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Subtitles for X-Files 2x08 One Breath.

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X-Files 2x08 One Breath

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Once when she was a girl,|a very little girl,
Dana was in the woods.
It was autumn.
She had always been a tom boy,|unlike her sister, Melissa.
For her birthday, Dana's brothers|had given her a BB gun...
and were showing her|how to use it.
The father had told them|only to shoot at cans.
But in a patch of grass,|Bill Jr. found a garter snake.
And the boys|began shooting.
Wanting to fit in|with her brothers,
Dana also shot|at the snake.
It squirmed wildly,|desperately fighting for life,
but as the boys|continued to shoot,
the snake began to bleed.
When she realized|what she had done,
Dana began to cry|with irrevocable guilt.
Through her tears|she was saying that...
something was missing|from the snake.
She had taken something|that was not hers to take.
And although deathly afraid of snakes,|Dana held the animals if...
sheer human will|could keep it alive.
The snake,|its blood on her hands, died.
There was nothing she could do|to bring it back.
It's too soon, Mrs. Scully.|We can't give up.
That day in the woods,
I felt for my daughter.
But at this moment,
I know how|my daughter felt.
We should stop.
Sir. Sir,|you can't go in there!
Well,|what would you recommend?
- Who brought her here?|How did she get here?|- Sir, will you please...
- How did she get here?|- Ms. Scully was in this condition|when I arrived for the evening.
- If you step outside,|perhaps Dr. Daly may...|- Is that Daly?
Are you Dr. Daly? What the hell|is going on? How did she get here?
- Would you settle down?|- Was it paramedics? F.B.I.? Military?
- I can't answer that.|I was just assigned to her.|- Answer me right now!
- What? You're telling me|she just appeared?|- Sir...
- Who did this to her?|I want to see her admission forms!|- Sir!
Who did this to her? And I want|to see what tests have been done!
Listen, if you are with them,|if you're hiding anything,|I swear I will do anything!
Whatever it takes,|I'll find out what they did to her!
Presently we have Dana listed|in critical condition. Comatose.
There is complete unawareness|of self or environment.
There is no evidence|of language comprehension.
No evidence of voluntary|responses to external stimuli.
My apologies, but, uh,|no one here...
can determine how Dana arrived|at the hospital,
administered or how she was attended to|in such a critical condition.
because of the absence of Dana's|recent medical history,
I'm at a loss|for prognosis.
I can't determine, with certainty,|how long she's been in this state.
You haven't told us|why she's like this.
We just don't know,|Mrs. Scully.
There are no indications of a cute|injuries, traumatic or non-traumatic.
I can't find any signs of|degenerative or metabolic disorders.
We have conducted|every test possible.
I'd like her examined|for trace evidence.
Uh, she's been bathed and cleaned|since her admittance.
Also, there is, uh, a situation|which I don't know if you're aware of.
The F.B.I. has notified us|of the terms of Dana's living will.
What is it?|What did she say?
Well, Dana is a doctor.
Her criteria for terminating|life support is quite specific.
She states that, um, if her|Glascow Outcome Scale lists her...
She doesn't want to live|in this condition.
You've signed the will|as her witness.
I've been told|not to call you Fox.
- By who?|- Dana. Just now.
Dana talked to you|just now?
If she talked,|the E.E.G. would have moved.
Her soul is here.
Hi, Mom.
I'm glad you could come,|Melissa.
You're Scully's sister?
Dana's choosing whether...
whether to remain|or move on.
You can feel her.
She's not here.
Your anger,
your fear's blocking any|positive emotion she needs to feel.
I need to do more than just|wave my hands in the air.
Male, nonsmoker.
May I help you?
Dana Scully, please.
Mr. Fenley|to radiology. Mr. Fenley to radiology.
Hey, Mulder.|This is weird.
- Good work sneakin' out these charts.|- Tucked 'em in my pants.
There's plenty of room|down there.
You look down, Mulder.|Tell ya what. You're welcome|to come over Saturday night.
We're hoppin' on the Internet to nitpick|the scientific inaccuracies of Earth 2.
I'm doin' my laundry.
The chart shows abnormal|protein chains in the blood.
The amino acid sequence is in a|combination that I've never seen before.
I downloaded Scully's medical data|to the newest lone gunman.
He goes by the name|"The Thinker".
- This guy's a hacking genius.
- What?|- The Thinker reports|the protein chains...
are the by-products|of branched DNA.
- Branched DNA?|- The cutting edge|of genetic engineering.
Uh, the biological equivalent|of a silicon microchip.
This is way beyond|cutting edge.
This is technology|50 years down the line.
- What's it used for?|- Could be a tracking system.
The developmental stages|of a biological marker.
You mean a high-tech|identity card?
Or something as insidious as grafting|a human to something... inhuman.
Good theories, gentlemen,|but all for naught.
This branch DNA is inactive.|It's waste product.
Whoever was experimenting|on Scully is finished.
Now it's nothing more|than a biological poison.
Will she live?
Um, her immune system|has been decimated,
and, uh, I doubt even...
a healthy human body|has the ability to fight this.
Mulder,|there's nothing you can do.
Dana? Dana, honey?
I know you can hear me.|This is Nurse Owens.
I'm here to take care|of you, sweet heart.
Watch over you,|help you find the way home.
I know you're far away|from home tonight...
and that where you are|is peaceful.
It'd be nice to stay,|but Dana,
you must leave here|only when it's time.
I'll be here|when you need me, dear.
Excuse me, sir.|I have to take some blood.
- Code blue! Crash cart!|- Crash cart coming in!
Let's get an airway in!
B.P., 80 over 60. Dropping.
Allright.|Let's shock her. Give me the paddles.
- Two hundred joules. Clear?|What do we got?|- Clear.
- Got a catheterin.|- Dropping 80 over...
- Let's go again. 260. Clear?|- Clear.
I didn't expect you here|till after visiting hours.
- There was a man.|He took Scully's blood. He...|- Forget him!
- Get that gun out of my face!|- This high-capacity compact|Sig-Sauer 40-caliber weapon...
is pointed at your head|to stress my insistence...
that your search for who put|your partner on that respirator|desist immediately!
You ignore my call for help|and then you expect me to do|what you say? You go to hell!
You got him killed!|You got her killed.
That's not going|to happen to me.
You're my tool.|You understand?
I come to you|when I need you.
Right now you're heading in a direction|that can lead them right here.
What the hell|are you talking about?
You're not supposed to know.|That's the point.
I owe her more than just|sitting around doing nothing.
She was a good solider, Mulder,|but there is nothing you can do|to bring her back.
- She's not dead.|- Listen to you. Listen.
You're a damn|school boy, Mulder.
You have no idea,|no idea!
Okay, then tell me.|Tell me!
I used to be you.
I was where you are now,|but you're not me, Mulder.
I don't think|you have the heart.
Walk away.|Grieve for Scully...
and then never look back.
You will be able to live|with yourself, Mulder,
on the day you die.
Federal agent!
Federal agent. You know I'm armed.|Don't turn around.
Put your gun very slowly|on the ground.
Put your hands behind your head.|Interlock your fingers.
Turn right towards the machine|and put your head on it.
Face me.
Who wants this?
Who wants it?
All right. Let's go.|This way.
Stay there.
You want to see what it takes|to find the truth, Agent Mulder?
You want to know|the things I know?
I'll attend to this.
Discontinuing the respirator|does not necessarily mean...
pulling the plug|and ending her life.
Karen Ann Quinlan lived|for nine years...
after cessation|of mechanical ventilation.
I do believe, however,|that this is not the case|with your daughter, Mrs. Scully.
My guess is that she's been in|this state since her disappearance,
and she will not improve.
- Is she below the criteria|established in her will?|- Yeah.
It's possible branched DNA can|be treated with designer antibiotics.
Agent Mulder, I don't know where you've|developed this bizarre diagnosis,
but I do believe you're in|no position to continue here.
You've never provided an answer as to|why she's here or what's wrong with her.
- We need to study her.|- She's not a piece of evidence.
She's here because of|unnatural circumstances.
She's dying.|That's perfectly natural.
We hide people in these rooms because|we don't want to look at death.
We have machines prolong a life|that should end.
That's a much more|unnatural circumstance|than any cause of her death.
That is very|politically correct.
That's very human.
I love her.
And this is right.
Dana has made our decision.
You and Dana had a friendship|built on respect.
Now in the last year,
I have lost my husband,
and God knows, I don't want|to lose my baby girl.
But like you,|I have always respected her.
Fox, this is a moment|for the family,
but you can join us,|if you want.
Read it.|It's all there.
If you're having trouble sitting|on Mulder, Assistant Director Skinner,
- I'm sure you know we'd have no trouble.|- Uh-uh.
- Yeah, come in.
Sit down.
I called you up here because|of rumors about an incident|at the hospital last night.
Is this about the tooth that|was found in the cafeteria Jell-O?
- The rumor has it that you were|involved in the laundry room?|- No, sir.
- A man was executed, Agent Mulder.|- I was with Scully.
- Traces of her blood|were found at the scene.|- May I see the police report?
There is no police report of|this incident, and there is no body.
Since I am unfamiliar with|any such incidents, sir, no.|How would I know that?
- Knock it off!|- How does it feel?
Constant denial of everything,|questions answered with a question.
I want to know|what happened, damn it!
Him.|That's what happened.
Cancer Man. He's responsible|for what happened to Scully!
- How do you know that?|- It's a rumor. Who is he?
- It's not your...|- Oh, you can have it all!
You can have my badge. You can have|the X-Files. Just tell me where he is.
And then what? He sleeps with the|fishes? We're not the Mafia, Mulder.
I know it's easy to forget, but|we work for the Department of Justice.
That's what I want.
Agent Scully was|a fine officer.
More than that, I liked her.|I respected her.
We all know the field we play in|and we all know what can happen|in the course of a game.
If you were unprepared|for all the potentials,|then you shouldn't step on the field.
What if I... I knew|the potential consequences,
but I...|I never told her?
Then you're as much to blame|for her condition as... the Cancer Man.
Hello, Starbuck.|It's Ahab.
People would say to me,
"Life is short.|Kids, they grow up fast.
Before you know it,|it's over".
I never listened.
To me, life went|at a proper pace.
There were many rewards...
until the moment that...
I knew,|I understood that...
I would never|see you again.
My little girl.
Then my life felt as if it had been|the length of one breath,
one heartbeat.
I never knew how much|I loved my daughter...
until I could|never tell her.
At that moment,|I would have traded every medal,
every commendation,|every promotion...
for just one more second|with you.
We'll be together again,|Starbuck.
But not now.|Soon.
- Dana?
I know death is|at arms reach tonight.
But Dana,|your time is not over.
You know, Fox...|Sorry.
You could spend the rest of your life|finding every person who's responsible,
and it's still not|gonna bring her back.
Whoever did this to her|has an equal horror coming to them.
- Including myself?|- Pardon me.
Sir, do you have change|for the cigarette machine?
No. Sorry, I don't.
What do you mean,|yourself?
There's a pack already here.|Morleys.
Not my brand.
Cigarette break? How about smoke?
Sit down!
- How'd you find me?|- Shut up!
Tonight I ask the questions, and you're|gonna answer me, you son of a bitch!
Don't try and threaten me, Mulder.|I've watched presidents die.
Why her?
Why her and not me?
Answer me!
I like you.|I like her too.
That's why she was|returned to you.
You should be|the one to die.
Why?|Look at me.
No wife.|No family.
Some power.
I'm in the game because|I believe what I'm doing is right.
Right? Who are you|to decide what's right?
Who are you?
If people were to know|of the things that I know,
it would all fall apart.
I told Skinner you shot|the man in the hospital,|but I didn't really believe it.
And here you are|with a gun to my head.
I have more respect for you, Mulder.|You're becoming a player.
You can kill me now,|but you'll never know the truth.
And that's why I'll win.
Don't worry.|This'll be our secret.
We wouldn't|want others to...
start rumors.
When I started out, this room|was where they kept the copier.
At least back then|it wasn't just wasted space.
It's unacceptable.
Look, I know you feel|responsible for Agent Scully,
but I will not accept resignation|and defeat as self-punishment.
All the forensics, the field|investigations, the eye witness accounts,
to still know nothing.
To lose myself...|and Scully.
I hate what I've become.
When I was 18,|I, uh,
I went to Vietnam.
I wasn't drafted, Mulder.|I enlisted in the Marine Corps|the day of my 18th birthday.
I did it on|a blind faith.
I did it because I believed|that it was the right thing to do.
I don't know.|Maybe I still do.
Three months into my tour,
a ten-year-old North Vietnamese boy|walked into camp covered with grenades.
And I, uh,
I blew his head off...|from a distance of ten yards.
I lost my faith.
Not in my country or in myself,|but in everything.
There was just no point|to anything anymore.
One night on patrol,|we were, uh,
And everyone...|everyone fell.
I looked down|at my body...
from outside of it.
I didn't recognize it|at first.
I watched the V.C. strip my uniform,|take my weapon.
And I remained...
in this thick jungle.
Watching my dead friends.
Watching myself.
In the morning, the corps men arrived|and put me in a body bag until...
I guess they found a pulse.|I don't know.
I woke in a Saigon hospital|two weeks later.
I'm afraid to look any further|beyond that experience.
You?|You are not.
Your resignation|is unacceptable.
You gave me|Cancer Man's location.
You put your life|in danger.
Agent Mulder,|every life, every day...
is in danger.
That's just life.
Your plane ticket.
- But we barely know each other.|- I can't tell you why she was taken.
It's too close to me.|I'm giving you the men who took her.
- How?|- They believe you'll be out of town.
They believe you have|information about Scully...
being kept in your desk|in your apartment.
At 8:17 tonight,|they'll search your apartment.
They will be armed.|You will be waiting.
- Waiting?|- To defend yourself|with terminal intensity.
It's the only way, Mulder.
The law will not punish|these people.
After tonight, we cannot|make contact for several weeks.
I came by. You weren't answering.|Your machine wasn't on.
Can I come in?
For a second?
- Why is it so dark in here?|- 'Cause the lights aren't on.
I just came|from the hospital.
Dr. Daly says...|she's weakening.
It could be any time, so I figured|you'd want to come down and see her.
- Well, I can't.|- Well, I'd think that you would.
Yeah, I would.|I can't. Not right now.
I don't have to be psychic to see|that you're in a very dark place,
much darker|than where my sister is.
Willingly walking deeper into darkness|cannot help her at all.
- Only the light will...|- Oh, enough with|the harmonic convergence crap.
You're not saying|anything to me.
Why don't you just drop your cynicism|and your paranoia and your defeat?
You know, just because it's positive|and good doesn't make it silly or trite.
Why... Why is it so much easier|for you to run around...
trying to get even than just|expressing to her how you feel?
I expect more from you.|Dana expects more.
Even if it doesn't bring her back,|at least she'll know,
and so will you.
Yes, that was two units.
Thank you.
I feel, Scully, that...
You believe|you're not ready to go.
And you've always had|the strength of your beliefs.
I don't know|if my being here...
will help|bring you back.
But I'm here.
I'm afraid in this case...
Let me check the chart.
Call Dr. Daly. Now.
Hello, this is|Fox Mulder. Leave a message please.
I'm here.
- Hello, Fox.|- Not Fox. Mulder.
How ya feelin'?
I really don't remember anything...|after Duane Barry.
Doesn't...|Doesn't matter.
I brought you|a present.
The Super Stars|of the Super Bowls.
I knew there was|a reason to live.
Now you want|to get some rest. I...
I just came by to see|how you're doing and say hi.
I had the strength|of your beliefs.
I was holding this|for you.
Can I see Nurse Owens?
I've got something|I'd like her to have.
Nurse who?
Short with straight,|light brown hair.
She watched over me in intensive care,|and I'd like to thank her.
Dana, I've worked here|for ten years,
and there's no Nurse Owens|at this hospital.
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