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What Lies Beneath CD2

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I couldn't catch my breath...
...and I panicked.
I never dreamed anyone would hear me.
I tried to leave him.
I went to my mother's in Providence...
...but he brought my things up... the middle of the night...
...during the rainstorm.
He pleaded with me to come home.
You must think I'm pathetic.
I don't.
I'll be quick. I've got to get Sidon|to okay my budget before his trip.
What's Templeton's wife's name again?
Lois. Phil and Lois Templeton.
Don't let her corner you,|she'll chew your ear off.
- Evening, Phil.|- Here they are.
How do you do? Hi.
Hi. Nice to see you again, Lois.
White wine, please.
How are you holding up?
Just fine. It's a lovely party.
Norman was telling me the house|is finished.
- Almost.|- Wonderful.
It's good to see you doing so well.
Thank you.
Well, I was worried.
I don't think I've seen you since|Norman's reception here last year.
You were worried?
I swear, I've become that nosy old lady|I used to run away from at Amherst.
No, I'm just not sure what you mean.
You got so upset.
Oh, at the party.
For the DuPont Chair.
You remember?
Well, I remember the party, but...
Oh, God!
I had completely forgotten.
I broke your crystal.
Oh, my dear.
A cheap wine glass from the caterers.
But you went completely pale.|You couldn't catch your breath.
It was as if you had seen a ghost.
"Missing girl."
Madison Elizabeth.
Madison Elizabeth...
Hey, good morning.
Up all night?
You okay?
Do you remember this?
It's the girl that disappeared|last year.
Did you know her?
Claire, I'm afraid to ask.
Where's all this going?
It's her.
The woman I saw in the bathtub.
- The ghost?|- Yes, the ghost.
I thought it was Mrs. Feur,|but it's not.
I'm positive this time.
Claire, stop it!
Stop it.
I know you're going through something|I don't understand.
I have tried to be here for you,|but this is enough, Claire.
Do you want to go see somebody|together?
I'll call Dr. Drayton.
Then what, Claire? What?
Tell me what to do.
It's her.
So let me ask you this...|Mr. McCain?
- "McCann."|- McCann.
Nothing was ever found?|No car, or...?
{y:i}Listen...|{y:i}This girl's a real live wire.
{y:i}She drives around in a souped-up|{y:i}Mustang convertible.
{y:i}Most people think she's...
{y:i}... off around Mexico or somewhere|{y:i}with her friends.
{y:i}The police downgraded it to a runaway.
{y:i}Her mother lives out here|{y:i}in Addison County.
- Mrs. Frank?|- Yeah?
I'm Claire.
I wanted to talk to you about Madison.
Just plain coffee.
- None of that mocha nonsense.|- Fine.
You look a little old for a student.
I'm not a student. We met at a party.
Well, that sounds about right.
I never understood how a girl|that wild got all A's.
She liked to read a lot, though.
Sometimes she'd lock herself up|in her room for days, just reading.
They wanted to put her in a school|for the gifted when she was young.
Maddie wouldn't hear about it.
I don't know where she got it.|She didn't get it from me.
She probably got it|from her father's side of the family.
She never really mentioned her father.
Yeah, well, she wouldn't.
She was 12 when he left.
Never spoke about him after that.
You don't even need the sound.
You can pretty much tell|what's happening by the faces.
I turn it up sometimes, though.
Feels like there's someone here.
Why are you here?
I don't know.
You want to see her room?
Full scholarship.
Princeton too.
She wanted to stay on the East Coast.
You must be so proud.
These are the last pictures|taken of her.
The police used this one.
Let me get that. Excuse me.
- Hello, Dr. Spencer.|- Mrs. Spencer.
Forbidden fruit.
You got a problem with that?
Guess this means you're not|mad at me anymore, huh?
I wouldn't go that far.
Take it easy, huh?
What's got into you?
- Ow!|- What's the matter?
It's too rough.
Since when?
This is a brand-new...
- Okay, Claire, that's...|- Why don't you shut up, professor?
Why don't you just...
...shut up?
I think she's starting|to suspect something.
Your wife.
Stop it!
You know.
What the hell are you doing?
I know.
I was there.
Just before the accident.
I remember now.
I came to the door.
There was whispering.
I saw you in the mirror...
...lying there with her... our house.
Claire, listen to me.
She was at the DuPont party...
...staring at me. It was her.
That's why I couldn't breathe.
That's why I dropped the glass.
Honey, that was last year.|We were having troubles.
So you slept with a fucking student?
- That's not what I'm saying.|- Don't touch me.
Get away from me.
Get out!
I said, get out!
Claire, please, please.
I gave up everything.
Claire, please don't...
- My life, my music.|- I never asked you to quit.
There was never any other choice!
You had to topple perfect daddy.|That meant perfect wife.
- Perfect family.|- That's not fair.
You were touring with a baby...
...and you were happy to give it up.
When you did, you hated me for it,|so you gave it all to her.
- Who?|- Caitlin!
Leave her out of this.
And then some bright|young woman finds me attractive.
- Stop it!|- And I slipped!
- God help me, I slipped!|- I'm not gonna listen.
- Claire, I tried to break it off.|- You should've tried harder.
I was in Adamant.
In Adamant?
You know, that artsy little hippie|village a couple hours away down on 7.
I stopped at this café to get coffee,|and I see Norman sitting in the back.
But he wasn't alone.
It was a young blond woman.
I didn't see her face.
I didn't think anything of it|at first.
And I was walking over to say hello.
And they started arguing|in such a way...
...that it stopped me.
Then a few days later,|you were in the accident.
And I get a bizarre call from Stan|working at the hospital...
...asking me, was I with you that day?
If you were upset about anything.
He made it sound|like you had deliberately...
...driven your car into a tree.
And I thought, "Oh, my God.
Claire's found out."
And when I went to the hospital,|I see Norman.
And he was so desperate|at the thought...
...of losing you.
I couldn't say anything.
...don't hate me, Claire.
I don't hate you.
{y:i}Hello, this is Miss Jody.
{y:i}Can't get to the phone. Leave your|{y:i}name and I'll call you back.
{y:i}Jody, it's Norman.
{y:i}I'm looking for Claire.|{y:i}Will you please...
{y:i}... ask her to call home, please?
I can't talk to him.
Will you call and tell him|I'll be home in the morning?
I have to ask him something.
Oh, God!
- How's his blood pressure?|- 140/80.
- How about his rhythm?|- Rhythm is normal. Normal sinus.
- No sign of arrhythmia.|- Good.
Pulse/ox is normal.|His pupils were equal.
I'd still like to take you down.
I'm fine, really.
Dr. Powell, I'd recommend|a cardiac workup.
- I'll take care of that.|- He needs to sign the release form.
Thanks, guys.
They can take you for a CAT scan|tomorrow if you start feeling dizzy.
I'm not going to the hospital...
...unless they have|a miracle drug for clumsiness.
Honey, I'm so sorry.
Thank God you came home.
- Thank you.|- You're welcome.
You know, if that breaker|hadn't popped, he...
I know.
Yeah, don't worry, Claire.
You just keep him quiet tonight, okay?
You might want to think twice|about keeping anything electrical... to the tub.|- Oh, thank you.
Goodbye. Call me, okay?
I called you last night.|I left a message on Jody's machine.
I want you to answer one question.
Did you have anything to do|with her disappearance?
I had an affair with her.
And when I tried to break it off...
...she became unstable.
She came out here to the house.
She threatened to kill herself...
...or you.
I didn't think she'd|go through with any of it.
But then she...
She disappeared.
It was her, Norman.
She tried to kill you.
- Claire.|- You said it yourself.
She wanted you dead.
Are you saying I was attacked|by a ghost?
You had an affair with a girl...
...who threatened to kill herself, and|now there's a presence in our house.
A young, blond girl.
Don't you get it?
She did it, Norman.
She's dead...
...and now she's trying to hurt you|or both of us.
- You don't know that she's dead.|- Of course we do!
It's the only thing that makes...
Oh, God.
It's my fault. I...
I opened the door.
- Madison. I stole her hair.|- From where?
- And it gave her power.|- Claire.
Nothing attacked me.|There are no ghosts.
It was an accident. I'm fine.
It's not your fault.|Are you listening to me?
- Yes.|- Claire, say it.
Say it:|"It was an accident.
It's not my fault."
Say it, Claire.
I need to go lie down.
I didn't sleep last night,|and I need to lie down.
I want to be alone for a while.
{y:i}Hey, Teddy, it's me.|{y:i}Right, yeah.
What's the name of that friend of|yours? That who-you-gonna-call guy?
The guy that does the paranormal|psych stuff?
Could you contact him and ask him|to give me a call here?
I'd really like to talk to him today.
Yes, this is he.
Thanks for calling back.
No, sir. That was my father.
Yeah, he passed away|a couple of years ago.
Yes, he was. Thank you.
Look, the reason I'm calling is...
I'm a little out of my depth here.
Someone who is very close to me...
...believes herself to be|or seems to be... contact with some kind of...
...entity or spirit, and...
No, there's no... history of delusional behavior.
Well, I guess what I'm asking is,|is it possible that she could be...
...causing these manifestations...
...through some kind of unconscious|or telekinetic...?
Is there anything else|that it could be?
And this has been documented?
I'm sorry,|but could I call you back...
...or have you call me back?
Please, yes, that'll be great.
Thank you, sir.
You all right, Claire?
The braid!
Where's the braid?
What are you talking about?
What are you talking about?|This?
Is this what you're talking about?
- Where'd you get this?|- I took it from Madison's house.
This is hers?
This is Madison Frank's hair?
What do you think?
I really don't know.
...I believe you.
Hey, Coop.
You're playing.
She's gone.
How do you know?
I can feel it.
I picked up the book you ordered|at the bookstore.
Claire, I don't know how to apologize|to you for what I've done.
But if you give me another chance...
...I promise I'll spend the rest of my|life making you glad that you did.
Last sail of the year.
Beautiful, isn't it?
We ought to take a drive|before the leaves all disappear.
- Stay at a little bed-and-breakfast.|- Look for antiques.
Yeah, we haven't|done that for a while.
- Adamant?|- An artsy little village down 7.
Supposed to be charming.
- Do you know it?|- No.
Maybe we'll stop there for lunch.
What's that for?
God, oh, God...
You don't understand what that is.
Don't I, Norman?
That's Madison's necklace.
You killed her, didn't you?
I did not.
I didn't kill anyone.
Jesus, Claire.
Listen to me.
When I got here...
...she was already dead. She killed|herself in our house to destroy me.
Do you think I'm stupid?
She left that for you in the garden,|with a letter.
I burned the letter|and threw the box in the lake.
A week before...
...she showed up at the DuPont party.
I was terrified.
She insisted, so I agreed|to meet her here.
When I got here...
...she had taken pills.
I tried to revive her, but...
...she was gone.
There was nothing I could do.
So I put her in her car...
...and I drove to the boat ramp...
...and I rolled it out into the lake.
I made a terrible mistake.|I know that.
But tell me, Claire.
What should I have done?|Should I sacrifice everything?
Our marriage?
My work,|which I spent my whole life on?
Tell me, Claire.
Tell me, please. Because we can|put this behind us.
Our life can go on.
It's not too late.
What are you asking me to do?
I'm asking you to forgive me.
That girl must be brought up.
Hello. This is Dr. Norman Spencer.
I have some information...
...about a missing person.
Madison Frank, yes.
Could you send an officer|out to the house, please?
15 Willoughby Lane.
It's about a mile from the bridge.
Thank you.
I'm gonna go get dressed.
{y:i}Information. What city?
Stop it!
I begged you, Claire.
I pleaded with you.
But you wouldn't let it go.
Oh, Claire.
I never wanted any of this to happen.
All I ever wanted...
...was for you to love me.
Be proud of me.
To be happy.
She was going to go to the dean.
She would have ruined us.
Did she think I was just|gonna sit there...
...and watch it happen?
You have no idea what it was like.
Hold her underwater... her life slip away.
But she gave me no choice.
And neither have you.
I can't figure out|how you put it all together.
At first I thought you knew.
Thought you created the whole|ghost thing as an elaborate trap.
Then I realized you believed it.
It was a passive-aggressive|masterpiece.
The first time I met you...
...all I ever wanted was to spend|the rest of my life with you.
It's not gonna happen now.
Too cold.
I almost froze to death laying here...
...wet, naked, pretending to be|electrocuted.
Hey, Coop.
How you doing? How you doing, boy?
Let's go get your ball. Come on.
Jody, it's Norman.
If you're there, pick up, please.
It's Norman.
Listen, Claire and I...
...had a terrible blowout.
Could you do me a favor?
I'm sleeping at the lab. Could|you check on her in the morning?
I'm worried about her.
The halothane's starting to wear off.
I'm sure in some...
...tragic way,|your suicide is gonna... bring Caitlin and I|closer together.
And every time I look at her...
...l'll see you.
Oh, God.
What's this?
Oh, shit.
I'm on the bridge!
Somebody help me!
I'm on the bridge!
I beg you...
...think of Caitlin.
Please, don't. Please.
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