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White Dragon

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I never wanna be a person|messes with gangs
'Cause I don't like fighting
fighting is stupid
loser will die
winner will be got revenged
still die
it's serious if my face got hurt
I am so pretty
my plan in the future
is to acommpany with my husband |for travel after my graduate
me, black phoenix, never imagined
to work first instead of having a husband
my first job is fighting
to arrest criminals
you play that song just now?
pretty good
why stopped
you are "feather"
for what?
wanna play another one for me?
I am here to arrest you
why all of you wanna do that?
they all should die for it
you are the one should have died|cause you are a murderer
who are you?
I'm rightious "white dragon"|aim to arrest you
you can't beat me down, go away
that's why people said:|feather killed people without blinking
you are blind
you wanna trick me back and forth?
it's a pity
you succeed
I don't want to die
please, don't hurt my face, guy
it would be all right| if he was not blind
'Cause if he saw me
maybe he would fall in love with me
so he wouldn't chase to kill me
my story started from 7 days ago
on that day i was a student still
have many girl around
I am good at picking up friends
look at her appearance
tianju see how fat she is
dongmei is normal
except the eyes
go to school with them
my audience rating will be high enough
dad always make the boring things|for me to eat
you eat it
another bird's nest?|no way, so slippery
it's for you
this is icy sweet bird's nest|very tasty
thank you
you are welcome |and i leave to school now
let's go
can't inmagine you are so kind
enough, hurry up
don't waste time until you are old enough
nothing will be left but sadness.|time is up-
kiddo|it's this book yours?
i appreciate you, study hard
increase self worth
you must increase the ability of communication|good morning principal
it's very important
where are your four schoolbags?
isn't it?
you are ok, principal?
show off in the usual time
you can't pass during exams
the man in my dream
must be a poet
poet? they are poor
poets are good at talking nonsense
be careful he would boast you are beautiful
you are clever
you are keep fit
how about yours?
mine is simple
just have power
to change the impossible into possible
now for me the man who is qualified
is the second son of the emperor|tianyang
can't imagin you wanna be |the wife of the prince
black phoenix, I think you are so great|so smart
and sexy
I am awful?|you are kidding
as awful as her
the school will award|the second prince will visit here
but still not find him
in this semester |the one who get the award of politeness
is student zheng
congratulations zheng
I beleive in this moment
Mr. zheng has alot of things to share|with us
Mr. zheng
thank you
the award for the music departement is
you are a dancer
so it's right to give you this
dailian you are all right?|sit down
it's black pheonix behind you
I glimpse at you walking in with bodyguards
you think why i don't dance sooner or later
second prince
sorry i am late
you are black pheonix?
missed your performance just now
could you just come to the palace
dance it for me?
it's great the prince have the interest
I'd like to dance again
so see you in the palace
first let me down
there's one thing happened |in the dorm that night
so scary
the rubbish can't clean over
better eat bird's nest first
principal wang
you are looking for principal wang?
he is in the office|you find if by yourself
i read a little, don't cheat me
if you have interest in reading|it's a right thing
our school have good teachers
no violence in campus ever
if you like, just sign up tomorrow morning
why you pretend to calm?
you are afraid?
why your heart beats so fast?
I can't hear it?
hear your heartbeat
I know i am right|you're principal wang
you just pretend not to see me|with one eye close
my two eyes are both close
hero spare my life hero!
read it for me
I would be alive if I read?|read it
me, Wang Zhongcheng misuse of authority
ask girls in school to massage my shoulders
And i am so lech
touch them everywhere
and not enough for once
I remember one day|I punished one girl to stay
So, I tore over her clothes
pull down her skirt
at that moment, her thighs were exposed
so, i took this chance...
you should die
feather, you have killed numerous people
when will you finish?
the people I killed
all should die
you caught me so long
when you wanna be over?
I help you find the doctor
what do you want?
I can't imagine before I die
we could meet each other here
I will give all my have
to you
what you said?
I say it again
I will give all my have to you
I hope after you receive it
you will use it for good
receive it
from that night, I never find this aunty
I am so scared of this strange thing
but the most of my fearness |is the sore on my forhead
cool tea dispels the poison
look at this dark sore
I don't know why there is so big a sore
how can I see the second prince
black pheonix
you are almost make a huge mistake| of dating with male
with this sore on forhead
the second prince will run away after see you
that's right pheonix
Mr. Li wouldn't dare to see me|'cause the sore on my nose
looks like there's pus in the sore
enough, I am so angry with your saying|and the sore grows bigger with this angry
don't worry
I will take you to zhazha's shop|buy an advanced cream for whitening, ok?
you don't know?
add collagen in it
what? collagen?
it's just a sore
even it's hemorrhoids|the cream could dispel it
really that amazing?
a secret
this chatter again
seems like he is a brother of my sisters
last night, the principal was...
no way
you know who killed him?
that's right, exactly Feather
Feather is so good at killing
during his appearing
I got a hobby these years
collecting feathers
I have collected many kinds of it
such as qingyuan chicken, huizhou chicken|sun chicken, pearl chicken, and original chicken
soon i became the professional of feather
but why kill people
principal was good|yeah
let you see something lech
look at what this clothes is
you are abnormal--
not me, it's the principal
I found it in his office
the principal has ever screw with you?
of course not bull shit
i didn't|how about you?
of course not
I don't wear it
thanks god for no one
but dailian is not as lucky as you
how do you know it's dailian's
my mom has said to me
if a stranger wanna do bad to us
remember not cry, but
that girl has a good body
this is what you called good?
black pheonix
you bitch
it's you spread that |the principal and I have an affair?
I don't
what do you want with my bellyband?
jien gave it to me|I don't care
now I have the proof, you still wanna deny?
not only ruin my reputation
but take my award of music away
I will revenge for all of these
If you dare to
you have lots of people|so do I
I mean we are so gentle
could talk about it slowly
she is so terrible|go-
this way
how you got upside?
don't ask
give me ladder to get down
how you get up, how you get down
no way, i'm afraid
we take a ladder for her
no use even you know fly|so big a sore
if still push you'll got a scar
you are not dead, aunty?
lucky to get my life back
still have chance to help weakness
how do you know |I am doing clean in the school?
clean is the work to pretend
for me, the real job is to catch Feather
that day, when I fought with him
fell down by him
I thought I must have died
it's lucky to have you bird's nest
got my life back until now
that's the reason
if you wanna remove you sore
you can return my beauty?
only if i get my things back
your sore will be disappeared
it's different this time
last time I used broad band
this time we close more
I use narrow band
so that it'll be not in danger
I will be not in danger
not you, it's me not in danger
you are just not sending your gest|you're just beating me
I don't mean it|don't know you have no idea about kongfu
looking at my injury
maybe i got virus in my body
I think in a short term|I can't receive gest from anybody
no way, I need to transfer to you right now|I need beauty rather than gest
ok|i got another way
like people always say|helping people is the core of happness
a kind heart could help your body working fine
breathing mild
the sore will disappear naturally
so what should I do?
I don't do things bad
robbery is to rob the riches
good heart can do everything good
what a nonsense
we are all women
you don't know women wanna beauty|rather than their lives?
what are you doing?
benefactor, what's your name?
are you White Dragon?
don't call me White Dragon
don't move|robbery
son, seemed like somebody got in |to steal things

pay a formal visit to the second prince
so polite, Ms. phoenix
it's so special from your simple dress
so precious
thank you very much prince
long time no see|prince still looks still in great form
laugh at me
my brother
let me introduce
this is Ms. Black Phoenix
Phoenix, my brother
Phoenix pay a formal visit|to the first prince
my brother is good皇弟不错
Prince you are so great at kongfu
you like it?
brother has time practice with me?
she likes it
brother we don't bother you
so I don't bother you two|go
good bye first prince再见大皇子
my brother is so wild
hope you would not mind
why i mind
just now i saw your brother |had an orange skin in his mouth
what's that mean?
I heard when you practice with|that in mouth would not hurt the teeth
would not hurt
that's why
sorry, prince
I wrote a book, do you wanna read it?
actually feather don't mean anything
maybe some chickens run in
maybe some one want to make a whisk
maybe it's a mistake
it's not a mistake
Feather never lost
you are second prince
he doesn't dare to do it in the palace
no, the assassin are boldness
I've been hurt years before
the wound is heavy
and father has said to me
don't be afraid if you want to go outside
the flowers change color for fading this year|who will see the blossoms next year
I just know our destiny is true
the world can't change us
tianyang I won't let you die
Phoenix, let's go to westlake next week
aunty told me
Feather likes to hear the fluting
if I play it he will appear
if you don't wanna die along|I persuade you give up
ok, we pick up another day to fight
if you can play a song|no problem
I am afraid of playing it
you will appear if you hear it
eunuch chen
I need to talk to tianyang
you all back off
we leave
I heard in the palace today
you had fun with a lady, did you?
Do you remember why I call you|three brothers...
tiansheng, tianyang, tianxiu?
because your lives are given by the god
you don't have choice
as a child of god, you should understand
from the day when you born
you are different from others
when you need to choose from something
what you face to is not only yourself
you understand?
I know
we must think of a way
why you are so active |to against that Feather?
you got phlegm and halitosis|show me your tongue
you have a lot shorts too
short sight and short tongue
get out more
got it
for relations
be worth of it?
since we can't fight against him|only wisdom could help us
I am good at gest
gest and insomnia are different
that's not incurable
no, don't worry
use chinese portions
with water into hot extract
if you feel bitter, and some sugar
one can do all
divide to eat in 2 day|you will be fine
how much?
forget it
no, i mean my payment
how much to kill principal wang
not enough
commission payment
you add more?
even a person is so perfect |he got shortcomes
you think you got enough money|you will get cured of your eyes?
even I can't do it
because you are bad
in a word|money means hope, no money, no hope at all
it's so important to get see things again?
do you wanna try to be a blind?
no i don't
now there's a business, do you want?
that one should die or not?
should, of course
if he should die and have money|of course I will do it
it's unusual one, be careful
just find the dead point of Feather
then push it into
he will be only tears left
you will die for sure
you don't have things to push in
your leg
you got kick at my strongest point
don't move
you can't win
your leg is broken
and also you got hit by me,|have hurt inside
where do you live, i send you back
don't touch me
how can I move with this pain
how can I face others with this ugly look
you look beautiful?
non of your business|you can see me?
where is the toilet?
beside the mill wheel
how to go there with those awful
how to go?
I help you
leave me along
I can't pee if you look at me
just pee
go out
why go out
I can't pee if you look at me
I can't see anything
why I need go outside
I am blind, why I go out?
house is mine
I am blind, why I go out?
how can I go?
you don't eat anything all day
eat this, I made some steam bread
you got hurt, if not eat|you will have no power
having power you will be better than anyone
don't bother me|shut up
I will be fine if having a sleep
go away
I am blind, I can't speak
now I have to go away
that's my bed|where can I sleep?
help me
it's your turn brother
pick up which one?
this one
this one?
so dangerous I am afraid of
afraid of
ok, i won again, prince you lost
you are so young|don't know the tasty of worry
not everything could start from|the beginning
we just started
I really don't wanna|let it be the past
really don't know what|phoenix is doing now
wake up
do you know I am really angry
I really don't know |if you don't tell me
I am so hungry
eat the steam bread
it's like the stone
ask some things to eat
too far, no one sends
you buy it by yourself
you play songs for me
I don't want to go out
please buy me candle, paper|pen and ink, and pigeon
you play more it for me
I just buy out-going
what's this
steam bread?
I said I don't eat it|you are blind or deaf?
I thought you don't like it |cause it's tough, so I bought soft ones
Maiji's steam bread |are famous for soft
now buy it will give you a gift of chicken
you go away
something wrong with chicken
have you finished
you have played all the day
because the orchestra of school|has to show around
during this time we can't see|each other
the travel of west lake will lay aside
after finishing the show|we'll appoint to travel
wait for your reply|black pheonix
report to the emperor
I have send people back to beijing for |all the sales of chicken
I beleive soon |we will get the information
to prevent feather's coming|the best way is to kill all the chickens
to see how he can get the feather
report to the emperor
forgive me speaking straight
I think
this isn't the way can get rid of him
I agree with eunuch chen
and if do it in this way
those civilian who sell chicken|will get lost very much
even lose their living depending
it's not a big deal
the war must have some loss
and for protecting tianyang
only losing some chicken is not|a huge thing
I think we should strengthen|the security
and send some master-hands|to protect tianyang
feather maybe can't pass by
if the bastard really dare to come
with my kongfu
I must let him die
you have so big a body
should learn some gest
you should read more cause you are so rude
he thought I play with him|wait a moment i will show him my reality
to die, your blind
what's wrong?
are you falling down?
the flute fell into the water?
you are ok? I carry you|I don't need it
his dead point must be in his back
don't pick it, too dark|don't waste time, wait until tomorrow
for me anytime is darkness
I help you get two coins
thanks, good heart has good reward
eat something
I really don't wanna eat steam bread
this has filling
the one having filling can't be called|steam bread, eat it
taste well?
better than bread
i invent it
you know it's name?
I called it dragon bao
you know why?
because it's made by white dragon
if you like eat more|I will make more
white dragon likes to eat |dragon bao
why don't call white dragon bao?
because it's not white dragon bao
what you are fishing for?
your flute
my flute
so you continue, please take aim at it
white dragon-
I got your flute
what did he use to get the flute?
why don't play with chicken
you don't like noisy|no play any more
in fact what is your name?
my name is chicken
that's why you always play with chicken
why you can't see things
when i was young i liked to look at the stars
liked to lay down and look at the stars
that night I laid down to look at the stars
there was a rain coming
I still looked at the sky|hoping the rain will stop and I could see the star
but it didn't happen
I still looked at the sky
during the look|the sky became darker and darker
stars were not coming
until it's too dark to see my hands
I felt cold and wet
just remembered my mom held me|cried without stopping
asked me if I could see her
I knew I was blind
how about your parents?
some day they took me to the market
it should be the market because it's too noisy
I held their hands
dad, mom, where are you-
I remembered I was so scared
I kept calling them but no one answered
they didn't wanna answer me
you must experience too much|during the childhood
if you wanna eat, come to get it|come on, come here I will give to you
give you
to eat shit
blind, remember my name is eagle|remember this eagle, go
if you could have sight by chance|what do you want to see first
look at the stars
look at the sea
look at the ground
look at you
I will show you something
wanna look at the stars?
yes, I want to
look up to sky
lots of stars
give you something
you like them, do you?
if you give thing to others
you should give the things
of your favourite
give to you
go out and play
blind, today is so great
the sunshine is too hard
noway i should buy the suntan oil
I want to try this feeling
doesn't matter, you can|you just can't see it
watch out
blind you are so great
know how to repair the wheel chair|and the crutch
and the best thing is you could|make dragon bao
thank you-
what else you could make?
I could make this make that
you are so triky, but you are blind|if not you will like me very much
why I will like you very much
you are just handsome
you got big eyes, high nose|white teeth
that's why I am handsome
that's why I am handsome-
I mean you are handsome|is you are not ugly
not ugly is handsome|handsome is not ugly
how about you?|me?
you are just beautiful?
I am very beautiful
very beautiful is what?
very beautiful is very pretty
very beautiful is very pretty
handsome is not ugly-|very beautiful is very pretty-
man needs flatter too
no one can compare to flattering
while he's happy|searching his wallet
today I need shopping everything
you said you just look around
you think I just look around|I will buy all in my look, fear you
so let's go back
you can try
loose my hand
you hurt my leg, I still don't revenge
today all I bought will count on you
I will lend you money but you must pay back
of course pay back|fear you
I have nothing but money
hurry up-
ok, stop
showing new style
you are blind can't give me suggestion
you go alone and later come back to pay
a lu-
can you do me a favor?
where are we going?
I want you to describe a girl's face|to me
it's-|which one?
in the guzi, with a bamboo |on the left foot
how what?
she has eyes as leaves
nose as angelica
mouthe as chinese date
face like medlar
hair style is like clouds |with some gen-seng on the head
you look it by yourself
these two are-
these are non of her business|she is not so great
it's coconut to drink
do you want some?|just suck you will get it
no suck
you help me to read this letter
the letter is written by her
you read
orchestra practiced |for the first time today
one of the new bies|very appreciated my flute skill
he made something named dragon bao to eat
he liked to add two points
the snack made me feel lots of flavour
inspite of I don't know how to cook
not cook
but I still hope I can cook for you|in the future
make a point
by phoenix
looks like the drag has someone|she loved
you really like her
whether I like her or not|is not your business
it's also not her business
don't think too much
do the right things|the guests hastened
have you said you want get your sights back?
these limited bag is on sale now
help me parcel it
excuse me, this bag was taken by that lady
you give another one
because it's limited, just this one left
I know
you give another one to her|give this to me
impossible, it's her buy it first|sorry
do you know who I am
I know you are Ms. black phoenix
but I really have no choice
So you know I help your shop every year?|I know that, but really sorry
what's wrong with white dragon?
that fat woman fight for the bag
I already purchase first|limited bag was robbed by her
doesn't matter, choose another day|to buy it
I must buy it
you come along
look at this color and clothes|is it fit for you?
as you wish
I am blind, nothing is different
clothes is worn for others|not for yourself
do you know the happiness of shopping
all the color of this clothes|please pack them all for me
yes, Ms. black phoenix
the boss coming
so comfortable after shopping
your name is black phoenix
can I
shop more
all go away
come on
they all come to shop|I don't want to stink alot
where to go
doesn't matter, don't worry
he can see nothing, he is blind|keep changing
change what?
change the award
what's the awards?
second prince
you don't make a mess
man's clothes are outside
I know
I want to send it to Ms. Phoenix
we should see another shop
can you not kill second prince?
can you not fall in love with him?
my dead point
is just in my back
before you depose all my gests
I want to look at something
you play it for me
but you could avoid killing him
I don't want to look at the stars
I don't want to look at the sea
what do you want to look at?
I want to look at you
play it
that's not you
I can't see it
play it again
I won't play
I won't play, I can't play
you depose my gest
why I must depose your gests, can you see me?|you depose my gests
you are a blind|you push finger into my dead point
i like you
if you got any chance to have sight again|what is the most thing you want to see?
look at the stars
look at the sea
look at the ground
look at you
I will not be aassassin any more
if you fail the contract|you pay more 7 times of you salary
those are for you, should be enough
not this problem, you should think it over
I decided
this thing has so many relations
a lu doen't fear to tell you
my gests have been disposed
I can't kill people any more
you take the money
I don't want it
how you can live
but this thing
ok- I will deal with all the things
a lu
know you for so long
still don't know your face
in fact I looked simple
big eyes
tine nose
seeds face
many women patients like me
you should think over
no need to touch
illusion is the most beautiful
I knew you looks like
Master, second prince comes|she want to see Ms.
I pay my respect to second prince
uncle hei, no need
thanks second prince
I don't know why you come here
our second prince is coming directly|for marriage
is it too fast?
no0|sooner will bebetter
I always think everything in ther world|is easy to get
until one day, I saw two ants|are together in the back garden
after they touch their antennas
they will go in two different ways
from then on, I knew|in the circle of all people
it's not easy to meet you
I can send my letter to me is not easy
after finishing your letter|I was too exited to get sleep
if you need all of myself to|replace of your heart
I can give up every thing
because I felt
the most important thing is you
if you like to answer it
I will be the most lucky
and most fortunate man in the world
it's stable?|yes
look over there
sorry you can't see it
go over there, it's beautiful
do you know if you bread is so tough|what is its good use?
hurry up
fast move
I know between all of you
one will be feather
no- I am not Feather|we don't have this guy-
Lu Meiba
if you still not say anything|I will kill more
I say-
feather is him|you can't die
you trick me
no i don't
I am feather
stop- be calm down|come here-
not their business|don't kill innocent people
you killed so many people
now you call me kill innocent people
don't waste your time
I've lost all my gests|you can do anything you want
lost all your gests?
catch him back
disabled person
no use to keep alive
first prince
eunuch is coming
so what?
if we do something he would tell|the emperor
that you abuse the punishment
everyboday listen
please send the huge criminal|back
wait for emperor's order
take him away too
tianyang, could you let feather|leave here?
why you plead for a murderer
in fact he has lost all his gests|no more threaten
no way
he is a murderer, can't release him
I don't want him to die
it's the same as I did't want you to die
why still don't cut off?
report to first prince
it's not the time
I just wait for the time
white dragon
feather's gest was disposed by me
when I knew he want to kill you
i try to close to him
find his dead points
make hime can't hurt you
so why you plead for him?
i don't know
I just know he needs me more than you
cancel your wedding|sorry
black phoenix you will save him?
don't cut
feather is ultimate criminal
cut off can't delay
why you are so hurry to let him die
why you speak like that?
you think you are the emperor
if you don't cut, i'll do it
black phoenix
want take the murderer to leave?
let me overlord kick|your white dragon's ass
I am so clear to take the murderer outside|not afraid of you
white dragon
how to face the tough qigong|is to use soft one to conquer it
like feather
bullshit make my face hurt
catch that feather as an arrow
you choose any way to be the next emperor
why you are so nervous to kill feather
is you are the one buy him to kill tianyang
i didn't
hello everybody
actually there are two doubtful points
the feather found in second brother's room
was analysed by specialist
is proved to belong to royalty chicken
and this kind of chicken only can|be found in the palace
consider of the circumstances考虑到环境因素
security of palace is very strict
if some one want to leave the feather
he can't do it by himself
all of these let us doubt about our people
but with these it must be me
for catch the original criminal
I worked out a way to test the blood
thank you my father
if you never touched this feather
it'll be negtive after test
so you will be innocent
otherwise it'll be positive
because of the time
first prince, when you drank just moment
I took a little sample to test
and the result is
you are the head of conspiracy
the place should belong to my father|it's not fair
shut up
come on
send him to the jail
I am the real emperor
I am the emperor-
what are you doing|release me, I am the real emperor
you have lost your gests|how you can?
I don't have dead points
you don't?
you are my dead point
look at what|can't you see it
emperor, both of them-
the country or the beauty|you choose one
although you have made many crimes
but you protect me
I will not punish you dead
thank you emperor
but you must promise me
never use any gest
feather already died
there is no one called this comes out
about your eyes
I will ask doctor to examine
thank you
black phoenix
now I give you a name of white dragon
respond for collect information |of living conditions in beijing
if you have trouble
you can report me directly
report not rob
phoenix wish our emperor
with our emperor's leading|you will be the best emperor of our country
how your feeling?
can't see any thing
doesn't matter
I have seen you once
you are always beautiful
once I got something wrong
I can catch the perch
black phoenix
give me the perch
now I will be your perch
only if you loose your hand, I will never let you go
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