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Subtitles for X-Files 2x14 Die Hand Die Verletzt.

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X-Files 2x14 Die Hand Die Verletzt

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- All in favour.|- Aye.
All right.
Starting Monday...
...the track around the athletic field will be|closed to joggers at 8.30pm instead of 10.
Any other items before we call it a night?
Yeah. Uh...
I got wind that for the|spring drama production...
...Howard Roberts intends to|put on Jesus Christ Superstar.
You know how he is. Howard's just|trying to do things the kids like.
My point exactly.
I don't think that play is appropriate|for this high school.
If he wants to be young, I have no|problems with Grease or Annie, or...
- Doesn't Grease have the f-word?|- Look, I'll talk to Howard.
Let's adjourn till next week. Deborah,|why don't you lead us in the prayer.
- Jim, the game is on.|- It'll only take a minute.
We've been letting it slip.
Paul, why don't you get the door.
In the name of the lords of darkness,|rulers of the earth, kings of the underworld...
...I command the forces of darkness|to bestow their infernal power upon me.
May the black powers of|our forefathers make us strong.
Hail. Hail to the lords of darkness.
- How much further?|- It's just up here a ways.
I heard the altar is a hollow stump.
When they get freaked... get Kate. I take Andrea.
Those mittens are givin' me a gingrich!
This is it.
OK, I need a personal object from everyone.
All right. Now, Andrea,|you get to stand over here...
...and face Jerry, like this.
- Closer.|- Why like this?
Well, that's so, uh... that's so that we're|calling the spirits up of every direction.
Kate, you stand here and face me.
Do you really think someone|used this place for black magic?
- Come on, Dave!|- Shh.
In the name of the lords of darkness, rulers|of the earth, kings of the underworld, rise.
Rise to this place.
Uh, Azazel.
Know ye all who dwell in the light|of professed righteousness...
...that the others who know the keys|and the angels have opened the gate.
- Forget this!|- Andrea!
Blessed art thou among women, and|blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus!
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners|now and at the hour of our death!
Andrea! Wait!
A hunter found him early this morning.
Couldn't have been dead more than 12 hours.
- They say this area is used by witches.|- "They"?
Well, everybody around here|knows about the things that go on.
They say people control things.
Any evidence to substantiate|those rumours, Sheriff Oakes?
Agent Scully, look at the body.|The eyes and heart have been cut out.
Many homicides involve victim desecration.
I know he and his friends|listen to devil music.
"The Night Chicago Died"?
You know what I mean.|Those heavy-metal bands that influence kids.
Was Jerry Stevens ever witnessed|participating in witchcraft?
- No.|- More rumours.
This stump here is supposed|to be the ceremonial altar.
What do you think?
With turquoise chips, a picture of|John Wayne and three cans of shellac...'d make a pretty nice coffee table.
You see all that wax?|Someone's been burning candles in there.
- Any idea who Jerry Stevens was with?|- We assume he was alone.
Most people don't set out to drink|two six-packs by themselves.
I also found this. It has purple ink on the edge|like a library identification stamp.
The end of the title says "in America".|I'm surprised you people overlooked it.
I'm sorry, I... I gotta apologise here.|You're right.
I admit, we're a little rattled here.|That's why I called the FBI.
This may involve a deeper conspiracy.
See, I grew up around here...|Ever since I was a kid I heard... stories.
This is a weird area. It has a strange air|that I could chalk up to imagination...
...till today.
I'll have my staff start checking|libraries for you, Agent Scully.
Better hide your Megadeth albums.
Theories like that are why|I can't take him seriously.
The homicide had a ceremonial presentation.|The manner in which the body was displayed.
I got the impression you didn't believe him.
I didn't want to incite|his aggravated imagination...
...but there is a weird feel to this place.|Maybe there's truth in the rumours.
I think he incited your imagination.
I think it's nothing more than a murderer|taking advantage of local folklore.
There's nothing odd about...
- Lunch?|- Mulder, toads just fell from the sky!
I guess their parachutes didn't open.
You were saying something|about this place not feeling odd?
The weather service says there are|tornadoes in Massachusetts.
The wind probably picked up|the animals into the storm.
"Witch Hunt: A History|of the Occult in America."
That's checked out to a Dave Duran.
OK, people, may I have|your attention, please?
Mr Kingery is out sick today,|so I'll be substituting.
My name's Mrs Paddock.|I'm gonna take the roll.
FBI. We'd like to speak with a Dave Duran.
I'm not into that stuff at all, I swear.
Jerry was my best friend.
Look, I swear I've never|done anything like that.
What made you go to a place|you heard was a witches' altar?
We were just trying to get some.
I told you.
Why did you take the book?
I don't know a thing about witchcraft, and we|wanted it to sound good. I never thought...
You never thought what?
That it would work.
If you didn't kill Jerry Stevens,|why did you run away from us?
I'm scared, man.
- Of us?|- Of it. That ceremony.
I'm afraid we called up|some devil or something.
One of you killed Jerry Stevens.
He was displayed according|to the rites of Azazel.
Who else would know about the ritual?
- We stopped doing this because...|- I went out there.
We were supposed to have a Mass.|No one else showed, so I left.
- It wasn't any of us.|- Something is here.
A presence amongst us... angry.|I can feel it.
- You're letting them go?|- There's no evidence to warrant an arrest.
- They never leave evidence.|- We heard how Jerry died. An occult ritual.
- They've reached into our area from outside.|- "They" again.
Those three kids are obviously|under a cult influence.
They reach into our children,|in music, television, books.
They prey on children's innocence.
The FBI did a seven-year study...
...and found no evidence of|the existence of occult conspiracies.
And J Edgar Hoover never admitted|to the existence of the Mafia.
If the murders attributed to|occult conspiracies were true... would mean thousands of people|killing tens of thousands...
...without evidence, without being exposed.
It would be the greatest criminal conspiracy|in the history of civilisation!
Finally... you people understand|what we're up against.
Our investigation is ongoing.
Mulder, this is mass hysteria.
And our presence here gives validity|to their fears of occult murders.
- The water.|- What's wrong with it?
It's going down the drain counterclockwise.
Coriolis force in the northern hemisphere|dictates it should go down clockwise.
- That isn't possible.|- Something is here, Scully.
Something is making these things possible.
Girls... may I have a word?
I heard on the grapevine|about what happened.
I know how hard it is to talk to adults,|even though you feel like you want to.
Well, because you're young adults...
What I'm trying to say is, if you feel|like talking, I'm here to listen, OK?
- Thanks, Mrs Paddock.|- Hang in there.
Your records indicate a high incidence|of students with depression...
...headaches, eating disorders...
This is high school. It's normal for students|to display abnormal behaviour.
You're familiar with the indications|of repressed memory?
A headache doesn't mean|a repressed memory.
In your counselling, you've found|no evidence of past ritual abuse?
Would it be possible for me to speak to|students who've had chronic complaints?
That would be a betrayal of the|doctorlpatient relationship. Sorry.
He was pretty quick to dismiss my concerns.
Maybe there's nothing here.
Or he's hiding something.
Take a look at this.|I found this on the Internet.
"The discovery of a mutilated|teenage boy in the forest...
...has police distressed about the possibility|of an organisation of dark forces."
Where's that from? The local paper?
"The Jew is known to remove organs and|sacrifice teens in their religious ceremonies."
It's taken from Völkischer Beobachter.|A Nazi newspaper in 1934.
Same rumours, but the blanks have been|filled in with whoever is feared at the time.
In this case it's occultists.
Modern witches, known as Wiccan,|are a religion.
They revere all life and nature.|They do not cast harmful spells.
They don't worship Satan. The Church|of Satan renounced murder and torture.
Their influence here wouldn't|account for the frogs or the water...
...or, most importantly, the murder.
Well, if not witches, then what?
For your final exam, your grade will be based|on your diagram of a dissected pig embryo.
These are actually hog embryos,|belonging to the order of the artiodactyl...
...or creatures with hooves. Be sure to remove|the heart and lungs and draw diagrams.
Be neat.
Extra credit will be given|for dissecting the heart.
You have until the end of the period.
I'll cut it open, if you do the heart.
I've had this happen before. Some kids|just have trouble dissecting things.
Shannon, I'm trying to reach your father|and get him to pick you up.
- I'm sure he'll be here soon.|- No!
- Shannon!|- Shannon, honey, come back!
Shannon! You're remembering!
Tell me what you remember.
You, um... know who my stepdad is, right?
Jim Ausbury on the PTC.
All right, well...
My mom, she's a teacher.
Well... was a teacher.
My real dad, he, um...
He ran away.
And... my mom met Jim at|some seminar or something.
And they, um...
...they got married.
My sister and I moved up here|when I was about, um...
She was about two.
Anyway, a couple of weeks ago... class, we took a field trip to what|they call the American Stonehenge.
...I remember, when I was four years old...
...Jim... took me in his car...
...near there. And he, um...
...he made me... the back seat.
He told me that, if I ever told|anybody, he would hurt me.
As he touched me, you know, I would|pretend like I was out of my body...
...deep in the ocean, down with the fish... the dark water.
Somehow I managed to|block out all these things.
But... lately it's all been...
I'm remembering, you know?
The others, too.
Men and women.
They would, um, come to the house,|you know, when my mom was away.
And they would take me|down to the basement.
It was really dark. It was, like,|painted red with a dirt floor.
They would wear these robes, black and red.
And they would sing and they would chant.
And then they would tie me and my sister up.
These men and women,|they would make us do things.
They called me a breeder.
They would get me pregnant and|then they would kill the babies.
I've had three children, and|they're all buried in the cellar.
One night...
...Jim murdered my sister for a sacrifice.
She was only eight years old!
He told everybody that|she'd died in an accident.
Today brought it all back...
...clear like it happened yesterday.
Imagine if what she said is true.
Why don't we just wait and see|what her parents have to say.
Where's Shannon? They told me|you were bringing her home.
She wanted to remain with friends.|Under the circumstances, we thought it best.
Circumstances? Why wouldn't|she want to come home?
Someone, or something, has obviously|put these things into her mind.
Mrs Ausbury, perhaps|you'd like a glass of water?
Yeah. Thank you.
Mr Ausbury...
Mrs Ausbury, your daughter has not accused|you of any involvement in these activities.
Do you have any idea why Shannon|might have said these things?
Jim and I have been having|marriage problems lately.
We're committed to working them out. Maybe|we don't pay enough attention to Shannon.
She and I don't...
We don't get along. We fight.
Have you ever known Shannon|to be pregnant?
Of course not! She's fifteen years old!
- How can you possibly believe...|- Have you ever had another child?
A girl.
She died.
At eight years old?
Eight weeks...
...with crib death.
Did you do it?
I would kill... anyone... who did|the things to her that she claims.
Not a very Christian tenet.
Thou, God of vengeance, shine forth!
Even the devil can quote|scripture to fit his needs.
How dare you! Get out of our house!
As far as I know, you put those|ideas in my daughter's head.
Now get out!
The devil travels in many forms.
And you may be one!
Are you sure you're up to this, Shannon?|I heard about what you said.
I'll be OK. I don't wanna miss the final.
I'll be in my office, if you're feeling funny.
You ought to remove your jewellery. You|wouldn't want to lose it in some pig's guts.
I'll hold it until you're finished.
I heard the chair and a crash and|I came running out of the office.
Did you see anybody leaving the room?
Did you hear the door open?
I lock the doors after school|when I'm alone. I... I get afraid.
I feel a dark angel is amongst us.
It wants a sacrifice.
It's been years since...|since we've done that.
Exactly. We haven't kept our faith.
Are any of you...|responsible for my daughter?
We all are. She was sacrificed for us.
It's a portent. Shannon's death allows|us to get rid of the police, the FBI...
It can all be blamed on her.
Jim... you tell them she had|a thing for Jerry Stevens.
She killed him out of jealousy.
She cut out his eyes... because she couldn't|stand to have him look at another girl.
And his heart... because she was heartbroken.
But when they leave, and are gone, we must|rekindle our faith... rather than lose it.
I never imagined she would hurt herself.|I'm old-fashioned, Agent Scully.
I can't believe that children are capable|of such things as they are these days.
She wanted me to hold that for her.
Excuse me.
Her office has a faint odour of incense.
- She says it stops the smell of formaldehyde.|- It's also used in Black Mass rituals.
I must admit, there are some|oddities to her story.
What do you mean, "oddities"?
The man she replaced has taken|two sick days in a 15-year career.
The morning of Jerry Stevens' murder,|Mr Kingery developed necrotising fasciitis.
- Flesh-eating bacteria? That's very rare.|- I know.
And when I questioned the staff about Mrs|Paddock, no one can even recall hiring her.
Oh, look, I'm even getting caught up in this.
I'm sure Mrs Paddock's arrival and the|teacher's sickness is just a coincidence.
The fact that no one recalls|hiring her is an oversight.
This is something|we should get caught up in.
I'll search the Ausbury house.|I've been told they're staying with friends.
You check Mrs Paddock.
Power's out.
My religion... family, Agent Mulder...
...goes back in this town seven generations.
They fled persecution from|people being persecuted.
All in the name of religion.
I was raised to believe Christianity|was synonymous with hypocrisy.
Man's natural tendency was to "do what|thou willst", not "do unto others".
We believe... is nothing but an animal.
No better, no worse, than those|that walk on four legs.
And although I believed our faith|kept us powerful in the community -
wealthy, good health -
...I came to see hypocrisy in the others.
In me.
When they told me... blame my dead daughter...|for Jerry Stevens' death... reaction...
I was sick... that they would|vilify an innocent...
...someone I loved...
...just to protect themselves.
And, at that moment, I knew|I am better than an animal.
That my... previous beliefs...
...were responsible... for her|no longer being with us.
And that it was time to talk to you.
- Did you abuse Shannon?|- Never sexually.
And the rituals?
The blood of the young is|considered very powerful.
We'd include them in the ceremonies,|against their will.
They were too young to be trusted not to talk,|but we never physically hurt them.
We'd slip over the ancient rituals|that we didn't want to do.
Like drinking grape juice|instead of wine at Communion?
What about Shannon's memories?
We'd perform a sort of posthypnotic|suggestion that repressed their memories.
When they came of age - 18, 21-
...then they were made aware of the religion|and brought into its practice.
When she recalled the past events,|she must've mixed up reality with...
...with that crap that's on Geraldo|and the tabloids.
Did the others kill Jerry Stevens?
But you are responsible.
You knew the possibilities contained in|your beliefs, no matter how watered down.
Did you really think you could call up|the devil and ask him to behave?
Who are the others?
- Yeah?|- Mulder, the school. I'm in trouble.
We've got an emergency.|I'm placing you under arrest.
I'll be back for you later.
- Scully?!|- Mulder, what's wrong?
- You called. You said you were in trouble.|- No, I didn't touch the phone.
Ausbury confessed to conspiracy. He'll name|everybody involved. Parents. Teachers.
I checked on Mrs Paddock's background.|I don't think she's involved.
My God!
Do you think it's some kind of acid?
There's no evidence of any reaction|with the wood from the acid.
There are tracks in the dirt,|like from a snake.
That's impossible.
It would take a large python hours to|consume and weeks to digest a human being.
You really do watch the Learning Channel.
Scully... snakeskin.
There's a python in Paddock's room.
Sheriff Oakes called me. Jim Ausbury is dead.
He was talking to the FBI.
Did they kill him?
You know who killed him.
Ausbury was no believer.
He had no real faith. No devotion.|He was punished for his doubts.
We have to act...
...or the same will happen to us,|if it's not already too late.
We have to assume Jim|told them who we are.
If Mulder knows, it will make the|offering all the more meaningful.
They're here.
Lock the office.
My keys. They were in my pocket.
Mrs Paddock...? What happened?
I... I came back. They were taking the snake.
Mrs Brown, Mr Vitaris... there are|things about them I learned.
- I think they killed that boy.|- We know about them.
Conference room. It's all there.
The paramedics must be|tied up by the storm.
Just stay there, Mrs Paddock.|We're gonna lock the door.
Just stay still. I'll be back.
It'll make the blood easier to clean up.
Dominus inferus vobiscum.
Et cum tuo.
Sursum corda.
You're right. It is already too late.
Oh, God!
Mulder, did you see his expression?
It was as if something had control of him.
Mrs Paddock?
Goodbye. It's been nice working with you.
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