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X-Files 2x07 Three

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There's ash in the wine|from the fires in Malibu Canyon.
You can almost see|from here.
I want you to know I...|I don't do this.
I mean, I'm not|one of those guys...
that sends his family|on vacation just so he can...
- But when I met you|at the corporate party, I...|- Shh.
It'll be worth it.
I'll do things with you|no one's ever done.
- Let's start in the bedroom|and work our way downstairs.|- Okay.
- Don't let the media in on the|writings in blood on the wall.|- Okay.
Excuse me, sir,
if I can ask your indulgence,|this is a restricted crime scene.
Agent Mulder.|I'm with the Bureau.
- Nobody called the Bureau.|- They should have.
Look, L.A.P.D. has seen...|I don't know, what...
maybe a couple of weird|crime scenes down the years.
- I think we can handle things.|- There's no time for rivalries.
I don't care about credit for the arrest|or what goes on whose record.
In the past year,|these killers have murdered six people.|They only kill at night.
By the end of the week, two more people|will be dead, and they will be gone.
- Just how do you know all this?|- There's a file on the murders.
I've studied it. I've been waiting|three months for them to reappear.
Just how can you be sure that|these are the same killers?
The wire reported a body|was found drained of blood,
bite marks on the exterior jugular|and median cubital veins.
Every mirror in the house|was smashed.
Yeah, well, it's what the wire didn't|report that distinguishes this scene.
There's writings on the wall...|written in the victim's blood.
"He who eats of my flesh and drinks|of my blood shall have eternal life...
and I will raise them up|on the last day".
They have the same feeble|literal grasp of the Bible...
as all those big-haired|preachers do.
The victim,|was he a father?
Yeah, three boys.|The family's been notified.
In Memphis they murdered|James Ellis, 58,
the father of|Ellis and Sons Clothiers.
The second victim|was a Korean woman, Linda Sun.
The third victim was|a Jesuit theologian. Excuse me.
In Portland, three months ago,|the first victim was a priest.
The second victim was the only|son in a family of six children.
The last victim was the owner|of a New Age bookshop,
the Holy Spirit.
I believe that's how they perceive|themselves as a kind of unholy trinity.
They use these to extract the blood,|and then store it for a quick fix later.
Their need is insatiable,
but murdering for blood|risks exposure and capture.
If my profile of the previous|cases holds true,
they've been living in the city|and working near blood products|for the past month.
Look, Agent Mulder...
Look, I'm really sorry I was|such a hard-ass back there,
but in this town, it's|really tough to trust anyone.
Truth is, I'd be happy to have|You work on our investigation.
- Now, this is Detective Gwynn...|- I'm working alone.
An FBI agent|without a partner?
Look, Mulder, our department's|under a crisis alert now...
because of the fires|in the canyon.
The fact is, I don't think I can free up|any resources for you right now.
I only need one thing.
- Hollywood Blood Bank.
Yeah, hi. This is Marty Mulder|from your payroll service.
I have a question regarding|the W-4 form of a recent employee.
- You mean Frank?|- When was he hired?
A couple weeks ago.|He's the night watchman.
- Hey! Easy, man. Easy.|- Federal agent!
Sorry, man.|I didn't know you was there.
Damn freak night watchman down there|always breakin' the lightbulbs.
I'll wait up stairs.
Federal agent!|Freeze!
Turn off the lights!|Turn 'em off!
You're killing me.|Turn 'em off! Turn 'em off.
- Tell us your real name.|- I can't take it.
Turn off the lights!|You're killing me. Turn them off!
Turn off the lights!|Please.
Turn them off!
That better?
I'll only talk to him.
Lucky you.
You know what we are.
What are you?
He is the father, I am the son|and she is the unholy spirit.
And the three of you|killed Garrett Lorre.
Your fingerprints were found|at the crime scene.|- No!
When a snake eats a fly,|it's not murder. It just is.
Frogs eat flies.
- Are you dead?
- I never will be.|- Do you believe that?
Don't you|wanna live forever?
Not if draw string pants|come back into style.
Look, what nobody|realizes is that...
there is no after life!
I know this...|Listen to me. Listen to me.
I know this because when we prolong|our lives by taking theirs,
all I see is such...|horror....
in their eyes.
That's because at that moment,|they're face to face with death.
And suddenly they realize|there's nothing else.
There's no heaven.|There's no soul.
There's just rot,|and there's just decay.
And I will never, ever, ever,|ever have to face that.
It's a stiff price, though.|Look at yourself,
drinking blood, living in darkness,|unable to see your reflection.
Or is that just a myth?
I can't be seen in a mirror.
Look... anything worth|anything has a price.
When I'm standing|next to your deathbed...
looking as young|as I look right now,
and I see that fear|in your eyes...
at the moment of death,
then... then tell me|the price is too stiff.
It's more likely I'll|be looking into your eyes...
at the moment before they|lead you into the gas chamber.
But that's a moment|you won't have to face|if you tell me where the others are.
Why would I?
They're the only ones|that can kill me.
Well, if you are|what you say you are,
I know what can kill you.
It would be very easy|to cover those windows.
Just tell me where|the other two are.
In a couple of hours,|there will be no escaping the sun, son.
If he wants to talk,|cover the windows and call me.
What if he turns into a bat|and flies out through the bars?
That man is clearly delusional,
but I get the sense that not|even he believes his own claims.
For now, we've gotta play|along with his beliefs.
I'm hoping that the sunlight|will give him an excuse to talk.
Why don't you go back to your hotel|and get some sleep?
I didn't check into|a hotel room.
I don't sleep anymore.
Number four right away!|Number four right away!
An edemaballat thenostrils,
rupture of the skull|due to internal steam pressure...
These are indications of long exposure|to extreme temperatures,
not sunburn for 15 seconds.
The guards found|no flammable materials?
I had believed that...
this man's illness|was psychological.
There is a condition|known as Gunther's Disease.
congenital erythropoietic porphyria|creating cutaneous photo sensitivity.
I'm familiar with porphyria.|It's an affliction that causes|lesions and blisters...
when skin is exposed to sunlight,|not fourth-degree burns.
Sufferers may have|ahema deficiency...
which can be supplemented|by a small ingestion of blood,
not the kind of blood thirst|that this man had.
It's probably ignorance|of porphyria as a disease...
that led to the creation of vampire|myths in Asia in the Middle Ages.
I had dismissed|the possibility...
of the actual existence|of such a creature as myth.
You are really upsetting me...|on several levels.
- When will you get|the blood tests back?|- Next week.
What's this|purple stain here?
Could be an ink stamp,|like they give at a party or a club.
Can you read it?
It is possible that the heat|burned the ink permanently...
into the lower levels|of the skin.
An old coroner's trick.
I can make a quarter appear|from behind your ear.
Are you about to ask|what a normal person like me|is doing in a place like this?
How do you define normal?
Misha, red wine.
I don't.|How do you?
All I know is|normal is not what I feel.
You've lost someone.
Not a lover,|a friend.
I'll get these.
"He who drinks my blood..."
- "Has eternal life".
- You're not interested|in this place, in what we do.|- How do you know?
You're afraid of me.
I take the life of others...
inside me...
into my blood.
I need to know.
All day long|I deal with equity,
notes, bonds,
nothing that's real.
And this gives|my life... life.
My name's Kristen.|It's a normal name.
Aren't you afraid?
I wish I could die.
The father.|The sun.
I don't know who you are, freak,|but we're two consenting adults.
Now, get the hell|outta here.
Come out.
It's my turn.
Don't worry.|I took care of that guy.
I told you I'd protect you.
The murderers cut off|the power supply at some point,|and the phone. Fits their M.O.
Agent Mulder, this is our forensic|dentist you requested, Dr.Jacobs.
How do you do?
I don't want to bias your report,|but I need a preliminary examination...
for anything unnatural.
Shine the light down here.
Agent Mulder.
All this time I've been|putting raspberry sauce on ice cream.
Check these prints immediately.
One will be the victim's, the other|should be the woman we're looking for.
Well, the bites are not done|by an animal. These are human.
And realize this is|a cursory exam,
but I'd say they were made|by three different people.
The unholy spirit.
- We've got the front.|You go around the back.|- Uh-huh.
You, check the garage.
Okay, do it.|Open her up.
Miss Kilar?|Los Angeles Police Department.
We have a warrant|to search the premises.
I found these,|veterinary needles.
The size matches the puncture|wounds on the previous victims.
And look at this.|This is from a snakebite kit.
It's placed over the wound|to extract poison.
- Only this one...|- Has blood in it.
Detective?|Over here.
Well, she wasn't at work,|and she's not here.
She's gone,|and she's not coming back.
Special Agent Fox Mulder,
Federal Bureau|of Investigation.
They're after you.
How do you know?
The bread, legends in|Eastern European countries.
It said that one can protect one's self|by eating bread filled with blood.
You were protecting|yourself.
And now you're|protecting me?
I think it's best if I took you|into protective custody.
They'll kill once more.|They'll try to kill you,
Why are you here alone?
Because you think|you're not afraid?
Because you need to know?
You need to know they are|who they believe they are.
What I believe you to be.
One change in the wind,|and the fires will move this way.
Have you ever tasted blood?
No, you haven't.
Blood tastes... dangerous.
It's sweet... and thick.
You were in Memphis and Portland|when the other murders occurred.
How are you connected?
When I was a little girl,|my father beat me.
Abuse is too frail a word.
He showed his love for me|by beating me.
I was dead.
One night he hit me|so hard,
he knocked out two teeth|and locked me in my room.
The blood poured from my mouth|onto the floor...
and down my throat.
It was the only way|I knew I was alive.
I met John in Chicago.
You know him|as the "son".
He also beat me.
I guess that's the way|it works sometimes.
He hit me once|and cut open my lip.
I was angry,
and as revenge, I jumped on him|and I bit through his lip.
He tasted my blood,
and I tasted his.
After that,|we were into blood sports.
I never...
I lost him.
One night he came home|with two others...
and it turned...
I left him,|and I moved to Memphis.
But they followed you.
They want you.
I'm tired of running.
And you're here|to protect me.
Are you trying|to ward me off?
It's from someone I lost.
Well, I hope you find her.
The one you lost,|John, he's...
But they've picked up another.|They're three again.
Kristen, I think you'll be safer if you|come back to the police station with me.
Without him,|they won't come for me.
I won't go.
Then I won't go.
You need to get cleaned up.
- Yeah?
No mirrors.
I don't like the way I look.
It makes this hard.
I'll do it.
It's not who you are.
It doesn't make you happy.
I've been watching.
I had to wait...
for you to finish.
I had to wait|to tell you...
it's true.
I was as surprised|as anybody.
You can live forever.
Everybody else just dies,|but we... we come back.
The spirit showed me.
And now she'll show you.
We live in a|different world, Kristen.
And nobody on the outside|can end my life.
You can't kill me,
but I can kill you.
I know, Kristen,|what I did to you.
It was...
If I were to die,|I would certainly go to hell...
for what I did.
But I love you,|and I can at one for eternity.
Kill him...
and we'll be together.
You've got to drink|the blood of his spirit.
- But he's no...|- He is.
A spirit is one who believes.
He knows we're possible.
You don't have much time|before the sun comes up.
Cut him open,
and we'll finish.
- You have to go.
- They here?|- The fire.
- You have to go.|- My car's down the hill.
Mine's in the garage.|The keys are in it.
You have to get|your things.
I'll be right there.
He's not dead.
John's alive.|I saw him.
Come on.
- You all right?|- I won't leave without him.
I'll go.
We will rise up!
You can't kill us!|You're not one of us!
But I will be.
I'm tasting the blood|of a believer.
But you haven't|taken a life.
I'll take mine.
Don't do that. Don't do that!|Don't, don't, don't!
No, no, no!
Agent Mulder.
I'm sorry.|We found four bodies,
all dead.
- The remains?|- The fire was extremely hot.
It's just ashes and bones.
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