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Subtitles for X-Files 2x17 End Game.

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X-Files 2x17 End Game

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It's gonna crash.
Are you saying these men are clones?
Unless you protect us, we are already dead.
- Who is Mom talking to?|- Your sister.
I'm in danger, Fox.
- Scully.|- Scully, it's me. Where are you?
Scully? Are you there?
- What have you got?|- I'm not sure, sir.
We picked up some paint|approximately two minutes ago.
- Looks like it's just hanging there.|- It's 200 metres below the ice.
Looks to be about 80 metres across|and it's noisy.
- Noisy how?|- It's emitting radio signals...
...but it's just random noise, sir.|We can't detect any pattern.
Get me Pacific Command|on the satellite uplink.
Admiral. I don't know what we've found,|but it appears to be some kind of craft.
Yes, sir, that's correct.
But we're on a cartography mission,|Admiral. My crew isn't prepared to...
Yes, sir.
Understood, sir.
Set a course. Heading 047.
Toward the object, sir?
Weapons room. Lock torpedoes on target.|Prepare to fire on command.
- Captain, shouldn't we identify it?|- We have our orders, Lieutenant.
But, sir...
The reactor's gone down.
- Engine room!|- That won't work. We're on battery power.
I'm going down there.|Prepare to surface at once!
Surface into what?|We're under 32 feet of glacial ice.
Scully? Are you there?
Scully? What's going on?
No. Sorry.
- Who was that?|- It's a wrong number.
- Where have you been, Mulder?|- I was trying to reach you.
I went by your house, but you weren't there.|I got here as quickly as I could.
- Why didn't you call me?|- I did call. I couldn't get through.
- Put your hands against the wall.|- Scully...
I said put your hands against the wall!
- What's wrong?|- Do it!
Scully, it's me.
I don't know who you are.
I'm gonna take my left hand and reach into|my pocket for my ID, OK? Don't shoot me.
- I got shot once and I didn't much...|- I said keep your hands up!
Where is he?
That was him on the phone, wasn't it?
Tell me where he is.
I don't know what you're talking about.
He's been here.
Your partner is alive. He took her to get me.
- But she wouldn't have just let him in.|- She might not have known who he was.
She might have thought it was you.
He'll contact you. He'll say he wants|to make a trade-your partner's life for mine.
- Why does he want to kill you?|- Because I know how to kill him.
- How?|- By piercing the base of his skull.
- That'll kill anybody.|- Yes, but this is the only way to kill him.
- I'm fairly sure it'll work.|- Fairly sure?
He's got powers I've never seen before.|If it doesn't work, you could die.
From what?
Their blood is toxic.|Human exposure to it is fatal.
- I know this must seem incredible...|- No. No, no.
That's just it. It doesn't seem incredible at all.|How do we find him?
We don't. He'll find us.
- He'll call.|- You're sure.
- I know what he wants.|- And if he doesn't get it?
- I know this is hard for you, Fox.|- No, it's not hard. It's unbelievable.
- You don't believe me.|- After 22 years, why come back?
- I've explained.|- You've explained only what you had to!
I know next to nothing about your so-called|parents or the man who wants to kill them!
The men you've been seeking|are the progeny of two original visitors.
Clones who have been attempting to|establish a colony here since the late 1940s.
- A colony?|- Loosely.
The community, by necessity, is dispersed.
Clones identical to my parents live|in virtually every part of the country.
What are they trying to accomplish?
It's their belief that our stewardship|of the planet is being forsaken...
...and that, by default,|they'll become the natural heirs.
And in the meantime?
Through hybridisation they've been erasing|that aspect which has forced them to scatter:
...their identical natures.
All the clones worked|in abortion clinics. Why?
Access to foetal tissue.|Though the biologies are incompatible...
...they finally found a way|to combine human DNA with alien DNA.
And this man...|Why has he been sent to kill them?
The experiments weren't sanctioned.
It was considered a dilution of|their species, a pollution of their race.
So a bounty hunter was dispatched|to destroy them and terminate the colony.
That's a good story.|But I've heard a lot of good stories lately.
I've got no reason to lie to you.
I'm your sister, Fox. You have to trust me.
Who is it?
- Mulder?|- The door's open.
Make yourself at home.
What's going on, Agent Mulder?|Why are the lights out?
Orders from my ophthalmologist.
- Are you all right?|- Yeah, I'm fine.
I've been trying to reach|you and Agent Scully.
I haven't checked my messages.
Agent Scully incarcerated four men|with the federal marshal's office...
...and those men are now missing.
It's all right. It's not him.
What the hell is going on here, Mulder?
- This is my sister. Samantha Mulder.|- What?
I've no time to explain.|Agent Scully is missing.
What do you mean, missing?
- Hello.|- Mulder, it's me.
- Scully, where are you?|- I don't know. I'm in a telephone booth.
He's got my gun, Mulder. He says he'll kill|me if you don't give him what he wants.
- What does he want?|- A woman who is with you.
He says you'll know what I'm talking about.
- Tell him we'll negotiate.|- He doesn't wanna negotiate.
- He says he wants to make a trade.|- All right, let me speak to him!
He says be at Memorial Bridge|in Bethesda in one hour.
- Scully, I need more time than that.|- Mulder...
Where is she? What's this negotiation?
We don't have any time. If I ever needed|your help, your trust, I need it now.
Mulder's in position.
We just need to make him think|we're gonna make a trade.
- We just need one shot.|- To the base of the neck.
These guys can hollow out|a dime at 200 yards.
Now, Samantha...
Do not take any unnecessary risks out there.
Bring her out.
Take your shot when you got it.
Step close. Right up close.
- Are you all right?|- Yeah.
- Yeah?|- I'm OK.
I lost the shot.
There's no way out.|We got both sides of the bridge covered.
Now let her go!
- Tell me where she is.|- Let her go!
Spread it out.
There's some debris under the bridge.
- Mulder...|- You should be in the hospital, Scully.
I was discharged an hour ago.
- Have they found anything yet?|- Nothing yet.
Do you think she could have survived?
- Maybe. But the water's 36.|- Maybe she went into hypothermic shock.
I've heard about people that have lived after|being in water like this eight to ten hours.
Mulder, why didn't you tell me|on the phone that it was her?
- I couldn't tell you.|- Why not?
Because you'd never|let me go through with it.
- Are you sure that it's your sister?|- Why would you even question me on that?
Because back at the motel it was you.|But it wasn't you.
Well, it was her!
- Then who is this man and where's he...|- He's an alien.
- Is that what you're gonna tell Skinner?|- I already told him. That was easy.
Now I gotta tell my father.
You didn't have me come all this way|to give me good news.
What is it, Fox?
Samantha's gone... Dad.
I lost her.
What do you mean, you lost her?
There was a man.
He was holding my partner hostage|in exchange for Samantha.
You let this man take your sister.
Isn't that what you're trying to tell me?
I can't explain it to you, but, um...
I believed I was doing the right thing, Dad.
Was this your decision?
I'll tell Mom.
Do you realise what losing her again|is going to do to your mother?
Do you?
I'm sorry, Dad.
I'm sorry.
I'm... I'm sorry.
Your sis...
Samantha left this at the house for you.
- Mulder.|- Mulder, it's me.
Scully, she left a path in case|we got separated. I think she's alive.
Mulder, I think you should come back|as soon as you can.
Why? What'd you find?
It's your sister.
We just pulled her body out of the river.
Mulder, I'm so sorry.
- Are you sure?|- Yeah.
You know...
Whatever you're feeling,|you can't blame yourself.
What about a second body?|Did you find a second body?
No, not yet.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
- Agent Scully, something you need to see.|- What is it?
It's the body we pulled from the water.|Something strange is happening.
Federal agent. Keep your hands where|I can see them and turn around. Slowly.
Who are you?
- She's dead, isn't she?|- What the hell is going on?
Come, please. There's not much time.
Who are you?
- It was all a lie.|- We needed your help.
- We knew you could be manipulated.|- He'll be coming. We must hurry now.
The man who's been sent to kill us.
He's dead.
- How do you know?|- He was shot. In the back of the neck!
- How did he die?|- He fell off a bridge.
With one of you.
Then we don't know for sure.|You could have been followed.
Come with me. This way, Agent Mulder.
The rest of us are dispensable.
She was the first.|The one from which we all came.
The one you must save.
- I'm not your saviour.|- You must help us. You have no choice.
No, I... I do have a choice.
My choice is to walk outta here.
We know where your sister is.
Ask yourself, Agent Mulder, how else|would we know so much about her?
He's here.
I found one!
Sir, we're gonna get you outta here!
- What about the others?|- We got real lucky. There are no others.
No, wait! There were women in here.
- We looked. You're the only one.|- No! Keep looking!
After treatment for smoke inhalation...
...Agent Mulder was released from|Samaritan Hospital in satisfactory condition.
At his request, the abortion clinic where|he was found has been searched repeatedly...
...but the bodies of the women|he insists perished were not found.
My report on this case remains incomplete.
Many aspects continue to defy explanation...
...including the identities|of the identical men and women.
Agent Mulder's claim of alien origins|cannot be substantiated.
The suspect in their disappearances|is still at large.
He has now been charged with the death|of FBI Special Agent Barrett Weiss...
...whose body is quarantined at the Medical|Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.
His cause of death involved|a thickening of the blood.
We now believe he was subjected|to a virulent strain of virus...
...whose origin and behaviour|are also unexplainable.
It is my hope that further analysis of this|contagion will aid in the solution of this case.
- This is a retrovirus?|- Yes. But we've never seen anything like it.
Do you recognise it?
Was the thickening of the blood|an immunological response to the virus?
Apparently. Exposure to it triggers|a massive production of red blood cells.
Take a look at this. We took a second culture|and were able to control its growth.
What did you do?
All we did was lower|the temperature by 5 Fahrenheit.
- So the virus is inhibited by cold.|- Knocked out by it!
For some reason this retrovirus|goes dormant at cold temperatures.
We pulled a body from the river|that was chilled near freezing.
- When it started to thaw, it began to corrode.|- Corrode?
If you find out anything else,|you let me know as soon as possible.
You wanted to see me?
- How was the opera?|- I've never slept better.
I don't like these hasty|public meetings, Agent Mulder.
- I'm sorry. I need your help.|- It's over. The fat lady is singing.
I need to know what you know.
- OK. They're all dead.|- No!
One of them is alive. The one|who was sent to kill them. Where is he?
A nuclear submarine located his craft|in the Beaufort Sea five days ago.
They were ordered to destroy it,|but were disabled.
An attack fleet left Anchorage this morning|to make sure this man does not leave.
I gotta get up there.
You'll only win the war if you pick|the right battles, Agent Mulder.
This is a battle you can't win.
Mulder, it's me. Are you there?
Scully-when you get this message|I'll be too far away for you to stop me...
...but where I'm going|I can't allow you to follow.
I won't let you jeopardise your life and your|career for reasons purely personal to me.
You were right, Scully.|You said a line has to be drawn somewhere.
And I'm drawing it for you here.
I'll contact you when I can.
I'm sorry to come unannounced, sir,|but your assistant wasn't at her desk.
- What is it, Scully?|- May we speak off the record, sir?
- About?|- Agent Mulder.
He's gone.
- Where?|- I don't know. I was hoping you'd tell me.
Agent Mulder told me he was going to take|some time off after what he'd been through.
He told me the same thing, but I don't think|this matter with his sister is settled.
Sir, is there any way that you can reach him|through unofficial channels?
- I can't help you, Scully.|- Please!
Agent Scully, you and I both have a greater|responsibility to consider-to the FBI.
Mulder's actions are in violation of his duties,|his oath of trust and Bureau protocol.
- He's risked my position, your life...|- Agent Mulder saved my life!
If he wanted or expected you to do the same,|he would have told you where he was going.
Please close the door|on your way out, Agent Scully.
Where's Mulder?
Sorry. I must have the wrong apartment.
Where's Mulder?
- I need to know, dammit!|- You've mistaken me for someone else.
I'm losing time!
I'm sorry. I can't help you.
Excuse me.
Did you tell her what she needed to know?
How hard do you wanna make this?
No harder than it has to be.
I've killed men for far less.
You pull that trigger,|you'll be killing two men.
Now, I wanna know where Mulder is.
Agent Mulder flew to Tacoma, Washington.
From there he caught a military plane|to Deadhorse, Alaska.
He used his FBI credentials|to charter an all-terrain vehicle.
It's still a ten-mile hike across the ice.
These are the coordinates|of his final destination.
- How did you get this?|- Unofficial channels.
- Who are you?|- Lieutenant Terry Wilmer.
Step outta there!
Come out!
What happened to you?
I don't know. We, uh...
We just lost power.
We... we drifted under the ice for days.
Then, um... then we hit a, uh...
Don't look at me! Face forward!
We hit a shallow patch|and punched through, OK?
That's what happened.
So why did you run?
A man came. He, um...
He sealed most of the men below decks|without any air and, uh...
And then he started to execute the rest of us.
Every... They're all dead.
I, uh... I thought you were him.|I didn't know if you were him.
How is it you managed to survive?
I hid under the body of the chief petty officer.
OK? I, um...
I played dead.
What's this for?
- What, are you crazy?|- No. I'm just tired.
You're not getting back to your ship|until I get the truth.
Tell me where my sister is.
- I don't know what you're talkin' about.|- Base of the neck!
Tell me how I can find her and I'll let you|get back to your ship before it's destroyed!
Please... Please, you're making|a really big mistake.
If I wanted to, I could have|killed you many times before.
Where is she?
Is the answer to your question worth|dying for? Is that what you want?
Where is she?
Just tell me where she is!
She's alive.
Can you die now?
No change in BP or pulse.
I'm Dana Scully, his partner.|What are his vitals?
- He's suffering from extreme hypothermia.|- No! Get him out of the tub.
- He's lost all his body heat.|- If you keep him in there, you'll kill him.
The cold is all that's keeping him alive.
His heart stopped!
- Give me one amp of epinephrine!|- You don't know what you're dealing with!
He has been exposed to a retrovirus|resulting in hyperviscosity syndrome.
- I want you out of my ER right now. Nurse!|- Yes. Ma'am...
His blood has thickened.|That's why his heart is failing.
His heart is failing|because he's lost all his body heat.
No, the only thing saving him right now is|the hypometabolic state induced by the cold.
Now, if you don't do what I'm saying,|you are going to kill him!
Let's get him out of that tub now.
Charged and ready.
- Clear.|- Clear.
- No rhythm.|- No.
- Clear.|- Clear.
- I'm picking up a faint pulse.|- Yes!
I want a digoxin 0.1mg IV.
Hang a heparin drip of 1,000 units per hour|and get two units of fresh frozen plasma now.
- This patient's not even...|- He's going to make it.
Transfusions and an aggressive treatment|with antiviral agents...
...have resulted in a steady but gradual|improvement in Agent Mulder's condition.
Blood tests have confirmed his exposure|to the still unidentified retrovirus...
...whose origin remains a mystery.
The search team that found Agent Mulder|located neither the submarine...
...nor the man he was looking for.
Several aspects of this case|remain unexplained...
...suggesting the possibility|of paranormal phenomena.
But I am convinced that|to accept such conclusions... to abandon all hope of understanding|the scientific events behind them.
Many of the things I've seen have challenged|my faith and my belief in an ordered universe.
But this uncertainty has only|strengthened my need to know... understand, to apply reason|to those things which seem to defy it.
It was science that isolated the retrovirus|Agent Mulder was exposed to.
And science that allowed us to|understand its behaviour.
And ultimately... it was science|that saved Agent Mulder's life.
How you feelin'?
Like I got a bad case of freezer burn.
How did I get here?
A naval reconnaissance squad found you.
They choppered you to Eisenhower Field.
- Thanks for ditching me.|- I am sorry.
I couldn't let you risk your life on this.
Did you find what you were looking for?
But I found something I thought I'd lost.
Faith to keep looking.
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