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Subtitles for X-Files 2x01 Little Green Men.

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X-Files 2x01 Little Green Men

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We wanted to believe.
We wanted to call out.
On August 20 and September 5 1977...
...two spacecraft were launched from|the Kennedy Space Flight Center, Florida.
They were called Voyager.
Each one carries a message.
I send greetings|on behalf of the people of our planet.
We step out of our solar system|into the universe, seeking only...
A record depicting images,|music and sounds of our planet...
...arranged to be understood|if ever intercepted by...
...a technologically mature|extraterrestrial civilisation.
Hello from the children of planet Earth.
13 years after its launch,|Voyager 1 passed the orbit of Neptune...
...and essentially left our solar system.
Within that time,|there were no further messages sent...
...nor are any planned.
We wanted to listen.
On October 12 1992, NASA initiated|the High Resolution Microwave Survey...
...a search by radio telescopes|scanning ten million frequencies...
...for any transmission|by extraterrestrial intelligence.
Less than a year later,|Senator Richard Bryan...
...successfully championed an amendment|which terminated the project.
I wanted to believe,|but the tools had been taken away.
The X-Files had been shut down.
They closed our eyes.
Our voices have been silenced.
Our ears now deaf to the realms|of extreme possibilities.
(# Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 2)
I send greetings|on behalf of the people of our planet.
We step out of our solar system|into the universe...
...seeking only peace|and friendship, to teach...
Cecil and me,|we went to that strip joint.
- You treat yourself?|- Man, let me tell you!
- You know that one Tuesday?|- Wait, wait. You went on Tuesday?
- No. That's the stripper's name: Tuesday.|- Oh, yeah. I know her.
She's on stage dancing to that|Offspring song, "Come Out and Play".
- Nice touch.|- Very hot.
- Keep going.|- I'm tipping her big.
No ones, five spots. I'm laying 'em|on the rail- Boom, boom, boom.
- She didn't like it?|- By the end of the song, I had $40 laid out.
It's not a long song, is it?
It is advantageous to begin|an autopsy by removing the cranium.
The cranium is opened with a horizontal|division an inch above the eyebrow ridges.
Something wrong?
What this man imagined...
...his dreams...
...who he loved, saw, heard...
...what he feared...
...somehow it's...
...all locked in this small mass|of tissue and fluid.
Are you OK, Agent Scully?|You kind of sounded a little spooky.
Good afternoon, Agent Mulder.
$4 for the first hour of parking is criminal.
What you got better be worth|at least 45 minutes.
You know, Mulder, from...
...from back there you looked like him.|- Him?
- Deep Throat.|- He's dead, Scully.
I attended his funeral at Arlington through|binoculars from a thousand yards away.
Now the picture frame was turned down.|You wanted to talk. What have you found?
I wanted to talk,|but I haven't found anything.
It's dangerous for us just to have a little chat.|We must assume we're being watched.
- I haven't seen any indication...|- No, of course not.
- These people are the best.|- I've taken all of the necessary precautions.
I have doubled back to make sure I haven't|been followed. No one has ever followed me.
The X-Files have been terminated, Mulder.|We have been reassigned.
- What makes you think they care about us?|- So why have you come here covertly?
Because I realised that it was|the only way that you would see me.
- So what do you want?|- To know that you're all right.
Mulder, you passed me today|within a foot, but you were miles away.
I'm on electronic surveillance.
White-bread cases, bank fraud,|insurance fraud, healthcare swindles.
Mulder, I know that you feel...
...frustrated, that without|the Bureau's resources you can't continue...
- No. It...|- Well, what then?
When we were shut down, you said you'd|go on for as long as the truth was out there.
But I no longer feel that from you.
Have you ever been to San Diego?
Did you check out the Palomar Observatory?
From 1948 until recently,|it was the largest telescope in the world.
The idea came from a brilliant and wealthy|astronomer named George Ellery Hale.
The idea was presented to Hale|while he was playing billiards.
An elf climbed in his window and said to get|the money from the Rockefeller Foundation.
And you're worried that all your life|you've been seeing elves?
In my case...
...little green men.
But, Mulder, during your time|with the X-Files you've seen so much.
That's just the point. Seeing is not enough.
I should have something to hold on to.|Some solid evidence.
I learned that from you.
Your sister's abduction -|you've held on to that.
I'm beginning to wonder if...
...if that ever even happened.
...even if George Hale only saw elves|in his mind, the telescope still got built.
Don't give up.
And next time...
...we meet out in the open.
She had erased a conversation|between President Nixon and HR Haldeman...
...while transcribing the tape.
Woods testified that|she erased only about five minutes...
...but the tape contained an 18-minute gap.|Under investigation...
...HR Haldeman reiterated|the White House explanation that Woods...
- Do we have to watch this, Fox?|- Leave it. I'm watching The Magician at nine.
Mom and Dad said|I could watch the movie, buttmunch.
They're next door at the Galbrands',|and they said I'm in charge.
Hey, get out of my life!
I'm watching The Magician.
Now look! The fuse has blown.
Samantha! Samantha!
Samantha! No!
We're going to the Hill.
(# Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 2)
Senator Matheson?
- Do you know this, Fox?|- It's Bach.
Brandenburg Concerto No. 3.
Good thing it wasn't|a Double Jeopardy question.
Do you know the significance of this piece?
Well, recalling music appreciation|with Professor Ganz...
...Bach had a genius for polyphonic...
This is the first selection of music|on the Voyager spacecraft.
The first.
Four and a half billion years from now...
...when the sun exhausts its fuel|and swells to engulf the Earth...
...this expression will still be out there...
...travelling four and a half billion years.
That is, if it's not intercepted first.
Imagine, Fox...
...if another civilisation out there|were to hear this.
They would think|what a wonderful place the Earth must be.
I would want this to be the...|first contact with another life form.
I know I've let you down.
You've supported me|at great risk to your reputation.
I realise that when they shut us down,|there was nothing you could do.
All I can say is, I think we were close.
To what, I don't know.
Do you like Bach, Mulder?
- I live for Bach.|- Then let's hear it again.
I take it you are familiar with the|High Resolution Microwave Survey?
The search for extraterrestrial radio signals.|They shut it down.
You have to get to the radio telescope|at Arecibo, Puerto Rico.
I'll try to delay them as long as I can, but|my guess is you'll have at least 24 hours.
After that, I can no longer hold off|the Blue Beret UFO Retrieval Team.
And they have been authorised|to display terminal force.
What am I looking for?
- When did you last see Agent Mulder?|- Yesterday.
- Where?|- In the bull pen hallway.
Did you speak with him?
No. Is he in some kind of trouble?
He failed to appear at his assignment|this morning. His whereabouts are unknown.
- I'll volunteer to assist in any search.|- No, Agent Scully...
- She doesn't know where he is.|- How can you be so sure?
Because if she knew,|she wouldn't be so worried about him.
I don't smoke.
She'll find him.
No trace evidence apparent|around the exterior of the control room...
...which is locked with chains.
The power has been turned off.
Although the control|panel lights are still on.
The room's about 30 by 15.
I see no signs of any recent occupation.
There's quite an odour of mildew|in the air. The air is stale.
If anyone's been here recently,|I see no indications.
Mulder! You hounded me to have|lunch today, and then you don't show.
You're a pig.
Galactic latitude?
- What are you doing here, Agent Scully?|- Are you following me?
Agent Mulder's residence is under|surveillance. Explain why you're here.
I was told by the assistant director|that Mulder was gone.
- So?|- So whenever he's away, I feed his fish.
What the hell is this?
Looks like a self-test the computer does.
- Damn.|- Just dump it in the tank.
That would be bad for the fish.
¡No me lastime, no me lastime!
- Who are you? What are you doing here?|- Por favor... Tengo mucho miedo.
That's all right. Settle down.
- Settle down.|- Tenemos que irnos de aquí.
¿Habla inglés?
¿Nombre? ¿Nombre?
Me llamo Jorge Concepción.
Jorge, why are you so afraid?
What have you seen?
...en el cielo... rojo...
...azul... anaranjado.
Pensé que una avioneta|se había estrellado...
Pero cuando llegué... hombres...
...como animales...
...pero no hombres.
Me agarraron y me pusieron aquí...
- ¡Todavía están en el bosque!|- Jorge, no comprendo.
Did you say men? ¿Hombres?
It looks like the "Wow!" signal.
- The "Wow!" signal?|- Ohio State has a radio telescope...
...that conducts searches|for extraterrestrial intelligence.
In August 1977, my buddy Jerry Ehman...
...found a transmission|on a printout like this.
He was so excited,|he wrote "Wow!" in the margins.
What was there?
A signal - 30 times stronger|than galactic background noise.
It was on the 21cm frequency, which no|satellite transmitters are allowed to use.
The signal was intermittent,|like Morse code.
And more importantly, the signal seemed to|turn itself on while in the telescope's beam.
The "Wow!" signal is the best evidence|of extraterrestrial intelligence. But this...
This is better.
Where did you get this?
Maybe you can tell me.|Is that from Ohio State?
Can't tell.
There are a few nickel-and-dime|SETI projects around.
UC Berkeley has one. The Planetary Society|has one at Harvard and in Argentina.
NASA was working out of Goldstone|in California and Arecibo in Puerto Rico.
This signal from 06.30 Tuesday: the narrow|band and matching of the antenna pattern...
...indicates that it originated|from beyond lunar distance.
The same message is...
No! Jorge, don't touch that red button.|Noho on the rojo.
The same message is transmitted|four hours later on a wide band...
...which puts its point of origin very close,|just miles away from...
I send greetings on behalf of|the people of our planet. We step out of our...
- ¡Son ellos! ¡Ya regresaron!|- It's just a tape machine, Jorge.
¡Vámonos inmediatamente, por favor!
Where are we gonna go?|There's a storm outside.
You can't be afraid, Jorge.
Don't be afraid.
You can't be afraid.
Passengers holding tickets,|please proceed immediately to gate 16.
Atención, por favor. Último aviso.
Pasajeros con boletos|para este vuelo, a la puerta 16.
Attention, please.|This is a gate change announcement.
Flight 236 arriving from Boston|will now be arriving at gate number 7.
This is a gate change only.
This is Fox Mulder.|Leave a message, please.
At the tone, Eastern Daylight Time|will be 5.47 and 40 seconds.
Attention, all passengers. Flight 235|to Atlanta is now boarding at gate number 2.
Relax. We know where she's going:|St Croix, Caribbean Air, flight 519.
Takes off at five after seven.|The gate's in the other terminal.
I'd like a ticket on the 6.30 flight to San Juan.
The day is...
The time is 10.30.
Although not a pathologist,|I will record my observations of the body... case at some future time decomposition|should obscure forensic evidence.
The subject, perhaps victim,|is Hispanic male...
...undetermined age.
There are no overt|external injuries apparent.
There are no indications|of any lightning strikes.
No singeing of the hair|or burns of any kind.
There are no...
There are no puncture wounds|due to needles or probes...
...commonly associated|with cases of alien abduction.
The subject was discovered|in a sitting position...
...rigor mortis having set in-although|less than half an hour had elapsed.
The skin is strikingly affected|by goose flesh.
The body shows signs|of intense cadaveric spasm.
The expression reflects...
My God, Scully,|it's as if he's been frightened to death.
Again, Scully, nothing but evidence.
And again, no evidence at all.
The printouts of received transmission|indicate contact with another life form...
...and yet I cannot see them.
And even if I could see them,|would they really be there?
This could be a classified military satellite -|these transmissions are from the Voyager.
Could extraterrestrials|really have intercepted them?
Or is this just some elaborate joke|played on those who want to believe?
I was sent here by one of those people.
Deep Throat said "Trust no one."
That's hard, Scully.
Suspecting everyone, everything.
It wears you down. You even begin|to doubt what you know is the truth.
...I could only trust myself.
Now, I can only trust you.
And they've taken you away from me.
My life up to this point|has been about the need to see her again.
To see them.
But what would I do if they really came?
Deep Throat said "Trust no one."
- Deep Throat said "Trust no one."|- I was sent by one of those people.
- Deep Throat said "Trust no one."|- "Trust no one."
I was sure you were dead.
Mulder... it's Scully.
Dana Scully. Do you know where you are?
They came, Scully.
The ones that took her, they were here.
Here? Or here?
On the tapes. The tape.
Evidence. Proof.
- The transmissions. It's all here.|- Proof of what?
These printouts. It's here.
And the man.
We'll have to examine the body.|There'll be more proof.
- Is that them?|- No, this isn't it.
It's the Blue Beret Crash Retrieval Team.|They'll kill us. The body!
- We don't have time.|- Help me!
We're never gonna be able|to get the body out of the country!
Mulder, we have to go.
Evidence is worthless if you're dead.
Let's go!
Hold your fire! Get this truck|to the bottom of the hill!
Move! Come on, move!
You left your off-site setup.|Another brick agent had to cover you.
The entire surveillance, all the months of|work on this case, gone. Just like you, gone.
This has fourbagger all over it, Mulder.
Censure, transfer, suspension, probation.
Leaving my assignment|warrants disciplinary action.
- And I'm willing to accept those measures.|- But?
But I had enough to arrest|those suspects after three days.
I could've nailed them on 40 counts|of bank fraud. But you left me there.
I'm surprised you even noticed I was gone.
Let alone wiretap my phone,|an illegal procedure without a court order!
Your time is over...
...and you leave with nothing.
Get out.
I said, get the hell out.
Report back to your assignment.
A minute ago I was a fourbagger.
Do you want me to make the arrests?
I think we need more to go on.
Continue the surveillance.
It should be right here.
The entire tape is blank.
An electrical surge during the storm|may have degaussed everything...
...erasing the entire tape.
You still have nothing.
I may not have the X-Files, Scully,|but I still have my work.
And I still have you.
And I still have myself.
What's the difference|between a lap dance and a table dance?
A lap dance, they're all over you.
A lap dance costs what?
All right, all right.|Tell me the best spot. Where?
- Paramount. But you gotta spend money.|- I'm there.
Wednesday, it's your dancer?
No, don't go Wednesday.|That's amateur night.
Amateurs, huh? Nice touch!
- They're not really amateurs.|- Yeah, sure, sure.
If you don't mind spending the money,|the girls are all over you.
And they're good-looking too...
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