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Zodiac Killer

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Excuse me
Here's my homework
Don't forget to sign attendance for me. Bye-bye
Cutting class again?
You're wasting money
Who says? I'm learning to make money
Ladies & gentlemen, we're in Shinjuku
A name well-known to all of you
It's in the heart of Tokyo
with the most tall buildings
They were all built in the 70's
Shinjuku is divided into two areas
East Shinjuku is the shopping center and red light area
West Shinjuku is the business center
Building are of all shapes and sizes
There is also an ultra-modern space building
of outstanding design
It's the Tokyo Metropolitan Hall
Sit anywhere you like
Why stand here? Don't be shy
Snap when she's in position
You're next
Sit wherever you like
Take the front seats to get a better look
Anyone interested
may go up and have a go
No extra charges, and no remuneration either
Here you are Take the banner
My job's done
Pay me!
No hurry. Wait till the show's over
I'll have to procure
for these guys later
Idiot, that's easy money
I don't care for it. Pay up!
Come on, Japan's prima donna. Look!
I'm not watching. Pay up!
Wait till it's over
Are you going to pay or not?
Here you are!
You win
After the lady
has gone in
Go ahead and try your luck
If you win, you may do anything you like
Buddy, what wrong with you?
You talked big. Why not try?
Not the right sum
Why not? 12,000 yen
The price is 15,000 yen, why only 12,000 now?
12,000 is too much
under the current depression.
Go away!
Why don't you try?
Come with me!
What's wrong?
Not paying up?
You're lucky
My pager
I take
3,000 only
I quit!
Have you been doing it with girls often?
What's wrong?
It's all right. Scrub the floor
Ming called us to go drinking at Royal Salute
I don't feel like sponging on Ming all the time
Never mind
Don't forget us Hong Kong Macao brethren
when you become Premier of the State Council
I'm content with being Mayor
of Hong Kong only
A few hours' expenses here
could sustain me for a year
Man does not live to make money only
You must learn how to spend it too
Learn from me and stay happy
Please sit down
I'm Chang Chih. Nice to see you
You must've come from China
Yes. And you?
No, I came form Taiwan
She's from the mainland
Where are you from?
Beijing or Shanghai?
You must be a Hong Kong man
You're dressed like one
Do you know someone called...
There are only two kinds of people here
Men and women
The former to spend money and the latter to make money
I was just trying to ask
if they knew Ta-hao
A toast to you both!
Her name is Wei Ta-hao
She's my girlfriend
She's been in Japan for over three years
If you happen to see her, please tell her
that I, Chang Chih, have come
from the mainland to find her. Tell her to contact me
This is my phone, and my address
Come and select a lady!
Oh, so you choose this one!
Let's first try the one you haven't chosen
"No, it hurts"
Now, this one is you:
"Oh, it's too good, too good"
"I want more"
So, you're responsive
and a good partner
Drink to our meeting
Please don't!
No problem
Why are there so few girls?
That's no way to treat my friends!
I'm really sorry
Tell the boss to come here
And bring as many Chinese-speaking girls as possible
Yes, sir
Sorry, I'm late
Hey, Chang Chih!
Try to have a good time
Drink up!
I'll drink later
Mind introducing your friends?
I'm Chang Chih
I'm Ben. How do you do?
She's the boss here. She's the oldest
but the most beautiful woman here
Beauties from China,
Hong Kong, Taiwan
Pleased to meet you
This is my card. How do you do?
Miss, which part of China did you come from?
Chang Chih
Please don't
bother the lady
Not all Chinese girls work
in a bar like her
I'm only trying my luck
Not every Chinese girl
likes to work here
I want this woman for tonight
You want to make me cry for a whole night?
Then you take her, Ben
What's wrong?
Apologize, quickly
He's a tough character
I drink this to show my apology
Ming, we're here for fun, remember?
Are you unwell? Care to go back to our seats?
They'll make me drink more. Please continue to dance with me
Excuse me
"In that far country"
Watch out!
"There is a nice girl"
Damn you!
Just when I'm in a bad mood!
Come over
Don't go away!
Mother fucker!
What now?
You think your chopper can scare me off?
You son of a bitch!
You're pissed!
It was so exciting!
More corpses in the street of Tokyo
if I didn't keep cool!
Don't drink too much like that!
What's on?
Get in
Don't drag me!
Get in the car
Where are we going?
Come home
Want your palm read?
I think you should, your face bodes ill luck
I have no money
Mei-mei, please, I'm not in the mood
What are you doing here?
Don't forget I am your sponsor in Japan
I want to make sure you've been a nice girl
It's my responsibility
It's not nice of you to work as a bargirl
Mei-mei, your big mouth!
What are you doing here?
I can't sleep, I need some company
Shame on you!
What of it?
Can't she keep me company
like she did with other men?
I'll pay for it
I've kept you company. Why don't you pay me?
You like to
Mei-mei, don't!
You told me you only loved me
Do you want her or me?
Mei-mei, don't insult yourself
You can say that
You're beautiful, you can make money
I can't, I have no one but him
Mei-mei, come with me
Quiet, both of you!
I'll have you both, I can afford that
Stop the noise, won't you?
Sorry, sorry
Why have we come here?
For our future or for men?
You can debase yourself at home
Why have you come to
Japan to do it?
Who are you looking for?
No such person here
Don't lie
We've been tailing him since last night
You've come to the wrong place
This is the quarter for Chinese students
Tell Harada to repay the loan plus interest
or we'll come in to get him
It's just a small loan
Be a man and face them
I'm going upstairs. These bastards!
Go and face them
Stop that! I've already called the police
People from the Chinese Consulate will be here soon
We will be back, Harada
Come with me
Where to?
Who cares?
It's better to starve in the street than stay here
Are you coming or not?
Asses, fooled by a woman!
Let's go. I'll treat you to breakfast
Let's celebrate
Listen, high-and-mighty!
Your passport is with me. If I cancel my sponsorship
you'll have to return to China
I'll find myself another sponsor
Men like you can be had by the dozen
in the streets of Toyko
Your film is interesting in concept
But the execution
is less interesting
Understand, Mr Chang?
Sir, I don't follow you
Sorry, my Japanese is still...
okay, class dismissed
Li san, it's been a long time
Thanks for your visit
Don't mention it. I'll come often whenever I have time
Don't mention it. I'll come often whenever I have time
This used to be a beach
The teacher of the orphanage often brought us here
But always, when the sun sets
We had to return to the orphanage
I'm Ben. I'm away from home
Please leave your contact phone number. Thank you
Ben, it's mom. Not in again?
Tomorrow's your birthday
Let me wish you a Happy Birthday
Call me collect, when you have time
Get in touch with Ming if you're in difficulties
He's stayed longer in Japan
I'm fine, and nothing can please me more
than to see you
doing well in school
Well, so long
"Happy birthday to you"
As I had no time to buy you
a birthday present...
Throw it away if you don't like it
Even the richest man won't send such a gift!
You can't get anything new without parting with the old
Let's try them out
Great engine!
Come in. It's cold outside
For the sake of this new car, I'll satisfy her
The car is only an engagement present
She may even buy me a plane when we get married
Why don't you congratulate me?
I never thought you'd love her and even marry her
Love? I love her brother's o mo kai
It's self-sacrifice
It's my key to enter
her brother's syndicate, understand?
Shut up, won't you?
Ben's complaining
he can't be happy like us
He can have his pick of the girls in my bar
But the one he loves has left
A haughty Chinese girl
who's worked for a few days only
Right. You know where she is?
I don't know. I only know she's a student
Studying at the Interculture Japanese Language School
Thank you
Look at that idiot
Where shall we go?
What about the seaside?
The sea reminds me of home, which is just on the other side
Want to compete in car racing?
They've found me again
Who's it?
People who want my life
Sit tight
Watch out!
Damn you!
I'll kill you!
Why are you taking his side? What's he to you?
Wait. Don't go!
Why are you helping him?
Why do you take his side?
What's up?
I'm all right. Take a look at the car
It's not easy to produce such a wreck
I'll pay you back
Damn, you talk to me like that?
So what?
Are you out of your mind? What do you take me for?
What are friends for?
There's no damned point in crying!
Want to get breast-fed?
Don't cry!
Why are you armed? And tattooed!
In China,
only gangsters are like that
It's the same in Japan too
Are you afraid?
Go away, if you are
I'll miss you though
Not afraid of me?
No, I'm in love with you
Father, mother, hope this finds you well
I'm doing fine in Tokyo
Please don't worry about me
I work whenever I'm free from studies, and earn enough for myself
Please set your mind at ease
What are you doing? It's none of our business
Why not?
Would you help her
If she were your girlfriend?
Don't go!
Wait for me here, I'll go
Wait, please wait!
All men are brothers
There's nothing we can't talk about between us
Have a cigarette
offering a cigarette to this kind of a man?
What are you doing?
Let go!
I've got to find out what's wrong
You must be out of your mind!
They've gone
The ceremony had begun
What's the hurry? It's not her first time
Thank you
Excuse me
Thank you
There'd be no one from my side attending the wedding, if not for you two
Formerly in Hong Kong,
my mom adored me
But the others hated me
because I didn't study hard
Right, I don't care for studies
I failed badly in every exam
What does that matter?
I've done all the adult stuff
since 12
Would they dare do that?
I thought I've tried everything
The only thing I've never tried is
Falling in Love
I've never been in love
But I got jilted the moment
I felt it
My heart aches, understand?
You call that love
What about me then?
My story is even sadder
We grew up together
Now I've lost her
Even if she were to grow old
and ugly
or turned bad
At least let me have a chance to see her
Even if she were dead, I'd be content to carry her ashes home
to take care of her for the rest of my life
When I left the orphanage I followed Big Brother
We were poor but happy
Finding a living in the streets
one day, Big Brother said
we could get rich
if we robbed the drugs smuggled in by o mo kai
I obey Big Brother in everything
I robbed them and killed their head
I was seventeen
Then I escaped to South America
I was lonely in foreign lands
Always thinking of Big Brother
Then I came back, everything has changed
The beach is no more
Big Brother has his own Matsuda-gumi
But he shuns me
o mo kai wants to kill me, the police is after me
I'm always
always a loner
It's all right, an old friend
It's been a long time
How are you?
Big Brother wants to see me
Remember to meet me at the coffee shop tonight
It's about time, I should go back
So many new friends
Where's Big Brother?
How could it be you?
Big Brother said you shouldn't have come back
A cup of coffee, please
It's good to see you again
Seen Big Brother?
A reunion in tears?
It must be
Big Brother, he's changed completely
Everything has changed, except you
What's wrong? Stomach ache again?
What's the matter?
There's no time, listen carefully
You're the only person I can trust now
I need you
To help me one last time
Give this tape to Ishikawa of o mo kai
This is his telephone number
I must have my revenge
o mo kai's
loss of their drugs years ago,
and the death of their head
are all Big Brother's idea
The details are recorded on the tape
I shall ask Big Brother in hell
Why he had treated me this way
Here's money, as soon as possible
leave Japan
If Big Brother can kill me
surely he will not spare you
Go! I don't want you to watch me die
I want you to remember me at my best
I don't like to see pretty girls cry
Are you having guests?
Come on!
"Father, mother, your daughter has to leave you"
What's up?
Miss Yuriko, please
Yuriko, it's Ben
Where's Ming?
What's his phone number?
Mrs Ma is on a sight-seeing tour to Japan
I ask her to bring you a woolen sweater
The pattern and color are your favorite
And there's a bottle of tonic wine
It's good for your health
Look after yourself
Call me when you have time
What's it now?
Your mom?
Yes, she's such a bore
I miss my mother so
You can have her
Ming, please
Eat, or you won't have enough strength to cry
Can you smuggle a friend
back to the mainland?
Tell her to go to Sanya
and ask any Chinese
The money must be ready. It won't be cheap
Who's leaving? Could it be Chang Chih in trouble?
No, no
It's Tieh-lan
Some bastard got into trouble. She is involved
She'll die if she doesn't leave
Her passport has been detained by her sponsor
That's right
okay, what time?
Asano is not a bastard
He's a good man
He's a good man
and I'm a bastard, okay?
I won't go on
She'll cry again
Asano wants me to give this to someone
Your life is in danger,
and you talk about running errands
This morning,
police had report
of a man who dead
near a coffee shop
Bad luck again!
Let's ask
Are you Chinese?
The ship sails No.18 Pier at 6 am tomorrow
Be on time, we don't wait
So long
Thank you
Let's go
Damn, so many calls!
Who's it?
Yes, three men and a woman
How should I know?
Must be Chinese workers from Sanya
What do you want? Out!
Listen, brother, must I do what you say?
When can I deliver Asano's package?
Always asking when
Your life's in danger
Can't you see you can't possible do it now?
What are those two bastards up to?
What's taking them so long?
You think you're going on a sight-seeing tour?
Even promising to bring presents home for others
You won't even mind giving your mom away
You can't possibly understand our home-sickness
Where are you going?
Pissing, okay?
What's it?
What's the problem?
A man of Matsuda-gumi
What's it?
Have you seen a young girl?
I'm to blame!
I may ruin you
Hide quickly!
Who's it?
Want a lady?
It's still early
Stop acting. One needs it any hour of the day
obasan, please, no!
Call me Miyako,
I haven't had anyone so young for a long time
I'll charge you less, just 2,000 yen
And you can do anything you like
Young bodies are so beautiful!
What good is youth?
I've never made good use of it
I can teach you
Just like me when I was young
Thank you, Miyako
Miyachan, what's wrong?
Are you having your period?
Her period? Ha ha! She's too old
Sleep more. You get sea-sick if you don't
You'll vomit like hell
But I've brought medicine
I've slept
I dreamt of walking
into a forest
There was no one inside, I was frightened
Suddenly a man appeared
I couldn't see him clearly
When I woke up, I saw you
It's a nightmare
Clothes for you. Try it on
They might not fit too well
You can contact people now
if you're to make the delivery
A girl called and said
Asano has asked
someone to give you a tape
With important messages
Asano? Go and get it for me
And then tell me about it
Mr Ishikawa is now busy
Should I meet you tonight?
You know osaki station?
I'm alone, but I don't know you
I'll bring some flowers for identification
White roses, okay?
You idiots!
You're always more stupid than Asano
We've just established relationship with Ishikawa
If he knew we were responsible
for their former head's death
we'd be finished
Don't worry, we'll get the tape back for sure
And that woman? Would Asano tell her everything?
What if Ishikawa's brother-in-law should appear too?
Idiot, do I always have to tell you what to do?
Excuse me, got any white roses?
Sorry, we haven't
Try to see if that shop has it
Thank you
Let's go
Got any white roses?
Not today?
Go now
over there
Mr Ishikawa?
Ishikawa's brother-in-law!
Tieh-lan is dead!
Get in
Why did you kill her?
Why should I kill her?
I went there to collect a tape
I saved your life and you curse me?
Stop it! We don't even know if we could escape
Watch out!
Your heart is too soft
for this wicked world
You must be tough like me
Well, you'll never learn
You're so sentimental, like that girl
You've just met her
And you will die for her!
Absolutely not using your head
o mo kai and Matsuda-gumi are now brothers
Although they have been mortal enemies
You've been such fools
I'm not leaving
Damn it! You're so sentimental and muddle-headed
Are you going to stay
to wait for death?
I'm worried about you
Let's go together or die together
Be realistic!
Why should I return to Hong Kong?
At worst I'm Ishikawa's brother-in-law here
I'll be oK. There are lots of chances
I am nobody if I return to Hong Kong
Go. You can eat your mom's food every day. Isn't that wonderful?
Take a good look. I'm Ishikawa's brother-in-law
Two days ago a woman jumped down a train platform
Police identified her as Meng Tieh-lan,
23, a native of Kiangsu, China
The cause of death is still under investigation
Meng Tieh-lan came to Japan last year
and studied in a Japanese Language School in Tokyo
Her classmates have arranged her funeral
Her remains will be cremated
Many classmates broke down in tears
The noodle is not bad
It's nice
Sorry, you came from China, don't you?
Have you seen this girl?
What, mamasan, in black today?
My husband is dead
So now I have a chance!
Damn you!
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