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Subtitles for Wind Carpet The (Kamal Tabrizi 2003).

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Wind Carpet The (Kamal Tabrizi 2003)

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Hida-Takayama, Gifu
I've come to realize...
...that there's more to life...
...than just making money.
You have to do something cultural... leave for future generations.
Would that design be suitable...
...for the Japan-Persia exchange you Were talking about?
It probably would, but there's no time.
I can do it in time. I've got a friend in Iran.
So you're saying you'll take full responsibility??
Yes. I'll be fully responsible.
What are we praying for??
Anything you want to wish for.
May everything go well with our carpet.
We'll play later.
Nagai Carpet Shop
It's already started
As Mr. Nagai may have told you...
...your carpet will go up there.
It's 1.2 meters wide and 3 meters long.
Thank you for being with us.
My pleasure.
A Persian carpet has a God-given natural beauty...
...enhanced by the color of natural dyes.
I promise I'll do my best.
When do we go??
Pretty soon, I guess.
Even if I were no longer here...
...I feel as if, in a Persian carpet I could exist forever.
That's how I've approached this.
Are those so the carpet'll come out right??
They're so you'll get better.
How many??
1 00
You need more paper.
Let's buy some tomorrow.
You've improved.
Do you have any origami paper??
Yes. One moment...
Will this do??
OK, Sakura??
Thank you.
How much??
525 yen.
Here you are.
Just a minute...
Wait here.
Good afternoon.
Cold, isn't it??
A late frost.
Have you heard anything from Iran about the carpet??
There's not much time till the festival.
I guess I'll have to start doing it by myself.
Isfahan Airport
Come on, sell me what you brought from overseas!.
I'll buy them all.
Shut up!. this him??
I said "Japanese"'.
How much do you want??
I'll pay twice what he offers.
This is my territory. Back off!.
Someone talk to this guy!.
Get lost!
Shut up, you idiot!
What?? Say that again!
Trust me. I'll do right by you.
I'll pay for any losses, if any.
Come on.
I have family, too.
I'll bring you a check.
I'd prefer cash.
I'll take it.
Was this the road??
We have a lot more tall buildings now.
This way, Sakura.
Come on, Makoto.
Let's go.
Fariba! We've got company!
Welcome, Makoto.
This is Sakura.
It must be hard for you.
You cute thing!
It's been two years since we saw you.
I wanted to bring my wife.
Thank you for your thoughts.
She's shy, isn't she??
Welcome! Come in.
Please, this way.
Mom says hello.
Is she well??
Get that box.
We've got customers from Japan.
Mom's dyed the wool.
Got to buy Dad's medicine.
Thank you.
You know where to take the wool??
Mashallah's store.
Trust me with this.
The payment the sooner the better.
Anything else??
Are you going?? Why don't you stay and eat with us??
I have to go.
Is this all??
Go wash your hands.
Mashallah's place will close.
This number cannot be reached.
Go on, Sakura, eat!
Let's try again.
The Japanese are very reserved. Encourage her.
Give her some.
Help yourself.
Let her sit beside you. You can try to feed her.
Sakura, come here.
Come on.
Let's go to the workshop.
Not today. the sooner the better.
Akbar, you owe me...
...5,852,1 23 yen.
5,852,1 23 yen.
Why are you repeating yourself?? 5 million 852 thousand...
...and 1 23 yen, right??
You're sure you're not adding 72 yen??
It's 72 yen too much.
What do you mean, "'what"'??
It can't be.
Man, you're dense!
Let's do it again tomorrow.
70 plus 2 is 72.
Don't argue over 72 yen in front of the child!
Akbar was right.
Everything's OK.
I sent Akbar the design today.
Stop it!
How are you??
His name is Kimia.
I still can't get through.
We'll go see him tomorrow.
Let's go today.
Today's Sakura's day.
Work comes first. Keep trying.
Are you telling them about the plaza??
He's seen it before.
Has she ever seen it before??
She's not in the mood.
Her mother just died.
You know the boy??
He's related to my wife. He's like a son to us.
He's working already??
Yeah. A little giant.
How much is rice??
I'll buy it if it's last year's price.
I'll send you a check.
It's a deal. My profit's in there, too.
In here.
I must make some, too.
I'll get someone to pick up rice.
Where's your father??
He's out.
He's not here.
Maybe at his second wife's.
He went back home.
He's at the workshop.
No one knows.
This is Makoto.
How do you do. This is my daughter.
Isn't she sweet!
She's shy.
What are you gawking at?? Get back to work!
We're here to see the carpet.
What carpet??
The one from the design he sent from Japan.
We haven't had any new orders...
Where's Morad khan??
At the workshop.
No, he's at his second wife's.
He's not here.
There's his car.
Oh, good.
I've ordered the bricks and the sand.
I've bought the bolts, too. Should be all right.
You'll have them.
It'll get cold tonight.
The cement will get hard. Keep the fire going.
Take care of it. Bye.
Hello, Akbar.
Makoto, Morad khan.
"'Daijo"' what??
Halless ( It's OK ). My daughter.
You speak Farsi??
Well, he's my pal.
I haven't seen you for a while. You always just show up.
Why's your mobile wrapped in tinfoil??
That way it doesn't ring and I can get on with my work.
How's business??
Are you making money with Japan??
Things aren't bad. We're here now for his carpet.
Carpet?? I've got lots of carpets.
Take whichever you like.
No, his carpet.
His?? What are you talking about??
The Japanese-designed one. I gave you a check for it.
Oh, that one! I remember...
I'd forgotten all about it.
It's not woven.
You said to come back in two months.
I forgot.
He's come for it from Japan!
That's OK.
I've got some first-class carpets. He can have one of those.
But the design!
All right.
We'll start weaving the design tomorrow.
It'll be done in two or three months.
What's wrong??
Everything's fine.
This is a very sturdy building. The pillars are a meter thick.
Look here.
The Italians'll pay 18 million for that!
They might even spend 25, but the government won't let me rip it down.
I could sell the ceiling, too. Even a wall would make good money.
Even the window-frames.
We hose down the ceiling, but all that ever falls is plaster.
See what I have to go through.
We're drenching the roof... make it fall on its own.
When officials drop by, we tell them we're fixing it.
Spread some gasoline under those trees.
What is it??
I found a good property.
A house with a roof falling in.
Behind the Jome Mosque.
Oh, that...
The 1 50 year-old house...
And the contract??
It's signed. Don't worry.
Good. Take care of the rest.
We'll start on your carpet tomorrow. It'll be done in three months.
If that's no good, I'll return the check with two months' interest.
We're going.
Your problem is one carpet. I've got lots of problems.
I'm running all over the place.
To knock down a house, you have to pay the water bill.
Plus the sewer tax...
I'm not even using it!
The Government charges 300,000 to cut a single tree.
And I have five of them.
This is a nice carpet. It's not from Isfahan, is it??
People like these. Ask how much it costs.
Don't buy that.
I've got a better one.
Get that look off your face.
Next time you do something like this, talk to me first.
Here's a check for your mother. Take it.
What shall I tell Dad??
Just give it to your mother.
It's all right. Come inside.
Send the entire sum to my account, please.
How are you??
You have only one problem. I have a thousand.
This is my private room.
But you are special.
Those kids down there are all mine.
I want to see that they're all raised right...
...and become independent.
I have a favor to ask.
Do you know that Japanese man very well??
Ask him something for me.
I hear in Japan there's a good hair restorer.
I'd like to get some.
I'd pay for it and your time.
I'll ask when I give him his check.
The check's ready.
Look at it carefully. Is this OK??
Here's tea.
Thank you.
I'm having another baby soon.
This is Tache. It's antique.
I'll take this.
Why don't you tell him the truth?? The poor man.
I will, later.
He's going to find out sooner or later.
Why hide it??
Don't worry. I'll tell him.
I e-mailed Japan.
I told them the carpet's almost done.
What's wrong??
What did he say??
He told Japan the carpet was ready.
You'd better tell him before things get any worse.
Shouldn't I have told them??
You're looking pale.
Iranians go pale when we're happy.
How long are you going to hide it??
Your carpet hasn't been woven yet.
Not even one knot.
Morad khan...
...hasn't woven you a carpet.
Do you understand?? No carpet.
The only Farsi he understands is "'Halless"'.
No carpet!
There's no carpet.
What's she saying??
No problem. Don't worry.
I'm going to bring someone who speaks Japanese.
Tell him, Akbar.
For Saint Imam Reza.
Imam Reza??
Your carpet's not made yet.
I didn't know how to tell you.
Here's the money you paid Morad khan.
Morad khan...
No carpet?? Aren't you an idiot??
Leave it to me.
I'll get it done.
There isn't time.
I'll get it done!
It's OK. Don't worry.
"'Our fondest hopes are born of our deepest despair."
An Iranian proverb.
Try to say it...
Say it...
More nonsense??
Keep quiet.
What's the point??
He might commit suicide.
Don't be silly.
It's true!
It's just a carpet.
He's more of a man than that.
Then think of a way to cheer him up.
You'll feel better here.
Just relax.
Don't worry.
This place will soothe you.
Nice, huh??
Come on, Sakura.
Shall I tell him, wishes come true if you sing under this bridge??
Don't lie to him again!
God is generous. Not like us.
If you can't weave, sing.
Then your wish will come true.
You don't know what the carpet means to me.
It's not just for the festival.
It's in memory of Kinue.
Then sing.
The travelers' camels
...went all the way...
...through the moonlit desert.
With saddles of silver and gold...
...the two went side-by-side.
On the gold saddle was a silver jar...
On the silver saddle was a golden jar...
She's 1 1. Not very tall.
Got it.
This man says he saw a girl.
Akbar, up there!
Not so fast!
Just a minute!
Let me through!
Stay calm!
Don't do it!
I come here twice a week for a sandwich.
Give us a ride.
I have a customer.
Take us to the Hotel Omid.
But I've got to get home.
It won't take long. Just to the hotel.
Sakura, come on.
Get in.
You knock, too.
Get in.
You cold??
On the way home you can run, then you'll be warm.
Crying won't help!
It's all over.
Don't you start!
Don't worry.
When we find something we'll let you know.
There's no one at home.
Then you should go home.
I have a mobile.
Sometimes calls to mobiles don't go through.
Akbar, let's go home.
All right, we're going.
How do I unfasten this??
You can't.
Not even with Karate.
Because I tied you in there.
What are you doing here??!.
Get down here!
Where did you take the girl??!.
Don't be angry!
Shut up.
What would we tell her father if something happened to her??!.
She came to see Kimia. I gave her a ride.
You idiot!
Please! Forgive him!
Akbar, come here!
You can't get that off. Move your hand.
Where were you?? Do you know how worried I was??!.
I'm leaving. I can't take it any more.
Yeah, do that.
I've had it with being lied to!
It's not my fault! Morad khan's the shitty one.
You bastard!
I can't even trust you to get me a carpet made!
Stop it. Carpet! Carpet! Enough about your carpet!
You call yourself a man??
Our relationship is finished! I'm never coming back!
Suit yourself!
What did he say??
He's going back to Japan.
Are you still here?? Go home!
Get lost!
Imam Reza...
You're the only one I can depend on.
You're the reason I came to Isfahan.
Please. Don't leave me alone.
Makoto's come from far away, too.
What are we praying for??
Anything you want to wish for.
May everything go well with our carpet.
What?? Aren't you ashamed??
What do you want??
We can do it.
Do what??
Make a carpet in 20 days. I worked it out.
Let's start on it right now.
We'll call Sudabe and Hadji.
We'll work double shifts.
Or even three. We can ask Mahbadji.
Mom can dye the wool.
Don't be stupid.
I'll get the design from Morad khan and give it to Solieman.
We'll start right away. Please.
Sudabe and Nair have small babies.
But they're quick.
Fariba can look after the babies.
Who'll talk to Morad khan??
I will.
You talk to Makoto.
If he says no??
If he says yes??
How's Kimia??
He'll get better.
Next time you take Sakura out, you tell me, OK??
Let's see your tickets.
Both of them.
And the check.
I'm taking it to the bank.
What's going on??
I'll give you the carpet in 20 days.
Come on, slowpoke!
Is this all right??
No, it's not all right! Take those.
No muscles, huh?? Esmael, help them.
Take them inside. Leave them till I get there.
Hook up this gas pipe.
It'll freeze when it gets dark.
It's almost spring. It'll be all right.
Are you still here??
Fariba, you'll do the cooking.
Use the kitchen over there.
Bring that over here.
Come, help me inside.
If you need anything, tell me.
I'll bring the vats.
Where should I put this wool??
In that vat.
Anything you need, ask me.
Mahbadji! Can I help??
No, thank you.
I'm busy. Leave me alone.
Are you well, Mashgholam??
What's going on??
Hello, "'Mister Daijobu"'.
It's wonderful you can speak Farsi.
Let me say something.
This matter of your carpet... just slipped my mind. Please don't think ill of me.
It wasn't my intention not to weave I have many other things to do.
But I'll leave them till later.
All these people are my family.
There we will weave your carpet.
Everyone will work hard to give you your carpet on time.
Yes. Halless.
Rock, paper, scissors.
Rock, paper, scissors.
How do you say "'I"' and "'you"' in Japanese??
"'I"'and "'you"'...
What do you say...
...when you love something??
I don't understand.
I don't understand.
How about "'I love you"'??
How do you say "'love"' in Japanese??
Like, "'I love apples"'.
You mean "'I love you"', don't you??
Apples is fine.
Why ask??
I want one.
I see.
I want to eat an apple.
I want to eat an apple.
Where does "'apple"' go??
In Iran we have a proverb.
"'If God wills it, even an enemy becomes a friend."
You're not an enemy, of course.
As I've said, I bear many burdens.
My children're taking care of the carpet workshop.
If I leave the construction work to my staff, I could go to Japan.
...and put up a building.
You'd be there, too.
I haven't asked your name.
Do you have any young sisters??
You're not making fun of me, are you??
Have it your way. Halless.
At 1 0cm a day, it'll be done in 20 days. Possible??
It's OK.
You're sure??
Thank you.
Take your father his dinner.
Can I come back later??
Go sit with your father. You've got homework to do.
Can Sakura come??
No. Now get going.
Yours is here, too.
Get your homework done.
Take care.
I'll come with you.
No, thanks.
What's with you??
You want a ride.
You promised!
Not today. Next time.
How's it going??
Not bad.
We'll be fine.
It's the finishing touches...
...that are the most important.
Come in.
Where's Mahbadji??
She's not here.
Oh, well...
Hurry up!
I'll help.
Bring the rest in, then.
Thank you.
Put it by the door.
We'll take it in later.
Everyone come inside. We're starting to weave.
Come in, Narges. Fariba, you too.
I could swear I heard Mahbadji's voice.
We're busy. Come back later.
All right.
May we finish our carpet without any problems.
May God bless us.
God, speed our hands.
Let us pray...
So help us God.
So help us God.
In the name of God, we begin.
We learn the colors first when we weave carpets.
Not Sabs, Sabz.
And "'Sakura"' in Farsi...
Thank you.
Out you come.
Three steps forward.
White, two.
Tie the white.
Two and one.
Are they in??
Two and one.
Change places with her.
We worked morning till night and this is all we have.
I haven't slept.
We can't dye if there's no wool.
How long do you think it takes to dry??
I can't weave with this.
Could we dry it over a fire??
No, only in the sun and wind. Or it'll fade.
Mahbadji's right.
This is all Akbar's fault.
What are we going to do??
Spit out that gum!
Get off there!
Listen to me!
If you help to dry the wool, I'll give you a free ride.
This wouldn't have happened if you'd got the wool here on time.
We can't weave with it until it's dyed.
I'll bring you all the wool in Isfahan, then.
Just bring as much as you said you would.
I got the lad to help out. Don't worry.
That won't help!
The one with bad neck?? He always makes blunders.
The wool's all dried!
See?? The kids dried it.
Look this way and smile.
Fariba makes great spaghetti.
Show me how to use chopsticks.
If I go to Japan I want to eat with them.
Show him how??
Do like this...
It'll take me six months to finish dinner!
But don't worry.
I'll practice till I can use them.
I won't embarrass you when I come to Japan.
He doesn't speak Farsi.
Then translate.
That was quick. Did you tell him everything??
The Japanese don't use many words.
Take some food to Mashgholam.
A thread broke.
What's wrong??
A thread broke. Don't worry.
We're behind schedule.
We're never going to make it!
What are we going to do??
Don't worry.
Your friend doesn't look very happy.
He's worried that the wool's breaking.
Carpet wool breaks all the time.
Tell him not to be heart-broken.
You're never closer to God than when you've got troubles.
You're doing a great job.
How far have you got??
Shift change.
Don't forget your coats.
Say hello to your father.
Good morning!
Good morning, Mahbadji.
How are you??
We're behind schedule.
It's OK.
What's wrong??
He says we're late.
That's all right. We'll work another shift.
We are two pigeons.
By night we rest in our nest, by day we fly high in the sky.
That hunter I will never forgive...
...caught my dear friend and took her to town.
"In tears, I searched... "
...all the nests in town.
I climbed to the mountain-top and played the flute.
...just like a traveler who has lost his camel.
I am a lone traveler who has lost his camel.
The wreath of flowers I search for, is you.
Do the brown.
Keep going with the white.
Three brown.
Light brown, twice.
Skip two, and one again.
Lie down there.
I'll fix it.
I don't understand.
I'm Mahtab. What's your name??
Two white.
Keep going.
Now the brown.
One yellow.
Four to one.
I'll hold her.
What's wrong??
Aren't you sweet!
Weave in white.
Four to one.
One to one.
Five to one.
Narges...bring in some khaki wool.
Akbar, look!
There's no one here. The vat isn't boiling.
Where are you going??
Up on the roof.
It's dangerous up there!
Akbar said it's all right.
Well, go play somewhere else.
Give this to your dad.
I'll have the rest tomorrow.
Freydoon, come here.
Akbar's going to pay me.
From the clinic??
Only two??
I'll get the rest tomorrow.
The flame should be low. It was low...
I had it on a low flame.
Someone turned it up.
Why aren't you working??
Someone turned the flame up and it came out too dark.
What happened??
It's OK.
Why are you looking at him??
What's wrong??
It's OK.
Well, what's done is done.
What now, Mahbadji??
I don't know.
Dye them again??
We don't have time.
...go buy some wool like this from Mashallah.
It's Friday. He's closed.
Go to his house.
He'll be at the mosque.
I don't care.
Find him, and get some of this wool.
Isn't that what we did...
Are they blaming me??
No, no...
Big trouble.
It's already started.
It's not too late. Let me in!
Who's he??
A friend. I'd better go.
Come on.
Wait here.
Excuse me.
How've you been??
Are you well??
I'm in a hurry. I need green wool.
Are you crazy??
Today's Friday.
I'm in a real jam. Why do you think I came here??
Come to my workshop later. We'll talk there.
I need it now.
If I don't get it, I'm dead!
Where can I get it from??
I can't help you even if my wife threatens me.
Call them now. Two or three bundles will be fine.
God, help him! And me, too.
Be quiet and let me pray.
Mashallah, please!
I know! Narges!
I got it.
There's no time to just sit there!
Let's get started. Light the fire.
Bring some alum.
Light the fire.
Mix it in. God, help us.
Mix it! Quick!
Look, I'm not in the mood.
You figure it out.
Empty-handed! I knew it!
Drive around in the car and dry this.
This, too.
What are you doing??
Big trouble.
Big trouble??
What color is this??
Dark blue.
We need black. This is not black.
Akbar said he'd buy some black.
Maybe he forgot.
He would!
We have to have it right now!
I'm not in the mood today.
I told you! Figure something out!
Stop shouting!
It's dry.
I'm sorry to put you to all this trouble.
It's dry!
We need black, not navy.
What, is this his fault, too??
What are you saying??
What are you saying??
Akbar, go get us some black wool.
Today's Friday! Everything's closed!
Do as I say.
All I get today is orders!
Another trouble??
We don't have much time. Get going.
Keep that separate from the other wool.
Is dinner ready??
There's that pain again.
Can I help??
Stop it, Mahbadji!
Keep quiet.
Come on.
Tie one at a time.
Your turn.
Our dream will last...
...for a hundred years...
in a Persian carpet.
What happened to you??
How do you say "'you"' in Japanese??
How about "'I saw you"'??
Anata o mita".
Which one is "'you"'??
Anata o ".
Boku wa anata o tabetai".
I want to eat you.
Eat me??
I want to eat you.
What are you saying??!.
Let's play.
Rock, paper, scissors.
You lose.
Rock, paper, scissors.
You lose.
What are you doing there??
I've got a job for you.
You're dressed up.
Go get the mullah and bring him here.
You again! You're everywhere!
Shall I help??
All right. Take these around to the guests.
"'My heart speaks and no one hears"'.
My turn??
"'I'd never give up"'.
For my love, my very life is no sacrifice.
Play some music to dance to.
Go to your mother.
Narges, are you leaving??
It's late.
Take some food.
That's all right.
We've made lots.
The mullah's here.
Bring him in.
Quiet, everyone.
Thank you for coming.
Good evening.
Morad khan!
Good evening.
This flame is the flame of desire. Beware!
Yes...this way.
...sit down.
Thank you for coming.
This is my friend, Makoto.
He's from Japan.
Is he getting married??
Is it you, then??
I'm still too young.
Mashallah's the bride's father.
The bride's in the back.
He's the groom.
I'd like to get the ceremony done tonight.
We'll have the reception later.
Very good.
Good evening.
Excuse me...
Don't let me interrupt. Carry on.
This is the carpet.
God have mercy on them.
Good work.
God loves artists.
You know why?? Because he is an artist himself.
His daughter??
That's right.
Take it.
May God be with you.
Akbar, can you fix this??
It's my children's.
I'll bring it when it's done.
Would you??
Up to the latest style??
Whatever you decide.
All right.
When the carpet's done, kneel on it and pray.
We will.
May all your wishes come true.
Good night.
Thank you.
Mister Makoto, good luck!
Good bye.
How's Roozbeh's father??
About the same.
I asked Dr. Ghavami to go see him.
Thank you.
Please eat with us.
We are good at funerals, But not at weddings.
I wouldn't want to spoil the festivity.
I'm going.
Thank you for coming.
What a good man.
What's the matter?? Let's have fun!
Morad khan!
I did it! The roof fell in.
It did?? Excellent!
Why stop?? Keep playing!
Where are we going?? Climb on.
Hold on tight.
OK, get off.
Get off now.
What's wrong??
Be a horse.
Give me a ride.
Here goes.
Hang on.
I'm going to run!
Sleep well.
That's enough.
One more row and it's done.
Make a wish as you tie the last knot, and it'll come true.
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Waking Up In Reno
Walk On The Moon A 1999
Walk To Remember A
Walk on Water
Walk on the Wild Side
Walking With Beasts BBC Part02 Whale Killer
Walking With Beasts BBC Part03 Land Of Giants
Walking With Beasts BBC Part04 Next Of Kin
Walking With Beasts BBC Part05 Sabre Tooth
Walking With Beasts BBC Part06 Mammoth Journey
Walking and Talking 1996
Walking tall (2004)
Walking with Dinosaurs
Wall Street
Wall The
Wanted 2003
WarGames (1983) CD1
WarGames (1983) CD2
War CD1
War CD2
War Game The
War Game The (author commentary)
War Hunt 1962
War Is Over The (Alain Resnais 1966)
War Lover The 1962
War Zone The
War and Peace CD1
War and Peace CD2
War of the Roses The
War of the Worlds The
War of the Worlds The (1953)
Warm Water Under a Red Bridge (Shohei Imamura 2001) CD1
Warm Water Under a Red Bridge (Shohei Imamura 2001) CD2
Warriors Of Heaven And Earth 2003 CD1
Warriors Of Heaven And Earth 2003 CD2
Warriors Of Heaven And Earth CD1
Warriors Of Heaven And Earth CD2
Warriors The
Wasabi 2001
Wash The
Washington Heights (2002)
Watcher The
Water Drops on Burning Rock
Waterboy The
Waterboys 2001
Waterloo 1970 CD1
Waterloo 1970 CD2
Waters Edge
Watership Down
Way We Were The
Way of the Gun The
Waynes World
Waynes World 1992
Waynes World 2
We Are No Angels 1989
We Dont Live Here Anymore
We Were Soldiers
Weapon of War CD1
Weapon of War CD2
Wedding Planner The
Wedding Singer The
Wedlock 1991
Weekend Godard 1967
Weekend at Bernies II
Weight of Water The
Weird Science CD1
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Welcome Back Mr McDonald 1997
Welcome To Mooseport
Welcome to Collinwood (2002)
Welcome to Sarajevo
Welcome to the Dollhouse
Wes Cravens New Nightmare
West Side Story CD1
West Side Story CD2
West Wing The
Westworld (1973)
Whale Rider
Whale Rider 2002
Whales Of August The 1987
Whasango CD1
Whasango CD2
What About Bob (1991)
What Dreams May Come CD1 1998
What Dreams May Come CD2 1998
What Fault Is It Of Ours 2003 CD1
What Fault Is It Of Ours 2003 CD2
What Lies Beneath CD1
What Lies Beneath CD2
What Planet Are You From
What Price Glory
What Women Want
What Women Want CD1
What Women Want CD2
What a Girl Wants
What a Way to Go 1964
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane 1962
Whatever It Takes
Whats Eating Gilbert Grapewegg CD1
Whats Eating Gilbert Grapewegg CD2
Whats Love Got To Do With It 1993
Whats New Pussycat
Whats The Worst That Could Happen
Whats Up Doc
Wheels on Meals
When A Man Loves A Woman 1994 CD1
When A Man Loves A Woman 1994 CD2
When Harry Met Sally
When I Turned Nine 2004 CD1
When I Turned Nine 2004 CD2
When Ruoma Was Seventeen 2002
When The Last Sword Is Drawn 2003 CD1
When The Last Sword Is Drawn 2003 CD2
When Will I Be Loved 2004
When the Rain Lifts 1999
When the Sky Falls
When we were kings
Where Angels Go Trouble Follows (James Neilson 1968)
Where Eagles Dare CD1
Where Eagles Dare CD2
Where The Heart Is
Where the Red Fern Grows 2003
Where the Sidewalk Ends
Whirlpool 1949
Whisper of the Heart
White Chicks
White Dragon
White Fang - To the Rescue
White Man Cant Jump CD1
White Man Cant Jump CD2
White Palace
White Sheik The
White Sun Of The Desert 1970
White Valentine - 25fps - 1999
White Valentine 1999
Who Are You 2002 CD1
Who Are You 2002 CD2
Who Is Cletis Tout
Who framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
Whole Nine Yards The
Whole ten yards The
Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf CD1
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Whos Harry Crumb
Whos That Knocking at My Door
Whos Your Daddy
Wicked - 29,970fps 1998
Wicked 1998
Wicked 1998 29,970fps
Wicked City - 1973
Wicked City 1973
Wicker Park CD1
Wicker Park CD2
Wild Bunch The
Wild Bunch The - Restored Directors Cut
Wild One The
Wind Carpet The (Kamal Tabrizi 2003)
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World Is Not Enough The
Worst of Ed Wood Boxed Set The