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Subtitles for What Fault Is It Of Ours 2003 CD1.

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What Fault Is It Of Ours 2003 CD1

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That day, my son was so cute, smiling,..
..with neatly combed hair. l wanted to take a photo of him.
But every time l tried, they would move,.. that, without warning, out of the frame.
l kept telling them, ''Keep still!''.
But my wife, she was beautiful that day,..
..believe me, really beautiful, she kept saying:
..''But, Ernesto, who's moving?''.
They seemed further and further away.
They became tiny. The cathedral too.
l had to run with the camera to keep them in the frame.
Finally, when l managed to take it,..
..l realized they were gone. Vanished!
And the cathedral too.
- Only the bell tower was left. - And?
And that's it.
May l guess what the doctor will say?
Thank you.
l think the explanation's simple. And banal too.
- Nothing's banal. - Hear me out anyway.
Your wife and son represent the affection..
..that you lost, that you betrayed.
The church is the home you destroyed,..
..and them moving away.. the family nucleus that's been shattered.
Your wife threw you out and you're in a hotel, right?
lt's classic Catholic guilt.
You got married in church...
- l didn't. - What?
You haven't understood a thing.
Excuse me, can we talk about the only thing left standing?
The bell tower.
- lt's a classic phallic symbol. - Here we go!
Planes taking off, trains entering tunnels, obelisks...
All phallic symbols. What a drag!
Ernesto, sorry, but there's one thing l don't get.
Why dress your son for communion if you didn't marry in church?
Because it's a dream!
Gege, things don't always add up in dreams.
Does my recurring dream, as a bride on a disused track,..
..mean that l'll never get married?
Could we hear the doctor's opinion now?
- What's she doing? - Thinking.
How long's she going to think?
Her cigarette's going to burn her hand!
Doctor... The ashtray. Are you alright?
Hey, something's up!
- Doctor... - Doctor...
- ls something wrong? - She's sick! Really sick!
- Let's do something! - Doctor!
Doctor, can you hear me?
- Gently... - Stop shouting!
Lay her head back on the pillow!
- Undo her blouse! Let's get help. - Check her pulse!
l can't find it!
- Give me a tranquilizer, please. - l don't have any.
- Give me one. - l don't have any!
Here you go, Gabriella.
You haven't been drinking?
- What's the number? 1 19? - That's the phone service!
- ls she breathing? - Who knows.
- Give me a mirror, please! - Jesus, what a confusion!
- See if it clouds over. - Not like that!
- For God's sake! - You goddam idiot!
She's wearing an alarm.
- l'll press it. - Go on!
Maybe one of her kids...
- The shutters! - What did you press?
- Open them! - How?
The light!
Look at me!
Put the light on!
Put the light on, please. l can't take it!
Shut up!
Let's think logically. God, l feel faint...
You'll crush her like that!
- Give her the kiss of life. - Okay, okay...
About time!
- Not her, the other one! - That one!
- The lady has passed away. - No!
- A coronary. Were you all here? - Yes.
And no one noticed anything?
She just died, without a gasp.
Without a reason. l don't get it.
What is there to get?
We're always talking away, spewing out our bullshit!
About our petty lives,..
..and don't even notice when someone dies three feet away!
Who are you people anyhow?
- We're her patients. - ln group therapy.
We're sick. Some of us seriously.
- He's started? - He's having dessert!
- Only 7 minutes late! - Don't know what to say...
- He does it on purpose! - l know.
l'm sorry l'm late, Father.
l also hope you're sorry..
..for leaving the factory 30 minutes early today..
..without telling a soul, not even your secretary!
Where do you go every Tuesday and Friday?
Tuesday and every even-num-numbered day....
- Don't stammer, Galeazzo! - Right.
Tuesday and every even-numbered day, l go to the gym in the late afternoon.
Today, l also went to see the tailor about my new suit.
- Washed your hands? - Yes, Father.
Thank you.
No pasta tonight?
You're bloated. l'm not the only one who thinks so!
Who thinks so?
They think so?
- You turn that off at dinner. - You're quite right, Father.
And that tune is disgraceful.
The tune came with the phone. You're right. l'll change it.
Let me deal with this. lt won't take a second.
Gege, why are you keeping me waiting?
Honey, something terrible happened. l'll tell you about it later.
Okay. Can l go out with Massimo and Daniela?
Sure, but leave your phone on so l can call you back,..
..and tell you everything. Okay, l have to go.
- My phone's always on for you, baby. Love and kisses. - Bye, honey.
Forgive me, it won't happen again.
- l'll be waiting. - Okay.
ln the clock room.
The old man's wound up?
Leave me alone!
All of you, leave me alone!
- All set. - Thanks. See you tomorrow. - Bye.
- You're closing already? - lt's already eight, Flavia.
l won't keep you long. l know the pair l want.
- Five minutes, then. - No problem.
Your teacher called five times in an hour.
No, six. Please, talk to him. l can't get a page read otherwise!
Fuck it! Why?
You do it on purpose! Why didn't you buy any food?
- l even gave you the money! - l didn't have time!
My class ran late, l grabbed a sandwich,..
..then came back to work. l have my exam in two days!
Know what? Do your own shopping.
This place is too small for two.
Right. So start looking for another place.
Fuck you!
Hi, Nausika.
You'll read this as our David's music plays.
l was listening to it all day and wanted you to share my emotions.
Today's a special day, you know. We've been writing for six months.
Must l say it again? Let's meet and draw back the veil.
Let the powerful, true words of these few months..
..take on sound and color.
Maybe we can listen to this music together.
Yours, ever loving, Orpheus.
No new messages.
- Honey? - Aldo, where are you?
l just got home after a hell of a day.
Can you talk?
Yes, l'm in the bathroom. Know how long the CEO's meeting lasted?
- Who is it? - Mom says dinner's ready. Hurry up!
Okay, l'll be right there.
l'm on the phone with a colleague. l won't be long.
Hurry it up, okay.
You haven't eaten yet. Can we get together this weekend?
Sorry, it's new members' weekend at the club. l have to go.
Of course you do.
Are you tired?
No, l have a headache. l just need to sleep, that's all.
- Okay, l'll call you tomorrow. Lots of love. Bye. - Bye.
- Excuse me? - Yes.
Since l missed the 8:35 pm train to Bologna,..
..does the train leaving at 9:45 pm have a connection back to Rome..
..for 8:30 tomorrow morning?
From Bologna?
You get off in Bologna and come straight back?
- Don't worry about it. - Let's see...
There's one from Bologna at 4:10 am, but it could be tight.
Any delay and you'd be left behind.
Let's try another direction. lf l take the 10:40 pm to Bari,..
..does that leave me 20 minutes or so to get back to Rome..
..for 8:30 tomorrow morning?
- You get off in Bari and come straight back? - Yes!
What'll it be, then? Bologna or Bari?
First class or second? Smoking or non?
Orange, beer, Coke...
l just needed to know. l have a season ticket.
No messages.
Luca, you're leaving?
- Well? - Well nothing.
Hello. Hello.
- Treat them gently, Galeazzo. - Yes, Father.
Father, how many more to go?
- 39. - 39?
- By the way.... - Yes?
Can you do the case?
Of course, Father. l'll be delighted.
Gently, Galeazzo.
These jewels will be yours one day, then your son Manuel's.
- Take special care. - Of Manuel?
Of the clocks!
What have you done?
What have you done?
- Giuseppe, give me another. - Are you sure?
Yes, don't worry about it.
And send one over to that guy. On me.
- l'm Alessandro. And you? - Gabriella.
That's a great name.
You're the most fascinating woman here.
- That's not hard. - Oh, come on!
Women like you drive me wild.
- Where d'you live? - Prati.
Close by.
Shall we go?
Let's go.
While the body has its conclusion, its passing,.. in Christ's words leads us to the firm belief..
..that the soul continues to live on.
And so we cannot help but observe..
..all the relief and comfort that our dear sister was able to give.. all those who sought out her help,.. it for minor problems or great afflictions,..
..our dear Luisa always provided precious advice....
You want my advice?
Stay out of therapy!
They fool you into believing in a cure!
Well done! You've made a real mess of things!
Stay out of a therapy! lt's bullshit!
How much has it cost you?
Stay out of it, it's a pipe dream! And you never get better.
You'll lose money, loads of money!
How much is a cappuccino in this place?
lt's okay, Chiara, it's my treat. l mean, l brought you all here.
Sorry, can l have a word?
Excuse me.
- What? - l just wanted to ask if....
No. This is a bad time.
- Who is he? He was in the church too. - Her Oedipus complex.
Her town-planning teacher.
- Are they together? - She's coming back.
- Are they new? - Yes, like them?
They're like the last pair. Why buy so many shoes?
That's my problem, okay.
You can talk, with your cheap jewelry.
lt's not cheap jewelry, it's classy stuff.
Am l the only one here who's still sick?
Are you all cured?
- Please, calm down. - What do l do now?
Do l end up sleeping on trains forever?
Who'll help? These?
Ernesto, the 6:45 pm group is finished.
We're here, celebrating the funeral of our group. Understand?
Let's find a new shrink.
l agree with Marco. lt's the logical solution.
Exactly. l mean, we can do better than Lojacono!
82, a cracked hip, a triple bypass and two words a month.
We even had to interpret each other's dreams.
- Come on, you can't deny it. - lt's true.
She never gave a receipt either.
- Poor thing... - That's her!
- Good! - Her spitting image!
- Keep it as a souvenir. - Why?
l'll say goodbye. Unlike you, l feel better.
l can stand on my own two feet.
My music will help me, my faith too.
- l feel l'm cured. - Cured? With those dreams? - Gege!
Alfredo, you're leaving us?
- You sure? - Think it over first.
Are you crying or laughing?
- Who can tell? - Okay, l'll be going.
Let's have dinner some time.
Maybe Mom can do spaghetti at my place.
- Dinner with his mother? - Poor guy...
My cousin's wife has had two breakdowns in three years.
She recommends Todisco, a Freudian university teacher.
lf he's Freudian, that's no good.
Lojacono was a Jungian!
You fucking choose then!
One of my colleagues speaks highly of a Dr Attilio lncerto.
He got her through her divorce. He is a bit expensive though.
Look, he may be good,..
..but with all our ''incertainties'', a guy called lncerto..
..could finish us off!
No! Where have you signed?
- That's your father's space! Sign underneath. - So?
l have to print them again.
- So print them! - Sure, print them!
Okay, Flavia?
What have you all got against Pascutti?
He's good, he's in town and he's cheap.
For God's sake, he's only 29!
How can a 29-year-old possibly help me?
l spoke to this Manganaro woman. She seems ideal.
She's just about the same age as Lojacono.
But she'll only take five of us.
So two have to go. Who do we kick out?
Fuck you!
l didn't mean you. So, who goes?
No one goes! How could you suggest that?
l'm not bothered as long as the group stays together.
Let's finish what we started.
''Sexology, marital counseling, hypnosis...''
''Free parking.''
Over there.
That's public parking.
Are you crazy? What is this, a supermarket?
Why are you all looking at me? l don't get it.
You gave me a free hand.
lf he's an all-rounder, is that my fault?
- Who gave you his number? - A friend of a friend.
- We're safe, then. - Now l understand...
- Maybe we should leave... - Flavia!
- Let's just go. - We have an appointment.
l gave my number, my address,..
..l said there were seven of us. Let's not screw up!
- What did he sound like? - Serious, professional, no accent.
You mean an accent makes him a shithead?
- What is this crap? - l don't get it.
- Quit crabbing! - Cut it out. Let's go now we're here.
We can't go in a mood like this. We're not going to jail.
This is therapy!
- ls it working or not? - l don't know. l'll try again.
Please, come in.
Thank you.
l'll be right with you.
Thank you.
He's a cult guru, not a shrink.
l'm having a panic attack. l don't want to stay. l can't.
- Calm down. - She's right.
We've hit the jackpot now!
- Who's this friend of a friend? - Give me a break.
- What's he trying to tell people? - That he's sick, worse than us.
lt's his inner world. Who knows, it could be a method.
Enough! l can't do it.
Look, l think there's a very simple solution,..
..just one word: self-management.
We don't need anyone.
Poor Lojacono gave us all we need to carry on alone.
- Think about it. Self-management. - Self-management?
- lmpossible. - Self-management?
No way.
Why not?
lt could work. What do you think?
Self-management? Give me a break.
Worker 74 is especially inattentive today.
Pay attention!
Sorry, sir, l can't open the gate for you today.
ls it broken?
No, but l can't let you in. On your father's orders.
l feel bad, but see it from my side.
- What have l done now? - No one would tell me.
Call Signora Livornini.
Sorry, not from my phone. Don't insist.
Signor Galeazzo, please!
Okay, l won't push it. l'll call from here, from mine.
Marisa, l'd like an explanation, please.
l can't talk now, your father could come in any minute.
You forgot today's appointment with the Ghana delegation!
Wasn't it set for tomorrow, Thursday?
No, this morning. l wrote and underlined it in your diary 5 times!
What did he say?
That we looked like the third world to the third world.
Has he fined me?
l'm afraid so. 2,000 euros. l have to go now.
Will you let me in tomorrow?
Be patient, it doesn't depend on me....
Diego! Open it!
Turn around...
5, 6, 7, and 1, 2, 3, 4...
Okay, once again.
- l can't! - Just a second!
- l'm dancing! - A second!
And stop!
Okay, girls, take five.
- Baby! - Baby! What's up? - Nothing.
You're upset. Look at yourself.
lt's Father again. l forgot an appointment.
The pills kill the anxiety and my memory too!
Gege, he can't keep humiliating you like this!
Don't worry, l gave him a piece of my mind.
l told him l had enough, slammed the door and left!
l heard the workers applauding me.
- And now? - l've suspended myself.
l decide when and if l go back.
Since l have the day free, honey,.. about a wild time together? Just you and me?
l know your wild times. A fish dinner at best.
No fish. l'm talking physical contact.
Just you and me. Let's go.
Go? l have two hours funk, then my massage and my shower.
Another three hours!
- What can l do? - Work on your abs!
- l have a slipped disk... - Do step exercises, then.
What do l wear? My underpants?
Just a second. Sauro!
Got a T-shirt and sweatpants for my guy?
- Coming up. - Thanks.
''My guy''?
They'll all think you're my father otherwise!
Makes sense if you look at it that way.
Sorry l'm late. Good afternoon. Hi, baby.
The traffic's hell on the beltway.
A nice, big place at last.
This is the night area, isn't it?
Closet space...
A nice, bright bathroom...
A functional kitchen...
Congratulations on the renovation job. Thank you.
All this greenery and no one opposite. ldeal, isn't it?
Yes, it's nice.
lt's small and it's a few rooms short...
l don't understand.
You don't understand?
Could you give us five minutes alone, please?
We have larger apartments, but you said 200 square feet.
- This is perfect. - l'll be back in five minutes.
What's wrong?
Why do you always pick apartments for two and not three?
For three? Why? Has something happened?
No, nothing's happened. Don't worry.
But l would like it to happen one day.
Me too, but that depends on us.
On us...
This is the tenth apartment, always for two,..
..surrounded by trees, way out of the city,.. doorman... You're obsessed with privacy!
This isn't a home, it's a love nest.
Besides, you'll never leave your wife.
You think l won't? Look at this. Read it.
Who's Del Rio?
The best divorce lawyer around. l'm seeing him tomorrow.
Aldo, l don't know what to believe.
Don't talk rubbish. l love you.
- Laura, please, open up. - Go away!
No, Laura. l can't take this anymore. Please!
lt's been going on for six months now.
Let me talk to you face to face!
l can hear you fine like this. What do you want?
l'm a total wreck.
- l go to therapy twice a week. - l go three!
l live in a seedy hotel, l have chronic insomnia!
My bank account's in the red, because this crazy reaction of yours.. costing a fortune! A fortune, Laura!
But l'm here to ask you one more time to forgive me.
lt was just a moment of weakness, of confusion...
Laura, the one and only time in fifteen years of marriage!
l miss you, Laura, l miss you in every way.
l miss your smile, your voice, your eyes...
l've always respected your decision. l've never used them.
l'm going to open the door.
Don't use the bolt.
- The door isn't bolted. - lt isn't bolted?
- You've changed the lock? - You bet!
Six months ago. lt was the first thing l did.
How much longer are you going to make me pay for this?
How much longer? Fucking hell!
Battistini! Please, have a heart. We've had six months of this.
This is a residential building.
Just make up or get a new life!
But stop busting our balls every day!
Pain in the ass!
l can't figure this out.
l told you it was over a month ago.
How else can l tell you?
By registered letter? Through an attorney?
Should l tag the door of your building?
You've changed since that shrink said l was a father figure.
But l'm not your father!
We love each other!
l have changed. And l don't love you.
l never have. l can't stand you anymore!
l'm sick of your kindness, your insistence, your calls,..
..and these pastries you try to charm me with!
Know what, professor? l've liberated myself!
l'm sorry.
Sweetheart, forgive me.
- l didn't mean to. - Get out!
Get out of my home!
l don't want to see you again, ever!
Get out before l wreck everything!
Oh, shit!
Come on!
- Hello. - lt's Gabriella.
Hi, how are you?
- How about a movie this evening? - l'm seeing my boyfriend tonight.
- l feel a bit low. - l can't, l have my train.
What a bore you are!
- What time's your train? - 9:35 pm.
Okay, forget it.
There'd be time to eat, as long as it's near the station.
l say l feel low and that's the best you can offer?
Let's just meet at the station, okay. That way we won't choke.
Thanks. Thank you.
You realize what she told me?
''Mom, don't come to graduation. l don't want anyone there.''
Then l find out her father's going!
Ernesto, my daughter hates me.
You know she changed the lock?
Stuff it up your own ass, shithead.
- Fuck you! - Who was it?
Some son of a bitch left my number on a lavatory wall somewhere.
l've had dirty calls all week.
Change number.
l will.
Has your wife met someone else? Since she's so beautiful...
Laura would never do that!
Know what we'll do?
Come and use my thermal recliner. l'll give you a back massage,..
..l'll open the window,..'ll hear the trams and think you're on your train.
No, l need my rituals! Don't try to change them!
l need the rocking, the points, the braking.
l take the train to avoid ending up underneath it, see.
l'm late now too.
Ernesto! Answer it for me. lt's another of those pigs.
- What do l tell him? - Ask where he saw my number.
Then l can go and erase it, okay?
Hello. Of course l'm not Gabriella. Tell me anyway.
- What did he say? - Change number.
Here you go.
This is no good. We're not here for tea!
We're here for a therapy session. Therapy, okay?
Our old shrink never even let us use the bathroom.
What a climate of terror!
You need rules. This is an experiment, so let's do it right.
Please switch off your phones now.
Okay, let's make Luca happy. Turn them off,..
..and put them all in here. That'll make Luca happy.
So this doesn't become an afternoon thing among friends,..
..l suggest we pay for the session right away.
- Here's my 40 euros. - Why not later?
- She's right. Let's pay now. - Who does the money go to?
All of us.
lf it works, we can rent a place,..
..somewhere more suitable than our own homes. - True.
What's up?
- You don't have it, huh? - l have it.
But l only used to pay her 25.
- How come? - How should l know?
The student rate, l guess.
- Alfredo used to pay less too. - What are these double standards?
Chiara, okay. But he was rolling in money.
Enough already. Let's get started.
Okay. So who's going to coordinate the session?
Let's draw for it. Okay?
- Give me a number. - Seven.
''H''. Give me another.
What is this? Scrabble? With the winnings on the table?
- What a crazy system! - lt's good. Another number.
- Okay, five. - Five.
- ''G''. Whose name starts with ''G''?
- Mine! - And mine. Odd or even?
Enough! l suggest the host chairs the sessions.
C'mon, Gege, start the ball rolling.
Raise your hands if you have a dream to talk about..
..or want to relate any experiences for the group.
Too many. We'll draw for it. Give me a number.
Marco can start since he only just joined us..
..and since he's probably the one with the most to say,..
..since we hardly know him. Go on.
l'm swimming in the sea, on a beautiful, sunny day.
All of a sudden, the sky clouds over. The weather changes..
..and l feel slimy seaweed winding itself around my ankles.
Yes, slimy, threatening seaweed.
Give me time. l'm only halfway through!
Go on. But you said ''slimy'' three times.
- lt's really slimy! - Fine. Carry on.
lt starts dragging me under. l can't swim.
Then, as if by magic, l see a trunk.
l make a superhuman effort and grab it.
The trunk carries me out to sea, back to peace and quiet.
Basically, the trunk saves your life.
- l guess. - lt seems clear enough.
- Latent homosexuality, right? - For God's sake!
Stop pointing at me each time you say the word ''homosexual''.
lt's infuriating!
You can't get mad if we say ''homosexual''.
They all know. You do too. Come on...
- You admit it. - l mean, anyone can tell.
Okay, whose turn is it?
What's that?
Someone upstairs, maybe.
lt's down the corridor.
ln my apartment?
Weird. Excuse me.
lt's her.
You're crazy!
You know that between five and seven today,.. stay out and take down the pictures.
- God, what time is it? - Ten after five.
- They're here? - Yes.
Should l apologize?
No! What for? You're crazy! Just be quiet, don't sing and let us work.
- What did l do? - Just ruined the atmosphere.
l'm sick of waiting. This self-management thing's useless.
We can't do it. l mean, look where we've ended up.
At least Tondaro had some art history on his walls.
Not some bimbo watching us from all sides.
Luca, don't get carried away again.
Give the group time to mingle, to focus because, if we....
There's your focus.
- That's how it goes... - Congratulations!
Okay, we're leaving.
Listen, l don't think it's all been totally negative.
- We had something good here... - We saw something good.
We'll meet at my place next time.
- Your money and phones... - Got them. Bye.
- l think it's wonderful. - You're right, it's beautiful.
Excuse me, Luca, there's an Antonio here for you.
l'll be right there.
Would you excuse me? l'll be right back.
Antonio, the charm's worn off.
You won't accept the beauty of what we had together.
- You're a coward. - l need time.
You know l love my kids. lt's not easy.
But l miss you and l often think about you.
Time for what?
Luca, just give me time.
Please, if you're fond of me, you have to meet me halfway.
Dear Nausika, l've been pondering..
..your suggestion that we meet up.
lnexplicably, l now feel gripped by fear.
The fear of disappointing you,..
..of not being worthy of the words l send when we need them.
Am l making myself clear?
Try to understand that maybe l need more time.
Just a little time.
l'll always be here for you. l adore you. Orpheus.
Marco! Where did you spring from?
l'm just riding round. l felt like having a beer.
Want to come?
- Sure, but l'm broke. - You miser. l know a good place.
- lt's your treat? - Okay.
- l don't want to stay out late. - Follow me!
- Understand? - Yes. Follow me!
How come you never mentioned this Orpheus guy in therapy?
Because tonight you've made me drink four beers.
Why haven't l mentioned him? l don't know.
Maybe to keep it all to myself.
- Maybe l had more important things to say. - Such as?
That l'm a compulsive fridge raider,..
..that l keep two affairs going at once...
l've told you that thousands of times.
And now falling in love with an illusion..
..will solve your problems?
- He's not an illusion. - No.
Can't you understand? lt drives me mad!
What does?
Just try to imagine the same thing happening to you.
lt wouldn't,..
..because l only fall in love with real people. - Right...
With girls with real eyes,..
..girls with real lips...
Trying your luck?
You don't stand a chance. Orpheus can't be beaten.
You know he could be just about anyone?
He could be a woman..
..or a smelly old guy with bad breath... - Enough!
Now l've listened to this bullshit, you can pay up.
And you can buy me dinner too.
What a girl!
You're the perverse type.
You like darkness, the shadows...
- That turns you on. - Kind of...
Side effects:
..drowsiness, sluggish reactions, tiredness and, more rarely, comas,..
..retroactive amnesia and diminished libido.
When l read that, l prefer gastritis!
- Stop reading that crap! - lt's useful!
Don't throw it away!
Honey, if you start thinking you're impotent now,..'ll be in therapy another 20 years!
That's twice l couldn't get it up. lt's serious!
Who for? lt was good for me anyway.
- How come? - l used my imagination, baby.
You thought of some other guy! You bitch!
- Who was it? - Just a second.
Listen to me, baby. l want you to calm down.
Let's take a nice, deep breath...
And now kiss me.
lmagine you've come to my place.
You've finished work, you're tired but you want to make love.
- But you're not sure l'm home. - lf you're not, why would l come?
- Let's just imagine! - Okay! - Of course l'm here!
Okay, but let's imagine something else.
Let's say we had a really bad fight earlier.
lt's raining outside, pouring down. lt's a sad and gloomy day..
..and l'm worn out. - Okay, l like that.
Now get dressed and l'll give you a big surprise.
- Okay? - Okay. - Vale? - Vale.
Daria, l've forgotten my keys.
Open the door, l don't look at you and then hurry back to bed.
Lucky you! l really can't tonight.
Got to go! Have fun. Bye.
Daria, l forgot my keys.
Daria, l forgot my keys.
- Honey! - What are you doing? - l forgot my keys.
l can't even pretend.
Don't worry, baby. lt happens, right?
The problem is, it always happens to me.
C'mon, sweetheart.
Don't get mad but l'm going home.
Yes, l'm suffering from a sense of impotence tonight.
My mind's not on it.
This way, l'll have no problems with Father in the morning.
- You're right. - l'm right.
l'll call you tomorrow. That's how it goes.
- lt'll be better next time. - Bye, sweetheart. - Bye, baby.
- What's the umbrella for? The umbrella! - You're right!
- Bye! - Bye!
Who d'you think l am? l'm not for sale!
l came here because l felt like it.
Because l like you.
- l'm sorry... - This is sick!
Attilio, please...
Forgive me.
- What were you thinking? - Sorry, l offended you.
Please, spend the night here with me!
- You do this with all the guys? - No, l'm sorry.
l was scared l'd never see you again.
l'm sorry, it was good. Don't go. Please.
Don't leave me here alone.
How are you, son?
Sheraton? No, l wait my son...
You're kidding.
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