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Subtitles for X-Files 2x21 The Calusari.

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X-Files 2x21 The Calusari

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Charlie! Come on, Charlie!
- Here you go, sweetie.|- Charlie, hey! Ice cream.
Hey, buddy! Do you want|some ice cream? Yeah?
Here, Charlie. Here you go.
Look! There it goes!|Going to balloon land. Go bye-bye.
- (baby cries)|- Oh, ssh. Oh, sweetie, don't cry.
Hey, look. Here's some ice cream.|Want some ice cream?
Look. Here.
Teddy... Teddy, here's your balloon.
- Look at that! Here you go.|- Oh! Such a mess.
- We gotta clean you up.|- Charlie and I'll wait for you.
- That was my balloon.|- Eat your ice cream before it melts.
I don't want any ice cream. I want my balloon.
We'll get you a balloon, OK?
No. I want my balloon.
Fine. We'll get you another balloon.
That was a waste of good money.
Ooh! There we go.
OK. Ohh!
There we go. That's a boy.
What a good boy. OK.
OK, Teddy. I'll be right back, OK?
# There were six in the bed|and the little one said
# Roll over, roll over
# So they all rolled over and one fell out
# Five in the bed and the little one said
# Roll over, roll over
# So they all rolled over and one fell out
# Four in the bed and the little one said|roll over, roll over
# So they all rolled over and one fell out
# Three in the bed and the little one said|roll over, roll over
# So they all rolled over and one fell out
# Two in the bed and the little one said...
- There's a kid on the track!|- Oh, my God!
Teddy! Get away from there!
Teddy, come here!
Tell Teddy to get off the track!
Oh, my God!
Maggie... Teddy...
This was taken|at an amusement park three months ago.
The young boy in the background|is Teddy Holvey, aged two.
- He was killed seconds after this was taken.|- How?
According to the police report, he wandered|in front of the miniature train.
The conductor was unable to stop|due to malfunctioning brakes.
Teddy's dad works|for the State Department.
A coroner's inquest was held due to|the unusual circumstances of the accident.
- Did the inquest find anything unusual?|- No.
But the county medical examiner was|disturbed by this case and by this photo...
...and I think with good reason.
You see, this is a helium balloon.
One thing I learnt in kindergarten|is when you let them go, they float up.
- But this is moving away horizontally.|- Did you learn about wind in kindergarten?
The National Weather Service say|on that day the wind was blowing north.
But the balloon is moving south,|as if it's being pulled against the wind.
- Pulled? By whom?|- I don't know.
So I came to Chuck,|the king of digital imaging.
Chuck can extract incredibly small details|from a photographic print.
Not details. Information. Watch the monitor.
We have limitations on how much|the eye can perceive unaided.
But with this special software, which I|designed, we can detect hidden information.
We can manipulate it, enhance it.
Now watch right here.
There it is.
It's clearly a concentration|of electromagnetic energy.
So you're saying that, uh...|a ghost killed Teddy Holvey?
Did anyone check|the camera that took the photo?
- The lens or the pressure plate?|- It all checked out, Scully.
I think this is clearly|some kind of poltergeist activity.
This is the same reason|why you'll see a newspaper photo...
...with Jesus' face appearing|in the foliage of an elm tree.
It's a chance occurrence of light and shadow.
To get on the tracks, Teddy Holvey|escaped this childproof halter...
...that his mom had tied to a sink.|- I've seen some slippery two-year-olds.
So the CME put it on his own two-year-old...
...and found it was impossible|for the kid to free himself.
So unless Teddy was|the reincarnation of Houdini...
And that would be an X-File in itself.
I don't understand.|There's already been a formal inquest.
We're here apart from that investigation.
We believe something|may have been overlooked.
Like what?
The possibility Teddy|may have been helped onto the tracks.
- Oh, my God.|- There were over a hundred witnesses.
We saw Teddy ourselves. He was chasing|a balloon. There was no one else around.
It was an awful accident,|but that's all it was-an accident.
Do you have any reason to suspect|someone may have wanted to hurt Teddy?
He was just a baby.|Why would anybody want to hurt him?
I don't know what you're|getting at. We loved Teddy.
If you're suggesting this is like that woman|who drowned her kids, you're way out of line.
Mrs Holvey, did you hear anything in the|bathroom right before Teddy disappeared?
I already told the inquest I heard nothing.
Mrs Holvey, at the time of the accident|did you have any hired help?
No. My mother came to live with us|once Teddy was born.
Around the time of Teddy's death, had you|noticed anything strange happening?
Things moved, odd objects appearing?
It's that damn smoke detector.|I'll be right back.
Does this happen often?
It's an old house.|We have a problem with the wiring.
(speaks Romanian)
- Mother.|- Diavolo!
Mother, it was just a false alarm.
No! (speaks Romanian)
Mother! Stop it!
What is she saying?
- Maggie!|- You marry a devil.
You have devil child!
I'm sorry.
D'you recognise this?
- It's a swastika.|- It's also known as a gammadion or a fylfot.
It's an ancient symbol|used for protection or good luck...
...used by various cultures|since the Middle Ages.
The child had one on|the back of his hand last night.
My guess? It was drawn|by the old lady-to protect the boy.
- Yes, I saw her drawing it.|- You didn't think that was strange?
I think this boy needs|as much protection as he can get...
...but just not from ghosties|or beasties. Look at this.
Have you ever heard of|Münchhausen by proxy?
Yeah, my grandfather used|to take it for his stomach.
When a parent or caretaker|brings harm to a child... inducing symptoms, usually as|a way of getting attention or status.
Look at Teddy's medical history.
You'll see that he was admitted|to various hospitals ten times...
...during the two years he was alive.|That's once every three months.
Projectile vomiting at three months...
...diarrhoea at four months,|vomiting, diarrhoea, diarrhoea...
Each time they were unable|to determine the cause.
- And no one questioned this?|- The family moved around with Steve's job.
Records take time to transfer|from hospital to hospital.
But this abuse is not limited to just one child,|so I checked out Charlie's history as well.
- He had medical problems too?|- Since his brother was born...
...which is right when|Holvey's mother-in-law moved in.
Often the perpetrator of Münchhausen|by proxy will view the child as evil.
The old woman would be a likely candidate,|but it could be any family member.
Do you feel like taking a walk|over to the State Department, Scully?
Things have been strange since Golda,|my mother-in-law, moved in with us.
I met Maggie in Romania in 1984.
Golda forbade our marriage,|said I was the devil.
After I transferred back to the US,|things got somewhat better...
...until Teddy was born|and she came to live with us.
That's when the strangeness really started.
What kind of strangeness?
Superstitions rule Golda's life.
She'll spit if anyone compliments the kids.
Once she moved in, she poured hot water|over the threshold to ward off demons...
...tied red strings around the kids' wrists.
One day I caught her|throwing chicken guts on the roof.
Then Teddy and Charlie|started getting sick... a lot.
- And you suspect Golda?|- She'll call Charlie evil right to his face.
But at the same time she dotes on him|like... she's afraid of him.
Afraid of him or for him?
I just don't know.
Are you familiar with|Münchhausen by proxy?
Are you accusing us of child abuse?
Teddy's medical records|have raised some questions.
I could never say this to Maggie, but...
...l've wondered if it wasn't Golda who snuck|in and let Teddy out of the bathroom that day.
I'd like to interview your son Charlie, Mr|Holvey, but with a professional counsellor.
This is gonna be hard.
- Maggie!|- What do they want? To take Charlie away?
They just want him|to talk with a social worker.
- They'll put lies into Charlie's head.|- You're being unreasonable.
You want to take him away! You blame me|for Teddy and you want to take him away.
I won't listen to this. This is ridiculous! If you|wanna come, you can. I'm taking Charlie now.
No, Steven!
- What was that?|- (speaks Romanian)
Come on, Charlie, let's get your coat.
- You have no right to do this!|- Maggie.
Come on. We'll meet you out front.
- OK, you buckled in there?|- Yeah.
No! No!
Daddy! No!
No! Daddy!
Daddy! No!
Daddy! Daddy!
You see this?
- Find anything?|- Yeah, maybe.
It looks like ash.
Yeah. It's everywhere. Look at this.
The Holveys said earlier|they had problems with the wiring.
- It could be the motor shorted out.|- No, the motor's fine.
- What do you think it is?|- I don't know, but I'll have this analysed.
Before we do anything,|we should get Charlie out of here.
I called a social worker|who's gonna come down and make a report.
- The courts will be reluctant to intervene.|- Not when a child is in danger.
And not after they see two dead roosters|in the old woman's bedroom.
- Still think this is Münchhausen by proxy?|- Without a doubt.
- What did you do?|- I didn't do anything.
Stay away from our house!
- Hey. You wanna see something weird?|- What?
Chem lab analysis of|the ash from the Holveys' house.
No trace of any metal,|no carbon, no oxygen, no nothing.
- What do you mean?|- It contains nothing organic or inorganic.
In fact, according to the technicians,|this ash doesn't exist. Come on.
- Where are we going?|- To get a second opinion.
Oh, wow!
Haven't seen this for a while.|Not since India, 1979.
- India?|- Before Chuck succumbed to academia...
...he did a tour of duty on the old hippie trail.|- It's called vibuti.
Holy ash. Technically it's called an apport -|something that materialises out of thin air.
Wait a second.|Nothing materialises out of thin air.
You've read the Bible? Remember|Jesus creating the loaves and the fishes?
- Yeah, but that was a parable.|- In 1979 I witnessed a guru named Sai Baba...
...create an entire feast out of thin air.
Too bad you didn't take a picture and use|your computer to see the entire Last Supper.
Vibuti is created during the presence|of spirit beings or during bilocation...
...which is a phenomenon where a person's|energy is transported to a different location.
That energy could have been|what set off the garage-door opener.
Yeah, that-or somebody|activated the remote control.
Well, who are you suggesting did that?
Who was standing outside when|the garage door opened on us yesterday?
The old lady... and Charlie.
(chanting in Romanian)
(boy cries out in Romanian)
Mrs Holvey? My name is Karen Kosseff.|I'm a social worker with the FBI.
I've been instructed|to file a report for the court.
- May I come in?|- No.
- Please, I've already had enough trouble.|- I understand, Mrs Holvey.
But if you won't talk to me,|I'll have to put that in the report...
...and it could very well|complicate your situation.
- Mommy!|- Charlie?
Oh, my God!
Charlie! It's OK, Charlie.
It's OK. It's OK, Charlie. It's OK.
He's been sick. My mother was|supposed to be looking after him.
Mother? Mother!
- (Golda speaks Romanian)|- Get out of my house!
(speaks Romanian)
(speaks Romanian)
Get out!
I have had enough, Mother.
I want you out of my house.
(Golda speaks Romanian)
Mother! Mother!
(speaks Romanian)
The grandmother's taken the child|and locked him in the room with her.
- She may have a knife. I've called 911.|- What happened?
There were three strange men.|They were performing some kind of ritual.
No! No, Nanna!
(speaks Romanian)
It is the only way.
(speaks Romanian)
Oh, my God!
Oh, no!
Mother! Mother!
- Did you talk to Charlie?|- He says he doesn't remember anything.
The coroner's preliminary report|says she died of a heart attack.
But those wounds...|I'd swear her eyes were pecked out.
There was more ash on the floor beneath|the old woman's body. And look at this.
- What is it?|- It's mugwort. I think it's a ceremonial herb.
- Was this a ritual killing?|- No, the reverse swastika on the window...
...and the red string around his wrist|are protective devices.
- Protection against what?|- I don't know.
But the old woman knew the family was|in trouble. Those men were here to help her.
I told you before,|get out of my house!
(speaks Romanian)
I am not interested in your superstition.
Now get out. Now!
- Mrs Holvey?|- It's all right.
- Who are they?|- They are the Calusari.
In Romania they are responsible for|the correct observance of sacred rites.
What did he say?
He said it's not over.
- The evil is still here.|- Excuse me.
Sir? Can I have a word with you?
Sir, I'm with the FBI.|I'd like to ask you some questions.
You were trying to protect the family, weren't|you? You said there was still evil here.
Sir! I can arrest you if I have to.
The evil that is here has always been.
It has gone by different names|through history.
Cain, Lucifer, Hitler.
It does not care if it kills|one boy or a million men.
If you try to stop us,|the blood will be on your hands.
Mrs Holvey?
I know this is a difficult time, but there are|some questions that need to be answered.
My mother used to say that evil follows evil.
Once someone suffers a misfortune,|they'll always have bad luck.
I used to think that was just a superstition.
Now I don't know what to believe.
I blamed her, you know?
For all that's happened.
I thought maybe she was|putting a curse on us to punish me.
Punish you for what?
For abandoning the old ways.
I was raised to believe, as she did, in spirits.
The unseen world.
When I married Steve and came|to this country, I left all that behind.
Do you know what kind of ceremony|she was performing upstairs?
She was trying to cleanse the house of evil.
She thought Charlie|was responsible somehow.
How could he be responsible|for all this horror?
He's just a little boy!
I think we should talk to Charlie and find out|what happened in your mother's bedroom.
I was told they found you in|your grandmother's room yesterday.
Can you tell me about it?
Do you remember how you got there?
Your mother said|you were there. Remember?
I wasn't there!
Many people saw you in the room.
It wasn't me! I wasn't there! It wasn't me!
- Who was in the room?|- No!
Was there someone else in the room?
No! I didn't hurt her!
Charlie? Charlie!
Who hurt your grandmother? Charlie!
- It was him!|- Who, Charlie? Who?
It was Michael! Michael!
Mrs Holvey?
We never told him.
It was agreed upon. It was our secret.
What secret, Mrs Holvey?|What are you talking about?
He was Charlie's twin.
He was stillborn.
Steven and I agreed|never to tell Charlie about it.
My mother...
...she wanted to perform a ritual of separation|when she heard of Michael's death - divide their souls.
She said... if we didn't,|the world of the dead would follow Charlie.
But it was just a superstition.
Help! I need your help.
- Charlie?|- He's having some kind of seizure.
Don't restrain him.|Let's turn him on his side.
Charlie, you're going to be OK.
- How's Charlie?|- He's resting. How's Mrs Holvey?
I'm amazed she hasn't broken down.|She's in the waiting room, trying to sleep.
The doctor said that Charlie had a seizure,|but they're unable to determine the cause.
I'm sorry, Charlie. I didn't mean|to scare you. I'm Nurse Castor.
I'm just gonna give you|something to help you sleep.
- No, I don't want a shot!|- I know, but if you spit out your medicine...
...we have to give it to you some other way.|- No!
Just relax. It won't hurt.|Afterwards I'll give you a sticker.
- Leave me alone!|- Charlie, it'll just be a little pinch.
- Now I want you to relax.|- Stop it!
- Charlie... Now, I want you to behave.|- Leave me alone!
- Charlie, I want you to behave. Just relax.|- No! Don't do it! Don't do it!
No, Michael!
Michael, don't!
- I want to go home now.|- Charlie?
What are you doing up?|Why are you dressed?
They said I could go home now.
- Who said that?|- The doctors.
They said I could leave.
All right, then.
Let's just get your coat.
- And we'll talk to the doctors.|- No, Mommy.
Let's just go home. Now!
OK, Charlie.
We'll go straight home.
What are you looking at?
- Is that Mrs Holvey?|- Where?
I think she's got Charlie with her.
- Are you all right?|- He hit me.
- Who? Charlie?|- No, not him. The other one.
There were two of them. Two boys.
- You gotta get to Mrs Holvey.|- Why?
The boy who left with|Mrs Holvey wasn't Charlie.
- Are you saying she left with a ghost?|- Or a spirit. I'm not sure.
It's what was in the photo and what the|old woman tried to protect the family from.
It's killed three people. You've got to get|to Mrs Holvey's before it happens again.
- What are you gonna do?|- Get help.
- There you go, Charlie.|- Aren't you going to have some?
No, dear. I'm not hungry.
- Tomorrow we can go to the park.|- Yes. Sure.
Can I have a balloon?
Can we ride the train, Mommy?
Now, you finish up|and Mommy will be right back, OK?
(speaks Romanian)
Please God, don't let it be true.
What are you doing, Mommy?
- (chants in Romanian)|- Mommy?
Guard the door.
Mrs Holvey?
(chanting in Romanian)
(cries out in Romanian)
(speaks Romanian)
Come hold him down.
Don't look at it!|Look away or it will recognise you.
(Maggie chants in Romanian)
(chants in Romanian)
(shouts in Romanian)
It hurts!
Do not let go! He tricks you.
- Are you all right?|- Charlie?
Let the boy rest.
We must find the mother. The boy needs her.
- Scully, are you all right?|- We're OK. How's Charlie?
Hello, sweetie. Charlie!
It is over... for now.
But you must be careful. It knows you.
The case of Charlie Holvey|and the deaths that occurred...
...during his possession by a dark|and malevolent force are unsolved.
The boy, who celebrates his tenth birthday|next month, is under the care of his mother.
Though I believe him to be innocent, I am|disturbed by the warnings of the Calusari:
...that neither innocence nor vigilance may be|protection against the howling heart of evil.
Visiontext subtitles: David Van-Cauter
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