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Wizard Of Darkness

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Help me!
We have our wizard.
Offer thirteen sacrifices during the full moon.
Purify the alter with the blood of the sacrifices.
Lucifer! For the rebirth of Lucifer.
At the school tomorrow...
Execute the plan perfectly.
That woman may come.
That woman...
Her power is strong.
We don't want to make an enemy of that woman.
Good morning, Watanabe.
Wait a second.
OK, move on.
Good morning, Takana. Just a second.
Let's see, your hair... and...
your skirt...
Ok. Good, good. Move on.
You, wait. You aren't familiar to me.
What's your name?
Misa Kuroi.
You know that accident yesterday, it happened here.
This is the one before.
And here... here... and over here.
These are the places were those terrible accidents have taken place.
When you connect the spots with a line...
It forms a pentagram.
In the center... is our school
No way.
Good morning.
Good morning.
What's that?
This is an important symbol of magic.
Depending on how you draw the lines, this magic symbol can be used for summoning or protection.
But this pentagram was drawn in blood, so I think it'll be used for summoning.
In other words, this is for summoning a demon.
Wizards are ranked according to their power. Wizards in a high position can summon more powerful demons.
There are many powerful demons, such as Beelzebub and Asmodeus and so on.
Summoning the Prince of Darkness, Lucifer and receiving his power is the dream of all wizards.
Originally, Lucifer was an angel, so he will appear in a beautiful form.
But, his power is great.
It is said that if we can summon Lucifer, we can conquer the world.
Are you feeling OK?
It must be drugs or something. Everyone thinks he's crazy.
He is crazy.
Don't make fun of magic.
Do you want to fight?
You! Go to your seat.
Good morning.
Sit down.
I'll introduce our new student.
This is Misa Kuroi. She's your new classmate.
My name is Misa Kuroi.
Kuroi, you can ask me anything.
I'm the class representative.
Thank you. But isn't that a hard job?
Yes, I was kinda forced into it.
But, it's been going smoothly so far.
At least I won't have to do it again in my 3rd year.
What's this?
This room is off-limits.
It used to be the art room.
Some claim to hear voices at night, since a neurotic teacher committed suicide.
See, it's true. A lot of security guards have heard the voices.
It's true!
This is the biology room. That's the physics room.
It's really easy to get lost in this place. The location of the classrooms can be confusing.
Did Mr. Numata touch you this morning?
No, he didn't.
Good. He's a pervert. Be careful of him.
Also, our math teacher, Ms. Shirai, likes girls.
You mean she's...
She's having a relationship with our classmate, Kazumi Tanaka.
What is it Kurahashi?
Wait here.
Kurahashi, are you sure you're okay?
Yes, it's strange. I don't feel any pain now.
Back in the locker room I felt a strong pain in my chest. I don't know why.
You didn't come back right away. I thought you had deserted me.
I'm sorry, I got lost.
That's OK. I don't think you would betray a friend.
Do you really believe that?
Yes, I do.
You were rushing, weren't you? You messed up your beautiful hair.
Do you know anyone who would know about spells or magic?
I think Mizuno does, why?
What were we talking about in the locker room?
Well... What was I saying...?
Oh yeah. Ms. Shirai is having a relationship with Kazumi Tanaka.
Kazumi Tanaka?
Let's go.
Do you think she heard us?
I think what happened is that someone put a curse on you.
A curse?
I found this here.
These pins were stuck into its chest. Do you have any idea who would do this?
No, not at all.
What about Kazumi Tanaka?
I don't think she likes me, but she doesn't hold a grudge against me.
Kuroi, is that curse for real?
This is a joke, right?
I hope I'm wrong.
If you hear about any strange happenings, let me know.
Whatever you here. For example, a ghost appearing or anything about magic.
I understand.
Please keep this... if you want.
Thank you. But, what is it?
It's an amulet. This amulet will protect you
Thank you. I'll keep it.
Somebody put a curse on Kurahashi.
But who could use magic?
Our basketball team is having a practice game with East High school.
Please come and cheer for us. If you cheer me on, we're sure to win the game.
Be careful!
I'll bet you can win if any girl cheers you on.
Only the good looking ones.
Forget it, she's mine. Let's go Kuroi!
You said to tell you about any strange happenings.
I know of a group of students who are planning a ceremony to cast a curse.
Listen, everybody. Numata touched my breasts again.
Really? I can't believe he's still doing that!
That's the only reason he comes to school.
You're right. He should die.
We shouldn't be doing this.
It was your idea in the first place.
I went all the way to Harajuku to buy this doll.
What are you doing?
Do you want to join us?
We're going to punish Numata right now.
Where's the picture?
You'd better not. This isn't a good idea.
You're always like this.
You always give up. I don't like to leave things half done.
Go somewhere else!
You talk too much.
I don't like her ways. She always does that. I hate that.
You guys are doing this all wrong.
This is the kind of doll you need, Kazumi.
Right. I guess you know what you're doing.
OK Kuroi, go ahead and do it.
Very well. Give me his picture.
This breath isn't ours. It belongs to Hideko Numata.
Put this in Numata's desk.
It's effect will be quick.
That's it?
That won't work.
Don't speak a word about this to anyone, or it'll be ineffective.
Why did you do that?
I thought someone would recognize that doll.
Besides, you wanted to see how to cast a spell, didn't you?
Anyway, did you find out who did it?
No... But I will find the one responsible.
Mr. Numata has suddenly taken ill, so he can't come to school today.
Biology class will be a study hall until he returns.
It seems Kuroi knows how to use magic.
No kidding.
Hey, Mizuno. If it's true, her magic is real, unlike your phoney nonsense.
Shut up!
You're so scary.
You know that new transfer student, Misa Kuroi?
Yes. She's a beautiful girl.
A friend of mine teaches at her former school.
I've heard some strange stories about her.
It seems people who are close to her end up dead.
No kidding?
She didn't do anything wrong.
But people seem to die wherever she transfers to. Her former school, and the one before that as well.
You like to have the transfer student.
What's wrong? What do you mean?
You're acting strange today.
Kuroi is beautiful, isn't she?
You're trying to get her.
Stupid. That's never going to happen.
Numata got sick because of Kuroi.
Who's there?
Fucking bastard.
It's okay. Nothing to worry about.
But Numata loves to gossip.
If it gets out about us...
Numata can't gossip if he's unable to speak.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Don't treat her like that.
Mr. Numata had a car accident last night. He's not expected to live.
Numata? What happened?
You cursed him, remember?
Impossible. That curse wasn't that strong.
This was found in his desk.
And I know everything.
People at your former school died, right?
That's what happens doesn't it? Everyone near you will die.
You're the one drawing the pentagram in blood.
What are you planning? Murderer?
I don't understand. Why wasn't it me? Why was Numata attacked?
There were only eight who knew about that doll.
Don't worry about it.
Everyone's acting a little crazy because of the shock.
Mizuno has always been a little crazy.
First of all, you didn't have any reason to do that to him.
All this talk of magic and spells... it's crazy.
Did you come here to cheer me up?
Yeah, sort of.
Well... I was wondering...
Do you have a boyfriend?
What Mizuno says is true.
People near me often die. You don't want to be close to me.
You don't have to lie to turn me down.
But it's true.
I don't care.
Hey Shindo, what are you doing?
Hurry up.
I'll be right there.
Please think about it.
That's it. This is the answer. Any questions?
Okay, that about wraps it up.
I'll give you a make up for the last test after school.
Those to take the test are on this list. Look at the list if your name's on it.
I'm sorry. Can you take the test?
I don't want to take the test with her.
Shut the fuck up, Mizuno!
Good luck. Do your best.
Come to the usual place after school.
You have 60 minutes. Please don't cheat.
Remain in class until I return. Understood?
You may begin.
Do you wanna go out tonight?
Where the hell is she?
Maybe she forgot about us.
I wanna go home.
Kuroi, what's wrong?
Did you hear that?
It got quiet all of a sudden.
Look! What's that?
The blackboard was blank before.
That's Satan's number.
No one believes you.
I'm going home. Class leader, I'll leave this to you.
Me too. Yeah, I'm also going home.
Wait! Don't you remember what the teacher said?
Do you remember?
No, I don't.
Me neither.
Let's go, Kuroi.
I'll wait for Ms. Shirai.
Go ahead! Leave!
Chie, are you leaving too?
No, bathroom.
That's strange, the window won't open.
Strange. Is it broken?
Didn't we just walk out the front door?
Yes, we did.
Hey, somebody. The door is stuck.
Hey! Come on! Can anyone hear me!
Somebody! Help me!
Mizuki, I have to go now.
Me too. My father will be home from work soon.
Wait. Where's Chie? Still in the bathroom?
It's been too long. I'd better check.
I thought you went home.
We can't get out of the building!
The doors are locked?
We go out, but end up back in! Outside is inside!
What are you talking about?
We are going home, right?
It's no lie. We're not kidding here. We're serious!
The windows can't be opened. We can't get out.
Chie? We're going home.
Are you in there? Chie?
That's impossible.
It's true. I'm serious.
It's the curse.
I'll find a teacher.
I'll go. Wait for me.
We have to call an ambulance.
What is it? Hurry up.
What's wrong?
How about the police?
It doesn't work.
Who are you calling? Home!
We are trapped inside the school.
This is all of your doing, isn't it?
Just like what you did to Numata.
You put a curse on all of us, didn't you?
Get out of this room now!
Hey, let them out! I can't open the door.
Get away from the door!
What should we do with the bodies? Should we just leave them there?
Ikeno... Abe... Takada... Yuka... Reiko...
Someone may still be alive.
Did you see those bodies?
No one could still be alive.
So, go back and bring all the survivors here.
You know I can't do that.
What's going on here?
You. You. Misa Kuroi.
It's all your fault.
You used magic, so we couldn't open the doors.
You killed them all.
Shut up Mizuno.
You're right. Magic is being used here.
But it's not of my doing. I tried to clear the spell.
You failed on purpose. It's impossible for you not to clear your own magic.
You're crazy. There's no such thing as magic.
How can you say that?
Then what the hell happened back there? I know what I saw with my own eyes.
What should we do with the bodies?
I want to go home.
I wanna go home too.
Did someone write that on the blackboard?
It said 13 before, didn't it?
Maybe that number means...
It's us.
It means 7 people are left. We are seven.
We're gonna die. We're all gonna die. All of us.
Stop playing with us.
If you erase it, we'll all die.
Fear won't solve anything.
We have to try to find a way out of here.
That's right. We have to get out.
We can't get out. We're trapped.
We've got to try. There might be an exit somewhere.
I won't go with Kuroi.
We shouldn't get seperated.
It'll be easier to protect everyone if we're together.
You didn't do anything to protect.
Don't be deceived by her.
She's a murderer.
I'll stay with Kuroi.
Me too.
How about the rest of you? What are you going to do?
I'll... I'll go with Mizuno.
I'll go...with Mizuno too.
Me too.
You're going to die.
I see. It's the forbidden room.
Hurry up.
What's with the rope?
Let's head up to the roof. We should be able to get out from there.
I learned from my father. He's a mountaineer. He's quite a bold person.
I thought less of him because of his rock climbing obsession.
Can you open it?
How did we get back here?
There's gotta be a way out somewhere!
My father must be worried about me.
He's probably still waiting for me.
Your mother's probably making dinner right now.
They've been divorced since I was six.
I'm all he's got.
Wait, I've just about got it.
We can try to jump down.
Where are the others?
Let's go back to the classroom.
What are you doing, Mizuno?
This is a magic symbol.
If I am within the lines, I'll be protected from the spell.
How can that be? You just drew it with chalk.
Don't step on it.
You can come in, if you want to live.
But... not you Kuroi.
I don't want to die.
I'm not running around anymore, I'm staying here.
Do you believe in this magic bullshit?
Then get out of here.
Shindo! You are going to die at the hands of Kuroi.
Kuroi, wait!
Leave me alone.
Pay no attention to Mizuno.
Mizuno speaks the truth.
What are you talking about?
I am a witch. But my powers are useless now.
Stop it.
If I had realized earlier, all this wouldn't have happened.
Something strange is happening. My power is useless.
It's not your fault.
They're all dead because of me.
This isn't the first time. Everyone close to me becomes unhappy or dies.
Stop it!
Sorry...All this can it be true? We're going to get out of here.
None of this is your fault.
What I said is true. Don't misunderstand me...
I came to this school to protect everyone from those who are using magic for evil purposes.
If you get close to me...
You'll probably die.
Please don't... I beg you...
We will survive all of this.
Wait a minute. We can get out through the exhaust system.
Two more are going to die.
It won't be us. We're protected, right where we are.
So, that means Kuroi's going to die.
If that's true, it means the source of evil is one of us.
Give it here.
Don't give up.
I'll find something to cut through these.
Wait, I wanna come with you.
Kuroi, is your heart beating rapidly?
People always have the wrong idea about who they fall in love with.
When I first saw you, my heart was beating rapidly. The reason was, because I was in love.
Please wait with your heart beating rapidly.
This will protect you.
Thanks. I'll be back soon.
You're okay.
What's the matter? I asked you to wait for me.
Thank God.
He had to die. He was always fucking with me.
You are the last sacrifice, Misa Kuroi.
I tried to kill all of you in the teacher's office.
But you prevented that.
I admire you.
But you will die here.
Oh, Lucifer...
I offer myself... to you.
Mizuki, it's all over.
It's all over now. It's all over.
I really do love you.
Mizuki, you...
So this wasn't Ms. Shirai's doing.
She was just obeying me.
Why? What are you going to do?
You of all people should know why, Kuroi Misa.
A pentagram drawn in blood and 13 sacrifices.
You want to summon Lucifer.
Lucifer and I will become one.
I will have the great Lucifer's power.
Everything will be mine.
Did you kill them for that?
I thought you'd at least understand.
I'll be the most powerful being on earth.
The human race will kneel before me.
I can't understand you. I don't want to understand you.
You don't have the power to summon Lucifer.
I'm greater than you. I can do it.
Did you kill everyone... just for that reason?
You have to die.
You're the last sacrifice.
You are the perfect sacrifice.
I made this with your hair. Isn't it beautiful?
You were rushing, weren't you? You messed up your beautiful hair.
That's why I couldn't use my power.
It's too bad, Misa Kuroi.
I really wanted you to meet Lucifer.
Oh, Lucifer. I summon thee in the name of my dark soul.
I summon thee in the name of the greatest god.
Lucifer. Please come to life. Give me your power.
The great Lucifer!
My body and soul await you.
Please live in my body and give me your great power.
I told you that you didn't have the power to summon, Mizuki.
I could never protect those who I am close to.
Your courage... gave me strength.
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