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Subtitles for White Valentine - 25fps - 1999.

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White Valentine - 25fps - 1999

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White Valentine
I hated writing childish letters to soldiers.
Park Shin-yang
Because nobody would ever write back.
Post box
Chun Ji-hyun
Sergeant Park Hyun-jun and Miss Kim Jeong-Min
Whether it was for better or worse
I pretended I was a teacher for 5 years.
We didn't even know what we looked like.
A lie always reveals itself.
I never thought he'd visit me so suddenly.
I wasn't sure whether I wanted to tell him
the truth or not.
it was my only chance to meet him.
No letters came after that.
All the letters I wrote with such care
were trashed, instead of being sent.
When I had fallen down and needed someone to lift me up,
Director: Yang Yoon-ho
he would help me. But now, he went away.
Somang Bookstore
How are you, sir?
I'm fine, but what's wrong with you?
I have a letter for you.
Hey! Why put it there when you can give it to me?
Oh, you're right.
It's just a habit, I guess...
What's she doing inside anyway?
I need your signature, sir.
Grandpa, let go of my ear!
You'll run away, if I do.
Oh, you're embarrassing me!
Then you should have helped me.
I'm doing all this hard labor alone.
How are you?
Not so great, obviously.
Will this much do? /Wait!
You treat me like a servant.
What are you grumbling about?
You'd be so bored without her.
Bored? I'd be much better off.
What are you doing? Get going!
Since you're slow on your bike.
All right. See you.
I need your signature.
Let's drink something.
Don't put this here.
You have some money?
Will a dollar do?
Look at my back pocket.
What's this?
I'll call when the album's released. Bye.
Hurry back!
I can't buy much with this. /Just get a bottle of mineral water.
My arm hurts!
Such a pity!
His parents worked hard to send him to college,
but he's only interested in girls.
At least he likes a fine girl like me.
A fine girl?
You're unbelievable!
Don't forget you dropped out of school.
At least, I never fall for any guy!
You should've finished your studies.
People take a step back to advance more later.
What? /Look at me...
I can even run in the same place.
Yeah, yeah...
Get out my way. /Why?
Yeah, yeah. Do whatever you want.
Whether you run or jump, I don't care.
Walk quietly. You're wrecking the loor!
You little...!
Open your mouth.
What's wrong?
Then, how would you like this?
You want some cabbage?
Great, now you're eating.
Hey, you're eating well.
Look, he's eating.
Hey, you look handsome here.
Do you like it, too?
Take a look.
Come here.
Say hello.
Hello, my name is Tiny-bell.
Today something special happened to me.
This little fellow followed me.
Once a day...
Just once a day... I wish something special would happen.
Am I asking for too much?
You want to cross?
Thank you. /O.K.
Eat this.
Thank you. /Take care, kid.
Hey, kid!
You're cute. How old are you?
This apple doesn't look good. Give it to me.
Look there. Look!
O.K., O.K. Don't cry.
Then I'll give you this instead. Don't cry. You can have this.
Have them all. Don't cry.
Then I can have this, right?
Are you all right?
I brought some medicine.
What's this? There's another disinfectant.
Hold still for a second.
It's O.K. Don't die.
Be quiet or I'll send you, Kakung!
Hold still.
Hold still. O.K., O.K., O.K.
O.K., O.K., O.K.
Kakung, he's hurt.
Hold still. You have to make it.
Be strong. Be strong.
Kakung, be quiet!
You've been so patient.
Kakung, look at him being patient. You were brave enduring the pain.
O.K, O.K, O.K.
Can I use this medicine on you... I'll put it on.
It's all right, huh?
O.K., O.K. It's fine.
It's fine.
How did you get like this anyway?
It must be hard
without your mother...
Where are you going this late?
You don't have to know, grandpa.
Look at her. She's so rude.
Don't follow her bad example.
Jeong-Min, your grandpa's just worried.
He's worried since you quit school to draw.
But I like drawing more than anything...
People should do what they love most.
Your grandpa knows that, too.
My grandpa does?
But why are you looking for a bird shop?
Gosh, I almost forgot.
A wounded pigeon came into our house.
I should get going.
Wait, Kyung- Min!
It's rosemary.
Doesn't it smell nice?
This leaf is good for neuralgia.
Since you're an adult now, you should help your grandpa out.
Next time, watch where you sit down.
Just be more careful.
You got that?
Go home now.
Sir! /Who's there?
A bird came inside my house.
Goodness! /You!
Jesus christ!
Hey there!
It's you! You scared me.
Peekaboo. /Be quiet!
What are you doing here?
I'm watching the shop for a while.
Did the owner go far away?
He said he'd be back soon.
You should come back tomorrow.
But I can't.
Yeah. I'll come back next time.
Bye. /Bye.
You have a boyfriend or something?
What were you doing? You're a woman.
You suddenly treat me like an adult.
I went to buy some food.
Did you make the food?
The store is right outside!
Not my food.
I never eat snacks, you know.
Not your food, either.
Then who's the food for?
Thank you.
People leave things like this behind. The person must have been in a hurry.
She's really absent-minded.
She'll come back for it.
But our pigeon...
I didn't open the door much,
but it's gone. It must have flown away.
It's been a long time, since I last wrote.
It feels strange and new writing to you.
I'm going to go where you told me to go.
The pond that you would visit.
It feels like we'll bump into each other there.
Is something on my face?
What's wrong?
Do you raise any animals?
For example, pigeons...
No, I don't.
I'm allergic to fur.
Allergic to fur?
I sneeze when there are animals around.
But why animals?
It's nothing.
This guy is groaning all the time.
He's quiet when he's next to you.
Our house has become an animal shelter.
Doesn't he look like a mutt?
What's wrong with him?
It's his allergies. /What?
He's allergic to fur.
He's such a funny guy.
My knee hurts.
It's killing me.
A silly boy. Jesus...
Huh? Now what?
I'm dead if grandpa finds out.
As you might know
My grandpa's first love was that old lady.
Isn't that funny?
Look at you...
if I'm dead, your days are over, too.
Stop whining.
Wait a second...
Who sent this here?
Hey, Tiny-bell!
Hey, Tiny-bell!
Hey, Tiny-bell!
Get back here!
Hey, Tiny-bell!
Let me take a look. /Hey, Tiny-bell!
Hey, Tiny-bell!
His name's Tiny-bell? He's small, but very active.
Who told you to run away? Who told you?
Don't hit him like that.
Don't hit him.
Are you taking a walk?
Yeah, I'm looking for someone.
She's not here.
who's that?
My lover.
Did you make her upset?
Well, maybe she's mad at me. She doesn't call anymore.
I thought I would meet her here.
Then you should just wait for her.
Let's go!
You're going?
O.K., then. Bye.
What about the shots?
Who? Me?
No, the dog.
The dog has to get his shots.
I think you belong with him. So, good bye.
This is my present. Don't forget me.
If you get use to talking to yourself,
you know what happens?
There'll be a reply from the other person.
If you get use to talking to yourself,
you know what happens?
There'll be a reply from the other person.
As if the person is right next to you.
Grandpa... You think I can't calculate?
Let's go in if you're finished.
It's strange. There's a poetry book missing.
You're here.
Ma'am! /Yeah.
Did something fall down?
What brings you here at this hour?
You left this behind.
I told grandpa to give this to you.
Since you would like it.
Why didn't you tell me so?
I flipped through it, and it was good.
The lines from 'Autumn Leaves' were nice.
'There's a tearful moment I can't forget.'
This was really heartbreaking.
I see.
How's your neuralgia?
Is the rosemary helping?
Rose... mary?
You know...
Oh, that red flower.
The flower's red?
Strange, I thought it was white.
Is it?
Grandpa can't see so well, you know.
Yeah, it's getting worse these days.
Hi, there.
Sorry. I'm sorry for singing too loudly.
You must have drank a lot.
What the...!
Tiny-bell! We run into each other often.
You live nearby?
My house?
My house is way over there.
I'm so drunk.
It was nice seeing you.
Bye The Nu... Nu-nu. Bye, Miss tiny-bell.
I'm so drunk.
Why am I Miss Tiny-bell?
You know him?
No, he's one of our customers.
It's cold. It might rain, huh?
But the stars are shining bright.
I can't walk by that house...
without missing you, baby.
I've had too much to drink.
I'm tipsy.
Some soju and some side dishes.
It came out to $10.50 but the lady took off 50 cents.
I only had $10 anyway.
I found out that I did have 50 cents later.
I also bought this.
I got it since my hair is so long.
It'd been nice if you bought me this.
I won't forget you even if you're gone...
Only beautiful memories...
What song am I singing?
It's one I made up.
'When I was alone, there was a person who helped'
'l wish I can be that kind of a person to you...'
'Will the pigeon come back again?'
If it does fly back, will you reply then?
No, no. I don't have 50 cents.
What are you doing here?
I came to see you.
You know what time it is ?
Get me a bottle of soju.
Cut your hair, will you?
You reek of booze. Drink first.
Clean yourself up. What's this?
What are these? /l brought them from the street.
You're feeding him, right?
Raising birds from the street.
You used to be a huge spender.
Tell me if you have any problems.
I'm better off than you now.
What's this? You should throw this out.
How are you living?
Is it all right living here?
Yes. Thanks.
Live a better life, if you're grateful.
What's this? It's dark all around.
So dirty.
Are you washing your underwear?
I want to see Yun-Hee so much.
I want to see Yun-Hee so much.
I want to see Yun-Hee's face again.
Is it easier for her to forget everything?
What's wrong with me?
Hey, you're dead if you say that again!
Just think about
how she'd react if she saw you like this!
You're being so foolish!
Get your act together!
If she would only appear in my dreams,
or if I could visualize her when I'm drunk...
Just once... If I could see her...
I'd be nice if you actually received this letter...
You probably don't know...
But I did some stupid things for a while.
One morning I started winding
clock backwards
so that I could turn back time to the day you died.
By the time I was done, the nightfall had come down.
Afterwards, I looked at my finger, and it was bleeding.
You're talking and answering me...
But your face is becoming more vague.
What have I done to your master?
Okay, this is it.
All right.
Why don't you eat something?
Try eating it.
Just eat it.
Hi, there.
I'm not in the mood to greet you.
Eat it. It's all right.
You don't...
What shall I do, Kakung?
How could you live like this?
Hello, it's me. Are you busy?
Can you come now?
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to read it.
I think you're used to being alone, like me.
I just wanted to tell you something.
It's good that there's some skin left.
It's awful, because the bag is torn.
Is anyone here?
The medicine must be expensive. Can a bird man afford it?
It's all right, since you're around.
The shot goes right here.
How much?
0.06 mm
0.06 mm
You're learning a lot today.
Yes, he'd better get healthy...
It must have hurt.
Hey! Kakung...
Are your kids all right?
Yeah, they're doing all right.
Don't you miss them?
Of course, they're always on my mind.
Sometimes can't work because of them.
Well, I'm the father of birds.
I can't go outside because I'm so worried.
Listen to yourself. You sound like a paranoid father.
You'll get some respect from your kids.
Who knows? They'll make me a fortune.
Give me a break.
Take him outside, will you?
You're ordering me around in my house?
You're being mean to your guest!
Don't you miss your life in the city?
It's hard for people like you to change.
Well, it's nice and peaceful here.
Lately, you're like a complete stranger.
But then again, it's the same old you.
What are you talking about?
You're a strong-willed person.
I wouldn't be able to live with him like this.
I'm not strong-willed...
In fact, I think I'm pathetic.
The owner here is starving all the birds!
Why is he always out?
Is the owner that lazy?
Huh? Goodness!
So that person was a student, huh?
Do you like that song?
A person I knew, liked that song, too.
Are you all right?
It's hot... Are you all right?
I'm very sorry.
You're fine, right?
How did you become a bird man?
Bird man?
Bird man?
I'm a bird man, all right.
You know what people want to be reborn as?
You know what the most common answer is?
A bird.
Many feel like they're trapped.
But when I look at birds,
I wonder about his previous life.
What bird do you want to be?
Can I tell you first?
Go ahead.
I want to be a pigeon.
A clean, white, and pretty pigeon.
What happened to this pigeon?
Its chest was probably torn from glass.
Or someone might have done it as a cruel prank.
It gets wounded around people.
You still want to be a pigeon?
Since I like being near people...
I wouldn't be scared of anything.
Hey, it's me...
I have to ask for a favor.
This store...
There's someone I want to show my drawing to.
I wanted to show it to you.
But you don't write back.
You're busy working and coming here.
Actually I can't come later.
You've decided to concentrate on your studies?
No, I'm going to join the army.
What's your major?
I major in law... But I'm also studying poetry.
Your parents must be worried.
A writer won't make much money.
I'll think things over in the army.
Think over what?
How can you study poetry with that mentality?
If you've decided to do something,
then you should do anything to reach your goal!
It's splendid.
You're just like your dad. He used to draw really well, too.
My father did? He never drew pictures.
Yeah, he worked in a construction office.
A construction office?
Grandpa told me he worked in a train station.
Oh yeah, he's right. You become like me when you get old.
What flowers are you interested in?
Well, it's for a birthday present.
Then come this way...
'dear husband'?
House of Birds
Maybe it's all because of this scarf.
I'll return it to you.
There was a person who was special to me,
and she gave me the same scarf once.
Isn't it interesting?
Thanks for the brief happiness you gave.
I'm sending this back as a token of my appreciation.
I think I'll go on a long trip.
Good bye.
By the way, my name is Park Hyun-jun.
Park Hyun-jun?
What's wrong?
I'm glad you're here. Help me out, please.
What are you doing?
Hold this until you run out of it.
I'll explain later.
What's all this about?
You haven't told me a lot of things.
What are you talking about?
I saw the portrait of my Mom. I think I know who drew it.
So you should allow me to do this.
Come on in.
Are you looking for something?
Hey, what's up?
Did you find the pigeon's home?
You two know each other?
Not really.
But I wanted to get to know her.
Whether you remember or not,
when I first brought you here,
I first showed you this place.
This was our home after your grandma died.
Those were tough times.
But with this floor squeaking your Mother learned to walk.
She learned fast because of the squeaking.
You know what?
You didn't like talking about my father.
I don't know why back then.
I was going to tell you someday...
But I was afraid you'd draw all day like him!
You hate my father, so you didn't want me drawing.
I have no more to say.
Tell me the truth...
You think Mom died because of dad, right?
You don't know how much they suffered!
Maybe they died because of you!
'Cause you didn't want them to get married.
What are you talking about?
I don't want to hear anymore!
I want to be alone.
Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa!
Long time no see.
Are you going somewhere?
Yes, it turned out that way.
When are you leaving?
I don't know when I'll be back.
Are you taking the pigeons with you?
Yeah. I'm too attached to that one,
and the other one hasn't recovered yet.
They help out each other.
But... You don't look so good.
You don't look so well yourself...
Did something happen?
Well, my Grandpa's in the hospital because of me.
What about your parents?
They died when I was young.
I'm sorry, you always looked so cheerful...
It's all right.
Have a seat.
You're my grateful friend on my last day.
Would you like something?
Let's have a farewell party. What would you like?
I'll drink what you're having.
You drink?
I'm not a kid, you know.
The poor girl must have been surprised.
Sleepless nights with nowhere to go...
I said a silly thing.
No, no.
How am I going to face her again?
Don't worry, she knows you better.
A long-term relationship doesn't end so easily.
I thought I wouldn't come back here,
But I eventually did.
And I've met old friends like you again.
Don't look at me that way.
I can't support and live with you,
but in hard and lonely times, we'll visit each other.
Isn't it great?
Let's continue living this way.
Mister... You can't dance, huh?
Dance? No, I can't.
I knew it. He's not a good dancer.
Would you like to dance with me?
No, I can't.
I'm really good.
What's wrong? Are you drunk?
I really can't.
Yeah, you can.
Now, bow to me.
You know, like this.
I can't, really.
Lift your hands like this.
1, 2, 3
Again,1, 2, 3
1, 2
1, 2
1, 2
You can't dance well yourself.
No, I'm a great dancer.
All right...
Is this it?
Are you feeling all right?
I'll think of you even if I have a boyfriend.
You'll think of me when you have a boyfriend?
Your girlfriend...
Your lover... What was she like?
My lover?
My lover...
You don't have to tell me.
A person I loved...
There was a person I loved.
It wouldn't be interesting. You still want to hear it?
In France...
I don't remember how long we had met.
Stop it!
The exchange rate of the day...
at was more important to me.
What are you talking about?
I got it.
She probably wanted very little in return.
It was my birthday that day. I didn't even know it myself...
She just wanted to surprise me.
This is amazing.
Hey, she's going to be a bit late.
At that moment, I realized that pigeons never leave their partners.
She was going to bring a female pigeon, and she asked me to wait...
She and the female pigeon both didn't arrive that day.
She used to live around here...
I thought I would recall everything...
But you know how life is...
One moment, everything's going your way.
e next moment, you lose control.
That's why you're living?
Once you can't remember her anymore?
I'm afraid of growing attached to this area.
It's warm place with many stories.
What stories?
I wanted to meet someone here.
A lying kid who exchanged letters with me.
A lying kid?
It was some kid's handwriting,
she lied and said she was a teacher.
So you played along, knowing this?
Of course.
Isn't it adorable?
You never met that person?
I was going to, but she stood me up.
Now I don't even know her address.
How old are you?
She would also be 20.
I really wanted to meet her.
She probably doesn't remember me.
She probably treasures that memory.
You think so?
I've seen you with your pigeons before.
During your trip, imagine that the people are pigeons.
Then they'll become very precious to you.
Why are your hands so cold?
Grandpa, are you all right now?
Of course, I am.
You thought I would die and leave you behind?
I was afraid of apologizing to you.
You're too old to be crying.
Who would believe that you're 20?
I'll be with you till the day I die.
Now you're lying to me, huh?
You're just like your mother.
Your mother would always say that.
But you'll eventually follow your own path.
No, I'm going to stay with you forever.
Is it magic? When did you grow up so much?
Somang Bookstore
Let's see...
You know, it's just a habit of mine.
More letters from kids.
Thank you.
You're really leaving?
What will happen to your fan letters?
Keep them for me, please.
If he lived one more year,
then he would've seen you become a great author,
and see Tiny-bell as Big-bell now.
He used to praise my bicycle skills.
Aren't you busy?
I am. I'll get going.
Oh, wait!
I forgot to get your signature!
My son is your fan, too.
Sergeant Lee Han-suk reporting to Miss Kim Jeong-Min!
As time passes, we miss people less,
but the loneliness stays forever.
Many people leaving means
that there are more people to miss.
There are many people to miss.
It's really nice.
Seeing my book here...
I'm proud of you, too.
What if it doesn't sell well?
You weren't interested in making a profit.
But still... Why don't you buy another copy?
I already bought 15 of them. Just one more.
I already gave them out of friends.
I guess I should buy one more.
Go ahead...
White Valentine
What are you looking at?
Uh, just a book.
Let's go.
Don't worry about him.
Will you be all right?
I'm fine.
The allergies in the army...
If anyone...
No, forget it.
It's all right.
I'll do it.
See you later.
Let's go.
Miss Kim Jeong-Min!
Miss Kim Jeong-Min!
Who are you?
Excuse me, but...
Sit down, Tiny-bell.
Is this Tiny-bell?
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Wicked 1998 29,970fps
Wicked City - 1973
Wicked City 1973
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Wild Bunch The - Restored Directors Cut
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