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Subtitles for X-Files 2x12 Aubrey.

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X-Files 2x12 Aubrey

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Blood everywhere.|Whoever killed her is a psycho.
- Murder weapon?|- Seven stores in town carry strop razors.
- Have somebody check 'em out.|- What about the press?
Just the basics.|No mention of this "sister" thing.
Rubin, I need your final report.|Call me as soon as you hear.
- That's all I can tell you.|- Can you give us a name?
Yeah, I'll talk to you.
We're doing the best we can.|We'll inform you...
Brian, I need a minute.
I'm working on a homicide investigation.
Come on.
You didn't show last night.
This what you wanna talk about?
I made dinner.
Sorry. Coroner's on one.
Yeah, what have you got, Rubin?
Uh... Hang on a second, will you, Rubin?
- This address, ten o'clock tonight.|- Where's this?
- A motel?|- It's a place we can talk.
Any cavities?
I brush after every meal.
Would you say they match?
Well, there's a filling on the occlusal surface|of the upper left bicuspid, here and here.
And he's congenitally missing|a lower left bicuspid, here and here.
Yeah, I'd say they're definitely a match.
- Who do they belong to?|- Special Agent Sam Chaney.
- That name sounds familiar.|- Chaney's a legend.
40 years before the Bureau|profiled violent criminals...
...Chaney and his partner,|Tim Ledbetter, investigated...
...what were then called "stranger killings",|now called "serial murders".
They disappeared while investigating|murders in Aubrey, Missouri, in 1942.
Chaney's body was only found two days ago|by a local detective, BJ Morrow, a woman.
Why the interest in this case?
At the time, Chaney's and Ledbetter's ideas|weren't very well received by their peers.
Using psychology to solve a crime|was something like, um...
- Believing in the paranormal?|- Exactly.
But there's another mystery.
Which is?
Why would this policewoman suddenly drive|her car into a field the size of Rhode Island...
...and, for no reason, dig up the bones|of a man who's been missing for 50 years?
- Unless a neon sign said "Dig here"!|- I guess that's why we're going to Aubrey.
Yes. And also, I've always|been intrigued by women named BJ.
Detective Morrow,|exactly how did you discover the remains?
I saw a dog digging in the ground.
I proceeded to investigate|and found the grave site.
The initial police report states that|you couldn't explain your actions at the time.
It was late.|I was a bit shocked by my discovery.
I'm afraid I didn't clearly articulate|what happened for my initial report.
Why were you in the woods at that hour?
My vehicle was experiencing engine failure.
You left your car...
Over there, sir.
Would you say that's, uh... 400 or 500 yards?
Yes, sir.
So from that distance you could see|a dog digging in this field at night?
She took a short cut through the woods to|reach a phone. The path led her to the field.
The report says she phoned from the Motel|Black up the road. That's not a very short cut.
You seem more interested|in how the missing agent was found...
...than in how he got here in the first place.
- You don't, uh... suspect her, do you?|- No, no. Not at all.
- I'd just like to ask you a few more questions.|- All right.
Have you ever, um...
Have you ever had|any clairvoyant experiences?
Premonitions, visions,|precognitive dreams, things like that?
What the hell kind of question is that?
- Dreams?|- Yeah.
Agent Mulder, I don't mean to be rude,|but we have a lot to do.
If you have any more questions specific|to your investigation of this crime...
...please feel free to call. Come on, BJ.
What do you think?
These bones are in good condition.
The field may have been tilled|soon after Chaney was buried.
There are small cuts on the top three ribs.|I don't think they were made by an animal.
Listen to this. "One must wonder how these|monsters are created." Chaney wrote this.
"Did their home life mould them|into creatures that must maim and kill?"
"Or are they demons from birth?"
That's poetic, but it doesn't help us much.
What did he say about the 1942 homicides?
The press called the murderer|"the Slash Killer".
His three victims|were all young women aged 25 to 30.
He disabled them with a blow to the head.
He'd carve the word "sister" on their chests|and paint it on the wall with their blood.
The victims bled to death and...
...the murderer was never found.
...these cuts on the ribs|could've been made by a razor.
- Can you make out a word?|- No.
But we might be able to if we can find|somebody in Aubrey with a digital scanner.
I've scanned the crime photo and ribcage|images and modemed them to Quantico.
It'll be a few seconds before hook-up.
I checked with the mechanic.|BJ's car was just tuned.
She lied about experiencing engine failure.
I don't think BJ was in the woods|because of engine failure.
What are you talking about?
The Motel Black is a perfect meeting place.
- Away from town, away from his wife.|- What do you mean?
It's obvious BJ and Tillman|are having an affair.
How do you know?
- A woman senses these things.|- Oh...
The image on the right is Chaney's ribcage.
The left one was extrapolated from the crime|photo of the Slash Killer's last victim.
Now I need to enlarge the victim's ribcage|in order to allow for gender difference.
And now... we can compare them.
Could he have carved out another word|on his ribcage?
I'm searching for|any matching pattern of cuts.
Agent Mulder?
Have you made any progress|in the investigation?
Uh, we may have.
Agent Chaney might have been|a victim of the killer he was trying to catch.
We're trying to determine if the cuts|on his ribcage spell out a word.
Are you all right?
I'm sorry. Something...
I'm not feel... Excuse me.
Feeling better?
I'm fine now.
Things must be difficult for you now.
I've had feelings for people I've worked with.|Interoffice relationships can be complicated.
Especially when he's married.
You're pregnant, aren't you?
Does it show?
No, not yet.
Now I know why my mother|only had one child.
She told me about the nausea,|but not about the nightmares.
It's always the same.
I'm in a house.
It feels familiar. There's a woman|that's been hurt. There's a mirror.
I see a man's reflection.
I recognise his face, but I don't know him.
What I remember most is the blood.|There's a lot of blood.
Have you talked to anyone about this?
I'm sure it's something about the pregnancy.|If anyone else knew I was pregnant...
Brian would kill me if I told anyone.
What are you going to do?
I don't know.
Well, BJ's pregnant. And Tillman's the father.
Um, I've approximated the pattern of the cuts|to match up with the letters.
There's a 93% chance that this is the letter R.
And if you lower the probability to 79%... get the letters I, E and R.
It could be a word,|or it could just be random slashes.
If we exhumed a victim|of the Slash Killer, we could do a CT scan... determine if the cuts|were made by the same instrument.
That means getting a court order.|That could take two days.
- Maybe we could find a relative who could...|- Brother.
Excuse me?
I know what it says.
On the ribcage, it spells "brother".
You're right.
What's goin' on here, BJ?
- Nothing.|- Really? Then where'd you get these?
These are crime-scene photos.|They were sealed. No one had access to 'em.
You're wrong. Those were shot in 1942.
These are from a homicide|that occurred three days ago.
No, they're from a case that Ledbetter|and Chaney investigated in 1942...
...before they disappeared.
Three days ago,|a young woman was murdered.
The word "sister" was carved|into her chest and painted on the wall.
Only myself, the coroner|and one of my men knew about this.
Excuse me, sir. We just got a call.|There's been another one.
Watch your step, sir.
The victim's name is Verna Johnson.
Oh, my God.
- BJ?|- It's her.
It's the woman in my dream.
Oh, you'll be all right.
Honey, you're fine.
The mothering instinct.
I've been feeling it a lot lately.
I used to hate it|when my mother hovered over me.
I swore I'd never be like her.
I think we all feel that way|at one time or another.
My father was a cop.
A good cop.
That's all I ever wanted to be.
He'd say what we're doing here is nonsense.|That you can't solve a crime from a dream.
I've often felt that dreams are answers to|questions we haven't figured out how to ask.
You said you were in a familiar house?
There's a woman that's been hurt.
I look in a mirror and I see a man's reflection.
What does he look like?
He's... got a rash on his face.
And his eyes are...
Do you remember anything else?
There's this strange picture|on the wall behind him.
It's a building like the...|Washington Monument, but different.
And there's a...
...a big circular thing beside it.
- Do you think you could draw it?|- Sure.
It looked something like this.
What do you think it is?
Could be the Trylon and the Perisphere.|Ever been to New York City?
No, never.
You can get pictures of these|on postcards all over Times Square.
These were symbols of the 1939 World's Fair.
Do you know why|they might have been in your dream?
No idea at all.
Good night.
You're here kind of late.
- What are you looking for?|- I just wanted to check on somethin'.
I don't get it. That book's from the 1940s.
Can we talk?
You know, I'm willing to go with you...
...for the appointment.
I'm not so sure it's what I wanna do.
I thought we agreed|that it was the best thing for both of us.
- I changed my mind.|- What do you mean, you changed...
You can't just change your mind.|This isn't your decision. It's our decision.
It's him.
I have to go.
This is the man|BJ claims to have seen in her dream.
Harry Cokely.|He lives in Gainesville, Nebraska...
...since his release from McCallister|Penitentiary on December 5, 1993.
He was convicted in 1945|for rape and attempted murder.
Cokely carved "sister" on the chest|of his victim, Linda Thibedeaux...
...before she could escape and get help.
And the police never connected it|to the 1942 homicides?
I don't wanna jump to any rash conclusions,|but I'd say he's definitely our prime suspect.
Mulder, the man we're talking about|is 77 years old.
George Foreman|won the heavyweight crown at 45.
Some people are late bloomers.
Anyway, this still doesn't explain|BJ's connection to all this.
What if it's cryptomnesia?
- Consciously forgotten information?|- Yeah.
BJ's father was a policeman in the area.
Maybe she heard him discuss the 1942 case|when she was young or saw Cokely's picture.
That doesn't explain why she unearthed|the grave of an FBI agent.
What if the recent murders triggered|what had been buried in her mind?
Some connection she'd unconsciously made|that no one else had.
- A hunch?|- Something like that.
- That's a pretty extreme hunch.|- You've had some pretty extreme hunches.
I never have.
Harry Cokely?
- Yeah.|- I'm Special Agent Mulder.
This is Special Agent Scully. We're with|the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
May we come in?
Mr Cokely, our records show that in 1942|you lived in Terrance, Nebraska... hour's drive away from Aubrey, Missouri.
During that time, three women|were murdered in Aubrey.
Their assailant mutilated their bodies|with a razor... the same manner that you slashed|Mrs Linda Thibedeaux's body in 1945.
I don't remember much about that.
Well, I'm sure Mrs Thibedeaux|will never forget it.
The doctors said I was sick back then.
They gave me some pills.
I served my time and... now I'm better.
What kind of pills?
Red and white ones, little sister.
Do you recognise this man?
His name's Chaney.
He was an FBI agent|who was also murdered in Aubrey in 1942.
Can you tell me where you were|about 8.35pm two nights ago, Mr Cokely?
- Sittin' right where I am now.|- Do you have a witness to testify to that?
Are you blind?
I can't leave the house|without this damn thing.
I sit right here in front of that TV|24 hours a day.
On the night you're talkin' about, I was|sittin' here watchin' a show about a lost dog.
- And after that, a show about...|- That won't be necessary.
Now, are you about finished with me,|little sister?
For now.
I saw it was a woman.|She seemed to be in trouble but...
...when I opened the door, she barged in|and came running down the stairs.
So I called the police.
He's here!
He's here!
BJ... What happened?
- Oh, my God.|- He's here!
Oh, my God. I'm taking her to the hospital.
Thank you.
I thought you might need these.
You hurt yourself.
Can you tell us what happened, BJ?
Cokely. He was in the room.
- Cokely attacked you?|- Yes.
He must have done this while I was asleep.
- You're sure it was him?|- I know it was him.
I saw his reflection in the mirror.|He looked just like his picture.
- Like his mug shot?|- Yes.
- That's the picture of a young man.|- But it was Cokely. I swear it was him.
Well, I'll have Tillman pick him up.
Where were you last night?
You were in Aubrey, weren't you?
How'd you get|into Detective Morrow's house?
It's all I can do to get to the bathroom,|you damn fool!
- The victim has identified you, Mr Cokely.|- I've already paid for my crime.
Well, I'm gonna see that you pay more.
I never touched that woman!
And I'm not answerin' any more questions|without a lawyer.
Get me a lawyer.
It's open.
I have the results from the genetic testing of|the blood found under Verna Johnson's nails.
They checked it against Cokely's.
The PGM subtype matches.|The DQ Alpha and D1S80, too.
- It's Cokely's blood?|- The results strongly suggest that.
Imagine the strength of his psychosis,|driving him to murder after 50 years.
- But for some reason he let BJ live.|- Well, she's not the first.
Mrs Thibedeaux also survived his attack|back in 1945.
I think it's time we paid a visit|to Mrs Thibedeaux.
That was taken three weeks|before it happened.
I haven't had a picture taken since.
Is this your husband?
That's Martin. He was a good man.
He passed last June.
If it hadn't been for him,|I never would have survived.
I know this goes back a long way...
...but could you tell us what happened|the night Cokely attacked you?
It happened...
...up there on the landing.
I remember how the light from the window...
...bounced off the razor.
It had an ivory handle.
He kept sayin'...
..."Someone's gotta take the blame,|little sister, and it isn't gonna be me."
They tried to explain at the trial|how his father used to beat him...
...and how he was the only son|in a family of five daughters.
And how he was brutally punished|for everything wrong that happened.
But if you ask me...
...that man was born evil.
No children?
No. None.
Our records show that you recuperated|from your injuries within two months.
But nine months later,|you checked back into the hospital.
Well, I had complications.
What happened to the child?
Cokely's child.
Martin used to say... not to blame the child.
That it was just a little thing, an innocent.
But it was the spawn of evil.
I couldn't keep it in this house...
...the memory of him.
Mrs Thibedeaux?
I gave the baby to an adoption agency.
Baby... He'd be almost 50 now.
This is the address of the adoption agency.
If you do find him...
No. No, never mind.
The bones BJ found under the house|belonged to Chaney's partner, Ledbetter.
Cokely rented the house in 1942.
Detectives at the scene found an old razor|under the house. They're trying to lift prints.
Cokely's been released,|but I think we have enough to nail him.
Something just doesn't track.
The night she was attacked,|BJ said she saw a younger man.
You know her state of mind that night.|She could have been mistaken.
Well, maybe she did see a younger man.|Young Cokely. Cokely's grandson.
Cokely's grandson attacked BJ?
It would make sense.|Genetic traits often skip a generation.
That would explain the blood|under Verna Johnson's fingernails.
PGM subtypes are similar among relatives.
Did Danny call back|with the adoption records yet?
I doubt Mendel had serial killers in mind|when he developed his theory on genetics.
You know, when I was a kid,|I would have nightmares.
I'd wake up in the night thinkin'|I was the only person left in the world.
Then I would hear this.
- What?|- My dad would be in the study eating these.
Danny Valadeo? It's Agent Scully.
What does that have to do with Cokely?
On a cellular level, we're the sum total|of all our ancestors' biological matter.
But what if more than biological traits|get passed down?
What if I like sunflower seeds because|I'm genetically predisposed to liking them?
Children aren't born liking sunflower seeds.|Behaviour patterns are taught.
We hear of twins, separated at birth...
...who end up in the same occupation,|each naming their child Waldo.
Jung wrote about the collective unconscious.|It's genetic memory.
Yeah, Danny.
Yeah. Thanks. I'll tell him.
Danny tracked down Mrs Thibedeaux's son.
He was a policeman|named Raymond Morrow.
That's BJ's father.
- BJ is Cokely's granddaughter.|- She's responsible for the murders.
- Mulder...|- Get your coat. Let's go.
- Wait. You think BJ's capable of murder?|- No, but Cokely is. BJ has become him.
- That's outrageous!|- I think Cokely's memories, compulsions...
...have been passed on genetically to BJ,|driving her to kill.
So BJ's nightmares are real? She's killing|women and carving "sister" on them?
- Then explain the cuts on her own chest.|- I can't. Maybe she did it herself.
Maybe it's a weird stigmata.|Whatever it is, BJ's not herself.
- Where to?|- To warn Mrs Thibedeaux.
If BJ has become Cokely in the way I mean,|she may try to finish what Cokely started.
Stop it!
- Somebody's gotta take the blame, sister.|- No! No, no! You're not him! You can't be!
And it's not gonna be me!
I'm not afraid to use this.
You have his eyes.
You're my grandchild.
- You know what you're doing?!|- Shut up!
He's done this to both of us.
You don't know what you're doing!
He's the one to blame!
Mrs Thibedeaux? Mrs Thibedeaux!
Mrs Thibedeaux!
What happened?
She had a razor. She tried to kill me.
But something stopped her.
- Where did she go?|- I don't know.
- Can you stand?|- Yeah, I think so.
- Let me help you up the stairs.|- Thank you.
This is Agent Mulder. I need an ambulance|to 238 North 54th Street.
I also need an APB on BJ Morrow.
Yes, that's Detective Morrow. She should|be considered armed and dangerous.
BJ's going after Tillman.
The first murder occurred after BJ got|pregnant. She wants someone to blame.
- I think that's Tillman.|- I don't think so. I think it'll be Cokely.
- Why?|- She must know Cokely's her grandfather.
If she wants someone to blame, it'll be him.
Cokely's not answering his phone.|I'm goin' over there.
She had a reason.
- We've gotta talk.|- We're getting a statement.
- You've accused BJ of murder?|- Let's go outside.
- No. Here, now!|- Have you seen Detective Morrow?
No! But I don't care what you've accused|her of. She could not hurt anybody.
Detective Morrow|attacked this woman with a razor.
- Come on! I do not believe that!|- It's true.
It happened.
I only acted like any husband|who didn't want to see his home broken up.
- What home?|- Remember the home I promised you?
Who's there?
Who's there?
How does it feel to be|on the other side of the razor, brother?
Shut up!
No... No!
Please, no!
You know the rules.|This doesn't stop till you're dead.
No, don't. BJ.
This time you'll stay dead!
- Freeze!|- BJ!
- What are you doin'?|- Let him go.
Let him go, BJ!
I'm not BJ.
Yes, you are.
He's dead.
Come on.
It's all right. It's gonna be all right.|It's gonna be OK.
We are continuing|with genetic testing on Detective Morrow.
Evidence suggests the presence of a mutator|gene that has activated dormant genes.
But the results so far are inconclusive.
Detective Morrow has not demonstrated|any further physiological changes.
Extensive blood work and|psychological testing has been conducted... determine whether the pregnancy could|have been a catalyst for the transformation.
We have yet to determine|the effects on the foetus.
Amniocentesis results|show no genetic abnormalities.
Chromosome testing has determined|the child's sex to be male.
BJ is on her second week of suicide watch...
...after an unsuccessful attempt|to abort her son.
Lieutenant Tillman|has petitioned to adopt the child...
...and the case|will soon be presented to the courts.
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