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Subtitles for X-Files 2x13 Irresistible.

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X-Files 2x13 Irresistible

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I think we all feel an empty place.
Everybody loved Jennifer.
Not just because|she was a special person...
...but because she was the kind of friend|who was always there for you.
We'll miss you, Jen.
We'll miss your smile.
We'll miss the times|we would have spent together.
We'll keep these memories|close to our hearts...
...until we meet again in God's kingdom.
(# Satie's "Gymnopédie No.1")
The family has requested a graveside service.
I've rescheduled the burial|to tomorrow afternoon.
We'll keep the body overnight.
Such a beautiful girl.
Who's there?
I said "Who's there?"
What the hell are you|doing here this late?
- Working.|- Working... at this hour?
What is this?
What the hell were you doing?
Get out of here.
You freak!
Get out of here! And don't come back.
I should report you!|Just go on. Get out of here!
I got the call from Minneapolis PD...
...saying they wanted the FBI|to come out and take a look.
Anything slightly freakazoid,|that's the drill. Call Moe Bocks.
As if I'm tight|with all the nutcases in town!
So I shoot on down here|to see what's the what.
And I'll be damned if I'm not knocked|on my butt by what they show me.
22 years I've never seen anything like it!
I get one look at the corpse and I'm|on the phone to my pal Andy Schneider...
...down at the Mutual UFO Network.|You know Andy?
- No, I don't.|- Well, he knows you.
- Why'd you call MUFON?|- To see if there was UFO activity in the area.
You think this grave|was unearthed by aliens?
Well, it has all the telltale signs,|don't you think?
- I mean, according to the literature.|- Literature?
You know the way|the hair and nails are cut away?
Sorta like they do in cattle mutilations.
I hate to disappoint you, Agent Bocks...
...but it doesn't look like the work of aliens.|- No? How can you be sure?
I've seen this kind of thing|before at Violent Crimes.
Whoever dug this up|probably used a backhoe.
If you check the ground, you'll probably|find new tracks leading to a garage nearby.
- You think?|- He may work here, but it's unlikely.
He's probably worked at a mortuary|or cemetery at some time.
Probably been busted,|but you won't find any record.
It has to be bad for business|when those kind of stories get around.
You're saying|some human's been doing this?
Yeah, if you wanna call him that.
- You OK, Scully?|- Yeah.
I've read about cases of desecrating|the dead, but never seen it.
Nothing can prepare you for it.|It's almost unimaginable.
- Why do they do it?|- Well, people collect salt and pepper shakers.
Fetishists collect dead things-fingernails|and hair. No one quite knows why.
Though I've never really understood|salt and pepper shakers myself.
- Sometimes you surprise me, Mulder.|- Why's that?
How that didn't shock you back there.
I'd prepared myself for it|before we left Washington.
You knew this wasn't UFO related|from the start?
I'd suspected as much, yeah.
It took us three hours to get here.|Our plane doesn't leave until tomorrow.
- If you suspected...|- Vikings versus Redskins, Scully.
40-yard line|in the Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome.
You and me.
Have you lived in|the Twin Cities area long, Mr Pfaster?
I grew up here. I was away for a few years.
Oh... What kind of work|were you in before?
Cosmetology. Hair and make-up.
Oh... It's interesting.
If you don't mind my saying,|that's a lovely colour lipstick you're wearing.
Is that Indian Summer?
Yes... Yes, it is.
You're applying for the job|as the delivery man?
To put myself through school.|I've gone back to school.
Oh. And what are you studying?
- Comparative religions.|- Oh.
- Are you a religious person yourself?|- Yes. Very.
I shouldn't say this, but Mr Ficicello feels|very strongly about religious backgrounds.
He prides himself|on the honesty of his employees.
Can you put that on the application?
- I'll attach a little note.|- Thank you.
Long, long pass.|Here's Garner with the catch.
And Garner brought down at the Washington|five-yard line for a Viking first down.
Sorry you had to miss your game,|but we've found more bodies dug up.
Did you get your Forensics report|on the first one yet?
There was somebody down in the grave.
Cut the hair with a pair of pinking shears.|Gotta wonder about this guy!
Well, at least he wasn't down there|with his blow-dryer.
- How many bodies does that make?|- Three in the last two days.
What else can you tell me about the corpses?
The hair was cut from the heads|of two of the bodies.
From the third,|the fingernails were pulled out...
...with what looks like|a pair of needle-nosed pliers.
I want you to draft|an eyes-only memo to everyone here...
...and to all law enforcement|agencies in the area.
Saying what?
That the Twin Cities may have a...|escalating fetishist on their hands.
- A what?|- An escalating fetishist.
Security should be tightened|around cemeteries and funeral homes.
Hospitals should be notified.
A story should be issued to the press|warning of a possible stalker in the area.
This isn't New York, Agent Mulder.
People keep their doors unlocked here.|This is gonna scare 'em.
Well, leave out the more gruesome aspects|in your press release.
Why do you want to alarm folks|if this guy only preys on dead people?
Because his compulsion is growing. He may|resort to homicide to procure his corpses.
Once he gets the taste of a warm body,|he's probably gonna want more.
Maybe I've been isolated up here|in the great white North too long.
What do you mean?
People wondered why it took them so long|to catch this kid in Milwaukee.
Thought someone should've noticed|he was killing all those young boys.
Truth is... no one ever believed|it could happen.
If you catch this guy first,|maybe they can go on believing that.
We don't have the manpower or expertise|to move on this with any speed.
It's gonna be hard to round up anybody|on a Saturday.
It could be Monday or Tuesday|before we get our ducks in a row.
We have some work to do here.|I'm gonna cancel our flight out.
- Scully?|- I'll be right there.
A complete model or psychological|profile of the death fetishist does not exist.
The compulsion is a result|of a complex misplacement of values...
...and a deviation from|cultural norms and social mores.
He is more likely to be white, male, and|of average to above-average intelligence.
Cases of fetishists with IQs over 150|have been documented.
The progression of the pathology|moves from the fantasy stage... the eventual acting out of fetishistic|impulses, including opportunistic homicide.
Agent Mulder believes that the suspect|in this case is escalating towards this action.
Once he begins to murder, the killing|draws attention away from a deeper motive.
A motive which most people, including law|enforcement professionals, dare not imagine.
It is somehow easier to believe,|as Agent Bocks does, in aliens and UFOs...
...than in the kind of inhuman monster|who could prey on the living... scavenge from the dead.
Hello there!
- Hi.|- Hi.
Are you looking for a date?
Why don't you pull up|around the corner over there?
Well, actually, I was thinking|of a couple of hours.
Where do you have in mind?
Don't you have any heat in here?|It's freezing.
The forced-air unit is broken.
I'd like to run you a bath.
Is your hair treated?
Do you need a shampoo|for chemically treated hair?
You want me to shampoo my hair?
I'll pay extra if that's|something out of the ordinary.
Well, nobody's ever asked me.
Excuse me.
- Is this Mr Pfaster?|- Yes.
Hi, this is Marilyn at Ficicello Frozen Foods.|Sorry to bother you so late...
...but I'm calling to say you've been hired.|We'd like you to start right away.
Hey, what's going on here?|The water is ice-cold.
What kind of sick freak are you?
Oh, my God!
- Mr Pfaster?|- Yes. That's wonderful news.
Thank you so much.
Don't you come near me.
I mean it.
Don't you touch me!
Stay away from me!
Keep away from me!|Don't you come near me.
We're still waiting|for someone to ID the body.
Judging from the area,|I'd say she's probably a working girl.
Watch your step.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Who did this to her?
- Was it him?|- Looks like it.
Knife wound the length of the torso.|Cut all her hair off. Took her fingernails.
This time he took some fingers, too.
- Wanna see the body?|- Yeah.
I need a minute.
Hey! Let him take a look.
Hi. I'm your new delivery man.
Oh, hi. Come in.
Did they give you Skip's old route?
Yes, I think so.|I've just started with the company.
Skip's been delivering to us so long,|we took it for granted he'd always be around.
Since before the kids were born.
Lisa, this is, uh...
Donnie. Donnie Pfaster.
- He's taking over for Skip.|- Oh, hi.
- I'm gonna go over to Steve's now, OK?|- OK. You have a good time.
- Bye.|- Bye.
We have three daughters.
Pardon me. May I use your washroom|to wash up my hands?
Sure. There's a washroom just off the porch.
I just wanted to tell you, if we're ever not|home, we always leave the back door open.
Oh. Thank you. I'll remember that.
Death is a recorded event...
...for reasons natural or unnatural.
When a body ceases to function, the cause|of the effect can be clearly reconstructed.
A body has a story to tell.
The time is 11.14am, Monday November 14th.
The deceased is a female in her twenties.
If the victim was strangled, an examination|of the veins in the eyes will reveal this.
If shot, entry wounds|and gunpowder residue can be used... reconstruct the events leading to death|and help to establish a possible motive.
Hair and fibres, slivers of glass,|plastic, even insect casings...
...can serve to recreate the circumstances|under which death occurred.
It may be an irony only understood by those|of us who conduct these examinations...
...that death, like life itself, is a drama|with a beginning, middle and end.
It is my opinion,|having conducted this examination...
...that the victim died a wrongful death for the|purpose of extracting her hair and fingernails.
The time of death|cannot be accurately judged...
...due, I believe, to immersion in|a cold environment, most likely water.
For the record, it is my opinion that...
...outside of child homicide,|which may be more tragic...
...this is one of the most angry|and dehumanising murders imaginable.
Mm-mm, I just don't know.
Look at each man carefully.
He's none of those guys. He was ordinary.|He didn't look like no freak.
Do you remember what kind of car|he was driving, what colour it was?
I think it was white.
OK, you can go. Just leave a number|and address where you can be reached.
- You gonna catch this guy?|- We'll catch him.
Might be a good week to take|that paid vacation the boss owes you.
Yeah. Right!
If this guy looks regular and doesn't have a|record, he's gonna be near impossible to find.
Until he kills again, or until|we can determine what drives him.
I read your profile. Sounds like he can't make|it with women. It would explain the hooker.
The hooker was just convenient.|He's after trophies.
His victim was a young, attractive woman.|The corpses he dug up were young women.
What's fuelling his need? What's important|about the hair and fingernails to him?
It's as if it's not enough that they're dead,|he's also gotta defile them.
There's a deeper psychosis here.
It's an unfathomable hatred of women,|probably going back to his mother.
I'd say she's pretty fried at him, too.
I think we should call|all the psychiatric facilities in the area...
...and ask if they have any patients|with similar pathologies.
This kind of a monster isn't made overnight.|He's been developing this fetish for years.
The necessity of the story-myth -|in a culture is almost universal.
We think of myths as things|that entertain or instruct.
But their deeper purpose|is often to explain, or make fanciful...
...desires, wishes or behaviour that society|would otherwise deem unacceptable.
Because they are conveyed|in a wrapping of untruth-the story -
these thoughts become harmless.
Take, for example, the stories|we recite to our children.
Snow White, Alice in Wonderland...
The subtextual themes,|when the Queen orders "Off with her head!"...
...or the Prince awakens|Sleeping Beauty with a kiss...
...are what Freud would describe|as death-wish imaginings.
Excuse me. I'm in your mythology class.
- Uh-huh?|- My name's Donnie.
I sit a couple of rows over.|Maybe you've seen me.
- Uh, I don't know. I...|- I know. You sit up front.
I just...
See, I... I was going to my car|and I saw you... and...
Did he ask us to read|chapters 10 and 11, or 11 and 12?
Oh... I... uh, I think it was, uh...
- It was chapters 10 and 11.|- Oh, thanks.
I have to go now.
- Don't go.|- Let go of the door.
Help! Someone! Help!
- Hello?|- It's me.
They've arrested somebody|they think may be our guy.
I'll get dressed.
He's got a history of assault.
911 call came in from a security officer|who saw it happen.
She hurt him pretty bad.
Yeah, he's definitely our guy.
- Who cut him?|- A working girl.
They're all carrying knives|since what happened.
I'm Agent Mulder.|Have you been read your rights?
I paid her the money,|then she hauls out this knife.
What am I supposed to do?|I smacked her a couple of times.
Self-defence. Self-defence...
- He's not our guy.|- I thought we had him.
We're back to square one.
Mulder, can I have a minute with you?
I'll wait out front.
I might better drive this investigation|if I could focus on the evidence.
- What do you suggest?|- That I take the body back to Washington.
I could run it through|the fingerprint lab. Those guys...
Scully, if you're having trouble|with this case, I want you to tell me.
- I'm not, Mulder.|- I'd understand.
- I mean, it's not exactly easy to stomach.|- I'm fine.
Really... I just think we're a long way|from catching this guy.
If we could get a print, we'd have something|to focus on. Right now we're at a standstill.
I think it's a good idea.
I just don't want you to think|you have to hide anything from me.
I've seen agents with 20 years' field|experience fall apart on cases like this.
I'm fine. I can handle it.
What's your name?
- You talking to me?|- Yeah.
Were those FBI agents?
What were they asking you?
They thought I was some freak|who's been diggin' up corpses!
Man, I'm in enough trouble already.
What were their names?
- Who?|- The younger agents.
Uh, I don't remember his name.
She was Scully.|Like that baseball announcer.
Let's go, Mr Pfaster.
- Go where?|- Lady's dropped the charges against you.
They're letting you out as soon as|you talk to a psychiatric social worker.
At first glance, there's not much to work with.|Satin doesn't hold a print real well.
There may be a latent in these blood stains.
I suspect the killer wore gloves.
Well, the body was on my flight,|so it should be here soon.
We'll take a look. How long|are you in town, Agent Scully?
I have a flight back to Minneapolis|booked for tonight, but, um... I might cancel.
I've put all other work aside.
You think that you find a way|to deal with these things.
In med school you develop|a clinical detachment to death.
In your FBI training|you are confronted with cases...
...the most violent and terrible cases.
You think you can look|into the face of pure evil...
...and then you find yourself paralysed by it.
Are you aware that you've been talking|about yourself in the second person?
No. Was I?
Do you know why?
Probably as another way|of trying to detach myself from it.
You're a very strong person.
You've probably always felt|you can handle any problem by yourself.
But you feel vulnerable now.
Do you know why that is?
Is it your partner?|Is there a problem with trust?
I trust him as much as anyone.
I trust him with my life.
Can you talk to him about|the way you're feeling?
I don't want him to know|how much this is bothering me.
I don't want him to feel|like he has to protect me.
I know you lost your father last year.
And, uh... I read in your file|that you were very ill recently...
...that your life was threatened.
These exposures can leave you|extremely vulnerable.
I know these things.
I'm... conscious of them.
I know that the world is full of predators,|just as it has always been.
And I know that it is my job|to protect people from them.
And I have counted on that fact|to give me faith in my ability to do what I do.
I want that faith back.
I need it back.
That's great.
- Ah! I've been looking for you.|- I had a meeting.
- I got good news.|- What did you find?
There was nothing on the sheets.|But we pulled something off the body.
The guy cut her fingers off,|but not all of them.
On her right hand, he left a thumb.
I pulled this off the nail polish.
There must've been a struggle before|he killed her-before he put the gloves on.
- I'll call Agent Mulder.|- Somebody called for you.
- Who?|- Said he was an agent in Minneapolis.
I said you had a flight booked back tonight.
- Was it Agent Mulder?|- I didn't recognise the name.
- Did you tell him about the print?|- I hadn't found it yet.
- Mulder.|- Hi, it's me.
We got a print.
- Scully got a print.|- Fantastic!
I'll modem it out to you|to see if you can run a match.
- Are you staying on there, Scully?|- No. I'm coming back tonight.
- Look, I know this is a horrific case, but if...|- I'm OK with it, Mulder.
- Anyway, you could use my help.|- Always.
You or Agent Bocks didn't call|here for me earlier, did you?
Did you call Scully?
- OK. I'll see you when I get there.|- All right.
- FBI!|- I'll take the bedroom!
Move it! Move it! Move it!
- Team two, go!|- Go!
- Team one, what is your status?|- We're clear back here!
Bill! I think it's human hair.
Suspect does not appear to be at home.
Let's put out an APB|on Donald Addie Pfaster, age 28.
Moe, take a look at this.
- She should be here.|- She was on the plane.
It landed three hours ago.
We found Agent Scully's car.
She was forced off the road. A white car.
Get a sample of this paint|on a plane to Washington.
If we're lucky, we can get a make and model|of the car by morning. We're gonna find her.
Nothing registered to Donald Pfaster?
Right. Right, got it.
The paint is called Ivory Bone.
It's a two-step enamel used by|three makers of late-model mid-size cars.
They estimate there may be 60,000 cars that|fit that description in the metropolitan area.
- Nothing?|- No.
No one saw her leave the rental agency?|No attendant?
Sorry, Mulder, that's all we got.
People videotape police beatings|on dark streets.
They spot Elvis in three cities|across America every day.
But no one saw a pretty woman|being forced off the road.
He could've taken her anyplace.|How are we gonna find her?
Well, um... We gotta start at the beginning.
As nasty as it might sound,|we gotta get inside this guy's head.
Where would he go?
- Anywhere but his mother's, right?|- Why do you say that?
Being he's so pissed off at her,|from what your profile says.
- Do we know where his mother lives?|- I don't know.
Let's find out.
The mother lives in Boca Raton, Florida.
Correction. She used to live there.|She died a year ago.
Did she have a car registered to her?
Late-model white sedan.
He inherited the car.
Maybe Boca Raton was a winter house.|Does she have a residence in Minneapolis?
Get the hell away from me!
Don't be afraid.
Is your hair normal or dry?
Where are you going?
There's no way out, girlie girl!
I know this house, girlie girl.
There's nowhere to hide.
Move! Move!
Federal agent! Hands in the air!|Hands in the air!
Can we get some paramedics here now!
Just help me get my wrists untied.
- How did you find me?|- His mother owned the house.
Willed it to his sisters.|A patrolman saw his car out back.
Get him outta here.
Sure you don't wanna sit down, Scully?
I'm fine, Mulder.
It's all right.
The conquest of fear|lies in its acceptance... understanding what scares us most is|that which is most familiar and commonplace.
That boy next door, Donnie Pfaster...
...the unremarkable brother|of four older sisters...
...extraordinary only in his ordinariness...
...could grow up to be|the devil in a button-down shirt.
It's said that the fear of the unknown is a|response to the excesses of the imagination.
But our fear of the everyday, of the lurking|stranger, of footfalls on the stairs...
...the fear of violent death|and the impulse to survive...
...are as frightening as any X-File.
As real as the acceptance|that it could happen to you.
As real as the acceptance|that it could happen to you.
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