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Subtitles for When I Turned Nine 2004 CD1.

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When I Turned Nine 2004 CD1

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Presented by Cinema Service
Produced by Hwang Ki Sung Films, Ltd.
Executive Producer|HWANG Ki-sung
Executive Producer|HWANG Kyung-sung
Producers|SEO Hyun-seok, HWANG Ji-yong|Co-producer|CHOUNG Chong-hun
Cinematography CHUN Jo-myoung|Lighting LEE Joo-saeng
Editing KIM Hyun|Location Sound SON Seok-hyun
Art Director SIHN Jeom-hui|Music ROH Young-sim
Original Novel WE Kee-cheul|Screenplay LEE Man-hee
Yeo-min, your father's leaving.
Director YUN In-ho
- So summer break is over?|- Yes.
Be Good at school.
- Have a good day, dad.|- You too.
Honey, don't work too hard. You
don't look so well.
Alright. You have a good day.
I'll see you later.
- Bye.|- Bye.
I totally don't wanna see our|teacher!
Is there any way I can skip school?
You can either die or pretend you're|really sick.
He'd totally know I'm lying.
- Here comes Yeo-min.|- Hey, Yeo-min!
Here's your notebook.
Did you copy mine again?
Of course not!
You boys are so chatty! C'mon!
Hurry up, will you?
Man... She needs to chill out.
You, Smelly!
Hey, sissy! Didn't you hear me call|you?
Come here!
I heard you don't want me as your|Captain.
- That's right.|- Why not?
- Why is my nickname Smelly?|- And why is mine Poopy Bag?
What's wrong with Poopy Bag?
I don't like it. It's gross.
You have the cool nickname of|Black Bird.
That's because I choose the|nicknames.
And that's why we want|Yeo-min to be the Captain.
Oh yeah? But he's only a 3rd grader|and I'm a 5th grader.
So what? He's a better fighter than|you.
What? You wanna die?
Get your hand off me!
Today is your funeral day, boy.
You really wanna die, huh?
You are a dead meat!
I won't tell anyone that I beat|you...
only if you promise not to call my|friends by those nicknames. Got it?
Let's go.
BAEK Yeo-min, OH Keum-bok,|SHIN Ki-jong! Come up front!
Sunny, sunny, sunny?
It rained on the 29th, 30th and 31st|of July.
It poured like there was a big hole|in the sky.
If you're gonna copy homework,|then copy it from someone
who's smarter than you three.
Oh, did I hit your hand?
Then keep your hand off your head!
Good morning, sir.
- She's the new student from Seoul.|- I see.
- Name is...|- JANG Woo-rim, sir.
Right. JANG Woo-rim.
You're a pretty girl.
Do your best, ok?
- Good day, sir.|- You, too.
Today is the cleaning day.
Row 1, floor. Row 2, hallway.|Row 3, windows.
- And Row 4, mopping. Got it?|- Yes, sir!
Why is that curtain like that?|Straighten it out right now.
Let's start off with clean mind and|clean classroom.
Yes, sir!
Woo-rim, hold the chair for Yeo-min.
Make sure to wipe down all the cracks
and frames of the windowpanes.
And do a good job with the hallway.
Be careful coming down.
Yeo-min, you take care of curtains.|Got it?
Yes, sir.
Class Chief, come get me when all
the cleaning is done for inspection.
Yes, sir.
I'm gonna do a real thorough|inspection today.
Even the Chief acts like a schmuck|in front of her.
Yeo-min too.
Hey, Ki-jong!
I told you to look down!
Don't you understand Korean?|I said, look down!
Do you think I'm stupid because I'm|from America?
What? What is she talking about?
Look at that ugly white dress you're|wearing. What do you guys think?
Yeah, it's so ugly.
You know, even Dallas kids didn't
order me around like you.
What the heck is Dallas? A Candy?
Are you bragging about living in|America?
I'm not bragging. I'm just saying|that what you're doing is stupid
when we're all same people.
She's right. She can look at|whatever she wants to.
You're not our teacher.
- Butt out!|- No.
- So, now you're on her side?|- That's right.
You wanna start a fight with me?
I think I'm the strongest one here.
- Am I right?|- That's right.
You're so right. You're the strongest
since you're the fattest.
What? You snot face!
Teacher's coming! Go! Go!
Hurry! Go!
Ice cream boy!
Coming, sir!
C'mon, slow poke. Hurry up.
She's walking as fast as she can.
Mom, be careful.
I'm alright.
- Aren't you hungry?|- Not really.
- Is it ready?|- Here.
- Is anything gonna spill?|- Put it on top like this.
Did you overpack it, again?
Eat it with Ki-jong.
That's wasting our food.
Don't talk that way. A big person|must have a big heart.
Yes, mom.
Now hurry.
- What happened to your shoes?|- It's fine.
Why didn't you say anything?
It just happened yesterday.
You can't wear this to school.
It's ok.
It's not ok.
How about this one?
I like them all.
The color is nice and it's exactly|your size.
- Excuse me.|- Yes?
How much is this?
That one? 30 cents.
Can you lower the price a bit?
It's not for sale! Get out!
Why aren't you gonna sell it?
Shut up! Get out of my store!
What an unlucky day. Leave!
Come. Let's go.
Who is that? Who did this?
Be careful!
It's all finished. I'm coming down.
Yeo-min, watch your steps!
Ok, mom.
Come here. Good job.
Honey, be careful.
It's good for now. I'll fix up the|rest tomorrow.
Dry yourselves and come in.
You did good today.
What is that noise?
Oh my gosh, what happened?|Stay still. Don't move.
Mom, are you hurt?
Let me see your face. You're|bleeding.
Yeo-min, bring some cotton and|antiseptic.
I told you to be more careful.
You remember what happened|last time.
- Here, dad.|- Thanks.
How's your eye?
It's ok.
Are you hurt badly?
You could've injured your eye|again.
- Give me Yeo-min's, too.|- Here.
How come you don't stand in the line?|Do you always do this?
I don't like standing in the line.
Does he?
Is that because you're the Captain?|Best Fighter? That's so dumb.
Why is she not eating my grass?
She doesn't like that.
Don't talk to me.
You asked me a question.
I was asking rabbit. Not you.
Rabbits can't talk.
Do you like me?
What are you talking about?
Then why do you always come here?
This has been my place even before|you ever moved here.
So shut up.
Like I care.
Stupid rabbit! Dumb rabbit!
Don't do that.
Why do you care?
You're hurting her.
She's not your rabbit.
You gonna hit me? You're a barbarian!
Man... What a snot.
Woo-rim, how many years did you live in America?
For three years.
Is this from America, too?
Yup. My dad sent me this headband|and my socks from America, too.
- Your bag too?|- Yup.
- Wow, everything is from America!|- I'm so jealous.
This is nothing. Let's go.
Did you cut your finger?
Suck on it.
Give me your hand.
Give it to me.
Hold it up like this.
- Get ready for the music class.|- Yes, sir.
- Class Chief, go get the harmonium.|- Yes, sir!
- Hey, Yeo-min!|- What?
Wipe off your drools, will you?
What are you talking about?
Why didn't you just suck her finger|yourself?
- Hong-min, come here!|- Make him pay for this.
Why are you guys harassing them?
You'll be in real big trouble if|I see you doing it again. Got it?
You can go now.
Even 5th graders can't touch him.
Sucker! Trying to look cool in the|rain?
Where are you going?
To the rabbits cage.
I'm going there too. Let's share my|umbrella.
That's ok.
Come on.
Keum-bok, what's up?
Where are you going?
To the rabbits cage.
I'll be right inside.
Come here, come here.
Here, hold her.
Give me your umbrella.
She's so pretty.
Yeo-min, do you always have the key|to the cage?
Yup. Take this key. Now, you can come|and hold her whenever you want to.
Then, how about you?
I have another one at home.
Ki-jong, who's that?
I don't know.
Keum-bok, do you know?
Never seen him before. Wow, he's as|big as a gorilla.
Do you want me to ask around?
That's ok. Let's go.
I have this feeling that he's gonna
fight it out with Black Bird.
Stop talking nonsense. C'mon.
You like that girl Woo-rim, right?
Did Keum-bok tell you that?
No. You like her or not?
Are you nuts?|Why would I like that snot face?
I really don't like her.
Then why don't you eat your lunch|in the classroom?
Isn't it because you're embarrassed?
Hell no.
Are you sure? Then can I like her?
I don't care.
Thanks for the lunch.
I'm so stuffed.
Yeo-min... About your mom...
My mom? What about her?
Was she always one-eyed?
Of course not! What are you trying|to say?
I'm just asking.|Why are you getting mad?
You wanna see a picture of her when|she was young?
This is your mom?
Yup. Isn't she pretty?
Not as pretty as my mom.|My mom was much prettier.
Everyone said she looked|like a movie star.
Then do you look like your dad?
Cuz you don't look like a son of|movie star.
My sister told me I look like my dad.
So, what happened to her eye?
When she was working|at an ink factory,
chemical got into her eye but she|couldn't go to the hospital.
When I grow up, I'm gonna make lots
of money and fix her eye.
How are you gonna fix it?
I heard doctors can fix it in Seoul.
Yeo-min,|I wish my mom was with me, too.
Boy, you don't get surprised?
Do you know who I am?
Alien... I mean, the closet|philosopher.
Can you do me a favor?|I'll pay you 2 cents.
What kind of favor?
It's nothing difficult.
You know that piano house|down the hill?
Yes, sir.
Go to her house and tell the maid|that you came to see the teacher.
Then you'll see this beautiful girl.
You just have to give this letter|to her.
You can't show this letter to anyone.
And don't tell anyone|about it either.
Sir, if it's that important, then why
don't you give it to her yourself?
Because I can't.
I'll give you 1 cent now and I'll|give the rest when you return.
Take it.
Go on now.
Are you here for a lesson?
Yes, miss.
A man told me to give this to you.
What a shallow person.
What do you mean by 'shallow'?
You see the ants all over that piece|of bread?
They are desperately trying to fill|their hungry stomachs.
That's what 'shallow' is.
Seeing them makes me want to cry.
So you're saying that the piano|teacher is 'shallow'?
Did she look like an angel to you?
Because I cannot hate that shallow|person, I'm the real shallow person.
Can I ask you a question?
Why do you write her a letter, when|you can just talk to her?
Some things are meant to be said and|some are meant to be written down.
When it's too difficult/t to say it,|you write it down.
Yeo-min, where are you going?
I'm going to borrow a notebook|from the Chief!
Thank you so much for getting water|for us every morning!
You live on my way anyway. It's no|trouble at all.
But still... It must be tiresome.
Don't worry. That's what neighbors|are for.
Please take this.
No, I can't.
C'mon. Take it.
I won't bring water for you if you|give me things like this.
I just want to say thank you.
That's all.
Now you're embarrassing me.|Just take it.
Alright then.
I'm off now.
- Thank you. Bye.|- Bye.
Some people are diligent enough to|get water for their neighbors...
And some people are useless drunkards|who do nothing but sleep all day...
You disgusting parasite! I can't|live like this anymore!
Don't you feel embarrassed that you|do nothing but eat, drink and sleep!!
Shut your trap!
Why the hell are you nagging at me?|You're so damn loud!
Someone gets up early enough to get|water for his neighbors!
And you look at your useless self!
Do you really wanna die?
I'm gonna kill you if you don't shut|your trap!
Don't you feel ashamed of yourself?|You are a human waste!
Human waste? Fine, I'm a human waste.|Then what are you?
You crazy bitch! Why you start|bitching at me at this hour?
I can't live like this anymore!!
What the hell? Shut up!
I don't think you should bring water
to Tae-chang's house.
There is no point of causing trouble|after doing them a favor.
His house is not the only house I|bring water to.
Why am I causing trouble for them?
Alright then.
Ok. Go back to your seat.
Yeo-min, come up front.
Read it out loud.
Read it!
Dear Woo-rim...
I like you.
Louder! From the top.
Can you guys here him?
No, sir!
Dear Woo-rim...
I like you.
I will not tell you my name.
But in my heart, I think about you|again and again.
One day, I will reveal myself to you.
Then you'll know it's me.
From a boy|who can't reveal his name.
Quiet, everyone!
Are you finished?
Yes, sir.
What was the homework?
Am I talking to a wall?
You're not gonna talk to me anymore?
No. I don't ever wanna talk to you|again.
And don't ever cross this line here.
If you do, I'm gonna stab you with|my compass. Understand?
Hey Chief,|what was the homework?
Ready pg 9~12 and write synopsis.
- Thanks.|- Wait.
Do you want a caramel?
Chief,|aren't you gonna give us one?
You're such a girl.
What is the tallest mountain|in Korea?
Teacher,|can I go to the bathroom?
You little! Go ahead.
Anyone else?
Class Chief!
It's Baekdoo Mountain, sir.
That's correct.|You guys all know that, right?
Yes, sir!
Then, what's the tallest mountain|in South Korea?
Sobaek Mountain, sir.
Sobaek Mountain?
BAEK Yeo-min, come up front.
Go back to your seat.
I'm terribly sorry, sir.
I'm terribly sorry, sir.
So am I. So am I.
Yeo-min, aren't you gonna bow to me?
- I'm terribly sorry, sir.|- Good boy.
Look at your stupid self.
I'm terribly sorry, miss.
Woo-rim, let's go.
Yeo-min,|were you looking at her again?
I can't believe it!
Black Bird and Gorilla are gonna|fight it out today. Aren't you going?
I'm not interested.
Why not? You're the Captain.
I'm not the Captain. Black Bird is.
You guys go ahead.
Besides, teacher told me to stay|here till everyone leaves.
Whatever. Ki-jong, let's go.
- I'll see you later.|- Ok.
You won! You won! You won!!
He's nothing. Let's go.
Hey, boy.|What did you bring me today?
Here. Give me some popcorn.
What's this? A new shoe?|Where did steal this?
I didn't steal it.
If you didn't steal it, then where|did you get it?
My dad brought it home last night.
You little fool!
You can't exchange your father's new
shoe for some popcorn!
Give me some popcorn please!
Or at least bring in both of them.
Go home!|C'mon go home! Go home!
If you want some popcorn, then just
tell me so. Hold out your shirt.
Your father will kill me if he finds|out about this.
Don't bring me stuff like this again.|Understand?
- Yes, sir.|- Run along. Be careful.
Go home.
Silly boy...
Where are you kids coming from?
- From school?|- Yes, sir.
Why do you kids look so down?
Did something happen?
No, sir.
- Ki-jong, what about you?|- Nothing, sir.
Then what's wrong?|Have some popcorn and cheer up.
Each take handful.
Ki-jong, take some more.|You have enough?
Alright. Bye.
Mr. One-arm must be really rich.
No, he's just generous.
He's only generous to us.
Why do you think that is?
I don't know.
Keum-bok, are you sure we're|supposed to meet Yeo-min here?
- Yup.|- Why isn't he coming?
There he comes!
Hey, Yeo-min!
- Who won?|- Gorilla did.
Now he's gonna come after us.
It's time for you to take your|stand.
I don't wanna fight.
Even if he tries to kill us?|You're our Captain!
I don't wanna fight and I don't|wanna be your Captain.
Then who's gonna protect us?
This is who you really are?
Time's up. Bring up finished|drawings.
I'll take first 5 drawings.
Yeo-min, take mine too.
What are you, my mother?|Bring it up yourself.
Hey, Yeo-min!
Hello, miss.
What are you doing here?
- I'm counting poop buckets.|- Why?
My friend was supposed to do it but
he didn't wanna do it 'cuz it stinks.
Then why are you doing it?
He's paying me.
You're counting poop buckets 'cuz|he's paying you?
Yes, miss.
Why do you need money for?
For something.
It stinks.
Is it good?
Yes, miss.
This is for cleaning my house.
Thank you. So you want me to come|back next week?
Of course.
But... doesn't your maid do all the|cleaning for you?
Are you doing this just for me?
No. Don't think of it that way.
Yes, miss.
Move over.
It's late. You should go home.
I have a few words to say to this|person.
Yes, sir.
Sit down please.
I have nothing to say to you.
Sit down!
Yeo-min, let's go.
Yeo-min, come on.
- You said this is American, right?|- Yup.
Look. Read it.
'Sa-ja-pyo Socks.'
And you're saying this is American?|You're such a liar.
I'm not lying.
My dad bought Korean made socks in|America and sent it to me.
So it's American.
That makes no sense!
So if Korean kimchi goes to America,|then it becomes American kimchi?
Why not?
If a Korean girl goes to America for
an adoption, then isn't she American?
Then later, she comes back to Korea
for a visit. But she's still American.
Keum-bok, I think she's right.
No, she's not! Oh, how about this?
Let's say
I went to America|for a week.
How are you gonna go there?
As an example!
That's too unrealistic.
Butt out! You made me forget what|I was gonna say.
Keum-bok, think hard.
I remember! Everything has its roots.
If I go over to Ki-jong's house, do
I become Ki-jong? No, I'm Keum-bok!
If I'm in America, I'm American and
if I'm in Korea, I'm Korean again?
Tell me!
Going to America means|going there to live. Not to visit.
Let's go!
Oh my gosh! Stop!
Keum-bok, what bring you here?
I have a question I want to ask you.
What is it?
Sir, did Woo-rim really live in|America?
I'm not sure. Why?
Is she not allowed to go to America?
It's not that.|I'm just really curious.
Why do you want to know?
Try putting that much curiosity|into math problems.
- You came here to ask me that?|- Yes, sir.
Go home!
Yeo-min! Woo-rim fell in the water!
- Do something!|- I can't swim.
You have to go in and save her!
- Woo-rim!|- Yeo-min!
- Where is she?|- Over there! She's gonna die!
Woo-rim!|Yeo-min is coming to get you!
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