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X-Files 4x02 Home

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[Thunder clap]
[ Screaming ]
[ Gasping ]
[Screaming Continues]
[ Screaming ]
[Baby Crying]
[Crying Continues]
[Baby Crying]
[Baby Crying]
[ Crying ]
[ Crying ]
[Crying Continues]
[Thunder claps]
[ Continues Crying ]
[Child] All right, let's play some ball!
Swing it in here.
- Strike! - In what league?
Quit complaining. We already had to move home plate 'cause you bitched about the mud.
[Fielder] Nice pitch.
Come on, let him hear some chin music.
Throw a fast ball!
[ Grunts ] Whoa.
- Nice hit. - Go get it!
- Hey, come on! - It went on the Peacock's property.
Here's another one!
[pitcher] Come on, let's play!
Come on, baby, bring it home to mama. Right here. Put it there.
Come on, right here.
Come on, baby. Bring it home. Come on, right here.
That's it. Ease up. Come on.
[Fielder] Get to it.
Compression marks indicate the shovel blade...
to be approximately six and three-quarters inches.
The angle of movement and deeper indentation on the right side of the mark...
suggests a left-handed individual.
I've collected soil specimens, and, uh,
although numerous shoe impressions remain from the sandlot game,
I think a couple of dental stone casts will prove invaluable...
to the investigation.
Meanwhile, I've quit the F.B.I. and become a spokesperson for the Ab-Roller.
Smell that. It's perfume. Eau de ball.
God, this brings back a lot of memories of my sister--
all day pickup games out on the vineyard,
ride your bikes down to the beach, eat bologna sandwiches.
Only place you had to be on time was home for dinner.
Never had to lock your doors. No modems, no faxes, no cell phones.
Mulder, if you had to do without a cell phone for two minutes,
you'd lapse into catatonic schizophrenia.
Scully, you don't know me as well as you think you do.
My work demands that I live in a big ciry,
but if I settle down, build a home, it'll be a place like this.
- It'd be like living in Mayberry. - [Truck Door Closes]
Agents Mulder and Scully? Hi.
- I'm Sheriff Andy Taylor. - For real?
Can't thank you or the bureau enough for coming out.
It's just me and my deputy, and--
Hell, we never had anything of this nature.
Do you have any thoughts or suspects?
Population of Home is only a few hundred.
Everybody knows everybody pretty much.
Were there any local women who were pregnant and now suddenly aren't?
No. I just saw Mary Ellen and Nancy.
- They're both fine. - Hey, Sheriff, who lives in that house there?
- They're both fine. - Hey, Sheriff, who lives in that house there?
Did you question them?
They've been watching us the entire time.
That farm belongs to the Peacock family.
Three boys now-- Well, men.
Guess you could call them human.
Their folks were in a bad car wreck. We suppose they died.
- You suppose? - We tried to administer medical attention,
but the boys hauled the bodies away, took them home.
They haven't been seen in ten years, so... we suppose they died.
Have you questioned the men?
The Peacocks built that farm during the Civil War.
It still has no electriciry,
no running water, no heat.
They grow their own food.
They raise their own pigs.
They breed their own cows.
Raise and breed their own stock, if you get my meaning.
It is, however, the closest residence to the crime scene.
Those boys are feeble, Agent Scully, and sad.
They wouldn't have any idea what you were talking about.
- They could have witnessed-- - Look, this town is my home.
I love it.
It's quiet... peaceful.
I don't even wear a gun.
I've seen and heard some of the sick...
and horrible things that go on outside my Home.
At the same time, I knew we couldn't stay hidden forever,
that one day the modern world would find us...
and my hometown would change forever.
And when I saw... it...
in the ground,
I knew that day had come.
Now I want to find whoever did this.
But in doing so,
I'd like it if the way things are around here didn't have to change.
I know this is iffy bureau jurisdiction,
but I didn't know where else to turn.
So I called the bureau in Pittsburgh, and when I described the victim,
they said I should see you.
Maybe we should take a look at the victim then.
We don't have a lab or a morgue.
I've got a room down here, might be a bit cleaner.
By the way, this is my deputy, Barney.
- Fife? - Pastor.
[phone Ringing]
I could use a bit more elbow room.
The thing is, see, folks have been dropping in to ask about the case,
and I wouldn't want anybody to pop in and see this.
You could just lock the door to the office.
Folks know I never lock the door.
They'd start rumors.
has been afflicted by every rare birth defect known to science.
I mean, I'm going to have to order DNA typing from the crime lab,
but there appears to be abnormalities associated with...
Neu-Laxova syndrome,
Meckel-Gruber syndrome, atrophy of the cloaca.
I don't even know where to begin.
I guess we can rule out murder as the cause of death, huh?
I don't know about that.
There's evidence of occlusion due to dirt in the nose and mouth,
indicating the dirt has been inhaled.
There's something rotten in Mayberry.
Imagine all a woman's hopes and dreams for her child...
and then nature turns so cruel.
What must a mother go through?
Apparently not much in this case, if she'd just throw it out with the trash.
I-l guess I wasjust projecting on myself.
- Why, is there a history of genetic abnormalities in your family? - No.
Well,just find yourself a man with a spotless genetic makeup...
and a really high tolerance for being second-guessed...
and start pumping out the little Uber-Scullys.
- What abour your family? - Hmm?
Well, aside from the need for corrective lenses...
and a tendency to be abducted by extraterrestrials...
involved in an international governmental conspiracy,
the Mulder family passes genetic muster.
Scully, that child inside is a tragedy.
Some young parents, probably scared kids, disposed of an unwanted birth.
In a very certain sense, infanticide is involved,
but this is not an F.B.I. matter.
But from what I know about genetic defects, Mulder,
it's unlikely that child is the result ofa single polygenic mating.
We should let local authorities investigate that.
Those defects, Mulder, are autosomal-dominant disorders,
and from the degree, I'd say, mutations that go back many generations.
Scully, Sheriff Taylor implied that the boys in that family...
were not really the type that could easily get dates.
But he also implied that they practice inbreeding.
Now, we all have a natural instinct to propagate--
Do we?
There are theories which pose that our bodies are...
simply vehicles for genes needing to replicate.
Yeah, but there's no sister.
The mother's been dead for ten years.
But if that instinct and the need is strong enough,
they will answer it anyway that they can.
Now, a woman gave birth to that child, Mulder,
and, my guess is, against her will.
And kidnapping is a bureau matter.
I never saw you as a mother before.
[Fly Buzzing]
No, there's no probable cause.
[Scully] They match.
- This room alone should convict them. - Yeah, if we can find them.
They probably bolted when they saw us coming.
We'll alert Sheriff Taylor to issue a warrant for the brothers' arrest,
put out a counry-wide A.P.B.
And check any prior missing persons for a woman...
and check the vehicle identification number on that Cadillac.
If the mother's alive, they probably took her with them.
[ Raspy Breathing ]
I've issued descriptions and arrest warrants for George Raymond Peacock,
approximate age: 30,
Sherman Nathaniel Peacock, approximate age: 26,
and Edmund Creighton Peacock, 42.
What about missing persons reports?
Depury Pastor's on it right now.
Do you recall over the last eight to ten months...
any vehicles you found and considered to be abandoned,
but which might actually belong to kidnap victims?
We saw a white Cadillac in the Peacocks' front yard.
We get so many of those, Agent Scully.
A car breaks down, people move on.
Well, we'll check on those in the morning.
You get some sleep, Sheriff.
You too, Miss Scully. Good night.
[ Sighs ]
Whoa! Don't move, don't move.
You still planning on making a home here?
Not if I can't get the Knicks game.
Just as long as a brutal infanticide doesn't weigh into your decision.
- Good night, Mulder. - Good night, Mom.
Mulder, this lock is broken.
You don't have to lock your doors around here.
##Sometimes we walk##
##Hand in hand by the sea##
##And we breathe in the cool##
##Salty air##
Andy... what are you doing?
Taking one good last look around... before it all changes.
[ Sighs ] Oh, honey, come to bed, huh?
- It will still be here in the morning. - [ Sighs ]
Come on, honey.
## You turn tome##
## With a kiss in your eyes##
##And my heart feels a thrill##
##Beyond compare##
## Then your lips cling to--##
## It's wonderful, wonderful##
## Oh, so wonderful, my--##
[TV Narrator] The eldest dominate male in the pack moves in...
to insure that the prey has been killed.
Encircling the prey is a signal to the others it is safe to--
####[Man Singing, Indistinct]
[Car Approaching, Idling]
## What a moment to share##
##It's wonderful, wonderful##
## Oh, so wonderful, my love##
Andy, what is it?
Hide, under the bed. I'm going for the gun.
##But they wouldn't have much meaning without you##
# Some quiet evening I sit by your side #
##And we're lost in a world of our own##
- [ Raspy Breathing ] - ## You turn home##
## With a kiss in your eyes##
##And my heart feels a thrill beyond compare##
## Then your lips cling to mine##
##It's wonderful, wonderful##
- ## Oh, so wonderful, my love## - [ Footsteps Approaching ]
- ##Sometimes we stand## - [Footsteps Continue, Louder]
-## On the top of a hill## -[Raspy Breathing]
[ Door Creaking ]
[Men Grunting, Groaning]
- [ Grunting ] - [ Groaning ]
- [ Grunting ] - [ Gasps ]
- [ Gasps ] - [ Brothers Panting ]
[ Grunting, Sniffing ]
- [ Whimpers ] - [ Shouting ]
[Grunting, Blows Landing]
[Car Radio] ##I feel the glow##
## Of your unspoken love##
##I'm aware##
## Of the treasure that I own##
##And I say to myself##
##It's wonderful, wonderful##
## Oh, so wonderful, my love##
## And I say to myself##
##It's wonderful, wonderful####
Big American car.
I, uh-- I came over to give him these reports and, uh... and found them.
The, uh... owner of the Cadillac was--
was found and contacted in Baltimore.
She ran out of gas and just left the car on the 119.
Other, uh... possible missing persons are in the file...
and, uh... this came from the federal crime lab overnight.
- Where are they? - They're, uh... inside.
His chest is one big hematoma.
There's wood shavings embedded in what's left of the cranium.
They really went caveman on them.
Damn it.
The lab screwed up the DNA test on the infant.
Multiple maldistribution, chromosomal breakage, maldivision of the centromere.
You expected these abnormalities.
Yeah, but this shows far too many gene imbalances.
It would have to be a lab error.
This child's cells would have had to divide triple-fold in cell metaphase.
Hey, Scully, what if each of the Peacock brothers was the father of that child?
Only one sperm in thousands from a single individual can penetrate an ovum membrane,
Iet alone from three separate males.
What if generations of autosomal breeding could produce such a mutation?
No, for that to even be remotely possible,
there would have to be a weakening of the ovum,
and that would have to come from a female member of the Peacock family,
and there aren't any left.
Well, in any case, they haven't ventured too far from home.
We should request backups from Pittsburgh and go pick them up.
That would take a whole day. I think they may have a woman captive up there...
who may have sustained life-threatening injuries while giving birth.
Who knows what those men have done to her. I think we should go there now.
Yeah, but we're outnumbered. We could further endanger the victim by doing that.
I'll take you out there.
Then it's three against three. And this--
This should give us the advantage.
That was just a little bit too Chuck Bronson for me.
Hang on a second. Why--
Why would the Peacocks kill Sheriff Taylor?
He didn't even question them about a buried child.
They probably heard about the warrants issued for their arrest.
But how would they know? He issued the warrants by phone.
Unless they overheard us talking about it, how would they know?
We searched that house, Scully. They weren't home.
Exactly. How could they know?
I'm hungry.
[Flies Buzzing]
[ Regurgitating ]
All right. I'm ready.
You look fine.
They'll be coming now.
We knew this day was gonna happen.
That they'd try to change the way things are.
All we can do about changing things...
is be ready for it, be ready for them.
- [Fly Buzzing] - Let them know...
this is our home...
and this is the way it's gonna stay.
[Scully] Yep, they're up there.
I'll take the front. Their attention will be taken by the uniform.
You two can approach around back.
Are these vests absolutely necessary, Deputy?
I've seen them fire muskets before.
I, for one, am not getting taken out by some antique.
This is Pastor. I'm at the front of the house.
We're getting into position.
- I don't see anybody inside. - I'm going in.
- Pastor, no! - [ Screams ]
Pastor's dead.
The brothers moved in like a pack of animals.
The eldest will move in to assure the prey has been killed.
Encircling the prey is a signal to the others that it's safe to approach.
What we're witnessing is un diluted animal behavior.
Mankind-- absent its own creation...
of civilization, technology and information,
regressed to an almost prehistoric state,
obeying only the of ten savage laws of nature.
We're outsiders invading the den, trying to take away...
their one chance at reproducing, which we're gonna do.
Even though we have the firearms,
I imagine the place is rigged with traps.
Yeah, but we can try to divert them out of the house.
Scully, would you think less of me as a man...
if I told you I was kind of excited right now?
Is there some secret farmer trick to getting these things moving?
I don't know.
[ Bleating ] Nah-ram-ewe.
Yeah, that'll work.
I baby-sat my nephew this weekend.
He watches Babe 15 times a day.
- And people call me Spooky. - [DoorOpens]
Federal agents! ls anybody in here?
F.B.I.! ls anybody in this house?
Is there anybody in here?
Oh, no.
- No! Get out of here! Go away! - It's all right, ma'am.
- We're federal agents. We're here to help you. - Get out! Go away!
- Go away! Get away! - Let's move the bed.
- Get away! Get away! - They've got her strapped to some kind of board or something.
[ Woman Continues Screaming ]
Take it easy, ma'am. It's all right. It's all over.
- [ Crying Hysterically] - We're from the F.B.I. We're here to help.
We're gonna make sure that you're safe.
- [Woman Sobbing] - We're gonna make sure that you get home.
[Crying Continues]
Mulder, she already is home.
It's Mrs. peacock. She's their mother.
[ Hisses ]
[ Yelling ]
[Yelling Continues]
[pigs Grunting]
[Scully] Mulder, where are you going?
The others may have heard the screams. I'm going to check on their position.
What about her?
She's not gonna go anywhere.
We may not be able to remove her, Mulder.
She doesn't appear to be held against her will.
I mean, she appears to be, but I don't believe she is.
I'm sure she's an accessory. At least she aided and abetted.
We're only assuming. We can't prove anything.
The way I think it goes here...
is that Edmund is the brother and father of the other two.
Which means that when Edmund was a kid,
he could ground the other two for playing with his things?
The brothers killed three people, Scully.
Tell her we're gonna bring them in, and try convincing her...
that she's the one way they can get out of this without any of her boys getting hurt.
All right, I'm gonna keep an eye on them.
Scully, watch your step.
This place is rigged.
Mrs. Peacock?
Mrs. Peacock, you are in immediate need of medical attention.
Agent Mulder and I are here to help you.
This is our home. Why leave it?
- Whatever pain you may be in-- - Don't feel pain.
Runs in the family.
Have to check the boys, see if they hurt themselves.
What about you? Even after the accident?
Right arm was torn off.
Saw it sitting there across my dead husband's lap.
Boys took me home...
sewed me up just like the family learnt...
in the War of Northern Aggression.
Whole time, felt the same as if been making breakfast.
They're such good boys.
Mrs. Peacock, they murdered Sheriff Taylor and his wife and Deputy Pastor.
I can tell you don't have no children.
Maybe one day you'll learn the pride...
the love...
when you know your boy will do anything for his mother.
Federal agent! I'm armed!
- Stop or I'll fire! [ Grunting ]
[ Glass Shatters ]
I've got the mother!
[ Yelling ]
- [Glass Shattering] - [ Grunting ] - [ Fires Gun ]
[Brother Groans]
Where's the other brother? Edmund?
Mulder, look. Marks on the floor.
- All right, thank you. - I looked everywhere. They're both gone.
I've notified the state police and the highway patrol.
They've put out an A.P.B. on the Peacocks...
and are setting up a road block over a 30-mile radius.
In time, we'll catch them.
I think time already caught them, Scully.
[Mrs. peacock] There, there. Sherman and George were good boys.
We should be proud.
And you got to know, Edmund, you can't keep a peacock down.
There'll be more.
One day, there'll be more.
Now we have to move on...
start a new family,;
one we'll be proud of.
Find a new place to call ours,;
a new home, a brand-new home.
[Car Radio] ## Wonderful, wonderful##
## Oh, so wonderful, my love##
##And I say to myself##
##It's wonderful, wonderful##
## Oh, so wonderful##
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