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Subtitles for What Fault Is It Of Ours 2003 CD2.

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What Fault Is It Of Ours 2003 CD2

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Tell me this is a joke!
What do you eat in Argentina? Giraffes? You're so tall!
- When did l last see you? - At my first communion.
See what it is to be scared of flying?
Let's go!
Your Mom always sends me photos of you swimming.
You're cut off here and no one can tell just how tall you are.
- How do l look? - Good, apart from the hair.
ls your Mom still with that engineer?
Yes, sure, with Dad.
They're still getting along?
Yes, Dad's so easy-going.
- C'mon, Manuel, ''Dad''... - l've always called him that.
Well, don't. There's only one Dad here. Me!
- lf you've turned out so tall, it's down to me. - Look out, Dad!
Think you're in London, shithead?
You called me ''Dad''. Good, l like it.
This is a big day for us, we've broken the ice,..
..we're going to get on really well and..
..this is a great surprise you've given me.
- l'm pleased too. - Dad! - Yes, Dad.
We need to thank Grandpa for calling me.
He called you?
- Didn't he tell you? - No... Yes.
What has he done?
Son of a bitch!
Mom! What happened?
Mom, please, answer me. What happened?
What happened, Mom?
l didn't hear a thing...
My room too!
They came while l was asleep.
No, Gemma!
What is it? Let me see. l want to see!
- But why? Why? - l don't know!
Gemma! Wait, Gemma!
You've grown a great deal.
You've overtaken your father by a long way.
- ls your mother a teetotaler too? - She never drinks.
Well done!
She wrote you're doing very well at school.
- l'm delighted. - Thank you, Grandpa.
- You're in touch with her? - Rosanna and l..
..have resumed an epistolary relationship.
l didn't know that.
Wine and tranquilizers don't mix.
Excuse me,..
..Master Manuel's mother is on the phone from Buenos Aires. - Thank you.
Manuel, you need to ask permission to leave the table.
Let him go. She's calling from Argentina.
- Say hello! - From both of us!
l like the boy.
He has a fine personality.
He's strong!
Did you know that he captains the water polo team too?
Yes, he told me on the way back from the airport.
We've got a good relationship going.
- Fine leadership skills. - True.
He's just like his mother.
She says hello.
- Thanks. - Thank you.
- To me as well? - Sure, Dad.
Manuel, let's go to my study.
- Me too? - Don't bother.
- Decaf as usual? - Nothing, thanks.
l'll make you some soothing herbal tea.
Manuel,.. you near your eighties, you need to reorganize the future.
And when you have the responsibility of a company like ours,..
..with sound traditions and acknowledged renown,..'s your duty to think seriously about a trustworthy successor.
Grandpa, there's Dad.
The old son of a bitch!
l can't talk, this is a terrible time.
Baby, you're not with your son?
No, my father's kidnapped my son!
You know how sexy you are when you get mad?
l want to make love to you. Come on over.
Daria, l'm not in the right mood!
Today, l've been usurped, denigrated, offended, passed over.
lt's obvious the old man wants me out of the way.
Come on, baby, l'll relax you. l want to make love to you!
Please, Daria, for pity's sake...
Jesus, l have problems too.
l've come to say goodbye.
l'm leaving right away.
Why don't you come with me?
What are you doing in this house?
Why the hell stay here?
You're much better, Dad.
You can't manage it?
- Try to react. - Okay.
You promise?
- Bye. l'm sorry about all this. - Bye, Dad. - Bye.
Call me from time to time.
l'll call you.
Sorry l'm late but....
What's wrong?
- There's a weird atmosphere. Luca's crying. - He's crying?
Hi, everybody.
Okay, seeing that we have a quorum, l declare the session open, okay?
You make it sound like a residents' meeting.
Let's try to be less formal.
And more focused too or l can't do it.
- Okay, Luca, it's your home, you start. - l don't think l can today.
- What's happened? - Okay, l'll start then.
Yesterday something happened between me, my father and my son....
- Gege, honestly. For pity's sake! - You always talk about yourself!
Let's see some democracy!
Luca has something serious to tell us today.
What's happened? Tell us. That's why we're here.
This is a message for Luca. This is Adele, Antonio's partner.
l'd like to meet you. l need to talk to you urgently.
l'll call you back. Thank you.
- Did you manage to talk to him? - l didn't.
- l won't call him. - But you have to make things clear!
l no longer want to talk about it. Let's hear someone else now.
You're wrong.
Well, l feel very positive and sunny today.
The shoes told us!
l have to tell you something important and beautiful.
Maybe it's a bad day, but good news can make us all happy, right?
Well, this is my last session with you.
- You have a new therapist? - l haven't.
You're dumping us?
My life has reached a turning point!
Aldo's moving out, so we can live together at last.
He's found an apartment in Florence and l'm changing school.
So what?
Why look so grim?
- Aren't you pleased for me? - We just don't believe it.
What? That l can be happy?
Look who's talking! A chronic depressive like you!
Calm down, Flavia, you just sound a bit crazy.
ls the move on for sure? Did you fix a date?
He's told you this three times in two years and you fall for it.
Know what your problem is? You're just jealous!
You want others to suffer like you.
But that's not the case! l'm a very happy woman.
And screw you and your two-bit pessimism!
You know what? You make me laugh!
- l'm behind you all the way. - You know, he's not totally wrong.
Sorry but if everyone gives their opinion....
Stop touching me!
lf everyone gives an opinion, we'll be here for 20 years.
A 50-minute session isn't enough,.. l suggest a double 100-minute session. Hands up if you agree.
Anyhow, l want to talk about myself, my father and my son.
He's doing pretty well in ltalian, for instance.
l was worried but you've put my mind at rest.
Be optimistic, your son should do well.
- Alright. Thank you. - Goodbye.
Who's next?
- Flavia Vizzini? - That's me.
- Whose mother are you? - l'm your lover's wife!
What is it you teach here? How to break up a family?
Try to break up mine and l'll make mincemeat of you, you slut!
Which month is this for?
You're holding a Popsicle. lt has to be summer.
- Make it June, it's my birthday. - June it is.
Know what? l've just found a name for this.
- A ''Calen-Daria''. - How d'you mean?
What's your name? Daria, right?
- ''Calen-Daria''. - You genius!
See, the ideas come when l'm relaxed.
Give me a look of resignation. l mean, this is November.
Gege! Do l look like a slut in this gear?
A slut?
C'mon, with that class and bearing? Give me a break!
Hurry, we can't stay.
We can, no one's going to come by. lt's a dead track.
- There's a train! - What?
A train! Untie me!
- Who revived the track? - My wrists! Untie me!
Untie me!
Don't pull or l can't undo the knots.
Keep your wrists still! You're tightening the knots!
- How the fuck did l tie them? - Stop it!
- Untie me! - l need a knife.
Untie me!
Stop! There's a lady who can't get up! Stop!
l'm so useless...
We have an emergency at kilometer 1 2.
There's a half-nude slut roped to the tracks with a dead guy.
l've just realized that l don't know anything about you.
Even in therapy, you haven't told us much.
An ambassador's son, always on the move, and that's all.
Why are you in therapy?
Since the day l was born, l've never spent long in one place.
No brothers, no sisters.
Relationships scare me. l always had to move away.
So l focused mainly on movies, music and art.
l became the perfect son, the joy of his parents.
Get it?
Sorry but look at the place you live in!
A wonderful house, no parents to hassle you, you're so talented...
l mean, what's the problem?
Know how many people have been here?
Three. And you're the fourth.
l'm scared of people.
l can't have normal relations.
- Could have fooled me. - You're different.
- Meaning? - You're my group.
You're my therapy!
Dinner's ready.
- NO MAlL -
No mail.
Sorry, l don't feel like eating now.
Still waiting to hear from that guy?
l think you're right when you say l'm the most normal guy around.
Listen,.. you mind if l wait?
l like it here.
We won't end up in the paper, will we?
- My folks will kill me! - l hope not. l really hope not.
Why the hell did we think up that crazy calendar idea?
We found these belongings near the track.
Some handcuffs, fishnet stockings, panties and various cosmetics.
- You can retrieve the camera at the third precinct. - Thank you.
- After your statement. - Officer!
Could you leave us alone? Please.
Father, please forgive me. But you should know..
..that they haven't told you what really happened.
- l can imagine. - lndeed.
- Young lady, l'm Camillo Tinacci, Galeazzo's father. - How do you do?
- Oh, God. l'm sorry. - Father, you must help me.
l know l've done something incredibly stupid,..
..but we didn't mean to.... - Don't worry, Galeazzo.
l did some stupid things in my youth too.
The usual youthful escapades that can last..
..well into a man's prime!
- Dad! You know how full of humanity your words are? - Don't bother!
Get ready. l'll be waiting in the car.
- Get dressed too before you catch a chill. Goodbye! - Goodbye.
My sweet Nausika, the time has come to end..
..our beautiful story. And it was just a story.
l have met someone as sweet and as fragile as you.
l almost hoped she was you. But she isn't.
l met her in the real world, the world that you and l had forgotten.
The real world is beautiful.
Please, let it back into your life. You'll be proud of it and rewarded.
l'm erasing this address.
l don't think l'll ever use this system again to meet people.
l'm going to take my chances with real people.
All the best, Orpheus.
Piece of shit!
l went to pick up some test results yesterday.
When l saw the uric acid levels were those of a woman of 80,..
..well, l started crying.
The mirror confirms it.
l'm old.
You're taking notes on this?
lt's my shopping list.
Try to hurry it up, the shops close soon.
Anyhow, yesterday, for the first time ever,..
..l felt like ending it all!
Uric acid won't kill you. There has to be a cure.
Trying eating more fish, more boiled greens...
And lots of water and liquids.
- Who's this, Ernesto? - Jesus, Ernesto,..
..your wife's a bomb.
She's drop-dead gorgeous! l understand now!
How dare you?
You nose around other people's business?
- Did l open drawers at your place? - Wow, she's really....
Sorry, the drawer was half-open and l saw the photo. So what?
This isn't my wife. lt's Danka.
- The other woman? - Right.
l don't get it. You've been busting our balls for a year.
Let me say it!
On and on about how you adored your wife,.. amazing she is, yet you keep this picture right here!
Oh, yeah? Okay!
There. Happy now?
Why tear it up? Keep your options open!
Does anyone give a damn about me?
ls anyone wondering why l'm here?
Why l'm back? No one at all. Not even you!
- No one here cares about anyone else! - That's not true.
We all saw you were back. We know why too. We warned you.
So you mean my fucking life is so ordinary, is that it?
My life's so predictable,.. banal... l'm a banal woman...
Sorry, Signor Battistini, these people need to see the room.
We only have two this big.
The others are asleep, l don't want to wake them.
This is the very nice kitchen,..
..toilet with beautiful shower,..
..TV with remote,..
..other balcony with lots of sun.
Do you like it?
l'm sorry, we don't like it.
Alright, then. Let's go, then.
Thank you, Signor Battistini.
This is the end of the line!
Let's face it, this self-management thing is a joke!
We can't do it. Let's drop it and say goodbye.
You can't just quit after all this time!
- l don't agree. - l do.
lt's a waste of time. l feel even worse than before.
l'll just say one thing: l can't stand you anymore!
We just have the wrong atmosphere.
You can't do group therapy here. The setting's wrong!
Was your place any better? With that bimbo flashing her ass?
Forget it!
You know asses, alright, stuck in a sauna all day long!
See you, guys.
We can't do it. That's how it goes.
Flavia, here's to peace of mind,..
..if we find it. - We'll find it.
l'm optimistic.
You had a great idea. l needed to get out tonight. Thanks.
- How was London? - Same as ever.
- They offered me Edinburgh. - Fantastic! You accepted, of course?
l think l will in the end.
- How are you doing? - Me?
Believe it or not,..
..l told Aldo to go to hell three weeks ago.
- You're kidding. - l did.
l don't feel great right now,..
..but his last dirty trick made my mind up for me.
His wife's pregnant.
After he said they had a platonic relationship!
What's so funny?
lt's just that our lives are so similar.
- Antonio's wife's pregnant too? - She isn't.
But you met her?
l got drunk, went there at dinner-time and said to them:
..''l hope you know what your husband does before work every day''.
She answered: ''No, what does he do?''.
So l told her: ''He comes round and begs for a fuck''.
- No! You didn't say that! - l'm afraid l did.
And l'm really ashamed.
What's up, Flavia?
l don't believe it!
- Can l bring you a drink? - Please.
ls that him?
He doesn't waste time.
- Do you mind if we go? - Of course not. l understand.
- Here's what your wife gave me! - Are you crazy?
The woman's out of her mind, totally out of it.
Hello, Gabriella? lt's Ernesto.
What's wrong, Marco? You seem strange.
l had a bad night. Maybe l was a kind of nervous..
..thinking about what happened.
Gabriella, l need to ask you something.
C'mon, let me ask.
What have you done to your face? No, come on, tell me. Tell us.
A face-lift!
- A new woman! - l'm so glad l had it done!
- l didn't notice. - You didn't notice?
She can't laugh in case it all falls apart.
- You're making me laugh! - Your stitches could pop!
Know what l was thinking, looking at you all?
- lt's good to see you. - l have an idea.
Today's Saturday and no one has to work tomorrow.
Why don't we stay somewhere nearby,..
..spend the evening together, have a slap-up meal..
..and catch up with each other's problems since we last met?
- Count me in. - Me too. Great idea!
Count me in too.
- ls it expensive? - Let me treat you.
- l can't. - Why not?
My wife's expecting me. She doesn't know l'm here.
Just a second! You mean you and your wife made up?
She forgave me!
lt's been three weeks, so it's still touch and go.
Great. You finally got away with it.
We're tying to build things back up, one day at a time.
lt's still too soon to spend a night away.
Why? l mean, we have to celebrate.
Just call her and tell her.
- Call her. - Shall l?
Call her!
We've only just taken over the place.
We weren't planning to open till next week.
lt'll be limited service for now.
We don't have the staff.
- lf that suits you.... - That suits us fine.
- What do you think? - That's fine.
At the third try, she said yes.
- She'll pick me up tomorrow with my son. - Excellent.
See? Life's not so difficult.
We have toothbrushes, toothpaste, pajamas...
- All the same, like at school. - Or at summer camp.
Sleep nude if you don't like them.
Do you guys mind if l tell Daria to join us?
- ltaly's favorite Spanish model? - Don't bust my balls, Luca.
You can be so caustic...
Hi, honey, it's me.
l'm in this really pretty place.
l thought it would be fun if you came to meet me here.
l can't tonight, we have a late rehearsal.
- For what? - Don't you listen to what l tell you?
The funk show.
Didn't you do that already?
This is another one. l told you!
Your whole life is a show.
l can be there in an hour and a half.
The teacher's trying to tell me something. Can you hold?
- Gege! - l'm coming!
lt's beautiful!
The young lady has chosen this automobile.
Can you do the sales contract?
Signor Tinacci wants an immediate delivery.
Very well, follow me.
- Excuse me! - l won't be a second.
What is it?
Listen, l'm not sure l can accept.
lt's not right. l feel dirty.
Young lady, tell me the truth.
Do you love Master Galeazzo?
- l'm fond of him. - You see.
You're fond of him, but you don't love him!
Look on this gift as a tribute to your youth..
..and independence. Trust me, signorina.
Gege, it's a real mess here,..
..l'll talk to you later. - How much later?
Leave your phone switched on, okay. Mine doesn't work indoors.
l'll call you later, okay? Leave it on or l'll worry.
Has something happened, Daria?
l hope you don't think l'm impotent now.
l mean, these things happen, right?
What was in the wine? My head aches...
l can't even feel my head.
lt's nothing to do with the wine. l'd blame the dessert.
Why the dessert?
Let's say l wanted to give you a surprise, a little present.
What kind of present?
Luca, you're not saying you put shit in it?
Who shat in what?
Gabriella, he means hash, pot!
You're crazy! You're totally crazy!
What happens now?
We'll be happy for a few hours. Any harm in that?
Gege, enough with that phone and your gloomy face, please!
lt was your idea to come here, so join us!
l bet she's off somewhere having a good time too.
She's young and sane. Let her live.
What the fuck can you possibly know about women?
Let's get one thing clear.
For me, Daria is a breath of fresh air,..
..a surge of adrenaline,.. this shit life of mine that's stifled by my father!
Plus she accepts me as l am and that's why l'm happy with her!
- Are you happy, Luca? - No.
- Are you, Gabriella? - Do l look happy?
No way. Are you happy with those soulful eyes?
No, but at least we're aware we'll never be happy.
Think of all the poor people who don't know that.
Sorry, but l think Gege's question means something else.
Your cynicism hides the fact you don't have the guts to change.
Neither do l, but l believe in happiness.
Why are you staring at me? Say something for once!
You're always there, analyzing what other people say.
l think it's time to make a confession.
The thing is,..
..your problems, your stories, your emotional worries..
..aren't my concern.
l feel perfectly healthy.
A little too introverted maybe,..
..but definitely healthy.
l joined your therapy group to get close to someone here.
Because l'm in love with you.
Either it's the dessert or you're sicker than anyone here.
You don't need group therapy, you need a good, daily session!
Last March 1 2 at university...
You were so beautiful!
When you threw your book at the wall.
- You were following me? - Yes, l'm sorry.
l loved seeing you..
..leave the gym on Fridays after your class.
l saw you fight with your town-planning teacher,.. his car, then leave his place..
..with your eyes full of tears.
You're not sick. You're dangerous.
Where is this guy from?
You're an impostor.
You've been dishonest. Really dishonest.
Love has no limits.
This dessert's good, but there's a weird aftertaste.
Did you put coriander in it?
What's so funny?
lt's good but it's weird.
Not bad at all.
Tell me something, Gege.
Why didn't you ask me if l'm happy?
After all, l've sorted my life out.
Ernesto, tell me this. Have you kept your options open?
What d'you mean?
That Slav babe was a real stunner, you know.
Free message, the person you are calling....
C'mon, Luca...
You're totally silly, silly girl.
Yes, l want to get silly with you tonight.
Pass me a pastry.
Give the phone a rest! You've been trying since yesterday.
Try mine. lf she sees another number, maybe she'll reply.
What are you talking about? lf her phone's off, it's off, okay.
- Do you have any aspirin? - l'm sorry, no.
- See if any of these can help. - Thanks. All uppers, huh?
l hope the others come down before my wife gets here,.. l can say goodbye. - Flavia's taking a shower.
The two young people have already left.
- They've left? - Yes, at seven this morning.
They didn't even say goodbye...
- Did they pay at least? - Yes, of course.
- Weird. Were they together? - Yes, very much so.
- Hi, Flavia. - Good morning.
Flavia, where did you get to last night?
You disappeared all of a sudden. Where did you go?
- l turned a trick. - You did what?
A man paid me for it.
l don't know why l did such a crazy thing.
l went out for a walk and this car pulled up.
The driver was a sweet guy,.. l got in the car and he set the price.
- You're kidding! - l'm not.
l have to admit l was scared at first.
But then l got over it and, well,.. turned out to be a pleasant experience.
lt's something l never imagined doing.
Are you serious?
Of course not!
l almost believed you.
Look at the damage your dessert did!
Flavia, drink a lot of fluids to cleanse your system.
Here they are!
- Laura, darling, over here! - Ernesto's wife.
- Darling! - Honey!
Had a good drive up?
Give Dad a kiss!
Only if you've set your ideas straight.
- Let me introduce you. - How do you do?
- This is my wife. Fabio... - Luca. - How do you do?
Holy moly, you're well hidden.
We took the wrong road three times.
Could l have a glass of water?
- Please... - Thank you, guys!
- l'm Flavia. - How do you do? l'm Laura.
- Those teeth! - Like a picket fence.
My stitches!
For Fabietto.
''You're well hidden''.
- Ernesto's in bad shape. - Really bad. Too bad for him.
Don't laugh. One, two, three.
- Your water. - Thanks.
- Have some fruit juice. - We can't stay.
We have to see Duccio di Boninsegna's frescoes,.. Sant'Orsola. - Let's see the frescoes, then.
- Brought the camera? - Sure!
Here you go. Holy moly...
Fabietto's good at taking photos. Fabietto, take a photo of us.
Come on. Time to immortalize the group.
The survivors of the 6:45 pm group.
Come here, darling.
- Take it! - Dad, don't look so sad.
Holy moly.
Daria, thank you for what you are and what you've given me,..
..but l'm not the right man for you. Sorry about this.
l'm writing because seeing you could weaken my resolve.
All the best.
Gege, forgive me.
Thank you for everything, but l'm not the right woman for you.
l don't have the courage to tell you.
l'm so ashamed and l couldn't tell you to your face.
l wish you all the best for now and the future. Daria.
Well done! You're on time today.
Maybe because you didn't stop to dress decently!
On May 25, at 10:1 5,..
..Galeazzo Tinacci, disregarding his father's orders,..
..invaded the family factory,.. take over, from his father-boss-asshole, Camillo Tinacci,..
..for reasons of excessive old age..
..and for testing the limits of his workers' tolerance.
From this moment on,..
..the captain of industry Camillo Tinacci.. requested to withdraw from professional life,.. allow for the reorganization, including on a mental level,..
..of the whole company.
lf he's got that, fine!
lf not, there's a more direct way of putting it that can help.
Fuck off!
l did it!
lf l take the 10:40 pm to Bolzano and get off in Bologna at 3:28 am,.. there a connection back to Rome for 7:45 in the morning?
- You're coming right back? - Yes!
Flight number AR 680 to Buenos Aires. Your attention please.
Passenger Tinacci is requested to go to gate C10....
Possible side effects: irritability, aggressiveness, delusions,..
..disorders of a sexual nature.
Signor Tinacci, we were waiting for you.
- Here you go. - Thank you.
- Are you scared of flying? - l live on planes.
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What Fault Is It Of Ours 2003 CD1
What Fault Is It Of Ours 2003 CD2
What Lies Beneath CD1
What Lies Beneath CD2
What Planet Are You From
What Price Glory
What Women Want
What Women Want CD1
What Women Want CD2
What a Girl Wants
What a Way to Go 1964
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane 1962
Whatever It Takes
Whats Eating Gilbert Grapewegg CD1
Whats Eating Gilbert Grapewegg CD2
Whats Love Got To Do With It 1993
Whats New Pussycat
Whats The Worst That Could Happen
Whats Up Doc
Wheels on Meals
When A Man Loves A Woman 1994 CD1
When A Man Loves A Woman 1994 CD2
When Harry Met Sally
When I Turned Nine 2004 CD1
When I Turned Nine 2004 CD2
When Ruoma Was Seventeen 2002
When The Last Sword Is Drawn 2003 CD1
When The Last Sword Is Drawn 2003 CD2
When Will I Be Loved 2004
When the Rain Lifts 1999
When the Sky Falls
When we were kings
Where Angels Go Trouble Follows (James Neilson 1968)
Where Eagles Dare CD1
Where Eagles Dare CD2
Where The Heart Is
Where the Red Fern Grows 2003
Where the Sidewalk Ends
Whirlpool 1949
Whisper of the Heart
White Chicks
White Dragon
White Fang - To the Rescue
White Man Cant Jump CD1
White Man Cant Jump CD2
White Palace
White Sheik The
White Sun Of The Desert 1970
White Valentine - 25fps - 1999
White Valentine 1999
Who Are You 2002 CD1
Who Are You 2002 CD2
Who Is Cletis Tout
Who framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
Whole Nine Yards The
Whole ten yards The
Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf CD1
Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf CD2
Whos Harry Crumb
Whos That Knocking at My Door
Whos Your Daddy
Wicked - 29,970fps 1998
Wicked 1998
Wicked 1998 29,970fps
Wicked City - 1973
Wicked City 1973
Wicker Park CD1
Wicker Park CD2
Wild Bunch The
Wild Bunch The - Restored Directors Cut
Wild One The
Wind Carpet The (Kamal Tabrizi 2003)
Wind Will Carry Us The CD1
Wind Will Carry Us The CD2
Wings of Desire CD1
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Wizard Of Darkness
Wizard of Oz The CD1
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Women from Mars
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World Is Not Enough The
Worst of Ed Wood Boxed Set The