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Subtitles for Zorba The Greek 1964 CD1.

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Zorba The Greek 1964 CD1

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- Crete.
Uh, excuse me-
He says, big storm.|Ship must wait.
- How long?.|- I don't know.
You are traveling.
- Where to, with your permission?.|- Crete.
And you stay there long, no?.
How do you know?.
I watch you|with all the boxes in the rain.
Very funny.|[ Laughs ]
I likeyou.
Take me with you,|will you?.
- Why?.|- Why?.
[ Tsks ] Will no man ever do something|without a why...
just like that,|for the hell ofit?.
- Well--|- All right. Take me as a cook.
I make soups like--|You like soups, no?.
- Well--|- of course you do. You're English, no?.
- Half.|- Half?.
My fatherwas Greek,|but I was born in England.
Ah, same thing.
With your permission.
- oh, no, thankyou.|- Please.
All right.
- Keep the packet.|- only one.
- Are you a cook?.|- Ifyou need one, I am.
What I meant was,|what work doyou do?.
Listen to him. I got hands, feet, head--|they do the jobs.
- Who the hell am I to choose?.|- [ Chuckles ]
Well, then,|what was the most recent?.
oh. In the mine.|I am a good miner.
I have a clever nose|for the metals.
But I beat up the boss, and they kicked me out.|[ Laughs ]
-[LaughterContinues ]|-[Baby Crying]
I'm getting awfully nervous about the boat.|I think I'll, uh--
Ifyou like,|I go ask.
No, thankyou.|It's all right.
Maybe we could go together,|then you could ask for me.
Sure. Give me.
No, thankyou.|I-I can manage.
He says 1 0:.00.
Well, that's three whole hours.|Damn.
- Areyou in big hurry?.|- No.
Then it's all right.|Come.
[Greek Folk]
[ Greek]
- Roumi. That's rum.|- oh, I'll have some tea, ifyou don't mind.
Tea?.|[ Greek]
And you, mister,|what doyou do?.
Me?. Well, I'm a writer.
Excuse me,|butyou look it.
What doyou write,|love stories?.
No. Uh, poetry, essays.
What's that?.
Tsk, tsk, tsk. No, you think too much.|That is your trouble.
Clever people and grocers,|theyweigh everything.
Me, ifl was you, I would look at me straight|and I would say...
""Zorba, come,"|or ""Zorba, don't come."
- Zorba?.|- That's me.
Alexis Zorba.
I have other names,|ifyou are interested.
-Oh, I am.|- ""Spaghetti," because I am long...
and ""California,"|because I've been to America.
And ""Epidemic," because everyplace I go,|people say I louse things up.
Your health.
Listen to that bitch,|the sea.
That maker ofwidows.
What haveyou got|in there, clothes?
- It's my santouri.|- Yourwhat?.
My santouri.
[Strums Note ]
Makes the best music.
It goes with me...|always.
And you, mister, what doyou go|to do in Crete?. With your permission.
I have some land there.|It belonged to my father.
And you go to write?.
- Not exactly.|- What, exactly?.
I haven't written anything|in months.
- on this land, there's an old mine.|- oh?.
- Lignite.|- Lignitis. I know.
- It's been idle foryears.|- Why?.
Because I let it.
And now...|you want to make it work.
Ifl can. Yes.
I must.
- Which way is it going?.|- What?.
The weighing machine.
Zorba up|orZorba down?.
- oh, well, I was thinking.|- Ah.
- That mine.|- Uh-huh?.
I'm not very rich,|and I will need someone with experience.
- So I--|- And so?.
Well, although I--|I-I don't really knowyou verywell.
[ Exhales ]
[ Chuckles ]|Um, what I'm doing is probably mad.
It's yes.
Thio roumia.
Mister, you are| a lucky man.
When Zorba goes to work,|no mine stands a chance.
It'll be wonderful| to get down to some real work.
Also, it'll be very good for the village.| I understand it's rather poor.
Ah, we make everybody happy.
- And we'll have fun, too.|- Yeah.
We'll swim,| and we'll drink wine...
and you'll play| the santouri.
What's the matter?.
It's about the santouri.
We make a bargain,| or I cannot come.
In work,| I am your man...
but in things like playing| and singing...
I am my own.
How do you mean?.
I mean free.
You, uh--you sign?.
I sign.
Ah.|[ Greek]
- Here.|- oh, I don't drink rum.
This time you will.| Why start with the wrong foot?.
Well, Zorba, God bless.
And... the devil, too, boss.
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
You like her, boss?.
[Wind Blowing]
[ Whistling ]
- Are you all right?.|- Sure.
- [ Whistling ]|- Here.
Thanks, boss.
Your friend in there| will be looking for you.
Incidentally, you never told me--|are you married?.
Am I not a man,| and is not a man stupid?.
I'm a man,| so I married.
Wife, children, house, everything.
The full catastrophe.
What happened?.
Be a pal, boss.| Don't make me talk.
And you?.
No. I'm single.
I guess too many books.
Look. Look! A dolphin!
- oh, yes.|- What kind of a man are you?.
Don't you even| like dolphins?.
[Ship Horn Blows ]
[Lamb Bleating]
[ Greek]
[ Greek]
[ Continues In Greek]
[ Greek]|American!
[ Shouting ]
[Woman Speaking French ]
[ Continues ]
I hope we find| somewhere to stay.
Sure. Have you never heard| of Cretan hospitality?.
[ Cheering ]
Now, Mr. Epidemic,| you behave yourself.
We don't want to| start another war.
Boss, if there is a widow around,| don't worry.
[ All Greeting ]
[ Clamoring ]
- What are they all saying?.|- They all want us to stay with them.
- Madame Hortense?.|- Who's that?.
- Who's Madame Hortense?.|- A Frenchwoman.
She has hotel.
I am Mavrandoni.| So you come at last.
- I welcome you.|- I'm very glad to meet you.
- You got my letter?.|- Yes.
Mr. Mavrandoni has been| looking after our land.
This, uh, madam,| she's, uh, a widow?.
How many hairs| on my head?.
- She's a widow of the same number of husbands.|- [ Both Laugh ]
- Welcome, gentlemen.|- [ Children Laughing ]
This is a great pleasure,| madam.
- [ Giggles ]|- [ Children Whistle ]
Two beds, madame.| Without bugs.
Monsieur, Madame Hortense| has not the bugs.
You got to admit, boss, it is big, |but she shakes it well.
Plop, ploof.
This way.
- [ Needle Scratching ]|- [ Woman And Man Singing In French ]
[ Singing With Record ]
[ Laughs, Clears Throat]
They say it was |my grand succes.
You may not believe it, monsieur,| but I was a very famous artiste.
- oh?.|- I appear in all the most chic cabarets.
I slept in the silk sheets| with real lace.
- Boss, ask her to dance.|- What?.
- Make a pass. Pinch her.|- No.
It's only polite.
- He would like to dance with you,| but, uh, he is shy.|- [ Laughs ]
- Perhaps madame is tired.|- She is not.
Are you?.
Come on.
[Madame Hortense Giggles ]
[ Laughs ]|Whoa-ho!
[ Children Giggling ]
[ Screaming ]
These Cretans!| They are so ungrateful.
Don't cry,| my little chou chou.
They would be dead-- all dead--|if there was not me.
I know, I know.
- No hands.|- Madame.
Boss, match?.
- Madame?.|- [ Slow ]
- Merci.|- Pas de quoi.
You know how| I came to Crete?.
With the British fleet.
Yes, monsieur.
I was in love| with the admiral...
and where he go, I go.
It was here that I met| the other three.
- What other three?.|- Admirals, of course.
The French,| then Italian...
and the Russian.
oh, how lovely they was,| my four admirals--
with their golden epaulet| and all those feathers...
Like big, beautiful cockerels.
And what beards--|so soft and curly and perfumed.
Fortunately, each has| different perfume...
so it was no mistake, even in the dark.|[ Raucous Laughter ]
- [ Coughing ]|- oh, my little chou chou, here, here.
My darling queen,| please continue.
me and my admirals,| we sit on the bed...
dressed very informal.
And we discussion politics...|very serious.
All the time, they pour champagne over me| to make me fresh.
It was summer,| you know, very hot...
andin this time| in Crete...
it was big trouble--|[ Grunts ]
revolution or something.
With my binoculars...
I could see| the poor little Cretans...
running in mountains| with their flags.
My four admirals...
they want to open the fire...
but I throw myself| in the middle.
I pulled an Italian| by the beard--
You know, I was| more familiar with him--
and I cry, ""Stop it!
""You-- You can't kill them!
Please, Canavaro,| Canavaro mio, no boom-boom!"
Canavaro?.| What the hell is that?.
What doyou| think it is?.
Canavaro mio.
Go on, my chou chou.
Again and again,| I stopped the boom-boom.
And what do you think| I get in the end?.
- What?.|- What?. Tell me.
Tell me. What?.| Nothing!
- No medals. Nothing!|- Please, no more boom-boom.
-Alors--|- [ Stifled Laughter]
You are laughing.
- At me.|- No, of course not.
D-Don't-Don't go!
That was a very| bad thing we did, boss.
The poor, weak creature.
Where areyou?.| Bouboulina?.
- Where are you?.
My Bouboulina.
Go away.
It's me, your Canavaro.
Fine Canavaro you are--
no feathers...
- no beard.|- oh.
Here.| Blow, my Bouboulina.
[ Sniffing ]|Who was that-- Bouboulina?.
She was a big hero| in the war against the Turks.
- Huh, boss?|- Yes, madame.
She was like you...|a great sea dog.
You see?.
Yes. Me, too.
I fought| breasts to breasts...
but then came|the bad times.
- They make the peace.|- Tsk. Aw.
And the ship| must go away.
""And me, what will become of me??"'| I cried.
- ""Four times a widow."|- oh.
[ Groans ]|So they laughed, monsieur.
You men are so cruel.
And then they were sorry for me,| so they undressed me...
they filled the bath| with champagne...
and...|they dropped me.
Then they sit all around.
You understand that now| that we was all very familiar.
[ Laughing ]|And they drank all the champagne...
all, from the top| to the bottom.
And then...
they put out the light.
When I waked up...
I smelled so good--
all their perfume,| one on top of the other.
But they was gone.
Men are so cruel.
[Parrot Chatters ]
[ Mouthing Words ]
[ Whispers ]|What is it?.
[ Continues Mouthing ]
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
[Both Moan ]
[Thunder Rumbles ]
[Man In Greek]
[ Greek]
Shh! She's here!
[ Whistles ]
[ Whistles ]
- [ Whistles ]|- Look.
Boss, a big, beautiful,| wild widow.
- [ Goat Grunts ]|- [ Men Laughing ]
[All Whistling]
[ Whistling, Laughter Continue ]
[ Spits ]
[ Whistling ]
- Pavlo!|- [ Continues Whistling ]
[ Quietly]|Look at Mavrandoni.
- He is burning.|- Why?.
His son is crazy in love| with the widow...
but she spits him| in the eye.
The more she spits...
the more he wants her.
Look at the faces| of all these.
They all want her...
and they hate her because| they cannot have her.
only one man here...
I saw her eyes| when she looked at you.
Zorba, don't start.
Listen.| God, who is a clever devil...
- today put in your hands a gift from paradise.|- Don't be silly.
Boss, why did God| give us hands?.
To grab.| Well, grab!
[ Knocking ]
[ Greek]
- Boss!|- Yes?.
Boss. Listen, you go.| You knock.
You say, ""I have come| for my umbrella."
- She will say, ""Please, please come in."|- No.
Boss, boss,| don't make me mad.
I don't want| any trouble.
Boss, life is trouble,| only death is not.
To be alive is to undo your belt| and look for trouble.
[ Whistling ]
[ Singing In Greek]
[ Singing ]
[Singing Continues ]
[Continues, Distant]
[ Greek]
[ Greek]
[Explosion ]
For God's sake, boss,| will you go back to your papers?.
[ Creaking ]
Get out!
Get out!
[Rumbling Fades ]
[ Coughing ]
You bastard mountain,| I'll eat your guts!
[ Continues In Greek]
What is it, Zorba?.
They left their axes inside, that's what.| They are so brave.
Every time they hear a noise,| they mess their pants.
Poo!|[ Continues In Greek]
- Zorba, leave them alone!|- Axes cost money.
I know, and I don't care. Right now| I'm just glad that nobody's hurt. That's all.
- [ Scoffs ]|- And what's more...
I think you should| let them go for today.
Boss, you better| make up your mind.
Are you or are you not| a gosh-darn capitalist?.
- [ Laughs ]|- I'm hungry.
We got to find| some strong trees...
to make beams| for the galleries!
[ Greek]
[Men Chanting In Greek]
[ Church Bell Clanging]
[ Screaming ]
- [ Screams ]|- [ Screams ]
[ Shouting ]
[Bell Clanging]
[ Chattering, Laughing ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Creaking]
You're late.
What is it, Zorba?.
out with it.
do you trust me?.
- Yes, I do.|- Why the hell do you?.
- Because you're you.|- But you don't understand.
My brain is not| the right weight.
It-It gives me| such crazy ideas.
I might ruin you.
I'll take that chance.
Say that again, boss.| Give me courage.
I'll take that chance.
- Boss.|- Hmm?.
- Boss!|- What?.
- Do you dance?.|- Dance?.
Uh, no. No.
oh. Then get out of the way.| I-I may knock you down.
- [ Panting ]|- opa!
Ha!|[ Hissing ]
Opa! Opa!
Opa! Opa! Opa!
[ Grunts ]
[ Hissing ]
[Folk: Dance ]
Zorba!| That's enough!
Stop. Stop!
- [ Stops ]|- Go!
[ Panting ]
[ Breathing Heavily ]
Zorba. Zorba!
- Are you all right?.|- [ Panting ]
Now I can--|I can talk again.
What on Earth| came over you?.
When a man is full,| what can he do?.
When my little boy| Dimitri died...
and everybody was crying.
I got up,| and I danced.
They said,| ""Zorba is mad."
But it was the dancing--
only the dancing that...|stopped the pain.
You see, he was my first.
He was only three.
When I'm happy,| it's the same thing.
Come inside.| You'll catch cold.
With your permission.
will you tell me what| this is all about?.
- I got a plan.|- What plan?.
- A great big crazy plan.|- Well, what?.
- I cannot tell you.|- Why?.
I got many things to be figuring:| trees, monks, machines.
Tomorrow, maybe.| Tonight, we celebrate!
Come on!| Don't be delicate!
- Boss!|- What?.
Come and see.
Remember that plan| I could not tell you about?.
Here it is.
What is it?.
It's a mountain.| That one.
oh, yes.
That's the way| we'll get the trees down.
- An overhead cable?. You're mad.|- Why?.
Well, to begin with,| that forest doesn't belong to us.
Well... it doesn't| and it does.
What does that mean?.
It belongs| to the monastery...
the monastery| belongs to God...
and God belongs| to everybody.
You agree?.
- No, I certainly don't.|- All right.
- You will pay them something, but not much.|- How do you know?.
They are friends of mine.
Hey, if it works...
we'll bring down| the whole forest.
First we get| the mine going...
then open a timber factory,| we get stinking rich...
then make our own ship| and sail around the world.
Aren't you going| a little too fast?.
Do you know| how old I am?.
Ah, never mind.| That's a secret.
But I have got| to go fast.
You know,| they say that age...
kills the fire| inside of a man...
that he hears death coming.
He opens the door and says,| ""Come in. Give me rest."
That is a pack| of old damn lies.
I've got enough fight in me |to devour the world!
So... I fight!
Well, do we?.
or do we| let the mountain win?.
Tell me what you need.
I will need some strong wire,| hooks and things.
I will have to go to town.
I still have to figure out| the angle.
If it's not perfect,| it will be catastrophe.
How long will it take you?.
- oh, uh--|- The way things are going,| it better be soon or not at all.
I'll give you until Christmas.
[Bells Ringing]
[Children Shouting]
[ Chattering ]
[ Laughing ]
[Zorba Humming]
Hey, boss.
[ Sniffs ]|Rose water.
- Boss!|- Well, what news?.
I made a great discovery.
Stones... are alive.
oh, that's fine.
I wish, instead, you'd discover| your famous... angle.
I'm trying, boss.
Look. Your umbrella.
Never mind.
just let me remind you| that tomorrow's Christmas.
I know.
Wh-Where areyou going?.
I need some wire.
Where the hell| did I put it?.
Won't this string do?.
Excuse me.
Look! A melomakarouno.
- A what?.|- A Christmas cookie.
Well, what's so strange| about that?.
But many melomakarouno| inside an empty trunk is very strange.
An umbrella under a bed| is also strange.
All right, all right.
She came here!
No. She sent them.
Now you have the proof.| Now it is very simple.
Tonight,| after Bouboulina's party--
Get on with your work!
Boss! You want me| to beat you an egg?.
It's good for the strength.
Boss, now I can| tell you a secret.
All these days,| I couldn't work, I couldn't sleep.
And you know why?.| Because of the widow.
Don't get me wrong.| I know she's too good for these old bones.
But to think of her| without anybody.
That was too much.
All right, laugh.| But remember this:
If a woman sleeps alone,| it puts a shame on all men.
God has a very big heart...
but there is one sin| he will not forgive:
If a woman calls a man| to her bed...
and he will not go.
I know because a very wise| old Turk told me.
A Turk?.| And you, a Greek, believed him?.
I'm going to wash.
I thought the Greeks| and the Turks never talked.
They just fought.
Don't tell me| you never went to war.
I don't like that kind| of stupid talk.
What's so stupid| about fighting for your country?.
Excuse me, boss.| You talk like a teacher.
You think like a teacher.| How can you understand?.
of course I can.
With your head, yes.
You say, ""This is right.| This is wrong."
But when you talk...
I watch your arms,| your legs, your chest.
They are dumb.| They say nothing.
So how can you understand?.
You're just making up excuses.
I don't believe you give a damn| about your country.
Don't you talk to me| like that!
Look here, here, here!
Nothing on the back.
I have done things| for my country...
that would make| your hair stand.
I have killed, burned villages,| raped women.
And why?.
Because they were| Turks or Bulgarians!
That's the rotten| damn fool I was.
Now I look at a man,| any man...
and I say he is good,| he is bad.
What do I care| if he's Greek or Turk?.
As I get older, I swear| by the bread I eat...
I even stop asking that.
Good or bad?.| What is the difference?.
We all end up the same way:
food for worms.
[ Laughs ]
And as for women...
you make fun of me| that I love them.
How can I not love them?.
They are such poor,| weak creatures...
and it takes so little.
A man's hand on their breast,| and they give you all they got.
[Zorba ]|Where areyou, Bouboulina?
Canavaro is here!
Buon giorno, buona sera,|mangaite macaroni.
Look what I brought you.
- Merci.|- Happy Christmas.
I made it myself| to make her feel good.
[ Laughing ]
- It's me?.|- Yes.
Merry Christmas,| madame.
And also for you.
What is that extraordinary smell| coming from the kitchen?.
It is a big,| fat Turkish.
- A Turkish?.|- oh, mon Dieu!
I hope he's not burning.
Do not worry.| Sit down.
We will start from the center,| the belly.
Then we will take care| of the other parts later.
[ Coughing ]
Aren't you feeling well?.
In my age, monsieur,| one is never well.
Especially on the holidays.
I drink to your health...
my beautiful| chouchou mermaid.
Mayyou grow new teeth...
and new skin...
and throw away these stupid ribbons| you wear to hide your neck.
[ Cats Screeching]
May the great powers| come back to Crete.
And when you rise| out of the waves to greet them...
may all their| damn ships crash...
on these round,| hard rocks!
[ Both Laughing ]
I wish it could happen, what you say,| but it is too late.
Ah, no, no.| No, it is not.
- [Cats Screeching]|- oh!
- Meow!|- [ Squealing ]
[ Both Laughing ]
No! No!|[ Squealing ]
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