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Subtitles for X-Files 2x25 Anasazi.

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X-Files 2x25 Anasazi

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... rocked New Mexico.|Centred under the desert...
...the 5.6 tremor was felt as far away|south as Corona and Roswell.
- Where are you going?|- Riding. I'll be back in a few hours.
Leave the snakes alone today.
They'll be angry and afraid.
I found something. You better come see.
Robert, come home right now!
What do you think it is?
I don't know.
(speaks Navajo)
What did he say?
He said it should be returned.
They will be coming.
You bitch!
Gentlemen... That was|the phone call I never wanted to get.
- Check the bedroom.|- Clear!
- What are you doing here?|- Can we talk inside?
I'm not feeling well. I didn't sleep last night.
Really not in the mood for the Three Stooges.
- I don't think we've been followed.|- Who would follow you?
A multinational black ops unit,|code-named Garnet.
Trained killers,|School of the Americas alumni.
Have you been defacing library books again?
They don't want us.
- They want him.|- Kenneth Soona?
- We think that's his real name.|- You've heard us call him "The Thinker".
What did he do?
Hacked into the Defense Department|computer system.
- Why?|- The Thinker's an anarchist and a snoop.
Whatever he got into has|made him a very wanted man.
Customs and Immigration are on full alert.|Every port of egress is closed.
- Why are you coming to me?|- In his last communiqué...
...the Thinker named a meeting place|and a three-hour time window.
He asked specifically for you.
The problem is he may already be dead.
- What happened?|- She shot her husband. Married 30 years.
- Like she went crazy.|- OK, go back to your apartments.
We'll handle this. Excuse me, sir.
I don't want you to know my real name.|I don't think it's that important that you know.
Sounds like a line I used in a bar once.
I'm sorry about the wait,|but I got this ninja party shagging my butt.
Why? What have you got?
If I'm correct, I got the original Defense|Department's UFO intelligence files.
- Everything from 1940s and up.|- Everything?
- Everything. Roswell, MJ12, and beyond.|- You've read them?
Not entirely. I downloaded|all I could and then I split.
I knew these guys were gonna be after me.
What makes you think|they know who you are?
I didn't take any precautions.|I mean, I didn't even expect to get inside!
They've always denied that these files|even existed. What do you want from me?
I want the truth. And I want you to promise|that those rat bastards answer to the people.
- Mulder, Skinner's looking for you.|- Come in and lock the door.
- Why? What's going on?|- Do you know the Ten Commandments?
- You want me to recite them?|- Just the one about obeying the Sabbath.
God made heaven and earth, but didn't|tell anybody about his side projects.
- What are you talking about?|- The biggest lie of all.
- What is this?|- The holy grail.
The original Defense Department files.
Evidence that the government has known|about extraterrestrials for 50 years.
- Where did you get this?|- Your friendly neighbourhood anarchist.
No. I don't believe this.
This is just gibberish.
Dammit! I'm so sick of this crap!
BS and double talk.
I can't believe this.
- Mulder, this may not be gibberish.|- It's a joke, Scully. It's a bad joke!
I think it's just encrypted|and I think I recognise it.
It looks like Navajo.|It was used during World War II.
It was the only code|the Japanese couldn't break.
- I remember the long strings of consonants.|- Well, can you find out?
- Only a handful of people can decipher it.|- Then find one of them.
- Are you OK?|- Yeah. I just haven't been sleeping.
- Agent Mulder, I need to speak with you.|- About?
- Agent Mulder, I need to speak with you.|- About?
- In my office.|- Why? Is it another jerk-off assignment...
...where I end up doing|the government's dirty work?
It's about a rumour that you may be|in receipt of some sensitive files.
- I don't know anything about that.|- Agent Mulder, listen...
I'm talking to you...
Are we finished, Agent Mulder?
Are we done?
We're done.
- You wanted to see me, sir?|- Yes, Agent Scully. Please have a seat.
Agent Scully?
You heard about the incident|here in the hallway yesterday?
Yes, sir.
Do you have any explanation as to|Agent Mulder's bizarre behaviour?
No, sir.
Agent Mulder told me|he was having trouble sleeping.
Do you think Agent Mulder|confides in you, Agent Scully?
- Of course. He's my partner.|- Your partner?
Weren't you assigned to Agent Mulder|to debunk his work?
Yes, sir. A year and a half ago.
I've been writing reports stating the validity|of Agent Mulder's work on the X-Files.
- Would you lie to protect him?|- Am I being accused of lying?
Agent Mulder has been notified|of a disciplinary hearing.
If there's something we learn then|that you haven't stated here today... may be subject|to the same summary action.
What action is that?
Dismissal without chance of reinstatement.
Is that all, sir?
Yes, Agent Scully. Thank you.
Hello, Bill.
- What are you doing here?|- I've come on some pressing business.
- We had agreed you would never...|- That was a long time ago.
There have been unforeseen events.
No one was supposed to know.
Who could have predicted the future, Bill?
That the computers you and I only|dreamed of would be home appliances...
...capable of technical espionage.|- The files should have been destroyed.
They should have, but they weren't.|Regret is an inevitable consequence of life.
How do you know my son has them?
The man who stole them has come forward.
Oh, God.
As always, we maintain plausible denial.
The files are only as real as|their possible authentication.
- My name is in those files.|- The files have been encrypted.
We have a certain luxury of time.
We endeavoured to prevent|that fact from ever coming to light.
You wouldn't... harm him?
I've protected him this long, haven't I?
He's been provident in|the alliances he's created.
The last thing we need|is a martyr or a crusade.
But if he should... learn of my involvement?
You're your own man, Bill.|You always have been.
But I strongly encourage you in that event... deny everything.
It's good to see you again, Bill.
You look well.
You didn't answer your door.
I took a pill.
- I couldn't find you at work. I was worried.|- I came home.
I must be running a fever.
Maybe it's the threat|of being burned at the stake.
They called me in today.
- What did you tell them?|- That nothing was wrong.
You told them the truth, then.
You opened the door for them.|They're just looking for a reason.
OK. I'll say I'm sorry.
Mulder, these files, um...|Who knows you have them?
- Why?|- Because I had to lie today.
And I put my job in jeopardy|in order to do so.
- If they find out...|- How would they find out?
Maybe they already know.
The question is... is it worth it?
- Is it worth risking everything?|- I'll tell you when I know what's on it.
Now just tell me who I can talk to|about breaking that code.
I'm meeting with somebody in an hour.
I might know something later tonight.
I just need some kind of assurance that|they won't let us hang ourselves with this.
That I'm doing the right thing.
I'll try to find out.
I need to know one more thing, Mulder.
Why did you attack Skinner?
I've thought about that, Scully.
I honestly can't say.
- This is all you have?|- Currently.
There are words I recognise, but you'll need|a code talker to make any sense of this.
I know a man who might help.|I can have him contact you.
Yeah, thank you. Could you tell me|which words you do recognise?
This word... it means goods, merchandise.
And this one means vaccination.
They're both modern words,|which is why they stand out.
Thank you. You've been very helpful.
Fox, this is your father.|I need to see you right away.
- Where are you?|- I'm at home. How soon can you be here?
Fox, it's very important.
- Fox.|- Dad.
What is it, Dad?
Come in.
It's so clear now. Simple.
It was so complicated then.
The choices that needed to be made.
What choices, Dad?
You're a smart boy, Fox.
You're smarter than I ever was.
About what?
Your politics are yours.
You have never thrown in.
The minute you do that,|their doctrines become yours.
And you can be held responsible.
- You're talking about the State Department.|- You're going to learn of things, Fox.
You're going to hear the words.
And they'll come to make sense to you.
What words?
The merchandise.
Look, I, um...
I've been taking some medication.
You'll have to excuse me for a moment.
Oh, Dad.
Forgive me.
My father's dead, Scully.
Where are you?
They shot him... and he's dead.
Mulder, where are you?|Just tell me where you are.
I'm on the Vineyard.
Who shot him, Mulder?
I don't know.
Mulder, were you arguing?
I didn't do it, Scully.|He was trying to tell me something.
- Mulder, listen to me.|- You've gotta believe me, Scully.
Mulder, I believe you. Just listen to me.
You've got to get out of there.|Leave immediately.
I can't leave the crime scene.|It'll look like I'm running.
- Like I'm guilty.|- They'll suspect you anyway.
You've got no ID on the shooter.|Your behaviour has been irrational lately.
Mulder, can't you see that|everything is pointing directly at you?
- It was somebody else's weapon.|- Mulder, you're an FBI agent!
You have access to weapons|other than your own.
- All right, meet me back at my apartment.|- No.
You can't come home. Someone shot through|your window tonight. Almost killed me.
They may be trying to kill you.
Oh, Mulder.
My God! Look at you, you're sick.
- I'm all right. I'm OK.|- No, come on. I want you to lie down.
No, come on. I want you to lie down.
Let me take your coat off.
We gotta find him, Scully.
No, you have to lie down. Over here.
We gotta find out who killed my father.
Right now you need to rest, OK?
Just rest.
There. It's OK.
It's OK.
I'll compare them|when I get the bullet from the victim.
How long will it take|to see if they're a match?
They're both .9mm rounds.|Run the specs. Compare the strike.
We should know pretty much right away.
- Scully.|- You took my gun.
- You think I did it, don't you?|- I ran it through Ballistics to try to clear you.
- Why didn't you ask me?|- You had a temperature of 102 last night.
- I didn't wanna wake you.|- Afraid I'd shoot you too?
I'm being called to Skinner's office today.|I need to give them some answers.
To clear your conscience and your name?!
You've been making reports on me|since the beginning, Scully!
You're sick. You're not thinking straight.|I'm on your side. You know that.
Look. You have my files|and you have my gun.
Don't ask me for my trust.
I'm gonna kill you anyway, Krycek,|so just tell me the truth.
Did you kill my father?
Did you kill him? Answer me!
- Mulder! Don't shoot him. Just back away.|- He killed my father, Scully.
- I have him, Mulder.|- No, Scully!
Oh, my God!|Somebody call the police!
He's awake.
Mulder, it's me.
Here, drink some of that.|You haven't had any water in over 36 hours.
Your shoulder will be fine.|The round went through nice and clean.
- You shot me.|- Yes, I did.
You didn't give me much choice.
- You were about to kill Krycek.|- Why shoot me? He's the one.
If he is, his weapon is|the one that killed your father.
- What do you mean?|- If you killed Krycek with that weapon...
...there would have been no way|to prove that you didn't kill your father.
I'm sorry about your father, Mulder.|I haven't been able to tell you.
How did you know it was Krycek?
I didn't. I went back to your apartment|to pull the slug from the wall.
But I noticed an unmarked van|delivering soft water.
And I found this in one of the tanks|servicing your building.
- What is it?|- It's a dialysis filter.
It's a device used in the transmission|of substances to solution.
Considering the level of psychosis|you experienced, it was possibly LSD...
...amphetamines, or some kind|of exotic dopamine agonist.
Oh, my God.
- There was a murder at my building.|- Well, it wasn't an exercise in subtlety.
These men are possibly|the same ones who killed your father...
...and who systematically tried to destroy you,|turning everyone you could trust against you.
I don't think I have to tell you why.
I'd gotten too close to the truth.
- Where are we?|- We're in Farmington, New Mexico.
- New Mexico?|- We drove two days across country.
I put you out to let|the effects of the psychosis abate.
This is Albert Hosteen.|He's been translating your files.
You're lucky she's a good shot.
Or a bad one.
Albert was a Navajo code talker|during World War II.
He helped encode the original documents.
How did you find him?
Through a woman in Washington.
But he claims that he knew you were coming.
Last week we had an omen.
Most files are written in jargon, but there|was an international conspiracy of silence... back to the 1940s.
Albert says that evidence of these secrets|are buried on a Navajo reservation near here.
He says that he'll take you|as soon as you're able.
What about you?
I'm afraid you're on your own with this.
I didn't show up for a meeting|with Skinner day before yesterday.
I don't know what the repercussions will be.
You've taken a big risk.
I was certain|they would have killed you, Mulder.
Thank you.
Thank you for taking care of me.
There's something else.
My name is in those files.
- It's in the latest entries with Duane Barry's.|- In what context?
It's not clear, but it has|something to do with a test.
I want you to find out, Mulder.
I need you to.
- You said you knew I was coming.|- In the desert, things find a way to survive.
Secrets are like this too.
They push their way up through the sands|of deception, so men can know them.
Here. This is my house.
But why me?
You are prepared to accept the truth,|aren't you? To sacrifice yourself to it?
I don't understand.
There was a tribe of Indians who|lived here more than 600 years ago.
Their name was Anasazi.|It means the ancient aliens.
No evidence of their fate exists.
Historians say|they disappeared without a trace.
They say that because they will not|sacrifice themselves to the truth.
And what is the truth?
Nothing disappears without a trace.
You think they were abducted?
By visitors who come here still.
- What's buried out there?|- Lies. You will see for yourself.
It's through those rocks.
It's down there.
- Mulder.|- You're a hard man to reach.
- Not hard enough, apparently.|- Where are you?
I'm at the Betty Ford Center.|Where are you?
I need to talk to you, Mr Mulder.|In person. There are things to explain.
I'll save the government the plane fare.|But which government is it?
Your father may have told you things. I warn|you against taking those things at face value.
Which things are those?
He was never an opponent of the project.|In fact, he authorised it.
- That's what he couldn't live with.|- No. It's because you had him killed.
- We weren't involved in that.|- You black-lunged son of a bitch.
I'll expose you and your project.|Your time is up.
Expose anything and|you only expose your father.
- Sir, we got a coordinate. We're ready to go.|- Let's go.
Take her up!
Over here.
- This is a boxcar.|- Refrigeration car.
- Scully.|- Yeah, it's me.
Where are you?
Nowhere I ever expected.
What do you mean?
I'm in a boxcar buried inside a quarry.
There are bodies everywhere.
- Bodies?|- Stacked floor to ceiling.
- What happened to them?|- I don't know.
Mulder, in these files I found references to|experiments that were conducted in the US... Axis-power scientists|who were given amnesty after the war.
- What kind of experiments?|- Some kind of tests on humans.
But they're referred to as merchandise.
But these aren't humans, Scully.
From the look of it, I'd say they were alien.
- Are you sure?|- I'm pretty damn sure.
Wait a second.
This one has a smallpox vaccination scar.
- Mulder...|- Oh, my God, Scully. What have they done?
Mulder? Mulder, what happened?
Move out! Get away from there! You go back!
Cover us. We're going in!
Clear! Go!
What's your name, boy?
He's not here.
Where's Mulder?
- He's here.|- No, sir.
If he was, he's vanished without a trace.
Nothing vanishes without a trace. Burn it!
- Clear out!|- It's done.
Move it! Move it! Move it!
Visiontext subtitles: David Van-Cauter
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