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Subtitles for X-Files 2x05 Duane Barry.

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X-Files 2x05 Duane Barry

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- Find the prisoner!|- Find the prisoner!
There's|been a mistake! Get me a lawyer.
- Where is the king?|- In the great hall, sire.
- Enough! To thy post!|- Aye, sire!
To the great hall.
I can't breathe!
No. No. Not again!
Hello, Duane.|Nice to see you.
Nice to see|You too, Doc.
- How ya feelin' today?|- Pretty good.
Why don't we|sit down, Duane?
- I wanna go over a few things with ya.|- Okay.
Now, it says here...
that you've been|refusing to take your medicine.
- I don't like the way it makes me feel.|- Okay. All right.
Let's talk about that.
Because we give you that|medicine for a reason, Duane.
- Because of your behavior.|- I know. I know.
Because we don't want you|to hurt anybody again.
- You still hearing voices?|- I'm not crazy, Doc.
Duane Barry's not|like these other guys.
No, everybody here|is different.
They're comin' again.|They're comin' again. I can feel it.
- They're gonna take Duane Barry|to the place.|- Nobody's comin', Duane.
Nobody can stop 'em.
I'm gonna give you a shot.
I think you just|need some rest.
This'll make you sleep.
When you wake up, you'll see|we didn't let anybody hurt you.
- Okay, Duane?
- Duane!
Get away.|Get away.
- Do it, man!|- Put down the gun, Duane.
- Gimme the keys.|- Duane.
Gimme the damn keys!
- Yeah, do it, man!
- No! Nooo!
Either way, Doc, we're gettin'|outta here together. You got it?
Let's go now!|Go! Go! Go!
Agent Mulder!
Krycek.|What's up?
There's a situation|going down.
- They want you out there right away.|- What kind of situation?
Hostage negotiation.
- And they want me?|- Yeah.
- What for?|- A guy escaped a mental institution.
He's got four people at gunpoint|in an office. Claims he's|being controlled by aliens.
Stay back behind the barrier!
Police! Stay back!
- Krycek, Mulder, F.B.I.|Where's the command post?|- Right that way, sir.
- Yes, sir!|- Okay, I got it right here|in front of me.
- Get him on the horn!|- Lucy.
Come down these A.C. vents.
You can put people|on the third and fourth floor.
- Agent Mulder?|- Yeah.
Lucy Kazdin, negotiation commander.|Thanks for coming.
- This is Agent Krycek.|- Let me show you what we've got.
His name's Duane Barry.|He's armed with a nine-millimeter...
Smith and Wesson handgun,|one nine-round magazine.
It is our belief that he's prepared|to use the gun and not afraid to die.
- What does he want?|- Safe passage for himself...
and his original hostage,|a shrink named Hakkie.
- Passage to where?|- He's bent on taking...
the doctor with him|to an alien abduction site.
Only he can't|quite remember where the site is,|so he stopped at a travel agency.
- Is he lucid?|- Yes. But he's off his medication,|so he's manic...
ranting about scoop marks,|scars on his body,
homing devices|and a lot of other nonsense.
- Like what?|- This alien abduction business,|which I guess you know about.
Yeah, yeah. But I've never been|in a hostage negotiation before.
Oh, we'll take you through it.|Agent Rich is our advisory commander.
He and I will|be coaching you.
What Mr. Barry needs|right now is a friend,
someone who appears to understand him|and can appeal to his sense of reason.
Do we know anything about|his abduction experiences?
You really believe in this stuff,|Agent Mulder?
Is that a problem?
We're here to save lives.|You'll begin negotiations immediately.
Every three hours, we'll|reevaluate your progress...
and let our tactical commander|advise and update on the use of force.
If this man is an abductee,|I need to know more about him.
His personal history.|Each abduction case is different.
That material has not|been made available to us.
And nobody's thought|to call the hospital for records?
Look, Agent Mulder.|The guy is a psycho.
Your object is|to keep him on the phone.
The longer you do, the more chance|he's not gonna kill anybody.
We stop to do a Freudian analysis,|next thing we know|we've got four dead hostages.
So whatever crap you gotta make up|about spacemen or UFOs,
just keep him on the phone.
Are we gonna have to sit on the floor|like this all night?
I told you to shut up.
We all have families,|for God's sake.
Duane, don't hurt anyone.
- Please?|- I'm not gonna hurt you, Doc.
Because this time you're|going with Duane Barry...
so you can see|what it's like.
That's it's real!
- Duane?
This is|Special Agent Fox Mulder.
- Look, I wanna try to help you.|- Yeah? Well...
We're just sittin' here|waitin' for, uh, travel plans.
I think I know what|You're going through, Duane.
I just wanna make sure|You get what you want...
and that Bob, Kimberly,|Gwen and Dr. Hakkie don't get hurt.
You know what|I'm goin' through?
You think you know what|Duane Barry's goin' through?
You don't know jack!
I know|You're scared, Duane,
and that you'd like|to see this all come out right.
Yeah, right.
So they can put me back|in the nuthouse...
where I belong.
We're only concerned about your safety,|Duane. You and the others.
Hey, what's your name?|Mul-der?
I know the routine:
honesty, containment,|conciliation.
Am I missin' somethin'?
You need someone|to trust, Duane.
I know a lot of people|who've been through similar experiences.
You wanna do something|for me, Agent Mulder?
You keep your dogs on a leash. You try|to gas me out or do anything stupid,
these people die.
They're not takin' me again.|You gotit?
- They can take somebody else!|- Nobody's gonna try anything, Duane.
- Who is this guy?
- He's F.B.I., isn't he?|- Former F.B.I.
And you didn't|think to mention that.
He's been out of the Bureau|since 1982.
Institutionalized on and off for|over a decade. It's beside the point.
The point being that the Bureau|wants to minimize its embarrassment,|isn't that it?
- That we can police our own?|- They would like it done|as neatly as possible.
- You're off to a hell of a start.|- Negotiation is a process.
If you wanted somebody to read|the script, you didn't have to bring me.
This method has proven|extremely successful in winning|the hostage taker's trust.
N-No.|That man is afraid.
And the only way you're gonna|win his trust is by trying...
to understand|what he is afraid of.
Have you ever spoken|to an abductee, Agent Kazdin?
Heard them talk about having their brain|sucked out through their nostril...
while being wide awake|through the experience?
- Would you like to know what|they do to a woman's ovaries?|- Not particularly.
Well, understand that you might have to|alter your approach a little bit here.
- Is there anything I can do?|- Yeah.
- What's your name again?|- Krycek.
Krycek, have you|got your notepad?
Grande, two percent cappuccino|with vanilla. Agent Rich?
As you can see, Carl, the SWAT team...
- has taken positions on all|the surrounding buildings.
- Scully.|- It's me. I'm in Virginia.
Yeah, I know. I've|been watching it on TV.
- What's going on out there?|- What's the media saying?
That an escaped mental patient|is holding four people hostage|in a travel agency.
What they're not telling you|is that he's former F.B.I. who|also claims to be an alien abductee.
- Seriously?|- Yeah. His name is Duane Barry.|Look, Scully, I need your help.
I need you to find out|what happened to him.
Anything... transcripts from|therapy sessions, hypnotic progressions.
Anything about|his abduction experience...
- Mulder?|- The lights just went out here.
No, we're losing power.|- What the hell is going on?
- Tactical unit,|what are you guys up to?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing,|sir. What the...
Get down!|Everybody get down!
Tactical command, shots have|been fired. Locate and report.
- Repeat. Locate and report.
- We've lost our captured line.|- We have four or five shots fired!
- What's the number in there?|- 555-2804.
- I repeat. We have either|four or five shots fired!
- A substation blew. We've got|no power up and down the block.
Duane? Is everyone all right?|- I told ya.
- You didn't believe me, did you?|- No, I believe you.
I just need to know|if anybody's been shot.
- I need towels. Kimberly?
Kimberly? He's going|to bleed to death.
I guess we're|gonna need a doctor.
Now, you'll have almost|frull ambient hearing loss in this ear.
Your sense of balance|may be affected slightly,
particularly if you have to move quickly|or get into a physical situation.
If you get trapped or held|in the building for some reason,
we'll be able to warn you|if there's a tactical assault.
Now, remember, he's either|got four or five rounds left.
There's a wireless mike hidden|in the top of this flak jacket.
Speaking in|a normal tone of voice,
we should be able to hear anything|You say up to a hundred yards.
Make every attempt to keep|these devices concealed.
You put a normal telephone|handset to that ear,
it'll cause feedback and|reveal that you're wired.
- You really want to do this?|- Yeah.
Your job will be to deliver|medical help to the hostage.
Anything else is just a bonus.|You're to get in and get out.
You are not to risk your own life,|and whatever you believe...
Don't jump into his delusion.|I can't negotiate with him|if he thinks I believe him.
This is Agent Janus. He's a trained|medic. He'll work on the hostage.
You're to keep|Duane Barry talking.
Like I said, if he's talking, he's not|gonna shoot anybody, including you.
Now, I've got|three snipers out there.
Anything you can do|to get him to the front door...
All we need is one shot|to the medulla oblongata.
Tac Command, this is|roof top here. I have them in sight.
They're passing the fountain and|approaching the front entrance now.
-Just unlock the door.|Move back.
- Duane?|- Hands in the air.
- Put the kit on the floor slowly.|- We're unarmed.
- We just want to help the injured.|- Over here.
Face the door!|That's right.
Not armed, huh?|You're F.B.I., aren't ya?
- Got a gun in the kit?|- No.
- Are you wearin' a wire?|- No.
We're just here|to help.
- Okay.|- Nobody's|gonna try anything, Duane.
That's right. Good.|You want to work with him.
Just want to make sure|no one else gets hurt.
Just do your business and get out.
- How's he doin'?|- He's bad.
Hi, my name is Janus. I'm a paramedic.|Hold on. I'm gonna take care of you.
They want to work|with you, Duane.
But you gotta work with them.|Why not let the others go?
- Doc's goin' with me.|- Then let the women go.
Were they here, Duane?
The light?|Was that them?
- Don't try and B.S. Duane Barry.|- We lost time.
I checked my watch.|Isn't that what happens? Time stops?
Isn't it?
- You're makin' it up.|- Isn't that what they've|been saying to you, Duane?
- That you're making it up?|- They say it's inside my head.
All they want to do|is just give me more drugs.
- I hear you, Duane.|- You hear me 'cause I got a gun.
No.|I believe your story.
- No, you're feeding into his psychosis.|- You're afraid.
I know the pain and|the fear you must feel.
Just listen to me.|Don't try to identify with him.
I've talked to people, Duane,|people just like you who|nobody wanted to believe.
This man's gonna die|unless we get him to a hospital.
Why don't you|let him go, Duane?
There's no reason|this man has to die.
Come on, Duane.|You've got the power. Let him go.
Good. You|made the right choice.
Now, we're just gonna move him|carefully to the door.
No! Baldie cango.
But you stay.
I'm tradin' the bald man|for you.
Damn it!
- Coming out!|- Let's get him!
You're going to be all right, sir.|Keep moving.
Now let's see|how good a liar you are.
I'm tellin'|the truth, Duane.
How could you ever know what|Duane Barry's been through?
How could anyone know?
It happened|to my sister.
Don't you think you can|lie to save their lives.
I want|some honesty!
- I want some respect!
I'm tired|of all the B.S.!
How does it happen, Duane?|Driving in your car?
Alone in bed at night?
When do they come to you?|You're paralyzed, aren't you?
Unable to move.|Sometimes you can't even breathe.
You feel an electric shock go through|your body, and then they're there.
He's gonna push him|right over the edge.
- I need a clear picture|of what's going on in there.|- Right away.
You're choosing a dangerous course,|Agent Mulder.
There are beings,|aren't there, Duane?
-Are they tall? Or small? Diminutive?|-No! No!
- They take you, Duane.
- Against your will.|- He's gonna kill us.
You're powerless.|Sometimes you can't even speak.
It's always the same.|Nobody can help you.
- Where do they take you, Duane?
Is there a ship?|Do they take you to a ship, Duane?
How do you get there? Are you|conscious of being transported?
They're, uh...
They're talkin'|to Duane Barry.
But they don't speak.
He can hear|what they're sayin'.
They can...|read his mind.
That's right.|Abductees call it "Mindscan."
It's a kind of telepathy.
I'm tellin' 'em|I don't want to go.
But they never listen.
They know what I'm sayin'.
But they just...
go right on|about their business.
Tell him what|that business is.
Tell him.
They take you aboard the ship|to perform the tests.
They... drilled my teeth.
They drilled holes|in my damn teeth!
- Yeah.|- That's what I wanted|to show you in here.
Who here can talk|to an Agent Scully?
- Agent Scully, it's Alex Krycek.|- Where's Mulder?
- He traded himself|for one of the hostages.|- What?
He's in|with Duane Barry.
- You've got to get him out of there.|- They're working on it.
No, you've got to get him out of there|now, or he's going to be killed.
- How can you be sure?|- Because Duane Barry is not|what Mulder thinks he is.
How old was your sister|when they took her?
She was eight.
I seen kids sometimes.|Young girls.
- What are they doing to them?|- Doin' tests.
You know,|testin' 'em.
They tell 'em not to cry.
Are they hurting them?
Oh, yeah.
Sometimes...|Sometimes it hurts real bad.
And... you just want to die,|you know?
You know|what it's like, sir?
It's like livin'|with a gun to your head...
and never knowin'|when it's gonna go off.
You can|let the others go, Duane.
Let the others go,|and take me.
Oh, they heard you talkin' like that,
they gonna have your ass.
I don't care|about that, Duane.
No, I wouldn't|do that to you.
Besides, Doc and I|got an appointment.
Ain't that right, Doc?
We got a picture.
Mulder's here,|opposite the doctor.
The women are on the north wall.|We can't see the east wall.
- Duane Barry must be there.|- Hold on a second.
No. I don't think you understand|what I'm telling you.
- I just flew down here from Washington.|- We've got a situation in progress.
- All right. Well, then let me|talk to someone who's in charge.|- You are.
- Calm down, Scully.|- Don't tell me to calm down.|I'm not going to calm down...
until I can talk to someone|who will listen to what I'm saying.
- What's the problem here?|- I'm Special Agent Dana Scully,
and I have information that|is vital to your negotiations.
- What information?|- I think there has been|a critical misjudgment here.
This man who claims to be|under the control of aliens,
his mental health history|describes a rare state of psychosis.
As you can see|from his medical records,
in 1982 Duane Barry|was shot in the line of duty,
- the bullet piercing|his bilateral frontal lobes.|- Right.
The injury left him nearly incapable|of functioning in society.
It effectively destroyed|the moral center of his brain.
Now, almost a hundred years|ago, there was a framous case.
A man named Gage had a blasting rod|pierce the same region.
- And what effect did it have?|- He became a pathological liar...
suffering|from severe delusions.
His behavior was characterized|as bizarre and violent,
with a tendency|to act out his fantasies.
How did you get involved|in this case?
Agent Mulder called me.|We used to work together.
Well, if this is true, he's got|Your former partner completely fooled.
Is there a way I can reach him|with this information?
The government knows|about it, you know?
They're even in on it sometimes...|right there in your room when they come.
They work together...
with a, uh,|secret corporation.
Who in the government?
A man, military...|They're all in it together.
The government knows why they're here.
But they wouldn't dare|let the truth out, so they cooperate.
You're going to have to deal|with resolving this situation, Duane,
sooner or later.
I'm tired.
There's|no other way out.
You've got to tell them|what you want to do.
- I just want|to go back to the place.|- What place?
Where it first started.|Where they first came and got me.
Where is that?
A mountain.
We went, uh,|up and... up.
Ascending...|Ascending to the stars.
I'm not goin' again.
- Mulder, it's me.
- Mulder, it's me.
Listen to me.|You cannot trust Duane Barry.
He is a brain-damaged psychopath|who took a bullet in the head.
- He is not what you think he is.|- What?
- How do they find you each time?|- Implants...
my gums, sinus cavity,
here in my belly button.
- Trackin' devices.|- Mulder, he could snap at any time.
Now, you have to work|towards resolving this.
Now, you have his trust.|You have to try and negotiate with him.
Why not let|the women go, Duane?
- They'll deal with you|if you let the women go.|- That's good.
That's good, Mulder.|Now, keep him talking.
H.R.T. is moving into position,|and unless you can get him|to free the hostages,
they are going|to execute a tactical plan.
The women are of no consequence|to you. Let 'em go.
It's the right thing|to do, Duane.
Okay, but he stays.
Go on.|Get out of here.
Get up. Go on.|Get out of here. Go on.
I...|I just want to say that I believe you.
- We're safe now.|- Uh-huh.
- The women are clear.|- I got him. Standing, center room.
- Moving...
This is a countdown, Mulder.|They're coming at you.
- Position one, ready.|- Coming at you, number one.
- Gonna need transportation.|- What do you want, Duane? A car?
- I don't know.|- Do you know where you want to go?
They're gonna tell me.
Duane, you can't leave here if you|don't know where you want to go.
- Duane! Come here.|- What?
Hold your fire.|You lost your line.
- There's something I want to ask you.|- What?
You didn't believe me.
I had to earn your trust.
Now, there's something|I gotta know.
Are you making|any of this up?
You, uh,
callin' Duane Barry|a liar now?
You think|I made that all up?
No, I don't.|I'm sorry.
- You're sorry?|- Duane, will you listen to me|for a second?
- You're just like all the others.|You say you believe me.|- Duane...
- I do believe you. I believe you.|- But you don't.
- You lie,|just like everybody else!|- No, I believe you, Duane!
I trusted you! I trusted you!|I was a fool!
Can I say something?|Duane, can I say something?
I know you're tired. But there's|something you've forgotten to do.
When you let the women leave,|You left the door unlocked.
Go and lock|the door, Duane.
Go lock the door.|Go lock the door, Duane.
Go lock it.
They can get in here.|Go lock the door.
- Okay, let's move!
- Agent Mulder.|- He's down! He's down!
1400 block South Parker, code 3.
Repeat. Rolling code 3...
- Medical unit 2-0, we're rolling.
You okay, Mulder?
Whatever you're feeling,|You did the right thing.
Yeah,|it's just that, uh,
I believed him.
Sometimes when you want|to believe so badly,
You end up...|looking too hard.
Agent Mulder,|thanks for coming.
- No, I was surprised|to get your call.|- Yeah, well, as it turned out,
whatever your impression|of the way it was handled,
I didn't get to thank you for going|out there and putting it on the line.
I don't know. I guess I thought|You called me down here to chew me out.
- Oh.|- How's he doing?
Duane? They almost lost him,|but he stabilized.
They've got him listed|on critical still.
I checked on his record|with the Bureau.
It was exemplary.
His accident|was something of a mystery.
Shot by his own weapon in a drug|stakeout, left for dead in the woods.
He was never the same.|Lost everything... wife, kids, house.
The fine thread|of sanity.
I actually called you down here|for another reason, Agent Mulder.
In the X rays, the surgeon|found several pieces of metal...
in his gums, in his sinus cavity...|and one in the abdomen.
I had them checked.|I felt you'd want to know.
And there were|tiny drill holes...
in his left and|right rear molars.
A dentist who examined them said|they could not have been done...
with any of the current|equipment in use...
not without chipping|or damaging the tooth.
Anyway, I thought|you ought to know.
This could|just be a piece of shrapnel.
Duane Barry|did a tour of duty in Vietnam.
It was right where he said|it would be, Scully,
along with the ones|in his gums and his sinus.
And you think that|this was implanted?
Well, if it was, that would mean|Duane Barry was telling the truth.
Or some version|of the truth.
Look, I'll take this down|to ballistics.
We can have this|cleared up in a second.
Let me just make|as light adjustment.
What do you think?
Could be a shell casing or|a small artillery fragment.
The edges are dull, but it could've|been white-hot when it entered the body.
That would make sense.
- But look at this.|- What?
These small markings.|See them here?
Mm. Looks like|some kind of a stamp.
Like it's been tooled or etched.|Pretty fine work too.
This square we're looking at|is only ten microns across.
- 11.14.
Thank you.
- Can I get some help here?|- I'll be right with you. out my drawer.
- What happened?|Did you touch something?|- Uh...
- I don't know what happened.
- All right.
Hello. This is Fox Mulder.
- Leave a message, please.|- Mulder, it's me.
I just had something|incredibly strange happen.
This piece of metal|that they took out of Duane Barry,|it has some kind of code on it.
I ran it through a scanner, and|some kind of a serial number came up.
What the hell is this thing,|Mulder? It's almost as if...
- It's almost as if somebody|was using it to catalog him.
- Come on!
Mulder! I need your help!|- Come on!
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