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Wicked City 1973

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Its body is armored in iron and concrete.
Its mind is wrapped in computers and high technology.
This is the city and the time we are living in.
But most people are ignoring the unexplainable or mysterious.
Those things that we can't figure out through ordinary logic.
Around these ordinary people, following common rules,...
all the while seeking out strong desires and pleasures...
and hanging on to a little happiness,...
there exists a vast and fearful world of darkness beyond our time and space.
I'm afraid I know about that.
Taki, here you go.
I lost the bet, so I have to pay.
You just guessed wrong.
Yeah, but, I've been a bartender for a long time,
I've never seen a girl whose kept her guard up as much as Kanako.
How could I have imagined that sheíd accept your offer.
Tough luck! I'll keep this.
Well, she's sure taking her time.
Thanks for waiting.
Here she comes. 10,000 yen.
What do you mean 10,000 yen?
Well, it's none of your business. Is it Taki?
Oh, don't be so secretive. Alright, I'll find out tomorrow!
Let's go!
So long Ken. Get back to work!
Got it. See you.
Hey Taki, why don't we bet on the Giants and Tigers game, next?
A re-match?
I accept!
That night, I was happy. Like I fell into rapture.
She was the girl, that I liked, at the bar I frequently visited for 3 months.
Finally, she asked me to come to her place.
This was a surprise. What made you change your mind?
You live in this luxurious place?
Isn't that a little too bold?
Don't you like impatient girls?
Yeah, but I am more of a romantic than I look.
You're so strong.
I'm so attracted to it.
This woman has a devil inside.
She completely changed from how she was at the bar.
It was very different than what I'd expected, but I'm not complaining.
You realized a little too late.
You're of no use to me anymore.
Don't worry.
I'll relieve you right now.
It's OK. I already got what I wanted.
What did you do to Kanako?
You're so worried about the girl?
I didn't kill her.
I just made her sleep in the restroom, at the bar.
See you soon.
What is going on?
It's just a little more time before the signing of the peace treaty.
Yes, you're right...yes...
Oh, of course I do.
Yes sir, I will do it.
Yes, thank you very much. I'll talk to you later.
Mr. Taki, the President wants to see you.
Oh, I guess your playboy lifestyle has caught up with you.
Take care of yourself.
Thanks for your concern. It pierced my heart.
Hey Taki, you want to join us today?
Mah-jong? Sounds good! But I'm completely broke.
You better look for another sucker.
There's no bigger sucker than you. See ya!
You guys are all the suckers.
I am Renzaburo Taki.
I work at the sales department of an electronics company in Shibuya, Tokyo.
This is my official job.
Mr. Taki from the sales department is here.
Let him in.
It's a MacGreggor, isn't it?
Yes. I finally got it.
The grip and hit are really nice. It's perfect, just what I expected.
I like it.
By the way, I heard you had a strange experience.
I guess we can't trust the peace treaty.
Is it those extremists?
It seems so... but for now, I filed a complaint with their leaders...
through the Vatican.
Well, you better be careful which women you date.
Your biggest weakness is women.
Any reason for them to be taking action now?
The signing ceremony date for the next peace treaty has been moved up.
It will be held tomorrow, in Tokyo.
That's very sudden.
Investigations has discovered that people from the other side...
have illegally infiltrated this side by using a shield breaker.
We must take care of this quietly.
As you know,...
I have no doubt, that when this peace treaty is signed,...
it will start a new era in the relationship between our sides.
The terms of this treaty will continue the peace for another 500 years.
Anyway, a V.I.P. is arriving at Narita airport, 7 p.m. tonight.
He's attending the signing ceremony.
So I want you to guard him until tomorrow.
For the Black Guard, Mr. Renzaburo Taki.
The Black Guard, that's my other face.
Your life is always in danger with that job.
Who is he?
Giuseppi Mayart.
You must have heard of him.
He's finally coming here?
We can't close the peace treaty without him.
Please guard him closely.
He'll be the main target of the extremists who are against this treaty.
Thank you for giving me such a thoughtful assignment.
I will do my best.
Uh, one more thing.
They want to assign you a partner.
Her skills are the very best and I hear she's good looking, too.
She'll be waiting for you at the airport.
Look for the best looking woman there.
One more thing. She's from the other side.
A Black Guard from the other side?
Yes, so don't get any strange ideas.
Don't worry. I know, more than anybody,...
how scary the women are from the demon world.
There is the world where humans live, and then, there is another world...
...the demon world.
We've been in contact with each other throughout our histories.
The two worlds have sought interaction, harmony, and coexistence...
Still, there have been fierce and bitter battles...
fought between our worlds, again and again.
Finally, the heads of our two worlds made a treaty for coexistence.
It was a kind of a secret deal.
The truce is renewed every couple of hundred years.
And now, as we approach the end of the twentieth century,...
these two worlds are trying to close the new peace treaty.
I guess we can't resolve this with friendly conversation.
Do you think that toy will work on us?
Don't worry, this toy is not what you think.
That sounds good.
I'll get you this time.
You look very cute. But you don't look good in this world.
I'll relieve you right now.
Good bye.
I guess you're my partner. You saved my life.
For a skilled guard of this side, you still are quite a wimp.
I am much obliged by your honest opinion.
Renzaburo Taki, 25 years old.
Height 180 cm, weight 65 kg, blood type AB.
Official job is a salesman of an electronics company.
Monthly salary is 230,000 yen. Single.
And you? Don't forget to include your measurements, too.
I'm Makie, no last name.
My job on this side is as a model. But I've got no reputation in that job.
The sponsors don't like me because I scared off all the other models.
I see. Your beauty is too perfect. It's almost unreal.
Thank you for the compliment.
Now we have to hurry. He will be arriving soon.
Your dedication to the job is such a sad thing.
But it's nice too meet you.
What kind of person will we be guarding?
Giuseppi Mayart.
A traditional demon missionary and a great medium...
I believe he had retired and was living in the ruins of Pompei,...
or at the heart of the Aponin Mountains, after he attended the signing ceremony...
of the last treaty in 1851 .
I heard he's the key person for the signing ceremony.
Anyway, I hope everything goes smoothly.
But why did they choose you as my partner?
I guess you must have great skill.
You mean you don't trust women from the demon world?
Almost never.
I've had a very bad experience.
You probably deserved it.
I guess so.
This partnership is not what I wanted either.
But I just follow my superior's orders.
It doesn't matter. We have to stick together until this assignment ends.
I agree.
Shit! They did it.
This is too much to do, just to kill one person.
It's terrible.
I had sensed danger, so I moved up to an earlier flight.
I guess I was right.
Who are you?
I'm Giuseppi Mayart.
Nice to be with the two of you tonight.
Well, I was told that a woman from the other side would be guarding me.
But you're much more beautiful than I had expected.
Don't be rude! What did you just do to me?!
You're the rude one.
What do you mean?! This is a greeting in the human world!
Mr. Mayart, I think that it's good that you are so lively,...
but you have to be a little discreet.
Even though it's just for tonight,...
she and I have been assigned to protect your life.
You can do anything you want after the treaty is signed tomorrow,...
but until then, I want you to follow our rules.
What's the big deal? She's just a woman of the demon world.
Who knows what kind of real form she has under that beauty.
You already must know what happens to the people who sleep with them.
They all became zombies after their life energies were sucked out.
Do you know why so many people still want to have sex with them?
Because of how it feels.
People feel such incredible ecstasy, it can't even compare with human sex.
You should be careful too, because...
You should watch your tongue, sir.
I don't feel confident to protect you all by myself.
You don't have to worry about that. A job is a job.
I will protect anyone, even at the risk of my own life.
Oh, those words make me feel really secure.
Then I leave the matter to both of you.
Please make sure that no danger comes to me.
But, I still want to taste this special ecstasy at least once.
Anyway, where are you taking me?
A special hotel built with an energy barrier...
to shield us from the demon world.
It was made for the safety of a special V.I.P., like yourself.
This place seems boring. I came all the way to Tokyo.
Can't I visit some hostess club or a massage parlor?
I was looking forward to going there.
I want you to stay in this room.
What a musty smell in here.
I was waiting for you. I'm the owner of this hotel.
You must be exhausted after such a long trip to come here.
As you can see, our hotel is not luxurious, but...
...please hold out for a while.
We will provide the best service we can...
Long time no see. Are you doing well?
Yeah. I've heard you are doing well too.
How are the guest arrangements today?
Don't worry, it's just you guys.
It seems like a big terrorist group on the other side wants to destroy this.
We should be careful, even if this area is protected from invasion.
The barrier's resistance level has been increased by three times.
Don't be so nervous!
How's he doing?
He's pushing me to take him out and have some fun.
Mr. Mayart.
Oh, Taki. This woman is so stubborn!
Look at this. Massage Parlor Playboy.
They provide so many good looking women. Let's go there!
You can't go anywhere. don't like this place?
How about this one? Cabaret Club Queen Mate!
This must be the place for us! Let's go to this place!
I will go with you wherever you want, after this assignment.
Damn you. You're so picky.
How about this!? And don't complain anymore!
Fashion Massage Love.
Mr. Mayart!
I can not give you permission to go outside of this room.
This is an order!
Damn it. You are also stubborn.
You will sleep with us in this room, tonight.
No way. I certainly object.
I'll sleep with that woman, but never with you.
I canít sleep with a man being next to me.
Then you don't have to sleep.
Who do you think I am?
This peace treaty doesn't conclude without me.
In spite of this, you still trap me in such a crappy hotel.
This is outrageous!
This hotel is located above the point where the most powerful...
spiritual energy can be transmitted in Tokyo.
There is no way for them to enter. They can't even come close to here.
Then, why is that woman here?
She is a member of the Black Guard from the other side.
She has been trained for this situation.
All right, if I can be alone with her, I'll stay here.
Why don't you sleep in the hallway?
OK, I'll be with you Mr. Mayart.
This is my chance to try a woman of the demon world.
Keep your eye on him.
If he does something strange, just tie him to the bed.
D...don't be rude!
What the hell are you telling her?
You fool!
You nincompoop!
The guest upstairs is a really big person.
Do you know him?
Giusepppi Mayart...
He came to Japan, incognito, 20 years ago.
He hasn't changed much since then, but...
What's wrong?
I wonder a little, if he's for real or not.
It's just my intuition, but in my humble opinion....
he might be a decoy.
That might be possible.
They use a decoy freely, to attract the enemy's attention on us.
Oh, well.
Anyway, are you still single?
What kind of question is that?
Can't you tell by just looking at me?
How about the lady you came with?
Don't joke. She's a woman from the other side.
You can't have children, but I hear the sex is incredible.
Well, I've never thought I would hear such words coming from your mouth.
Is that so? It's just a little talk.
Do you like your job?
I don't know.
You must be proud of your work.
It's very honorable to have such an important job, protecting both worlds.
Is it? I don't know if it's worth protecting human or demon society,...
by risking my own life.
It's because you still don't have anything to truly protect.
You better find something fast, then you'll understand its meaning.
Something to protect? Is it so simple?
It is so simple.
Here, let's have one more game.
Old man, you never give up.
Don't complain! I'm helping you kill time.
It's them!
Bastards! They're trying to break the spiritual shield.
It can't be...there's no way for them to enter here!
Here they come!
Mr. Mayart, don't leave there.
G...get them.
Makie, it's me.
You look nice, wearing the clothes of this side.
Very attractive.
I guess you've joined hand in hand with the humans.
Why did you betray us? Tell me!
Humans are such lowly creatures compared to us.
They will just have to serve us.
There's no reason to be equal or fair.
I don't even want you to understand.
You're as stubborn as you used to be.
I should have made you sleep with me back then.
Do you think you can take my heart, if you take my body?
That's just the way you think.
Would you like to try? I'll make you crazy.
Don't worry, they only got my fake hand. You should go upstairs.
How's this? Your body is more honest than you are.!
Don't bother. You can't use that trick.
Are you all right?
Where is Mr. Mayart?
He's hiding in the bathroom.
What kind of missionary is he?
Sorry Taki. I relied on this spiritual barrier wall too much.
Can you find Mr. Mayart?
Don't worry, I have an idea where he's going.
This is paradise. I could never imagine such a great place.
I'm glad I've lived long enough to experience this.
I'm getting so full of energy, because you are so pleased.
I'll give you the full treatment.
Here, why don't you lie down on your back.
Here you are.
Oh, Sir, you have so much vitality.
I can even outlast young men.
Sir, how old are you?
I've been living so long, I don't remember anymore.
But I am well past 200.
No way! Nobody your age can keep it up like that.
We both have had a very long life.
Anyhow, you have marvelous breasts. They're like art, that god created.
Oh, you look like a baby doing that. You don't look 200 years old at all.
I swallowed something.
What was that?
What are you talking about? I haven't had a baby yet.
There's no milk.
Here, let's continue.
Paradise, paradise.
Wha... What the hell is this?
I am going to take you to the real paradise, Giuseppi Mayart!'re a terrorist from the demon world?
If you kill me, the old man dies too. Do you want that?
Taki, rescue Mr. Mayart.
Both of your lives will end tonight, no matter how far you escape.
You're the one whose life will be ended.
This isn't good. His life force is almost drained.
We have to give him spiritual treatment.
Where are we going?
A spiritual treatment hospital.
It will take one hour no matter how fast I drive.
I hope he can hold out until then.
There's no reaction to my psychic powers.
He may not last more than 30 mutinies.
He's caused a lot of trouble.
What's the matter?
They are trying to take us into demon space.
Now what?
We've been transported into demon space.
We're completely trapped.
Stop the car. It's no use driving anymore.
What are you going to do?
Stay here with Mr. Mayart. I will break the barrier.
That's too dangerous.
I told you. I'm willing to risk my life for this assignment.
But I haven't heard your measurements yet.
Mr. Mayart!
What's wrong?
Shit! That soap girl was a parasite.
What's going on?
Makie! away, hurry!
Please protect Mr. Mayart.
The demon space barrier is about to open.
Hurry...hurry up and run...
We're in Motoakasaka... Still far away from the hospital.
Makie is gone...
She used up all her energy and power to break through the demon space barrier.
She might have been blown up when the barrier was broken.
She helped us by sacrificing herself. A woman from the demon world.
I hope she's still alive.
How is his condition?
His life force is incredible. I think he'll recover in less than 30 minutes.
I want to make sure this place has enough protection.
The spiritual barrier here is 20 times more than usual.
It's totally different from the Teito Hotel in Hibiya.
We've been fighting with them for 5,000 years. We've learned a lot.
That sounds good.
What's the matter?
They're here! We're completely surrounded by a demon space barrier...
within a radius of 5 kilometers!
Increase the barrier's strength.
Send a request for help to India, Tibet, and Mt. Koya...
to strengthen the spiritual wave.
Mr. Mayart, you still have a lot to go through.
Can you hear me, Renzaburo Taki?
I have something interesting to show you.
How do you like it?
Look at this well. This is the end of a traitor.
She is a resident of the demon world.
But despite that, she assisted this deceptive peace treaty.
In addition, she's killed her ex-lover. There is no way to forgive her.
I will let her serve the desires of these men.
After that, I will torture her slowly.
Mr. Taki, don't you want to rescue her?
You may be able to do it.
What do you think of that? Why don't you come here?
Where are you?
Don't go! This is a trick!
But they have clearly challenged me!
Are you serious?
What do you think will happen to me?
As a Black Guard, you're supposed to protect me.
As long as you stay here, they can't even touch you.
Is she that important to you?
Important enough to go and save her, by leaving me here?
Don't forget! She's a woman of the demon world!
She's not human.
She sacrificed herself to save you.
Of course she should!
I'm an irreplaceable Demon Missionary in this world.
The peace treaty of the two worlds can't be signed without me.
Don't even compare me with that monster bitch!
She deserves to be raped and tortured by her fellow monsters.
She may be even enjoying herself.
I accept your challenge. Let me go there.
My pleasure. I will guide you.
Wha...what did you say?! would leave me here!
I haven't given you permission!
Do you think you know what you're doing?!
As a professional Black Guard, you're acting ridiculous!
You fool!
Damn you!
Black Guard, Renzaburo Taki.
My sworn enemy has fallen into our hands.
Don't even think that I will let you die so easily.
The woman...let Makie go.
Are you in love with her?
Do you want to sleep with her?
Don't express your own dirty thoughts.
It doesn't matter.
I will test your ability as a man, right now.
I will ask your body how much you're involved...
with this disgusting conspiracy that's secretly going on.
What are you talking about?
Come to me. Inside my body...
No man can resist this.
Come on...
I will suck everything from you.
Come on! Hurry.
How's this? Incredible, isn't it?
You will do anything I want.
Tell me about the conspiracy of your side.
That woman...Makie. Did you sleep with her?
Kill him.
Is he the prince who came here to save the princess?
Your fantasy ends here.
The assimilation seems like it's finished.
Do you understand...
what has just happened to the men you beat?
Shoot as much as you want!
Renzaburo Taki, this is your end.
Bastard! How come you have so much power?
Are you all right?
You have deep wound.
Thank you. I 'm so happy.
I never thought that you would have come here to save me.
You are my partner. Of course I will save you.
I became the enemy's hostage.
You abandoned your post, right in the middle of an assignment.
We'll both be fired from the Black Guard.
There's something that worries me more.
What's this conspiracy they were asking me about?
Why did they want to know if I slept with Makie?
Is there a secret conspiracy going on...
behind the peace treaty being signed tomorrow?
Was the man who came to the hotel, your ex-boyfriend?
That's history.
He completely changed after being brainwashed by the terrorists.
He was a nice person before.
I had no choice but to kill him.
Don't worry. That's the way our job goes.
Why did you become a Black Guard?
There are so many people who want peace in both worlds.
Both worlds need to coexist with each other.
For that to happen, somebody has to do this job.
Is Mr. Mayart well?
He's being protected at the spiritual hospital.
Do you want to pick him up?
Can you move?
Your psychic powers have healed me well. I'm already cured.
But, you'll get cold dressed like that.
What do you think?
You look great.
Now I can imagine that you were working as a model.
You told me before, I have unreal beauty.
Now, I don't feel so anymore.
You just have perfect beauty.
Sure, perfect.
Oh, I'm glad.
Already acting like boyfriend and girlfriend.
You guys must've had lots of fun, didn't you?
Your job is supposed to be guarding Mr. Mayart!
How could you walk away from it, just to do the things you want?!
You have disgraced me!
You guys are so happy-go-lucky.
You must've went to a love hotel and made out. You rat!
Both of you are already dismissed. Please leave here.
I will send you a formal notice, later.
Go! Go! I'll have nothing to do with incompetent people like you two.
Mr. Taki.
You have disappointed me.
You had a lot of potential to become a great Black Guard,...
but you're too much of a romantic.
That is your biggest flaw.
Is that you? I've made a mess.
I underestimated him a little.
I'm sorry. I should have finished him off, that last time.
We're the only survivors. There is no time to call for backup.
Go and finish him, no matter what.
Yes. I got the result of his body fluid analysis.
We were right.
He has the DNA?
It will take a while for me to regenerate. You take over.
I will take care of it.
Donít say anything. It's not your fault.
I did everything on my own.
I guess a romantic isn't right for this job.
That's true. Especially for me.
Well, I am quite a romantic myself.
Mr. Mayart!
Why did you follow us?!
Well, there are no sexy nurses in that hospital.
All of them are rough men.
I felt so stuffy being there.
That isnít a good excuse!
Hey, hey. Can we go to a place called "Cabaret Club" next?
Don't joke!
We got fired from being your babysitter!
Don't be so hard on yourself.
Let's just do what I want to do and I'll take all the blame for this.
Mr. Mayart, don't you realize, you have a very important job.
I know, I know! I certainly know that!!
But I still have a little time, until then.
I refuse!
I will take you back to the Teito Hotel.
It's much closer than taking you back to the hospital.
Fine! Do that! I can escape from there anytime.
Makie, are you all right?
She's coming.
Nice to see you again.
How could you fall in love with a human?
People who love each other can die together.
What an envious ending!
I will chop up both of your cursed bodies.
Who the hell are you?!
Is this a dream?
If this is a dream, I don't want it to end.
This is strange...
We, who live in the demon world, shouldn't have tears.
Why do I have tears inside of me?
Whatever has happened...
I guess we're still alive.
I wonder who brought us here?
Maybe god.
I want to think so.
Be careful.
They're very close.
Giuseppi Mayart!
What are you doing? The enemy is behind you!
Perfect! I've finally encountered my real enemy!
You guys have to hurry and go.
Go? Where should we go to?
To the signing ceremony of the peace treaty, of course.
That's where you should go!
Both of you are the ones who must go.
You still don't realize it?
It wasn't you two who were guarding me.
I was called here to guard you two.
Then it was you who carried us here and healed us?
Yes. I used my psychic powers to heal both of you.
What's this all about?
To insure a lasting peace,...
we felt that some kind of spiritual exchange was needed.
Something representing the spiritual wave...
between the human world and the demon world.
But the biggest barrier that kept our two worlds from interacting,...
is that there's no way to mix the blood of each other' s race.
However, after a few thousand years of our effort,...
some spiritual mutation had occurred.
There are still very few, but...
...we've produced some subjects whose DNA can be mixed with each other.
And the scientists of both worlds selected the best couple.
You and Makie are the first couple.
You two can have a child who bears the gifts from both worlds.
And that is the child who will become the leader of a new world.
These terrorists are afraid of that, and have tried to kill you.
You doddering old fool!
How much more will you interfere with us?
Oh, it's you? Still alive? What are you made of?.
We both should have taken each other more seriously.
Let's bring this to an end.
Go and eat him up until he's just bones!
Our power is far beyond any human's ability. bastard!
Taki, are you all right?
I used too much power.
Are you still trying to regenerate?
I guess rapidly regenerating in his condition, must have some side effects.
Donít shoot!
The piece of meat will just keep on regenerating.
Well, here we go!
Come on and fight me! I'll turn you into a puff of smoke.
Is she...?
What a miracle!
This is the effect of the mutation.
She has definitely conceived.
This power is the best proof.
Makie is already pregnant, with your baby.
I've never imagined the symptoms would come so quickly.
There was one condition needed in order for Makie to conceive a baby.
The laboratory concluded that in order to conceive and transfigure the DNA,...
the couple had to have a spiritual bond of love.
That's why I made you go through all this effort.
In order to bring out your love for each other.
I don't believe this.
There was no other way, under such a tight schedule.
Forgive me.
You're a big fool!
Everything was planned ahead?
I'm afraid so.
However, nobody could predict if the two of you could love each other.
I feel like beating you up.
Weren't you serious when you made love to Makie?
Is it?
I thought so... first.
Do you believe a woman of the demon world?
Those tears you had. I believe they were real.
My, my...the results have exceeded our expectations.
Maybe, Taki won't beat me up.
Well, shall we go?
A new treaty and the start of a new life and a new world.
He's quite a character.
The long night ends. A bright day breaks.
Just like the man at the hotel told me...
Someone whom I should protect is in my arms, right now.
And there is my child...
who doesn't even have shape,... but is inside of her.
This child may create a new future for both worlds, someday.
my job...
as a Black Guard won't end, until that day comes.
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War and Peace CD2
War of the Roses The
War of the Worlds The
War of the Worlds The (1953)
Warm Water Under a Red Bridge (Shohei Imamura 2001) CD1
Warm Water Under a Red Bridge (Shohei Imamura 2001) CD2
Warriors Of Heaven And Earth 2003 CD1
Warriors Of Heaven And Earth 2003 CD2
Warriors Of Heaven And Earth CD1
Warriors Of Heaven And Earth CD2
Warriors The
Wasabi 2001
Wash The
Washington Heights (2002)
Watcher The
Water Drops on Burning Rock
Waterboy The
Waterboys 2001
Waterloo 1970 CD1
Waterloo 1970 CD2
Waters Edge
Watership Down
Way We Were The
Way of the Gun The
Waynes World
Waynes World 1992
Waynes World 2
We Are No Angels 1989
We Dont Live Here Anymore
We Were Soldiers
Weapon of War CD1
Weapon of War CD2
Wedding Planner The
Wedding Singer The
Wedlock 1991
Weekend Godard 1967
Weekend at Bernies II
Weight of Water The
Weird Science CD1
Weird Science CD2
Welcome Back Mr McDonald 1997
Welcome To Mooseport
Welcome to Collinwood (2002)
Welcome to Sarajevo
Welcome to the Dollhouse
Wes Cravens New Nightmare
West Side Story CD1
West Side Story CD2
West Wing The
Westworld (1973)
Whale Rider
Whale Rider 2002
Whales Of August The 1987
Whasango CD1
Whasango CD2
What About Bob (1991)
What Dreams May Come CD1 1998
What Dreams May Come CD2 1998
What Fault Is It Of Ours 2003 CD1
What Fault Is It Of Ours 2003 CD2
What Lies Beneath CD1
What Lies Beneath CD2
What Planet Are You From
What Price Glory
What Women Want
What Women Want CD1
What Women Want CD2
What a Girl Wants
What a Way to Go 1964
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane 1962
Whatever It Takes
Whats Eating Gilbert Grapewegg CD1
Whats Eating Gilbert Grapewegg CD2
Whats Love Got To Do With It 1993
Whats New Pussycat
Whats The Worst That Could Happen
Whats Up Doc
Wheels on Meals
When A Man Loves A Woman 1994 CD1
When A Man Loves A Woman 1994 CD2
When Harry Met Sally
When I Turned Nine 2004 CD1
When I Turned Nine 2004 CD2
When Ruoma Was Seventeen 2002
When The Last Sword Is Drawn 2003 CD1
When The Last Sword Is Drawn 2003 CD2
When Will I Be Loved 2004
When the Rain Lifts 1999
When the Sky Falls
When we were kings
Where Angels Go Trouble Follows (James Neilson 1968)
Where Eagles Dare CD1
Where Eagles Dare CD2
Where The Heart Is
Where the Red Fern Grows 2003
Where the Sidewalk Ends
Whirlpool 1949
Whisper of the Heart
White Chicks
White Dragon
White Fang - To the Rescue
White Man Cant Jump CD1
White Man Cant Jump CD2
White Palace
White Sheik The
White Sun Of The Desert 1970
White Valentine - 25fps - 1999
White Valentine 1999
Who Are You 2002 CD1
Who Are You 2002 CD2
Who Is Cletis Tout
Who framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
Whole Nine Yards The
Whole ten yards The
Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf CD1
Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf CD2
Whos Harry Crumb
Whos That Knocking at My Door
Whos Your Daddy
Wicked - 29,970fps 1998
Wicked 1998
Wicked 1998 29,970fps
Wicked City - 1973
Wicked City 1973
Wicker Park CD1
Wicker Park CD2
Wild Bunch The
Wild Bunch The - Restored Directors Cut
Wild One The
Wind Carpet The (Kamal Tabrizi 2003)
Wind Will Carry Us The CD1
Wind Will Carry Us The CD2
Wings of Desire CD1
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Wizard Of Darkness
Wizard of Oz The CD1
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Women from Mars
Women in Black The
World Is Not Enough The
Worst of Ed Wood Boxed Set The