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Subtitles for X-Files 2x06 Ascension.

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X-Files 2x06 Ascension

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Mulder, it's me.
I just had something|incredibly strange happen.
This piece of metal|that they took out of duane Barry...
it has some kind|of a code on it.
I ran it through a scanner, and|some kind of a serial number came up.
What the hell is this thing, Mulder?|It's almost as if...
It's almost as if somebody|was using it to catalog him.
-Come on!
- Mulder! I need your help! Mulder!
Take two men and a team...
Take that down to the lab.
- Mulder!|- Lady...
I need your help!|Mulder!
Sorry, ma'am.|You can't disturb a crime scene.
This is|my daughter's apartment. Let me go!
I have to get through!|I have to get in!
Mrs. Scully?
She's not in there.
Where is she?
Where is she?
This is Holly Weir reporting live.
Police have refused to identify|the kidnapping victim.
However, we have received|unconfirmed information...
I knew it would happen|this way.
I had this dream|about Dana being taken away.
It's so strange!
I, uh...|I was gonna call her...
but I was afraid|I was gonna scare her.
She would have laughed|at me anyway.
She doesn't believe|in that kind of thing, you know?
According to|the reports I've reviewed...
Agent Scully's research states|that Duane Barry's propensity|for violent, deviant behavior...
is due to brain damage|from a bullet wound in the head.
Is this|the operational opinion?
- Yes, sir.|- Is there another?
He's convinced he's going|to be abducted by aliens.
But by taking someone|to the abduction site...
he won't be abducted himself.
That he's following orders|from alien voices in his head.
Well, that's an interesting spin|on the Nuremberg defense.
Which explanation do you subscribe to,|Agent Mulder?
There's a question of how he could have|gotten to her in the first place.
And you think these|alien voices told him.
Agent Scully was carrying|a small piece of metal...
that was removed|from Duane Barry's abdomen...
an implant he described|as a tracking device.
Agent Scully... thought|that you had made...
a major miscalculation|in Duane Barry's psychosis.
- Is that true?|- Yes, but that doesn't explain|how he could've found her.
Where would he be taking her?
I don'tknow. He...|He talked about a mountain...
but he wasn't specific|about the location.
However he got to her|and whatever his motives,|he took Scully's's car and weapon.
I think we all understand|the seriousness of this matter|and should proceed quickly...
with all possible resources.
- I need you to turn over|your files to H.R.T.|- I'd like to brief them myself.
Go home. You've been up all night.|Get some sleep.
Sir, I know Duane Barry.|I've been in his head.
- I know how he thinks.|- You're too close to this case!
If we can use you, we will.
- Sir...|- That's an order, Agent Mulder.
Make sure he gets home safely.
You'll see him|in your nightmares
You'll see him|in your dreams
He'll appear|out of nowhere
But he ain't what he seems
You'll see him in your head|on the TV screen
Hey, buddy, I'm warning you|to turn it off
He's a ghost|He's a god
He's a man|He's a guru
- You're one microscopic cog|in his catastrophic plan
Designed and directed|by his red right hand
Sir, could you turn off|your radio?
I would, Officer,|but I've got to keep going.
An F.B.I. A.P.B.|has been issued for a suspect...
in the abduction|of an F.B.I. agent.
- Sir, I asked if you'd mind|turning that off.
- Sir, I asked if you'd mind|turning that off.
Okay. But could you just give me|the ticket now so I can go?
I gotta be someplace.
I'm not sure, but they'll|tell me when I get there.
Sir, put your hands on|the steering wheel where I can see 'em.
You don't understand.
They're waiting for me.|I can't be late.
Put your hands up|and exit the vehicle!
No, I gotta keep moving.
For your own sake?
Don't stop Duane Barry.
Sir, put your hands up!
Right there.
Back it up a few frames.
Okay, now magnify|this area.
- Oh, my God!|- She's still alive.
Print this up.
I just wanna go back to the place.
- What place?|- Where it first started.
- Where they first came and got me.|- Where is that?
A mountain.
We went, uh, up and up...
ascending to the stars.
- Ascending, ascending to the stars.|- Coffee?
- Thanks.|- Yeah.
How'd you sleep?
- I didn't.
They're not|taking Duane Barry again.
A mountain.
We went, uh, up and up...
ascending to the stars.
-Ascending to the stars.|- What is it?
-Where was that patrolman killed again?
Rixeyville, Virginia,|Route 229.
- Doesn't Route 229 lead|to the Blue Ridge Parkway?|- I don't know.
"Ascend to the Stars.|Skyland Mountain".
- You know where he's going?
Get your car and meet me|downstairs in five minutes.
- Where are we going?|- Just get your car.
- What about Skinner?|- I'll deal with Skinner.
He thinks Scully's been taken|up to Skyland Mountain.
I'll hold him off|until they locate her.
Wait. Here he comes.|I'll be in touch.
Come on. Let's go.
- Hey!
You're dozing off.
- Maybe I should drive.|- I'm fine.
- You haven't slept yet. I have.|- I said I'm fine.
You know, Chernobyl,|Exxon Valdez, Three Mile Island...
they were all linked|to sleep deprivation.
The U.S. Department|of Transportation estimates...
that over 190,000 fatal car crashes|every year are caused by sleepiness.
Did they estimate how many|people are put to sleep|listening to their statistics?
I'm just trying|to keep you awake.
Look, I know you think|we should have told Skinner.
But if he sends in the whole cavalry,|Duane Barry might go over the edge.
- You're right.|- If we find him first,|we'll notify the Bureau.
- All right?|- Yeah.
You think he tracked her down|with that implant?
Well, that's|the easiest explanation.
It's also|the most implausible.
- Is there another possibility?|- Somebody could've given him|her address.
I don't know who.
There's our turnoff.
- Have you seen this guy?|- Yeah, he was here.
He's wanted|for kidnapping a federal agent.
Did you let him go up|on the tram?
No way. It's shut down in the summer.|I told him to take the back road up.
- How long ago?|- About 45 minutes.
- Did he have a woman with him?|- No.
- How long does it take|to drive to the top?|- A little over an hour.
- You've got to get me up there.|- No. No way.
We just got done|refitting the cable.
It hasn't been tested|with passengers yet.
- You'll have to drive.|- I don't have the time.
- You don't have a choice.|- No, you don't have a choice.
Okay, I can't stop you|from going up there.
But if there's a problem with the cable,|I'm shutting this thing down.
I'm not gonna be responsible|for your death.
- What are you doing?|- Stay here...
and whatever happens,|don't let him stop the tram.
Okay, hit your "Run"|and "Up" button on the panel.
"Speed Indicator"|controls your ascent.
Now, when you wanna|slow down...
Don't crank it faster|than 15!
What's he doing?
I told him not to go that fast.|Base to Car One, pick up.
Do you hear that sound?|At this speed, the cable can't hold.
This is Base.|Please pick up your hand set.
Can you hear me? Slow it to 15,|or I'll shut this thing down.
Base to Car One, pick up.
- Base to...|- Go ahead.
- Slow it down.|- You're breaking up.
Slow it down,|or the cable will jump... the tower.
The second tower's coming up.
Slow it|through the next tower.
- How close is he?|- He should be up top in a minute.
There he is.
What are you doing?|Turn us back on.
Krycek,|what's happening down there?
Krycek, do you read me?|Tell the operator to restart the tram.
- Hello? Hello, Krycek,|can you read me?|- I've got him stalled up there.
I'll hold|until you advise.
Is there an emergency system on board?|Can you read me down there?
Can anyone read me?
Intermittent thunder showers|throughout the evening.
Look for highs tomorrow|around 65 degrees...
with tonight's low|near 58 degrees.
That high-pressure ridge...
Joining me now for the business report|is Sue Roberts.
The dollar turned in a mixed performance|on the foreign exchange markets...
while closing stronger here.
Gold dropped|almost two dollars...
in spite of continuing speculation|about in flationary trends.
Silver was down 80 cents.
The blue chip indicator rose slightly|in moderate trading...
gains out numbering declines|by a margin of four to three.
A government source|stated that the U.S. will abolish...
- Federal agent!|- Yes!
- Yes! Yes! Yes!|- Freeze!
- Yes!|- I said freeze!
- Where is she?|- I'm free, you son of a bitches!
- You can't touch Duane Barry anymore!
- Don't move! Don't move!
- I'm not going anywhere!|- Where is she?
- Where'd you leave her?|- They took her!
- Who?|- Them!
I told you they were gonna|take somebody else.
They did!
- No! No! No!
No! No! No!
No! No! No!
Sheriff, search and rescue chopper|has found them on the mountain.
We sent out five teams to search|for that missing federal agent.
Drink of water?
Wait outside.
What happened after you|took her out of the trunk?
We walked a little ways|up to the top of the mountain...
right where you found me.
- Then where'd you take her?|- I didn't.
They did.
That was the deal:
her instead of me.
Did you kill her?
I swear.
How'd you get this?
- From the ship.|- What ship?
- You saw it.|- I saw a helicopter.
They were here!|I'm not lying to ya!
There they are!|Ask them!
- They know what happened! No!|- Sit down, Duane.
You've got to stop 'em!|Hurry! Hurry!
They were just out there!|They were right outside!
- They...|- Duane, settle down!
They'll tell you where she is!
The military's in on it!|Just ask 'em!
- Did you hurt her?|- No.
- Did you hurt her? What is this?|- No!
I'm sorry.
They had to take her.
I hope they're not hurting her...
too much with the tests.
I'm sorry.
- Hey.|- Yeah?
- Hey.|- Yeah?
What's the matter?|What'd he say to you?
Aw, he's giving me nothing.
Were you out here alone?
Yeah, why?
Nobody goes in or out|of that room.
- Hey, Mulder.|- No, thank you.
- What are you doing in there?|- I heard him...
- Come here. Come here.
- I heard him gagging in there.|He couldn't breathe.|- No one... No one...
- He said you choked him.|- No one is to interrogate the suspect.
- Except you?|- Except me.
- Did you ask him about Scully?|- Yep.
- What'd he say?|- He started whistling|"Stairway to Heaven".
- Keep an eye on him.|- Okay.
- You got Duane Barry?|- Yes, sir.
Agent Mulder,|You disobeyed my direct order.
Call the paramedics!
- What happened?|- He was gagging.
- Duane. Duane.
- Duane.
Coming through.
-Respirations?|-Hmm, nothing.
Start C.P.R.
- Ready? Go.|- One, two, three, four, five.
One, two, three...
Excuse me.
I'm Agent Mulder. I'd like a copy|of this man's autopsy report.
I'm sorry.|It's still incomplete.
- Are you the pathologist?|- Yes.
- Can I ask what your|preliminary findings are?
Um, second-degree burns|on the face...
contusions about the neck,|bruised larynx.
If I had to list|cause of death at this point,|I'd have to say asphyxiation.
Were you expecting|something else?
You haven't run|a toxicological yet?
- They should be finished shortly.|- I'd be interested to see what you find.
- When will it be on file?|- Later this morning.
I'd like a copy|as soon as possible, please.
Well, I'm sorry. You'll have to go|through regular military channels.
What do you mean,|"military"?
- You're not F.B.I.?|- Quantico's under military jurisdiction.
There wasn't an F.B.I. pathologist|available this morning.
Skinner's expecting my report|on the Duane Barry incident.|What do I tell him?
- The truth.|- What do you mean?
Confirm Mulder's version of events.|You've earned his trust.
- The object now is to preserve it.|- For how much longer?
Until your assignment|is completed.
- If Mulder's such a threat,|why not eliminate him?|- That's not policy.
It's not?
After what you had me do?
Kill Mulder and you risk turning|one man's religion into a crusade.
What about Scully?
- We've taken care of that.|- How?
We tell you only|what you need to know.
- I think I have a right to know.|- You have no rights...
only orders to be carried out.
If you have a problem with that,|we'll make other arrangements.
"Victim appears to have expired|from prolonged hypoxemia...
secondary to asphyxiation.
Of several possible etiologies,|the most likely is strangulation...
due to the presence of contusions|and a bruised larynx".
Do you want to speak to this,|Agent Mulder?
I didn't kill him,|if that's what you're suggesting.
- But you attacked him?|- I was interrogating him|about Agent Scully.
He wasn't cooperating,|so I pushed him.
And you lost control?
Momentarily,|but then I left the room.
He was very much alive. I spoke to him.|Agent Krycek spoke to him.
Agent Krycek says he entered the room|because the suspect was gagging.
Is Agent Krycek asserting|that I killed him too?
No. He corroborates|your story.
But the fact is, we've got|a dead suspect, Agent Mulder...
and no other plausible|cause of death.
O.P.C. wants the both of you|to take a lie detector test.|You are to report there immediately.
There is another|plausible cause of death.
Which is?
Poisoning by injection|or ingestion.
- Poisoning?|- You won't find that on|the navy pathologist's report.
What are you saying,|Agent Mulder?
That the autopsy is incomplete,|that the military covered up|the toxicological findings.
- And why would they do that?|- Because they know where Scully is.
- Why are you so paranoid, Mulder?|- Oh, I don't know.
Maybe it's because I find it|hard to trust anybody.
Alex. Alex, can I|borrow your car keys?
- Why? Where are you going?|- There's somebody I gotta see.
- But we're scheduled at O.P.C...|- I know. Just give me the keys, please.
- Thanks.
You wasted a trip,|Mr. Mulder.
- There's nothing the senator|can do for you now.|- What?
- Not without committing|political suicide.|- Why?
Do they have something on him?
They have something|on everyone, Mr. Mulder.
The question is|when they'll use it.
- I need his help.|- No one can help you now.
Your channels of appeal|and recourse are closed.
Your predecessor|could have helped me.
You know, don't you?
You know what's happened to her.
This reaches beyond any of us,|Mr. Mulder. Even my predecessor.
I want an answer!
Why kill Duane Barry|if there was nothing to hide?
You mean the government?
There are no answers|for you, Mr. Mulder.
They only have one policy:
Deny everything.
This is a serious allegation,|Agent Mulder.
Only so far as it is true.
"Agent Krycek was hired|or suborned by an outside agency...
to impede a federal investigation|and may be responsible...
for the death of a suspect|in a capital murder case"?
It goes on.
"And the possible murder of the tram|operator at Skyland Mountain".
There's a lot of blood|on this document, Agent Mulder.
- Are you standing behind this|going on the record?|- Yes, sir.
Well, then you'd damn well|better have the facts to back it up.
- I need to see Agent Krycek,|immediately.
I can't protect you,|Agent Mulder.
Past a point, this'll become|a larger Bureau matter.
All right.|What do you got?
I found this|in Agent Krycek's car.
He doesn't smoke.
Agent Krycek was the last person|with Duane Barry befrore he died.
He was also the last person to see|the tram operator before he disappeared.
When I got to the top|of Skyland Mountain...
I saw an unmarked helicopter|working the area.
I believe that Agent Krycek|gave away the where abouts...
of Duane Barry and Agent Scully|to whoever he's working with.
- And who is that?|- I don't know.
The military? Some covert organization|within the government?
Whoever it is that the man|who smokes those cigarettes works for.
- Why?|- Because Agent Scully got too close...
to whatever it is|they're trying to deny.
Because she had|hard and damning evidence...
that metallic implant|in her possession.
Or because|her termination...
would prevent further involvement|with me and my work.
Do you think|Agent Scully's dead?
I don't know.
How far do you think they'd go?
What do you know|about Agent Krycek?
- I didn't give him|the assignment. I only...
Yes. Thank you.
Agent Krycek didn't show up|for work this morning.
His home number|has been disconnected.
That's it? He's gone?
- He just disappears into the wood work?|- So it would appear.
Who are these people|who can murder with impunity,|and we can't do anything about it?
- Let it go, Agent Mulder.|- Like hell.
- There's nothing you can do.|- What can you do about it?
There's only one thing|that I can do, Agent Mulder.
As of right now,|I'm reopening the X-files.
That's what they fear the most.
Agent Mulder?|Thank you for calling me.
I'm sorry I don't|have better news.
Do you know something?|Is Dana okay?
I don't know|anything more about it.
I know you're doing|all you can.
I had that dream again last night,|about Dana being taken away.
I can't tell you|how it scares me.
It's probably scarier|when you stop having the dream.
Don't you think?
I found this.
That's something I...|I never considered about her.
If she was...|If she was such a skeptic...
why did she wear that?
I gave it to her|on her 15th birthday.
Don't you want to keep it?
When you find her,|You give it to her.
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