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Subtitles for Youre My Hero (2003).

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Youre My Hero (2003)

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It's a boy.
Come on.
Start crying. Come on.
Is he alright?
Come on. Start crying.
Come on.
God! He's going to kill him!
I always dreamed of having a brother...
but didn't have such luck.
My mother was told she couldn't have more children...
... so there I was, in a room full of toys...
and no one to share them with.
Being born is the most painful feeling in your life...
even though they say you don't ever remember it.
I do because my ass got kicked the minute I was born...
and it's been the same during the 13 years of my life.
JULY, 1963
I couldn't make friends either.
They were always out to get me.
I was soon overcome by fear.
I felt like a soldier pushed into a dead end ambush.
To top it off, I was always the new kid in class.
My dad changed jobs every year.
Every new school was to me...
like being sentenced to an army camp.
So I grew up collecting bruises and scars...
from the Northern bullies...
and with no one to stick up for me.
One day I made a choice that changed my life:
... to become invisible.
And I made it, not before finding out...
the most vital rules of survival.
Rule number 1 was basic.
Not to fight.
Everyone's stronger than you.
A punch hurts, but not as much as a kicking.
Rule number 2 was fundamental.
Who hit you?
Not to snitch.
Snitching will not be forgiven.
Snitching can have deadly consequences.
And rule number 3 was vital.
Not to cry.
They want you to cry, that's why they hit you.
Not to fight, not to snitch, and not to cry.
Three golden rules I swore to keep or die...
but never to break.
However, I knew I had to get ready for a war...
which was bound to happen sooner or later.
I am sick of listening to you two...
singing along with Mocedades!
Some trip!
Sure, bore us to death with football.
It was early autumn when we moved to the South that year.
Even though my dad worked for a prestigious store...
we were like gypsies, always on the move.
All we needed were castanets...
sherry and flamenco dancers.
That night, my dear box of secrets seemed to be...
warning me about something that was going to happen.
At dawn, I sensed a hard battle approaching...
so I renewed my vows...
as I did at every change of destination.
Remember the rules, Ramón.
Don't ever break them.
No matter what happens.
Financial damage.
That is the real problem, boys.
We are the world's number 1 country in tourism.
Our agricultural system is well developed.
Our cars are in high demand and are starting to compete...
with top American and German models.
Europe fears us in terms of economy...
and let's cut the crap...
We do have a Democracy.
Our One Party Democracy...
is the most advanced political system in the West.
Here's our dear Principal!
Morning, Don Félix! Morning everyone!
Morning, Don Matías!
I'm interrupting just for a minute...
to introduce a new student.
His name is Ramón Crespo Boronat.
He's just arrived from Burgos...
and I hope that we will soon make him feel at home.
So, kiddo...
From Burgos, right?
Land of blood sausage and good people.
Watch this lot, they won't make it easy for you here.
Which soccer team do you like, Betis or Sevilla?
Answer to Don Félix.
Did a cat eat your tongue?
Tell us. Which one of the two?
Shut up, prick!
You have a speech impediment.
Be quiet!
That's enough!
Go on, there is an empty desk.
Thank you, Don Félix. He is in your care.
Where are you from, posh kid? Burgos?
Is there where they taught you to speak like that?
Bloody Northerners!
Show some respect, we're still in class!
The other day, we studied society's primeval...
and foundational nucleus...
Falling bombs, whistling bullets: It was D Day.
My greatest war was beginning that September morning.
The new school seemed softer than the ones in the North.
The weather was milder...
but the enemies were meaner savages.
There were only four really bad ones...
but they seemed like twenty to me...
because they belonged to a bloodthirsty group...
I had never faced before:
The "repeaters".
David Feijoo Martínez.
David, the leader.
Almost 14.
The class veteran.
Nothing gets done without his approval.
Respected and feared by all.
Antonio José Real del Prado.
Antonio José, the Rat.
A nasty loudmouth.
A true Andalusian demon...
whose twisted and evil curses just roll off his tongue.
He's the oldest of them all...
but, since he's been smoking since he was eight...
he hasn't grown tall.
Rafael Soldevilla Antúnez.
The rich kid of the gang.
His good looks are only matched by his stupidity.
He's the most dangerous of them all.
He brags about his father being a big shot...
and his mother picking him up in their car.
Daniel Ortega Alvarez.
Ortega is...
He's different. The peaceful type.
With a mysterious air about him...
wrapped up in an old trench coat...
which I couldn't understand.
Wanker, you're just a wanker!
See you, posh kid!
Love is resisting the selfish impulse we all feel...
to satisfy our senses.
Romantic love.
Married couples embody the love Jesus has for us.
Boys, do you ever get tired of messing about?
Mention another novel by Galdós.
Before the day is over.
A novel by Galdós?
You mean a novel?
Not poems or stories, right?
Stories is what you're always telling, Soldevilla.
Go back to your desk, and apply yourself...
or else you'll fail my class this term.
Let's start today with Mr...
Stand up, please.
Do you carry your books from home to school every day?
Would you please say it again?
In French, please.
Remember this is a French class.
Jene "got a clue".
Hi, you posh kid!
Where are you going so fast?
Let me go! Well, well...
He can talk.
And I thought he was dumb!
Do you want us to fix your pretty face?
What's up, you little fanny?
What a hard case!
He didn't like it.
Cool it, mate.
That's what we call our friends.
Since we were nippers!
And you are one of us. Sure, man.
Right, little fanny?
Where are you going, posh kid?
Don't you know this is the border?
Where's your passport?
It was a bleak autumn.
My life in the trenches was spent rushing...
from class to class, trying to avoid the unavoidable.
I only had some rest when I made it to my shelter:
Home sweet home.
And only on weekends was there a truce.
Moncho, son, what a racket!
All week moaning about not going out...
and you're still not dressed?
What's that?
Not again!
I know it's hard at first...
but you have to make an effort.
We're staying in Sevilla, aren't we?
I've spoken to Dad. No more moving and traveling.
We're looking around to buy a house.
Get dressed. I'll tell you later.
It's a beautiful day out.
Listen to the wise words of Watercloud.
Today, the spirits of our ancestors...
are here with us to fight.
Warriors, remember the ancient powers...
which make things happen.
Me fight and win.
You are like old ladies of tribe:
Much talk and little action.
Let's play.
No play.
Time has come: Fight.
Tomorrow, Monday, war continues.
First rule: "Not to fight". You know that.
When will you change?
I never told you the story of old General?
What General? General Custer.
Watercloud becoming old.
So many years telling stories...
now not know which one he told or which one not.
Was he as big and mean as they say?
No, he was a dwarf, but he always rode horse.
Enemy bigger with power.
With no power look like ant.
But he defeated you.
Don't ask warrior to defeat, just to fight.
Show courage.
Face them.
You have power in your hands.
They'll make mincemeat out of me, Watercloud.
Power of Rain and power of Sun, same power.
What does your heart want?
To become invisible, you know it.
And no more traveling.
I'm fed up.
Traveling stops when warrior calls rain from heart.
You then become a being with light.
You get power from the gods.
That day you fly away unseen.
Feel strength of wind.
Start your journey free.
"Beaucoup de temps" is commonly used in France.
And it means "a lot of time".
Are you in a rush?
Where are you going, you wanker?
Son of a bitch! You bastard!
Come here, you fucking son of a bitch!
Fucking bastard!
What's the hurry, posh kid?
You posh kid!
They were picking on the boy?
So he can't take a joke and he busts his nose!
It's not that serious. You're to easy on him, Anal
Watercloud, where are you?
Power of Rain, power of Sun, invisible powers...
make something happen so I don't get punished...
so I don't get expelled...
so the "repeaters" don't gun me down.
Let the miracle happen tomorrow or I am a dead man.
Shut up or I'll tell Don Matías!
Gentlemen, I must tell you something...
that I wish I never had to tell you.
General Franco is dead.
All classes are canceled till next week.
That's enough!
Watercloud was right.
The forces of Rain and Sun had been unleashed.
Breaking the first rule gave me the power...
to perform the miracle.
I had killed Franco.
The veil was pulled off and things fell into place.
Now I understood it all.
Children's stories were really...
a secret coded language which told a terrible truth.
There are secret and occult powers...
that even a 12 year old kid can use to change the world.
By grasping this new dimension in my life...
I saw a huge, mysterious ocean spreading before me.
My head was swarming with thoughts...
which were too difficult to put into words.
That week I felt at peace, for the first time in my life.
I recovered my strength, free from the harassment...
of the enemy, and I discovered new things.
I discovered quite a lot.
But the long truce was about to end.
The "repeaters" were around the corner...
thirsting for revenge.
It was in l666...
...when Newton first conducted his experiments...
on the nature of light.
Newton made a beam of light enter a dark room.
He made a hole in the blind so that...
the beam would obliquely strike a glass prism.
Bye, Ramón.
Juan, move it, man.
Bloody hell! It's heavy, damn it!
You really smacked Rafa good.
Sorry, I didn't want to hurt him.
No, you did well.
Rafa is a little asshole.
But isn't he your friend? So?
He's still an asshole.
And a bastard?
And a bastard.
And a son of a bitch?
See you tomorrow, fanny.
Don't you play football, fanny?
No, I don't like it.
Your dad's never taken you to a match?
My old man doesn't trust anyone...
who doesn't like football.
Mine says if I go on like this...
he'll send me to a boarding school.
Same old story.
What's she doing here?
Did she see us?
Who? Rafa's stupid sister.
I don't want to be seen with you. Bye.
Was it you who hit my brother?
Yeah. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt him.
He's an idiot.
I'm sure he deserved it.
Why did David run off? He was in a hurry.
I hope you haven't become his friend.
Yes, you. Something wrong?
No. men and women...
You aren't interested in my class at all, are you?
Let's talk about something you like a lot.
Come on, don't clamp up now. What?
Nice drawing, Ortega.
Let's have a different lesson...
in a free and democratic way.
Let's talk about something close to your hearts for once...
but let's do it properly.
You can ask anything you want.
Why don't you ask something?
Come on!
How many wankers do you have a day?
Two. Bullshit!
One. Yeah, like fuck!
You don't. Yes I do, I swear.
I've done it.
I know someone who once did it seven times in a day.
Seven? It has to be Ortega.
He's an animal.
It's a power he was born with!
I mean, it's not normal.
Do you know we all have powers?
Yes, Watercloud told me that.
A friend who lives in Santiago.
We all have a gift.
And what's yours?
I can cry whenever I want. Tell me to cry and I'll cry.
I've never cried and I don't plan to.
You're crackers. I haven't.
Don't you feel bad?
Are you kidding? I put it on, it's like acting.
It's handy when I'm caught cheating in an test...
or to con my folks.
I've never cried for real.
Do you want me to show you?
What do you think?
You're unbelievable.
No, Ortega's unbelievable!
Seven wanks in one day. What a stud!
He does it in class, looking at the Mademoiselle.
Why do you think he wears a trench coat?
My secret friendship with David grew stronger each day.
The new year brought me the best gift...
I could ever imagine: A friend at last.
But I didn't want to get my hopes up.
My old man keeps his cab here.
My brother takes it sometimes.
So will I, once I get my license.
Do they allow you to be here alone?
Fucking right they do!
We can come here whenever you want.
Come here!
I'm going to show you something very special.
Sit down, man.
Look, genuine playboy magazines...
straight from "La France".
How do you get them?
My brother's friend, Curro...
lives there and he brings them.
She's hornier than Paloma.
Have you tongued her yet?
What are you talking about? I've only seen her twice.
You're a wanker.
Twice is all I need with girls.
The first time I give them a snug...
to put them in the mood.
And the second time I grab their tits.
What then?
I bring them here and I shag them.
What the fuck is he doing here?
Don't ever come here again, son of a bitch!
Got it?
What's all the fuss about?
Come here, fanny!
Come here!
That was out of order, Rafita.
The little fanny is staying. We're playing a hand of cards.
This is my old man's place and I say who comes here.
Got it?
If you don't like it you can lump it.
Fucking Rafa can be a total prick at times.
Well said, Rat.
God, Monchito, you scared me!
Mom, Dad, look!
How about a color TV this year?
And a slave to fan you!
You do sell them in Galerías.
Do you like Mocedades? Yes, a lot.
So do... So does my mom.
She has all their records.
One of them's signed! Really?
She went to a concert in Bilbao.
I lived there a year, in Galicia, too...
and in lots of other places.
I can show it to you some time.
Do you know the María Luisa Park?
There's a fountain...
What are you doing?
Let's go.
Watch it, fanny, you'll kill yourself!
Sevilla's fighting for democratic rights!
Have you noticed Mateo's folder?
The one he never let's go of?
They say he's got French magazines...
and banned books in it.
That are illegal.
My brother says they'll soon be available here too.
They were banned because Franco, the great fag...
as my dad calls him, hated women.
But things will change now.
The king is a great shagger...
and he is mad about women. Do you get the idea?
Soon you'll be grabbing Paloma's tits with no worries.
What are you talking about? I'm telling you.
Sexual freedom is at hand.
Let's see if the king's also got the balls...
for something else and does what he should.
And what is that?
What the fuck do I know?
That's what my dad says.
Look, it's Sarmiento.
Where have you been this Christmas, pal?
Hello, Paloma.
Did you get a lots of presents?
Clothes and some other stuff.
See you then!
The other day we didn't arrange to meet.
They're showing a Western film at the Cervantes.
Do you like Westerns too?
I prefer romantic films, but Westerns are OK.
That's funny, just like Mocedades.
What sign are you? Leo.
Same as me!
Today is big day. Today you kiss Paloma.
Show warrior is on command.
To kiss, putting tongue in female mouth...
is sweet, like smell of wild berry.
I don't know.
Remember... Very important!
After smelling wild berry... pluck from tree ripe fruit.
I wouldn't dare.
Then you pull her hair.
Shut up, don't be a savage! Me no shut up.
Warriors scared of females are no warriors.
Well, that's me. A chicken, a sissy, OK?
Leave me alone!
You have powers.
But powers no good if no courage.
If you want kiss, kiss today.
If not, your Paloma will fly to your friend David.
What are you talking about?
David is my friend. My friend!
Do you understand, you ignorant Indian?
Hello, Paloma. Hello.
It's hot, isn't it?
Have you been waiting long?
No, not at all.
Rocío called me.
She's going skating to the Alameda.
Can you skate?
No, I always fall down.
You're a bit clueless for some things, aren't you?
Yes, for some things.
But, not for others.
Oh, yeah?
So what are you good at?
I can kiss...
I can kiss a pretty girl like you.
Thank you, Ramón!
You do know how to say nice things when you want to.
Would you...
Would you like me to kiss you?
Well, I don't know.
OK, that's it.
And now what?
Would you mind if...
...if I felt your tits?
Were you born stupid or do you just try hard?
Remember when we spoke about friendship...
and about the importance of being tolerant?
Can you tell me what's so funny?
Let's have another democratic lesson.
OK. You have the floor.
Antonio José.
Mateo, do priests...
Do they masturbate?
Antonio José...
As they say in my home land: "A callar lo que no se habla".
Sit down, you rascal.
Nice one, you rat!
Can a priest fall in love with a woman?
A priest can't fall in love with a woman...
because a priest is in love with all women and all men...
and all grandfathers, all children, everyone.
Yes, Miguel?
Why can't you be a priest and a communist?
And who told you that you can't?
Don Félix, the National Spirit teacher.
I see.
And what else has Don Félix told you?
That he doesn't want communists in this school.
That they'll have to be kicked out of Spain...
because they bring war and division.
Look, lads.
I don't know if you'll understand...
what I'm going to tell you.
In this country, the truth hasn't been told...
for a long time...
Because people, like Don Félix, lie on purpose.
Because Don Félix is a Fascist.
Do you know what a Fascist is?
It's time you knew the truth about some things.
I'm going to explain to you what Fascism is...
what Christian Democracy is...
what Communism is, under one condition:
Whatever I say here can't go beyond these walls.
Do you agree?
If you snitch, I could be fired.
In fact, until just yesterday...
I might even have been locked up.
Can I trust you?
The time has come to fight.
We'll fight peacefully, but it will still be a fight.
No one can stop it...
not even the king himself, if he wants to rule...
because it's everybody's fight...
and it's already going on.
You ask me: "Can you be a priest and a communist?"
"Can you be a priest and fight for justice?"
You can and you must!
And what are we fighting for?
We're fighting so our friends who are in prison...
because of their beliefs, may come back home.
And we're fighting so kids like you...
who study in these schools, are not told so many lies.
We must fight!
We must fight for what so many in Europe...
have struggled for through this century.
We must fight for a constitution...
and free elections.
We must fight so the outside world stops...
giving us the cold shoulder, and so equality...
freedom and dignity take their place here.
Fascists, pricks...
Suck or dicks!
Freedom, freedom!
Come here, fanny!
What are you doing? Planning the revolution.
Ortega... our hymn.
You look shagged out today.
How many wanks today, you fucker?
I nicked it off my brother. Here, drink!
Come on, mate, drink!
Drink, fuck, don't be a pussy!
That's my fanny!
Come here, I'm going to snug you.
Get off, you dirty twat! Don't you make me puke!
Where are you going? We haven't even started.
Pack it in!
Like Mateo says, the time has come to fight.
For Andalusía! Yes!
For amnesty! Yes!
For freedom! Yes!
Who wants to fight? We do!
What's the matter, Ramón? He's a chicken.
Then prove it. Let's see if Northerners have balls.
He has to grab Mademoiselle's ass.
What are you doing, you fat pig?
Get up! Hold it!
I've got a better idea.
He's got to fuck up someone who's been screwing...
and conning us forever.
Someone who takes away our freedom.
Who splits us up. Yes!
Who deserves to be punished. Yes!
Good evening, Don Félix. Good evening, everyone.
First, we must make a pact of silence.
This stays between us.
Anyone who talks gets his balls cut off.
Who has it?
Here it is.
What's wrong?
You knew you'd have to do it, didn't you?
Prove that you're one of us.
Right, David?
I bet a dollar he won't dare.
Rat, you've never seen a dollar!
Let us know and we'll come to visit her.
He's a pussy. He's got no balls.
Will you shut up?
See you tomorrow. Good night.
He's coming, let's go!
Who's there?
Do you think it's OK that he shows up at this hour...
with everything that's going on?
If you don't speak to him now, I'll do it myself!
Stop shouting, will you?
Ramón, do you hear me?
Yes, I'm not deaf.
Don't get cocky or you'll get it.
Stop that music, I'm sick and tired!
Come on, son, let's talk like in the old times.
Maybe I didn't want to realize...
that you're not a kid anymore.
The way we've lived, always on the move...
made time go faster.
I should've explained some things to you...
but no one explained them to me either.
No one would talk at home.
We had peace, which was all we needed...
as your grandma used to say.
I also had my dreams, but I met your dad...
I got married...
...I dropped out...
I think I'm happy.
Today, while I was tidying up your room I saw these.
I don't know what's going to happen...
but I wouldn't want anything to happen to you.
You may not know it, but you could get us into trouble.
A big trouble, son.
I'm sorry, but I'll have to throw it away.
I won't say anything to your dad. He'd go berserk!
Come on, Rat. Well done!
Get away, you shit scared wanker!
You're as thick as pigshit!
Go fuck yourself!
I'm sorry.
I was very nervous.
I didn't think you would mind.
Didn't you?
What do you take me for?
I brought you a present, so you'll forgive me.
Wait here. I'm getting it right now.
Last night someone slashed one of Don Félix's tires.
We have a police report.
We know it was you.
Police? That's right, kid.
What did you think?
The police inspector is a close friend of mine.
The police tells us everything.
Where do you think you're going?
Let me go!
You're not going anywhere, bastard!
Let me go, you Fascist!
Crespo, sit down!
Come on.
I don't think you made up that word on your own.
Am I wrong? That's enough!
Listen to me, kid.
I don't know who has been poisoning your minds.
If your folks are communists...
not only will you be expelled...
but your father may also be in for it.
Not my parents!
Talk freely, Ramón.
No one will know what you say here.
No one will pay for it.
It will only save you and your parents from trouble...
...from very serious trouble.
Tell us.
Who's been telling you I am a Fascist?
No one. Who?
I'll find out and then it'll be worse.
You think I won't find out, you son of a bitch?
My patience is wearing thin.
One day...
Mateo told us...
Father Mateo, or course!
Not him...
He just...
You'd better tell us everything.
Go on, talk.
Since the beginning.
He told us that during the dictatorship in Spain...
a lot of lies were told...
because Fascists were in charge.
Fascists like Don Félix.
It was my own voice...
but I couldn't believe it was me talking.
I regretted it as soon as I started...
but it was too late. I had gone too far.
Too many things were changing in my life that year.
I was breaking my second rule and I swear...
I was about to break the third one right there and then.
But I held my tears.
It was the only sacred thing I had left.
Well, boys, don't be surprised to see me.
For a few weeks, I'll be teaching you...
Religious Studies, until a new priest joins in...
not an activist who infiltrated the Church.
Today we shall study an important principle:
The Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church.
Open your books on page 35.
Page 35. Catholic Church.
Am I speaking in Greek?
Page 35. Catholic Church. For fuck's sake!
Son of a bitch!
Come in.
Did you want to see me?
Do you have to go to prison?
Fortunately those times are coming to an end.
Sooner or later this will be just a memory...
a shameful one, but just a memory.
That's why many have risked their lives.
You too? Not me, but many others.
A student from the late 50's.
I met him in 1969.
I had just arrived from Barcelona.
It was at an assembly. I'll never forget.
I was impressed by his speech, and we became friends.
Who is it?
The hope of many people.
And he's not alone.
I have a gift for you.
A special gift.
How do you know I like...? Because I'm also a musician.
You, too?
Me, too.
What's wrong?
Has Paloma chucked you out?
I have to tell you something.
I was the one...
...snitched on Mateo.
They were going to expel me. You're a fucking snitch!
I was alone. They threatened me.
They said my parents would pay for it.
You fucking snitch! Don't you ever talk to me again!
I don't want to see you ever again.
Get out!
You're lucky I'm not telling the Rat and the others.
Son of a bitch!
Freedom! Amnesty! Laws!
What are you doing here? Go home, kid.
Fascists! Bastards!
Will we go to prison?
I don't think so.
They'd have to convict us...
and they're doing it less and less.
So then, why are you hiding?
Are you scared?
But being scared can't stop us.
We have to go on, no matter what...
until we achieve it.
Achieve what?
Freedom, kid.
They're showing that film, "Love Story".
They say it's good.
Let's go if you want, but don't be shocked.
They don't edit bedroom scenes out anymore.
Is that what you and your friend David like to see?
What's wrong with that?
You're such pigs, you've got one track minds!
It's normal at this age. Says who?
Your smart friend, David?
No, Mateo, the priest who teaches Religion.
Well, the one who used to...
The one who's been dismissed for being a communist.
So what's wrong with that? I don't know!
I don't understand! According to my dad...
whoever gets into trouble is a communist.
Like you, right?
Slashing Félix's car tire!
I heard it when he told my dad.
He said he tried to persuade you not to do it...
but you wouldn't listen.
The next day my dad called the school.
You must have gotten a real roasting.
Listen, I haven't told you anything.
Your brother's a shithead.
Don't trust Rafa.
He had it in for you.
Let's go.
Listen, I am a pig and a son of a bitch.
I swear I can't sleep since that day...
but I'd never have snitched if Rafa hadn't grassed me up.
Who told you that? Paloma.
He was the one who told about the tire, not the police.
I fell for it like an idiot and I shit myself.
Rafa did it just to fuck me, to get even.
You know I'm telling the truth.
Because I'm your friend.
You? My friend? Bollocks!
"Your friend is your brother...
"even if he fucks you."
Fine, I believe you.
You'll have to prove it to me.
I'll prove it to you.
You keep out of it.
One more thing.
Please, don't ever call me a Fascist again.
OK, mate.
Got it.
Son of a bitch!
Dirty snitch!
You've gone too far again.
Keep out, Rat.
This is between us.
It's my turn now.
Hit him! Go on, fanny!
Dirty snitch!
Filthy swine!
Get up, fanny!
Come on, give it to him!
Son of a bitch!
I'll be frank with you.
I've been asked to expel him from school.
Don Matías, I know how serious this is.
But I'd like to ask you a favor.
Let the boy finish the school year.
It's almost over. I'd like him to complete it.
Anyway, next year he won't be here.
We're leaving Sevilla.
Any problem, Don Arturo?
On the contrary. I've been unexpectedly promoted...
to floor manager in the Madrid branch of Galerías...
I was just notified. We're moving in July.
Please, do whatever you can.
I promise it won't happen again, right, Ramón?
This is the end.
What end?
Look out!
We have little time.
Our destiny is written.
Goodbye, Ramón.
Run! Get away!
Not get away.
It's time to join spirit of Blowing Wind.
Watercloud, you can't go away now.
Follow you path, Ramón, go on with no fear.
When Rain of Heart comes... see me again.
You have power in your hands.
What are you doing?
Watercloud, no!
Crespo, stand up, please.
Where are you going to spend your holidays this summer?
I don't know.
In French, please.
What the hell do I know?
I'm sick and tired!
I can't take it anymore!
Sit down.
Sit down!
I feel I've wasted the year...
I've wasted my time.
Use whatever time you have now...
to go over the vocabulary for the final exam on Friday.
Excuse me, I'm not feeling well.
I don't want you to be sad, Mademoiselle.
I want to thank you on behalf of my classmates.
Thank you, Mademoiselle.
Thank you for being the way you are.
I love French thanks to you.
I'll never forget this year with you.
Thank you, Brigitte.
Thank you very much, Ortega.
Sit down, please.
Leave me alone.
I'm leaving Seville. Good.
For what I care, you can go to hell!
But Paloma...
How dare you talk to me after...
what you have done to my brother?
He deserved it.
I tell you one more thing: I did it all by myself.
You tell me, as if you were proud of it.
You went way too far!
Bugger off!
Excuse me.
This has nothing to do with us, right?
Get lost!
We're one short.
Don't you want to play?
Leave me alone.
You're pissed off because Paloma's dumped you.
Will you listen to me?
Forget that girl!
Why should I?
Because I say so.
Don't worry.
I won't see her again.
I'm going away forever to Madrid, you know?
Another fucking town, another fucking school.
To start all over again.
My folks do their own thing.
They just don't understand.
Who understands me? Not even you.
Sure I do, mate.
What? Should we start crying?
I would if I could...
...but you would be faking it.
You'd be putting it on.
I'm sorry you're leaving.
Very sorry. Really.
Before I leave...
I have to give you back your Triana record.
I'll bring it later.
It's okay.
Just listen.
I do want to ask you something.
When they ask you in Madrid, don't even hesitate:
You're a Betis supporter, fanny.
My team, mate. Betis, the best!
I was waiting for you, son.
Give me a hand with these boxes, Moncho.
My name is not Moncho or Monchito.
My name is Ramón.
I'm nearly 13 now.
Alright, Ramón.
Don't get upset.
Will you give me a hand?
I'm not helping you this time.
I have other things to do.
I had no powers...
and I knew I'd never have them in my fucking life.
My third rule was also broken.
I was lost, finished...
not knowing what to do or where to go.
The war was over.
I'm glad to see you.
It's starting.
Are you going to teach again?
That's also part of the change.
Why don't you tell me about it?
You wouldn't understand.
Try me!
What if I told you I was also in love once?
Really? You, too?
Me, too.
But we'll talk about me some other day.
It'll have to be soon.
My dad's being transferred to Madrid.
I don't want to go.
You'll be back.
I have to tell you something.
I'm the one who... Who snitched.
I know.
Don Félix told me.
Don't worry.
They fired me thanks to you.
I didn't have the guts.
The guts to do what?
So, you knew it and you aren't mad at me?
You are my friend, Ramón.
A true friend.
Remember what we used to say in class?
"Your friend is your brother...
"...even if he fucks you."
Stop the car!
Want to get out to say goodbye?
Are you sure?
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