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Subtitles for X-Files 4x08 Tunguska.

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X-Files 4x08 Tunguska

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[Gavel Banging]
[Man] Will the witness please rise and take the oath.
I, Dana Katherine Scully,
swear to tell the truth, the whole truth...
and nothing but the truth, so help me God.
- I would like to read from a prepared statement. - You may do so.
"I left behind a career in medicine to become an F.B.I. agent four years ago...
"because I believed in this country,
"because I wanted to uphold its laws, to punish the guilty...
"and to protect the innocent.
"I still believe in this county.
" But I believe there are powerful men in the government who do not.
"Men who have no respect for the law and who flout it with impunity.
- Uh, Ms. Scully-- - "I have come to the conclusion...
- that it is no longer possible--" - Agent Scully--
This is not a soapbox, Ms. Scully.
Your statement will be entered into the record--
With all due respect, Mr. Chairman, I would like to finish.
This is not why we are here today.
Then, why are we here, sir ?
Agent Scully, do you or do you not know...
the whereabouts of Agent Mulder ?
Are you or are you not aware of Agent Mulder's present location ?
- I respectfully decline to answer that question, sir. - Ms. Scully--
- You cannot refuse to answer. - Because I believe answering that question...
could endanger Agent Mulder's life.
You don't seem to understand. Your response is not optional.
You're an agent of the F.B.I.
Well, then if I may please finish my statement--
"...that it is no longer possible for me to carryout...
my duties as an F.B.I. agent."
Are you tendering your resignation, Agent Scully ?
Is that what you're trying to say ?
No, sir. What I am saying...
is that there is a culture of lawlessness...
that has prevented me from doing my job.
That the real target of this committee's investigation...
should be the men who are beyond prosecution and punishment.
The men whose secret policies are behind the crimes you are investigating.
Either you tell us what you know about Agent Mulder's whereabouts,
or you will be held in contempt of Congress.
[Sorenson] Agent Scully ?
Everything’s in order. Have a nice day.
- There you go, sir. - Here, I'll get that.
- [Door Lock Buzzes] - [Woman On p.A. Indistinct]
All right. Thank you.
- [ Chattering ] - [Woman] Oh, I hate this !
- Where are you coming from ? -Japan.
- Did you travel anywhere else ? - The Republic of Georgia.
- The purpose of your trip ? - Government business.
Okay. I'm going to ask you to see the customs official through those doors.
What for ? I'm traveling on a United States diplomatic visa.
A random check. Please proceed through the doors.
- I've got a connecting flight. - Right through those doors, sir.
Right over here, sir.
I don't know what this is about. I have diplomatic papers.
- I can't be treated like this. - Is that your only luggage, sir ?
- Yes. - Can you open it for me ?
Sir, I'm not offering it as a choice. Open the briefcase, or we’ll open it.
- I don't have the combination. - Vince ?
I need a strip and full body cavity search of this man.
There's gonna be hell to pay for this treatment.
Sir, would you mind telling me...
exactly what kind of diplomatic work you do, sir ?
And what material you're transporting in these ?
That is-- Those are filled with biohazard us materials.
Then where's the paperwork ? And why aren't the containers marked ?
Don't open those. Whatever you do, that material cannot be exposed--
- Listen to me ! - [ Indistinct ]
Open this door ! Somebody open this door ! Somebody !
Somebody open this door! Somebody let me outta here !
What the hell is this ?
Oh, my God! The door! please let me out of here !
[ Screaming ]
Oh, my God! Open the door!
Somebody let me out of here ! Let me out now !
Get me out of here ! Let me out!
[Equipment Beeping]
- We can't go in too soon. Be patient. It'll happen. - What makes you so sure ?
I've received a series of receipts over the past weeks for detonation cord,
for racing and diesel fuel, and for 80 bags of ammonium nitrate...
purchased in cash in three different states under three different signatures.
What makes you sure that it's here, that it's tonight ?
Last night I got two new receipts: one to rent storage space at this address...
and one to rent a 2-ton truck yesterday, both purchased with the same signature.
We could be looking at the next Oklahoma City.
Who do you think is leaking them ? Why would they leak them to you ?
We've got traffic.
- They're leaving. - Hold.
Go ! Back it up ! Get down ! Drop your weapons !
[Scully] Federal agents! We're armed!
Everybody down ! Down on the ground !
- Back it up ! - Drop your weapons and get down on the ground!
- Let's go ! - Gas !
- Fire ! - Get down ! Everybody get down !
Open fire !
[ Tires Screeching ]
- [Gunshot] - [ Tires Screeching ]
Cover the driver's side.
Federal agent ! I'm armed ! Exit the vehicle now !
The driver's dead.
I counted two men.
Get out of the truck !
Get out of the truck !
Let me see your hands.
Hands in the air !
- You son of a bitch. - [ Grunts, Groans ]
- [Scully] Mulder! - I handed you this bust !
- Oh, come on, Krycek ! - Who do you think sent you those receipts ?
[ Chattering, Shouting ]
Most of the detonation cord was stolen from a construction site and...
some of the explosives were taken from a military base.
Security’s just so lax. It's a joke.
Most everything else was over the counter.
Two thousand kilos of boom-boom.
How'd you get involved with these men ?
They found me in North Dakota.
They liberated me on a salvage hunt.
When you go underground, you gotta learn to live with the rats.
I'm sure you had no trouble adapting.
These men are pathetic revolutionaries...
who'll kill innocent Americans in the name of bonehead ideologies.
You're full of crap, Krycek.
You're an scum-sucker whose moral dipstick's two drops short of dry.
I love this country.
- What do you want, Krycek ? - Same thing you do.
To find the man who tried to kill me.
The same man who's responsible for your father's death--
- Your sister's. - You want this man brought to justice ?
You-- You can't bring these men to justice.
They're protected. The laws of this country...
protect these men under the name of national security.
They know no law.
Then why don’t you put a bullet in his head like you did that man out there ?
These men, they fear one thing:
You expose him...
expose his crimes...
you destroy the destroyer's ability to destroy.
The only thing that will destroy this man is the truth.
The truth. The truth. There's no truth !
These men make it up as they go along.
They're the engineers of the future.
They-- They are the real revolutionaries.
- I can get them for you too. - [ Chuckles ]
We can't help you, Krycek.
This is just one bomb I'm sitting on here.
You didn't ask me how many more I know about.
[Woman On p.A.] Your attention, please.
Due to adverse weather conditions...
Trans Con flight 78 from Buenos Aires has been delayed.
please check the on-screen monitors located throughout the terminal...
for a new arrival time.
What flight is he on ?
It was an international charter that originated in Russia.
- A Turkish airline. - There it is--Air Lacayo. Got in at 6:;45.
That's 1 5 minutes ago. Come on, let's go.
- He still has to go through customs. - No.
He'll be carrying a diplomatic pouch.
That's him.
Sir ? Federal agents.
Don't be alarmed. We just need to speak with you.
Stop right there ! Sir !
Mulder !
Mulder, look.
- Is this some kind of joke ? - What ? - Show him.
- What is it ? - Expose it for him, Scully.
What did you get for Halloween, Charlie Brown ?
- Who is it ? - [Mulder] I need to speak with you, sir.
[ Sighs ]
- What do you want ? - I need your authorization to provide a safe house.
- A safe house for whom ? - This man has information about extreme right militia...
that could save the lives of innocent Americans.
He'll be safe here.
- [ Groans ] - Relatively safe.
We're not even yet, boy. That's a start.
Give me the keys. Come on !
You can't leave me out here ! I'm gonna freeze to death !
Just think warm thoughts.
I know I asked you earlier.
You have absolutely no idea where this came from ?
Not its origin, no.
But you have an idea, don’t you ?
This rock contains what are called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons...
fitting the approximate description of those in fragments of meteorite...
found recently in the ice fields of Antarctica.
- Are you saying-- - That what you’re looking at is quite possibly from Mars.
Over four billion years old.
Is it valuable ?
Beyond adding evidence to the debate...
over fossilized remains of alien bacteria, it's relatively worthless.
Does this rock contain those fossilized remains, Dr. Sacks ?
Well, I won't know that until I'm able to take a core sample.
Which I very much hope you'll allow me to do.
I think we’d all like to know what's in that rock.
- [Man] See you next week. - Thanks.
- I didn't realize you lived in this neighborhood. - I just moved in.
- I'd guess you live in a upper floor ? - What do you want from me ?
Mulder and Scully intercepted a diplomatic pouch...
here in Washington last night.
I'm afraid it's created a problem in foreign policy circles.
Quite a problem, actually.
- I don't know anything about any diplomatic pouch. - No ?
- Nothing about the matter ? - No, I don't.
Well, I find that hard to believe, as their supervisory agent.
As a friend, I should advise you, Mr. Skinner...
that withholding information on matters of national security...
is punishable under this country’s laws of treason and sedition.
Thank you. I'll consider myself advised, as a friend.
I need that pouch, Mr. Skinner.
And I need to know who gave them the order to intercept it.
I'll get back to you.
Wars have broken out over far less, Mr. Skinner.
Far, far less.
[Lock Rattling]
[ Grunting ]
[ Yells ]
- Uh-huh. Thank you. - [Knocking]
- Got something ? - Big dead end at the State Department.
The U.S. Customs officials detained another courier...
on a similar visa in Honolulu two nights ago.
He was coming from Russian Georgia, carrying some kind of toxic soil sample.
- Toxic ? - Yes, which leads me to believe...
that what's in this rock we intercepted are answers...
beyond the existence of extraterrestrial life,
even beyond the conspiracy to cover up that existence.
Mulder, that rock contains fossils of what is believed to be alien bacteria,
and even that is under intense debate.
Why all this effort to get it onto U.S. soil ?
I think what Alex Krycek has given us is a pivotal piece to a larger plot.
What he's given us, Mulder, is a rock.
Alex Krycek is a liar and a murderer.
Who wants to expose the same men we do and will go to any lengths to succeed.
What I'm worried about is you, Mulder.
How far you’ll go. And how far I can follow you.
[ Whimpering, Screaming ]
- Yeah ? - Mulder, where are you ?
I'm with Scully, on our way out to NASA Goddard.
I suggest you turn around and head home.
I don't know how I'm gonna explain myself to the police.
Explain yourself about what ?
The police are at my place with a dead body.
They wanna talk to everyone in the building.
- Pull over here. - What are you doing ?
I'm gonna take a cab.
I want you to find out about that rock.
Call me as soon as you do.
[Man] Shouldn’t be too much longer.
- No, I wasn't home. - And you live on what floor ?
Seventeenth. Walter Skinner.
I'm an assistant director with the F.B.I.
Oh. My apologies.
I got some bad information from my lieutenant...
that there's a man hanging from your balcony.
[ Yells ]
- We're gonna walk out of here like nothing happened. - [ Groans ]
If anybody speaks to us, you say nothing.
I got no problem.
You put me up here, man. I'm looking forward to see how you get me out.
- Stupid-ass haircut ! - I got news for you, Mulder.
When they find out who's dead on the ground down there,
there's gonna be no question whose apartment he was pulled out of.
- Who is he ? - Same guy with the pouch.
- Let's go. - I say follow the pouch. - [phone Ringing]
- Yeah. - Mulder, it's me. Listen to me.
Whatever's in that rock, it appears to be lethal.
- What is it ? - Dr. Sacks, he's--
I don't know, Mulder. I've never seen this before.
I don't know if he’s dead or alive.
You'd better find out. I want you to get me an address in New York.
Go through the Bureau to get that.
- [Woman] Who is it ? - Fox Mulder.
- What are you doing here ? - I need your help.
- How did you know where I live ? - F.B.I. database.
I'm sorry. It's a matter of extreme urgency.
A diplomatic pouch left Russia and arrived here in the U.S.
Two men are dead. I need to know why.
Do you have its destination ?
And its routing entries ?
Thank you. [Hangs Up phone]
Agent Mulder ?
The diplomatic pouch traveled an apex route...
to the Russian province of Krasnoyarsk.
- Krasnoyarsk ? - Port of entry was the city of Noril'sk.
That’s just north of Tunguska.
- Tunguska ? - Yeah.
- What are you looking for ? - My cell phone.
I'm gonna book myself on a flight to Krasnoyarsk, Russia.
- I can help you, Agent Mulder. - Find my cell phone ?
With cover credentials. A diplomatic passport and visa.
Why ?
- Why are you helping me ? - Because I can.
Because there are those of us who believe in you.
Believe in your search for the truth.
- How long will it take ? - How long do you have ?
- Where have you been ? - Making travel arrangements.
- To go where ? - Follow the pouch.
You're gonna keep me in the dark ?
- [ Groans ] - Yeah.
These are level-four suits-- exactly what he's wearing.
Contamination is impossible unless there's a tear...
or a loss of pressurization.
So whatever happened to him, it's unlikely it penetrated the suit.
What do you think happened ?
We won't know until we get in there and take a closer look.
Look. There's a film over everything.
It looks like spray kicked off the saw blade when he was cutting into the rock.
Oh, my God ! This man's alive.
He can't be. I mean, he's not breathing.
No, I think he is.
He's in some kind of a coma state or some kind of somatic rigor.
- From what ? - I don't know.
I don't know, but we have to get him out of here.
- Mulder, you're not-- - I'm leaving the window rolled down.
If I'm not back in a week, I'll call Scully to bring you a bowl of water.
Mulder !
Mulder, you're not gonna leave me here ! [ Continues, indistinct ]
[Jet Roaring Overhead]
Son of a bitch, get back here !
- What'd you say to me ? - What ?
- You called me a bad name. - [ Cursing in Russian ]
[ Spits ]
You speak Russian, Krycek ?
My parents were Cold War immigrants. What's it to you ?
That a boy !
- [ Nickers ] - [ Giggles ]
[Vehicle Approaching]
You've been putting on the miles.
It would help if you had a phone.
I come out here because there are no phones.
- What is it ? - Our courier is dead.
Yes, I heard. Pushed out a window.
- Can this expose us ? - No, of course not.
Our necessary and plausible denial is intact.
Then what is your concern ?
Last night, CIA Airport Intell...
had a man using U.N. credentials appear on their computers...
- booked on a flight for Krasnoyarsk, Russia. - Who was it ?
We haven't be able to determine that with any certainty as yet,
but it appears to be a man fitting the description of... Fox Mulder.
You fool. You stupid fool.
This must be corrected. This must be handled.
This must be corrected. This must be handled.
Well, of course it can be. You know my capabilities in a crisis.
I don't think you realize what's at stake here,
what level this must be carried to.
This will take more than just a good aim !
- Sorenson wants to see us ? - That's usually what a letter of summons means.
- But a summons for what ? - I can only guess.
But the fact I'm named in the invitation with you and Agent Mulder...
Ieads me to believe I've been implicated in something more serious than I know.
- How much more serious, Scully ? - It's hard to say.
Where ?
[ Speaking in Russian ]
- He says it's five kilometers through those woods. - Let's go.
You're really going to keep me in the dark, aren’t you ?
[ Spits ] What are we doing here, Mulder ?
June 30, 1 908.
Tunguska tribesmen and Russian fur traders...
Look into the southeastern Siberian sky...
and see a fireball streaking to earth.
When it hit the atmosphere, it created cataclysmic explosions...
that are considered to be the largest single cosmic event...
in the history of civilization--
two thousand times the force of the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima.
What was it ?
It's been speculated that it was a piece of a comet...
or an asteroid or even a piece of antimatter.
The power of the blast leveled trees in a radial pattern for 2,000 kilometers.
No real definitive evidence has ever been found...
to provide a satisfying explanation for what it was.
I think somebody found that evidence,
and the explanation is something that nobody ever dreamed of.
What are they doing ?
Looks like some kind of mining camp.
Oh-- I don't think they're miners.
- [Men Shouting, Hoof beats] - Run !
[Whip Cracks]
[Whispering, indistinct]
[Man Whispering in Russian]
[ Coughs ]
- [ Groans ] - [Whispering Continues]
[Whispering Continues]
I don't speak Russian.
Then no one has told you.
Told me what ?
That you were brought here to die, to wish you were dead.
I wasn't brought here.
I came here looking for something.
The only thing you will find here is death and suffering.
- What is this place ? - This place ?
A gulag-- a place where the guilty rule the innocent.
[Keys Rattling, Door Clanging]
[ Speaking in Russian ]
We gotta get out of here.
They're gonna torture us.
How do you know ?
They were questioning me,
trying to get me to confess.
- To what ? - To being a spy.
What'd you tell them ?
That we were stupid Americans lost in the woods.
Mulder, you're gonna need me in here.
Don't touch me again.
Thank you for coming.
It's difficult to decline an invitation from a member of Congress, Senator.
Please, have a seat.
Are you familiar with the penalties for...
obstruction of justice ?
Is that a rhetorical question, sir ?
- You know why you’ve been called here today ? - We have an idea.
We've been looking into the death of this man outside your apartment,
- Mr. Skinner, and it's raised some troubling questions. - Such as ?
Such as what this man was doing on your balcony before he fell to his death.
It was your balcony, wasn't it, Mr. Skinner ?
perjury is a very serious offense,
particularly for an F.B.I. agent.
We intend to file a complete report on this matter...
once we fully understand what it is that we're investigating.
And... Agent... Mulder.
Can you explain to me why he declined my invitation to be here today ?
Agent Mulder is in the field, sir,
seeking answers to the questions you are asking.
And where is he seeking these answers ?
Agent Scully ?
[Man Speaking Russian]
[ Shouting in Russian ]
[ Speaking Russian ]
- What did you say ? - That I want to see his supervisor.
Das vedanya.
That man is not your friend.
He speaks differently to the guards.
Formal language, as if to an equal.
- You are deceived. - Who are you ?
A prisoner, like you.
- But I have committed no crime. - Then why are you here ?
To do the work, like the others.
Like them...
I will die in an experiment...
when there is no longer any use for me.
- What kind of experiment ? - [pounding, Clattering]
[ Russian ]
Nooo ! What are you-- Ohh !
[ Groans ]
[ Speaking Russian ]
[Valve Squeaking, Liquid Flowing]
[Screaming Continues]
[ Gasps ]
[Screaming Continues]
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