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Bring us the walking stick of that blind bone-setter.
We'll pay you.
Watch out. Silence, he will hear you.
Go! Go!
Go away, you son of a..!
Even you...
...were fooled by an innocent child!
Even the teacher... weak without his sword.
What are you doing?
You were working for Naruto. Don't you recognize us?
Of the Naruto family?
I am the daughter!
What do you want again? We've paid for this month!
You haven't paid for today.
Now you're gonna pay each time we come by.
-We won't be able to survive. -Don't protest!
Shut up and pay.
Things were really bad with the Funahatsi gang.
-Ginjo makes our life real hell! -Damn you!
Unbelievable spectacle!
I guide a blind bone-setter who curries my vegetables.
I wish I could see that!
You did a big favor for me.
Drink some tea.
-It's hot. -Thanks.
Without your help...
...I couldn't bring them home.
Where are you sleeping tonight?
It will be the first time that you come.
You're welcome to stay. I live alone.
Don't get any ideas.
I don't even think about it.
-Is it too strong? -No, it's just as it should be.
I can't think that our town is doomed.
Ginjo and Oggi are fine together.
They do as they want with us.
Really? You have such punks?
They terrify the farmers.
and the town people.
They demand money for protection every day.
If it keeps going like this...
...the more we work, the poorer we get.
You pay for protection each day?
We didn't use to.
We were paying each month.
Big difference. Each month, each day.
Are you alright?
We'll stay here for a while.
I will work again as a bodyguard.
Don't you worry about me.
Don't do that job for me.
One day I'll become a clerk again.
Stop worrying. You need some rest.
Eh, old man!
Where is Grandfather?
He's sick today. He won't come.
-You make him work too much. -I'm sorry.
You must take care of him more.
Sake is awful, as always.
Can't get any better.
Same old story for 10 years!
Can you give it to that guy?
I'm not your clerk!
What nerve!
Can't you take that by yourself?
Drink at the bench!
Leave the "welcomes".
Where is this month's money?
Please, give me some time.
What a joke!
We never wait!
I'll find the money.
Say hello to your boss.
Your sake sucks!
Shut up!
What do you want?
Send a message to your boss.
Capable ronin looks for bodyguard job.
It's late.
Ginjo boss probably won't come.
Samurai, you're the one that seeks for a master to protect? As a bodyguard?
Show me what you can do.
Not the rope. Look at your leg.
Bone-setter, I'm off to the fields.
Tell me, lady...
Can I do something to help?
Thank you for offering your help...
...but I cannot ask a blind man to cut the woods.
Don't you care about it. You get some rest.
My dear...
You came back late last night.
-Anything happened? -I found a good job.
As a bodyguard again?
I beg you, don't do it for me.
I beg you, stop doing this kind of jobs.
Don't be a fool.
With the money you may get well.
Tell me...
You hired that ronin?
We have 2 problems to solve.
We must clean out Ijutsu and Funahatsi.
After that the town will be yours, boss.
Try not to be very hard.
Don't you worry.
Really...Do you have any news on the Heihatsi murder?
Some rumors. It is said that he was killed by a geisha.
That's what we know for now.
A bit more, bone-setter?
No, thank you.
I've had enough. Thanks again.
My lady, while I was cutting woods...
...someone was running round the house.
What was he?
Neighbor's son. He's crazy with a certificate.
Don't you pay attention to him.
He imagines that he's a samurai. He runs like that all day.
-I'll be out for a while. -For work?
Not exactly.
For this.
What? You gamble?
Better stay away from that.
My nephew is addicted to gambling.
He refuses to work, he gambles all day.
What can I say... He's lost from the face of the earth.
For me, it's a pleasure.
Some pleasures can be very dangerous.
What do you think?
This sword cost me a fortune.
Yes, Mr. Oggi, a wonderful sword.
I will give it back to Lord Sakai.
He will be very pleased to do work with us.
I say that you test it on the first beggar that comes by.
-Who? Me? -Yes, you!
Thank you, master, but you better do it.
No way! I'm not getting my kimono dirty!
You do it!
Why don't you take a ronin?
You fool!
Hire a ronin to test a sword?
-Do as I say! -But...
Someone's coming!
Slaughter that blind man.
Do it fast!
Are you afraid of a blind man?
I'm sorry!
You fool!
Are we playing!
3 plus 1, even.
New game!
Any objections?
A blind man?
-Sit here, blind man. -I am a bone-setter.
-Even. -No more bets.
We're playing.
3 plus 2, odd.
I'm unlucky.
New game.
Any objections?
Any objections?
-You don't bet? -Just watch for now.
You watch? But you are blind.
1 plus 1, even.
The bodyguard is here.
Place your bets.
End of bets.
We're playing.
4 plus 2, even.
Any objections?
Any objections?
Stop! Please, don't!
It's over.
Mr. Oggi's problems are over for now.
There he is.
A bit of sake..
Old man...
May I have some sake?
Your walking stick! I'm sorry.
What a lovely walking stick.
I'm not a usual bone-setter.
You also stink of blood yourself.
It's a bit uncomfortable in here.
No use pulling your sword like that.
My dear...
You had to kill again?
You fool!
It's a bit early for a fuss like that.
Go home.
The battle is over.
My bone-setter didn't come back last night.
Maybe he found a woman.
I'm going to Lord Sakai.
Hold on.
On your way back...
...get something tasty to eat.
Thank you, sir!
Next! Kaneko Hishiro!
Some ronin are really strong.
Hatori will face them.
You coward!
The art of battle is not the walking stick.
The real samurai uses his sword!
Are you Yamatzi Isaburo?
Who are you?
Hatori Genosouke.
I must kill you to regain my honor.
Grab your sword!
Kill me if you want.
I never...
...owned a sword.
Where do you find honor... killing a crippled man like me?
The art of battle is not the walking stick!
A real samurai uses his sword!
He's half-dead. No point in killing him.
Come, quickly!
Why are you in such a rush?
Shut up! I wanted to see you.
It is better like this, isn't it?
2 plus 3, odd.
New game.
Any objections?
Place your bets.
Bet in what?
May I join?
End of bets.
We're playing.
4 plus 1, odd.
Yes! Here!
Itís full of beautiful women.
You must win.
Thanks to that bone-setter, I've gathered a fortune.
So, you wanna pay for one night with us?
Wanna have some fan?
I'll talk to the mistress.
I'll find 5-6 geishas.
I'll take care of it, young master.
You stay here. I'll go.
Ah! It hurts!
I am not a rabbit!
Don't pull my ears!
No violence!
Don't be naughty!
That much? Not possible!
Ah! It hurts!
Can I stand a small needle?
No, the smaller the needle...
...the greater the pain!
Very funny! Come over.
-Drink something. -Thank you.
Really funny! See that, bone-setter?
Can't see much.
Osei, are you ready to dance?
Dance! Great!
Come on, dance!
Miss Okinu...
...why did you pull out the strings?
You want our money?
And you, Miss Osei...
...aren't you a guy?
You don't smell like a woman.
Blind men...
are sensitive in those matters.
Hidden sword?
What all these mean?
you may think I am lying...
...but I'm gonna tell you the truth.
Our father...
...was a rich man.
Come and see Snowy.
Don't tell anyone.
You pulled through for 7 years.
Heihatsi, where are they hidden?
-Here. -How many are they?
The Narutos, both their children 3 maids and 4 guys that help them.
Tasitsi, what have you found?
8 safes full of money. They've gathered a fortune!
Inosuke, we're rich for the rest of our lives!
Call the boss Kutsinawa.
You killed them all?
The kids?
We didn't find them anywhere.
You fool!
We don't have time. Let's go.
We've hunted Heihatsi, the servant.
What are you doing?
You were working for Naruto. Don't you recognize us?
Of the Naruto family?
I am the daughter!
As far as the others are concerned, only I know their names.
Tell me their names.
Inosuke and Tasitsi.
They also mentioned the boss Kutsinawa.
That's what we know.
And all these years you were searching?
Wrong again!
I'll try with my eyes closed. Like him.
How does he do that by only hearing?
I am so unlucky!
One got away!
That's the problem.
I think I got it.
My senses work better with my eyes closed.
You're sitting with your eyes closed.
Won't you bet?
I'm listening.
To what?
You're sitting here and listening?
I have the right to hear.
You were asking for it.
Don't play tough on me!
This dump needs customers.
You bastard!
Take it easy, Sinkitsi!
You can listen and bet.
You're calling me with my first name? You shouldn't be talking like that to a customer!
You used to work for me.
Shut up and bet!
Bad for you.
The last sound was...
We're playing.
4 plus 2, even!
Message for your boss.
Go to hell!
-Is Miss Ijutsu here? -One moment, please.
May I ask what you are looking for here?
Your late husband owes a lot money from gambling.
I am taking your store.
You've got 3 days to go.
Not a day more.
-This is madness! -Shut up!
Don't get involved in our business!
You see those dolls?
-You know them? -No.
I wish I knew them! The red one is hot.
Some more sake, please.
Should we ask for a job?
Do you know if we can offer our services anywhere?
We don't have jobs. -You know anyone?
You can try at Mr. Oggi's.
He's in charge now, thanks to Ginjo.
To that Mr. Oggi...
Can you introduce us to him?
Old man, help the ladies.
Grandfather, go find Oggi.
Go yourself, you bastard! Don't take advantage of the old man!
I present you the windmill!
Look how it spins.
The tavern owner introduces you to two geishas.
They are free tonight.
Great. Send them.
You two, go away!
Lord Sakai, in a while we will have 2 lovely geishas for company.
What time are we playing?
End of bets.
We're playing.
5 plus 3, even.
I won!
I have to watch this for a long time?
Let's watch some dancing.
The show is over. Go away!
Time to dance, ladies.
Quickly! Dance!
End of bets.
We're playing.
4 plus 1, odd.
Bone-setter, should we bet everything?
New game.
Any objections?
The dice don't sound the same.
You damn bone-setter!
A bone-setter has turned the club upside-down.
Boss wants you to go.
A bone-setter?
Please, sir.
Let's go.
Leave me.
Come on.
Do as he says!
Don't touch me!
Are you ok?
Be careful where you're stepping.
Watch out!
What are you looking at?
Wait here. I'll go see what's happening.
Girls, this way!
That Oggi guy is horrible!
I hit him and we left when the customer went to take Osei.
We had troubles in Ginjo store.
But the bone-setter had put everybody to the ground.
It was unbelievable. Who are you, anyway?
If we stay here, they'll find us shortly.
Letís go to my aunt's.
Not possible. Ginjo's men are all over the place.
That's true.
I have an idea. Okinu, you got any make-up?
Of course.
Bone-setter, come here.
Don't move.
-What is it? -I paint eyes.
For me?
Who's that at this hour?
-Who's that? -Your nephew, Sinkitsi.
He probably lost everything again.
Come in.
Who are these guys?
Watch out, bone-setter.
-Bone-setter! -Yes, itís me.
You are useless!
What happened to the bodyguard?
Everything was over when he came. The bone-setter was already gone.
Who's that bone-setter?
Don't really know. A bone-setter.
That punk, Sinkitsi, was with him.
He often goes the club.
It wouldn't be hard to track him.
We'll get the bone-setter too.
Firstly we must make the Funahatsi gang extinct.
Don't you say...
We were suddenly going from town to town.
Cheating men and robbing them.
Ten years?
These punks must live differently now.
Hold on.
Wasn't Oggi here ten years ago?
Indeed, that Oggi... Something's not right about him.
I saw his arm.
He has a snake tattoo.
One moment...
The names you just told...
You mentioned someone named Kutsinawa?
Yes, right.
Kutsinawa means "rotten rope".
Maybe it means snake.
Bone setter!
Don't look me with these eyes!
I've heard about last night.
A bone-setter ruined your store.
We run with the bodyguard.
But we were late.
How were those ladies?
Lord Sakai tried to take one.
But the other one hit me hard.
The way I saw them acting...
...I am sure they are not real geishas.
Learn anything you can about that bone-setter and the geishas.
We're playing.
I won.
This is my home. Go! Go away!
You're still eating?
I told you to clean up!
Young Seitaro, master wants to see you.
You, clean up this mess!
Come with me, Seitaro.
You are so lovely!
From now on you will be my boy.
If you do what I say...
...your sister and you are welcome to live here.
You want to live here? I'll buy you some beautiful kimonos.
What are you doing there?
Stay away from the master's room!
You want to spend some time with me?
Time for practice.
What's wrong?
Are you ok?
Aunt, you have an umbrella?
Over there.
I'm going to see what's happening downtown.
Thank you.
Grandfather, where is the old man today?
He had something to take care of.
That dull man?
Why you're working in this dump? Don't have any family?
He picked me from the streets and offered my a job.
I was treated well.
I'm thankful for what he has done for me.
It's better begging than working in here!
If you sit outside on the ground, you'll earn more for sure.
5 plus 1, even.
New game.
Any objections?
What are you doing here, bastards?
Pay, if you wanna play.
Watch out.
We were here first.
You're looking for trouble, bastard?
You're looking for trouble?
Ginjo wants to compete.
Stay back.
Oh my God!
Hold on...
It's over.
That bone-setter...
Do you think he's Zatoichi?
And those geishas...
..must be from the Naruto family.
Naruto's taking down...
When did this happen?
Ten years ago.
I see.
If the kids survive, they must be grownups now.
I wonder...
That bodyguard... he capable of winning Zatoichi?
Where is Oggi?
Boss Ginjo himself!
I'm glad you came!
This way please.
I've heard your business is going well.
-I told you not to come here. -Don't worry.
Funahatsis are past. We're in charge now.
The only thing left is to make our pockets full.
Clean up in here!
Great news!
The Funahatsi gang is extinct.
The Ginjo gang and the bodyguard slaughtered them all.
That Ginjo guy pays for that tremendous bodyguard!
Bone-setter, you better not go to the town.
Sinkitsi, is that bodyguard really so strong?
He's unbelievable.
If we had to face each other at night, who would be the winner?
If it was so dark, no one would see a thing.
The winner would probably be you.
You think it's funny?
Let's see you now. I'll train you. Come!
I'll teach you the art of battle.
We start.
Attack from all sides.
Not all at the same time!
Let's try again.
For safety, let's plan the moves. Listen to me.
Me first...
Like that...
You hit here.
And then, you.
Let's try.
You see?
You see what you can do? Faster now.
Good. That's it!
Not like that!
It hurts, you fool!
End of lesson.
You jerks!
What are you doing
You fool! Go home!
-I'll have a bath. -Me too.
No! Men first.
I'm a man myself!
I'm thinking of paying a visit to Oggi, again.
I have to know if he was one of the thieves.
Water is cold. Boil it better!
Don't get on my nerves! It's too much already you bathing yourself at daylight!
You're useless!
It isn't good cold. Please, boil it a bit more.
That's what I'm doing!
I confess it's unbelievable.
You really look like a woman.
Make-up makes men more beautiful?
Not all.
Depends on the face.
We wanna ask forgiveness from Mr. Oggi.
He paid us to dance for him and we treated him disrespectfully.
Can you tell him we said we're sorry?
Sit down.
Oggi drinks too much. He probably has already forgotten about it.
-Don't you worry. -I hope you're right.
We haven't seen you lately.
-Where do you live? -At Ms. Ume's house.
Is there a bone-setter living with you?
Are you alright, grandfather?
Throw 'em out.
Drink something.
Thank you.
Oggi and Ginjo are friends now. They are preparing something.
But their job has nothing to do with you.
One more?
Not yet.
I'm off to Oggi's. I'll be late.
You wait here.
Oggi says he's not angry at all.
He likes you and wants to see you both.
Thank you very much.
Thank you for the sake.
Good luck.
Where are the others?
They 're off to the city.
What are you doing over there?
Are you mad?
I wanna be beautiful, like Osei.
What are you crying for?
What's all this fuss?
You're back, silly kid?
-Where is the bone-setter? -Who are you?
We want the bone-setter.
-He's not here. -You cannot hide him from us.
But he's not here.
We'll burn down the house and he will appear.
Burn it!
Aunt Ume! We're in trouble!
The house is on fire! Wake up!
We're in trouble!
Come on!
Who are these people?
Very beautiful woman.
Things are not always what they seem too be, Inosouke.
Don't use that old name. The walls have ears here.
My name now is Ginjo.
What are you looking at?
Keep dancing.
We know it all.
You're Naruto's kids.
-Bone-setter! -Girls, go now.
Call the bodyguard.
Inosouke, where are you heading?
-Where is the bodyguard? -At his home.
Call him now!
Give me the sword!
On top of mama-turtle goes the baby-turtle.
On top of baby-turtle goes the baby-baby-turtle.
On top of baby-baby-turtle goes the baby-baby-baby-turtle.
Mama-turtle goes down... goes down, baby-baby-turtle goes down, baby-baby-baby-turtle goes down too.
All the thieves are dead.
Except boss Kutsinawa.
He must be really old now.
He'll be dead shortly anyway.
Don't think about him. You better think about your future.
You can stay here.
You can become a man again.
I'm fine as I am now.
Where is the bone setter?
He must be somewhere around here.
But the feast starts today.
You found me.
How did you know?
You may change as much as you want...
...this awful smell will always stay the same.
Stop bluffing, blind man!
I proudly accept that I am boss Kutsinawa.
A blind man like yourself...
...Will not slaughter me easily!
What the hell? You're not blind?
-Not at all. -Then why you pretend to be blind?
Because blind men can sense the world better.
I knew you could see!
I knew it from the first time you came here.
You killed my men.
And Torakitsi
You killed the tavern man..
It was a kid from the streets. I picked him up many years ago.
I taught him the business so he could be my successor.
All my gang is gone...
...from a wandering bone-setter like yourself.
How did you know that I was the real boss Kutsinawa?
From the time you threw your walking stick, to see the sword.
Youíre the worst gangster of all.
I'm like a cripple now. My retirement time has arrived.
But I lived a full life.
I regret for nothing.
Come on, kill me!
You don't deserve death.
Finish your life as blind man!
Even with my eyes wide open...
... I can't see anything!
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