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Subtitles for X-Files 4x11 El Mundo Gira.

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X-Files 4x11 El Mundo Gira

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[ All Shouting in Spanish ]
[Woman] Quiet! Quiet! Listen tome.
It was a terrible thing.
You are not going to believe me,
even when I tell you.
Some say it is a story,
a fairy tale.
But I saw it.
I saw it with my own eyes.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
- Maria, mi amor. - Hey.
[ Both Speaking Spanish ]
- No. - Si. - No.
[Man] Letís go!
- Si. - No. - [Woman] Maria !
- [ Speaking Spanish ] - Mm-hmm.
- [Explosion] - [ Screams ]
La cabras. Maria !
Maria !
Maria !
Madre de Dios.
Mulder, this happened how long ago ?
Tres dias. Muy increible, ? no ?
Only the smell.
You brought me out here under the pretense of investigating an unexplained death.
Can you tell me why weíre standing out here in a field looking at a dead goat ?
According to eyewitnesses, the death we're investigating was preceded by a fortean event:
a highly unusual or infrequent meteorological phenomenon, also known as a transient.
- A transient ? - Yeah.
Witnesses described a bright flash about 30 degrees off the horizon.
Then a hot, yellow rain fell from a cloudless sky.
Fortean researchers call these liquid falls. Black and red rains are common,
but there have also been reported cases of blue, purple and green rains.
- Purple rain ? - Yeah. Great album. Deeply flawed movie, though.
Mulder, this transient, as you call it,
this bright flash in the sky,
I assume you think it has some connection to--
Fortean events have been linked to alien encounters.
Cattle mutilations. The kind of exsanguinated animal carcass you were looking at.
The victim, Maria Dorantes-- Did she die in a similar fashion ?
-I would assume so. -You assume? Nobody's examined the body?
Nobody cares, Scully. The victim and many witnesses are illegal immigrants,
migrant farm workers.
I thought it might be important to talk to them before they migrated.
No, no. Nolamigra. Nolamigra.
- Nolamigra. - Nolamigra. Nolamigra.
We're FBI. Nolamigra.
It's all right. We don't want to take anybody away. Relax.
- No, it's okay. Tranquila. - What do you want ?
We want to know what happened to Maria Dorantes.
Does anybody know what happened to Maria Dorantes ?
- Did anybody see anything ? - El Chupacabra.
That's what happened to Maria Dorantes.
- EI Chupacabra ? - Yeah, it's a Mexican folktale.
EI Chupacabra, the goat sucker. It's a small, gray creature...
with a big head and a small body and big, black bulging eyes.
Si, si, si.
Light, then rain.
Then EI Chupacabra,
it comes and eats away Maria's eyes and face.
Did you see the Chupacabra ?
No, but everyone here knows that this is the truth.
This woman's a liar. There is no Chupacabra.
Chupacabra's nothing but a story told to children.
I know the killer of Maria Dorantes.
- Who would that be, sir ? - It's my brother.
Eladio Buente. He killed Maria because she loved only me.
Uh, how do you explain the yellow rain then, the dead goat over the hill ?
It is a trick... for fools who believe in fool superstitions.
Thank you, Mr. Buente. You've been very helpful.
Maria, Maria.
Iíve just met a girl named Maria.
- Doesn't make a whole lot of sense, Scully. - Makes perfect sense.
Admit it, you fell for it.
Your fortean event turned out to be nothing more than the oldest story in the world.
Two men, one woman, trouble.
I admit there's a strong suspicion of motive and intent.
But the amount of detail, the description of that Chupacabra.
Mulder, what we've walked into here is a Mexican soap opera,
and one for the local cops.
Local cops don't care, Scully. I don't know who does.
Okay, I care, but what are we supposed to do about it ?
Find out what killed Maria Dorantes. Take a look at her body.
- While you do what ? - Try to find this man, Eladio Buente.
Agent Lozano ?
I'm Special Agent Mulder. I'm with the FBI.
The FBI, here ?
- We're investigating the death of a migrant worker. - Really.
I'm looking for a man named Eladio Buente.
He hasn't been seen for three days, and he's not in police custody.
I thought he might be in I.N.S. custody.
He might.
Let's see.
Okay, we have a Jose Feliciano. We have Juan Valdez.
We have Cesar Chavez. We have Placido Domingo here.
But I don't see any Eladio Buente.
So you are telling me that no one here uses their real name.
What is this man wanted for ?
Possibly the murder of a woman named Maria Dorantes.
Oh, man. The Chupacabra ?
Yeah. You've heard of it. You don't believe it.
No, I believe these people. Hey, their lives are small.
So they have to make these fantasies to keep on going, to feel alive.
Because they are strangers here. They feel hated, unwanted.
Whenever their passions become inflamed they resort to violence,
and then they cannot turn to the law so they make up these fantastic tales.
Call it anything you want, but this is an age-old story.
Call it anything you want, but this is an age-old story.
I've heard that.
Let me see if we can find your Eladio Buente.
Excuse me.
- Excuse me. - Can I help you ?
I'm Agent Dana Scully with the FBI.
- I'm investigating the death of a migrant worker. -Juan or Juanita ?
- I'm sorry ? - Doe. A man or a woman ?
A woman named Maria Dorantes. I need to determine a cause of death...
in order to close out an investigation.
It sounds vaguely familiar, but I don't think I've been able to get to her yet.
I'm a medical doctor. If you show me the body, I can examine it myself.
It's in the fridge.
I don't think he's going anywhere.
[Coroner] Thatís her.
Oh, my God.
This must be him.
Why is he segregated like this ?
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
He said the other detainees were giving him a hard time, causing trouble.
They don't want to go near him. [ Chuckles ]
- They think he's the Chupacabra. - That may be.
I will tell you with a tremendous degree of certainty this guy is not Erik Estrada.
Buente !
[Speaking Spanish]
Ask him if he killed Maria Dorantes.
- [ Speaking Spanish ] - No!
[ Speaking Spanish ]
- What'd he say ? - "I didn't do it."
- Ask him what happened. - [ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[Lozano Translating] There was a noise like thunder, but very close.
Then there was lightning, very bright. It blinded me.
I fell to the ground.
And then I felt the hot rain fall on me.
And when I finally could open my eyes and see,
I saw the dead goat.
And then I saw Maria-- Maria.
She called my name... once.
She was lying in puddle of yellow rain.
Something had eaten at her face.
And I held her in my arms, and then she died.
And then I got up, and I ran screaming.
[ Shouts in Spanish ]
This guy is better than Erik Estrada.
[people Chattering in Spanish]
[ All Shouting in Spanish ]
What's gonna happen to him ?
He'll get his 45 seconds before the judge and placed on a southbound bus.
- Is there anyway to delay that ? - Why would you do that ?
- To solve an unexplained death. - I think the FBI's got better things to do.
File your paperwork.
By the time they process it, he'll probably be back here anyway.
- Put him in the front. - Come on. Up front.
[Man] Okay, vamos. Letís go.
[Horn Honking]
[Horn Honking]
- Did you find Eladio Buente ? - Yeah, I found him.
Did he confess to the murder of Maria Dorantes ?
Not exactly, no.
Did he tell you what happened ?
Flash of light, yellow rain. " Maria ! Maria !"
He didn't kill her, Mulder.
I examined the body of Maria Dorantes,
and I believe that her cause of death was natural, albeit strange.
- She seems to have succumbed to massive fungal infection. - A fungus ?
Aspergillus, according to the coroner.
It's a mold that's found in dead leaves, compost, even household dust.
- And it can kill ? - Not normally. It's very common and harmless.
- You don't think that's weird ? - Aspergillus can be lethal...
to people with immunodeficiencies...
Like AI DS patients and transplant recipients.
I found high levels of methylbromide in her blood workup.
It's a pesticide that's used for soil sterilization-- highly toxic.
Now, I think that her body was so ravaged by pesticides...
that a normally benign fungus may have compromised her whole immune system.
Still doesn't explain the flash of lightning and the yellow rain...
and EI Chupacabra.
Mulder, I know you don't want to hear this.
I think the aliens in this story are not the villains. They're the victims.
Look at that.
[people Shouting in Spanish]
- [Man #1]Be right there. - [Man #2] All right.
[ Chatter, indistinct ]
What does it look like ?
This man died of systemic shock brought on by what appears to be another fungal infection.
The same fungus that killed Maria Dorantes ?
No. It looks dissimilar. I don't know what this is.
Its speed and its aggressiveness are frightening.
The infection's covered 90% of his body, Mulder, through both layers of skin.
- Did you find him ? - We were able to run down most of the people who escaped.
But Eladio Buente wasn't among them.
No one knows where he ran ?
- Agent Lozano, this is my partner, Agent Scully. - Hi.
They all ran the other way, away from EI Chupacabra,
the man they say is responsible for this tragedy.
Eladio Buente didn't kill this man. He didn't kill anybody.
- I'm not so sure about that. - This is the work of a pathogen of a highly virulent strain.
I'm not questioning that, but right now Eladio Buente is the only connection we have...
to this death and the death of Maria Dorantes.
Which is why I need you to spare any manpower you can to try to find him.
Manpower ? We don't have the resources to go chasing after one poor illegal.
Mulder, whatever you hope to learn by finding this man,
we have to first make a definitive classification of the fungi from the victims.
I need to isolate it, and I need to get a sample to a mycologist.
Good. You should do that while Agent Lozano and I try to find EI Chupacabra.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
- [Bell Rings] - ? Senor?
- Senor ? - What do you want ?
You want to go back ? ? Estas loco ?
We haul mucha basura with that truck.
What makes you think we haul it back ?
How long have you been in this country ?
[ Speaking Spanish ]
AquŪ es America, you dumb wet.
Truck stop at dusk.
No dinero, no ride.
- ? Comprende ? - Si.
- Dinero. - Dinero.
[ Chattering ]
The truck's here ! Construction workers. Dos.
- [ Indistinct ] - [ Speaking Spanish ]
Okay, two of you. You two, get in the back. Let's go.
I only need two, amigo. Dos.
Hey, outta the truck. I got work to do.
- Hey, where are you going ? - [ Indistinct ]
Youíll have to do.
[Man] What youíre looking at, Agent Scully,
is the most ubiquitous fungal spore known to mankind-- derma tuffatosis.
Athlete's foot ?
One of the great survivors of countless extermination efforts.
Historically underrated and unfairly overshadowed by the ever-popular cockroach.
Our body has natural defenses against this kind of invasion.
Even in the absence of an immuno response,
a fungi like this one-- or the aspergillus sample I gave you--
don't they need the right environment to multiply ?
Yes, unless they have help.
- What's this ? - Itís an enzyme lisolated from both your specimens.
That's about all I can tell ya. It's unlike any enzyme I've ever seen.
So it's not the fungi but the enzyme that kills.
Acting as a catalyst, as an accelerant.
Let me show you.
This is pecunia graminus, black stem rust.
Itís been the cause of a fairly containable crop blight here in the valley.
Oh, my God.
I must say, if this were to get out into the environment,
derma tuffatosis might give the cockroach run for its money.
Hmm ?
[Men Speaking Spanish]
He was here, all right.
They say he got into a truck of a foreman named Culver.
Storyís out.
Oh, yeah. I told you, these people love their stories.
It's the one thing that keeps them from going mad...
when they're out there standing on the street corner all day waiting for work.
- So they really don't think he's the Chupacabra ? - No, they're certain of it.
- Did you tell them about the fungal infection ? - Yeah, they wouldnít listen.
They are only interested in what will become of Eladio Buente.
- What will become of him ? - When his brother finds him--
- He'll kill him. - Yes, probably.
A man cannot live with vengeance in his heart.
So we gotta find him first.
My mother used to say that blood should be left to cleanse itself.
God curses the man who stands between two brothers.
Well, in this case, He'll curse the man who doesn't.
? Senor ? ? Senor ?
[ Speaking Spanish ]
Senor Culver?
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[Man] Eladio Buente.
Eladio ?
[ Squeaks ]
Eladio Buente.
[ Tires Squealing ]
[ Shouting in Spanish ]
[Eladio] Gabrielle !
Gabrielle !
Eladio !
- Mulder, it's me. - Hey, Scully, where are you ?
The state university bio department.
Mulder, listen to me. I think youíre right.
- I think Eladio Buente is responsible for those deaths. - Responsible how ?
By spreading an enzyme produced by what appears to be a new strain of conidial fungi.
- How's he spreading it ? - My guess is by touch.
Now, I saw this man, Scully. He was unaffected.
He could be just a carrier then, a kind of Typhoid Maty.
- You're saying it's a new strain ? - Yes.
It is extremely important that you not come into direct contact with this fungus.
- You must not inhale it. You must not touch it. - Lozano, careful, man.
Scully, I've been thinking. I know that's dangerous, but just bear with me.
These fortean transients-- what the woman described--
they could have been caused by an object falling at a high rate of speed...
creating a sonic boom and a flash of light astronomers call a bolide.
- A bolide ? - Created by a meteorite...
or a piece of extra-planetarium material,
of which 2,000 tons falls to the earth every day.
This yellow rain-- Space debris could have fallen in a nearby lake,
superheating the water and sending it skyward, which would mean this is alien.
- I think this is beside the point right now. - Oh, and the fungus--
Let me work on the fungus. What you need to do is to find the man who may be spreading it.
So you got your own stories too, huh ?
Hey, it's EI Barbero.
Hey, Lozano, I hear you're lookin' for the Chupacabra.
For a modest fee, I can tell you where he might be found.
[Eladio Coughing]
[ Coughing ]
- Eladio ! - [ Grunts ]
[Lozano] Stop !
Don't touch him.
[ All Shouting in Spanish ]
Hey !
[Horn Honking]
I lost him.
[Mulder Groaning]
More goats.
Agent Lozano, how does this man keep eluding us ?
These people are invisible. You look at them and you don't see them.
Just workers, cheap labor to pick crops and clean houses.
To most people, they're aliens in the true sense of the word.
- EI Chupacabra. EI Chupacabra. - Calm down.
- Calm down. - Chupacabra.
Can a man do this ? Can Eladio Buente do this ?
Eladio, he went to his cousin Gabrielle's house asking for money.
- When ? - Today. He said he killed nobody.
But Soledad, he went to Gabrielle's house trying to kill Eladio.
Calm down.
[Knock At Door]
- ? Quien es ? - [Lozano]Gabrielle Buente ?
This is Agent Lozano, I.N.S. Open up.
- Where is he ? - ? Que ?
Don't give me your "que. " You know who.
- Where is he, Eladio ? - He is not here.
I would not let Eladio Buente in here. Please, you must believe me.
[Scully] Maybe you should check the back.
What about his brother, Soledad ?
He is not here ! No one is here ! I'm alone.
Have you seen either of them ?
Si. But I'm afraid because of what they say about Eladio.
About EI Chupacabra.
There is no EI Chupacabra, Gabrielle. Eladio is a very sick man.
If he comes here, you must not let him in.
If he comes to this door, you must call the police. Understand?
There's nobody.
I'm going to be watching you, Chiquita. Every move.
- ? Comprendes ? - Si.
- I think we should hold up a minute. - For what ?
Something's going on here.
Hey,Jose, this ain't no restaurant !
You know you have to pay for all that.
Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing ?Comeback here !
Hey, you're gonna have to clean that up. Hey!
Hey, youíre gonna have to clean that up. Hey!
- That's our man. - Eladio Buente ?
No. That's his brother, Soledad.
- [phone Ringing] - ? Bueno ?
- Eladio ? - Si, Gabrielle.
Eladio ?
Eladio !
[ Speaking Spanish ]
Soledad Buente. Stop! Stop !
- [Scully] Drop you weapon! [Mulder] Drop the gun ! - [ Speaking Spanish ]
- [Scully]put it down! Now! - [ Speaking Spanish ]
- [Mulder]Drop it! - [Lozano Shouting]
[ Both Speaking Spanish ]
Eladio ! [Screaming in Spanish]
- [Soledad Sobbing] - He's been here.
- [ Knocking ] - [Gabrielle] ? Quien es ?
- Eladio. - Eladio ?
[ Screaming ] No !
[ Screaming ] No !
Eladio ? Eladio Buente ?
He is not here.
He's gone.
- Gone where ? - To Mexico,
where he can hide his terrible face.
- How's he gonna get to Mexico ? - I gave him all my money.
- You gave him your money ? - Yes, because I was afraid.
I was afraid EI Chupacabra will kill me too.
What can I say ?
[Mulder] How are we gonna find this man ?
Good luck. I'm gonna go process the brother.
You know what she said about Eladio Buente, about his face ?
I don't know what to believe. These people love their stories.
Mulder, he could be anywhere right now.
If he were to enter a metropolitan area with what he's carrying--
- He won't. - If heís going to Mexico--
If this man really thinks he killed Maria Dorantes, he won't be going to Mexico.
- Then where is he going ? - The same place Lozano and Eladio's brother are going.
- Heís gone to face his brother. - I don't understand.
"God curses a man who stands between two brothers."
Get on your cell phone and have a Haz-Mat team assembled.
Eladio Buente, come on out !
- Be a man and face your brother. - Madre de Dios.
Eladio, no!
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Whispering in Spanish ]
He believed in EI Chupacabra.
They came from the sky. More Chupacabras...
coming to save Eladio.
I slammed the door and prayed...
that they would not come to kill me too.
What will happen to Soledad ?
He was taken up by a Chupacabra.
He will suffer for his treachery.
Heís made to suck the blood...
of only the sick and dying goats...
when the Chupacabra comes to feed.
- That's not what Gabriella said. - What does Gabriella know?
I was there. I saw it with my own eyes.
Gabriella said that she lied to la FBI...
so that her cousin, Eladio, might live.
But lamigra Lozano knew that Soledad could not live with vengeance in his heart.
- [ Yells in Spanish ] - [ Gunshot ]
Turn around and face the man whose love you killed !
You killed Maria...
because she wouldn't love you.
Because her heart belongs to only one man.
Don't make me shoot you in the back, Eladio.
Turn ! See my tears !
- Turn around like a man ! - No.
[Gabrielle] "Shoot. Shoot! "Iamigra shouted.
But Soledad began to cry.
" No. No !" cried Soledad. "I cannot shoot my brother.
He is my brother. My flesh, my blood. "
- Shoot him ! He's EI Chupacabra ! - Shouted lamigra.
- You cannot let him go ! - " He is a goat sucker, and he must be killed !"
he could not kill Eladio...
because he knew I would never forgive him.
- [ Speaking Spanish ] - No ! No ! - Amiga Lozano...
tried to pull the gun from Soledad's hand, calling him a coward !
- "No! He is my brother!" And the gun went off! - [ Gunshot ]
Bang ! Bang !
Lamigra Lozano fell dead.
La migra Lozano...
brought Soledad to kill Eladio...
so that he would not be cursed.
So God...
cursed Soledad for his treachery...
and turned him into...
EI Chupacabra like his brother.
Together they run...
to Mexico.
- EI Chupacabra ? - [Scully] Yes, sir.
Frankly, I'm confused by this story.
[Mulder] I don't blame you.
We can't exactly explain it ourselves, sir.
At any rate, we arrived just after the Haz-Mat team.
They established perimeter then secured the area.
An eyewitness was found, but her testimony was questionable.
[Scully] The Haz-Mat team were able to contain the fungal infection within the camp.
No other casualties were reported.
We found no other traces of the accelerating enzyme.
[Mulder] Except on the body of Agent Lozano.
We found him dead at the scene with a bullet wound to the chest.
And with the fungal infection already starting to eat away at him.
- What happened to the brothers ? - [Scully] They were nowhere to be found.
Lozano's revolver turned up ten miles away...
near the car of a man known locally as EI Barbero.
[Mulder]Apparently, the brothers paid this man for a ride to Mexico,
but they didnít get very far.
So these men are still at large carrying a highly contagious fungus...
that can kill a man in his tracks ?
It's not a fungus, sir. Actually, it's an enzyme...
to which the brothers had an abnormal tolerance.
And which came from what I believe to be an anti-enzyme gene.
- This enzyme came from where ? - Outer space, sir.
[ Sighs ] So this is the story you're asking me to report ?
You would think with the resources we have, we'd be able to find these men.
I'm not hearing a good explanation why this hasn't happened.
Well, sir, they, um--
They have a way of... being almost invisible.
[Mulder] The truth is,
nobody cares.
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