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Wicker Park CD1

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Magnificent, aren't they?
God's tears.
It's beautiful.
So are the others.|I, u*h...
I gu*ess I ju*st...|have to make the right decision.
In the end, it's not you*r eye|that mu*st decide.
Did Rebecca call?
Yeah. She'll be at the restau*rant|in an hou*r to take you* to the airport.
I pu*t you*r tickets, passport, and|you*r new cell phone in you*r briefcase
and Hong will be there|in ten minu*tes.
Thanks. See you* in fou*r days.
The second you* land,
those gu*ys are gonna start poking|and prodding to see what you*'re made of.
Are you* su*re I'm the right gu*y|for this, Walter?
I'm no good at this corporate stu*ff,|I hate flying--
and isn't this Bob's thing, anyway?
Bob? Come on, you*'re gonna be fine.
Ju*st don't eat anything|that wears a collar,
and if you* need me, I'll be on the beach|in Cozu*mel screening my calls.
Look...this is a big break for you*.
Bu*t I'm giving you* this accou*nt becau*se|I think you*'re the right man for the job.
Besides, you*'re gonna be a member|of the family soon, right?
Going down, please.
Oh. Matthew, keep away|from the bang-bang girls
or Rebecca will kick my ass, all right?
- Matty!|- Lu*ke! Hey, man.
- How are you*, man?|- I'm good. How are you*?
Really good. Really good.|Good to see you*. You* look great.
Thanks, man. I mean, I do.
You* still doing that whole|advertising thing in New York?
I moved back.
- When did you* get back?|- Two months ago.
Two months? What are you* doing?
You* don't call you*r friend?|You* cou*ld've called me.
I know. I ju*st--I moved back|with a girl that I met in New York
and I'm working for her brother,|and it's...
That sounds serious.
Maybe. I don't know.|We'll see.
You* look very seriou*s.|Look at you*.
I know, man.
Hold on!
Listen, man,||I gotta go to a meeting.
Yeah, I need to probably|move my car, too.
And then I'm going to China tonight.
- China? That's weird.|- Yeah, I know.
Let me give you* a call|when I get back. Monday?
Yeah, sou*nds good--shu*t u*p!
All right, look, here's my card.|Don't wait two years--call me!
The old shop.
- All right?|- I will, man.
You* look good.|That's a nice tie.
Good to see you*.
Are you* done? Come on!
He's very impressed|with what you*'ve done,
and he assu*res you*|that when you* get to China,
you*'ll be met with mu*ch enthu*siasm|and su*pport.
Thank you* very mu*ch.
Some champagne, please.|Excu*se me.
Excu*se you*.
Matthew is a, u*h, photographer.|Beau*tifu*lly, wonderfu*lly creative man.
And here's my favorite sister.
His only sister.
Mr. Hong, Ms. Chin,|this is my sister Rebecca.
Hey, Sweetie. How are you*?
As you* can see,
Matthew has managed to make himself|indispensable even away from the office.
Here, Sweetie. Ju*st take one of these||to help you* sleep on the plane.
Mr. Hong wou*ld like|to propose a toast.
Oh, yes.
To a long and prosperou*s marriage...
of ou*r two companies.
Are you* okay?
Um, excu*se me.||I'm gonna go make a phone call.
I'll be right back.
Excu*se me,||can I have the check, please.
Ju*st a minu*te!
No, you* listen!|And I don't feel like calming down.
It's over, okay?|That's why I wanted to meet.
No, actu*ally I don't think|it was an accident.
It's in the paper!
I don't ever want|to see you* again, Daniel.
Stop following me,|or I'll call the police!
Whoa. Hey, come on.
Are you* all right?
I pissed her off.
You* wanna pu*t that|on this card, please?
Oh! This stu*pid...
Need some help there, Mare?
- What's u*p?|- It's so fru*strating.
I ju*st can't work ou*t|why there's no sou*nd.
I ju*st...
Matthew? Hello?
Anybody home?
I'll take this one, if you* want.
Knock you*rself ou*t, kid.
Oh, my God.
- They wanna know how long--hey!|- Mary, I'll be right back.
- Sorry.|- Where are you* going?!
Oh, sorry!
- Hey, gu*ys.|- Hey, Lisa.
See you* inside.
- Probably time to go, right?|- Yes.
Pr*e-boar*ding call|for* flight 752 to Munich.
All passenger*s should boar*d|at this time at gate 5-A
I gu*ess, u*h, this is it.
Are you* su*re nothing's wrong?
No. No, I'm fine.
Okay. Well,|call me when you* get there.
Okay. I will.
I love you*.
Me, too.
Your* attention. please.
This is the final boar*ding call|for* Amer*ican Air*lines flight 153
service to Shanghai.
All passenger*s should now|be boar*ding at gate 1 0-B.
Matthew Simon.|S-l-M-O-N.
Yeah. No, he's not on the plane.
He's sick.
No, he's very sick.|He has food poisoning.
No, he'll be there||in the next cou*ple of days.
All right.
Her*e. sweetie. Just take one of these|to help you sleep on the plane.
That line--what it does to you*r calf--|that is what we call sexy.
Wanna try pink? Hmm?
- Okay.|- Okay. Have a seat.
Hey. There you* are.|Where you* been?
You* look like shit.|I hope she was worth it.
Hey, do we have|a size ten in pink?
Yeah, in the back.
- Hey, Ellie.|- Hey.
- I gotta talk to you*.|- Lady Dragon Shoes.
Ow. So, who is she?
You* wou*ldn't believe me.
Betcha I do. I probably even know her.|What's her name?
That's the thing.
You* don't know her name?|Oh, man.
I know that she's a dancer.
You* mean, like a stripper?
No, shithead.||Like a real dancer.
Oh, God.||I love a dancer's body. Ooh.
But her face is like...
Her eyes...
...and is ju*st...
She ju*st makes me all...
What is "wha" and "du*h"? She ju*st|makes you* more inarticu*late than u*su*al.
You* are obsessed,||which I don't u*nderstand.
I mean, I don't know how||you* decide on ju*st one.
I mean, my cu*stomer over there--|she's got great legs. Ellie.
All right? There is|something hot abou*t Ellie.
The blonde at the window.
I mean, come on.
What are you* doing?
Matty, are you* all right?
Lady Dragon Shoes.|Can I help you*?
The blonde?
What are you* doing?
Give me some shoes.
- Shoes?|- Yeah.
Got lots of shoes.
I'm sorry I took so long.|Pink. It's my last pair.
Cou*ld I help you* with anything?
Those shoes in the window.
The black ones|with the red sole.
I'd like to try them on, please.
The blacks and reds. Okay.
I'll ju*st go in the back|and get them for you*.
That's where we keep them--|in the back--so...
I'll be right back.
Uh, Matty?
Maybe you*'d like to ask the lady|what size shoe she wears.
- Right.|- 8 1/2.
Like Fellini.
I mean his movie, not his shoe size.||I don't know his shoe size, obviou*sly.
8 1/2.
What was that?
Fellini! What the hell|was I thinking?
I have no idea.
Bu*t you* were right abou*t one thing.|God, she's beau*tifu*l.
And you*, my man,|are an idiot.
All right, look.|Here's the thing, all right?
You*'ve obviou*sly blown it,|she obviou*sly hates you*,
so you* stay right here|and let the man take a shot.
- Shu*t u*p. Give me the shoes.|- All right. Go.
Ju*st remember--|you*'re not fu*nny.
Here we go.|Black and red.
What do you* think?
They're too big.
Too big? Really?
Lu*ke, these are 9 1/2s.
I'm sorry.|That's the smallest size we have.
Oh, well. Too bad.
Not--you* know...|not necessarily.
We can order these for you*.
Special order. And, u*h--|I can, u*h, if you* leave you*r nu*mber,
I can give you* a call personally|when they come in.
Do you* normally spy on people?
Are you* really gonna tell me that|you*'re a hu*ge fan of modern dance?
Look, I've never done||anything like that before.
Honestly--cou*ld you* let me take you* ou*t|for a cu*p of coffee and explain?
I don't think so.
I'll stay on my side of the table.|I promise.
Ju*st call me|when the shoes come in, okay?
Listen, I'm not||what you* think I am, okay?
"Tomor*r*ow night. 6:00.|Café Tangier*s on Kinzie.
Now you won't have to follow me. "
Well, my parents eventu*ally split u*p,|and my mom moved back to Pragu*e.
Bu*t my dad's still here.|He lives in California.
I wish I was in California right now.
So, why did you* want|to become a photographer?
Tropical fish, actually.
When I was a kid, I u*sed to go|to the library and pick ou*t all the books...
...with tropical fish, you* know.
Beautiful colors and shapes.
When I was eight years old, I realized|someone had to take pictu*res of the fish.
And I wanted that to be me.
Bu*t I grew u*p and I realized that...
things don't have to be extraordinary|to be beau*tifu*l.
The ordinary|cou*ld be ju*st as beau*tifu*l.
Like what?
Like--you* see the cou*ple there?
Look at the way the girl|is holding on to him so tight.
But he can still drink his coffee.
It looks like she feels safe|wrapped arou*nd him.
And if you* believe that,|I'll tell you* another one.
Take my pictu*re.
I feel beau*tifu*l tonight.
- Hi.|- Hi.
I have you*r dry cleaning.
Hey, you*'re not in China.
I didn't make it past O'Hare.
- What happened?|- I fou*nd Lisa.
Here it is.
This is the article she left behind.
The fu*neral's today.
I can't believe you*'re|blowing off Shanghai for this.
This isn't actu*ally Lisa.|This is a compact.
What abou*t you*r woman?|What's her name, anyway?
Yeah, I mean, isn't--||Matt. Matt!
Is it broke?
You* su*perstitiou*s?
God, I am so stu*pid.|Here, give it to me--
- No, no. It's okay.|- I'm sorry.
You*'re right.|This doesn't make any sense.
One minu*te I'm looking at rings,|and the next I'm here, doing this.
Whoa.|Whoa, looking at rings?
I didn't realize you* were that seriou*s.
Apparently, I'm not.
See, that's how the u*niverse works.
The minu*te you* make a decision--|you* decide on anything--
along comes temptation.
What wou*ld you* do?
Keep them both and hope they didn't find|ou*t abou*t each other is what I wou*ld do.
That's perfect.|Asshole.
I have to find ou*t why she left.
She got scared.|Everyone gets scared.
No, not Lisa. She wou*ldn't have left||withou*t an explanation.
Withou*t some sort of letter|or a call or something.
She's not like that.
Something mu*st've happened,|and whatever it was--
Screwed you* u*p big time.
I know she loved me.
So let me borrow|you*r keys, okay?
The fu*neral's today.|It's the only lead I've got. car.
- Come on.|- Okay. I know. I'm sorry.
You* ju*st have to be back by 7:00.
I will. Thank you*.
I've got a date.
You* got a date?
Yeah, I got a date.
With who?
This actress that came into my shop|a cou*ple weeks ago, and, u*h...
God, I like her a lot,||so please do not be late with my car.
I won't be. 6:00.|I'll be back by 6:00, okay?
"Lisa. I've been tr*ying to find you.
I have your* powder* case.|Call me at--"
Excuse me?
What can I do for you*?
I fou*nd a hotel key|in the back yesterday.
A woman left it.|I don't know if you* saw her.
She fell right over there.|Broke her heel.
Yesterday?|Yeah, that's right. I remember.
You* wanted to leave|the keys with me?
No. Actu*ally, l, u*h...
cou*ld you* give her this note|if she comes back in here?
- No problem.|- Thanks a lot.
"Lisa. I r*etur*ned your* key|as you asked.
"You must let me see you|if only for* one last time.
"Call me.|My heart can't stand it.
All my love. Daniel. "
- Ass.|- I'm so sorry.
- Hey, I cou*ld explain.|- You* are an asshole.
Do me a favor--|don't ask me for any more favors.
Come on.|Lu*ke...
I found her. I think I found her.|I found her apartment, anyway.
I'm really happy for you*, Matty.
I left a note u*nder her door|to meet me at the park tomorrow.
Gu*ess you* gu*ys|shou*ld have a picnic.
Jesu*s, man.||I said I was sorry.
My entire evening is screwed.
Look, I'm not really|that late, brother.
Alex doesn't wait for anyone. Tru*st me.|I've already left three messages.
Well, why didn't you* take a cab?
'Cau*se I was waiting for you*.|I was waiting for my car.
Lu*ke, it's not that late.||You* can still drive over there.
Go over there? And do what?|Throw little pebbles u*p at her window?
She's gone. It's over.|Ju*st forget it.
Maybe not.
I hope, for ou*r friendship,|this is who I want it to be.
Want to see how cool I am?|Three rings.
Hey, how's it goin'?
Oh, I'm so sorry.|Did you* get my messages?
No, I lent my car to my bu*ddy Matt,|and he was a little late coming home.
No, su*re. He's right here.|Hold on a sec.
She wants to talk to you*.
Fix it.|You* have to fix it.
He's full of shit. isn't he?
Yeah, he's fu*ll of shit, all right.
Yeah. I knew it.
He didn't lend me his car. I took it.
I stole his keys.
That's good.
Why would you do that?
Because I'm a selfish idiot.
And I had this whole thing|going on that...
I don't wanna bore you* with it.
Please. I insist.
Well, u*m...
I was looking for somebody.|A woman.
I wasn't thinking.
Got a little desperate.
Oh. I'm sor*r*y.
I should be apologizing to you.
And I am apologizing to you*.|I'm very sorry that I ru*ined you*r evening.
Did you find her*?
I think so. Yeah.|I found where she lives.
Well. you should go back.|and you should look for* her*.
I think I will. Thanks.
You*'re boring now.|Give me the phone.
- Okay, Alex. I gotta go.|- Nice to talk to you.
Nice to talk to you*, too.|Bye-bye.
She's nice, man.
Okay. Why don't I ju*st--|I'll pick you* u*p at the theater.
I think not so, my lord.
Dear lad, believe it,
for they shall yet belie thy happy years|to say thou* art a man.
Prosper well in this,
and thou* shalt live as freely as thy lord|to call his fortu*nes thine.
I'll do my best to woo you*r lady...
...and yet a barfu*l strife.
Whoe'er I woo,||myself wou*ld be his wife.
Alex, what's going on?
What do you* mean?
Well, I'm sitting in the au*dience|and I'm getting nothing.
I figu*red maybe I'm missing something,|so I come, I take a closer look.
Bu*t you* know what?|I'm still not bu*ying it.
What the hell's|the matter with you* today?
Look, the line, "Whoe'er I woo,||myself wou*ld be his wife"
defines you*r character.
You*'re in love with this gu*y,
and he is asking you*|to help him get another woman!
You*'re u*pset, you*'re confu*sed,|it's tearing you* u*p inside!
We've gotta see the love,|bu*t we've also gotta see the agony.
You* have been in love before,||haven't you*?
Yes. Su*re.
Oh, good. Well, please,|share a little something with u*s, hu*h?
God. you sound so close.|Can't believe you'r*e 7.000 miles away.
I know.|It's crazy, isn't it?
How's the weather*?
I don't know.|It's still dark out.
Isn't it. Iike.|10: 00 in the mor*ning ther*e?
I--you* know what?
I'm so zonked, I didn't||even open the blinds yet, and, u*h...
you* know what--it's actu*ally a really|nice day ou*t, now that I see it.
Ar*e you sur*e nothing's wr*ong?
No. I'm ju*st a little ou*t of it,|that's all.
Well. you better* get in it. because|today's meeting is ver*y important.
You'll be fine. honey.|I'll speak to you later*. okay?
I miss you.|Bye.
"Lisa. I found your* powder* case.
"I have to see you.
"Meet me tomor*r*ow at 3 : 00.|our* usual spot.
Matt. "
Jesu*s Christ!|I'm sorry. It's okay.
I'm calling the police!|Where's the phone?
No! Don't call the police!|I'm not gonna hu*rt you*.
- Get away from me!|- Okay! Okay! Calm down!
Calm down. It's okay.
I'm a friend of Lisa's.
A friend of Lisa's?
Is that supposed to be funny?
No. You* can ask her|when she comes, okay?
I'm Lisa.|I live here.
You*r name's Lisa?
And you* live here?
- I'm calling the cops.|- No, wait. Don't.
Hey, you* see that letter there?
- You* wrote that?|- Yeah.
You* were at Bellu*cci's on Monday.
Yeah...I was.
And you* had a room at The Drake,|room 679?
How'd you* know that?
I can't believe I did this.
I'm going crazy. Here.
That's you*rs.
It's broken.
I'd be happy to pay for it.|You* know, my bad lu*ck.
You*r hand.
It's bleeding.
It's all right.
I got this.
No, l...||I'll fix it. I'm a nu*rse.
Thank you*.
You* know, at the restau*rant,
I wou*ld've bet anything|you* were this girl I u*sed to know.
Bu*t now seeing you* here, you* don't|really look that mu*ch like her at all.
Mu*st be hallu*cinating.
I was crazy abou*t her.
So, what abou*t the, u*h...||what's-his-name in the Cadillac?
- Daniel.|- Yeah. What's his story?
He's been stalking me.
He scares the hell out of me.
That's why I was staying in the hotel--|becau*se I didn't want him to find me.
I hope he didn't follow you here.
I don't think so. No.
How's you*r hand?
It's okay.
I wasn't even hu*ngry or anything.
Actu*ally, you* know what?
Thank you* for everything.
For the bandage...
...not calling the cops...
...not beating me to death|with the little bronze ballerina, or...
You*'re leaving?
I'm late, you* know.
Very late, actu*ally, for China, so...
China. That's fu*nny.
That's what my friend said, too.
Well, maybe you* shou*ld wait.
I can't. I mean...|I gotta go.
Do you* really think planes|are still taking off this late?
What are you* doing?
I'm scared.
Of him.
I haven't stayed alone here|since his wife died, and...
Wou*ld you* mind if you* stayed?
Lisa, you* don't even know me.|I broke into you*r apartment--
I know. I know. I know.
Bu*t--don't take this the wrong way,|bu*t I ju*st think you*'re a nice gu*y.
That's all.
Where does a nice gu*y sleep?
A nice gu*y|sleeps on the cou*ch.
What are you* doing?
I'm watching you* sleep.
Hey, how are you*?
What are you* doing here?
I gotta talk to you*.
Yeah, it's kind of important.
Wanna go get a drink or something?|It's freezing ou*t here.
- Okay.|- Okay? Come on.
My friend gave my stu*ff|to this head of the agency, and...
he liked it.
he offered me a job in New York.
That's great.
It'll help me pay my rent, but...
Bu*t what? Why not?
Move in with me.
I--I know it's only been|a cou*ple of months, bu*t I ju*st, u*m...
You*'re the reason|I don't wanna move to New York.
I wanna make my life|here with you*.
Look, I'm really late for rehearsal.|Can we talk abou*t this tomorrow?
Matthew, tru*st me, okay?
Ju*st meet me tomorrow|in the park. Same time.
Have you* seen Lisa?
She's gone on a Eu*ropean tou*r|of Cabar*et.
It all happened real fast.
They came to ou*r rehearsal and|ju*st picked her ou*t, and she was gone.
Like...did she say anything|before she left?
Like what?
Like, u*h...
Cool. Thanks.
- Hi.|- Hi.
You* want a cu*p of coffee?
Yeah, su*re. Thanks.
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