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X-Files 2x03 Blood

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Hey, Ed?
- You OK?|- There's blood.
It's only a paper cut.
Uh, listen, Ed. I need to talk to you.
Ed, I... This is never easy.
And everybody down here|sure likes you a lot, Funschie.
And I know it's tough|cos you're new to this area.
Ed, I'm sorry, but I'm|gonna have to let you go.
I mean, your work is first-rate|and, like I said, you're a good guy.
But you know the story:|cutbacks and seniority.
And you're a low man on the pole.
Could I work part time?
The guys took up a collection today.
It's a hundred bucks.
Look, why don't you stay on|till the end of the week?
- Is there room here for me?|- I think we can make some.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
It's OK.
- Hey, Ralph. How you doin'?|- All right.
Thanks for coming at short notice.
I realise the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit|mainly profiles murder suspects still at large.
It must be odd being asked to profile|our suspects, all of whom are dead.
I am relieved the Bureau|answered our request and sent you.
In all honesty, Agent Mulder, whatever's|going on here is way over our heads.
The suspect's body is out on the sidewalk.
We're holding the security guard|who shot him.
The witnesses in the elevator are down at the|hospital. Talk to them whenever you're ready.
I've asked all the businesses|in the building to close for the day.
We've done our best to preserve the area|for you. We've photographed the scene.
The area's been sketched,|but we haven't dusted for prints yet.
We wanted to wait for you|before collecting further evidence.
Was this damaged during the incident?
- I'll find out.|- May I see the suspect?
Things like this aren't|supposed to happen here.
A 42-year-old real-estate agent murders four|strangers? That shouldn't happen anywhere.
Since colonial times there's only|been three murders in this area.
In the last six months,|seven people have killed 22.
Per capita, that's higher than the combined|homicide rate of Detroit, DC and Los Angeles.
This town is not any of those places. In|Franklin, you never have to pull off the road... make way for a celebrity|driving with a gun to his head.
In each incident, the suspect was killed?
Suicide. By cop.
Each incident occurred in a public place.
The suspect went crazy and refused to desist.
Officers used deadly force to save lives.
Were autopsies conducted|for substance abuse?
This town is mainly made up of apple and|cherry growers. Folks here don't drink much.
They certainly don't do drugs.|The coroner's tests were negative.
This is Dispatch. Can you provide|additional backup for unit 42?
Played softball|with this guy over Labor Day.
He was one of those nice guys. Couldn't play|and didn't bitch about being in right field.
What's wrong with right field?
Always the first to shake hands at the end|of the game, whether he'd won or lost.
You gotta have an arm to play right field.
Bought a round of beers afterwards,|even though he didn't drink.
I played right field.
Let's have this analysed by the Bureau's lab.
What the hell could bring anyone to do this?
- I wanna go home.|- Don't be in such a hurry.
You'll just have to wait|for the man to finish, OK?
- Mommy...|- Baby, you're bleeding.
Come on, tilt your head back.
I told you to leave it alone. OK?
Now, don't touch it or it'll bleed again.
Tilt your head back. There you go.
Lucky we had a Kleenex, eh?
Good girl.
Hey! Hey!
What the hell's wrong with you?
Mass murderers are divided into two|classifications: the spree killer and the serial.
The violent outburst in a public locale...
...and the suspect's disregard|for anonymity or survival...
...define the Franklin incidents|as spree killings.
The confounding element of these profiles|is that, given their backgrounds...
...the perpetrators would be, statistically...
...more likely the victims of violent crimes|rather than the originators.
The killers were all middle-income,|responsible people...
...none with a history of violence.
Relatives reported only minor|displays of dysfunctional behaviour:
...sleep disorders, headaches,|eating difficulties.
But witnesses did report the last suspect|displayed a claustrophobic reaction.
I'm convinced|an outside factor is responsible...
...but I must concede frustration|as to a determination of the cause.
A residue on the fingers of|the most recent perpetrator was analysed...
...and reported to be an undefined but|non-toxic organic chemical found on plants...
...perhaps remaining from gardening.
There have been reported abductee|paranoia in UFO mass-abduction cases.
I was wondering when you'd get to that.
I find no evidence of this to be the case.
The single connecting trace evidence... the destruction of|an electronic device at the crime scene.
A pager, a fax machine.
A cellular phone, a gas pump digital display.
In all honesty, Scully, I've never had|a more difficult time developing a profile.
There is no way to know who will be a killer.
Or who will be killed.
- You're late.|- I'm sorry.
I called earlier.|A deadline came up at work.
If it's ready, I'll just|pay you and be out of here.
How did you manage to break that, anyhow?
Oh, it's a long story.
- Did you fix it?|- It's fixed.
What do I owe you?
I'll tell you. In fixing that,|I found some other problems.
Serious problems, Mrs McRoberts.
Come back here. I'll show you.
I'm sorry... My husband's waiting for me.
- I have to go.|- OK.
But you ain't gonna go very far|unless you get this fixed.
Come here.
This is a diagnostic test of your engine.
You're supposed to have an output|of 168 horses at 6200rpms.
You're nowhere near that.
Come over here.
Next to me. I want you to take a look at this.
Well, first of all, you're leaking oil like crazy.
Your throw rods are chattering,|valves need adjustment...
A couple of engine mounts|should be replaced.
To tell you the truth...
If you don't believe me, take a look here.
Agent Mulder?|Larry Winter, county supervisor.
Uh, pardon my rubber.
Can you tell me if this murder|is more of the same?
They don't seem to be connected.
Well, should I be relieved or more scared?
I mean, is this the start of copycat killers?
Larry, it's not a copy|of the other homicides.
This wasn't a public area.|The suspect fled, covering his tracks.
The killer appears|not to have had a premeditated weapon.
They are connected.
- Mrs McRoberts?|- Yes.
This is Sheriff Spencer. I'm Agent|Fox Mulder with the FBI. May we come in?
- I'm late for work.|- You can blame me.
- Been having some car trouble?|- That's my husband's department.
- May I speak with him?|- He took the car to Pittsburgh for a meeting.
- Is it OK if I have my breakfast?|- It's the day's most important meal.
Um, this invoice was, uh, signed by you.
Did you pick up the car last night?
Can you describe to me exactly how|the dashboard read-out was damaged?
Mrs McRoberts?
I did it.
- I broke it.|- Why?
Mrs McRoberts?
Did you see something in the read-out?
Mrs McRoberts?
I can help.
Mrs McRoberts?
- Stop!|- No!
Anomalies were found|during postmortem analysis...
...that were undetected in previous autopsies.
Levels of adrenaline are high|in cases of violent death...
...twice as much as in victims of natural death.
This subject's levels were 200 times normal.
The adrenal gland displayed extensive|adrenal haemorrhage, yet not from disease...
...but rather from wear.
Other physiological evidence present|indicated episodes of intense phobia.
Analysis of the vitreous humour,|extracted from the eyeball...
...indicated the presence of high concentration|of an undetermined chemical compound.
This compound, at its base... similar to the substance analysed|earlier on a perpetrator's finger.
Although further qualitative|analysis must be performed... is my opinion that this chemical,|when reacting with adrenaline...
...and other compounds|secreted during phobic episodes...
...creates a substance similar|to lysergic acid diethylamide:
Pardon me. I'd like to apply for a job.
Sorry. They're not accepting|applications at this time.
Sir, may we ask you|to sign up for the blood drive?
Are you all right?
In our April edition of The Lone Gunman, we|ran an article on the CIA's new CCDTH-2138...
...fibreoptic-lens micro-video camera.
Small enough to be|placed on the back of a fly.
Imagine being a fly|on the wall of the Oval Office.
Been there. Done that.
That is a Eurasian cluster fly.
They infest vegetation like apples or cherries|and can inflict a lot of damage to crops.
It's been irradiated to control propagation.
Or... agents of competing|agricultural corporations...
...posing as Franklin City employees, are|releasing fertile flies to destroy the crop.
No. This bug's been nuked.
It was a fine effort, though.
Have you ever come across|this chemical compound?
Obviously you haven't read|our August edition of TLG.
Oh, I'm sorry, boys. It arrived the same day|as my subscription to Celebrity Skin.
Come over here.
- So, Mulder, where's your little partner?|- She wouldn't come.
- She's afraid of her love for you.|- She's tasty.
Frohike, it's men like you|that give perversion a bad name.
Here. Toxic pesticides.
The chemical in that report|is called lysergic dimethrin... unreleased experimental|synthetic botanical insecticide.
- It acts as a natural pheromone.|- LSDM is sprayed on the plant...
...which invokes a fear response in the pest:|"Get out of here. There's danger."
- The insect leaves the plant.|- Why won't they release it?
Is it possible it affects|humans in the same way?
Let me show you something.
This is actual newsreel|footage taken in the '50s.
They're spraying DDT, a chemical the|government did release and determine safe.
30 years later they found out women exposed|to it had higher rates of breast cancer.
They convinced local officials|it was safe to spray on children.
It took a decade of bureaucratic and|industry heel-dragging before it was banned.
- Different chemicals. Same stunts.|- They just learned how not to be so obvious.
Hey, Frohike, can I borrow those?
If I can have Scully's phone number.
Stealth helicopters? Experimental pesticides|responsible for violent behaviour?
I saw the chopper from two|different locations. Look at my skin.
Feel my hair. The insecticide is still on me.
I've checked up on you.
You have a penchant for "spooky" evidence.
- Don't start that crap. Don't divert blame.|- Hang on a second...
If you're the one who's responsible...
...the sooner you take responsibility,|the sooner people will stop dying.
The killers all resided|near heavily sprayed areas.
You don't live here, Mulder.|I live here. I have my heart in this town.
I have three children.|I'm not gonna dump poison on them.
Yeah, well, if it's so safe,|why was it done in secret?
- What kind of a crusade are you on?|- Answer the question. Are we spraying?
This county lives on money|generated from its crops.
Irradiated flies were not effective.
The delays to get approval would|have caused millions in crop damage.
Look at the hell they raised over Malathion.
Meanwhile, people's lives were|being ruined by a damn bug.
Ruined? 23 people are dead.
There's no proof the spray caused|violent behaviour. It was proven safe.
By who? Who proved it to you?
I'm sorry, Mulder, he's right.
I'd love to say I flew 300 miles|in the middle of the night... prove you're about to become|the next Charles Manson.
But I find little physiological evidence...
...that states that LSDM has toxically|affected you, even after massive ingestion.
Your own autopsy says|the killer had chemical anomalies.
Yes, but you are proof that|it wasn't from exposure to LSDM.
May I see that chart, Agent Scully?
Look here. These are normal...
... perhaps subjected|to repeated LSDM spraying.
Scully, are you familiar|with subliminal messages?
You mean like... sex and|ice cubes in liquor ads?
- That's paranoia.|- No, it's a fact.
Stores use subliminal messages in|their ambient music to deter shoplifting.
The Russians use electro-encephalographic|techniques to control behaviour.
- How is this connected with the spraying?|- Electronic devices were always destroyed.
- I'm still waiting.|- The insecticide LSDM... known to cause fear in cluster flies.
What if it causes the same reaction|in humans? All the perpetrators were phobic.
Taber was claustrophobic. McRoberts's|husband said she had a fear of rape.
The insecticide heightened|their phobia to an unbearable level.
The electronic devices relayed messages that|told them what to do in order to alleviate it.
- The messages were relayed purposely.|- By who?
He's probably one of those people|that thinks Elvis is dead.
Mulder, I was wrong. Exposure to|the insecticide does induce paranoia.
I think this area is being subjected|to a controlled experiment.
Controlled by who? By the government?
By a corporation? By Reticulans?
They've done it before. DDT in the '50s, Agent|Orange, germ warfare on unsuspecting areas.
Yes, but why, Mulder? Why intentionally|create a populace that destroys itself?
It's the oldest tool of power. If you're|distracted by fear of those around you... keeps you from seeing|the actions of those above.
I just had a talk with Mr Winter.
I've persuaded him to a compromise.
He's agreed to stop the spraying...
...and to blood testing extensively|of people exposed to the spray area.
But the official explanation for the testing|cannot be linked to the side effects of LSDM.
Franklin and Venango Counties|are participating... an important nationwide|study on cholesterol.
Volunteers will be coming to your door...
...or you may report at your convenience|to Franklin Community General.
The procedure is very simple and painless.
Just a little prick on the fingertip, and your|participation is complete-and appreciated.
So remember, cholesterol|screening can save your life.
So when those volunteers|come to your door, answer readily,
or you may report at your convenience|to Franklin Community General.
And the test results on the blood samples,|did you double-check? Are you sure?
Last area just reported in.
OK, these are the sectors|that have tested negative.
These people, for one reason or another,|haven't checked out. There's about 25.
Only seven more to go.
This is odd.
Frustrated Jehovah's Witness?
Door's unlocked.
Here it is.
Edward Funsch. Age 52. No diploma.
No vehicle or driver's licence.|Navy radio man. Wife died ten years ago.
No kids. No known family. Just been laid off.
- Medical history?|- Nothing. He hasn't seen a doctor in decades.
- When was the blood tester here?|- About 10.30 this morning.
The blood test.
I know what he's afraid of.
And I know where he's going.
Hey, wait. Stop! Stop!
Stop! Hey!
All right, all right. Hold on a second.
Thank you.
- Pardon me.|- Wait for the next stop.
- Please, I'm on the wrong bus.|- Wait for the next stop.
Open the door! Open the door!
Open the door, dammit!
C-1, this is X-ray-4.|Negative on that north-south line.
Copy that.
If he's on it, it's gonna be this line.
- Here it comes.|- Get the uniforms out of sight.
Have you seen this man?
I picked him up.|Drove four feet and he went apewire.
- Where'd you let him out?|- Near the college.
- We'll have to wait him out.|- I don't think he's waiting.
- Scully, anything?|- Nothing.
Get down! Get down! Everybody down!
Get down! Get down!
Everybody remain calm.|Stay away from this building.
Stay down.
Take cover.
I've seen that. I've seen that and|I don't want to see that again, baby.
All units, forthwith. Franklin College.
Shots fired. Send emergency vehicles.
Put it down!
Put it down!
- Don't kill me.|- Then put it down, Ed.
I can't. They won't let me.
I know they won't, Ed.|I know they won't let you.
You make me put it down, then.
You do it.
If you don't put it down...
...I'm gonna have to shoot you.
Or you're gonna have to shoot me.
There's gonna be blood everywhere.
Oh... Ah.
- Don't kill me.|- It's all right.
Agent Scully will|examine him at the hospital.
I want unrestricted access|to him for questioning.
Mulder, you know more about|what happened to him than he does.
Mulder, is that you?
Mulder, where are you?
Mulder, where are you?
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