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X-Files 2x16 Colony

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I have lived with a fragile faith|built on vague memories...
...from an experience that I could|neither prove nor explain.
When I was 12, my sister was taken from me.
Taken from our home by a force|that I came to believe was extraterrestrial.
This belief sustained me...
...fuelling a quest for truths|that were as elusive as the memory itself.
To believe so passionately|was not without sacrifice...
...but I always accepted the risks - my career, my reputation,|my relationships, to life itself.
He's an FBI agent. His name's Mulder.
Come on, let's go!
Get a frostbite bay, stat!
Let's get ready, please!
- Basal temp's 86.|- Right eye dilated. Left eye dilated.
All right, let's get him into that tub|or we'll lose him.
On three. One, two, three.
- Agent Mulder was brought here tonight.|- This is an authorised area.
- I'm a federal agent.|- Hold on! We need to see some ID.
There is no time for this. A man is dying.
What happened to me out on the ice|has justified every belief.
If I should die now, it will be with a certainty|that my faith has been righteous.
And if larger mysteries are revealed...
...I will already know the answer|to the question that has driven me here.
That there is intelligent life|in the universe other than our own.
That they are here among us.|And that they have begun to colonise.
I'm Dana Scully, his partner.|What are his vitals?
- He's suffering from extreme hypothermia.|- No! Get him out of the tub.
- He's lost all his body heat.|- If you keep him in there, you'll kill him.
The cold is what's keeping him alive.
His heart stopped!
Get me one amp of epinephrine|and a cannula.
You gotta see this, Cap. We got a UFO|or something buzzing us. Right up here.
It's been up there for about 20 minutes.
- Could be a helicopter.|- Not the way it flew over us.
It's coming at us again.
It's gonna crash.
Reverse engine!
We're going after it.
Two days ago, the crew of an ice cutter|thought they had seen a UFO...
...when a strange aircraft|plunged into the Beaufort Sea.
Later they recovered what is believed to be|a Russian fighter pilot from the water...
...where he miraculously survived|the extreme Arctic temperatures.
The man was airlifted to a hospital in Alaska,|where he was listed in stable condition.
But while authorities have been|trying to determine who he is...
...we've learned that he has walked out of|the hospital and is now listed as missing.
Reporting from our field office...
- Where is he?|- Agh! I don't know.
- I've been looking for you.|- I was down the street.
Someone fired more shots|at the White House.
You gotta wonder when even the president|has to worry about drive-by shootings.
- What are you working on?|- I found these in my e-mail. Three obituaries.
Sent by whom?
- Obviously somebody that knows me.|- Why?
The deceased are Dr Landon Prince|of Scranton, Pennsylvania...
...Dr Dale Gayhart of New York City...
...and Dr Harvey Buchanon|of Tea Neck, New Jersey.
All worked in abortion clinics.|They died in arson fires.
- Sounds like militant right-to-lifers.|- Sounds like it.
- Why send them to you?|- It's taken me all morning to figure that out.
What'd you find?
This is the latest victim - Dr Landon Prince.
And these are the other two victims.|Drs Gayhart... and Buchanon.
- Triplets?|- Nope. I can't find any blood connection.
In fact, I can't find any records on them at all.|It's as if, before they died, they never existed.
Dr Prince performed|legal clinical abortions...
...which has its own|occupational hazards these days.
You don't know any more about him?
He went about his work quietly.|No family's come forward.
What about the man you arrested?|This preacher?
Reverend Calvin Sistrunk. He's got a motive.|He's threatened these abortion docs before.
He was carrying this when we arrested him.
We're hoping for an indictment.
As soon as you locate Dr Prince's remains.
Yes. But that fact hasn't been released.
There have been two identical fire deaths.|Neither body's been found.
We're certain he was in the building.|His car was in the parking lot.
We found his keys where the fire was started.|He's been missing since the incident.
Could be we'll just be finding teeth and bone.
Good afternoon!
Reverend Sistrunk, these are Agents Scully|and Mulder. They want to ask you...
If Dr Prince burns in hell's fire|for his murder of the unborn?
If his damnation is God's will?
- Is that what you think, Reverend?|- I guess it's a question of opinion.
In my opinion, Dr Prince's killer|will be linked to two other murders.
How do you feel about that?
There are those who endorse the killing|of the heathen sinner in God's name.
But I am not one of them.
Have you been to New York|or New Jersey recently?
No, sir.
This clipping, where'd you get it?
From the newspaper. Obviously, more|of God's soldiers are seeking this man.
- Which newspaper?|- The local paper up in Binghamton.
Yeah, I remember this one.|The man who placed this paid cash.
- Would you recognise his face?|- Might.
No. That's not him.
- Do you have his name or address?|- No, we don't. He wouldn't sign anything.
In fact, he called to place|that ad a second week... we did, but... he never came back to pay.
Thank you.
I've got a bad feeling about this case.
- What do you mean?|- Nothing about it makes sense.
We've got three deaths of identical victims.|No bodies, a non-suspect.
Sounds just like an X-File.
You don't know who sent you|that information. We've been set up before.
If we were being set up,|would we be given this little to go on?
There's something bigger here, Scully.|I'll bet there are more of these guys.
- More victims?|- Unless we get to them first.
The deaths follow a pattern.|New Jersey, New York, Scranton...
Then an ad is placed here in Binghamton|looking for a man exactly like the others.
The killer's moving in a northerly direction.
Uh... Excuse me.
Excuse me.
The number in the ad,|would that be a voice mail?
- How would you access that?|- Well, you'd start by paying the bill.
Dial the number, then press 1236.
There's 24 messages responding to the ad.
First caller's seen the man|in the photo in Syracuse.
That's north.
- Special Agent Weiss.|- This is Agent Mulder.
- I need to enlist your help.|- Shoot.
I'm with Agent Scully. We believe|a man in your area may be in danger.
His name is Dr Aaron Baker.|He's living in Syracuse.
We need you to sit on him|until we can get there.
You got it. I'll call you back with an address|as soon as I track him down.
Your plans will not succeed.
Federal agent. Drop your weapon.|I said drop it!
What the hell...?
- Agent Mulder?|- Yes. Agent Weiss?
Yes, sir.
- Did you find Dr Baker?|- No, I'm afraid not.
No one's home.|There's two weeks' mail in the mailbox.
We may be too late.|We should take a look around anyway.
Not much to see.
- Agent Mulder has arrived.|- Send him right in.
- Agent Mulder, please have a seat.|- I'm sorry I'm late. I just flew in.
- From?|- Syracuse.
- Where you were doing what?|- Agent Scully and I were following up a lead.
- Did anyone authorise this investigation?|- No, sir.
- Do you have paperwork on this case?|- No, sir.
We had an understanding|with respect to the X-Files.
Agent Mulder, the people I answer to|aren't quite so understanding.
Particularly when a field agent is found dead.
Special Agent Barrett Weiss, Syracuse office.
His body was found in the trunk of a car|in front of a house that you sent him to.
It's impossible.|I spoke to Agent Weiss at the house.
Save it for your report! Until this matter is|cleared up, your butt and mine are in a sling!
And your investigation,|official or otherwise, is terminated.
Don't underestimate the seriousness of this,|Agent Mulder. A man is dead.
I want a full accounting|on my desk in the morning.
- Mulder.|- Mulder, it's me.
- Where are you?|- I'm at home.
- Agent Weiss is dead, Scully.|- What?
He was killed and Skinner hit the roof. We're|grounded until he gets a full accounting.
I just wish I knew what the hell was going on.
- Have you checked your e-mail, Mulder?|- No. Why?
I received something unsettling|and I wondered if you'd gotten it, too.
- What is it?|- It's a digitally-scanned photograph.
There's another one, Mulder.|His name is Dr James Dickens.
- And, Mulder...|- Yeah.
He's right here in Washington.
Stay where you are, Scully. I'll pick you up.
Agent Mulder?
My name is Ambrose Chapel.
I work for the Central Intelligence Agency.
I need to talk to you about the case|you're working on.
- What case is that?|- The murder of certain identical victims.
I have a story to tell, Agent Mulder.|Believe me, you wanna hear it.
We've known of their existence for a decade.
We found out they were|in the country last year.
Who were they?
Vague intelligence reports|reveal that, early in the Cold War...
...Soviet scientists stumbled on a genetic|anomaly in sets of identical twins.
They isolated the DNA material that gave|the twins their facial features, hair colour...
...and they were able to reproduce it.
- Are you saying these men are clones?|- By all outward appearances.
How did they get here?
The programme went by the code name|"Gregor" - the name given to every clone.
We believe the original Gregor came here|in the mid-'70s on a German passport.
Using that same document, they were able|to bring a small cadre of clones in...
...several of which are in strategic positions|in the medical establishment.
For what purpose?
In the event of war, they would|mobilise simultaneously across the US... contaminate blood supplies,|sabotage pharmaceutical factories.
Essentially, destroy|the country's immune system.
If you've known about this for a year,|why hasn't anything been done?
Well, this is where the story gets|perhaps even more incredible.
Secretly, someone is allowing the Gregors|to be systematically eliminated... a man who I believe|is a Russian spy-killer... exchange for the suppression|of the programme's existence...
...and to obtain the science that created it.
What's your business in this?
We share similar sentiments|on our government's policies of denial...
...which is why they've been|trying to contact you.
- Who?|- The Gregors.
You're obviously someone who might protect|them and bring these misdeeds to light.
What makes you think we've been contacted?
Your inquiries into their deaths.
And your response to the ad I placed.
We're talking state-sanctioned murder.
If we can find them first,|maybe the truth can be known.
We know where one of these men may be.
OK, let's go.
- Who is it?|- Agents Scully and Mulder.
We're with the FBI.
- Dr Dickens?|- Yes.
I believe you've been trying to contact us.
- May we come in, Dr Dickens?|- Uh...
It's OK, sir. There's nothing to be afraid of.
I'll call the paramedics.
He's moving.
He's getting up!
I'll call you back.
- You OK?|- OK.
I just got the wind knocked out of me.|Don't lose him!
- Go!|- OK.
He's gone.
- Where?|- He blindsided me.
Went up the fire escape|before I could grab him.
I'm gonna go see if I can|find a way up on the roof.
- How are you feeling?|- Like I should have used the crosswalk.
A lot better than my phone.
Maybe we should have dropped this case.
Scully, if our friend from the CIA is right,|this is a big national security conspiracy.
Our friend from the CIA is|about as unbelievable as his story.
As is everything about this case.|What happened to "Trust no one", Mulder?
I changed it to "Trust everyone."|I didn't tell you
I ran a full background check on this guy.
Ambrose Chapel is a 17-year veteran, special|intelligence clearance. He's the real thing.
Why would a man with his experience|need our help?
And how could he let a man that he's been|looking so hard for slip away so easily?
That doctor wasn't running away|from us, Mulder, but Agent Chapel.
- I think you're being overly paranoid, Scully.|- Paranoid.
Maybe it was Agent Chapel|who killed that field agent in Syracuse.
Shall I put that on my report to Skinner?|I'd be happy for you to explain it to him.
Dammit, Mulder, that is not my job.
You'll pursue a case to the point of insanity...
...and expect me to follow you.|There has to be somewhere to draw the line.
Three identical men are dead. A fourth|identical man is alive and on the lam.
If this case seems like insanity to you,|feel free to step away from it.
An FBI agent died because of this case.
Those are the risks we take.|You either accept them or you don't.
We all draw our own lines.
I have to show you something.
I got these a week ago.
I stepped in something last night|that ate clean through the sole.
Maybe I'm paranoid, but it was in the exact|spot where Chapel said the doctor escaped.
Why don't you send it|to our lab guys for analysis?
- And arrange for an autopsy bay.|- An autopsy bay?
Putting together my report for Skinner,|I found something you'll appreciate.
Whoever killed that agent in Syracuse was so|clever, no clear cause of death can be found.
No penetrating knife or gunshot wounds.
No ligature marks|or abrasions from strangulation.
The toxicological is clean.
- And the blood work... Well, it's strange.|- Strange how?
There's evidence of polycythaemia -|excessive production of red blood cells.
- How excessive?|- Extremely.
The doctor has it in here|that the blood was curdled like jelly.
As if something caused the blood|to thicken or clot prior to death.
Due to what?
Possibly a coagulating agent, but it would|have shown up on the toxicological.
Didn't Agent Chapel say these doctors|could contaminate the blood supply?
Couldn't one of those contaminants|have been used to kill this man?
I don't know, Mulder. I...
There was a doctor's bag I took|as evidence from the apartment.
- Agent Mulder?|- Yeah.
- Assistant Director Skinner's looking for you.|- I'll be right there.
Check the bag. See if you|find anything that connects.
Skinner's gonna want to know why you didn't|file your report. What are you gonna say?
Just the truth. I got hit by a car.
I'm sorry this is late. I had trouble with...
That's not why I called you in here,|Agent Mulder.
Your father's been trying to reach you.|There's been a family emergency.
Thank you.
- Mom?|- Fox, is that you?
Yeah, I... I didn't expect you to answer.|Why are you at Dad's?
- Is he all right?|- Yes. Let me put him on.
- Hello?|- Dad?
I got a message there was|a family emergency.
Yes, I received a very strange phone call|this afternoon. I called your mother.
We think you should come here|as soon as possible.
- Can you tell me what this is about?|- I'll know more when you get here.
I didn't find anything much to go on,|but we've got an address.
Check it out.
- Where are you going?|- Home.
This is Fox Mulder. Leave a message.|I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Mulder, it's me.|I need to talk to you immediately.
I've got some new information on this case.
Mulder, I think I'm in danger.
I'm in my apartment|and I think I've been followed.
Your mother needs some time.
You said it was an emergency.
She wanted you to come.
It's a difficult time. I appreciate|you coming at such short notice.
What is it, Dad?
The certainty... becomes|a comfort that allows you to move on.
We bury our memories so deep|after all that has been destroyed...
...never expecting...
Who is Mom talking to?
Your sister.
After all those sleepless nights,|now I can hardly keep my eyes open.
You're exhausted.
We all are. It's after 5.30.
Oh, I just need a couple of hours.
Try to get some sleep.
- Fox...|- Yeah, Mom?
It is really her.
Isn't it?
I don't see who else it could be.
Go on, go to sleep.
Is it too late for a game of Stratego?
It's 22 years too late.
I don't think Dad could think of|anything to say. He just sat here.
So much has happened.
Where do you begin?
I must have been nine or ten|when I was returned.
I had no memory.
I was placed with a family|who raised me as a daughter.
Who were they?
I knew they weren't my parents,|but I didn't remember Mom or Dad.
Or you.
But you came to remember... us.
I started having trouble several years ago.
It was diagnosed as free-floating anxiety.
Nothing worked for me. I hit rock bottom.
Until I underwent regression hypnotherapy.
And it all started coming back.
The abductions...
The tests...
I'm in danger, Fox.
- What do you mean?|- You've been contacted.
You know there's a man hunting|my father and the other doctors.
Your f... Your father.
My adoptive parents.|They're only visitors here.
What people would call aliens.
A bounty hunter's been sent to kill them.|You've met this man.
His lies to you have caused|others like my father to die.
He won't stop until he's killed them all...
...and anyone who tries to stop him.
He'll come for me soon.
This is Dana Scully. Please leave a message|and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Scully, it's Mulder. Pick up the phone.
If you're screening, pick up the phone.|I need to talk to you.
Do not, under any circumstances,|trust the CIA agent.
Your life may be in danger. Now call me.
She may not be able to recognise him.|He has the ability to disguise himself.
- Disguise himself? How?|- As anyone.
- As anyone? You gotta be kidding.|- No.
You can't recognise him, but I can.
Hello, this is Fox Mulder.|Leave a message, please.
Mulder, it's me. I've left my apartment|and I don't think I've been followed.
I'll be staying at the Vacation Village|Motorlodge off the I-90 in Germantown.
When you reach me, I should have some very|important information regarding this case.
Stop! Federal agent!
Put your hands against the wall!
- Do it!|- You won't shoot me.
Put your hands against the wall.
You cannot harm us.
It's all right.
We are the last remaining.|Unless you protect us, we are already dead.
Put them in maximum-security|protective custody.
No visitors, no press, no anybody.
- OK?|- Yeah.
Can I ask? Who are these guys?
I'll let you know when I figure it out myself.
I should have some very|important information regarding this case.
- Vacation Village.|- I need to speak to Dana Scully, please.
Just a moment.
I'm sorry, there's no one|registered by that name.
All right, I need her to call Fox Mulder|as soon as she checks in.
- Fox Mulder.|- Fox Mulder.
- Yes.|- Will do.
Who's this message for?
- I'd like a single for one night, please.|- Ah! See what I got.
- Whose post is this?|- Mine, sir. We're on changeover.
I'm gonna talk to the prisoners.
You wanna get me a coffee?|Sugar and milk, no cream.
- Do you want me to keep an eye open?|- No, just get me the coffee.
Yes, sir.
- Who is it?|- Scully, it's me.
- I got your message.|- Where have you been?
- Scully.|- Scully, it's me. Where are you?
Scully? Are you there?
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