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Subtitles for Young And The Damned The (Los Olvidados).

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Young And The Damned The (Los Olvidados)

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This film is based on true facts.|No character is fictional.
Almost every capital|like New York, Paris, London
hides, behind its wealth,|poverty-stricken homes
where poorly-fed children,|deprived of health or school,
are doomed to criminality.
Society tries to provide a cure.
Success for its efforts|remains very limited.
The future is not bound|to the present:
The day will come when|children rights are respected.
Mexico, large modern city,|is no exception to the rule.
This film shows the real life.|It's not optimistic.
The solution to this problem is|left to the forces of progress.
Don't forget the others!
Who wants a cigarette?
You smoke?
No, that makes me cough.
I don't smoke either.
What a chicken!
I must go to work.
Only morons work.
Too bad. See you later.
How polite you are!
Hey!|You know who I've seen?
He got away from|the reformatory prison.
Who's that, "Jabo"?
Egg-sandwiches.|Who wants my sandwiches?
- One sandwich.|- At once.
With gherkins?
Put anything you want.
As I was telling you,
in prison, if you're a wimp,|they beat the shit out of you.
They're tough?
Yes, but if you're|tougher than them,
they respect you.
So they didn't bother you.
How is the grub?
Not bad.|And I took the best bed.
But the street is better.
That's why I got away|as soon as I had the chance.
You were not scared?|If they had caught you...
"Jabo" fears no one.
It's Julian's fault|if they put you in jail?
It is. That bloody scared...
- Who gives me a cigarette?|- Not me.
- Me neither.|- What about you?
I've got no more.
No cigarette, no dough!
Without me, you're no good.
But I've learned a lot
and if you obey me|we'll all get dough.
You're a real tough-guy.
We'll do everything you want.
I'll sing you a song
from the time of|my general Don Porfirio.
You can laugh,|but on these days
people were more respectful|and women stayed at home.
Now they only think|to chase men.
This song will cost one peso.
I must sing to live.
The price of bread rises,|the price of my songs too.
This one is from the days of|my general Don Porfirio.
A coin of twenty centavos and|one of ten have just fallen.
- Here is the blind man.|- Fine.
You, "Baldie",|you swipe his bag.
You rush and give it to him,|who'll give it back to me.
You guys, you wait|where I told you.
What if I'm arrested?
You drop the "exhibit".
Don't get nabbed with it!
I know the law!
- Move!|- It's OK.
- What d'you want?|- Nothing.
Let me go then.
Keep away, son.
Tickle the bull's nostril.
Did he hit you hard?
He only scratched me.
What an asshole!
There was a nail|at the end of the stick.
It's deep!
Ask your mother to nurse you.
My mother?! If I go home,|she'll kill me.
Mine is a beast too.|That's why I left.
Nail pricks are bad.
Put a cobweb on it.|It's good against bleeding.
Pedro! Bring me one.
- I will.|- Hurry up!
With that, you get over it|or you lose your paw.
Is there a kind soul|to make me cross?
Who will have mercy|of a poor blind man?
Is there anybody to ...?
Why are you crying, my child?
My dad told me to wait here|and he doesn't come back.
He'll come back soon.|So, help me, Im blind.
You do have small eyes.
The less we are, the better.|You guys, wait.
We'll "thank" him all right.
Feel pity for a poor|defenseless blind man.
Take that, bloody blind man!
In the head, "Baldie",|in the head!
Watch out, or you|gonna break your neck.
What do we eat?
- What is it?|- Nothing.
- Cool, some meat!|- Don't touch it.
You've been given meat?|That's impossible!
Don't touch it!
Where the hell have you been?
Over there... Looking for a job.
All night long?|Why do you come back?
Mum, Im hungry.
I've told you not to come back|if you hang with these punks.
You don't realize|I work myself to death
washing floors|all day long.
I'm hungry!
Ask your friends to feed you.
Why are you beating me?
To teach you a lesson,|ne'er-do-well !
You don't love me anymore.
It's your fault.
It was good!
You're not from here?
Yes... from the country.
If you're a peasant,|you're not from here!
Why did you come here?
I didn't come,|I've been brought.
I don't know.
You know nothing!
Hi, Pedro!
Hi, Julian!
You haven't seen my father?
I know where he is...
What a prick!
Now I'm hungrier than before.
Have you eaten?
- You're hungry?|- A lot.
You got money?
Come on, Dad.|You can't stand anymore.
No. Let me go.
You ought to be ashamed.
You shouldn't judge your father.
l don't judge you, but|you could be hit.
- Mum is waiting.|- Let her wait!
Don't you get sick of|being drunk every night?
Me, drunk?
Yes, you are.
What a pity!
You work yourself to death|to feed us and I...
Forgive me, son.|I swear I'll stop drinking.
You always say that.
This time, it's true.
He's so drunk!
You got a problem with that?
No. Sorry.
Your lack of respect|gets on my nerves
Here we go again!
I'm your father after all!
What a drunkard!
OK...I'm leaving. Bye.
Give me that knife.
I'm busy.
Here, Im less worthy than|an animal. Where's Metche?
Where are you?|I will die alone!
Find your sister to rub her.
She'll be back.
It's me, "Jabo".
My stupid brother|always brings bums to us.
Wait. We'll talk.
But you were in prison?
I am where I want to be.|I've escaped.
Go away! lf they find you here,|it's gonna hurt.
- Want some help?|- No!
You've become so pretty|since the last time I saw you.
Keep quiet or I scream!
OK! Stay calm.
I gonna go.
Lie down or you're gonna cough|and we won't be able to sleep.
I've fought with mum,|I've come to sleep here.
Who is it?
He was lost,|I felt sorry for him.
Come in and be quiet.
Mum is waiting for you.
Hi, "Jabo"!
Pedro! Quite a crowd!
Who's that guy|with the small eyes?
Well... He's "Small Eyes".|I've found him at the market.
- You see me?|- Me? No.
Why have you brought him?|Beat it!
Leave him alone!
You don't have any family?
He could be a bastard.
I have a dad!
Where is he?
He told me to wait for him|but he didn't come back.
He's not from here.
We have to go.
Don't touch the animals|and be quiet.
Good night, Metche.
When I'm rich,|I'll marry you.
Don't worry about the chickens!
He said not to touch the animals,
when milk is so good|before going to bed!
They haven't left a drop!
Look at this one!
Leave us alone.|Pedro and I, we're leaving.
- Gimme your handkerchief.|- Why?
I'll give it back to you.
- My throat aches.|- Don't piss me off.
You, follow me.|You guys, see you later.
What about Julian?
-I saw him last night.|- Always at the same place?
No. He works at a building site.
I'll show you if you want.
Let's speak to him.
There he is.
Tell him I'm here.
Be careful, he hits hard.
Since he doesn't smoke,|he's never out of breath.
Get moving!
"Jabo" wants to see you.
To speak with you.
lf he looks for a fight,|he'll get what he wants.
- He asks if you chicken out.|- I'll show him.
- I'll be back right away.|- Don't be too long.
- Just a minute.|- Go on.
What do you want?
I haven't seen you|in a while!
Why do you want to meet me?
I gotta talk with you...|but not here.
Anywhere you want.
Let's go.
We've walked enough.|Now talk!
You remember Ive spent a year|in jail because of you.
- Because of me?|- Sure?
You gave me away.
I'd tell you if it was me,|you don't scare me.
I'm not a rat.
The guy who gave me away|will pay for it.
Bragger, you know I can't|beat you because of my arm.
Come back when you are well.|You'll see what you'll get.
I'll knock the shit out of you.
Stop that!
Let's go before he wakes.|That'll teach him.
Take that.
When he wakes up,|he won't miss us.
When he awakes,|I'll put him back to sleep.
Please, I'd like to cross.
Nobody hears|a poor blind man?
I'm gonna help you, sir.
The guy from yesterday.|You still wait for your father?
Yes, sir.
He sure won't be back.
Today there's too much poverty,|too many mouths to feed.
Listen, son, I need|someone to help me.
Come with me, you'll have a home|and something to eat.
What about my dad?
We'll come back here|everyday. Take that.
If the police questions you,|I'm your godfather. Let's go.
Come in, Don Carmelo.
"Small Eyes", what are|you doing with him?
They call you "Small Eyes"?|What a stupid name!
Wait for me here.
How does the patient feel?
Better... but left alone.
But your sons have grown up.
They're just hooligans,|always hanging around.
I know. There's nothing|to do here.
Turn around, please.
Virgin Mary!|Have pity! Heal me!
It works!|Look at the pigeon.
You gave him your disease.
When he dies, you'll be cured.
Virgin Mary, mother of God!
I can't bear this pain anymore.
What is my boss doing there?
It's for my sick mother.
Don Carmelo treats her|with a pigeon.
That's not good.
How do you know?
What is it?
It's a dead man's tooth.
It keeps bad luck away.|Its owner will never get sick.
Where did you find it?
At the graveyard.|I took it by moonlight.
Otherwise, it's worthless.
lf you want, I give it to you.
To me?
Take it.
So, stay in good health.
Metche, my bottle!
There you go, Don Carmelo.
From now on, "Small Eyes"|will come and get it.
- Do you hear me?|- Yes, sir.
Let's go away.
For health, nothing beats donkey milk.
Do you have a cigarette?
l don't support laziness.
Go and watch.
What d'you want?
A cigarette.
- Buy it.|- We've got no money.
Get some work, and you'll|be able to smoke.
Shut him up.
He's gonna like it!
Let him go.
Go now!
Take it!
One peso for each of you.
And it's not over.
I'm rusty.|You've seen nothing yet.
That cripple was|really scared to death.
Hey guys!
I've been looking for you.|You know what happened?
Julian was found dead.
- You're kidding!|- Julian?
Near his workplace.
He's lying over there.|There are a lot of people.
We know who did it?
Police says|he was killed from behind.
We gonna see him?
Let's go.
- Come with us, Pedro.|- Here we go.
- What's going on?|- Nothing!
You go, we'll follow you.
Come, quick!
You did kill him!
I didn't want to.
Now, you better shut your mouth
if you don't want|us to be arrested.
I did nothing.
You searched for him.|You took half the money.
If we get nabbed,|we'll be both sentenced.
We have to split.
If they catch one of us,|not a word, OK?
Now we're bound together|forever, you got that?
Honey, what are you doing?
Listen to me, my darling,|you're not that bad.
Why did you do that?
l did nothing. It was "Jabo".
I'd like to be|with you all the time.
But I'm very tired.
Look at my the hands,|worn-out by washing.
Why don't you ever kiss me?
Mum, I'm gonna behave.
I'll look for a job,|you'll be able to rest.
Yes, darling.
Why didn't you give me|some meat the other night?
Give it to me!|It's mine.
What are you looking at?
Milk... Nothing is better|for the skin.
If you wash yourself|with it, your skin
looks like satin.
Bloody "Small Eyes"!|You know everything.
It's 'cause my mother went|to marriageable daughters'
doing their hair|and applying milk to them.
OK... we'll see tomorrow.
You told me the truth?
"Jabo"!|You were still here?
As long as you are.
- If grandpa knows it...|- I don't give a shit.
- Hey, where are you going?|- What do you want?
- To see you.|- Get lost!
Stay, I won't eat you.
Don't approach me|or you'll get bashed.
Kiss me, I'll give you...
Two pesos to buy|everything you want.
Show me.
Only one?
Leave me alone, don't touch me!|Stop that!
What's happening?
"Jabo" has fun with my sister.
Let me go, brute beast!
Keep quiet.
Let me go!
Dirty beast, take that!
I'll tell it to mum.
You're gonna shut up?
No need to make|such a fuss for so little.
If you'd touch me,|I'd have smashed your face.
Let him go,|people could hear you.
You coward, you dare with him!
Come with me.
Let's go, grandpa can hear us.
He's not that deaf.
See you tomorrow, "Small Eyes".
Why are you looking at me?
For nothing.
What's the problem?
- Is it true that you...|- What?
killed Julian?
I did nothing.
I thought so.
- If you go on...|- Don't worry, I'm your friend.
You did it, it's your problem.
What are you doing here?|Who's that?
A pal who helps me.|You got a problem with that?
l want to see no one here.
Don't get mad, grandpa.
If he leaves, I'll leave too.
Right, clear off!
Let's scram!
What will you do?
I don't know. I've got no money.
You better hide for a few days.|We'll see you then.
I know a great place.|I'll lead you.
- Where?|- Come on.
I got you!|What are you looking for?
Some water. I live with|the blind in this house.
If I wanted,|I could knock you out.
If you ever tell you|saw me here, I'll kill you.
Yes, sir.
You know I keep my promises.
Don't breathe a word!
Come here, "Small Eyes".
Who were you talking with?
With a passer-by.
You're lying. Nobody ever|passes through here.
He stood there, he left.
Who was it?
I don't know!
You'll tell me|or I tear your ear.
- "Jabo".|- What?
He's called "Jabo".
I forbid you to talk|to other people.
This "Jabo" is sure|one of these lazy...
If I see you with him or|another one, I break your arm.
Today, you have all|bad company.
Before, it was different.
were respected.
What was that,|"Small Eyes"?
A falling stone.
Go away!
Where's this scum|who killed my son?
Get out so I'll kill you!
They attacked him off-guard!
Bring that coward to me!
Be patient... Be patient!
I've got a job! Saturday,|I'll bring you seven pesos .
Bring that bowl.
Now, Im gonna behave.
You see what you do|with such stupid things!
Dirty brat!
Stop knocking!
Look after the shop. If|someone comes, let him wait.
What d'you want?
Talking to you.
Not here!
That's important.
The boss will be back.
So what? You'll tell|him I'm a customer.
The story about Julian|begins to make trouble.
They know?
But the police questions|all the neighborhood.
Since you knew him,|they'll come to see you.
They look for me|as a fugitive.
What will I tell them?
It depends...|First, you'll tell them...
Go away! Here's my boss!
- What do we do?|- I don't know.
I'll go to your place tonight.
- Did you see anyone?|- No sir.
You can go.
Have you seen|the silver-handled knife?
It was there.
It probably fell.
Get me some water.
Take the pitcher.
- Come on.|- Hurry up!
Hello.|What do you want?
- Pedro's here?|- No, not yet.
I must join him here.|If you don't mind, I'll wait.
As you like.
Must be great to have a mother!
When I see you, I envy Pedro.
I don't even know|what's my name.
My father...I've never known|who he was.
My mother died|when I was a child.
Do you remember her?
No... just once|when I was a child.
It seems I got attacks...|like convulsions.
Once, after an attack,
I saw the face of a woman,
very close to me.
She was looking at me kindly,|with a sad look.
She was crying. That's why|I thought she was my mother.
And you remember that?
Yes, because nobody ever|looked at me like that again.
Maybe it was a dream.
What did she look like?
She looked like the Virgins|you see in church.
A policeman asks for you!
- For me?|- Yes, a cop.
- What does he want?|- I don't know.
Well, come in.
You know for my Julian?|They killed him.
He loved you so much.
My darling... so nice...|What will happen to us?
He was working for us.|Who killed him?
- What?|- You know it.
I swear I don't know.
- Yes you do.|- No!
Try to learn who killed|him and tell me,
so I catch him and I...
Are you sure?
Yes, your son was at the shop.
He was the only one|able to steal the knife.
My brother has stolen nothing.
Shut up.
I don't know what to do|with that boy.
He stays out all night, I never|know where he spends the day,
and now...
It's serious. If the theft is|proved, he'll be jailed.
Good, I don't care.
When he gets back, take|him away and thrash him.
Thrash him|until he understands.
You, beat it!
It's ours!
Did you buy it?
We're tired.
You'll get a rest|when you're dead.
- When do we eat?|- First you work.
Give me the money|you owe me.
Here you are!|You lazy bunch!
If that crook doesn't pay us,|we'll ruin him.
Is Pedro here?
He haven't come home|since the other night.
That's strange. Something|must have happened to him.
Only God knows!
Tonio has put a marble|in his mouth.
Give me what you've got|in the mouth.
You got married very young?
I was fourteen|when Pedro was born.
Your husband is still alive?
No, he died five years ago.
Small dogs.
Let's go see them!
You already leave?
Please, for the band.
"Small Eyes"!
Pedro, what're you doing here?
You see, I work.
What's going on|over there?
As usual.
You've seen the gang?
I meet "Pimples"|when I go for the milk.
- And "Jabo"?|- Also.
The cops didn't arrest him?
Go to work!
Where did you see "Jabo"?
He sleeps besides the place|where I live with the blind.
- They don't look for me?|- No.
- Really?|- Nobody knows where you are.
Get lost!
Where are you going?
Where have you been lately?
Around here, in the street.
I work for a carousel.
Why did you come back?|You should stay there.
I ran away...|Can't say why.
But I didn't do anything bad.
Don't stand like that.|Beat me instead.
Don't touch me.
I'd like to behave,|but I don't know how .
You're like that with me because|of "Jabo", it's his fault.
Why are you doing that?
Because you're a punk,|a thief!
You went at the shop|only for stealing.
I didn't steal anything!
I'll bring you|where you deserve.
You'd dare to do that?
No, Mum...|Bring me where you want.
We couldn't get|the proof of his guilt.
But since you can't|educate him properly,
we send him|to the farm-school.
We need your authorization.
- As you want.|- Sign here.
- I can't write.|- Draw a cross.
I suppose you wish|to meet him?
No... what for?
We should punish|the parents
for the way they|raise their children.
Deprived of affection,|they look for it anywhere.
I work all day long|so we can eat.
You don't love your son?
Why should I love him? I don't|even know who his father is.
That's OK...|but go and see him.
- Lead her.|- Follow me.
What has he done?
I don't know.
The judge told me to see you.
You don't talk?
You'll be sent|to the farm-school.
I don't want to go.|I've done nothing.
You're the one who|had me locked up.
Listen, my son...
"My son"?!
I came home just to see you,|you bring me here,
and now, you feel sorry for me!|It's your fault.
But you have... stolen the knife.
I stole nothing! I've told it|constantly to the judge.
Why would I lie?
Who is it , then?
The cops have to find him.|That's their job.
They've sent you|to make me talk?
Yes, that's why you're here.
Why don't you beat me?
You've brought me here.|Don't play the good mum.
I believe you, my darling.
Now, you remember|I'm your darling.
I want to go!|I've stolen nothing! Mum!
I couldn't come back|since the other night.
I've learned about Pedro,|that's why I'm here.
I want to see him.
- I'll help you.|- Drop it.
I'm so sorry!
They arrested the guy and
they could make him talk.
Don't worry.|He didn't rat on you.
To rat on me?
You met him on the|day of the theft.
I see you're in|a bad mood, I'm leaving.
Don't ever come back.
When you're neat and tidy,|you're another man.
Your file says you can't read|and you're accused of stealing.
I've stolen nothing.
Don't be afraid.|You're not in jail here.
You will learn to read|and to get a job,
like... mechanic.
A boy like you was here.
Now he drives a locomotive.
- I want to leave.|- Why?
I've done nothing.
You're a good boy?
No, but I haven't stolen|the knife.
Apparently you like animals.
You'll be delighted|in working here.
Put him at the poultry farming.
After... we'll see.
Hey, don't do that!
- Don't do that.|- We sell the eggs.
I do whatever I want.
We'll call the principal.
Go on.
- Give it to me.|- Watch out or I bash you up.
I'd like to see that!
Drop that stick!
Lock him until he cools off.
Go back to work.
What are we going|to do with him?
Let him think it over|and give him some food.
People are better|when they're full up.
After... we'll see.
Why are you smiling?
For nothing. If we could lock|poverty up instead of children...
Follow me.
You're quieter, aren't you?
Why did you kill the hens?
I don't know.
I do. Since you think|you're in jail,
you believe we all hate you|and you wanted to kill us.
But you couldn't do it so|the hens paid for us, right?
Yes, sir.
Be careful. Hens may|have their revenge too.
It's not a jail here.
Look at the door.
There aren't any policemen.|It's always opened.
As I want to win your trust...
Take that.
You can go out. There is a|tobacco shop on the right.
I give you 50 pesos.|I've got no change.
Bring me a pack of cigarettes|like this one.
What are you waiting for?|Go on!
- You've got a lot of money.|- I want more!
This educational method|will cost you a fortune.
If you give to all of them...
Not to all, each one|has a different problem,
but this boy needs|trust and affection.
What if he won't come back?
I'll lose 50 pesos. You have|to pay for your mistakes.
What're you doing here?
I've learned you were here|so I've come to see you.
They let you go out?
I do some shopping.
They trust you!|You gave me away?
I'm not a rat.
- You've told nothing?|- Nothing.
Good for you!
You know what happens|when I'm betrayed?
When I was arrested for the|knife, you said nothing.
Who remembers that?|Besides, they let you go out.
A 50 pesos bill!
Who gave it to you?
The principal.
Well, he won't see it again.|Come on, clear off.
- I wanna go back to school.|- You're crazy.
I want to go back.
Give me the bill.
Give it to me or|Ill break your wrist.
He's angry with me.
You're not annoyed anymore?
Give me that money.
Which money?
The 50 pesos you've|stolen from me.
- I want that bill.|- Why?
To give it back to the principal.
You're a chicken.
And you a thief.
Go back with your mother.
Don't talk about my mother.
It wasn't enough!
Go ahead, "Jabo"!
Leave him alone.
You won't get me|like Julian!
You're lying!
It's him, I saw him!
You clubbed him to death.
That's him,|we must call the police!
You'll pay for that!
He runs away! Police!
Let's go or we'll|all be arrested.
All these criminals|should be hung by their feet.
In my General's days,|no one dared say a word.
A bread thief|was shot as an example.
But now we're helpless.
Julian was a good boy!
Good people always leave.
What do you want?
Please, bring me to|the police station.
I know things about "Jabo".
- To the police station?|- Yes, go on!
- You're alone?|- Yes, come in.
What's up with you?
Nothing.|"Jabo" still sleeps here?
Yes, but very late.
Where does he sleep?
in the empty house next door.
Here the blind man.|What are we doing?
Hide yourself.|Don't make a noise.
Still sick?
Yes, sir.
If you could eat,|you'd be cured.
But you have to work|if you want to eat.
You're so lazy!
Good evening Don Carmelo.|I bring you the milk.
Thanks, girl.|It went out of my mind.
With what happens|in this neighborhood...
I leave now.
This is for the milk.
Ah my wonderful Metche!|Sit down.
You're a good girl.
Your hair smells good.
But I never wash it.
You don't need to
at your age.
There's nothing better|than natural scent.
It's a pity that God|deprived me of my eyes.
You must be beautiful as an angel|but naughty like a devil.
I'm leaving.
Wait, I'll give you something.
Two candies for|my little Metche.
But before...
"Small Eyes"!
Come here!
What was it?
Something has... fallen, Sir.
That's why you've|pretended to be sick?
To let thieves|like you come in?
Let me go.|They weren't thieves.
I'll kill you, punk.
"Jabo" is the criminal!|He wants to kill me!
Old brute!|Don't hit him!
- Old fool!|- Get out of here!
Your father was right|to leave you.
We'll be done with
all of you soon.
Metche, you've seen my son?
Your son? No.
Why did you lie?
Because she knows he escaped.
She looks for him to...
What will you do?
Don't know. I'll look for|my dad at the market.
I've got one peso.
Take it and buy some food.
Thanks. Bye.
Take care.
Take your tooth.|It'll protect you.
He can't escape.
But you'll have to wait,|he comes late.
I'm gonna make you pay.
Stop, don't kill me!
There's someone in the barn.|The beasts are nervous.
It's Pedro!
He's been killed.
I know who did it, Grandpa.
Shut up, we could be accused|to be his accomplices.
I don't want the police|coming to my place.
What're we gonna do?
We load the donkey with him,|and we'll drop him somewhere.
Quick, get dressed!
Stop or I shoot!
One to go...
They'll all end up like that.
They should be killed|before birth.
You've been fixed, "Jabo".
Right in the head.
Watch out, here's the mangy dog.
Look, he's coming.
That's it, Im falling|into the black hole.
I'm alone.
As always, boy,|as always.
Ne pense plus ... rien.|Stop thinking.
Sleep, boy.
Good evening.
Year of Living Dangerously The
Young And The Damned The (Los Olvidados)
Young Master
Youre My Hero (2003)