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Subtitles for Whats Eating Gilbert Grapewegg CD1.

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Whats Eating Gilbert Grapewegg CD1

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nine, ten, eleven...
twelve, thirteen,|nineteen, seventeen...
- Arnie...|- fifteen, seventeen.|- Arnie, eat some chicken.
I don't...|I don't want any chicken, Gilbert.
You want some corn?
- I want... I want some corn.|- Have some corn.
Yeah, here.
- Good?|- Mm-mmm.
Not good corn.
- Gilbert?|- Hmm?
Are they gonna come soon?
'Cause I gotta go back home,|you know?
- Pretty soon.|- I want them to come.
- You wanna go home?|- No.
I wanna see 'em.
They're gonna come soon, huh?
How many more miles|till they come, Gilbert?
- Three million, buddy.|- Three?|- Yep.
Gilbert! That's them, huh?|Gilbert, look, it's them!
Look! Look over there!
Over there!
Look at them, Gilbert!|They're coming!
Honk your horn!|Honk your horn!
- Arnie, get back here!|- Honk your horn!
- My brother Arnie's about to turn 18.|- Arnie!
- My family's planning|a big party for him.|- Arnie, come on!
Watching the campers|is our yearly ritual.
They're doing the right thing|just passing through.
God, Arnie. You're gettin' so big.|Pretty soon...
- I ain't gonna be able|to carry you no more.|- No.
- You know,|you're getting littler, Gilbert.|- Yeah.
You're getting littler.|You're shrinking.
You're shrinking, Gilbert.|You're shrinking.
Shrinking, shrinking, shrinking!
Endora's where we are.
Describing Endora|is like dancing to no music.
It's a town where|nothing much ever happens...
and nothing much ever will.
Lamson's Grocery is where I work.
And miles out of town on the interstate,|there's Foodland...
where everyone else shops.
This is where I live with my family.|My dad built the house...
and it's my job|to keep up the repairs.
Doctors said we'd be lucky|if Arnie lived to be ten.
Well, ten came and went.|Now the doctors are saying...
"Any time now.|Arnie can go at any time."
Some days you want him to live...
some days you don't.
- What is it, buddy?|- I killed him.
- I killed him, Gilbert.|- I know.|- I killed him.
I know, buddy.|I know.
My older sister Amy's|more like a mother.
She used to manage the elementary|school cafeteria over in Motley...
until it burned down last year.
My other sister, Ellen,|just turned 15.
She got her braces off,|and for days now she's been|walking around going, "Ooh. Ahh."
Like she can't believe|the feel of teeth.
I got another brother, Larry,|but he got away.
And then there's Mama,|who in her day...
was the prettiest girl|in these parts.
Ever since our dad|was hung out to dry 17 years ago...
Mama's had her hands full.
You see, with Mama there's|no nice way to break it to you.
She hasn't left the house|in over seven years.
- I'm Gilbert.|- Amy, I need your help.|- What is it?
- Gilbert Grape.|- The garbage.
- "This is the stuff of the circus."|- Sunshine? Where's my sunshine?
I don't know, Mama.
- Just the essentials.|- Okay.
Gilbert, get him down from there.
- Arnie?|- Hurry.|- Let's go.
- Amy, have you seen Arnie?|- No.
- I thought he was with you.|- No. No.
- I wonder where he is.|- Gee, I don't know.
Ellen, have you seen your brother?
- He's in the tree.|- Ellen!
He is not in the tree.|Gilbert already looked in the tree.
Isn't that right, Gilbert?
Yeah, that's right.
Whoa! Arnie.|Don't do that.
Don't do that. You scared me.|Come here.
- Wait, wait. I was up there, Gilbert!|- Yeah, you were up in the tree.
I was right up there.
Can I help you with anything?
- No.|- Thank you, and goodbye.
- Gilbert?|- Sir?
- Is something goin' on at Foodland?|- Well, I wouldn't know, sir.
I don't shop there.|I'd rather die.
I'll tell you, Foodland's|up to something if you ask me.
It's those lobsters, isn't it?
Scads of lobsters all in a tank.
Am I right?
You know,|you shouldn't worry about it.
It's just a phase.|People will come back here, believe me.
- You think?|- Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
The way you say that makes me think|I'm talking to your father.
- Can I have these two, Gilbert?|- No, just one.|- Come on.
- Can I have these two?|- Sure, go ahead.
Say "Thank you."
- Say hello to Mama for me.|- All righty. See you tomorrow.
Gilbert? That was Mrs Carver|needing a delivery.
Could you?
- Hello, Gilbert.|- Hello.
- Boys, go on outside.|- But we don't want to.
- Yeah, we don't want to.|- Go play.
Hey! Hey!
Arnie, get back in the truck.|Keep countin', okay?
Okay. I was counting.
Five, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen,|fourteen, fifteen, sixteen...
Hey, kids, let's play!|Come on! Look!
We got the trampoline.|Come on, boys. It's fun!
The, uh...|The ice cream's gonna melt...
You're right.|It is melting.
Oh, my God!|Oh, my God!
- Oh, my God.|- Oh, my!
- Oh, my God.|- Oh, my.|- Oh, my God.
- Come on up here. I wanna show you.|- I don't wanna do it.|- I don't either.
- You don't wanna do it?|- I want a pool.
- You want a pool?|- Yeah.|- Yeah, we want a pool.
Come on. Come on up here.|Up, up, up, up, up, up.
Gilbert was just making a delivery.
Oh. Oh.
Gilbert, come here for a second.
- Here.|- Oh, no, no, no, no. Really, uh...
Oh, no. No, no, here.|I insist. You deserve it.
- Thank you.|- Thank you.
- Bye, Gilbert.|- Bye.
Come by my office.|We need to talk.
{y:i}Okay, son, it's a little dangerous|{y:i}up there. Come on down.
- Arnie, get down!|- "Come on, son."|{y:i}We've had enough fun for one day.
- "Come on down."|- Hey!
Hey! Hey!
Wanna go up there!
- "Son?"|- Yeah?
- "Come on down."|- No!
I'm not coming down!|I'm goin' up there!
{y:i}Son, come on down.
I'm gonna go up there!
- Arnie? Arnie. Come on down, buddy.|- Look up here.
{y:i}Okay, son.|{y:i}Come on down.
I'm gonna go up here!
- "Come on, son."|- I'm goin' higher than before!
- I'm goin' high!|- "It's gonna be getting dark soon."|{y:i}Come on down.
- Hey.|- Hey, Bob. Yeah, look it.|Here we go again.
Basically, I don't like|to work on carburettors...
and I can tell|without gettin' into it...
that that is a complicated unit.
l... Now, I understand. I can do it|myself, but I need the part.
Look, let me show you.
See, it's this|little guy right here.
See, the needle valve|is worn down.
- And I need a new one. Can we order it?|- Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am.
- I can order it.|- I'm goin' up there!|- About how long|do you think that would take?
- Probably a week.|- A week?|- "Don't make us come get you."
l... You don't have to come get me!|I'm goin' up here!
Whoa! I'm not gonna fall!|Whoops!
- Whoa!|- Whoa.
My shoe done fell off.
My shoe done fell off, Gilbert.
{y:i}I know a boy|{y:i}whose name is Arnie
{y:i}He's about to turn 18|{y:i}and have a big party
{y:i}I know a boy|{y:i}whose name is Arnie
{y:i}Come on down, buddy.|{y:i}Come on.
{y:i}Match in the gas tank|{y:i}Boom, boom
{y:i}Match in the gas tank|{y:i}Boom, boom
{y:i}Match in the gas tank|{y:i}Boom, boom
{y:i}Match in the gas tank|{y:i}Boom, boom
{y:i}Boom, boom, boom, boom
{y:i}Match in the gas tank|{y:i}Boom, boom
- Good boy.|- Easy does it, now.|- Come on down, buddy.
- All right!|- Come on down.
Come on!
Here we go. All right.|Thanks a lot, Jerry. Really sorry.
Good.|Good boy. Good boy.
I'm gonna take him home.|I promise it won't happen again.
Son, we hear this every time.|Then after a couple of days,|he's right back up there again.
Yeah, but this is the last time.|Right, buddy?
- It's the last time.|- Yeah.
- Come on. Let's go.|- I wanna go back up there again.
Let's go.
- I wanna go up there again.|- Arnie, man, good job.|- Hey.
- Don't touch him.|- Whoa! Nice try!
- Way to go, Arnie.|Could you do it again for me?|- Get out of here.
- Hey, could you help me out later...|- Yeah.|- with the fridge?
- With the what?|- Something wrong with the fridge.
- The electricity?|- I don't know. Maybe.
- All right. I have to get my tools.|- Hi.
I'll see you... I'll just come by later.|Hi. You be careful, all right, Arnie?
Don't disappear like that|again on me, okay?
Okay. I disappeared.
I disappeared on Mom like that.
- Please don't disappear.|- Just let him go.
- Gilbert, will you bring the milk?|- I promise, Mama.
- Good boy.|- Disappear like that.|- Good boy.
The food.
- Are we ready to talk about the party?|- Sure.|- I'm ready.
Ellen's in charge of decorations.|Get this... purple, orange and green.
- Sounds good.|- Theme colours, okay?
- That sounds pretty good.|- I'm doing the food, the cake.
Arnie, I'm making something|very special for you.
- And Mama,|you can supervise everything.|- Mm-hmm.
- Okay with everybody?|- That's disgusting.|- Sounds good.
What about me?
You are the guest of honour.|How about that?
Gilbert, what about me?|My party! It's my party!
- What about me?|- You just show up, buddy.|That's your job.
- All you have to do is show up.|- You don't have to do anything.
All you have to do is turn 18.
- You know, that just leaves Gilbert.|- Huh?
You're the only one|without anything to do.
- Got any ideas?|- Sure he does.
- No, I don't. No, I don't.|- Yes, you do.
- I'm almost 16,|and I've got pages of ideas.|- Ellen...
She designed a whole cake,|and you haven't done anything.
- Stop it, Ellen. Can it.|- Can I be excused?|- He never does anything!
- No!|- Please, can't we just do|something as a family?
- This is no fair, Mom! l...|- Can I please be excused?|- It's my party!
- We're planning this as a family.|- It's my party though!|- Is that too much to ask?
So it's gonna be an exact copy of the|one... the original they built in Boone.
- Really?|- Which is no big deal, Gilbert...
'cause they're all...|all Burger Barns are built identical.
They're prefabricated.|They just ship 'em out.
I mean, it's so efficient.|It's amazing.
In a matter of a couple days...
there can be|a whole new restaurant there.
So I was driving past|the building site today.
- You know, it's goin' up right next to...|right down the road from Foodland.|- Right.
The general manager was there.|So I says...
"Can I fill out an application?"|He said, "You bet you can."
So I did, you know,|and it looks really good. I mean...
I might be wearin' one of them|uniforms, flippin' some burgers...
saltin' some fries.
You never know. It could be the|best thing that ever happened to me.
- Hey! Get...|- What's the matter?
Get out of here! God!
I saw her!|I saw her, I saw her!
- That wasn't nice.|- What? What did I do?
- You know what you did.|- Oh.
That's your mother in there.
- Your mother.|- I know.
I don't get you, man.|I just don't get it.
- Let's go, buddy.|- Okay.
Come on.
Run, now! Run!
- Hey! Bye-bye, Mama.|- Bye, you guys.|- Bye, you guys.
- Move, honey.|- Gilbert, you're shrinking.
Shrinking, shrinking, shrinking!
I'm not tired yet, Gilbert.
Well, you gotta go to sleep, okay?
Okay. Goodbye.
No, it's not goodbye.|It's good night.
- Yeah.|- Goodbye...
is for when you're going away,|and we're not going anywhere, are we?
I know that.
- Jeez, I know that, Gilbert.|- See you tomorrow.
We're not going anywhere!
- Goodbye!|- Arnie.
- You gotta work later?|- Hi, boys.|- Yeah, I do.
- Hi, Arnie.|- Hi there, ladies.|- I gotta come back.
- How's Mama?|- She's fat.
- Come on, man.|She's not all that big, Gilbert.|- What?
Listen, I saw a guy at the state fair|who was a little bit bigger.
A little bit bigger?
- Look, all I'm saying is she's not|the biggest I've ever seen.|- Tucker, she's a whale.
- Well, take her out for walk|once in a while.|- Tucker, she's a whale!
- Take her out for a jog.|- Get her out of the house.|- Tucker, she's a whale!|- Hey, Bobby.
- Hey, Bobby.|- Give her a chance.
- That's all I'm sayin'.|- Hi, guys.|- I know.
- How's business?|- Not good. Hey!
Nobody's dying.
There's a clear ladder.|There's a clear corporate ladder.
- I mean, this is not...|- That's good.
That's a good thing for you to do...|to have that happen.
- If you guys would give it a chance...|- l-l...
I just was saying that|it wasn't something that|I should be doing for myself.
Look, they use canola oil, okay?|You know what canola oil is?|You probably don't.
- No.|- They probably don't even sell it|at Lamson's Grocery.
- No.|- It's cutting edge.
- It creates a crispier french fry and...|- Well, that's...
and a more unique product.
And Burger Barn... Forget Wendy's,|forget Burger King, forget McDonald's.
That's, like, old hat.|Burger Barn's cutting edge.
I mean, l-I could really|stand behind it. There's...
It's an innovative place. You know,|they created the salad bar...
which is now mimicked by every|single fast-food chain in America.
- Yeah.|- They came up with that.
Fifteen different toppings|for each salad,|and two different kinds of lettuce.
And it's, you know,|it's all that you care to eat.
- I mean...|- Yeah.
You either go from clerk to fry cook|to cook to assistant manager...
of you can go from clerk|to cashier captain...
to assistant manager.
And then from assistant manager,|you could go to, uh, manager...
and then regional manager|and then...
Look at the little fellas.
You mean my hoppers.
Let's try this.
For my friend.
There you go, my boy.
What do you say, Arnie?
Thank you.|Thank you, thank you, thank you.
This Thursday.
It's our anniversary.
I'll need a delivery later.
Have a nice day.
He's behind the chips.
- Delivery, son.|- Excuse me?
Delivery. She's gonna be|needin' some help.
Yes, sir.
- Is that your bike?|- Yes.
I'll do it, Gilbert.|I'll do it.
- Here. Wait a sec.|- I got it!
- I did it, huh?|- Look there.|- I did it by myself.
Yeah. Look at that.
- I could go at any time.|- Shh. Arnie. No.
Any time.
Excuse me. Where to?
Oh, just keep going straight.
All right.
My mom... My mom wants me|to become... become 18.
And I'm having a big...|a big party, huh, Gilbert?
- Yep.|- When is that party coming?|- Six days.
Six days and my party,|and I'm gonna become 18.
- I'm 18, and you're not invited.|- Arnie.
- Don't be rude.|- Oh, it's okay.
He's just being honest.|I don't mind.
- l-I got the groceries!|- All right. Be careful with them.
I got the groceries.|I got 'em, okay?
- Oh.|- Uh-oh, Gilbert.|- No, Arnie.
- Oh, no!|- I'm sorry.
- I'm really sorry.|- It's okay.
- Don't worry about it.|- No, no, I'm really... I'm really sorry.
- This is...|- It's okay.
- I'm sorry.|- Don't be sorry.
Are you sorry? No.
I'm not sorry. He's not sorry.|We're not sorry.
Don't be sorry.
I'm not sorry.
So I think if we're gonna have|people come that early,|we should have some appetizers.
Ooh, yeah, that'd be good. You know|those little Vienna sausage things?
And you put 'em in grape jelly|and ketchup and make a sauce.
- Well, I was thinking...|- I want hot dogs, Mom.|- How about pretzels?
- You know, like those Hawaiian|appetizers that they make with...|- No.
You get pineapple chunks|out of the can and you wrap them...
with little pieces of bacon|and you put a toothpick through 'em.
- How do you cook the bacon?|- In the oven on a pan.
But the bacon's not gonna be crisp if|you bake it in the oven on a sheet.
- Yes, it will.|- And nobody wants greasy...
- I want hot dogs!|- No, you-you soak 'em...|- floppy bacon.
- Mama, I want hot dogs!|- We're gonna have hot dogs, honey.
- Mama...|- I promise, we're gonna have hot dogs.|- What... I want hot dogs.
- The thing about...|- We're gonna have hot dogs.|- every party that I've been to...
- Ellen.|- is that...|- Ellen?|- What?
- Could you not talk|with your mouth full?|- Excuse me?
You're making me sick.|I'm gonna throw up.
- Oh. Okay, Dad.|- Ellen.
- Sure thing, Dad.|- Will you two cut it out?
- Okay, Dad. Sure thing, Dad.|- That's nice.
- Stop it, you guys.|- Don't start.|- Dad's dead, Ellen.
- Gilbert!|- Gilbert!|- I can't believe you said that!
- Shut up!|- Dad's dead!
- Arnie.|- Dad's dead!
- Arnie, shh. Arnie...|- Dad's dead!
- It's okay. Stop it now.|- Oh, God.|- Dad's dead! Dad's dead!
- Arnie, stop it!|- Calm down, Mama. Don't get upset.|- Dad's dead! Dad's dead!
- Make him stop.|- Dad's dead!|- Arnie, shut up!
- Dead! Dead! Dead! Dead! Dead! Dead!|- You're crazy... You're crazy, Arnie!
- Arnie...|- Stop it.|- Arnie...
- Dad's dead!|- Arnie, listen to me!|- Dad's dead! Dad's dead!
- Dad's dead! Dad's dead!|- Just calm down!|- Stop it!
- Stop it! Stop it!|- Dad's dead!|- That's enough!
- Arnie, that's enough!|- Stop it!|- Dad's dead!
Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
- Arnie, be quiet.|- Right now!|- Dad's dead!
I said, stop it right now!
Amy. Amy.
It should be two-by-tens|or two-by-twelves...
and the space|between 'em here is... should...
They're... Right now, it's at two feet,|and this should be 16 inches.
I mean, that's just standard.|And this right here...
See this here? Flat flooring?|I mean, flat flooring's like...
Once the wood gets old, you're|just gonna fall right through it.
Yeah, I guess Daddy wasn't|much of a carpenter.
Hey, Gilbert, why did... why did he use|two-by-sixes instead of two-by...
- Tucker!|- What?
- Shh. Keep it down.|- Sorry.
She's coming.|Hey, she's coming.
- You all right? You okay?|- Yeah.
- Yeah, I'm fine.|- Thanks a lot for coming.
- Yeah, I'll come by tomorrow|with the wood.|- Great.
Just... Let's keep it quiet.|Oh, I forgot to tell you.
- What?|- Burger Barn. I'm in.
- I got the call.|- Oh, oh. Good.
It's not too late, you know.|Good night.
- I think she's asleep.|- "Let's say that you wanna"|{y:i}slice down zucchini squash...
{y:i}with the electric food dehydrator.|{y:i}Look at this.
{y:i}- Wonderful.|{y:i}- Perfect slices each and every time.
{y:i}- Is that nice?|{y:i}- Marvellous.
{y:i}Of course, if you know someone|{y:i}that can't chew too well...
{y:i}- Okay.|{y:i}- Taking corn off the cob.
{y:i}Look at this. We'll just turn|{y:i}the dial down a little bit...
{y:i}... freezed corn, and sit there|{y:i}for hours with a knife.
{y:i}- Literally hours cutting your corn up.|{y:i}- Unbelievable.
{y:i}Of course, for un...
- "Right now, you get the..."|- Gilbert, what are you doing?
- Give me that.|- Sorry, Mama.
- Mama?|- Mm-hmm?
I made up that bed for you.
What for?
Well, just in case|you wanted a change.
I'm happy right where I am.
- You sure?|- Yeah.
Here you go.
Here you go, Mama.
Thanks, kids.
- Good night, Mama.|- You're so helpful.
- Another ball!|- I took her delivery,|we talked a little bit.
And that was it.|I dropped her off.
What's she doing here?
She... I don't know.|She's just sort of here.
- I think their car broke down|or something.|- Another ball!
Come on. You... I can see it|in your face that you're...
- Can we just not talk about this now?|Can we just change the subject?|- Why not?
- Do you understand?|- We want a pool.
- Okay. You're tellin' me later.|- I'll tell you everything later.
- Look at those guys out there.|- Gilbert.
They're laughing, they're all happy...
and waving to their friends.
But the next day... and this is|the thing that they don't know...
they could be lying on the slab.
It's kind of, uh, harsh.
But it's kind of fun too.
- Do you ever, um...|- What?
Well, you know.
- Thank you.|- Are you tempted to, like...
wanna fool around with the bodies?
- Oh, Tucker, come on.|- No, I wanted to ask.|I've always wanted to ask.
- That's all right.|- I'm sorry if|it makes you uncomfortable.|- No, no.
- People are very curious about that.|- Because, I mean|if you don't wanna talk about it...
The worst thing that we do is we take|the bodies... the grotesque ones...
the really, really ugly ones...
and we make... make jokes about them,|you know, harmless jokes.
Very harmless jokes,|but we come up with some...
- Come on.|- some very good... good jokes|about them, my father and me.
But-But, you know, they're dead.|And, uh...
- You know, nobody can see that.|Nobody hears anything.|- Hi, boys.
- Hi, Mrs Carver.|- Hello, Mrs Carver.|- Hi.
Those jokes don't hurt anybody.|Nobody knows we even make them.
Gilbert, I'm waiting for your call.
Mr Carver, I haven't seen|your mother in church lately.
- How's she doing?|- Fine. She's fine.
Thanks. Bye.
He wants...|He wants to kill you, right?
Do you prefer a bronze casket?
Hey! Gilbert!
Hey, can somebody give me|a hand down here?
- What?|- Can somebody give me a hand|with the wood?
- Hey, Arnie.|- Huh?
- You wanna go help Tucker?|- Uh-uh.
Arnie, go help Tucker in the basement.
Arnie, why don't you|go into the basement?
- I don't wanna go down there, Gilbert.|- Please?
No way! No way! No way!|You!
- Go down there, Gilbert.|- Is there a problem?
Gilbert? Hey!
Dad's in there!
Dad's in there!
Arnie, shut up!|Arnie!
Shut up! Shut up!
Come on! Arnie.
It's not funny!
Get back here!
Don't worry.|Those are two-by-sixes.
You know, there's six of'em,|so, you know, those could hold anybody.
- l-I forgot.|- What?
I forgot that|that was where your dad...
I'm-I'm sorry.
No, that's okay.|Don't worry about it.
- No, Arnie! No! No climbing!|- I wanna go up there!
Arnie! No, you're not!
Arnie! Not again!
- Arnie!|- I wanna go up there!|- Get down. Get down.
Get down!
You're not going anywhere!|Not too much fun, is it?
I wanna go up there!
No! We're going home!
We're going home.|Come on.
- Stop!|- Ellen, no! Stop it!
- Stop it!|- I told you, don't touch him.
- What am I supposed to do?|- Don't ever touch him again.|- He was climbing again!
I don't care. Just get out of here.|Get out of here!
Let me see, buddy.|Come on. Let me see.
Let me see. Oh, great.|You made him bleed!
What does Gilbert say?
If anybody ever hits you...
or even just lays a finger on you,|what are you gonna do?
You're gonna tell me, and then I'm|gonna take care of it for you, right?
And why will I take care of it?
- Gilbert.|- Hmm?
- Because you're Gilbert.|- Because I'm Gilbert.
Because nobody hurts Arnie,|right?
Okay. You wanna pick out some candy?
- Can I talk to you for a minute?|- What do you want?
We've got to keep|a closer eye on him.
- What?|- We've gotta do better.
Are you listening to me?
- Mine.|- And you.
- Huh?|- You have to stay here.
You stay right on this porch.|You don't go anywhere.
- Don't go anywhere.|- Don't go anywhere.
We're not going anywhere, Gilbert.|We're not going anywhere, you know?
We're not going anywhere.|We're not going anywhere.
We're not going...|We're not going anywhere.
We're not going anywhere!|We're not going anywhere!
Gilbert, we're not going anywhere.
We're not going anywhere!|We're not going anywhere.
Where are you going?
I'm waiting.|Waitin' for that call, Gilbert.
Hi, Gilbert.
- Oh, look. Come here.|- What?
- It's a praying mantis.|- Oh.
You know how they mate? The male|will sneak up on the female...
and she'll bite off his head...
and the rest of his body|will keep on mating.
And then when they're done...
she'll eat him.
She'll eat the rest of him.
Grandma, we have company.|So, do you want to eat?
- Help yourself.|- Oh, thank you. Wow.
Well, we missed the rally|in Des Moines.
If we get on the road by Friday,|we'll be able to make Colorado Springs|in time to catch them.
Have you ever been to Colorado?
No, ma'am.
It must be wonderful.
It must be incredibly|frustrating then...
to be stuck here in this place,|in Endora.
This place|is as good a place as any.
Think so?
She should know.
Becky's been just about|everywhere there is to go.
Places I didn't even know existed.
I'm a worldly kind of girl.
Me, I spent most of my whole life|in the same spot.
Why doesn't matter.
Anyway, she encouraged me|to get out.
Now she can't stay put anywhere.
She's the smartest,|most beautiful girl in the world.
Isn't she?|Isn't she beautiful?
Isn't she beautiful?
I'm sorry. She has this thing|with beauty that...
Oh, yeah, I noticed that.
I'm not into that... that whole|external beauty thing, you know.
- 'Cause it... it doesn't last.|- Right.
You're, you know... Eventually,|your face is gonna get wrinkly...
- you'll get grey hair...|- Sure.|- your boobs might sag.
You know? So what?
It's what you do|that really matters.
- Right?|- Yeah, sure.
So what do you wanna do?
Oh, uh, I don't know. I mean,|there's not so much to do here, really.
You can think of one thing.|Think of one thing that people do here.
Thank you.
It was nice meeting you.
Be nice.
- Hello.|- Hi.|- Hi.
Can I have yours|and I'll give you mine instead?
No, we want the big one!
You know something?|The one on top of it is fine.
- No, we want the big one!|- Yeah, I like it.
- Let's go.|- Come on! Get us the big one!
- Come on, Mom. Please?|- Here you go, guys.|- l...
- We want the big one.|- Yeah, that's fine.
It's changing.|That's what's wild about the sunset.
It'll just change really,|really slowly in front of your eyes.
I love the sky.
It's so limitless.
It is big.|It's very big.
Big doesn't even sum it up right.
That-That word "big" is so small.
You'd have to get|those really giant words...
to describe the sky.
Oh. Um...
I have to go do this thing.|It's kind of a family thing.
Do you want me to give you a ride|back into town, or do you wanna...
No, actually,|I'm just gonna sit here.
I could come back. I mean, I can...|I can come back and...
- Really?|- Yeah. Will you... You'll be here then?
- Yeah.|- All right.|- I'll just sit here.
All right, I'll be...|I'll be back in a little bit.
- Okay.|- Okay.
- Gilbert.|- Hey, buddy. Come on. We gotta go.
Gotta go. Gotta go. Gotta go.
- Gilbert, where's the duck?|- Where's the duck?|- I can't see the duck anywhere.
- Find him. Look. Where'd he go?|- Where's the duck?
- It's hiding. Find the duck.|- Arnie, I don't have time for this.
Lift up. Okay, good.
- Ducky.|- Good boy. You know what?
- You're such a big boy.|- Yeah.
- You're such a big boy.|- I'm a big boy.|- Hey, you know what?
I bet you could do this all|by yourself if you really wanted to.
- Could you do this by yourself?|- I'm a big boy.
- Yeah, be a big boy.|- Big boy.
- Okay, take this.|- Take this.|- Wash everything.
- Your towels are there...|- Okay.|- and your robe is there.
- Okay.|- Okay?
- The big boy's gonna wash himself.|- Right. Okay.
- I gotta go.|- Okay.|- Gotta go.
- You missed it.|- What did I miss?
- The sunset.|- Really?
- It was beautiful.|- Oh.
Oh, well.
I'd like to see where you live.
- No, you wouldn't.|- Let's go see where you live.
Come on.
My parents split up|when I was a kid.
I go back and forth between them...
'cause they're always moving.
But it's good.|It's my life.
We don't really move.
I mean, we'd like to, but...
my mom is sort of|attached to the house.
Attached is, I guess,|not the right word.
She's pretty much wedged in.
- What do you mean?|- That's it. That's the house.
It's really amazing.
I mean, how small it looks|from here, considering the...
the girth of what's inside of it.
I don't know.
Did you ever see|a beached whale on television?
- Yeah.|- Yeah.
That's her.|That's my mom.
What about your dad?
Some other day.|Some other day.
I had a nice time tonight.
I know.
- Good night.|- Good night.
Oh, no. Oh, no.
Oh, Arnie. Come on.|I'm sorry, buddy. Come on.
Here, here.|You're okay. You're okay.
You're okay.|You're okay, buddy.
Come on. Get warm.
Oh, God, I'm sorry.|I'm sorry, buddy.
I'm so sorry.|I'm sorry.
Would somebody please explain?
- Gilbert's in charge of bathing.|- I could have "drownded."
I could have "drownded."
- No more baths.|- But you didn't, honey.
- You could've, but you didn't.|- No more baths, Mama.
It is too much to ask|to see this boy turn 18?
- No.|- It's ready.
Where's your head lately, Gilbert?
Where is your head?|Gilbert?
- Sorry, Mama.|- Sorry isn't good enough.
- You gotta do better.|- Gotta do better.
Hey, boss, is that the right price?
That's right.
- It seems like it ought to be more.|- Maybe at Foodland.
We've always had|a reasonable deal on pickles.
Gilbert, got a delivery|for you, son.
It sounds urgent.
Uh, get out.|Go outside and play, right now.
- But...|- Right now. Hurry up.
- Hi, Betty.|- Hi.
Gilbert, could you dial that number|over there for me?
- My hands are all...|- Oh, yeah, sure.
- How have you been?|- Good.
I saw you last night.
Who's the girl?
- It's ringing.|- I got... Sorry. One sec.
This is good. Taste.
That's good. It's, uh, ringing.
One second.
Hello? Ken Carver here,|Carver Insurance.
{y:i}Hello? Hello?
- Mr Carver?|- "Who is this?"
- Uh, it's Gilbert.|- Gilbert!
- "I'd given up on you, Gilbert."|- Did you?
- "Well, yeah. Can you blame me?"|- No, no.
I mean, how many times do I have|to ask, and still no visit?
- Well, I'm here now.|- Happy anniversary.
{y:i}Well, we can't discuss this|{y:i}over the phone. I think it's best...
that we meet man to man,|don't you agree?
- Yes.|- "Today is your lucky day."
I've just had a cancellation.|What about right now? Are you free?
Is that a yes, Gilbert?
- "Huh?"|- Okay.|- "All right."
I'm gonna be waiting|here for you, Gilbert.
Do you want me to be killed?|Do you want him to kill me?
Just playing.|Don't-Don't you wanna play?
This is crazy.|I, uh... I've gotta go.
- You don't have to go.|- Yes, I do.
It's that new girl, isn't it?
No, it's your husband. He wants me|to come to his office right now.
If you walk out that door...
Don't you dare walk out that door.
You look nervous, Gilbert.
I'd be nervous too if I were you.
If I were in your situation,|I'd be downright panicky.
I reviewed your file.
You've got|no major medical insurance.
No catastrophic, no life.
what if something|were to happen to you?
Something unforeseeable?
Something sudden? Random?
An accident, maybe.|What about your family?
Do you ever think about your family?
Now, stop thinking about yourself.|Think about them.
You don't wanna leave 'em|empty-handed.
Ken Carver here.
Look, can't this wait?|I'm in the middle...
Oh. Betty, please, calm down.|Calm down.
No, no. l-l...|No, go on.
Go on, go on.
No. No.
No, no. Calm...
I'll... I'm on my way.
Troubles at home.|I'm sure you understand.
Oh, damn.|Betty's got the car.
Gilbert, would you give me a ride?
Oh, my God! Betty!
What the hell's going on here?
Todd? Doug?|Betty, what is going on here?
I don't believe this!
Oh, great!|Oh, God!
Boys, come on.|Let's...
Let's go show your mom the cookies|that she's baked for us.
This is great.
All right.|Everything's okay.
These aren't burned.
Look, honey, they're fine.|They taste fine.
They're a little burnt on top,|but just fine.
They're wonderful.
Boys, here.|Have some of Mom's cookies.
They're really good. Here.
Come on, boys.|Make your mother happy.
Make your mom happy.|Have some cookies. Please. Please.
- Hey.|- Go on!
- What are you doing?|- I could've had any guy. Any guy!|- You want a real pool?
- What do you think this is?|- But...|- Doug, come over here!
- What?|- I chose you.|- It is a pool, son!
- I chose you.|- I got you a real pool, for God's sake!
Look! There's water in here!
Come here! Come here!|Get over here!
Come here!|Get inside the pool!
Get inside the pool with your brother!|Come here!
- Why did you?|- Get inside the pool!
Yeah. Look.|Real water, boys.
Okay, so I don't...
- Because...|- I give you all I have,|for Christ's sake!
- I knew you'd always be there.|- I've given you everything!|- Because...
- Here's a pool!|- Because I knew you'd never leave.|- A trampoline!
What the hell else more do you want?
What? For God's sake!
Son, get back in the pool.|Get back in the pool!
We're all gonna enjoy it!|It's a lot of fun, isn't it?
I'm doin' the best I can here.|I can't do any better!
I can't give any more!|I've given enough already!
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