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Who Are You 2002 CD2

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Chungdam Bridge
Do you know how wide it is?
27 meters, running 1.2 kilometers in length
180 thousand tons of steel,
12 thousand square meters of concrete
And 572 thousand men on the job
You memorized that to get a date, right?
When I was unemployed,
I did some computer simulation work for that bridge
I used to be unemployed before this job
Nobody would hire me for 2 years
It's great being unemployed...
You get to think about
who you really are
That's not it. Click this menu and you'll get
a window for creating your own place
Then you click this... Click, I say...
This is too difficult
Why do you need to know?
My game partner created one for me
A beautiful island
I want to make one too, but...
one with speed and destruction
Those are my favorite
Do you know how 'Crazy Drive' started out?
It was a game on DOS program
A crude square car that farted as it drove
I created it in middle-school
It was called the 'fart car'
See if it's true love Chat all night
Finally, our first night
All set for an all-nighter!
How did you plant the tree?
Pea-brain taught me. A computer wiz who wants
to get rich from computers
That's not a sin
Well, he does work hard
He sleeps and eats in the office, eyes always bloodshot...
His clothes stink
He's a non-stop power engine
He doesn't take anything seriously
Dear friend,
have the hots for power engine?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha...
There's no one else but you
Whenever I had to let it all out,
you told me to seek you, right?
To my invisible friend,
I'm gonna be 200% honest today
High school 3rd year, a month before the national finals
I was nervous. To wear that flag on my chest,
I underwent hard training
I lost my hearing,
and earned a hearing aid
3 years have passed, so I'm 3 years old
Disability level 4-2. That's my score
A record... that can never be broken
When I can't understand them,
people become so apologetic
Sorry, sorry all the time
I pretend to be so full of life
I become this perky girl
That's why I hate meeting new people
Cause I have to explain myself
It's the first time in 3 years
For me to take the initiative
I feel great
With this kind of feeling, I could make a fresh new start
Thanks to my invisible friend
I'm so grateful
Time's running out
Focus on catching the bug, and preparing for the move
Be careful during server relocation
Sad Cat's got the Bali trip, huh?
Her story, her progress, It's likely...
Now, the ad campaign! The banner and launching ad...
Time is money! Get back to work, OK?
Hurry and get packed. Hurry...
Hey, look here...
Work with your own team!
Everyone's gone for their part-time jobs
Bennigan's, midnight
The U MINE girl?
Tomorrow's face-off day. We're getting together
How I longed for this day...
Feelings of anxiety
are so meaningless!
Butterfly fish, shark, Holocentridae, King Penguin,
and this is for our Tori!
I'm amazed how you handle your knives
You know my condition? I'm not going near the waters
Instead, I'll do the chores until my replacement comes
Let's go!
Thank you for the manual
You didn't have to bring it back
This is our office
Should I... call you big brother from now on?
It would be my pleasure
Anyway, you seem to be
in a good mood, little sister
I've decided to be happy
Going somewhere?
How about some extra-curricular fun?
Candid camera?
You use this for interviews
and to meet people...
You know everyone, don't you?
About my game partner...
What's his real name?
Jee Hyungtae
My name is Jee Hyungtae
Next week, the test ends
Ask him yourself. "Who R U?"
Remember what happened to Boyoung?
You can never trust those things!
Guys who hide behind their monitors are all perverts!
I'll consider it elderly advice from big brother
You must have this fantasy of your partner
That he has a lot in common with you
But for us, it means money
Make one game and you think you have all the answers
Dude's a real sweet talker, huh?
Feel-good music, cute flash mail...
Give me an hour and I can talk any woman over!
You're truly sick
stop calling him dude!
OK, the gentleman!
The gentleman
What do you know about him?
Perhaps almost nothing from the few hours of chatting
Do you need to know everything? Do you know me?
We're here, yet do we really know each other?
We don't?
I know about you Inju. Maybe not everything
But to say nothing, that's just too cruel
Then why are we...?
Is that enough to say you know me?
Do you always observe people so meticulously?
You kept me looking at your lips!
When did you find out?
You pervert...
I'm not finished
Put it back on
Suh Inju! Put it back on!
How dare you!
Who do you think you are!
Treating me like a fool!
I feel like shit. Hurry and log in - Byulee
I wonder if he ever had a true love?
Perhaps he enjoys love like computer games
He's a materialistic pervert who...
Why take off your hearing aid? You're such a baby
Blocking everything out like that
If you were here, I would have smacked you
What do you know about being deaf?
Just be a friend, OK?
What do you know about me?
Your face, your address, I know nothing
Do you really play music?
I guess it's not important
Tell me. What do you know about me?
Someone... who knows me well
The first person who has listened to the real me
I would say that's enough
Now friend! Let's change the subject,
with some heavy music
Turn on the live speaker
I feel like I've been reborn
Everything's changed
Since I've met you
You made me a new man
My mom's been
The most surprised
I want you!
More than cold noodles!
I like you!
More than baseball!
I like you!
More than the universe!
Don't seduce me
It isn't difficult loving you
If you show me your heart
It isn't difficult loving you
I only fear not knowing your heart
Crazy bastard...
Let's meet
I want to show you the real me
What about the rules?
Tomorrow, 10 pm. Our special place
Titicaca in Taehakro
What about the rules?
Would you like to log out?
Hey! Suh Inju!
I was thrilled when you asked to meet you in this busy area
It's the first time
since the accident you know?
But in fact...
you're using me to stand someone up?
You really want to go, don't you? You want to meet him!
Hey, Suh Inju!
Will you go with me?
Okay, it's all my fault
I see that. I'm sorry
But I had great fun
Talking to you all night. Anyway...
I couldn't stop because...
Yeah. Because I've come to like this person called Suh Inju...
Tell her
That it wasn't a joke
I don't know what he looks like,
but it feels like he's on my side
Meeting him just might make that feeling disappear
I'm quitting my job
I'm looking for another one
I'll find something, right?
That's the best thing you've said recently!
The aquarium was bad for your ears! You had me worried sick!
We have to celebrate!
This marks a new beginning
I'm so grateful to him
Listen. What took me years,
he managed to reform a claustrophobic in days
I don't care... who he is
I'm so grateful
Tell him you'll meet him
This time, you ask him first
Tell him you'll meet him
For the next test, let's create really wacky Avatars!
But one that has more reality
The world isn't full of pretty people
There are the weird ones too!
All these ideas are coming to me!
You were stood up, huh?
She said, I tricked her with my Avatar
What is she talking about?
Did you take her money? Did you lie?
Or have you stabbed her in the back?
Unbelievable! She's calling us a group of frauds?
She's the hearing aid, right?
- You like her? - Huh?
Then why did you run?
It's Mello she wants
Jee Hyungtae and Mello are one!
Not to her
Enter the ID you are searching for
This ID is currently off-line
Where are you?
Come visit us, OK?
Thanks for everything
I can come to swim, right?
No other pool beats this place
Hey, rookies...
Feeling down and nervous?
It's just the beginning. Don't worry
What is this?
Your head is your idea bank
With this, a great office?
You don't need it. Don't you agree?
For a guy who's always stood up by women,
you're quite enthusiastic
Jee Hyungtae!
I'm married to my games! My games!
Hey! Repeat after me!
I'm married to my games! I can't hear you!
Are you moving today?
One team's staying behind
I'm moving too
I've quit my job
I didn't finish the game. I'll try next time
I guess he didn't like me
Why did you quit your job?
I want to try something new
I apologize for the other day
Cheer up! It's really a great game
Good luck with the move
How about...
a farewell party?
I'm impressed
Do you know when a man shows a woman his special place?
It's when he wants her to recognize him
I know
Well, I guess I know
From here,
my hand becomes the mouse that moves buildings
And, I can go where I wish,
change the world as I wish
It really looks like virtual reality from here
But it isn't
Virtual reality is fake, but this place is real
I create computer games,
but I prefer this place over virtual reality
Cause it is not where Byulee, but Suh Inju...
stands right now
She runs up 30 floors each day
Stubborn as hell
And chooses when to listen
I'm admitting that...
I have feelings for Suh Inju
I was stood up in the game, but in reality, I get a boyfriend
This place is much better
I've registered that, OK?
I have your phone no., so I'm calling you everyday!
We'll eat and drink together!
Anyway, I'm calling you everyday!
I'll be back!
So long!
We're gonna make a great comeback!
I really want to meet you
Meet me at our special place. 8 pm
Staff meeting!
Sungchan! Yongwoo! Shasha! Hurry!
Call everyone!
Where's everybody?
Get to work!
Namhoon! Ad campaign!
As much as I try to shut it out
As much as I try to shut it out
I can hear your voice
I am Mello
At first, I didn't know it was you
When I was going to tell you,
I was already falling for you
I didn't want to tell...
because I liked you
Suh Inju...
do I mean nothing to you?
When I asked you to meet me,
I was going to tell you everything!
You should have kept lying. Feel better with it out now?
I really like you. I couldn't hide it any longer
I've fallen for you! Don't you get it?
Fallen for whom?
It's so easy for you, huh? Are you playing some game?
What about you?
Who are you mad at? Jee Hyungtae or Mello?
You're angry that Mello turned out to be me, a loser, right?
Don't act like you know me!
Look at yourself. You like being alone, right?
Unable to trust anyone
Your self-pity has completely paralyzed you!
I'm not acting like I know you
I do know you!
Everything's okay
Tell me
The words
You want to say so much
I didn't know you were crying
How you felt
Everything's okay
Stop running
I'll leave
Let's just stop
Good for you, for knowing everything
I don't...
I thought I did
I thought I've met someone who really knew me well
I never lied to Byulee, nor Suh Inju. Never
It was the same for you, right?
For the first time in my life...
I've come to understand someone
That was you
I'll never regret it
I won't apologize either
I won't
So long
You were great
The best friend I ever had
Among the many names
There's only one person
I gave a small island to that person
Now I want to give all the seas
of the world
Now I hold my hand out to you
Let's cross at the green light. Together...
Namhoon, it's the first time for me
It's an honor, Princess Boyoung
Directed by Choi Ho
Cho Seungwoo
and Lee Nayoung
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