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Subtitles for Zorba The Greek 1964 CD2.

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Zorba The Greek 1964 CD2

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Areyou all right?
You see, it is... too late.
Up, up, up.|[ Sighs
Oh, don't be sad,|my little Bouboulina.
I have heard|ofa new doctor in Europe.
He makes... miracles.
You take what the hell ever he gives you--|drops or powders--
and you become 20 again,|maybe 25.
I will getyou some.
- You will?.|- Sure.
A big bottle?.
A whole barrel.
[ Sighs
What areyou thinking?.
Alexandria, Beirut, Istanbul--
how they loved me.
Belebe, Mustafa and Aspacher...
Suleyman, Pasha.
Especially Suleyman.
Those damn cats.
- |-
- Well, I--|- Shh.
She's asleep?.
Oh, let her.
She's 20 again.
She's strolling around|Alexandria, Beirut.
Look at her--smolong.
Silly old bitch.|come on.
We can't go and just|leave her alone like that.
She's not alone!.|She's with Suleyman, Pasha--
Having hell of a time.|Dirty old cow.
[Bell Rongong]
[Bell Contonues Rongong]
[ Vollagers Chatterong]
She's in. Go.
And God bless you.
- Hey, where are you going?.|- To church.
- What--|- I've never been to a Greek christmas.
- Oh, boss--|- No!. Don't you understand?.
Understand what?.|I understand you areyoung and full of energy...
- and I don't understand|what the hell you're doing with it!|- [ Greek]
I've had enough ofthis.|Why don'tyou leave me alone?.
- Because I loveyou and I want the best foryou.|- Don't shout!
Who's shouting?.|There she is.
She is waiting.
- cigarette?.|- This is ridiculous.
- I'm not going to stand here arguing.|- But, boss, she--
she is waiting foryou!
Let's just say|that I'm different...
and I've got to go|my own way.
IfGod wentyourway,|there would be no christmas.
He did not go to church.|He went to Mary.
And christ was born.|He went that way.
Mary is the widow.
- [ Shouts In Greek]|- Cogaro.
On a deaf man's door,|you can knock forever!
[ Laughs, Mutters ]
[ Singing ]
- Now here's the money.|- Thankyou.
And remember,|it's all I can afford.
Well, boss, I know.
just buywhat we need for the cable|and come straight back.
- Of course.|- And don't get stuck anywhere on the way.
I will be quick|like the wind.
five days.|You-You promised.
Boss, I promise.
Good-bye, boss.
Zorba! Zorba! Zorba!
What do you want?.
Don't forget me.
Yes. Yes. Good-bye.
Don't be sad.
He's coming back.
They all say that.
[ chattering ]
[Horn Honkong]
[Ragtome ]
[ Ragtime continues ]
Garcon! Champagne!
[ Tango ]
[ Giggles ]
That's it.
[Ragtome Resumes ]
[ coughs ]
[ Laughing ]
"I shall not descrobeyou...
""the continuation...
""except to say...
""that it was long...
and verywild."
[ Laughs ]
[ Greek]
Very, verywild.
Uh--|[ chuckles ]
Next afternoon--
Next afternoon...
I wake up.
And... what do I see...
next to me... on bed?
The female sex...|in person.
and warm...
So I say to myself...
""you are in paradise.
""Enjoy it.
Don't move. '
[Zorba's Vooce ] Imagone what luck--|There's a restaurant opposote.
And theysend us food,|splendoferous food--
steaks, baklava, everythong.
We eat, and back to work,|and back to sleep...
and so on, et cetera.
So thos os my good news,|darlong boss.
And don'tyou worry. I thonk ofyour busoness|also. But I askyou, whypush thongs?
Every day my head|becomes more clear...
and I shall be able|to make the best deals.
I koss you froendly.|Me, Zorba.
P.S., I forgot to tellyou.|Her name os Lola.
[ Greek ]
[ Greek ]
[ Panti ng ]|Monsieur!
They told me|you have a letter.
It's from him?.
It's from him.
What does it say?.
Read it yourself.
I cannot.
My eyes.
He says...|he's very busy.
There is|something for me?.
Oh, of course.
Oh. Read it.
""Please tell Bouboulina|that I miss her."'
Go on.
""Tell her...
""that every night|I go back to my little room...
and I pray to God|to send me back to her... quickly."'
""forwithout my Bouboulina...
""I feel so damn miserable...
""that when I see her again, I--
""I'll kneel before her...
and ask her|to be mine forever."'
Yes. forever.|That's what he says.
All right.
Tell him that I accept.
And please write|that he brings me...
five meters|ofwhite satin...
and a voile.
You see,|I cannot find here.
I understand.
You are very kind.
One thing more.
You know, Zorba and me,|we likeyou very much.
Will you be|ourwitness?.
It will be an honor.
[ Singing In Greek]
[Dogs Barkong]
[Strums Chords ]
[Strums Chord]
- [ Greek]|- [ Greek]
[ Greek]
[ Whispering ]
[ Sobbing ]
[Sobbong Contonues ]
I'm sorry.
Oh! Oh.
[ Greek ]
[ Greek ]
[ Woman Waols ]
[ Greek ]
- [ Men Laughing ]|- [ Screaming ]
[ Laughing continues ]
[ Shouts In Greek]
[Zorba Songong]
[ Singing continues ]
- Mr. Zorba.|- Boss!
[ Laughs ]|Oh, boss.
- You stink of perfume, Mr. Zorba.|- Yes, I know.
I scrubbed my skin for two hours,|but it still smells.
It's funny.|Isn't it?.
- [ chuckles ]|- Yeah.
Well, what's all this?.
- Presents.|- Presents?. Who the hell for?.
Barba Antoni,|Yianni.
This is for poor|little Bouboulina.
I hope|it's a wedding dress.
A what?.
Well, you heard me.
Boss, what haveyou|been cooking up?.
Well, she was here|when your letter came.
I couldn't verywell|read to herwhat was in it...
could I?.
That was not|a very good joke, boss.
What about the stuff|for the overhead cable?.
I got everything.|Don't worry.
Oh. A gift foryou.
A box of...|English chocolates.
- Thankyou.|- It's all right.
Hey, no more|fooling around.
Not in this place.
Now we'll pull up our pants|and we'll make some money, a pile ofmoney.
[ Laughing ]|You are incorrigible.
I don't knowwhat|that means, but here...
with my compliments.
Good God! What haveyou|done toyour hair?.
- I painted it.|- Why?.
for pride.
So I could go out with Lola|without making her ashamed.
[ Laughing ]
[ Laughs ]|Ah, he laughs.
But listen.|You know what?.
I becameyoung|like my hair.
[ Laughs ]|Strongerthan a bull.
You ask Lola.
And you know that, uh,|pain in my kidneys?.
That's gone. Hah!|figure that out!
By the way, boss,|I come in last night and you are out.
Where the hell areyou?.
[Playong Instrument]
[ Singing In Greek]
[ Singing continues ]
[Men Chantong]
[ Whistles ]
[ chanting continues ]
[Men Shoutong]
[Shoutong Contonues ]
[ Shouting continues ]
[Whostlong Contonues ]
[ Whistling continues ]
[ All Shouting ]
[ Shouting In Greek]
[ Shouting continues ]
Zorba! Zorba!|[ Shouts In Greek]
[ Whistling, Shouting continue]
[ Shouting Stops ]
[ Grunts, Screams ]
[ Sobbing, Whimpering ]
[ Greek]
[Chantong Contonues ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Shouts In Greek]
[ Grunting continues ]
[Woman Screamong]
[ Wailing ]
[Waolong Contonues ]
I... couldn't help.
[ Wailing continues ]
[Zorba ]|Whydo theyoung doe?
Why does anybody die?.|Tell me.
I don't know.
What's the use|of all your damn books?.
Ifthey don't tell you that,|what the hell do they tell you?.
They tell me...
about the agony of men...
who can't answer|questions likeyours.
I spit on their agony.
Who's that?.
It's me.
My God! Get her|inside quickly.
Did you get drenched?.
You are cruel!
Whyyou abandon me?.
I will make some coffee.
The whole village,|they are laughing at me.
Where is mywhite satin?.
Where is mywedding dress?.
In crete, uh, you don't find|the, uh, real good satin.
So, uh, I ordered some.
from Athens.
Also some white candles with--|with silk ribbons...
and pink bonbonnoeres.
[ Laughs ]
Ourwedding, my dear Bouboulina,|will be so splendiferous...
it will blind the world|with glory.
I can no longer|keep it a secret.
I have engaged|the best tailors in Athens...
to make foryou a dress|like nobody has seen in the East.
Or the West.
Twenty meters ofwhite satin|covered in pearls...
with the sun on one breast|and the moon on the other...
in pure gold.
Me too.
I have a secret foryou.
What's that?.
Open it.
- I'll have some coffee first.|- No! Now.
[ Whispers ]|You see whatyou've done?.
Where the hell|did you get these rings?.
I had them made for us...
from two golden sovereigns|the English admiral gave me.
I was keeping them for my--
My funeral.
- Zorba.|- Hmm?.
Please, we become|fiances now.
- But, uh--|- We have the witness. We have the rings.
- But we have no priest.|- I don't mind.
God is watching.
All right. We'll go outside|where God can see us better.
- [ Laughs ]|- Hey, hey. You-- You get ready.
Witness, come on.
What do we do?.
- can you sing?.|- certainly not.
Never mind. I can.
Weddings, baptisms, funerals--|I know them back to front.
I was a boy chanter.
[Zorba Chantong In Greek]
[ chanting continues ]
[ Praying In Greek]
[ coughing ]
It's nothing.|just a cold.
Tomorrow you'll feel better.
Next Sunday, we'll go out,|have a hell ofa time.
It's Easter, you know.
- Easter?.|- Yes.
You need some sun|to cheeryou up.
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
Now, my beautiful,|we pull everything away.
Listen to that beautiful noise.
[ Pops ]
[ chuckles ]|Eh?.
- [ Popping continues ]|- Like kissing.
Oh, very sexy.
I'm jealous.
[Folk: Dance, Dostant]
- [ Shouting In Greek]|- [ Hitting Door]
[ Greek]
[ Both Shouting In Greek]
[ continues, Louder]
[Vollagers Chatterong]
[ chattering continues ]
[ Whimpers ]
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
- [DoorCloses, Dostant]|- [Footsteps Approachong]
[ Vollagers Chatterong, Dostant ]
[ Whispers ]|Exo.
- Exo!|- [ Gasps ]
- Oh! I-- I don't want--|- No, no.
- [ Sobbing ] I don't want--|- No. It's okay. It's all right.
- [Sobbong Contonues ]|- [ Vollagers Chatterong, Approachong]
[ Chocken Cluckong]
- [ Men Yellong]|- [ Footsteps Runnong]
[ Runnong Contonues ]
- Exo! Exo!|- [ Whisperi ng, I ndisti nct ]
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
[ Greek ]
[ Gasps, Muttering ]
Mon Chrost.|Mon Chrost.
Mon Chrost.|Mon Chrost.
[ Breathing Heavily ]|Mon Chrost.
je ne veux pas.|je ne veux pas.
[ Whispering I n french ]
[ Whosperong Contonues ]
[ Squawks ]|canavaro.
[ Women Waolong]
Maman! Maman!
- [ Greek ]|- Exo! Exo, exo!
- Exo!|- [ Yelps ]
[ Groans ]
It's me-- Zorba.
Don't be afraid.
[ Women Yelling In Greek]
- [ Yelling continues ]|- [ Vollagers Chatterong]
[ folk: fast ]
[ Laughing ]
[ Greek]
He asks us|to drink to her soul.
[Chatterong Contonues, Dostant]
[ Parrot chirps ]
[ Vollagers Chatterong]
Zorba, what about|the funeral?.
There will be|no funeral.
She was a frank.
She crossed herself|with four fingers.
But I don't understand.
The priest will not bury her|like everybody else.
- But that's dreadful.|- Why?.
She is dead.
It makes no difference.
[Men Cheerong]
Hey, boss! Boss!
come on!|We are nearly ready.
Hey, canavaro, you want to come|and watch too, huh?.
[ Yelping ]
come on!
[ Chantong In Greek ]
[ Both I n Greek]
[ Gunshot ]
[ Wheels clattering, Whirring ]
[ All chattering ]
[ Wheels Whirring faster, Louder]
[Whorrong Contonues ]
- [ Impact ]|- [ Platform creaking ]
[ Wood Splintering ]
- [ Crowd Chatterong]|- It's nothing. It's nothing!
The first time|it always does that.
[ Greek]
Hey! Hey!
[ Gunshot ]
[ Wheels Whirring ]
[ Crowd Yellong]
[Splashong Fades ]
[ crowd Murmuring ]
Boss?. Where are you, boss?.|It's nothing!
[ Greek]
[ Contonues In Greek ]
- [ Gunshot ]|- [ Yelling ]
[ Wheels Whorrong, Approachong]
[ creaking ]
- [ Squawks ]|- [ clattering ]
[ Yelling ]
[ Yelling fades ]
[Rustlong In Bordcage ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Muttering, Squawking ]
Hey.|[ Greek]
Hey, canavaro.|How areyou, eh?.
- The lamb!|- What?.
It will burn!
You know, people tell the future|from this.
can you?.
- Everything's fine. We will live a thousand years.|- [ chuckles ]
Oh, I see a journey.
A big journey to a city|with big houses.
How soon, boss?.
I don't know.|A few days.
What will I do|withoutyour company?.
cheer up.|We'll get together again.
No. You'll go away|and stay...
with your books.
Toyour health.
Yours, Zorba.
[ chuckles ]
Damn it, boss,|I likeyou too much not to say it.
You've got everything|except one thing-- madness.
A man needs a little madness,|or else--
- Or else?.|- He never dares cut the rope and be free.
Areyou angrywith me?.
Teach me to dance,|will you?.
Did you say... ""dance"?.
come on, my boy.
[ Snapping fingers ]
Let's go.|Up!
[ chuckles ]
Again. Up!
[ chuckles ]
Yoasou, Levendo.
Boss, I have|so much to tell you.
I never loved a man|more than you.
[ Snapping fingers ]
[ Laughing ]|Hey, boss...
did you ever see|a more splendiferous crash?.
[ Laughing ]
[ Laughing ]
Hey. Hey.|You can laugh too, huh?.
- Hey! You laugh!|- [ Both Laughing ]
You saw--|You saw how they all ran!
Especially the-- the--|the monks!
The third time--
The third time|was the best!
Nothing left!
Up! Up!
Up! Up!
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