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Young Master

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The golden lion belongs to this school,
he's never going to leave, right?
And because of him no one's gonna beat us!
You can say that again!
Come on! Do some work!
But l am working!
Yeah, looks like it!
Up, down, left, right...
Left, right, left, left, right...
Everything ready?
Yes, master!
Are the costumes here?
No, sister Har is bringing them over.
Master, sister Har's arrived.
Hello there, master!
Hello, sister...
Hello everyone! Hi...
There! l finished your costumes at last.
Come try them on, everyone!
Make sure you have the right one,
don't mix them up.
Make sure you have the right costume.
Come on, hurry up!
Brother Lung!
Alright! l'll be right there!
Here, brother! Here's your costume!
What's happening?
Are you alright?
What happened?
You alright?
My leg really hurts!
Which idiot put the bucket there?
lt must have been the orphan.
Hurry, get me up will you?
Help him up!
Somebody give him a chair!
This really couldn't have come at a worse time.
Brother Jing's supposed to carry the lion's head!
Without him, you think we'll lose, right?
But l'm here!
l was here before you!
Yeah, l know that!
lt looks like we'll need a replacement.
Me, master? l couldn't...
No, l didn't mean you!
Well, Lung?
Lung's not good enough to do it!
lf he isn't, then l'll do it!
No, you won't. l was...
You two! Be quiet!
Lung will do it.
Citizens and fellow villagers,
this year has brought us peace and renewed prosperity.
So, in accordance with our tradition,
we've created a token symbolizing peace in our land.
The Jing Fung and Wai Yee martial arts schools
will be competing for the token.
We will see which school brings us good luck for the coming year.
What kind of token's that?
lt's a green token.
lf l don't get it then l'm gonna turn green!
lt's the 8 Circling Dragons token.
We've got all the right moves.
They're never gonna beat us.
Yeah, they're good!
They've got a good team this year.
They have some different techniques this year.
Are you ready, Lung?
Chan, you get the tail.
Everyone get ready.
Right, master.
Man the drum!
l'm betting on the gold lion!
l like the black.
Yes, sir.
What's your bet?
On the black lion.
lt won't win.
But l'm rich if it does!
You're crazy!
What are the odds?
10 to 1 for the black.
For the gold, 2 to 1 on.
2 to 1 on?
Sure. We all know gold will win.
l'd be crazy to give any better odds.
Good day, l have a business to run.
l'll take the black.
Just go wait in line.
Wait! Did you say black?
Yes. Then l'll fill out your ticket right now.
Thank you.
Go on! You can do it!
Think you can do it?
l'll give it a try!
Go for it!
Lift up the tail!
They're never gonna do that.
Go for it!...
All right! Keep going!...
Go on! Get up there!
Keep pushing, brother!
Chan! Your belt!
Chan! Are you ready?
l'm all right!
Here l go!
Go on!...
We're not brothers! You want it you take it!
Pull me up!
Get him up!...
Don't let go!
Why are you doing this, brother?
lt's not in the rules!
Forget the rules. l was paid to win this!
And that's what l'm gonna do!
Come on, don't do this!
Look out! Hold him up!...
Shut up! Get the token!
Hurry up! Go get it!
Get the token!...
Oh, no! Get back up!...
Yeah! We won!...
Go home!...
We won! We got it!...
Who was doing the head?
He was really something!
Alright, don't just stand there!
Go and collect the gold lion!
Alright, clean up everything!
Don't just sit there!
Here, l have to collect my winnings!
You idiots! l lost a fortune!
You're no good!
You be the black lion, l'll be the gold lion!
You check it. l don't want complaints.
Good accounting makes good friends.
And we'll do the same thing next year.
Someone's gonna find out.
Then why don't you do as l said
and come and teach at the school?
What about it?
l'll think it over.
Come on, guys, let's clean up.
Master, did we win it?
Have some tea, master.
Alright, we lost. lt's in the past now.
Get back to practice!
You're responsible for losing the contest!
For your punishment,
you'll lift the table 100 times!
Pass me the soap...
l'm going inside!
l'm gonna be the first one in!
Will you scrub my bed for me?
Who do you think l am, your servant?
Oh, come on!
Yeah, dream on, brother!
Why do l have to do it?
Just do what l say. Go on!
That way.
Don't worry, l know the way.
This isn't the first time.
Not so loud! The master's in the bedroom.
lf you're so embarrassed about it,
and so afraid that your master will find out,
why did you bother bringing me here?
Hello handsome! Me again!
What's the matter?
What did she mean ''again?''
Never mind about that!
Brother, don't take too long!
Let me worry about that. Now get out of here!
Look out! Master's here!
What are you doing?
lt's much cooler in here.
Cooler in here?
That's right!
You're suffocating me!
No, no...
What do you think you're doing?
Master, l won't do it again!
l'll make sure you don't!
Get off me!
This is a school, not a brothel. Get out!
Don't worry l'm not wasting any more time here
What's up? Never seen a girl before?
Lung, give me your belt.
Wai Yee School?
Alright! Why did they give you this money?
Tell me!
Well then?
Speak up! What did you do for this? Talk!
Tell me! Tell me!
Jing Keung? Jing!
What's the meaning of this?
Why did the Wai Yee School pay you?
Didn't brother tell you?
l danced for Wai Yee School.
l didn't say anything, l didn't!
Get out!
l said out!
All of you!
How dare you call me your master?
Don't you realize what you've done?
You've betrayed the school!
Don't you remember when you were a young kid living on the streets?
You and Lung, living among the filth
and the rats, without any clothes,
with nothing to eat!
And who was it that took you in?
For 10 years l struggled to give you an education,
to bring you up like my own sons
l asked for nothing in return.
And this is how you repay me?
Why did you do it?
Lung is a mediocre student.
You're the one we depend on!
l don't understand how you could do it!
l don't believe it, he's betrayed us!
Did you hear that, guys?
How could he do this to the master?
He should be thrown out!
No, please! You were good to me.
l know l did wrong! l'm leaving!
Out of my way!
Brother! Brother!
Leave him!
And don't you ever come back here you hear me?
l've heard that Master Kim's gonna be
put on trial in a couple of days.
lf we don't do something
they're gonna send him to prison.
What're you gonna do? Go and rescue him?
You won't get far with just 2 of you.
l'd say the two of us should be plenty.
All those guards are overweight.
They never practise kung fu.
No sweat. They won't be a match for us!
ln that case how come Kim was caught?
He'd had a little too much to drink that day.
Yeah, that's right.
Otherwise it'd have taken 10 of them.
Maybe so.
Still you'll have to plan it very carefully.
Uncle, you're up early.
Would you like some hot tea?
Some tea, no thank you.
l'll see you later.
What do you want? You here for lessons?
l came to see Uncle.
ls that right? Uncle! A visitor.
Well? What are you doing here?
Don't tell me you want money
l already paid you, didn't l?
Tell me what you want.
No, it's not the money,
it's the instructor's job you offered me.
But that was last week.
l've more instructors than l need right now.
Maybe if your school is short handed
at the moment, l could hire them to you.
But you gave your word!
Well, l...
Morning, uncle!
Look at the state of you. Fasten those buttons
Uncle, why's he here?
He wants us to employ him.
As if rice grew on trees!
When you performed the lion dance,
l didn't know about all this.
l felt bad afterwards.
Look, if we do take you in here,
your master will get even madder.
He found out and kicked you out, didn't he?
Maybe l can put in a good word for you.
Maybe then he'll take you back.
Forget it.
The world is big, l'll find another place.
Wait up there!
Well? What is it you want now?
l've an offer that you might find interesting,
and which could make you rich.
Beggars can't be choosers, l guess. Go ahead.
We've gotta wait for a table, here sir.
Out of the way!
Master Tien.
Oh, dear! You're still waiting for a table?
Master, your table's ready.
That's good. Have a good meal!
Won't be long. Yes, l'm coming!
Master Tien, good morning.
Having breakfast with your student?
Please excuse me.
Waiter, check please!
Coming! You're leaving, sir?
Check, table 3!
Thank you...Thank you.
Say, l must say that lion dance of yours was great,
l've not seen anything like it!
What did l tell you? l wasn't lying.
When l promise l deliver the goods.
lt was our big brother who helped you!
Your school's so pitiful.
Your banner would run away if it could.
Look at us here. We're fit and healthy fellas!
Whereas look at your pathetic students!
They're all bags of skin and bone.
You're wasting away!
Why don't you have a nice pork bun on me?
Eat up, scrawny!
The poor boy must be starving to death.
But l don't think one pork bun would do it!
You're pretty brave, sonny!
Beat him up!
l'm going to teach you a lesson!
Wait! Calm down. Don't do that.
You see you've annoyed Master Tien.
He's a grand master, he deserves your respect.
Come on!
But Master, you haven't paid yet!
We didn't eat anything.
What about the cover charge?
Thank you master, thank you.
What's up with master?
What the...What happened to your eye?
All this is his fault.
The stupid idiot lost the lion contest.
Now everybody thinks they can beat us up!
Who did it?
Tell me little birdie with your spindly legs,
how can you hope to take us down a peg?
Let's show them some real kung fu!
l don't think so.
Go on, show them!
Let's go get them!
Haven't you all been shamed enough? Let's go!
Don't just stand there, you heard the master!
Let's go! Get a move on!
Come on!
You want to cause trouble,
but you've no idea at all how to fight.
You've humiliated me once again!
But it was the others, they started it.
Without Big Brother, we couldn't...
Be quiet! All you know is 'Big Brother'!
l taught all you boys kung fu.
What's wrong with you?
What kind of fighting did you call that?
Show me again!
Go on!...Well?
Hook? And the rest?
Throw? Throw? Did l teach you that?
Well, did l?
Get on with it!
Jab, jab, jab.
Useless! l've never seen anything so pitiful!
Go on! The rest!
Hide? That's all you're good for!
You're a disgrace! You're useless, pathetic!
Good for nothing! ldiot!
Young master, let me help you up.
Do you know what it's like to be your master?
lt's a nightmare!
You're all as useless as each other!
You can't even fight and you're disloyal!
Performing the lion dance for our competitors.
lt's as if you'd used the kung fu l taught you against me!
And what about our reputation?
We've been made a laughing stock!
They were laughing at me at the tea house.
You've ruined 25 years of work! Shut up!
And you! Look at the state of you.
You couldn't fight to save your life!
And you too! Always hiding away!
Always whimpering too!
l haven't touched you, what's the matter?
What's this?
Master, l...
What do you call this?
Did l teach you to tie your belt this way?
Tell me!
You get over there and tie it up properly!
Are you still crying? Just stop it!
Master! Master!
lt's not fair blaming us for this!
lt's those orphan boys' fault!
They sold us out! Why don't you punish them?
Be quiet!
Be quiet! Be quiet! Be quiet!
Don't you dare answer me back!
You're all as bad as one another you hear me?
That's enough!
Because we lost the contest,
you chased away brother Jing.
Now you're taking it out on us.
What have we done to deserve it?
lt's true, the two of us are orphan boys.
You house us, feed us.
We don't pay the fees here.
lf we've let you down then go ahead, beat me!
Don't take it out on the rest.
You see you dislike me the most.
You won't even hit me.
But you'll only have one chance.
l won't give you another one.
l admit if you hadn't taken us in back then,
Brother Jing and l would be dead by now.
And this wouldn't have happened.
Jing wouldn't have betrayed you master,
and the others wouldn't all hate us
because we were orphans.
But maybe it was better for brother Jing to leave the school.
cos it saved him from being humiliated like this in front of everyone!
Master, brother Jing's not here anymore,
so l'll speak for him, too.
l know he'd agree with what l'm going to say.
Thank you for having raised us like your
own sons for all these years.
l'll go now.
Hold it!
lf brother Jing is still alive
we'll find a place to go.
Stay there!
Go if you want to.
But bring your brother back with you.
This school's becoming more of a refugee camp every day.
How many more are we going to take in?
What's your problem?
l haven't asked you for anything, have l?
We're the best school, they're hammering on the door to get in!
You pal, you're not up to our standard.
What right do you have to be here?
You're a nobody!
Brother, l..
Did l say we were brothers?
Look, l just came here to...
That's enough!
l just got rid of one competitor, l'm top dog here.
l don't want you walking on my toes!
Look, l only...
Get lost!
Go to hell, orphan boy!
l don't like people calling me that.
And l don't care what you like.
Maybe l should explain it to you.
Brother! Are you hurt?
No, l'm alright.
You're not very stable for a fat man, are you?
l bet you used to play hooky instead of practising your kung fu.
Get the owner!
Sure you're alright?
Of course, don't worry.
Tell him we got trouble!
Good night!
Fatty, l thought you'd bounce back up!
Stop it! Stop fighting!
l'll let you off this time!
Brother, stop it. No more fighting!
He's the one beating me up, master.
Tell him to stop fighting!
What do you want here?
No sir, l'm here looking for brother Jing.
Brother Jing? He came here looking for a job.
But l couldn't take him.
l thought you were looking for trouble,
and that you wanted my job!
Well, too bad. Thanks a lot.
Brother, l'm sorry.
Alright, that's enough. Back to work.
Here, drink some water. Come on, guys!
Let's go!
Come on!
Look, they're here!
Let him go!
Get him!
Great to see you!
Master, are you alright?
Who's he?
He's with us, master.
Let's go!
Go quickly! Tell them he escaped!
Who shall l say attacked us?
A man with a white fan.
Thanks. Take a look, sir.
Tell me, have you seen a man carrying a white fan like this?
l don't have time to look at people
unless they have money.
Now stop wasting my time. Move!
Hurry up! Good morning, sir!
Damn vagabond! They're still fresh, sir.
l don't mean the vagabond, of course.
lt's the man with the white fan!
l don't think so.
l'm sure he's the one.
There! You see that?
lt doesn't look like him.
You know these sketches are never accurate.
And l say he's the one.
There's a big reward, you know.
A reward?
Sure, you just...
ln that case it's definitely the one!
You get reinforcements, right?
And l'll follow him. Hurry up!
He's in the temple. Follow me!
Come on!
What the...? Where did he go?
He was in front of the altar. Where'd he go?
Buddha bless you.
Can l help you gentlemen?
Five constables all together.
There must be a problem.
Mr white fan, the game's up.
You're coming back with me.
You're under arrest!
l've done nothing wrong!
You made a mistake, you have the wrong man.
l never make any mistake. Unless the fugitive
we're chasing after is your double! Alright!
Get him!
Give me your sword!
You alright?
l'm alright. Give me a sword!
You chopped off Buddha's head!
Sorry, sorry... Out of the way!
You don't fool me! l don't believe in god!
Get him!
l guess if you don't believe in god
you won't be going to heaven!
You were lucky.
You were saved by your handcuffs!
l think l changed my mind.
l do believe in god now.
lf you believe you better go pray.
Give me your sword!
Still want to fight?
Aren't you afraid of the cross?
Brother, are you alright?
Of course l am, get him!
Brother, are you leaving?
No way, give me a sword!
We don't have any swords left!
Things don't look good.
You stay here, l'll find Sam Kung.
Wait a minute!
l'll find Sam Kung, it's no trouble.
Wait a minute!
You find him, l'll help you.
Sam Kung! Open up! Sam Kung! Open up!
Hello, is Sam Kung here?
Hey, brother! Hey!
What's the matter? Have you gone deaf?
Why don't you answer him?
What's the matter? What do you want?
Sister, my colleagues and l, we caught the man
the man with the white fan!
You caught the man with the white fan?
That's right. So l came for Sam Kung.
So he can interrogate the man.
My father left for the police post early this morning.
You mean he's not here?
ln that case who's going to interrogate him?
You don't need him for that.
lf you really have him prisoner,
you can interrogate him yourselves.
We haven't quite caught him yet.
l suppose you'll be needing help again!
Where are you going? Picking fights again?
They didn't say anything about needing help!
l'm only doing my civic duty. Let's go!
lf father finds out...!
lf he does l'll know who told him!
Brother! That's the man there!
Go on then!
Yes but we don't see eye to eye.
Would you go for me?
Excuse me.
Look l don't want trouble so you just go ahead
Are you trying to steal my money?
l'm not an easy target you know!
Alright let's see how good you are!
You're gonna have to do better.
l told you it wouldn't be easy!
Who the hell are you?
l don't have time for this.
Brother, you were really great!
That stance of yours, legs part with perfect balance,
eyes on your opponent.
Just keep it up, the reward is ours!
Where is he?
l think he went that way.
Keep your eyes open!
Old man, may l have some tea please?
Thank you.
Sit down.
Thank you.
How come you're in such a sweat?
To be honest,
this has been a pretty terrible day for me.
l was walking peacefully along the way just now
and some maniac attacked me.
And earlier on this morning
l was set upon by some policemen.
Luckily l managed to escape.
Otherwise l wouldn't be here now drinking tea with you.
That's a really neat pipe you have here.
Can l take a look?
Sure. Take a look, no problem.
Take a good look.
You won't get another chance to see it.
The royal seal?
And it's not a forgery either.
Must be worth a fortune!
That's a big fan you have there.
Would you mind if l took a look at it, sir?
Old man, you have an eye for quality.
You see it's inscribed.
The golden dragon white scroll fan.
Nice fan, eh?
lt's beautiful!
lt's had its glory days l don't mind telling you.
l don't suppose you're interested.
Why don't you have some more tea?
You know you're a very hospitable person.
So do you live here?
No. l'm just waiting for somebody.
The person l'm waiting for is someone exceptional.
ln what way?
He ambushed a prison convoy.
He robbed a money lender.
He jumped bail twice after he'd been arrested.
He could be face to face with the police chief
and not be afraid.
This man must really be something!
Except that he's very short sighted.
Really? You mean like he could bump into you?
He'd never even see you.
And he's right there!
He's here? Whereabouts?
You mean you can't see him?
That's the man?
He's the maniac l told you about who attacked me!
Did he give you trouble?
No, he didn't give me any trouble.
He just eats and sleeps with me,
keeps an eye on things.
An eye on what?
My money and gold.
l know what your game is now,
bullying old people!
From the moment l set eyes on you
l was sure you were up to no good!
So you're a wanted man?
l hear that you're quite a legend.
So what's your name?
Not talking?
What's up? Has the cat got your tongue?
Or maybe it's some kind of birth defect?
Maybe his father was such a big mouth
that his son was born a mute!
You be quiet!
No! Stay out of this!
l'll take care of this guy.
Alright, funny guy!
This time it'll be different.
l'm not gonna let you off so easily!
l must say my son's good with that bench.
Not bad! But watch this!
lf you really want to beat this rascal,
you'll need a pole.
Thanks, old man.
Had enough?
Old man, the pole really worked well.
l can't thank you enough.
lt was obvious there was no way to beat him without using the pole.
That's for sure.
You can't move now, can you?
Old man, just for you,
l'll teach him a little lesson.
And this lesson comes from yours truly here.
And this lesson here comes from your big mouth of a father.
And this...
See that? He's making faces!
Stand back a moment.
Sure. Your turn to beat him.
l told you not to go out looking for trouble
but you never listen, do you?
l tell you to practise your kung fu
but you're just too lazy!
Just because your bench work is above average
you think you can cause trouble?
Well, now somebody's given you a good beating!
Old man, how do you know all this?
We're like peas in a pod.
You're like what?
Tree and sapling.
l don't get it.
l'm the boy's father!
You're his old man, l see!
lt's your fault!
l still won the fight!
Come on, get up!
Of course, it's 2 onto 1 now, l should've guessed!
That was pretty good acting old man l must say
At last we get to the bit where you die.
l had to wait all day without eating
for you to turn up.
l knew it!
This is all about food! Why didn't you say so?
lt's no problem. l don't have much cash.
But why don't you take this?
lt's enough to buy dinner for both of you.
l just offered to buy you dinner!
You can keep your money.
We get our meals paid courtesy of the emperor!
You mean he's a policeman?
Chief of police!
What are you doing out of the house?
Sister told me to do the shopping.
Go do it!
You have the right to remain silent.
But anything you do say may be taken down and used as evidence in court.
l've heard that somewhere
before you were carrying a fan.
So do matchmakers,
why don't you arrest all of them too?
And your son while you're at it.
He's a menace with that stupid bench of his!
Don't mention that wastrel!
l doubt whether he's your real son.
Otherwise why'd he behave like that?
l wish it were true sometimes.
l get mad just looking at him,
he never says a word either.
l don't want to talk about it!
You don't talk to each other?
Hardly a word. Makes a change having you here.
Yeah, right!
Move it!
Wait! l need to take a leak!
Take a leak?
Come on!
Wait! l can't do it with the handcuffs on!
l guess you're right.
l'll take them off but not for long.
Thanks. Old man, you're not a bad person.
l can't do it with you watching!
But if l don't watch you
you'll be off down the trail!
You're right. l might just run anyway!
Here l go, l'm running away!
He's nuts. Alright, l'm gone!
l'm going, l'm running!
As l thought, l point the way and off he goes!
He didn't follow me!
Free at last!
What is this? l'm going down!
l'm sinking!
This place is called ''The Thieves' Toilet''.
Don't leave me here!
The more you struggle,
the further you'll sink in.
Please help me out of here!
You got yourself into this mess.
So get yourself out without my help.
But l could drown in here!
As long as your head's above water it's okay.
l tell you what.
l'll get you out if you sing me a song.
But you better sing good.
l don't want you howling like a stray dog.
London Bridge is falling down...
Don't stop, you were doing good!
Catch the stick!
lf you sink any further it'll be too late!
Go on! Hold on tight!
That's it!
Come on!
You're almost there.
That's right.
l nearly drowned.
There you go.
Don't stand there, you're making everything dirty.
Help me!
Get me out of here!
You're a good person too.
You could have run away and left me.
You're right! Get lost!
Thanks for reminding me of that!
l'm getting out of here! Goodbye!
Wait! You can't just leave me here!
l'll sing you a song! What do you say?
Alright, sing!
London Bridge is falling down...
Forget it! Don't bother it's terrible!
l'll get you out! Alrigh.
Catch this!
Hold on tight! lf it breaks it's your fault!
Anyone home? Open the door!
Talk about unlucky.
Miss! Over here!
Over here, Miss!
Who are you?
Me? l'm just me.
Can you open the door, please?
lt worked. Me, l'm just me.
Hell's bells, what's that smell?
lt must be me.
Hello, Hello.
l'll clean it off, sorry.
No, forget it. You from round here?
Not really. But this mud is.
l thought not, it was pretty obvious.
The locals don't fall in the swamp.
l guess not. l must look terrible.
l apologize, Miss.
l'll look better if you'd allow me to wash up.
l won't make any mess.
Excuse me, can l borrow that thing there?
Thank you.
lt takes practice.
Wait a minute! This is my house,
l didn't tell you to go inside, did l?
Right, you can come in.
Thank goodness for that. No dirty footprints.
At least he won't follow me in here.
lt's alright. You can walk from now on.
Thank you.
The bathroom's down there.
Just make yourself at home.
Thanks! Thanks a lot!
Men and women together, huh?
You can't put those dirty things back on.
l'll get you some of my brother's clothes.
l'll leave them out here.
Thank you.
Oh, no. l forgot the shopping.
l have to go to the market,
you'll be alright by yourself, won't you?
Sure, no problem. Don't worry about me,
l'll be fine. You go right ahead.
l'll be fine. l'll be fine.
l've got no worries, l'll be fine!
The police chief? Oh who cares! l'll be fine...
Just you wait!
lf l set eyes on that good for nothing again
l won't even say a word to him.
Words won't be necessary!
Good, there's no one home.
That good for nothing son's here.
Her brother?
How come it's so dirty?
l'm sorry, fish.
l was only playing around, really!
Mouth to mouth isn't working!
Stupid idiot! Now you've killed the goldfish!
What? You here?
lt's a mistake!
You won't escape me this time!
You're a real pain in the rear you know that?
We could've shared like civilized human beings
but no, you went and messed everything up!
So l had to clean up after you, you see that!
Now listen you!
l said when l saw you
that not one word would pass between us!
Suits me fine.
l don't want to talk to you in any case.
Not you, fishy.
Oh, you're feeling better?
Come back here you!
There are laws in this country!
Yes and the first is the law of the sword!
Be careful with the furniture!
The pipe with the royal seal!
This pipe is pretty well made.
l guess you could even use it as a weapon.
lt doesn't break against bone.
l wonder what it's like against wood.
Let's try!
lt still didn't break!
Not a scratch!
Right! Put the pipe down right away!
First you put down the sword!
You put the pipe down first.
Wait a minute.
Alright, l'll put the sword down.
Thank you, that's more like it.
l'm just putting it back in the scabbard.
What's this?
l'm sorry but it's him!
He started breaking the furniture.
lt's his fault. Beat him up! Go on!
What're you waiting for?
He's your father? What's wrong with you?
You've got children everywhere!
That's enough!
Right! Now l'm really mad!
l'll let you win this once!
Have you finished playing?
Yes, l've finished.
Alright, we'll rest here.
You mean here? A dead end?
There isn't any shelter. Forget it!
A dead end is easier to defend.
Mister Kung, l really need to pee.
Right, he needs to pee. Go ahead.
But unless you can break down a brick wall with your pee,
there's no way of escaping l promise you.
l promise, l'm not making it up.
Son, release him.
Thank you, brother.
Please don't watch me, otherwise l can't pee.
What're you doing?
lt's just a bad habit of mine.
Practising your kung fu?
Well then, are you?
No l was just measuring the width of the alley
Now you know. Back you go!
Want some?
Tell me this, why does your dad always belittle you in front of me.
l almost feel sorry for you.
And what are all the bells and the chains for?
Don't tell me you really expect me to escape?
lf you do escape you'll be easy to find.
l'll just follow the ringing.
The grand old duke of York,
he had 10 thousand men.
He marched them up to the top of the hill and...
How does the rest of it go?
'And he marched them down again!'
l don't believe this, he's sticking to me closer than my own shadow!
Wait up, Chief Sam Kung!
Wait a minute!
You're such a hard man to find, you know.
lt's you. What do you want?
l was in the market today and l overheard
two men talking about what was it now?
lt's gone right out of my head.
l remember what it was now.
The man with the white fan is going to rob
the Man Lung Bank at five o'clock!
Are you quite sure?
At five o'clock?
You're not telling me lies?
No, have l ever lied to you before, chief?
My informer just told me White Fan is planning a robbery.
So he is the wrong man?
l told you, didn't l? l'm not the bandit you...
Shut up!
As long as we haven't caught him,
you're a suspect!
What? lf you don't release me l'll sue you!
Not you. Just your dad.
l could lock you up for obstructing justice!
You watch him! l'll be back!
How can you do this?
lt's unfair, let me go! Wait!
Tell you what.
l won't watch you if you don't run.
So you'll give me the key?
Yeah, when l get back.
Alright, but don't be too long.
Wait a minute! He can't leave me!
How come White Fan isn't here?
All the others have left already.
So where were you?
Maybe he's afraid.
l've never been afraid in my whole life.
You better go and join the others.
l thought we weren't ready.
Know what they say, no time like the present.
Alright, l'm going.
We'll get rid of that kid afterwards,
then we can split his share.
What we'll do is set him up
so he takes the rap for the robbery.
Then we can share out the loot at Tiger Peak.
Let me go, please.
Shut up, you fool!
Come on, let's go.
Wait! What're we gonna do with him?
Maybe you should put his lights out.
Your fan's in there, don't forget it.
What do you think you're doing?
lf you want to know, the kick in the pants
was a present from brother Kim!
lf you thought we'd give you a share in the loot my friend,
then you were mistaken.
But we need a scapegoat!
And you're our man, don't forget your fan!
Prisons are hot l hear. Let's go!
What's up? Get lost!
Nothing to see here! Go on!
Move it! Go on home!
Thank you, sir.
l told you there'd be money for you all.
lf you're looking for trouble
l'll give you some!
l'll give it back to you!
On my head! On my head!
He's pretty fast.
You're hurting me!
Please stop it! Stop it, you're hurting me!
Look! They're gonna beat up that poor old man!
No, please!...
Please don't trample on me...
There goes your market stall!
Now l've got no more competition!
Are you alright?
Don't give me that!
Leave him alone!
Get off!
Take that!
l see you lost your beard?
Thank you! Thank you!
Are you dead yet?
Not quite!
No, no! My shop!
My god!
Let away!
Keep still lady!
What are you doing? Get out of there!
Get out of there!
Stop it!
You naughty boy!
Get out of there!
You alright?
My ear really hurts!
Dirty old man, we'll call the police on you!
Get out of here!...
Now l've got you! Time to go for a ride!
Time to get off!
Toro! Toro!
He keeps hitting my ear!
We better be careful!
l've been ambushed!
We'll see how tough you are!
Didn't even hurt!
lt's rude to peek in through windows!
You're a naughty boy!
No, stay out of it!
Where are those keys?
What about my fabric?
You'll get it back!
Here's the police!
Hurry up, get out of here!
The police are here!
Surround the door!
Alright, you inside!
Come out, the place is surrounded!
l'm gonna count to 3! You'll come out quietly
and put down your weapons!
One! Two! Three!
Don't move!
Come on, are you kidding?
Brother, don't be angry!
Brother, l know it must be tough for you,
so l'll walk the same way, alright? There!
l promised master l'd bring you home with me.
l had to make sure you wouldn't run away again
You didn't have to tie me up like this!
l gotta take you to the police chief first,
he's the only one who can drop the charges!
Forget it! Do you think the law was made to be bargained away when it suits you?
The law's meant to be compassionate!
lt's the same for everybody.
No exceptions!
But he repents what he did wrong.
The crime was serious.
Attacking a police convoy can't be excused!
But even government officials commit crimes.
Says who?
At least we don't ambush convoys!
lf l brought back the convict would it change things?
Oh yeah? What's ridiculous about it?
lf you cut somebody's arm the wound will heal,
but you still cut his arm.
Alright. Well, what if l take your pipe?
Put it down right now!
lf l put it back down
then it's like l never took it.
Father, you don't have much time.
lf he wants to let him find Kim.
Don't interfere. l can find Kim myself.
You don't know where he is and l do.
But if you don't want to do a deal then it's your problem, mister.
Wait a minute! lf you're sheltering a fugitive
then l'll have you arrested!
l wouldn't push too far if l were you!
Here's the deal. l'll let you think it over.
l'll count to 3 and bang on the table
and you give me your answer. Ready, 3!
Wait! Alright, alright!
But you'd better bring that criminal back with you or you'll be sharing his cell!
50! No, 40! Alright, 30!...
Alright, you can take 70 percent!
lt's not in my nature to share things.
For old times sake, leave me a small souvenir,
a little something, won't you?
Well, you did say you wanted a souvenir.
Alright, here. To bury your bones!
No, please don't!
lt's alright, l caught it!
lt's you!
You really are a slime bag.
You teamed up with him to trap my brother.
You're lucky l don't rip you apart!
Then why did you catch the pot?
l don't like seeing nice things getting broken
You meddling little squirt!
You're always in the way.
So what are you doing here?
l'm here to take you back to the police!
Serves you right. He's come to take you in.
You what? This squirt?
What's so funny?
lt's true, it does sound funny.
l don't hear you laughing!
You'd better be careful.
He's an extremely dangerous fellow, young man.
You better watch out for his Tiger Tail move.
You watch out, kid!
Forget it! you're an amateur.
Take me in? There's no chance!
Damn! Whichever way this ends the situation doesn't look good for me.
But l'd rather take my chances with the kid!
Are you watching?
The legs!
Legs head!
Oh, no! No, wait!
Don't run back in there you'll get massacred!
His leg skills are legendary, you don't have a chance.
lnstead, you should attack his upper body.
Upper body?
Go on!
That's it, that's it!
Go for it!
You're learning fast. You've found out already
that his upper body's even deadlier!
Why didn't you tell me?
lf you want to win a battle
you have to take a few hits.
You'll get used to it!
You can talk, you're not the one getting hit!
Haven't you noticed something?
Your opponent is a one legged horse.
He always relies on his left leg!
You're such an expert, you fight him!
No if l fight there'll be no one to coach you.
Go on! Go!
Pain means the muscle's working.
You're doing just fine. Off you go. Go on!
Come on, get up. What's the matter?
Go on, what're you doing?
l'm trying, you idiot!
Stop playing and get stuck in!
Don't let go even if you're struck by lightning!
Did you see that? l did it!
Watch out! lt's not over! Behind you!
l told you to be careful of him, didn't l?
You walked right into that one, sonny!
Look out, here he comes!
Get up, kid, get up!
On your feet! On your feet!
Now get going, go on!
You can do it!
Oh, god!
Don't give up, kid! Don't give up!
l know you can do it.
Another couple of good kicks
and he'll be on the ground.
l know you can do it, kid!
Stay with me!
You need some fresh air.
You'll feel better.
Stay right there!
This is angel's water. lt'll do you good.
Take it easy. This is only the first round, remember.
What do you mean it's just the first round?
Hold on for another 3 rounds,
the old fart doesn't have it in him.
l don't think l have either, honest!
Go on, go on! Quick!
Let him have it, kid! Go on, get him!
What're you doing? l'm the referee!
He's attacking the referee, you must stop him!
He's not allowed to do that!
Go on, do your stuff!
Go on, don't just stand there watching!
The best defence is attack, remember?
Go on, what are you waiting for?
Go on, go ahead!
Get out of here! Go on!
Come here! You need more fresh air.
You're doing fine, son!
You're doing just fine.
l think you won that round.
Why'd you say that?
Because l'm the referee.
Look out, here he comes! Go on!
Go on!
No, you're going the wrong way!
Get back in there!
Try to lock his leg!
lt's the only way to slow him up!
Take this. Go on, you need it!
Look out, he's back!
At least l have you to protect me!
My back!
l'm getting too old for this kind of shit!
You're doing just great, kid!
Sitting there, watching you fighting,
it reminded me of me when l was younger!
Not only are you unbeatable
but you're also indestructible! Yeah!
l'm glad you're so confident.
Water...l need water!
Just a minute!
Here's the water. Now drink up.
This should give you a kick, hold tight!
Don't worry. lt's alright.
lt just has a funny taste.
Alright, it's just the water from my pipe,
it won't kill you.
There! Bet you feel better, don't you?
Yeah, l knew you would!
Here, have some fresh air.
That was unfair! Kicking an old age pensioner in the ass like that!
lt's pretty smart of you to take all the gold and leave the silver.
The price of gold nowadays...
Well, take this!
What goes up must come down again!
Good boy! Good boy!
Come here!
Kid, you were great!
You were just great! You're the winner!
We'll split the prize 50/50.
Stop it! What are you...?
You can have my belt if you want it.
Master! Brother Jing is coming!
Brother Jing!...
Master, Jing's back!...
Get up. get up.
Where is Ah Lung?
Brother Lung!...
Come on!
Master, l said l'd return.
Lung, what happened to you?
Bring him in, bring him in!
Come on, hurry up!
Year of Living Dangerously The
Young And The Damned The (Los Olvidados)
Young Master
Youre My Hero (2003)