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Subtitles for X-Files 2x22 F Emasculata.

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X-Files 2x22 F Emasculata

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Get away! Shoo!
Get away. Shoo!
RBP to field base, come in.
Field base, come in, please.
This is Dr Robert Torrence|with the Biodiversity Project...
...requesting immediate evacuation|from Sector Z15.
This is a medical emergency. Please respond.
I repeat: Dr Robert Torrence,|Biodiversity Project.
Immediate evacuation from Sector Z15.
Esperen un momento. ¿ Oyeron eso?
- Vamos. Síganme.|- Adelante.
¿ Qué es?
¿Está vivo?
Hey, Bobby! You got some mail.
Don't waste my time, Winston.|Both of us know I ain't got nobody.
Could be those Baptists from Annandale.|I hear they've been sending fruitcake.
Hey, Winston! You think this is funny?|What kind of crap you tryin' to pull here?
Get this thing out of my crib!
- When was he exposed?|- 18 hours ago.
It incubated so quickly.
Where's the prison doc?|I wanna see the prison doc.
We're specialists, Mr Torrence.
What's wrong with me?
Five centimetres. They appear fairly uniform.
- Basal temperature?|- 103.5.
Oxygen saturation: 81 per cent.
- What's wrong with me?|- Try and relax, Mr Torrence.
We're here to help you.
Put the sheets in the cart.|Make sure and get all them pillows, too.
I'll be back in five minutes.
We'll be here.
See that? Like he couldn't|clear out of here fast enough.
- The whole cell block's empty.|- McGuire says they're full up at the infirmary.
- Bringing in more beds.|- Yeah, well...'s probably something going around.
- Maybe.|- What? You know somethin'?
I know those sheets|ain't going to the laundry.
McGuire says they're going|to some kind of incinerator.
But the laundry pick-up's still happening.
According to my briefing, the prisoners|escaped by hiding in a laundry cart.
The guards don't watch|enough prison movies.
And they're both serving life terms.
- Murder convictions.|- Everybody's here.
- I thought this was about escaped prisoners.|- It is.
Then who are the men in the funny suits?
I don't know.|It looks like some kind of decon situation.
FBI running out of|crooked politicians to sting?
Excuse me?
Mulder and, uh, Scully?
That's right. We have orders to work with|the federal marshals on this manhunt.
Either of you two ever run|an escaped-convict operation?
Then you'd be a big help|if you just try to stay out of the way.
Well, we'd be happy to, as soon as|we can talk to someone who's in charge.
- I'm in charge.|- Apparently not.
Or you'd know why|our involvement was requested.
We don't know why we're here.|If we saw the warden...
No one's here. It's been taken over|by the National Guard.
- They've closed off most of the facility.|- Why?
I don't know. A federal marshal's|business isn't in here.
It's out there trying|to catch those two convicts.
- Where did this case originate, Scully?|- It came out of Skinner's office.
- Did he say why he gave it to us?|- No. Why?
Well, this isn't the type of thing|the FBI normally gets called in on.
I got a feeling we're not|being told the entire story.
I've got the same feeling, Mulder.
- You think you can find out what's going on?|- I can try.
- Where are you going?|- To see if I can get in the way.
Hey, you girls go with Mom.
I'll see you in a minute.
Hey! Robert?
- Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!|- Hey! Hey!
- I'm sorry. This is a restricted area.|- Who are you?
- Dr Osborne.|- Are you the prison doctor?
- No.|- Who do you work for?
The CDC.
You work for the Centers for Disease Control.|What are you doing here?
Sir? I'm a medical doctor.|I wanna know what's going on here.
If you don't let me in, a lot of people|in Washington are gonna find out...
...that you're conducting|a secret quarantine in here.
- I'm under strict orders.|- So am I.
There is a flu-like illness|spreading amongst the prisoners.
- How many people are infected?|- 14 men so far.
- Any deaths?|- 10... of the 14.
What are the chances|the men who escaped are infected?
They just took off. Can you believe that?
- Mulder.|- Mulder, it's me.
I'm starting to get a picture|of what's going on.
- What did you find?|- There's a deadly contagion...
...sweeping the lockdown population.|- Deadly?
How deadly?
Well, from what I've seen so far...|36 hours after infection deadly.
Is there a chance any of|the escaped men were infected?
The exact nature of this thing is unclear.
So is their exposure to it|and any danger they might pose.
- I'd say these guys are a danger in any event.|- Let's get him out.
Call me as soon as you know anything.
I don't care who you are.|I want you out of here right now.
- Not until I get answers.|- You're in violation of federal statutes.
- I'm a federal agent, sir.|- Who were you on the phone to?
My partner. He needs to know|if the escaped men are infected.
That information is unavailable.
Then I wanna see charts|and I want access to the infirmary.
You see what I let you see.
I'm free, baby.
- Paul?|- Listen. I'm gonna...
- Where are you?|- I'm coming home.
- What are you talking about?|- I'm coming to get ya.
What? What?
Yo! Anybody in here?
Hey, man. Are you OK?
You look messed up.
Hey, man...
You can't be down here.
I need to know what they're dying from. You|said this was some kind of a flu-like illness.
- What are these?|- The bodies should not be exposed.
Do all of the victims have these boils?|You're burning the bodies. Why?
Dr Osborne, wait!
Freeze! Hands in the air! Freeze!
We got a man down!
He's alive!
Attendant is Angelo Garza. He took|a crack to the head, but he's talking.
Lucky they didn't kill him.
Kid's got a lot of hair.|Probably absorbed the blow.
He found one of the men in pain on|the bathroom floor with a boil on his face.
There's a contagion at the prison.|These men could be infected.
Get on the horn.|See what anybody knows about that.
They took the kid's keys and got in the safe.|They got money, a car...
...possibly a firearm,|and they got a big head start.
- Any idea where they're headed?|- 23 possible roads and thoroughfares.
- Either of them got a girlfriend?|- Those records are locked up in the prison.
- For now, this is Smokey and the Bandit.|- If they did, they probably tried to call them.
Did you think of that?
This is the operator. How may I help you?
I'm a federal agent assisting|in a manhunt for two prisoners.
My badge number is: JTT047101111. I need to|know the last call made from this booth.
All right, sir. One moment, please.
That number is 555-6936.
- Can you repeat that, please?|- 555-6936.
All right, thank you.
What's going on here? Hey!|What are you guys doing here?
Hey, what the hell's going on here?|Who authorised this?
- Are you gonna do anything about this?|- What's going on? What's going on?!
Where are they taking me?
Who are you?
- Hey, did you order this?|- No.
- Then who the hell did?|- I don't know. There was a call made...
...from that booth two hours ago. I got an|address and number for Dinwiddie County.
Wait here, sweetie. I'll be right back.
- I thought you were BS-ing me.|- I'm gone, sweet thing.
- They ain't never takin' me back.|- I ain't gonna let them.
- Mommy! Mommy!|- I'm coming, sweetie.
Daddy's home. Come on.
- I got somebody with me.|- What?
What's wrong with him?
I don't know. He's out of it.
- Oh, hell. He's burning up.|- We gotta get him in the house.
Can I help you?
Yes. I'm trying to trace the origin|of a package that was sent to...
...a Robert Torrence at the Cumberland State|Correctional Facility in Virginia.
- Do you have the package ID number?|- Yeah, the package ID number is DDP112148.
Sure, I'll hold.
Are you there?|It was sent from Wichita, Kansas.
The package was sent from Wichita, Kansas?|Did you record the name of the sender?
It says here it was sent|from Pinck Pharmaceuticals.
- Could you check that again, please?|- Sure.
- Yes, ma'am. That's what it says.|- Thank you.
What do you know about|Pinck Pharmaceuticals?
It's one of, if not the biggest,|manufacturer of drugs in America. Why?
They sent a package to a prisoner who may|have been the first victim of the contagion.
- Any idea what was in the package?|- No. It's empty.
From the description, one prisoner had|a large, purplish inflammation on his face.
That sounds like what I'm finding|on all the victims in here.
- Do you know what that means, Mulder?|- It could spread. I need to know more.
- How it's transmitted.|- I'm on it.
Gotta go. Gotta keep movin'.
Paul! Paul, he's awake.
Paul, come here!
You gotta help me. I'm... I'm burning up here.
Paul! Paul!
We got one prisoner dead in the bedroom.|The other one's gone.
Charlie, why don't you get the boy?
- Come with me.|- Why? What's going on?
Just come with me.
What the hell is going on?
I've been infected.
They're not letting me out.|The entire prison's been quarantined.
- By who? The CDC?|- The CDC has nothing to do with this.
It's the company. They're behind everything.
Pinck Pharmaceuticals.|You work for Pinck Pharmaceuticals?
How did this happen?
We finance exploration of|new species from the rainforest...
...with potential drug applications.
Three months ago, a field entomologist|disappeared in Costa Rica.
- Disappeared how?|- We're not sure.
He just sent us some samples of an insect.
Like this? I found this buried|in one of the dead prisoners.
Faciphaga emasculata.
We were interested in it because|of a dilating enzyme it secretes.
Is this what caused the outbreak?
No. No, not precisely.
F. emasculata is a parasitoid -|a bug that carries a parasite.
In this case, a deadly parasite|that attacks the immune system.
The pustules are part of|the natural reproductive cycle.
They're full of the larvae that|you see there on the scope.
So the contagion only spreads|when the pustules erupt.
And the larvae that are expelled|burrow into the new host.
Agent Scully... you were there|when the pustule erupted on me.
Which means you may also be infected.
Come in.
- Thank you for seeing me at this late hour.|- What is it?
This case we've been assigned. I believe|we've been misled. Possibly deceived.
- Deceived? By whom?|- Whoever originated the case.
What is the accusation, Agent Mulder?
That we were sent on this manhunt without|knowledge of the existence of the contagion.
- What is the exact nature of the contagion?|- It's deadly. It kills within 36 hours.
One escaped convict was infected -|he's dead now.
The other man may be infected|and he's on the loose.
Does anyone know whether|it's a virus or a bacteria?
We know that over a dozen men have died|from it. It appears to be highly contagious.
- Then you don't know much.|- Why weren't we told the truth?
We didn't know the truth. What we knew|would have slowed you down.
Innocent people could be infected.|You could have prevented that.
How? In 1988 there was an outbreak|of haemorrhagic fever in Sacramento.
The truth would have caused panic.|Panic would have cost lives.
- We controlled it by controlling information.|- You can't protect the public by lying.
It's done every day.
I won't be a party to it.
How about you?
You're a party to it already.
How many people are being infected|while you stand here not doing your job?
Ten? Twenty?|What's the truth, Agent Mulder?
- Mulder.|- Mulder, they're enforcing a full quarantine.
One of the epidemiologists|who claimed to be with the CDC...
...told me that this was no accident.
Pinck Pharmaceutical is here|trying to clean it up quietly.
- And the government would have to know.|- Do you have proof of that?
Why else would the National Guard be here?|They're protecting Pinck Pharmaceutical.
I need to know how this happened. Document|everything you can get your hands on.
- People have to know about the cover-up.|- The public?
- It's a public-health crisis.|- We can't leak this. Not until we know more.
The fugitive you're looking for|might not even be infected.
- What if he is?|- If this gets out...
...the panic is gonna spread faster than|the contagion. We can't let this be known.
What if someone dies|because we withheld what we knew?
What if someone dies because we didn't?
There'll be a time for the truth,|Mulder, but this isn't it.
Are you OK in there, Scully?
Yeah. I'm OK. All I want you to|worry about is capturing that fugitive.
Take care of yourself, Mulder.
If you're not infected,|you should leave immediately.
And if I am?
The parasite is undetectable|in the bloodstream.
This is the only way to test|whether or not you've been infected.
These uninfected insects act as incubators.
Now the insect's bite won't infect you.
The contagion can only be contracted|through exposure to the larvae.
How long will this take?
Thirty minutes. Then another two hours...
...before the parasite reproduces|enough for us to see it.
Elizabeth? My name is Fox Mulder.|I'm with the FBI.
- Where did Paul go, Elizabeth?|- I don't know.
I think you do know.
And I think you know why you're in here.
- How are you feeling?|- I'm fine.
Steve felt fine too.|It didn't take long for that to change.
- You're just tryin' to scare me.|- You should be scared.
- If I were you, I'd be scared.|- You're lyin'!
Paul is the one who was lying. And if|he's infected, a lot of people are gonna die.
If that's true, how come it's not on TV?|How come they're not tellin' everybody?
- That's not my decision.|- Well, whose decision is it?
You knew about it|and you didn't say anything.
Why should I tell the truth if you won't?
Elizabeth, Paul is out there somewhere.|I have to find him.
Now you can help me...
...or not.
Ten o'clock bus to Toronto.|She was supposed to be with him.
That bus depot's over a half-hour from here.
- Get on to the local PD.|- They don't know what they're dealing with.
If he's infected, he could spread it.|What we need now is control.
Toronto, one way?
Now... once we harvest|the blood from the insect...
The toxins... they're moving into my brain|just like it did on the prisoners.
I don't have much longer.
I need you to help me.
What do you want me to do?
Go on.
You have to complete the test.
Why did you confide in me?
It's not a secret I feel like taking to the grave.
People have a right to know|the danger we put them in.
If your test comes back negative...|you have to tell them.
How can I prove it?
I don't know.
But if you don't, it'll just happen again.
Don't believe for a second|that this is an isolated incident.
Your attention, please.|Bus number 953...
- Wait a second.|- I don't wanna miss the bus.
You see that? They're still loading|the luggage. You're not missing anything.
You have enough time to give|your mother a kiss goodbye.
Be careful. Say hi to Uncle Jay.
What's the time?
Twenty to ten.
- What are you doing?|- This material will be destroyed...
...according to standard CDC procedure.
You don't work for the CDC.
Where's Dr Osborne?
- He told me what happened here.|- What happened here was unavoidable.
- We'll leave that up to others to decide.|- Dr Osborne is dead.
No one in this room|will corroborate your story.
Just be glad this thing is under control.
Would the driver of bus number 25|to Pittsburgh come to the dispatch office?
Your attention, please.|Announcing the arrival of bus number 126...
- He's here. He bought a ticket to Toronto.|- Son of a bitch.
And he's infected.
- Mulder.|- Mulder...
...I think everything here is under control.
- You OK, Scully?|- Yeah.
- Have you found the second prisoner?|- Yeah. He's headed to Toronto.
He's alive? Mulder, listen to me.|Everything here has been destroyed.
Any evidence whatsoever|of a cover-up has been incinerated.
That prisoner is the last man who could|possibly connect the conspirators.
- He's infected. He's gonna die.|- If you want the truth...
...he's gonna have to make a statement.
- Hold your men back. I'm getting on the bus.|- We've got the situation controlled.
- That bus isn't going anywhere.|- The prisoner sees a uniform, he could panic.
He panics, and innocent people die.
- What you do wanna do?|- I take the seat behind the prisoner.
I put my gun to his head.|I make an announcement to clear the bus.
Thank you.
Can you take your seat, sir?
- There's supposed to be a man on the bus.|- I've got a schedule to keep.
Now please, take your seat,|or I'm gonna have to ask you to get off.
Take the key out of the ignition|and turn around slowly.
- What is this?|- I'm with the FBI.
I need to know if this man|has boarded the bus.
That's him, right back there.
Federal agent! Drop your weapon!
Plan A has gone to hell. Get ready.
- Let the boy go!|- Move the damn bus!
You got over two dozen US marshals out|there, Paul. How far are you gonna get?
I'm dying, ain't I?
The question is, how many people|are you gonna take with you?
- What is this thing?|- You were infected in prison.
- It's what Bobby Torrence had.|- And your girlfriend, Elizabeth.
And possibly your son.
How many more people|do you want to expose?
It came from that package|in Bobby's cell, didn't it?
You saw a package?
What the hell was it?
All right, everybody off the bus.
Just keep going. Just go. Just go.
Keep moving.
All right, come on out. It's OK.
Come on, just slide out. I'm here for you.
That's it. Come on.
All right.
All right, Paul. What was in that package?
What was in that package? A pharmaceutical|company was using you as a guinea pig.
If you tell me what was in that package,|I'll make sure they don't get away with it.
Come on, Paul. You remember. Tell me!
Get him off the bus.|Get him outta there.
You have to get off. Let's go.
Get off.
Robert Torrence was patient zero -|the first prisoner to contract the disease.
Before going to the infirmary, he received|a package from Pinck Pharmaceuticals.
They orchestrated this|to circumvent years of FDA trials... get their drug on the market.|- Why are you telling me this?
I wanted you to hear from me|before you read it in the papers.
I'd seriously reconsider|bringing this to the media.
The public should know,|so it doesn't happen again.
You're gonna prove this conspiracy|with an empty package and a dead insect?
- Leave it alone. The epidemic was contained.|- 18 people are dead.
And if you're helping them cover the truth,|you're just as guilty as they are.
You really have no idea|who you're dealing with, do you?
I thought I was dealing with you.
- We can't prove a thing. They've made sure.|- What are you talking about?
The Costa Rican government faxed me|the report on the missing scientist.
His name was Robert Torrence,|the same as our prisoner.
It was their fail-safe in case it came to this.|They could blame it on a simple postal error.
A mistake.
That's why we were given this assignment,|right? They knew all along.
So that even if we succeeded in finding|the truth, we'd be discredited as part of it.
Am I right?
- Am I right?!|- You never had a chance, Agent Mulder.
- For every step you take, they're three ahead.|- Where do you stand?
I stand right on the line|that you keep crossing.
Come on, let's go.
Agent Mulder.
I'm saying this as a friend.
Watch your back.
This is just the beginning.
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