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White Sheik The

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The express from Viterbo is now arriving on platform 12.
What manners! Were you raised in a barn?
Wanda, give me our bags!
Give me the hatbox. Here, take the hatbox.
Give me the suitcase. Careful!
Careful, the contents are fragile. Stay close to me, please.
Get down here. - I'm coming.
Come, dear. We're here.
- Where to? - Hotel Tre Fiori.
Tre Fiori? Let's go, Giocacchino!
- Cavoli? - No, Cavalli. Cavalli, Ivan.
- And the lady? - Wanda Giardino,
now Cavalli.
Furio, honeymoon suite, third floor.
- Would you like a postcard? - No, maybe later.
May I make a call? - Over there. Fifteen lire.
I'm going to call my aunt and uncle.
Thank you, dear.
Excuse me, Father.
It's Ivan!
We just got in. I called you right away.
Yes, with my bride. She's very anxious to meet you.
- Ma'am. - I'll put Wanda on.
She wants to say hello and thank you.
- Excuse me. - Yes?
Ah, it's across the hall. You can go that way, too.
- Excuse me. - Yes?
- Is Via XXIV Maggio far from here? - Via XXIV Maggio? May I?
At the end of that street. You can be there in ten minutes.
It's at the end of the alley. - Ten minutes?
Ten minutes.
There you are! Is this your idea of a joke?
Where's the hatbox? - Over there.
I must say, I was taken aback when I didn't see you.
I was telling Uncle you wanted -- - The porter called me to the elevator.
The porter! A woman shouldn't be alone in an elevator with a porter.
I didn't know what to say to Uncle.
He's used to being treated with respect.
He has an important position at the Vatican.
Who do you think you're dealing with? He's very powerful.
If he snaps his fingers in Rome, all of Altovilla Marittima jumps.
I intend to be on the town council before two months are up.
What's more, he's arranged an audience with the pope
at 11:00 this morning.
We're to see the pope at 11:00!
Will I have to speak?
No, I don't think so.
I hadn't thought of that.
No, there'll be 200 couples.
In any case, I'd do the talking.
Now, my dear, if you don't mind, I'd like to remove my jacket.
The timing for our audience is most satisfactory.
It fits in nicely with my plans.
In fact, if you think of it, it completes them perfectly.
I've got each minute of the day planned.
7:00 a.m., arrival in Rome. Rest in the hotel until 10:00.
From 10:00 to 11:00, meet the family
and get to know each other.
At 11:00, see the pope, followed by lunch with Aunt and Uncle.
From 1:00 p.m. to midnight, we won't have a single free moment.
We'll be seeing the sights with Aunt and Uncle the whole time.
We'll meet our cousins and proceed to the Appia Antica,
the catacombs, Cecilia Metella, and finally back to Rome.
Tonight, the Altar of the Nation,
all lit up.
Then, of course...
we'll have an intimate supper,
followed by a restful night.
Your towels.
The maid.
If you want to take a bath, we'll need half an hour's warning.
Oh, yes!
- A hot bath? - Of course.
- Is it extra? - Two hundred lire.
Yes, there is time, my dear.
It's 9:00 now. Aunt and Uncle will be here at 10:30. Perfect.
A hot bath for my wife!
Perhaps tomorrow I'll take one myself.
And while you take your bath,
I'll have a nice nap.
Enjoy your bath, dear.
Thank you.
- Mr. Fernando Rivoli, please. - Who?
I'm here to see Mr. Rivoli. I must give him --
Fernando Rivoli never comes here.
- He only comes in for his salary. - You'll have to wait until Saturday.
But I'm leaving tomorrow.
May I leave this here? - Put it on the desk.
Good morning, ma'am.
Excuse me, dear. Hold him.
- What's this? - She has something for Mr. Rivoli.
- A fan... - I wanted to give him --
and therefore a friend.
Take these to my office.
What's your name, dear? - Passionate --
- What? - Passionate Dolly.
How delightful!
I am Marilena Alba Vellardi.
''The Starry Abyss,'' ''Tortured Souls,'' ''Hearts in the Storm.''
''Sin in Damask,'' ''SweptAway by Love.''
I wait all week for my issue of your magazine to arrive.
I pick it up at the station, run home and lock myself in my room.
That's when my real life begins. I read all night long.
Real life is the life of dreams.
I'm always dreaming.
There's nothing else to do there. The people are so vulgar.
Young men don't know how to speak to a girl, you know?
No, thank you, I don't smoke.
But may I keep it as a souvenir?
Of course.
I'm afraid I must be going.
Please, sit down.
Dear girl, you're right.
One must seek refuge inside oneself, like the Countess Lucilla --
- In ''Love and Destiny.'' - Good girl! So you remember.
I remember all your characters:
the Countess Lucilla, Felga the Gypsy,
Raniero the Adventurer, and what's-his-name --
But most of all, the White Sheik.
Fernando Rivoli is sublime!
What a face!
Good morning, ma'am.
Please, boys!
We just need a moment.
We've just finished the layout for the latest episode.
- Finished? - Yes, of course.
Good morning.
Your elegance is more refined every day.
- Do you like it? - Very much.
What a dear!
Three letters to Rivoli, and now you've come to see him.
My dear, you are indeed lucky. He'll be here momentarily.
But it's very late. I merely wanted to --
What's this, a photograph? May I?
What is it? Let me see!
Did you draw this yourself? It's a very good likeness.
Look, ma'am. What a masterpiece!
It's wonderful!
His turban is perfect!
Such spirit, and a painter too!
Fernando will be ecstatic. Such a generous, sensitive heart!
What about the punch line? - The director needs it right away.
We're working on it! Just a moment.
Has Fernando Rivoli arrived?
Nando? He's downstairs. We've got to get going.
Oh, shut up!
What was I saying?
Let's see.
The punch line could be --
My dear?
If you were in the desert at night,
and you knew your sheik was in danger, what would you say?
Who, me?
If I were Fatima, alone in the desert at night?
I'd say --What would I say?
''My word but I am distraught.''
Wonderful! An exquisitely human line.
- Really? - I'll write it down immediately.
It's simple... like life.
Tell them you'll be right down. - All right.
We'll be right down.
These are for the director, Mr. Fortuna.
And take this young lady to see Fernando Rivoli.
Go, dear! Your sheik is waiting.
What's going on here?
Augusto, come and see this mess!
Where is my wife?
Where is my wife?
How are we supposed to know where our guests go when they leave?
Would you like a postcard?
She asked me how to get to Via XXIV Maggio,
so she must have gone there.
- What's on Via XXIV Maggio? - Furio! What's on Via XXIV Maggio?
What's on Via XXIV Maggio? Beats me!
Tell me what's on Via XXIV Maggio.
There's the Palazzo Reale.
- Where is it? - That way.
Wait here. I'll go and get him.
All right.
Get moving! We're leaving!
Oscar, hurry up!
Felga, Oscar, let's go!
Felga and Oscar-- ''The Cruel Bedouin.''
Hurry up. It's late.
Come on, move it!
- Where's the car? - It's gone. Get in the truck.
- I'm not going in the truck. - You'll have the car on the way back.
This always happens to me!
Excuse me.
He said for you to get in.
- He wants to speak to you. - But where are we going?
Not far.
Come, miss. Let's go.
Let's go!
Out of the way!
Excuse me, is this all of Via XXIV Maggio?
Yes, it starts there and ends here.
''Dear Passionate Dolly,
If, as you say, you will visit Rome soon, come and see me.
We'll spend a few unforgettable hours together.
Your White Sheik.''
Excuse me, is Mrs. Cavalli in?
She hasn't returned.
Some people have been waiting for you in the lounge for over an hour.
Are you all right?
What's the matter?
Take these.
What happened to you?
You're all dirty. What the devil!
There he is!
- I'll be right there. - He's so elegant!
- Dearest Ivan. - Dear Uncle.
- You had to get married to come to Rome. - Dear Aunt.
- Dear Ivan. - Dear Rita.
- My fiancé. - The accountant, Mr. Mevaglia.
A pleasure.
Even Aroldino is here.
Dear madam.
- What are you doing? - The lady is not with us.
She is a guest at the hotel. My apologies, ma'am.
How is Grandma Carolina?
- Splendid! - What about Oreste?
- Splendid! - And how is Teresina?
- Splendid! - How about poor Pasquale?
- Splendid! - But he's dead!
Ivan, we should get going.
Go tell your bride to come downstairs.
- Sandra. - Wanda, Mother.
Shall we go?
You're in luck. Today is a national holiday.
The city is all dressed up and full of color.
It's a historic day for our nation.
Hear that?
Come, Ivan, let's go.
The sugared almonds!
Long live the newlyweds!
Thank you, Ivan.
Thank you.
Now, shall we?
Let's go.
- Shouldn't we wait for your bride? - What about Wanda?
Wanda... isn't feeling well.
A terrible... headache.
I told her to take an aspirin,
and she did.
It was no use.
I told her to take another aspirin,
and she did.
Lots of them.
Where did Auntie go? Auntie, stop!
- Which is Mrs. Cavalli's room? - Number 5, third floor.
No, Auntie, wait!
Stop the elevator!
Auntie, wait!
Auntie, wait, don't go in!
Auntie, stop!
Furio, stop the bucket!
What's going on? Amalia, this is crazy!
What's going on?
Here we are.
What's going on?
Nothing. Everything's fine. Wanda just fell asleep.
She was up all night. We should let her sleep, right, Rita?
We'll go see the pope tomorrow. Let's go.
Is she coming to lunch?
Lunch? Of course she is. Now let's go.
Where are we?
My goodness!
Come on, everybody out!
Where's Rivoli? He's never around when you need him.
- What is it? - I've caught a cold.
Could I work with my shoes on? - A bedouin with shoes?
- I have to get back to Rome. - Why tell me? Just go.
Let go, you'll rip my costume. - Please!
Just look at the sea! Let's go swimming.
- Try it and you lose your pay. - Go swimming and you don't get paid.
What do you want?
I want to return to Rome immediately. Please help me!
Get a load of this. She wants to go back to Rome.
- I have to get back right away. - We all have to get back.
Quick, to makeup! Get dressed.
Harem girls, go over there!
Everyone report to the beach!
Excuse me, where is the station?
There's no station here. It's in Rome.
What do you mean, in Rome?
My God!
Little boy, where is there a telephone?
The White Sheik!
Mr. Rivoli.
Mr. Rivoli? - Yes.
- Fernando Rivoli. - Do you know me?
I am Wanda Giardino.
What's this?
- I made it for you. - For me? What is it?
Something sweet to eat?
- It's me! - Yes.
You're very good. Very well done.
Passionate Dolly...
You wrote me a letter! - Three.
Three letters. I remember.
- Did you expect me to be different? - No, not at all.
It's beautiful. Thank you very much.
May I buy you a drink?
Refreshments are over there. After you.
Here we are.
How strange we should meet like this.
It gives me a feeling...
A strong feeling.
It's unreal, believe me.
- Are you Fernando Rivoli? - Yes.
Would you sign my comic book?
It will be my pleasure.
How will the White Sheik end?
Why do you want to know? It would ruin the romance of it.
I hope he marries Felga.
Let's hope so.
Excuse me, I have company.
- Please. - No, thank you.
I must get back to Rome right away.
What's that?
The music.
I too must return to Rome.
Let's go back together.
May I?
- Excuse me, are you making a movie? - Sort of.
Come on. Don't make me yell.!
I don't want to yell.! I'm having a bad day.!
Giovanni, hurry up with that! The weather is changing!
We have to get going!
Gather round, people! Listen to me.
''The chief of the desert marauders --'' What are you doing here?
I'm an admirer of the tenth muse.
Well, you can't stay here.
''He conceives a ferociously brave plan.''
Felga, please!
''Oscar, the cruel bedouin, lands on the beach near the harem
with his legendary Moorish ships,
well-known the length of the African coast,
and leads his demonic army against the White Sheik.''
''It was the dead of the African night.
In the harem of mystery, the harem girls slept languidly,
dreaming of the White Sheik.
Only Felga, the mysterious Greek--
Only one other soul was wakeful -- Fatima, the faithful slave.''
My word but I am distraught. Who threatens my Sheik?
More Oriental!
We're not sunbathing, you know!
Bring me the tiara!
My word but I am distraught.
- Do you think I'm up to it? - Of course.
''And the ill-fated ship sailed on
to love, death and destruction.''
Get ready for the rape scene! Ready, Rivoli?
Ready. My cape!
Quick, or we'll lose the sun.
Hurry up with the makeup! Is the first camera ready?
- Second camera? - Ready.!
Places, everyone! Let's go!
Let me see.
Come on, get on the camel.
Take her in your arms.
Back up. Okay, stop.
Look right at me.
How's that, Professor?
The bedouins further back.
- Thank you. - The megaphone.
Places, everybody!
This horse is going to throw me.
What are you talking about? It's practically a statue.
If anything happens to me, you're all out of a job.
Get rid of those umbrellas!
Oscar, where are you?
Get ready!
Ready for the duel?
Everyone ready!
Drag the harem girl!
Bring the camel forward!
Move that animal forward!
Rivoli, take the sword out!
Bring the camel forward.
Stop right there.
Who is that idiot?
Hey, you! Get out of the way!
You idiot, get out of here!
Hold it... and shoot!
Don't laugh!
Get well soon, dear Wanda.
It's cousin Rita, wishing you well. What? You send your thanks?
What cousin? This is Furio, the porter.
- We're going to the theater. - Ask her if we can come up.
You're not coming?
That's too bad. Uncle got us tickets.
That is, Rita's fiancé, the accountant, got them,
The accountant is out, and so is his wife. There's nobody here.
- No, you just get better. - Let's go up and see her.
We'll come by later.
No? Sure you don't need anything?
You don't wantAunt and Uncle to --
All right, I'll call from the theater.
Bye, Wanda!
Rita says good-bye.
Bye. I'm sending you a kiss.
Is she coming to the theater?
No, I don't think so.
She's not hungry right now. - Perhaps some broth...
Absolutely not. She needs to fast.
A strict fast.
Yes, I agree.
Uncle is right. She should fast.
Ivan, I was telling the accountant that you're an excellent poet.
Let's hear the poem you composed for your fiancée.
The one that goes: ''She is graceful, sweet and teeny''?
- Yes. - It's an ode.
A sonnet.
''She is graceful, sweet and teeny,
and everyone calls her--''
Here's your fettucine!
A hearty, invigorating dish.
I was actually looking for my handkerchief, but thank you.
Is that Fernando's new girlfriend? It takes all kinds.
Do you like it? - I like you.
Knock it off!.
You didn't eat.
- Would you like it? - Don't mind if I do.
The sea calls to me.
I hear a voice. Even as a child I heard it.
I was supposed to be a captain, but alas...
All gone.
Get in.
Professor, Nando is taking the boat.
Nando, where are you going with the boat?
Come back!
Rivoli, come back!
Where's he going with my boat? That's my boat!
Rivoli, come back here!
I'm so confused.
How strange. I don't feel like myself.
I feel the same way when I'm on the water.
A strange, melancholy joy takes over my entire being.
A seagull.
Dear little seagull.
It's the joy of remembering an afterlife... or previous life.
Previous life or afterlife?
Who knows who we were then, you and I?
Perhaps I was a pirate,
and I bet you were a mermaid.
How silly of me!
I feel like crying, and yet I'm so happy.
Or perhaps crazy. Crazy and happy.
Do you believe me? - Come sit over here.
My little child.
Hold this.
My little child.
- What, then? - I can't.
- Why not? - I just can't.
- Then why did you lead me on? - I can't surrender to you, Fernando.
Some things are larger and more powerful than we ourselves.
What are you --
I'm not unattached.
What, you have a boyfriend?
So what?
I'm married.
You're disappointed.
Don't be jealous. I don't love that woman.
Don't judge me harshly. You don't know the whole truth.
She ruined my life. - Really?
- Tell me, Fernando. - No, don't ask.
The fact is...
It's a long story.
I loved another, named Milena.
She was so beautiful.
Beautiful like you.
You're much more beautiful.
I was going to marry her, but on our wedding day,
using vile treachery and a magic concoction --
- A what? - A magic concoction.
The woman who is now my wife put me in a deep sleep.
A sleep close to death.
She made me lose my memory. I swear, I lost my wits entirely.
When I came to, I discovered Milena had disappeared.
- She may even be dead! - Dead!
Who knows?
Poor Milena. A magic concoction...
Let's think no more of these things.
Am I worthy of your love?
Oh, yes!
Now that I've met you, what does anything else matter?
The past is forever lost. Give me a kiss.
Kiss me. Give me a kiss!
Oh, my God! My head! The rope!
- Where is the telephone? - Downstairs.
- This is Mr. Cavalli. - Who?
- Is she back? - I told you she's not!
She's still not back?
Please come in.
Sit down.
What's this ''delicate matter''?
I'm listening.
Will my statement end up in the papers?
I have important relatives in Rome,
and I am very well-known in Altovilla Marittima.
''A delicate matter.'' Well?
This morning...
a lady left the hotel Tre Fiori...
at around 9:30.
She went to Via XXIV Maggio,
and she has yet to return.
A letter was found that doesn't indicate --
This lady's husband can't tell who sent it.
He is certain she knew no one in Rome.
Based on these facts, the authorities should determine why --
Why what?
Why this lady left the Hotel Tre Fiori
to go to Via XXIV Maggio.
No, please.
''Dear Passionate Dolly:
If, as you say, you will visit Rome soon, come and see me.
We'll spend a few unforgettable hours together.
Your White Sheik.''
So, are you ''Passionate Dolly''? - Me?
Just answer one question. - Of course.
Did you find this letter on the lady in question?
No, in a puddle of water on the floor.
Apparently the bathtub overflowed,
and I saw the letter floating in the water.
One can only suppose that the lady was about to take a bath.
A logical supposition.
That explains everything! - You really think so?
Of course, Mr... uh...
Ivan Cavalli.
- And your father's name? - Why do you need that?
- Your father's name! - Don't yell.
I'm not yelling.
Your father's name? - Luigi.
The lady's name?
That's really not necessary!
Of course it's not. It's just a formality.
If it makes you feel better, I've been expecting you.
Just yesterday I was saying: ''Why doesn't Mr. Cavalli come in?''
And now, the lady's name? - Giardino, Wanda.
Is her married name Cavalli?
This will ruin me!
No one must know. My father is a councilman.
My uncle works for the Vatican.
I understand. All very noble sentiments.
Now, then: Is her married name Cavalli?
My career! My family's honor!
Is it Cavalli?
Yes, it's Cavalli.
Just give me a couple minutes.
You just wait here. Have a cigarette.
Please, have one.
Wait here and try to calm down.
Remember, don't be nervous.
You'll see: We'll teach that sheik a lesson.
You'll see.
Call Mr. Bonanni.
What is the world coming to? Everyone's going mad!
Young man, could you give me a hand?
Thank you very much.
Cavalli, Ivan!
You reckless hooligan! We've been waiting for three hours!
We've wasted the whole day! You ruined everything!
I'm canceling your contract! I created you and I can destroy you!
Go back to being a butcher's shop boy!
That's where you belong!
No, don't say anything!
You have no conscience! You're completely unprofessional!
Look at that clown!
You're an idiot, Just like all your fans!
- Don't try to talk your way out of this! - It wasn't my fault.
It was this idiot's fault! - You'll never work for me again!
Forget about him.
Professor, let me explain.
- Can you believe that guy? - He's entirely right.
I've been waiting for four hours, you idiot!
- What do you want? - You bum!
Rita! When did you get here?
We were fooling around.
I took the boat out. But I'll never do it again!
I got hit over the head. I was just fooling around.
The sail came loose, and the boom hit me on the head.
Look, I have a bump here.
This is our new actress. She's very talented.
My wife. - How do you do?
Suddenly I'm freezing cold.
I'll get dressed, and then we'll go straight home.
Hey, you.
- Who, me? - Yes.
Come here.
Whore. - What?
You whore!
- Rita, behave yourself. - I'll take care of you later!
You slut!
Leave him alone. I know all about it,
how you tricked him into marrying you.
You shouldn't have done that. - What's she talking about?
That was a low trick. He loved another woman.
Another woman?
But you gave him that concoction and kidnapped him from the church.
What are you talking about? Are you trying to ruin me?
Where did you get that nonsense?
She's making it all up, 'cause I certainly didn't say it.
She talked like this on the boat. I thought she was crazy.
Rita, I don't even know her.
Rita, the scooter's ready.
I've looked everywhere, but I can't find her.
- What's her name? - How should I know?
Fernando knows. - Don't look at me.
So you don't know?
- Passionate Dolly, she said. - Passionate Dolly.
He said her name is Passionate Dolly.
- Rita, let's go. - Leave me alone.
Give me a kiss.
I'll give you a kiss, all right!
- I'll strangle you. - Knock it off.
Good-bye, Professor. So long, everyone.
So long, Nando.
Are we leaving, or what? We've been waiting for an hour.
What about her?
She probably went back to Rome on her own. Let's go.
Where can she be?
All aboard!
Professor, this guy says they stole his clothes from his car.
- I told you, I know nothing about it. - What do you mean?
I know nothing.
If you had locked your car, no one would have stolen your clothes.
Are we among civilized people or are we in the jungle?
- Shut up! - I'm going to the police.
- Fine.Just get out of our hair. - We'll see who has the last laugh.
We're not afraid of you, fatso!
Criminals! Thiefs!
What are you doing here?
Where are the others?
They searched for you for hours and finally left.
Is this your coat? I found it on the beach.
Thank you.
- How will you get back to Rome? - I don't know.
The window's dark.
- Wanda must be asleep. - Of course.
Well, I think that's enough for one day.
Tomorrow, then?
10:00 sharp at the hotel.
- At 10:00. - Yes, here.
The pope expects us at 11:00. I was able to postpone the visit.
You and Wanda, of course. - Yes, of course. Here, tomorrow.
At 1:00 we're having lunch with the De Pisis family.
Then we'll see the Palatine, the senate, the parliament and the new subway.
Come on, let's go home.
Wish Wanda good night, as we have yet to have the pleasure.
Good night, Uncle. Good night, Aunt.
Good night.
Good night, and thank you for a wonderful day.
To Piazza Vittorio.
Please don't worry. Wanda will be fine tomorrow.
Good night, Auntie.
Remember, right here at 10:00.
Yes, right here.
Good night, Ivan.
You're such a romantic, pining away.
Good evening. - Is she back?
No, she's not.
Pardon me, but what happened?
The end of the first part was amazing.!
He asks her, ''Do you love me? Then dance with me!''
And they both start dancing, like this.
I should have been a dancer.
That guy's really plastered.
Is he crying?
He's crying!
Are you crazy? Let's go, Cabiria.
Hey, you. Are you going to kill yourself?
Get over here!
- What's the matter? - My wife ran away.
His wife ran away!
The poor guy's miserable.
Here, mister, have a cigarette.
Assunta, give me a match. Poor guy.
Some of us women aren't like those others.
Why did she take off? Did you beat her?
Did you beat her?
Were you a naughty boy?
We arrived this morning without a hitch.
Right on time. We took a carriage.
- What did they take? - A carriage.
We went to the hotel. It was all arranged.
We were to see the pope at 11:00. - The pope?
Yes, the pope. One of my cousins went to see him.
He was expecting us.
We had plans to see so many places.
The Altar of the Nation, the Coliseum.
Wanda, why?
Sugared almonds! Can I have one?
You were on your honeymoon?
Yes, our honeymoon.
She ran away with her lover. It was all planned.
Maybe she had an accident.
No, this was no accident.
Was your wife young and pretty?
Yes, very pretty. Look here.
Your wife is 13 years old?
This was her First Communion.
This is April of last year, when we got engaged. She's 20.
- She's a cutie! Look. - She's beautiful!
Here she is in first grade. She got all As.
- A good student! - Except in penmanship.
Two years ago at the beach.
Pretty. Your wife looks good in a bathing suit.
Here she was six months old. She was born in September 1932.
How sweet!
Look, Arturo is here!
Who's calling me?
- It's Cabiria. - What are you doing here?
Come on, let's see you spit fire.
I'm exhausted.
No, you're not. Come on.
Let's go to your hotel so you can rest.
Do you like me?
Watch this!
Shall we go? You need some rest.
Don't you like me?
Watch this! Where are you going?
Bye, Cabiria. See you tomorrow.
- There's the Hotel Tre Fiori. - Please, don't drive any closer.
Sure you don't want to come over for a plate of risotto?
There's no one home.
They're all in Cortina. You could get some rest, too.
- Let me out! - Too bad.
No risotto, then?
Thank you, but please don't insist.
Go jump in a lake, you tease!
Hotel Tre Fiori.
Is Mr. Cavalli in?
The key isn't here. Let me call him.
No, don't call him.
Let him sleep, poor man.
Just tell him not to expect me.
Tell him that evil fate caused me to sully his name.
I have shamed him, but I am innocent and pure.
Tell him...
that I have been cast in the mud, and he will never see me again.
Let me write this down.
Yes, life is a dream,
but sometimes that dream is a bottomless pit.
Bottomless? Is that B like in banana? Could you repeat that?
Who's there?
Who's down there?
What are you doing? Get out of there!
Mr. Cavalli...
there's a note for you.
I must speak with you.
The name of Cavalli --
Hotel Tre Fiori.
Mr. Cavalli? Just a moment.
Phone for you, Mr. Cavalli.
You can take it here.
Hello? Yes?
Careful, careful!
We should call a doctor.
He just fainted, that's all.
Let's get him into bed.
Open the door.
Take it easy.
Stop! Let me go!
Let him get up.
Everything's fine, really.
Nothing's happened.
Come on, let's all go see the pope.
Wanda's ready. She's fine.
Wanda, hurry up, dear.
We're all waiting for you.
She says she's coming. You go on ahead.
You mustn't frighten her. You go ahead to St. Peter's.
We'll catch up with you in half an hour under the colonnade.
We'll see you in half an hour under the colonnade.
Ivan, man to man, what is going on?
Wait for me downstairs!
Go on, go!
Go! - You talking to me?
All right.
Tell me.
I swear to you on our family name, nothing's wrong.
Believe me. Go to St. Peter's.
- Half an hour. - Yes, at St. Peter's.
- Half an hour. - Yes, under the colonnade.
- Where can I get a taxi? - That way.
- Wait here a minute. - I want my money first.
Let go of me!
Pavilion 5, please. - That way.
You lunatic!
Mr. Ivan Cavalli?
This is Mr. Ciriola. He rescued your wife.
It was 2:00 in the morning, and I was sleeping in my shack...
Hello, Mr. Cavalli. Didn't we say we'd find her?
We'll find the sheik too.
Your wife is inside. Stay calm and don't be too alarmed.
The pope is expecting us at 11:00.
You have five minutes to get dressed.
I don't want to know anything now. Our family's honor comes first.
Get dressed!
Here are your shoes and your veil.
Get dressed right now.
Right now!
- Where are you from, my dear? - Caprarola.
- You too? - Yes, sister.
Fine air in Caprarola.
Come on, hurry up. It's time.
- Ettore, they're going in! - What can I do?
Father, a quick word, please.
Father, they're coming!
Here we are, Uncle!
Come on.
No, not like that.
- My coat. - Her coat!
This is my wife Wanda.
- Dear, dear Wanda. - She's so pretty.
This is Aroldino.
How do you do? Have you met my fiancé?
Let me have a look at you.
That bully Ivan never let me come up and see you.
But I have just the medicine for you.
You're so pretty.
- Where's my money? - How much?
Ivan, hurry up, we have to catch up with the other couples.
Thank you.
And good luck.
Ivan, are you done paying? Come on.
Come on. We have to hurry. The others are already going in.
Take off your raincoat and give your wife your right arm.
All right. Are you ready? Let's go.
Behave yourself.
I didn't do anything wrong. Believe me.
It was just cruel fate.
But I am pure and innocent.
And I am too.
You're my White Sheik.
Let's pick up the pace!
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