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Subtitles for White Sun Of The Desert 1970.

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White Sun Of The Desert 1970

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Mosfilm Studio
Experimental Artistic Association
And another thing I must tell you, my dearest Katerina Matveyevna:
you're appearing to me as a purest swan,
like you swim to wherever you need to go, or on your errands...
only it takes my breath away, so happy I feel,
as though I was shot pointblank from a cannon.
Directed by V. MOTYL
Director of Photography E. ROZOVSKY
Music by I. SHVARTS
Cast: Sukhov - A. KUZNETSOV Vereschagin - P. LUSPEKAYEV
Sayid - S. MISHULIN Abdullah - K. KAVSADZE
Nastasya - R. KURKINA, Petrukha - N. GODOVIKOV, Gyulchatai - T. FEDOTOVA
Rakhimov - M. DUDAYEV, Lebedev - N. BADYEV, Semyon - V. KADOCHNIKOV
Production Manager - Yu. KHOKHLOV
You should know, my dearest Katerina Matveyevna,
that to date, the class battles have been completed by and large,
and the day of worldwide liberation is coming.
So it's now time for me to come back home
and build a new life
in my native land, so dear to my heart.
Two o'clock.
Have you been here long?
It's just my luck!
Back in hospital I'd sworn to myself: as soon as I have a discharge,
I'll go straight home, and not get into any mess.
I've dug up two like you, and nothing happened...
But the third one...
I pulled him out, and he got at my throat. A bandit he was.
That's how it turned out. Buried by his own. I hardly beat him off.
Now I'll dig you up, and good bye.
Hands down!
A real beast... that Black Abdullah.
Has no pity for anyone.
If we came here a bit later, he would've killed all of them.
Why did he do it, Commander? What for?
He's a bandit!
When we finally got to these parts, Abdullah decided to go abroad
and shoot his harem... so that no man would have them.
No, with the women, we can't catch up with Abdullah.
That's why he wanted to do away with them, because they hindered him.
But we can't abandon them either.
Here, some dried bread and barley for your trip.
I'm being late. Discharged six months ago, I still knock about those sands.
I haven't been home for years.
There you go. It will last you for a while.
You'll get something else in Pedzhent, but I can't give you any more, sorry.
I've made quite a detour as it is, now I'm going straight ahead.
Once I get as far as the Volga, Samara will be at a stone's throw.
I'll have no peace as long as Dzhavdet is alive. Why have you dug me up?
Sure, a dead man doesn't have to worry about anything,
but it's so boring.
What is it between you and that Dzhavdet?
He killed my father...
...buried me,
took my four sheep,
that was all I had.
That... what's his name... Dzhavdet,
is he with Black Abdullah or what?
They hate each other. Dzhavdet is a coward.
Abdullah is a warrior.
Well, Sayid... So long!
Look, Commander.
In the old fortress, you should've taken him through the chimney.
Through the chimney?
Sukhov, give us a hand. With you, we'll finish him off in a jiffy.
You alone are worth a whole platoon, if not a company.
East is a delicate matter.
- How come you're here? - They were shooting.
Look, at least take the women.
Imagine, I've been sitting three days by the old fortress, with no sleep.
I waited for Abdullah to come back for his harem. They tie me hand and foot!
- I'm going home. - Take them, and we'll get Abdullah.
He's at Dry Spring now.
You just take them as far as Pedzhent, they will be safer there.
And I'll give you a man, a horse, some cereal...
What do you say, Sukhov?
Yes, I guess there're none of our men as far as 300 versts from here now.
- That's right. - Then it's agreed.
Comrade women! Don't be afraid!
We'll finish off your exploiting husband,
but as of now, you're under command of Comrade Sukhov.
He will feed you and protect you... he's a good man.
Hold it!
Damn it!
Am I going to wander about this desert for the rest of my life?
Get up!
Don't go to Pedzhent.
Abdullah will come there.
We'll wait and see.
Give him the horse.
Here is the list, Comrade Sukhov.
Right turn...
Follow me, young ladies.
My heart is longing for you, my beloved Katerina Matveyevna,
like a crane is longing for the sky.
However, there's a hitch.
I think it will delay me for another three days, no more.
Exactly, I was charged, as a class-conscious soldier,
to accompany a group of comrades from our brotherly East.
I must admit that they happen to be agreeable folks,
I'd even say, warm ones, with zest.
So my feet are running now over hot sands in the opposite direction,
as I am bound by my revolutionary duty.
I would also like to inform you that our deployment goes on smoothly,
in the atmosphere of fraternal unity and harmony.
We're just treading sands, not sighing for anything,
except for you, my only and unforgettable Katerina Matveyevna.
So don't you be grieving, either.
It does no good.
I beg you! Not in the museum! We have most precious things here.
- Who are you? - I'm the museum's curator.
- My name is Lebedev. - I see.
- Where's the populace? - Hiding. Bringing a harem in here!
Look here, Comrade Curator,
those nine liberated women of the East are very precious things, too...
And let's not argue about it. Any questions?
No questions. Follow me!
All right, you'll rest here for a day.
Djamilya, Zarina, Giuzel,
Sayida, Khafiza, Zukhra,
Leyla, Zulfia, Gyulchatai.
Good bye, young ladies!
Comrade Sukhov!
- Maybe you'll stay for another day? - Too much of a good thing.
- Sukhov! - Don't be scared!
Tomorrow Rakhimov will arrive, he will take you on from here.
Sayid, good luck to you!
I'll just take a swim in the sea, and off I go!
Don't let yourself be buried again.
Monsters! Barbarians!
How are you?
Hands up!
To Red Army soldier Sukhov.
From Brigade Commander M.N. Kovun.
Abdullah had eleven wives. What have you done to the other two?
You just wait, Abdullah will come and tear your tongue out.
- Why don't you say something? - Saving my tongue.
Shall I finish you off right away or you want to be tortured first?
I'd rather be tortured.
Semyon! Ride to Abdullah!
Don't! Come on, move!
How come you're here?
They were shooting.
Abdullah got a lot of men.
That's right.
I'm writing to you once again, my dearest Katerina Matveyevna,
now that I've got a spare minute.
The warm sun is making me purr,
like our tomcat Vaska when he's basking in it, perched on the hedge.
We're sitting now on the sand by the very blue sea,
not disturbed by anything.
The sun is so bright here that it makes you see white.
Comrade Sukhov!
What if Rakhimov is delayed? What happens to us then?
Abdullah will kill us because of them.
Greetings, fathers!
We beg your pardon.
Where did you get it?
We've been sitting here for a long time.
- Take the box. We can use it. - Right.
And tell the girls there will be no Abdullah, you got it?
Got it!
- What is it? - Go away! Abdullah'll be here tomorrow.
But I can't go now. You see how it turned out. Stay on, Sayid.
There's no Dzhavdet here.
Goodbye, then.
- They took most valuable exhibits. - What do you mean, exhibits?
- I told them to take only worn rugs. - But these are the 11th century!
As you were!
Don't be afraid. He's our master.
Master! No one must see our faces. Only you.
You're our new husband. Tell your man not to come here.
Comrade women!
The Revolution has made you free.
No one owns you anymore. There's no master.
You can call me simply Comrade Sukhov.
You may forget your accursed past.
You will work freely now, and each of you will have a separate husband.
Any questions?
No questions.
Show your face.
Don't think I'm just playing... I may have serious intentions.
I don't mind you were someone's wife. You're just right for me.
I like spirited girls.
I can even propose to you.
I've got a good, kind mother. Everyone respects her.
- Come on, show your face. - As you were!
Hold it!
- Gyulchatai! - Yes, master.
Go announce a reveille to the girls. Hold it!
As of today, I appoint you
to be in charge at the dormitory here, responsible for the order.
- Any questions? - No.
The master has appointed me his favorite wife.
Comrade Sukhov, I'm very serious, I want to marry her.
I just want to see her face, what if she looks like a crocodile.
Go to the shore. Find the white house, a former czarist custom house.
Find out who's there now.
Freeze! Hands up!
D'you know whose house you got in?
- Answer me! - I don't know.
Have you never... heard of Vereschagin?
What have I come to!
In the old times, everyone knew me here.
I had them all in my hand.
Now they forgot.
Hold it!
Stop, I said!
Why did you kill my men, Sayid?
I sent them to tell you not to look for Dzhavdet at Dry Spring.
He's not there. Go back to Pedzhent.
Your father and my father were friends.
When you happen to get a good companion, the road comes easier.
Your Honorable Excellence,
Lady Separation.
We've become like one with you, Though with no intention.
Letter in the envelope, Don't tear it, enough!
No luck in dying, There'll be luck in love...
Letter in the envelope, Don't tear it, enough!
No luck in dying, There'll be luck in love...
Your Honorable Excellence,
Dear Lady Luck.
Some you grace with fortune,
Others you would duck.
A bullet in the heart... Don't call me, enough!
No luck in dying, There'll be luck in love.
A bullet in the heart... Don't call me, enough!
No luck in dying, There'll be luck in love.
Hey, good man! Have you got a light?
- Where are you going? - That's Comrade Sukhov.
So you say it's Sukhov?
Let's check out that Sukhov.
Oh God, forgive me my sins...
Catch it!
Well, come on in!
- Have you seen the peacocks in the yard? - I have.
I traded them in... for my uniform.
I don't drink.
Good for you.
I'm going to finish this and give up, too.
Drink up!
Sit down!
I like your Petrukha very much.
Can you give me a machine-gun?
- Are you waiting for Abdullah? - Yes.
Look, Sukhov,
when I had a custom house here, there were the smugglers.
There's no custom house now, there're no smugglers.
In short, I made peace with Abdullah.
Whites or Reds, they make no difference to me.
Whether it's Abdullah, or it's you.
If I went with you, that would be different.
What's the problem, then?
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Come back!
What did you tell me?
What solemn promises you gave me? Have you gone crazy at your age?
You'd ruined the best years of my life,
and now you want to make me a widow?
Pasha dear! Pasha!
Forgive me, for Christ's sake!
Don't go! Don't go with them!
They'll get you killed just for nothing!
Well, guys...
I can't give you the machine-gun.
We understand.
So, it's the peacocks, right?
Who told you to come here?
- Have you measured it? - Exactly three and a half meters!
- Will it catch fire? - It should.
As soon as it does, start counting.
Forty two!
They can go in the motor boat now.
They want to get behind the border.
After they start the motor, 42 seconds and... boom!
That's right.
Clean up here.
The geese...
They may have come from our parts, or just flown over there.
- Where are you from? - A village near Kursk.
Never been there. I left home when I was a kid like you...
I've been knocked around the whole world...
- From the Amur river... - The Amur river? Turkestan.
Before he died, my father said:
"Abdullah, all my life I was poor,
and I wish that God send you an expensive robe
and a beautiful harness for your horse."
I waited for a long time, then God said:
"Mount your horse and take everything you want yourself,
if you're a brave and strong man."
My father didn't say anything. Dzhavdet killed him in the back.
Your father was a wise man,
but who on this earth knows what is good and what is bad?
The dagger's good for the one who has it,
and bad for the one who hasn't it... at the right time.
Oh, Allah, where's he, that husband of ours?
It's all her fault,
When I was Abdullah's favorite wife, you saw him every day.
And he beat us every day.
- Our husband forgot about us before he knew us. - Why, we're not that bad.
Maybe, Gyulchatai doesn't caress him well enough?
- Or he doesn't like the way she dresses? - Or perhaps...
What's the matter?
How old are you?
Don't even think of that.
Or maybe we'd really get you married? To Petrukha, in lawful wedlock.
The boy is not married, he wants to take you to his mother.
- I'm your wife. - My wife is at home.
Can't you tell her that Gyulchatai's your favorite wife?
She won't be offended, will she?
She will!
How many times must I explain it? We're supposed to have only one wife.
Do you understand? One!
Wouldn't you like your husband to love, give presents to and caress only you?
- You think it's bad? - It's good.
One wife loves,
one makes clothes, one cooks,
one feeds the children...
- One wife doing all this? - Nothing can be done about that.
- It's hard. - Sure it's hard.
All right, good night now. We'll talk tomorrow.
Ibragim! That's lbragim's robe!
Poor lbragim!
Until I catch them, you'll stay with us.
I would also like to tell you, Katerina Matveyevna,
that sometimes I get so sick at my heart,
such sadness grips me with its claws,
when I'm wondering how you're doing over there.
What troubles you?
Have you coped with hay making or not?
The grass must have been abundant this year...
Well, our separation won't last long now.
I'll give a bit of help to this group of comrades,
settle some other problems,
and make my way in your direction, my invaluable Katerina Matveyevna.
Now I beg your pardon, there is a small hitch. I'll finish next time.
Come out, if you're there!
We've been loyal to you, master!
You've been my favorite wife, haven't you? Have I ever hurt you?
Why aren't you dead?
Drop the gun...
If you turn back, I'll shoot.
Drop it!
Hands up!
Your dagger.
Make five steps forward.
And tell your hirelings to get out of the yard.
I'll let you free as soon as your men leave Pedzhent.
I never miss.
Abdullah, you may put your hands down.
Gallop to the shore, all of you!
Load the boat and put it on the water.
I'm staying here... as a guest.
But if I'm not there by noon, come back to settle a score...
...for the hospitality. Get out!
You stay here.
I'm going to the shore. To see what the bandits are doing.
They stole Abdullah!
Don't tell anyone...
You better not.
They'll cheat you.
They'll board the boat.
You'll let Abdullah free, and they'll be back.
I don't think so.
Caviar again!
I'm fed up with eating the damn thing every day!
Couldn't you get some bread?
How can I get it now?
Eat it! You got to eat something after drinking.
Everyone in the village is dead scared.
People don't even poke their noses out of doors.
The Revolutionary Committee's Commissioner and the militia man
have not returned from the city yet.
And that red-haired one who was here
is said to have gotten Abdullah himself.
I don't like all this.
Oh, God!
Don't you get into this, don't butt in!
You have done your share of fighting.
Show your face.
Come on, show it.
Is someone sneaking around?
Bring some water.
Hands up!
Oh, it's you? What are you doing there?
Please, don't say a word to anyone.
We have a hiding place here.
Show your face.
Go away now. Hurry.
You can't stay here alone.
I can't leave either.
- Abdullah will kill the women. - Abdullah will kill you.
They're his wives.
- Goodbye. - I counted on you.
If I'm killed, who's going to take vengeance on Dzhavdet?
I counted on you, Sayid.
And if Fate wills for us not to see each other again,
Katerina Matveyevna, you should know
that I have been and will be, to my last breath,
devoted only to you alone.
And since it may happen that I'm buried forever in these sands,
this unaccustomed thought even making me feel sad...
Or maybe it's because I've met lately
mostly very warm people, I'd even say, delicate people.
Bearing witness to this is...
fighter for the happiness of working people of the whole world,
member of the Caspian International Revolutionary Proletarian Regiment
named after Comrade August Bebel,
Red Army man...
Fyodor lvanovich Sukhov.
Have the women left, curator?
I detained them. Look, this is an underground passage.
It leads to the seashore. It was dug at the time of the Samanid Dynasty.
No one has used it in the last 400 years.
They're not here!
They couldn't have gone far.
Let go of my hand. Let go, I said.
- Why this violence? - Let him go, Akhmed.
Stop this plunder now!
There're no women here. And I don't know anything about...
There must be an underground passage here...
Get down!
Cling to the ground!
Follow me!
There's no one here!
They couldn't bury them in the sand.
No one here either.
We can't open it up.
- We could blow it up. - We don't have any grenades.
Leave at least one bullet, Abdullah,
to shoot ourselves with.
Your Honorable Excellence,
Lady Foreign Land.
Your embrace is very hot,
But to love you can't.
In your seductive mire
Don't call me, enough.
No luck in dying,
There'll be luck in love...
Your Honorable Excellence,
Dear Lady Victory.
It seems my song is over...
Still singing?
I came from Abdullah. We've run out of grenades,
and you've got a whole supply.
Stop it!
There'll be luck in love!
And stand up when a lieutenant is talking to you.
Devils, stop your crying
And swearing on blood!
No luck in dying...
He's got wrong grenades.
It's full.
Are you still wearing a yashmak, or you've changed into men's clothes?
Abdullah, your wives are very tender.
- I'm enjoying them. - I'm giving them to you.
When I set oil on fire, you'll enjoy it even better.
You'll enjoy it very much.
They give us no peace. One feels like running away.
Some want grenades... Others want bullets...
May the devil take them!
Come on, move! Hurry up!
Are you asleep, you bastard? Shall I wake you up with a lash?
I haven't seen you for ages, Abdullah.
Yes, it's been a long time.
Still leading a nomad's life? Still shooting?
I got old and lazy. Remember what I was like?
Those were the times.
What are your men up to?
What do they want to blow up?
Some character got in there, and won't come out.
Fyodor! Is Petrukha with you?
They killed Petrukha, Pavel Artemyich!
Abdullah stabbed him to death.
Come on, go!
A good wife and a good home, what else does a man need at his old age?
I may have spent a fortune, but I got some flour.
I'm going to cook borscht and make pancakes.
At least it's some bread.
We've overstayed our time here. As soon as the commissioner's back,
we'll go to Astrakhan.
It's time to tend to our son's grave. It must've overgrown with weeds...
And we haven't been to church over a year now. It's a great sin.
You'll wear your embroidered shirt.
When I see you in that shirt, I remember everything...
How we met in the infirmary in Tsaritsyn...
Do you remember the "Prince of Tauride steamship?
And what a dressing down you gave to that staff-captain
at the fair in Kazan?
Hey, Abdullah!
Haven't you got too much goods?
And all of it duty free?
But there's no one at the customs. Who should I pay duty to?
We could pay you in gold.
You know me well, Abdullah... I never take bribes.
It pains me to see the state suffering.
Aristarkh! Settle it with the customs man.
Fire it up!
Wait, Abdullah!
It's me, Sayid, speaking!
What do you mean by that?
Kill him!
Vereschagin! Leave the boat!
Give it back!
Wash up, guys!
He did go! He did go after all!
Damn him!
Well, have you come to your senses?
Abdullah! The customs man has cleared it!
Fire it up!
Get to him from the back, Makhmud!
Don't let him stick his nose out.
Don't start the motor!
I'm going to get closer.
You'll get blown up! Stop!
I'm here, Abdullah.
You can come out, young ladies.
Your Honorable Excellence, Dear Lady Luck.
Some you grace with fortune, Others you would duck.
A bullet in the heart... Don't call me, enough!
No luck in dying, There'll be luck in love.
A bullet in the heart... Don't call me, enough!
No luck in dying, There'll be luck in love.
You'd better wait, will you? We'll get to the city together,
and take the train from there.
No. That's a big detour. I'll go straight and be there sooner.
- Take a horse. - No.
A horse will be a nuisance. You have to feed it.
Well? Djamilya, Zarina, Giuzel,
Sayida, Khafiza, Zukhra,
Leyla, Zulfia.
Goodbye, young ladies.
Sorry if I did something wrong.
Thank you!
Don't mention it.
What about Dzhavdet? Do you need some help?
No, I'll deal with Dzhavdet myself. Should you meet him, don't touch him.
Well, good luck, then.
A good day, a pleasant moment.
How are you doing, my precious Katerina Matveyevna?
Don't judge me too harshly for the delay. It seems to be my fate.
But I think nothing like that is going to happen again.
So I hasten to inform you that I'm alive and well, and hope you're, too.
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