move? It will move when you want it to.
Oh-hoh! You go, boy! Can I make it dive?
You're the painter now! It's your world.
Heeeeeaaa-haaa! Whoo. Look at it go!
How about maybe turquoise wings? Turquoise!
And a little mauve, all right! Wow!
Huh. I didn't do that. No, I did.
See, when we're together it's like dual controls.
Can I make elephants fly?
Hey, didn't Annie paint a house somewhere?
Yeah, it's our dream house.
Just a stroll across the water.
Let's take the shortcut.
Nice shortcut. It's easy, Chris, look at me.
I'm gonna drown. You can't, you're already dead.
Oh. Am I…am I really here? What do you mean by “you” anyway?
Are you your arm or your leg?
Partly. Really?
If you lost all your limbs, would that still be you?
That's still be me. So, what is then “me”?
My brain, I suppose. Your brain?
Your brain is a body part. Like your fingernail or your heart.
Why would that be the part that's “you”?
“I” am sort of a voice in my head.| The part of me that thinks, that feels.
That is aware that I exist at all.
So, if you're aware you exist…then you do.
That's why you're still here.
No windows. What aren't you ready to see, I wonder?
Drink it. Just thinks it's coffee and it will be.
Okay. It's coffee.
Paint! Acrylic.
Why is it so hard? What?
Your brain is meat. It rots and disappears.
You really think that's all there was to you?
Like, you're in your house right now.
You're IN your house, it doesn't mean you ARE your house.
House falls down, you get out and walk away.
But it looks like I rebuilt, huh?| You see your body because you like seeing one.
We're seeing what we choose to see.
Let me show you something.
Ha! It's real, where is all the paint? You don't need it anymore.
This is your world now.
Thought is real. Physical is the illusion.
Ironic, huh?
Where's God in all of this? He's up there.
Somewhere… shouting down that he loves us.
Wondering why we can't hear him. You think?
Yeah. Drink your coffee.
Needs milk. Don't push your luck.
What do you think, Christy?
Right here.
Like this?
You think?
They say we live in our minds anyway.
Having you with me, like this,
keeps me happy.
Why do I believe you can hear me?
Why do I think you can see this?
What's that purple tree? I never saw that.
Well, let's take a look.| Think you can get there in eight seconds?
Fffw, eight seconds? Over there?
Yeah, I just need a little incentive.
Yeah, I can fly. Oh, no, no, no!
Why not? I can do what I want, right?
Well, I think you'd be more comfortable keeping it real.
Okay. Think of running real fast, like the roadrunner. Okay. Okay? Yeah.
I can handle this. Adios, muchacho. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ah.
Oh, wait! Chris!
I bet you're thinking “Oh, shit” now!
Yeah! Go, boy!
Go, Chris go! Ah. Ha-ha-ha. Ah.
Albert! Albert!
It's completely new.
The canvas was blank when I was alive.
How can I see this drawing after I'm dead?
Ha, for an expert you look pretty surprised.
You and Annie, a long courtship? No actually.
From the very first moment it was like-Soul mates.
It's extremely rare, but it exists.
Sort of like two twin souls. Tuned in to each other.
Apparently even in death.
You're reaching each other through her painting. It's|-It's nothing I've ever seen, Chris.
You can't see it, can you?
And you never will.
I love you. Aaah.
Whose footprints are these?
Don't ask me, you put 'em here.
Annie! Chris!
Fantasy is not what you need right now, Chris. No, you're right,
I need Annie.
That'll change in time, Chris. Oh, come on, Einstein!
Time is not on my watch any more! Time…does not exist here!
And wherever it went, it won't make me need Annie any less.
You'll feel differently, Chris, and so will she! Man…
you don't know us.
Wish I did.
Hey, look, it's Tigger!
It's my daughter's! Katie tore it up once and…
she's here, right.
Where's she?
Chris, “here” is big enough for everybody to have their own private universe.
That's not why you haven't seen you kids yet, is it?
What does that mean, Buddha!
I wanna see my children, Albert!
When you do, you will.
Does that hurt?
Mm-mm. That?
Mm-mm. How about that?
I'm gonna keep doing this till you tickle.
You've got a fever. It's going down, though.| Don't you have to go somewhere?
You wanna play chess?
I could teach you.
Would you teach me that?
Excuse me.
Albert has to work. He asked me to meet with you.
Would that be all right?
That's a beautiful name. He said you've been isolated.
Do you wanna see others? Perhaps a city?
I would, but travel makes me nauseous.
Close your eyes.
I didn't mean forever.
What do you think?
I think I'm a little under-dressed. You look fine.
Until now you've been painting your world. This is mine.
In our city across the river we have to have a common vision.
So, there's work
I like that. Albert, for example,
he's sort of a missionary. Saving lost souls.
Like me. Hardly.
They are the ones who can't get here.
You mean, from hell? In a way.
It's probably not what you think.
My work on the other hand, is with animals.
Katie is an old friend.
Dearest Christy.
I don't know how this day unravelled.
I was proud of how I held together through this annd this afternoon.
But coming home, I began to lose it.
If I had walked out that night for our double D,|you would have never been in the tunnel doing me a favor.
A whole family lost in car crashes.
Enough to make a person buy a bike.
Where are they going? They're going to help others be reborn on earth.
Really? Reincarnation.
Albert says to cheer you up.
You have difficulty…to losing my wife, yeah.
And your children? They died years ago.
That's why I'm worried about my wife.
They died in a terrible collision.
The nanny was driving. It wasn't her fault.
And your wife?
My daughter had asked her to drive.
It was a trucker's fault.
But my wife believed that if she'd been driving the kids,
her protective instinct would have…
Are you okay?
Come on, Katie!
Where were you just now?
Your mind's been wandering all afternoon.
Thinking of someone.
Your wife must have loved her children very much. Very much.
But you don't have to break in half to love somebody.
Tell me a memory of your own.
Say, with your daughter.
Hey, that's somebody else's art.
What's the difference, you weren't looking anyway.
Your move.
Is this where we go when we die?
It's a dream, baby. It's a beautiful one,
but you know, dreams-I know, are not real.
It's after midnight. I haven't won yet.
It's your first time. No, I like that I haven't won yet.
Means that you're not cheating.
And when I win, I really win. I just wanna play till I do.
Unless you wanna stop. No. Let's play till you win.
She died three months later.
We played every night.
It meant the world to me.
But she never won.
I didn't look like this in the body, you know.
We flew to Singapore once.
And my Daddy smiled at the flight attendant who…
looked like this and wore a name tag Leona.
He said Asian women are so…
lovely and… graceful and…
intelligent. He didn't mean only
-I know. It was just something he said.
And what I thought was, when I grow up I wanna be that.
You still play chess?
I think I waited for my partner.
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